POV wife pegging missionary with her big girlcock

POV wife pegging missionary with her big girlcock
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I pulled my head back, seeing her face about as red as a tomato. "Allow me to return the favor…" I smiled as I picked her up and gently sat her down on the bed . "W-what are you doing?" She questioned with a embarrassed face. "I am going to make you feel good." "Y-you don't mean…?" She looked down to her private area.

"Exactly, you just did the same to me." "B-But, no one has ever touched down there before…" She spoke with an uncertain face. This made me feel better, knowing that private area hasn't been violated yet. "Have you touched down there before?" I asked. "S-Sometimes…" She looked away, trying to hide her face.

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I reached over to her cheek and turned her head back to face my face. "It'll be okay, I'll go slow." I spoke with a calming voice, assuring her that she won't suffer any. "A-Alright… I'll go along with it." She finally submitted. "Lift up your arms." I requested. "What for…?" "Just do it." She finally agreed, and lifted up her arms. I took the opportunity to pull her sweater off, lifting up from her waist, until it was off.

Underneath her sweater, she was wearing a black Spaghetti-Strap shirt, and under that, a White Bra. With her sweater off, Her tits finally showed their true size, most definitely C-cups. "Whoa, these are a nice pair." My eyes were locked on her beautiful tits. I reached my hand out and poked her left breast.

She let out a cute moan. "Whoa, I didn't think you were this sensitive. Her face was turned away, hiding in embarrassment. "Aww come on, stop being so shy." I placed my hand on her cheek, and turned her head to mine again, and leaned in for a kiss.

Our lips locked and tongues met again. While kissing her, I reached my hand down to her left breast and began groping it, kneading it like dough. Moans of pleasure were mixed in with her heavy breathing; I began to intensify my kneading a bit, squeezing and caressing her breast.

I pulled away from her lips, stopped caressing her, and began pulling up on her shirt. I got to right below her breasts, when she put her arm above my hands and looked at me. "I've never shown my breasts to any guy, why should I show them to you?" She questioned. "Because, I'll take responsibility." I looked her dead in the eye with a serious face.

"If you make yourself mine, and only mine, I'll be yours and only yours. I'll never abandon you, even if we're miles away, I'll always make time for you, I'll even talk my parents to letting me move out to South Dakota, if that's what it takes." My speech worked, as her face looked astonished. "You're really willing to go that far…?" She was most likely awestruck. "Mhmm.

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I promise." I smiled and spoke sweetly. "That's… That's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said before…" I could see a tear forming in her eye.

I moved my hand up and wiped the tear away. She finally submitted and lifted her arms up so I could take off her shirt. I lifted it up and off her, exposing her white bra, and silky skin. I moved my finger around in circles on her stomach, feeling the softness and smoothness of her skin.

It was perfect. "Your skin is perfect…" Continuing to gently glide my finger across her skin. She smiled, probably feeling more comfortable. I wrapped my arms around her chest, and moved in for a kiss. Our tongues became reacquainted, giving each other as much passion as before. As I was kissing her, I slid my fingers around on her back, searching for her bra strap. After a couple of seconds on searching I finally found it, and quickly unhooked it. I slowly broke away from our embrace, pulling her bra along with me.

She moved her arms forward, making it easier for me to take it off. As I cleared the bra from her body, my eyes finally feasted their gaze on one of the greatest parts of a female.

Her nipples. They were cute nipples, with an Areola about maybe a Inch or two wide, and perky nipples that stood up a few centimeters.

"These… are amazing…" I spoke in awe. "T-thanks…" She blushed and looked away. I didn't waste any time.

I moved my head in to her right breast and began flicking her nipple with my tongue. She let out a couple of moans, pleasure leaking from her voice. I worked my way down, and started to suck on it as hard as I could. Her moans became more intense, occasionally speaking out my name.

As I was sucking on her right nipples I caressed her other breast with my right hand, occasionally twisting and pinching the nipple.

