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Brünette Puma mom harten Schwanz wichsen
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The Devil's Pact Slave Chronicles by mypenname3000 Copyright 2015 Velvet: Double D Coffee Note: Mark's friend Chris requested big-tittied Velvet that worked at Hot-Chick-a-Latte, a bikini barista stand, to be his sex-slave. Thanks to b0b for beta reading this. Monday, July 22nd, 2013 Velvet Gibbs Puyallup, WA "Chief Hayworth will see you now," the bored officer said, dressed in the blue uniform of a Puyallup Police Officer, modified for her obviously pregnant belly.

My boyfriend Chris and I stood up, and he slipped his hand around my waist, then down to cup my ass through the tight daisy dukes I wore. The last month had been the best of my life. The Living God, Mark Glassner, had introduced me to Chris, and I had fallen head-over-heals in love with him. It's like Mark knew just how much I would love Chris.

Chris was wonderful. He was in his early twenties like me and so handsome. He was a former army Ranger, his body lean with muscles, and he had the most gorgeous, brown eyes.

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Those bad boys could melt the panties off any woman. Often we'd go to a bar and pick-up some chick to take home with us. It turned out Chris's passion was to run his own bikini barista stand.


It's how we met; he was always coming around to the Hot Chick A Latte, the bikini barista stand I worked out. I had never even noticed him until the God Mark told me I loved Chris. Together, Chris and I were going to realize his dream. He had been saving up, and I added what little money I had to our budding business.

Together, we bought an out-of-business coffee stand on the corner of Meridian and Main Street in downtown Puyallup, and we had spent the last month working hard to renovate the place. We were calling our coffee stand Double D Coffee, and only the girls with biggest tits would get to work there. I was a G cup and had big, beautiful tits with fat nipples that were still supple with youth. I was dreading my forties when they would probably sag down to my navel, but right now they were perfect.

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The pregnant cop led us to Chief Hayworth's office. She knocked at the door. "Come in," a gruff voice barked; a commanding voice barely muffled by the door. His office was simply appointed, a desk, picture of a wife and grandchildren set on his desk along with a computer and several file folders.

Metal filing cabinets lined the walls, a US flag stood in a corner on small flagpole. The chief stood up, a whip-thin man in dress blues, decorated with gold pips and medals. He had an iron hard look, and I was impressed with how good in shape he appeared—for a man in his fifties, he was fitter than some of the officers in their twenties I saw.

"What can I do for you son?" he asked, crushing Chris's hand; my boyfriend didn't flinch. I felt the Chief's eyes fall on my body; appreciative gleam in his eyes. "Ma'am." I straitened, letting my boobs thrust before me in the plaid cowboy shirt I wore, the tails tied below my massive melons.

I wore no bra and the slightest movement sent them to jiggle like a jello. I enjoyed his gaze and giggled, twirling my black hair about my finger. That really sent my boobs to shaking. "I'm Chris, and this is my girlfriend Velvet." "I don't have all day," the Chief said. "I'm a friend of Mark Glassner. I'm about to open a business here in downtown Puyallup and I want to make sure I have the backing of the local police." The Chief relaxed when Mark's name was mentioned.

"What sort of business?" "A coffee stand with beautiful woman," Chris answered. "Only my girls will be wearing even less than a normal bikini stand." The chief snorted. "The only way that would be possible." His eyes flashed to my chest. "Why don't you show him the uniform, Velvet." I grinned, untying the cowboy shirt I wore and letting my melons spill out to the Chief's hungry eyes. Then I wiggled out of my tight, daisy dukes. Underneath I wore a string bikini, barely more than floss that wrapped around my hips and disappeared between my ass cheeks.

It was so thin, my long pussy lips wrapped around the gusset, dangling out for all the world to see. "I can see why you'd want our cooperation," the Chief answered, shifting; I noticed a pronounced bulge in the crotch of his pants.


