HOrny sweet Kharlie Stone loves fucking big

HOrny sweet Kharlie Stone loves fucking big
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We met Frank in 1969 when he was married to Phyllis.

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He was discharged from the US Air Force at the desert base near Apple Valley, out in the Mojave Desert. That's where he met her and decided to settle. This was my first stateside assignment after my tour in Vietnam.

My wife was quartered at the air base while during that year. Dot was a very outgoing person and made friends quickly at every new duty location. The women, especially, liked her. I was always interested in her budding friendships, of course, and she kept me updated by mail. I had a lot of mail.


Frank and Phyllis were part of a camping group my wife Dot made friends with. We became especially close to them because Dot was crazy about the cute and shy little redhead. She was almost five feet tall and tiny but her figure was proportionate. It was perfect, in fact, but small. Dot liked to joke around with her, calling the diminutive redhead her little baby girl. Dot would lift her easily, hugged and kissed her like a small child.

Dot on the other hand was almost of six feet, long-legged, a beautiful blond with an ass to match. We partied a lot with them and many occasions dined and danced till daybreak. Camping trips in the desert were a riot. Sometimes we went with a large group and other times we camped with Frank and Phyllis in their motor home. Camping always started with a bloody mary for breakfast and the bar was open the rest of the day.

Many cool desert evenings were spent out under the stars sittingt around the campfire enjoying our cocktails and smokes as usual. One such evening, Dot lay comfortable on a mat and sleeping bag with Phyllis snuggled up to her to keep warm. She had begun to return Dot's affection for her lately, and I think she might have been vaguely aware of Dot's intentions. We were all in a haze around the campfire that dark desert evening. Frank and I were engaged in conversation but very aware of the girls on the mat.

Frank was a really nice guy and he had an idea of what Dot was like from Phyllis. I knew he was interested in Dot since she was just as friendly and affectionate with him as she was with his wife.

I watched Dot dance with Frank on many occasions and he thoroughly enjoyed the cock teasing she gave him. She told me, with a gleam in her eye, that Frank had a huge cock and that she fondled his erections whenever they danced. She said she wanted some of that and told Frank as much, but he would have to wait for his wife to approve. Frank wanted to fuck my wife. He knew that his patience would be rewarded. Dot concentrated her attention on her little redhead mostly and he looked on in great anticipation.

Dot and Phyllis were also engaged in conversation and soon began to feel the chill in the air. "Come on baby, let's get into the sleeping bag, it'll be more comfortable," Dot said to Phyllis. Giggling and tipsy, Phyllis eagerly agreed. They settled into the bag and got comfortable resting their heads on their arms facing each other.

Their conversation continued but soon toned down to inaudible whispers. Dot, idly stroked Phyllis with her free hand then pulled the bag over them and continued the stroking underneath. The whispering stopped. The movement in the sleeping bag did not. Frank and I lit up a joint and kept an eye on the sleeping bag. I saw Frank, sitting across the fire from me spread his legs and adjusted the growth in his pants. Suddenly, the little redhead sat up. "Frank, honey, would you fix another tequila sunrise for me?

And pass that doobie while you're at it." Dot, still l in the bag adjusted her clothing. In the light of the fire I could see the motion of her hands in her crotch area. Frank saw it too as he moved to fetch his wife another drink. Phyllis took a couple of hits off the joint while Frank went into the motor home. She gave it back to him when he returned. She took hold of his hand and pulled him down to her, pursing her lips for a kiss.

She then whispered something in his ear and he nodded in return. Frank, smiling at me, sat down again. We both watched her as she finished off her drink and turned to Dot. "Move over, babe." She scooted back into the bag with my wife. Dot pulled her close and she resumed her caresses. Phyllis first began moaning softly.

Then her breath came rapidly. The little redhead climbed on top of Dot and was soon kissing her about the face and neck. Because of their difference in size Phyllis it was an easy reach for Dot's hands when she cupped the redhead's ass with both hands. Phyllis began humping my wife's belly button. Only their heads were visible but we could see that their lips were now locked in open mouth kissing.