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Finally, I gently bit down on the nipple, and she let out a light scream mixed of pain and pleasure, but pressed her hands on the back of my head, letting me know that it was okay to continue.

I continued my assault, biting, licking, sucking, twisting, and pinching her nipples. After maybe a minute or so of pleasuring her, she finally was on the verge of cumming, I could feel it from her heartbeat, and her moans were hitting the peak of pleasure I've seen so far. "I-I'm cumming… cumming…" Her voice faded out at the end, as she arched her back and looked up towards the ceiling, with her eyes rolled back.

Her body convulsed and twitched, as her legs moved inward, to where her thighs were touching. I pulled back and moved my arms to her back, stood up, and slowly laid her down on the bed. The pleasure seemed immense enough to make her just about pass out. "You okay?" I asked.

"I-I think…" She took several deep breaths and finally calmed down. Her body was finally relaxed. "That… was amazing…" she looked up and smiled. "I told you I could make you feel amazing." I smiled. "Have you… had experience?" She asked. "Nope, this was my first time." I sat next to her and rested my hand on her cheek.

"What about you?" I asked, "You say you're a virgin, but have seem other guy's cocks before. How far have you gone in the past?" "The farthest I've gone is just handjobs… I was too nervous to go any further." "I see, well, I'm glad I'm the first guy to see your breasts." I felt happy. I moved my hand to above her chest, and stuck out my index finger. I pressed my finger on both her nipples and said, "These are now property of me. If anyone else touches them, I'll kill them." I spoke seriously with a smile on my face.

She blushed, and smiled. At first she had a hesitant look on her face, but finally, moved her hand to my cock and grabbed it gently.

"Then, this is property of mine, I won't let anyone else touch it." She said it with a smile on her face, shortly before losing the strength to keep her arm up. It quickly fell to the side and she closed her eyes, asleep. "Ah… Well this is a problem… How am I supposed to get her back to her room, without suspicions…?" I pondered for a second. "Well, looks like I'll have to dress her…" I lifted her body up, having to hold her up, or else she would slump forward.

I grabbed her bra, and slid it up her arms, moved it around, and re-hooked it. "Okay, that's Item one of three…" I reached to the floor, and grabbed her shirt, lifted her arms up and pulled it down.

"Two of three…" I wiped my forehead, only to hear a quick beeping sound. I looked to the door and suddenly, my heart skipped a beat. Oh shit, I forgot my aunt and cousin were coming back… Shit shit shit&hellip.

what to do&hellip. I quickly had to come up with some plan, or excuse.

Ah, that… might work… I quickly reached for her sweater, lifted her arms up and pulled it down. I quickly laid her back down "Hey Zach, what's-" My Cousin stopped mid-sentence.

"Zach, we're back…" My Aunt was walking in the hallway, to gaze upon the sight in front of her. "What's going on…?" She gave me a suspicious look.

"Oh, we were just talking, but she was getting tired, so she just crashed on my bed." I quickly came up with some bullshit to spit out, hoping they'd believe it.

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"I was just about to take her back to her room." My heart was racing, and beads of sweat was crawling down my back, like red squadron approaching the Death Star. "Uh-huh…" My Aunt didn't seem too convinced. She seemed to be thinking.

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"Oh, is that it then?" "Yup, that's it." "Well, whatever, I'll make sure to tell her mom to give her a lecture about not falling asleep with another guy in the room." "Oh, what could you ever be talking about dear Aunt?

We're family, that'd be wrong." I scratched the back of my head. Hah, like I'd follow any of that "morals" crap. "I guess you're right, sorry for misunderstanding" She gave up. "Now hurry up and get her back to her room, Chop chop." She clapped her hands together, telling me to be quick. I slid my hands under her back and her thighs and picked her up bridal-style.


Shortly thereafter, I exited the room, walked down the hallway, made my way down the stairs, and walked to the end of the first floor hallway to finally reach her room. I leaned my weight to my left side, so I could still carry Nicole, and be able to knock on the door.