"I'm always glad to help a friend of Mark's out. For a price." "I'm sure Velvet will be very accommodating," Chris said, his hand resting familiar on my ass. "Say once a week?" The Chief reached out, gave my big titty a squeeze. "I think that'd be just fine, so long as I get to know Velvet today." "Be my guest," Chris said, taking a seat.

Chris loved to watch me fuck other man. Already, he had watched me fuck the manager at Grey's Lumber to get a discount on building materials, and then the manager at the paint store, and finally with a bureaucrat to get our remodel permit expedited.

I went to kiss the Chief, but he rebuffed me. "Bend over my desk like the filthy whore you are," he growled like rusty iron scraping together. He spun me about and shoved me roughly against the desk; his hand landed in the middle of my back and pushed me down across his desk until my cheek rested on the cool wood. The smiling face of his wife—it was an old picture of their wedding day, faded with age—filled my vision.

A zipper rasped, and I tried to look behind me when his hand shoved me back down. "Don't move whore!" He roughly ripped my string bikini down my thighs. A helpless feeling filled me—my pussy dripped with lust. "Fuck me," I heard myself moan. His cock didn't feel old as he shoved it hard inside my cunt. I moaned my appreciation as he pumped his hips with powerful thrusts. He filled me up; the friction of his dick sent my passions burning.

"You're a dirty whore, aren't you?" he panted. "Yes!" I groaned. "Fuck me harder! Your cock's driving me wild!" "Whore, whore, whore!" he grunted over and over, punctuating every "whore" with a hard thrust of his cock. "You're going to take every drop of my jizz, right whore?" "I will! Fill me up!" I was burning up inside; the degradation of being used by this old man inflamed my lusts like the bellows of a forge, stoking my passions until the bliss consumed all my nerves.

"Filthy goddamn whore! Did you just cum on my cock?" "Yes!" I screamed, my insides still being consumed by my climax, fanned by his powerful thrusts churning over and over through me. Orgasm after orgasm raged inside me, rippling bliss through every nerve I possessed.

His intercom buzzed. The chief pressed a button. "What?" he gasped. The pregnant cop's voice rang with a metallic tin from the speaker as she answered, "Chief, your wife's on the line 2." The chief buried his cock to the hilt in my snatch. He let out a soft, moaning grunt. "Thank you, Mallory." He released the button and gave my ass a stinging slap.

"Not a peep, whore." "No, chief," I answered. He pumped his cock in and out of me, a slow and steady rhythm as he reached for the phone. I glanced again at the picture filling up my sight.

His wife had been beautiful thirty years ago, almost glowing in her white dress. "Hey, Bev," he answered. "Uh-huh. Sure." Another orgasm burst through me and I clamped my mouth shut. I felt so sexy; he'd rather fuck me than talk to his wife.

It should be her bent over this desk with his dick inside her cunt. I was a thief, taking her husband's lust all for myself—I loved every second of it. "Okay. I'll stop by the store. No, no, I won't forget the milk.

All right? I love you too, Bev. Bye." He went back to the powerful thrust, slamming into my pussy after hanging up. He was so cool and collected. I clearly wasn't the first woman he has cheated on his wife with. I wonder who the other's were. Maybe Mallory, the pregnant cop. Wouldn't it be wicked if she was carrying his love child? "Fucking whore!" he grunted. His thrusts grew erratic, losing the steady and powerful rhythm. His hands gripped my hips and he hammered with desperate strokes.

If he would let me look over my shoulder, I would see his face contorting in the moments before he spilled his cum inside me.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he groaned as his cock erupted into me. I loved that moment. "Damn, she's good." I was full of sticky sperm when he pulled out. The old guy must have pumped a gallon of his jizz inside my hole. I sucked in a breath as he finally let me stand up. He grabbed my discarded shirt and wiped his wet dick on it, buttoned himself up, and tossed me my dirty top.

"See you next Monday, whore," the chief said and sat down on his chair. He was calm and collected now. I barely could tell he had just fucked me. "You were fucking amazing, Velvet," Chris praised once we climbed into the cab of his beat-up, old Ford F-150 pickup truck.

