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Hot Teen with Perfect Tits and Nice Pussy Masturbating Live on Webcam
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How her kid brother got involved We continued fucking and sucking for the next month…probably at least 3 times a week…and she was getting DAMN good at it, and we were starting to get a bit relaxed and safe I guess…because we got caught.

It was a Tuesday, Isabelle was "sick" and her parents had her come to my place as normal. We were in the master bedroom…and we were 69ing and unaware of anything…we were only like 6 minutes into the session and it was around 1230 PM.

Greg (her 12 YO brother got out of school at 230 so we had lots of time). We were on the top of the covers, both buck naked…and she was on top sucking and sucking VERY WELL. She was moaning, I was talking to her (Suck that cock, Oh FUCK YEAH, MMMMM)…so we had not heard Greg knocking, or taking the spare key and letting himself in, or calling for us, or coming up the stairs… I heard a gasp from Isabelle, and her stop sucking…so I peeked around, and watching us was my 12 year old nephew Greg.

Not sure how long he was there, but he was staring and had a boner (visible even at the door way). I rolled IssyB off me, and went for Greg who stood totally mesmerized.

Isabelle covered up as I was going to him. I tried to lead him out…but he kind of stumbled in and sat on the bed. I could tell he was kind of in shock, and that is to be expected.

I asked "how long were you watching" and his response was "not sure, but long enough. What are you two doing". I tried to lead it away "what are you doing here and not at school?". "I was sick so had to come home, and Mom and Dad are not home so I came here". SHIT…busted I thought. I saw him looking curiously and I knew he wanted to know more. I tried to tell him some BS but he was too smart. "I know you two were being bad, and I am telling".

I said "Greg, we were doing things we maybe should not, but if you tell, only more bad things will come of it. You should pretend this never happened".

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His eyes got a funny look in them (remember I said he was sneaky) and he said words I will never forget for as long as I live "If I can play (I had tried earlier on to tell him we were "playing", to no avail) then I will not tell".

I looked at Isabelle who had no idea what we were really talking about. I noticed at this time that little Greg was STILL hard…I smirked a bit. I asked what he meant…and his reply was blunt "I want to play with you two the same way".

Isabelle now looked at me and shook her head and started to sob, Greg looked at her and kind of sneared. This guy was a little imp for sure. I asked Greg to step outside for a minute and we would talk about it…I asked him to go to the kitchen and grab a pop and come up in 5 minutes. He left and I started telling Isabelle that we need to be sure Greg does not tell, the only way is to give him what he wants, it will be fine, she will do great, etc.

She still was sobbing, saying no, and how it was wrong (brother and sister). I said we are family and it is not wrong, this is pretty much the same. I stroked her hair, said "Big girls can do what is needed" and that this will be fun for all three of us. I gave her a kiss, and said you will do great, and we will all have fun.

I stood up, still semi hard, and took her hand and led her up. I put her on her knees in front of me and blatantly said "suck your uncle's cock". As I said, she is DAMN good, and she looked at me, but complied…and began sucking me right there, knowing full well her brother is downstairs and was coming back up. I made sure we were in FULL FUCKING view for when Greg returned…and watched the door way the entire time waiting.

I was being loud enough for him to hear "suck it good" "good girl Isabelle" "Fuck yeah". I did this wanting him to know that we were at it, and this added to my excitement.

I also kind of thought this may make it real for him and he may back out. What to my wondering eyes should appear, little Greg still sporting a boner standing at the door. Time to let the GAMES begin. I took the back of my niece's head and helped her bob my cock as her kid brother watched. I moved my head to Greg motioning him in, and he quickly came in, Isabelle now say him and started to move off my cock, but I kept her there sucking as he approached.

I wonder what it feels like to see your slightly older sister, naked and on her knees with your uncle's cock pumping her 13 year old throat…to a 12 year old with a hard on…LOL.

I said "take all your clothes off Greg" and his sister gulped at this statement (with my cock in her mouth remember), and little Greg was naked in a flash. I saw his hairless cock, fully erect, and about 3 inches long.

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I saw his sister look too…what a couple devils they both are I thought. I started talking to Greg as she kept sucking me…"Greg, have you ever seen your sister naked before, have you done this before, or seen another persons "bird" before".

He replied NO to all three…as I expected.

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I said "you have to keep this our secret" and his head nodded as quick as could be. I pulled my cock out of his sister's mouth, gave her a sloppy kiss…and said "you will now suck your brother's cock". A simple nod of defeat from her, a quick turn to her left, and in one gulp she devoured his 3 inch dick.