I don't know if Phyllis had any experience with other women before, but she was thoroughly enjoying the moment and I knew she was loving Dot's fingers.

Dot told me later that she began to fondle the redhead's ass, then pulled her panty down and then worked her fingers down her crack into the folds of her pussy. Phyllis spread her legs and straddled Dot at the waist.

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When the redhead was wet Dot inserted two fingers into her from behind then reached underneath with her other hand to find the redhead's clitoris. Phyllis began making small animal noises breathing ever more rapidly into Dot's mouth.

Phyllis broke the lip lock and disappeared into the sleeping bag leaving Dot looking surprised at Frank and me. The little one, Dot said, released my wife's breasts from her clothing and took a nipple in her mouth while fondling the other. Dot turned her head to smile at us and licked her lips. Phyllis had a whimpering, grunting orgasm.

When it subsided, she poked her head out from the sleeping bag and looked to see if Frank and I were still there. She smiled sheepishly.

"Let's go in the motor home, babe." When they disentangled and emerged from the sleeping bag, Dot's top and the redhead's bottom clothing were missing. I saw in the firelight that she was indeed a true redhead. I hadn't noticed till then, but Frank had exposed and was stroking his enormous hard-on. The women paused to admire Frank's cock. Phyllis held it and pumped it with her small hand. "Come here, Dot. Feel it." Dot grinned at me as she fondled it.

She bent down and I thought she was going to go down on him right then and there, but she just kissed his mouth and hurried after Phyllis. Dot's nipples gleamed wet as they made their way past the campfire, laughing, arm in arm into the RV. "Wow!

Was that something or what? She asked me if I would mind if she fooled around with Dot," Frank said. I replied, "I thought it was something like that and I guess my wife told Phyllis that I was cool with that. By the way, that's some tool you have there, buddy." My fat eight inches was nowhere near his size. It was a good ten inches long with at least a three inch girth. "How do you get that thing into her?

"It's a little difficult and I have to wait till she's really wet and use lube," he said still stroking it. "Most of the time she gets on top and takes as much as she can accommodate, but I've never really buried it to the hilt." "I think you can look forward to that tonight," I told him. "I've seen Dot take a couple of huge ones." He looked at me like he'd just won the lottery.

We heard the girls using the small shower in the motor home and we anxiously waited to see what was coming next. Or should I say, who was cumming next. We waited till they had time to get comfortable then went into the RV. It was darkened except for a small light in the hallway. They must have felt us come in but didn't let that disturb them. When our eyes became adjusted to the light we saw that Dot had the redhead on her back with her small legs wrapped around her shoulders.

Dot knelt on the floor next to the bed and was noisily eating the redhead's cunt. Phyllis was writhing and twisting, her hands firmly grasping Dot's head to her crotch. ******************************* Phyllis glanced up at us standing in the doorway, but she was looking right through us. It was like a blank stare. Breathing hard, she was totally lost in lusty pleasure.

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Dot's beautiful ass shone beautifully before us. We saw her fingers flicking between her thighs. Frank looked at me and I tilted my head toward Dot. He quickly undressed and knelt behind Dot. Feeling him behind her my wife reached back with the hand that was in her crotch and felt for Frank's salami. When she found it she grasped it firmly in her slender fingers.

She hummed into, then broke the suction from the redhead's cunt and looked back at Frank. "Oh, fuck yes! Give me that meat, Frank!" He inched into my wife's bare pussy. I watched closely as he brought his enormous cock to Dot's pussy lips and rubbed it up and down her wet slit till he found her hole. I wanted to reach over and help him. I placed my hand on my wife's ass and slid my fingers down past her crack.

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Down further I spread my fingers to allow Frank's cock between then. With my thumb and index finger I encircled it and squeezed. I didn't look up at Frank, but there was no protest so I didn't stop. I grasped it firmly and placed it to Dot's nether lips. Her labia spread to allow Frank in. I rubbed her cunt with Frank's cock head and fit it into her. Her pussy was wide open and I smelled the warm aroma it exuded.