"That old bastard went to town on you. How many times did you cum?" "I lost track," I answered with a smile, reaching out to stroke his rock hard cock through his blue jeans. "Fuck it was hot!" His eyes fell on my huge knockers straining at my stained cowboy shirt. He push his seat back all the way. "I could really use a nice titty fuck." Fresh juices gushed from my pussy. "In a parking lot of a police station?" He grinned at me, those gorgeous brown eyes staring at me with lust.

"Hell, yeah! I need to cum so bad after watching that." I untied the knot, letting the shirt fall open. His hands instantly found my melons, squeezing them, pinching my fat nipples. The pleasure went straight to my cunt while my hands went straight to his crotch. I deftly freed his long, thin cock and stroked him.

"I love your hooters, babe," he groaned. So I leaned over and wrapped them around his cock. My tits were so massive, and his dick vanished between them. I held them together before sliding them up and down his cock. He moaned, his hips bucking as the velvety smooth skin of my melons drove him crazy with passion. "Oh, fuck, babe! That feels fucking amazing! Faster! Yes, yes!" His precum lubed my tits like water from a leaky faucet, and I pumped faster with my tits.

"Are you going to cum all over my tits?" I asked, licking my lips. I was so eager for him to cum. "Hell yeah!" he groaned. "I'm going to paint you in cum!" That sound wonderful. "Oh fuck! Keep pumping those hooter! Fuck, fuck!" His cum spurted hot onto my tits, a squirt flying out from between my melons to strike me across the cheeks and lips. More spunk pumped out, each blast weaker than the last, leaving a sticky mess rolling wet down my tits and stomach.

I sat up, scooping up a line of jizz and sucking it into my mouth. "Was that good one, Chris?" "You bet, babe." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Friday, July 26th, 2014 "Why do you want to work for Double D Coffee?" Chris asked Faye Reid. "I've never been shy of showing my body off," she answered. It appeared to be a gorgeous body; the redhead was blessed with tits almost as big as mine, and her smile was saucy, inviting—driving any male who saw it crazy with lust.

We sat in Chris's small office he rented in a building on East Main Street, and had spent the last few days interviewing girls for our grand opening tomorrow. Today, I wore a tight halter top that molded to my G cup hooters and a very short jean skirt. Faye wore a loose t-shirt that did little to hide the curves of her tits, and a pair of low-cut skinny jeans, a pink thong peaking out.

The office was filled with a sweet incense, jasmine mixed with vanilla. The sticks were from Sam, Mark's Vizier. They were a variation on the ones she gave Willow for her clinic.

Candy, Sam's girl-toy, had boasted to me all about it the night Chris bought them from Sam. I had been the payment; Sam fucked me all night long in exchange for ten sticks. It was fun fucking a woman with a dick, feeling her breasts press against mine as a wonderful slab of girl-cock pumped inside my cunt.

The magical incense made our interviewees more docile, more accepting of the duties they would have to perform at our coffee stand. "So you're comfortable being naked in front of strangers?" Chris asked. She blinked. "I thought the job was working at a bikini barista stand?" "It is," I answered. "Except our girls only wear the bottoms." "So we wear pasties?" "Nope." "We're giving our customers so much more than those other stands," Chris explained.

"At our stands you can see giant, naked titties. Now doesn't that sound like something you want to be a part of?" "Sure, I guess," she said, the sweet odors working their magic upon her. "So let's see you naked," Chris ordered. "I need to make sure you're up to our high standards." Freckled face blushing prettily, she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her boobs were straining a black bra, her breasts as freckled as her face.

They swayed as she reached behind her and deftly unclasped the bra. Her breasts were magnificent, a little smaller than mine, with dark-red nipples and areolas the size of silver dollars. She stood up, kicking off her shoes, and shimming out of those tight jeans. Her ass was curvy and a red bush peaked out around her pink thong. "Thong, too," Chris commanded.