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Fuck this was hot watching this… I watched her suck his cock for about 3 minutes…and he was loving it, and I think she was too.

I started thinking about the possibilities the three of us could do…and kept my raging hardon. I pulled her off, and another wet kiss…in essence I was tasting little Gregs dick from her mouth…fuck I was liking this. I then put her back on his dick and she sucked like there was no tomorrow. I let him get head for a bit, but wanted some too, so I pulled her off, and onto mine, and Greg watched in amazement as his sister was sucking his uncle and his much bigger cock.

We alternated cocks in her mouth for about another 10 minutes, and this was about to go to the next level. I pulled her off both dicks…sloppy kiss to end all sloppy kisses, and told her to lay on the bed which she did.

I then told Greg to lay on top of her and he started to, but not the way I needed (I wanted them to 69) so I gave him directions and he did as instructed. Before I could say anything his horny sister started sucking his cock…I loved this girl. I lowered down and began eating her out, and had Greg watch, and we took turns licking and tonguing her.

This only lasted about 8 minutes because Greg lurched…and shook…and I knew he was having his first ever dry orgasm…FUCK I was rock hard by now. I let him know to relax, what had happened, and this was natural, and FUN.

He nodded wide eyed in agreement…the whole time his sister was deep throating his little cock. I told Greg he had just had just cum…but could not produce anything…but I would show him what grown men do when they cum. I stood away, and said "come get your uncle off Isabelle and show your little brother what cum is".

She got out from under his limp body, came over and started bobbing…I motioned Greg over to my side and had him watch me getting head. I was about to blow…so I said "open wide and catch your uncle's cum baby" and withdrew from her hot kid moth, gave it a couple quick strokes and blasted a HUGE load on her face, tongue, and in her mouth.

Greg wached in awe…and after my last blast I rammed my dick back in her mouth, grabbed her head and drove it deep in her throat…I think we had Greg hooked!!! I pulled out, and IssyB kind of pulled back, but I nodded at her and then to her brother's dick, and she obediently went down on his still hard little cock. Greg moaned, Issy hummed, and I smiled…I knew I had em both now. As he was getting sucked, I gave Greg the speech "must keep this our secret, nobody can know, it is wrong in most people's eyes but we all enjoy it, nobody is getting hurt, it is fun".

What could he say or do with his sister sucking his dick. She sucked him for about 5 minutes, and he dry came again…I had him pull out, and we all sat on the bed to let it all sink in.

All Greg could ask is "how long had his sister and I been doing this and when can all of us do it again"? I smiled, gave him the truth…and said "EVERY CHANCE WE GET". I looked at Isabelle again, and no hesitation from her…just a smile.

Imps I tell you…they are both IMPS. We got dressed and prepared to send them home as if nothing happened. The next time we had a threesome I did not see them again until Sunday (4 days later).

It was after Church, and there was a function for the parents and adults…so I offered to babysit (such a good guy I am) them (Kelly went to a friend's house). I knew I had about 3 hours, but this time it was at THEIR house that we went…and I had not been active with Issyb anywhere but my place, car, and motel…so this would be a first. We no sooner got in the house when I said "not much time…lets all go to Belles room and have fun".

Both nodded, smiled, and raced up the stairs to her room. I was not far behind (made sure doors were locked and up I went. By the time I was there, they were both naked and on the bed…HORNDOGS I thought. In I went, and Greg was already hard, and I was semi hard at the sight of the two of them. They looked different today…so I had a sneaky feeling that they had done stuff between then and now. "Belle, Greggy…have you two done stuff together since last Tuesday?".

They looked at each other, then me (no doubt wondering how I knew", and Greg smiled and said "Heck yeah" while Belle simply looked down. I asked what…and they told me just her sucking him…like 8 times or more. WOW…he must really be into this I thought…and her too. I smiled, but then realized kids are careless and more likely to get caught. I gave them the whole speech about being careful, do NOT get caught, your parents would FREAK…if you DO get caught…pretend this was the first time, only experimenting, etc…no mention of me of course…and how they learned about it was from kids talking at school.

They assured me they would be careful and not to worry. I smiled again, looked at the two naked kids on the bed waiting for me to get sexual with them…glanced at my watch (about 2 hours and 45 minutes of safe time left) and wandered over to the bed. I smiled as Belle looked at me for direction so I said "You have been sucking his cock all this time…no sense stopping now…so get sucking your kid brother now"…she looked, sneared a bit, and lowered to his tiny cock and started sucking.