I knocked three times and waited. After waiting a few second, the door opened, revealing her sister. She was maybe an inch or two taller than Nicole, with long blonde hair and green eyes. "And you're carrying my younger sister while she's asleep… why?" She spoke very monotonically. "We were chatting in my room and she fell asleep…" I did my best to pull a friendly smile, but honestly, her sister was kinda' scary.

Her monotone voice, and intimidating facial expression left a bad first impression for me. "Uh-huh…" She gave me a suspicious look. "…And who are you?" She asked.

"Oh, I'm Zach, her second cousin." …And new lover… "I'm a part of the Sena family." Her expression quickly changed from suspicious and irritated to kind and enthusiastic. "Oh, so that's it! Well, pardon my rudeness, I just never saw you before, but Nicole has told me about you, and even…" She moved in closer, "…about your first meeting" She smiled and winked.

"So, were you gentle?" She spoke with a mischievous look on her face. "W-What could you ever possibly be talking about?" I laughed. Her expression changed again to a serious look, "Oh don't give me that bullshit, I know what every guy would do if he was alone in a room with a girl." "Oh, please, we're family, that'd be wrong…" Oh shit, is she seeing through me?

I sarcastically laughed, with a bead of sweat on my forehead. "That didn't stop you when you were younger." She gave another mischievous look, almost lewdly. "And I've had more than my fair shares of listening to my little sister masturbate while saying your name." I quickly froze in place.

She's masturbated to me before? She didn't tell me… I didn't know she liked me like that… "Wait, seriously?" I eagerly questioned to confirm whether this was bullshit or not. "Haha, you're proving yourself guilty right now, your eagerness gives it all away." She laughed. Damn! I'm being played like a toy. "Alright, alright, you win, we did… get somewhere…" I looked away embarrassed.

"Haha, I knew from the start anyways," She laughed and slapped be on the back a couple of times. "Although hear me, if you break her heart, I'll make sure to break yours." She turned serious again. "She's my little sis' so make sure you treat her kindly." "Y-Yes Ma'am!" I quickly responded. "Hah! That's good to hear! Nice to see my sis' is in good hands." She laughed enthusiastically. "You… don't think this is weird at all?" I asked.

"Huh? I'm not one to judge another person's love interests." She scratched her head. "It's the person's decision to choose who they like and who they don't." "Oh… Well, thanks for going along with it." "No problem." She leaned up against the side of the doorway, "Oh, I'm going to be heading out, so you can 'use' this room if you want, Only me and my sister have the key so you'd be in complete privacy, for… well, yeah." She winked.

"Oh, thanks." I smiled and moved forward. She moved to the side, giving me room for Me and Nicole to get in. "I'll close it, so make sure to lock it." She smiled, then exited the room, closing the door behind her. I set Nicole down on the bed and went back to the door, and locked the doorpin.

I walked back into the main space, and noticed what a big mess it was. Clothes everywhere on the floor, I could even spot some panties here and there… Some of them… more… extreme than others.

I walked over to the bed Nicole was laying on, and sat down next to her. I stroked her hair, it felt perfectly soft, but I could tell that it was recently straightened. The way it formed over one of her eyes was a major turn on for me, and seeing her sleeping body gave me a solid Hard-On, recovering my cock from earlier.

I wanted to fuck her so badly… She was still asleep, but I couldn't wait, I decided to get my cock warmed up, so I stripped off my pants and briefs, exposing my cock and positioned myself near her head. I tilted her head back, and opened up her mouth, sticking my cock inside.

I moved my hips back and forth, in and out of her mouth, her wet saliva covering my cock. Shortly after rubbing it in her mouth, I could feel her tongue moving around, swirling around my cock, up and down the shaft.