I've seen my wife this horny when her pussy is wide and hot. I placed Frank's cock there and tugged it forward into Dot. Then I looked up at him and he said, "I've been waiting a long time for this." Little by little, inch by inch, he pushed gently. My wife's labia disappeared as he went in and then extended out and around his cock when he pulled back. He had it half way in then stopped.

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My wife's pussy was swollen and flushed around his cock and I felt her engorged labia around it. I wondered what it would be like to suck it. "Give it to me, Frank!

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Give it to me!" "It's big, Dot. Take it slow," Phyllis said as she turned to look for me. The pleading look on her face as she watched me stroke my cock made the message clear. I knelt on the edge of the bed next to her and she reached for my cock. She rubbed the precum around in her fingers then brought them back to her lips. She opened her mouth and pulled me to her. I brought my knee over her head and began to fuck her mouth. There we were.


Frank fucking Dot, my wife eating her little redheaded friend, who in turn was sucking my dick. Frank watched his wife while taking long strokes into Dot. Dot hummed a tune into Phyllis and humped back into Frank.

He fucked faster and deeper with each stroke till he finally had it buried. He held it there and ground his pelvis into my wife's ass with a guttural sound.

Dot could not hold back her orgasm as she usually likes to do. She removed her mouth from Phyllis to release her throaty scream. "Oh! Oh! Oh, fuck Frank! Fuck meeeeeeeeee! Ted, baby, he's making me cum! I'm cum-cumming now!" Phyllis popped my dick from her mouth while my wife was busy getting porked. She swung her small outspread legs to me. They quickly wrapped around my waist. No preliminaries were necessary.

I inserted my smaller but adequate penis into her quickly and fucked for all I was worth. I was pounding her pelvis with mine and she was enjoying a good hard fuck like she wasn't able to do comfortably with Frank.

We came together, her arms, legs, and mouth firmly attached to me. After Dot and Frank had their orgasms, my wife sat on the edge of the bed and took Frank's huge and still hard cock in her fingers and stroked, licked, sucked to her heart's content while Phyllis watched in amusement. "Nice, isn't it, Dot? Did you manage to get it all in? I never could get a good hard fuck with it." "Yeah, but I think I'm going to be a little sore tomorrow," Dot replied.

"Why don't you come over here and soothe it for me?" It had been a while since my wife had another woman's mouth on her pussy. Phyllis hesitated a moment, then said, "What do you want me to do?" Pretending she was annoyed, Dot said to her, "I want you to suck your husband's cum out of me, baby!" Now the redhead was smiling.

As Dot lay back flat on the bed she pulled Frank's cock with her, Phyllis made herself comfortable between my wife's outspread legs. First she gingerly placed her small hand against Dot's pussy and made small circles.

"I've never done this before," she said, almost to herself. Frank's prick was in Dot's mouth but his eyes were on his wife. This was a new experience for him watching his wife playing with another woman's private parts. "Have you ever thought about it," I asked her as I leaned back against the headboard to light a cigarette and watch. "I have fantasized about having sex with another woman, but I've never had the opportunity or met anyone I wanted to seriously consider it with.

I thought about you, Dot while I masturbated a few times," she coyly admitted.

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"You always make me horny when I'm around you," she said to Dot. Frank leaned over and they kissed as he held the back of her head. He then gently pushed her head toward Dot's waiting pussy.

Phyllis cautiously licked at it. "Ummmm, I can taste Frank too," she said and went to it with open mouth. "Yeah, baby girl, do it, but be careful with the fingers, my pussy is tender." Phyllis quickly found she really liked eating pussy.often. There followed many good times with Frank and Phyllis. Fortunately, we were destined to reunite with our old friends including Frank who had in the meantime divorced Phyllis and found Maxine, another episode.

The redhead had run off with the mailman who was evidently a more comfortable fuck than Frank.