I started undressing as I watched and could not get the fascination of Greg out of my head…his contorted look of lust as his sister sucked him was priceless. I was down to my underwear when I tapped Belle on the shoulder and she instinctively came up, saw me, and started to remove my briefs exposing my semi hard MAN cock…Greg looked at it, then his, back at mine and then looked me in the eye.

I knew what he was thinking so as his sister went and bobbed on me…I smiled at him and said "your cock will grow big some day too Greg…maybe as big as your Uncle's too". He bowed his head…I wanted him to know as devilish as he is…I OWN his ass. Mission accomplished. Belle was sucking me for a bit, when I took it out and laid on the bed and had her lay on me to 69. She immediately did this and I was munching her tiny hairless snatch as she sucked my dick.

Greg laid there patiently and watched. I mumbled for him to come look at her tiny cunt (I know he did not know what this was) but I wanted to teach him. As I ate her I was watching him and trying to teach him as much as I could (while being blown remember). He was taking in as much of this as he could…and I was rock hard as Belle Belle was becoming an expert cock sucker…taking most my cock now, using tongue, and good suction.

She shuddered, gasped, and came on my tongue as her kid brother watched. I smiled, and said "Belle just came…and she cums like me…with fluid" as I stuck out my tongue to show Greg her orgasm and what she gave me. Greg looked odd…not understanding, but still watching intently.

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I rolled her off me, and told Greg "now I am going to FUCK her…and she can suck you too. I am putting my cock in her cunt and she will LOVE this. When you grow up, you can do this too.". I put Belle on her back, spread her legs, moved her head to the side of the bed…and told Greg "go stand by her head and she will suck your dick again". He almost RAN to get there…and in a flash she had his full 3 inches in her mouth and was moving her head as she sucked him.

I know she wanted my dick, but we had no lube…so I asked Greg if there was baby oil or Vaseline in the bathroom…he muttered YEAH and I went to get it. The bathroom is about 25 feet away, so I got there and started looking for it. It took me about 4 minutes to find it, and I grabbed it and headed back…when I got there, Belle was on top of him and he was trying to eat her as she sucked him.

The two were 69ing without me encouraging or leading them. BOING…ROCK hard uncle about to enter the scene. I walked in and fell in love.

Greg did not know what he was doing but was licking and tonguing all around HOPING to do it right. Belle was easily sucking his cock all in and out. I went to her face, waved my dick, and she began sucking me instead of him…I got about 30 sucks in, leaned down to kiss her, and pushed her back on Greg's needle dick.

I walked to the back where he was eating her, his eyes bugged wide open in awe…and I took two fingers full of Vaseline and smeared it on her cunt. He stopped eating…she jumped a bit…I gave it a quick wipe…and started to maneuver into position to fuck her doggy style. Greg instinctively started to move out of the way but I commanded "Stay right there kid and watch your sister take her uncles cock un her tight cunt…I want you to see how it is done so you can learn to do this to her".

He looked at me for a sec, then stayed still as he watched my engorged cock head aim up to her tight cunt lips. I rested my head there, and slowly began pushing. She had taken my cock up her cunt about 4 times before, so was still real tight and I was not looking to hurt her or scare Greg…some gentle pushing and prodding, and soon my cock head entered her with a PLOP. She moaned, I moaned LOUDER&hellip.and Greg simply watched. I rocked back and forth a bit, and within a couple minutes I probably had about 5 inches in her and began a gentle lovemaking motion of this 13 year old princess as her brother's face was mere inches away.

My nut sack was actually brushing his head and forehead as I entered her…I loved this.

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Greg did not know what to do…so I thought I would push the envelope. "lick her like you were Greg…she will like this more and suck you even better".

He stared at me…"Do it Greg…lick her like you were as I fuck her…do it now!". He stuck out his little tongue and tried to ensure he avoided his uncles's cock and he dashed his tongue at parts of her cunt as I continued to fuck her and she was sucking him. After about two minutes Greg was dry cumming again so he lost focus and his little twelve year old tongue was licking my cock by mistake…I took advantage of this and pulled out of her cunt and ran my cock along his mouth and tongue…he came out of his dry cum…realized what was on his mouth and started to pull away…I pushed Belle down on him, basically forcing my cock between his mouth and her cunt and pinning him.

I then basically did the back and forth fucking motion…and he cold not do anything. My cock was not in his mouth mind you…and he may have not known it…but he was giving his uncle head none the less. I did this for about two minutes, then shoved my cock back in precious Belle and raised her up a bit for Greg and started to hammer her cunt.