I gave a grunt, which only gave me more motivation to thrust harder. Is she awake? or is she just subconsciously moving her tongue? I thought while moving my hips back and forth, until I decided to test it out. I pulled out of her mouth and spoke up, "I know you're awake.

you can open your eyes now. "Ehhh? Thanks for ruining the fun." She opened her eyes and sat up, noticed the change of scenery. "Wait, when did we get in my room?" "You passed out so I had to move you in here, since my Aunt and Cousin came back." "Oh…" She paused the quickly exploded with a panicking face.

"Did we get caught?!" "Nah, I got you dressed quickly enough and gave a decent excuse." I took a sigh. "Man that was really close, they almost didn't believe me." "Oh&hellip. Wait, Whatabout my sister?" She panicked enough to slur her words. "Oh, she left not too long ago, she gave us the room." "Oh… Wait, did she know?" She kept panicking. "Yeah, she saw through my bluff and figured it out. She's good at cracking the truth…" "Oh, yeah she's like that…" She paused.

"So… What did she think?" "She… Didn't mind, she said that it's our choice to choose who we like and don't." "Oh, that sounds just like her…" She said that with a warm smile on her face.

"… She also told me you've been masturbating to me for awhile…" I looked to the side and scratched the back of my head. Her face quickly turned beet red. "Wha- What?! Forget what she said, forget what she said!" She repeated that several times, obviously embarrassed. I laughed, only to add to her embarrassment, then finally said, "That's really fucking hot." I moved my head to her ear and whispered, "It only makes me love you more." I gave a little nibble on her ear lobe, in which she gave off a cute moan.

I pulled back and looked into her eyes. "I want to fuck you." She looked dumbfounded for a second, but suddenly turned red, "Wh-What?" she panicked, not knowing what to say. "I… don't know how to respond to that…" She looked away. "Just say "Fuck me."" I smiled and moved my lips to hers, thrusting my tongue into her mouth.

I swirled it around her tongue, and pressed down on it, making her release more saliva, which I mixed with my own. All she could muster were moans and breathing filled with pleasure. I finally bit her lower lip which made her give a quick yelp. I continued to nibble on it, while still moving my tongue with hers. I finally broke away, a thin line of saliva formed between our lips. Her breathing was heavy, "Fuck… Me." She managed to speak the magic works between breaths, which instantly sent me over the edge, filled to the brim with lust.

I quickly stripped her down, exposing her bare body to me. Her Body was magnificently proportioned, with hips not too big, but not too small, and a nice tight butt. I laid her on the bed gently, and positioned myself as to where my hips were stationed at her crotch.

My Cock was burning with passion, twitching and leaking out pre-cum. "I-It's my first time… Please be gentle…" She murmured. "As you wish." I smiled and grabbed her hips and raised them up.

I moved my cock right in front of her Shaved, tight pussy. I moved her hips close to my cock as to where the head on mine was touching the lips of her vagina.

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I slowly pressed forward, Piercing her tight cunt, virgin and all. She was moaning at the feel of her virgin pussy being stretched open by my cock. I kept moving it forward, until I felt a little resistance. "Oh, I believe I've reached your Hymen…" "Wha- Don't say it, it's embarrassing." She was breathing heavily, and blushing crazily. She was in major heat right now, I could feel it.

"Okay Nicole, this might hurt, but I want you to relax, okay?" I spoke in a calm tone, trying to relax her. "O-Okay…" She began to relax, bracing for the penetration. "Okay, In one… two… Three!" On the third count I pulled back a bit and thrust with all my might, Piercing her Hymen, confirming her virginity lost. On impact, Her body arched, and her head tilted back, and mouth opened, trying to gasp for air.

I could feel her body slightly convulsing, due to the pain from the hymen breaking. "Are you okay?" "Y-Yeah… I'm alright… you can move now…" Her breaths were deep and heavy, trying to catch her breath.

I began moving my hips back and forth slowly, lewd sounds coming from the walls of her pussy being rubbed by the moving back and forth of my cock.


I looked down to see a small amount of blood leaking from her cunt, most likely from her broken hymen.