She blushed even more, but didn't argue. "Your bush will have to be shaved," I said, feasting on her beauty. "But I think she's perfect, honey." I could tell from the bulge in Chris's pants that he approved. "You're going to be a perfect employee, right? And follow every direction Velvet or I tell you." "Yeah," she answered. "I always listen to my bosses." "Good." A grin cracked Chris's serious face.

"Why don't you lie across my desk so I can see how well you fuck." "Um, what?" Faye asked. "Didn't you just promise to obey your bosses?" I asked her, walking around the desk. I slapped her pretty ass. "Get on the desk so Chris can fuck you." "I.okay." She uncertainly hopped up onto the desk and gingerly laid down, trying not to knock anything off. "Um.why am I doing this?" "I told you, we're offering a new experience," Chris answered. "The customers are going to be licking whip cream off those big titties and fondling your hot body.

They'll be watching as you and the other baristas cavort with each other and, for those that pay enough, they'll get to fuck you." "We have a special little room in the stand just for that," I happily told her as I pulled off my own top. "It's what I want you to do," Chris continued. "I.okay. That seems alright," Faye mumbled, heavily under the effects of the incense. Chris and I had to take a pill before we lit the incense to keep us from being similarly affected.

Chris pulled her legs until her ass rested at the edge of the desk; her cunt at the right height for his cock to fuck her. She squealed in pleasure as he buried his cock into her, and her heavy melons rolled like waves from the force of my boyfriend's thrusts.

My skirt and thong slid down my legs and I posed momentarily for Chris. He grinned his appreciation. Then I climbed onto the desk, straddling Faye's face. "You're going to love sucking my cunt, right?" I asked her. "Uh, yeah, I guess," she answered dreamily. "I think I would like that." "Because you love eating pussy as much as you love fucking cock?" "Uh-huh, Velvet. I love to eat pussy and I love fucking cock!" "Good girl," I smiled, and lowered my snatch to her waiting lips.

Faye's tongue felt wonderful as it parted my pussy lips. I moaned; my eyes fixed on her pussy and watched as my boyfriend's flesh joined hers amid a swath of fiery hair. Chris's brown eyes were fixed to my tits and I grabbed my right one and brought my nipple to my lips.

I loved nursing myself, rolling my fat nub between my lips and biting just hard enough for the pain and pleasure to mix wonderfully together. "How's her tongue?" Chris asked. I popped my nipple out from between my lips. "Great. I think she's the best yet." We already had four other girls hired, and we figured we need six to run the stand, two girls working the morning shift and two girls working the evening shifts. I was the fifth girl and Faye would make the final one.

"Her cunt is fan-fucking-tastic," Chris moaned. He reached out and gave her meaty tit a squeeze. "These tits are amazing. Almost as good as yours, babe." I laughed, then went back to suckling at myself and enjoying the tongue bath Faye gave me.

Her tongue was agile, and she seemed to want to explore every fold of my flower. She sucked my fat pussy lips into her mouth, even nipping gently with her teeth. Her tongue wiggled up my cunt hole like a mini-cock, stirring my passions up, before she sucked my clit into her lips.

"Oh, fuck!" I moaned as that sent my orgasm bursting through me. "Drink my juices! Oh, fuck, you're one delightful slut!" "Goddamn, Velvet, but she has an amazing cunt!" Chris moaned. "You gonna cum in her?" I asked, leaning over and grabbing Chris's shoulder for support as a second orgasm ripped through me. "Fucking A, I am!" he groaned. I kissed him, thrusting my tongue into his mouth the same way Faye thrust her tongue into my cunt. His hands found my tits, squeezing, kneading, adding to the pleasure her tongue was churning in my womb.

When he came, his fingers pinched painfully hard at my nipple, a low, throaty roar escaping his throat. I almost fell getting off Faye; her face drenched in my juices; a smile graced her lips. "I think I'm going to like working for you." "C'mon, let's meet the other girls," Chris said, opening the door that led to our small conference room, a simple table—the folding type you'd see in a church's fellowship hall—and several cheap, metal chair dominated the room.