Greg was fixated as this was happening, and I knew I was gonna cum NOW. I said "Belle down here and suck me off…I am cumming"&hellip.she spun around, came down and was basically laying on Greg as she greedily went at my cock.

I held her head, and began to face fuck her (Greg's face about 4 inches below us) and I soon was blowing off in her mouth.

HUGE fucking load, and some spilled out her mouth and onto his cheeks…he closed his eyes for a second, then looked up again as he saw his sister finish off swallowing my load. I pulled my softening dick from her mouth, and it plopped onto Greg's nose and upper lip. Belle laughed, I laughed, and Greg just laid there not knowing what to do. I grabbed my dick, and smeared it a bit on his face and decided to try something with him (since he was not freaking out).

"open your mouth a little Greg"…he did this without hesitation so I laid my cock head at his opening but he was not wide enough…"open wider" which he did…but still not enough…but I pushed and had my cock head in his tiny mouth". Belle looked at me real strange now…so I took it out…"Kiss Greg now baby" and she lowered and kissed him…and he kissed her back.

I rubbed my cock on his cummy cheek, got it on my head, and then put it back to his lips…this time he voluntarily opened and took my cock head in his little mouth…and may not have known it, but was eating his uncle's cum too.

I only did this for about 1 minute, then pulled out and stood up. I looked at the two of them on the bed, and they kept looking at me for guidance.


I asked them to sit up so we can talk about what happened and make sure they were okay. Both were fine, and finally Belle brought up the guy on guy thing "are you two gay for what you did"? I let her know it is normal if you like something to do it, and of course we are not gay since we both had our cocks in her mouth…we all laughed about that.

I asked Greg if he minded, and he was honest about being shocked and scared at first, but it did not hurt or anything. I said good and it was fun and all that good jazz…then Greg asked "do I get to put my bird in your mouth now"?

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They both looked at me, and I did not know what to say. I had never been with another man or boy before this…it was spur of the moment and not planned. I had no desire to suck cock…but I thought if I said no he may think there was something wrong with what I did. "do you want to do that Greg"? to which he simply nodded. Belle looked puzzled at me. I told Greg to sit on the bed…he did (he was STILL hard) and I looked at him and his little cock.

I thought how bad can this be (so small etc). So I shrugged and lowered my mouth and easily took it all in my mouth and started bobbing…Simple as could be I thought. I watched Belle intently watching (I thought she was looking for pointers or tips maybe) so I wanted to be sure I did good so she would do me equally as good when the time was right.

I did the tongue thing, suction, etc and was really giving him good head if I do say so myself. Then I felt Belle between my legs putting my soft cock in her mouth and sucking me again. NICE I picked up the pace on Greg as Belle sucked me hard again. This went for about 4 minutes when Greg shook again…and I swear I felt his cum in my mouth…I thought it must be my spit because he was only dry cumming…so I sucked more and kept swearing it was cum…so I pulled off…and sure enough he DOES cum…not only dry cum I am not sure if he or Belle knew…but the little guy does bust a nut.

I smiled, and instinctively went back down on him and kept sucking…maybe I was partly gay I thought as I sucked my nephew and his cummy cock.

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Belle kept sucking me, and I wanted Greg to taste cock now for real too. I lifted off Greg, and did as I did with Belle "Greg you get to suck cock now too…not only lick…do as your sister and suck my big cock NOW". He did not debate, simply joined her on the floor, as I sat on the bed…Belle pulled off and smiled a devilish grin as her kid brother lowered his face to my rock hard member and took the head in. He did not move, so Belle took point and said "move up and down and suck like we did" and he started sucking my cock.

He was honestly TERRIBLE at it, but I was so horned up by now I was about to nut anyway so I said "you came in my mouth, so now you get to taste your uncle's cum too…keep sucking…and swallow it all NOW" as I blasted in his mouth.

Instincts kicked in and he pulled off so the next blast was all over his face, so I grabbed his head and pushed me dick back in his now UNVIRGIN mouth and gave him the rest of the load.

He had his eyes closed as he gulped down my cum…and held my softening cock in his mouth…I made him bob about 10 more times, then pulled out and simply moaned.

These two were going to give me much pleasure to come.


We laid on the bed collapsed. I then had the talk again with them, knew they were going to keep quiet, and said "I need to wash the bedding now…so you both get dressed and go play for a while". I did the bedding and had it dried and put back on by the time the parents returned…and I went home after kissing them both on the head good bye…