Big Tits Redhead Girlfriend Sucks And Fucks

Big Tits Redhead Girlfriend Sucks And Fucks
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My wife and I were on a weekend away when we had a drive around the local countryside, the weather was warm with little breeze, I was in shorts and t shirt my wife in a thin cotton summer dress, while driving around I had the air condition on in the car which caused my wife's nipples to poke through the thin cotton.


After a while we found a car park in the country near to some woods so we parked up and decided to take a walk. We locked the car looked at the map at the entrance to the woods and set off casually walking in the warm afternoon, as usual I was horny so kept stroking my wife's backside and lifting her dress, flashing her backside, the gentle breeze blew in our faces and I couldn't help notice her nipples were hard again so I gave them gentle rubs so they did not feel unwanted.


After about 10 mins following the signs we came to a clearing with the sun shining onto the grass so we decided to sit in the sun for a few minutes. I started teasing my wife and brushing my hands over her inner thighs, this always got her horny and within a few minutes she was laid back in the grass gently moaning as my fingers brushed over her smooth panties.

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I eased the panties aside and slid a finger along her wet slit gently parting her lips to find her clitoris with a gasp as my finger hit its mark. I pushed my finger inside her soaking pussy and started working it faster I whispered to her to remove her panties and to my surprise she slipped her fingers in the sides and slid them off tossing them on the grass besides her.

I quickly moved down between her legs and started to lick her smooth pussy the juices were running out and she was moaning and grinding her pussy on my mouth, I slipped a finger back inside her.

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Suddenly my wife gasped and looked to the pathway where a guy in his 30's was stood watching us. At this point I expected her to freak out and stop but instead she pushed my face back into her pussy and said in a low voice "suck me" so I just did as I was told and licked and sucked at her pussy and clitoris. I glanced over to the guy who had now slowly made his way towards us and saw the tent in his shorts, my wife looked at me then him she put her hand out towards him and brushed his cock through his shorts, I was stunned but she just smiled at me and rubbed him then said to me "can I?" I just nodded and continued licking, my cock was solid in my shorts as she lifted up on one elbow and released his tool, his face just gave a wry smile as she took him in her hand and started to stroke his cock and balls.

Gently she pulled him down to his knees and moved her head towards him kissing the head before sliding him in her mouth. As I came up for air she moved her self onto her knees still sucking and licking his shaft I was looking at her smooth pussy glistening in the sun and her dress up over her bottom revealing everything.

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I dropped my shorts and moved behind her rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her pussy before sliding it in in one go. the sound of her moaning and gurgling on his cock made me use all my self control not to shoot there and then.

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I started fucking her wet pussy with long deliberate strokes each thrust pushing her forward onto his cock his hand wrapped in her hair pulling her head onto him, I was sliding in and out still not believing she was doing this.

She moaned and sucked while I pounded her pussy but within minutes I could not hold back any longer, pulled out and cum all over her bottom and back splattering her dress, I thought this was the end of the session but she had other ideas, she turned around pointing her pussy to the guy and smiled to him, he knew what she wanted and slid in to take my place, he instantly picked up his rhythm and slid in and out her pussy slurping with the amount of juices already in there.

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I lay on my back in the sun panting but she wanted more cock in her mouth, she grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her burying my cock in her mouth and licking it clean, the other guy pounding her pussy. When I was clean she moved off him and lay on her back lifting her knees to her shoulders he re positioned himself and carried on fucking her, not long later his face was showing signs he was ready to cum, my wife lifted the dress and told him to cum on her tits, seconds later he pulled out and she wanked him off till he shot loads of hot cum over her belly and tits his face with a huge smile on it.

We all dressed and wandered off, he disappeared into the woods we made our way back to the car. Nothing was said between us we both knew what each other was thinking. As we got back to the car park there was only 1 other car besides ours, and 1 person sat in the back seat with the windows open as we walked towards it a young lad said " I have just been watching you!!" my wife looked at me then back at him now noticing he was naked from the waist down, his hard cock standing proud and his hand stroking gently along its length, "I knew you would be shagging somewhere, this is a local dogging site so the locals don't come here" my wife stared at his cock and just said "want me to do that?" the lad just smiled and let my wife take over, she sucked and stroked and within a few minutes the lad blew his load all over his seat.

my wife just smiled at him then walked away to our car.