Hot chicks Carmen McCarthy and Nicole Aniston share cock

Hot chicks Carmen McCarthy and Nicole Aniston share cock
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do you know why people get caught printing fake money? well. its because they print so darn much of it. this was the logic my dad and his friends used when they set up their money printing scheme. now the notes wernt exactly flawless but as long as we didnt spend too much of it the money would change hands for many months before anyone discovered it was fake and it would be far away from our neighbourhood.

the idea was to still make money from normal jobs but also to bost your income a little with fake money. when ever fake money was produces however little it was it had to be spent within the week. this was to make sure the fake money could not be found in their hands. i was 15 when i found out about the 'side business' my dad was running.

he had just finished making some cash but had accidentally created too much. he needed to get rid of it quickly and the easiest way was to give in to me.i knew and so did everyone else that our fanily was one of the better off families but still getting $50 was awesome. my dad told me i could spend it on anything i wanted but i had to do it quickly.

he was in such a rush to get rid of it that he made me leave the house straight away to spend it. being as dumb as i was that would be easy. people knew how easy it was to fool me and would often con me into paying rediculas prices for stuff. i felt really powerful holding $50 dollers.

i could pay a bully to protect me at school or pay a really hot girl to go on a date with me or i could go further than that and pay her for a blowjob! and thats exactly what i wanted, a blowjob. i also knew just the girl i wanted it from. her name was Ava, she lived 2 blocks away from me and was the most popular girl at school.

i half walked half ran to her house. as i approached her house i saw her jogging towards her house from the other end of the block. her brown hair was tied in a ponytail and she was sweating which made her skin glow. she wore joging gear and skin tight shorts. her pritty mature face and long long legs turned me on so much. i walked up to her and said, " hey Ava." she replied condecendingly," what do you want?" all i could say back was," ill pay you $50 for a blowjob," while i held out the note.

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i could tell how amazed she was that i was willing to pay $50 for a blowjob from her. she was clearly willing but she knew how foolish i was and told me," ill do it for $100," in a voice that was clearly seeing how far i would go.

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i was in no mood to argue so i said," ok, fine but you have to swollow my cum." "deal," she squeeled happily," no takebacks," she took me by the hand into her house. she was so happy that she was getting $100 for just a blowjob. she took me into her room which was decorated with posters and pink girly stuff. after locking the door she took me into her small closet. once we were inside she put off the light and closed the closet door. there was enough light coming in through the the gaps in the door to faintly make out the shape of her head.

Ava stood infront of me then went down on her knees. i was so nervous, what if she thought my dick. was small or what if i came after 5 seconds. i was really horney so that was a possibility. i felt Ava unzip my pants and her soft hand wrap around my rock hard penis.

i moaned as she gave it a gentle stroke. this was such a rare chance few people like me ever experience.


having the most popular girl at school holding the dick of the most unpopular boy in school. i felt my dick bruch past her lips and her moist tongue under my dick.

she took me in all the way until my dick touched the back of her mouth. she gently sucked as i watched in darkness the faint outline of her head go back and forth. " ohhh Ava." i moaned softly as her head moved faster.

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i closed my eyes and i started breathing heavily. i could feel my climax approaching. i moaned, " Ava. your so pretty.ahhhh ahhh. Ava im gunna.

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Ava sped up and sucked harder. i really wanted to put my hand on the back of her head but i didnt know if shed allow me. after about 30 seconds of enjoying the best feeling of my life i came in her mouth. as promised she swollowed my load. she then got up and we walked out of the closet. " oh my god your so lame, "said Ava, " you couldent even last longer than 30 seconds" " well your really pretty and i was really horney so i couldent help it.

can we do stuff like this again?" " ya sure, just as long as you keep paying," said Ava then with an evil smile, " ok now give me my money " ummm.


i only have $50," i said as i gave her the note Ava took the money and giggled mischieveously," you said youd give me $100" "$100 for a quick blowjob! thats crazy" "a deals a deal lamo," replied Ava with attitude. she played with the $50 bill in her hands and keepet looking at me for a reply. i reluctantly replied, " well i could get the money for you later." " thatill be great, oh and your welcome to drop by any time you like for some action. well as long as you can pay for it.

i thanked Ava and left her house feeling pleased and satisfied. my dick was still moist from being in her mouth and that gave me an ego bost. if the most popular girl in school sucked my dick than that ment that any girl i wanted could be mine.

now i nedded to find a way to get $50. i reached home and looked around for any money i could find.

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after 3 hours of non stop searching i had only come up with $7.50. there was still one place i hadent looked in and that was the basement.

the only time anyone used it was when my dad and his friends had poker night and when my sister wanted to make out with her boyfriend without being caught. i went down the wooden stairs and turned on the light. the room was empty appart for a couch, a table and some chairs and aomething covered in a large sheet. i searched the couch and came up with nothing. i was feeling bad that i would never get to do stuff with Ava again so i sat on the couch and wondered what i should do for the rest of the day.

thats when my curiosity made me wonder what was under the sheet. with nothing else to do i went to investigate. i pulled the sheet off and layed eyes upon a machine that almost looked like a hightec photocopier. on it there was a screen that displayed a foulder named most used. i taped the foulder and it opened displaying small images of money. i selected the $20 bill and pressed a green button next to the screen. the machine hummed softly and dispenced a $20 bill.


i took it and examined it realising that this was real money. i joyfully pressed the green button 5 more times and pocketed the cash. i covered the machine again and ran out of the basement. i was happy and scared at the same time.

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what was that machine? why was it in my basement? and what would happen if i was caught with the money? i would be in so much trouble if someone caught me with $120 and no explanation of how i got it.

i needed to get rid of it and one idea spring to mind,Ava i rushed out the door and sprinted to her house. i knocked on her door and struggled to catch my breath. after a while the door opened and Ava looked at me with an annoyed face, "what do you want?" " i have the $50 i owe you," i replied.

Avas face lit up the moment i gave her 3 of the notes. she counted the money happily. " i can go get $10 change for you if you want or.

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i could give it to you in another way," Ava said seductivally. i gave her another $20 note. " and what will $30 get me?" Ava smiled delightfully," itll get you some amazing hand action and the best kiss youve ever had." i smiled and walked with Ava to her room. like last time she locked the door and we went into her closit. i really wanted to ask her if we could do it in the light of her room but again i was too nervous.

i sat on a clothes hamper and Ava got on her knees. through my shorts Ava stroked and squeezed my penis to errection. then she unziped my pants and and removed my dick from my boxers. she drooled warm saliva onto my dick and wrapped her soft gentle hand around the shaft. my penis twiched as she slowly stroked my penis, tristing it and massaging my balls with her spair hand. while she had certainly had experience giving blowjobs, this was definately her field of expertise.

i moaned and groned as her hands worked expertly on my throbbing errection. " ugh ugh. Ava keep doing that." " you like that?

ava said in an inocent voice. " ya", i groaned as i struggled for breath. Ava tightened her grip and shuttled her hand faster up and down the length of my dick. I could feel my orgasm grow near and I pushed my waist up to meet Ava's hand movements. I didn't care where I came, cleaning up would be Ava's problem. A few more strokes and my dick erupted with cum. Ava was caught off guard and it soaked her shirt, face and hair. "Ewwwww!!!

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It's all over me" Ava screamed in annoyance.