Four busty women lounged in the room, all smiling when they saw Faye. "You're just so beautiful," motherly Kasey gushed; at twenty-one, she was the youngest worker.

With an exuberant squeal, she hugged Faye. "You are gorgeous," purred Tien, a busty Vietnamese woman, her hair dyed a garish blue that gave her a pixyish quality. Bleach-blonde and very tanned Roxane was the next woman to give Faye a hug, and the first to give her a kiss. Hailey, her glasses perched on her vixen face, gave Faye a passionate kiss and slipped a hand to grope her breast. Blushing, Faye said, "Thanks for the warm welcome." "Okay ladies," Chris barked.

"We have a lot to do before tomorrow's grand opening!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday, July 27th, 2013 Velvet Gibbs The grand opening was going great. All the girls were here: Haylie and I manned the stand while Roxane, Faye, Tien, and Kasey were out on the street corner holding signs and shaking their big, naked tits and asses covered by the tiniest of string bikini's at the passing cars.

A line of vehicles waited eagerly to get their coffee and we had made a couple hundred in tips already. "Holy shit, you girls are going to get arrested," a young man with a scraggly beard said as he handed me a twenty. "We got an exemption," I answered, leaning out so my tits practically dangled in his face as I handed him his coffee. Hailey pressed her F cup tits into my back, her nipples hard points, as she reached around me and hefted my melons at the customer. "I bet you'd love to suck Velvet's hooters?" "Fuck," the guy said, looking around, then he leaned in and sucked my nipple into his mouth briefly.

"For a hundred you can do a lot more than suck on her tits," Hailey purred, her fingers slipping down beneath my g-string, brushing my aching clit. "Are you saying.?" I grinned, "You can whip my cream with your whisk." Hailey's fingers came up glistening with my pussy juices.

"Her cream is delicious," she cooed, taking a lick. "Goddamn it," the guy muttered. "I got to get to work." "Maybe next time," I giggled. I swapped places with Hailey, it was her turn to flirt with the customer while I made the order. A young man, his eyes positively about to fall out, pulled up and ordered a mocha.

I "accidentally" sprayed whip cream all over my knockers. "Oh, shoot," I pouted. "Umm, let me help you out," Hailey purred, a mischievous grin on her vixen face.

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"Holy fucking shit!" the guy exclaimed as she bent down and took one long lick, scooping up the frothy white mess and grazing my nipple. "Oh, Hailey, that feels so wonderful," I purred as her tongue explored my areola, then her entire mouth engulfed my fat nipple and she sucked hard.

I was so fucking horny. "There you go, Velvet," Hailey purred. "Thanks," I grinned, and gave her a big kiss, pressing our huge titties together for the young man's vocal enjoyments. Hailey leaned out, still a little whip cream on her face, and kissed the boy on the mouth before handing him the drink. "Twenty dollars," Hailey told him. He didn't blink twice at the obviously inflated priced, handing her a twenty and threw on a five as a tip.

I recognized the next customer. "Well if it isn't Mr. Beck," I giggled, then turned to Hailey. "He was my math teacher." "Why if it isn't Velvet Gibbs!" he exclaimed, his brown eyes fixed on my knockers. "You were always such a delight." Hailey hefted my boobs. "I know just what you mean," she laughed. "Dirty old teacher." Beck flushed.

"It's okay, I liked it when you stared at my tits," I told him. "Sometimes I would fantasize about fucking you in the classroom." "Really?" he asked. "Umm, we offer a special service here," I continued, leaning out so my tits practically dangled in his face. "For a hundred dollars, you can join me back here and we can have some private tutoring." He licked his lips nervously, sweat beading around his widow's peak. "You mean.?" "We can work on my math," I cooed.

"What does one cock plus one pussy equal?" "A great fucking time," Hailey answered. "Exactly!" I exclaimed. "But we should work out that problem and make sure Hailey's solution is correct." "I don't have that much cash on me," he said, crestfallen.