Slowly, I began moving faster, and surely enough, her hips began to move in sync with mine, with every forward thrust of mine, being met with a forward thrust of her hips to ensure maximum penetration. I looked up to her face to see her moaning with sounds of major pleasure, along with fondling one breast with one of her hands, the other, she was sucking and licking on.

Oh god. This was such a turn on, I felt like my cock was getting even harder. I leaned forward, resting my body on top of hers. I moved my lips to hers, and she grabbed my head with her hand and pulled me in for a kiss. Our tongues twirled and wrapped and danced around each other, never afraid to make contact.

My body was overflowing with lust, so I decided to speed my hips up and thrust even faster. This action was enough for her to break contact and shout. "Oh FUCK. That feels amazing!" She shouted, pleasure flowing out of her voice.

I was surprised, she was able to keep her hips synced with mine, even when I'm going faster. I took this as a good thing, and continued my pace. "Hey… Zach… Can I… Ride you…" She made out these words between her moaning and breathing.

"C'mon, say it nicely." I quit with moving fast, and starting thrusting harder. "Oh… Fuck&hellip. Please… Can I… Ride your huge cock… with my tight cunt…" She was really desperate.

"Sure, but you'll have to do it yourself, don't worry, I won't give any resistance." I pulled out of her cunt, waiting for her to move me. She Stood up, with her legs trembling, most likely from my hard pounding of her cunt. She turned me away from the bed and pushed me on it, laying down, with my cock, covered in her wet and sticky love juices, sticking up high.

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She got on the bed, and squatted down, positioning her pussy on my cock, and slowly sat down on it. She moaned as it slid down, obviously still tight. I could feel it. She started bouncing on my cock, like a little kid in a bouncy house. "Ahh… Yeah… Just like this… Fuck…" She moaned and groaned, enjoying every bounce of my cock.

I decided to surprise her, so I grabbed her hips and slammed her down on my cock and I lifted my hips as high as I possibly could.


My cock penetrated deeper than it ever had before, I could feel it reach the entrance of her womb. "AWW SHIT!" She screamed out as she arched her back. I repeated the motion several more times, her upper body showing no little movement, just moans and breaths. She finally collapsed on top of me and managed to whisper into my ear, "I'm about to cum… please… cum with me…" I obliged and replied.

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"Why but of course." I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. I grabbed her ass and spread it as I began thrusting my hips up and down inside her pussy. Her moaning sounded even more beautiful when It was right up next to my ear.

As I was thrusting her tight cunt, she began to nibble on my ear, sending me over the edge, almost cumming. "Agh… You're going to make me cum again…" "Please… Cum inside of me… I beg you…" She wrapped her arms around my neck and bit her lower lip. Her tits were pressed up against my chest, I could feel her perky nipples rubbing against mine.

I moved even faster, trying to sync our orgasm. "Ugh… Here… I go… Cum with me…" I thrust a few more times and finally in one final thrust, I moved her hips down as far as possible, my cock touching her womb again. My Hot load of semen burst forth from my cock gushing forth into Nicole's womb, and leaking at the entrance of her pussy.

"CUMMING!" She shouted loudly, arching her back and rolling her eyes back. I could feel her warm juices spray out of her cunt, mixing with my cum. She finally lost her strength and dropped on my body, her head next to mine. "Zach…?" "Yeah? What's up?" I spoke, breathing heavily. I had never came that hard before in my life.

"Will you spend the night with me?" She pressed her arms on my chest, her face above mine. "Of course, my love." I spoke softly and moved my head upward for a kiss.

I lifted Nicole off me, and as my cock exited her pussy, our mixed cum began to leak out of her pussy, and still leak out of my cock. I rested her on the left side of the bed, and laid down next to her. I pulled the covers over our exposed bodies. "This'll be our little secret, okay?" "Okay." She smiled and cuddled up next to me.

"Hey Zach?" "Yes, love?" She looked at me, then kissed me on the lips, and whispered. "I love you."