"That's okay, we take Visa, Mastercard, and American Express," I answered. "But not Discovery card. I'm not sure why that is?" "Fuck, this can't be happening," he muttered, pulling out his wallet and handing me his Mastercard.

"How am I going to explain to my wife that I spent a hundred on coffee." "You needed your energy," I giggled, swiping his card. After a moment I handed him back his receipt. "Just park over there and come knock at the door." Our shack was a little larger than the average coffee stand, and we had a side room that was slightly bigger than an airplane's lavatory—just enough room to get fucked. Hailey gave me an encouraging slap on the ass, clearly envious that I got our first special customer of the day.

I opened the door, turned on the light, which also activated the overhead camera, and waited for my first customer. A minute later, Hailey let him in. Lust filled his eyes as he stared at me, then like a lion pouncing on a wounded gazelle, he was on me, kissing at my neck, his hands pawing at my huge tits while growling.

I looked up at the small, HD camera hidden in the ceiling. I could just notice its lens hidden among the ceiling tiles. I gave a big smile. Later that evening, I sat wearily on Chris's lap. "The first day went great," I told him. "I know," he answered. "You should see our bank account.

How many special customers did you have?" "God, I think we each had four or five," I answered.


"Haven't you watched the footage yet?" "I wanted to watch it with you, babe," he said, giving me a kiss. "You up for it?" "I'm not that tired," I answered. Chris logged onto the server the footage was stored on with his i-pad and started the first clip, streaming it to our TV.

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I appeared on the screen, waiting for a minute, until Mr. Beck entered. He seemed to pounce on me immediately, though I remembered him pausing for what I thought was a good fifteen seconds. "Oh, Mr. Beck," I moaned wantonly on the TV. "Fuck, I wanted to get my hands on your luscious tits for years," he moaned. "You were always sitting in the front row wearing those slutty tops." "How do they feel?" "Wonderful!" I looked at my boyfriend.

"His hands felt great on my tits, honey." On the screen, Mr. Beck had buried his face in my rack. "Oh, god, he was driving me crazy with his motorboating. He rubbed my nipples hard against his cheeks. You can't see it, but he had some stubble and it felt wild on me." "Christ, you're getting me hard, Velvet," Chris moaned. "Oh, Mr. Beck! Suck my big titties!" I moaned on the screen. I leaned against Chris's ear, whispering, "He sucked so hard on my nipples, I thought he was going to devour them.

Umm, right there he just shoved two fingers up my twat, stirring me up." "Oh, yes! Oh, fucking yes, Mr. Beck!" "Now I'm cumming on his fingers," I continued to whisper as my fingers worked at his pants. "I got so horny showing off for the customers that it didn't take much to rev my engine. God, look at my tits heave." "Fuck," Chris groaned as I grabbed his cock, stroking it just like I had stroked Mr.

Beck's cock. "I got to stick in your snatch." I rose, shifting my ass over until I felt my boyfriend's cock nudge my string bikini bottom to the side.


On the screen, I watched Mr. Beck violently ram his cock into me. I shuddered and slowly slid down on Chris's cock, letting him savor my juicy cunt. "He fucked me like a wild animal," I purred to Chris, his arms wrapped around my body to maul my tits as I rocked on his cock.

"He was possessed. Umm, he was so desperate to cum inside my sweet snatch. I think he was pretending we were back in his classroom" Our living room was filled with my passionate sequels and Mr. Beck's violent grunts.

My old teacher had pressed me against the wall and I had wrapped my legs around him. "He fucked me so hard, I thought my poor ass was going to get driven through the wall." "You dirty little girl!" Mr. Beck moaned on the TV. "Take my cum! Take it you filthy, cock-teasing whore!" "He pumped so much cum inside me, Chris," I purred as I enjoyed my boyfriend's thick cock inside me.

"It was watery, and poured out of my poor pussy and down my thighs. It took me forever to get clean." "Fuck, I love you," Chris moaned. "It's so hot watching you fuck that man. You did it for me, didn't you?" "I did, Chris!" I panted, riding faster on his cock. He was driving me crazy, rubbing every inch of my sheath. I was on the verge of cumming, every nerve in my body primed to explode. "I love you so much, I would do anything for you! Fuck anyone for you!" I detonated on his cock.

I was lost to the pleasure for a minute, and stars swam before my eyes as I contorted in rapturous agony. Like a receding tide, my orgasm slowly withdrew. Chris's strong arms still held me, his hard cock still impaled inside me. "Umm, did you have a good one?" "So good," I sighed. "Now it's your turn." I pumped my hips as Chris started the next video. This time it was Hailey, on her knees, giving a guy a titty fuck. Her glasses were perched on her dainty nose as she said the most dirtiest, raunchiest words I had ever heard.

"I want you to cover me in your fucking cum! I want to bath in it. Spill that filthy shit all over my body! I'm your little cum-slut whore! Cream me, asshole! Yes! Do it! I need your filthy jizz to cover my body. I want to massage it into my skin, the world's best fucking moisturizer!" Chris erupted in my cunt as the guy plastered Hailey's face, tits, and glasses with his cum.

True to her word, she rubbed the jizz into her skin with one hand, while the other jilled her pussy. "You girls are the best," Chris sighed as we started the next video and watched redheaded Faye take it up the ass like a pro. I snuggled happily in his arms and fell asleep in a safe, loving embrace. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sunday, July 27th, 2014 I trembled as Chris slid the wedding band onto my finger. Rose Cunningham turned and fixed her beautiful, teenage face on our fiance.

"Do you, Christopher Young take Faye Reid, Haylie Merricks, Kasey Jeffery, Roxane Samson, Tien Nguyen, and Velvet Gibbs as your lawfully wedded wives, to love them, cherish them, and to completely share your life with them." "I do," he said, fixing each of us with his handsome eyes as we stood in a half-circle around him.

We all wore beautiful wedding dresses, each a different style, but all of them showing off our well-endowed chests. It had quickly become clear in the weeks after we opened Double D Coffee, that all of the girls had—with a little help from Sam's incense—fallen in love with Chris. It didn't matter how we fell in love with him, whether through a God's power or the magic of a hermaphrodite, all that mattered was our feelings.

We loved him, and he loved us. Chris kissed each of us, starting with me, and then us brides kissed each other. I didn't have just a new husband, I also had five new wives. The reception was a blast, we danced, partied, and enjoyed our friends and families company.

Near the end, as the reception was winding down and we were getting ready to fly to Hawaii to stay at Mark's mansion—his wedding gift to us—Mark walked up to us, his beautiful Goddess on his arm. "I wanted to speak to you before you left," Mark said. "Oh?" Chris asked. "What?" "We're going to need people we can trust to help us govern the world," Mark answered.

"We prefer to use our friends and family, people we know." "What are you asking?" Chris frowned. "I've already talked to Quatch, Tom, and Karl about this," Mark continued, "and they've agreed to help out." "I still can't believe I agreed to letting that hairy friend of yours rule the Middle East," Mary said with a roll of her eyes.

"He's a great guy," Mark protested defensively. "He'll do just fine. Anyways, Chris, how would you like to rule South East Asia for us when the time comes?" My husband blinked. "I don't know," he said carefully. "The perks are great," Mary answered.

"Eternal youth for you and your wives. You just have to bind your souls to us." "It's a little distasteful," Mark grimaced. "But it doesn't take long. I really need your help, man. Mary and I can't administrate the entire world on our own." Eternal youth. My tits would never sag. "Do it, Chris," I urged. "You don't want your wives to get old and wrinkly, do you?" "Sure," Chris answered, his eyes flicking down to my knockers. "I've always wanted to go to Thailand." I squealed, threw my arms around Chris, and unleashed a flurry of kisses on his cheeks and mouth.

I would be young and beautiful forever with the six people I loved in the world. What more could a barista want?