Manager wants that his wife gets fucked

Manager wants that his wife gets fucked
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Isabella had just moved into her new neighborhood with her parents and the family dog,they came all the way from kentucky so this "city" life was new to her the people the way they talked and even dressed for that matter.she was always the cut off jeans and tank top kinda girl,but here they were so "dressed" you could say,so she helped her family unpack and get then she went upstair to get her things situated before her first day of school in cali,she was excited but scared at the same time because she was a senior but didnt know if they would accept her there being the little "country girl" she is with everything in place she went into her bathroom to take a quick shower then go to bed,but what she saw out her bathroom window shocked her.

oh my god theres a guy standing in his bedroom window naked she thought to she quickly turned around only to see that her cheeks were red from her blushing,thats the first time she had ever saw a man w/o clothes on in her stunned and very excited she took a quick shower and jumped into bed.

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"beep,beep,beep"the alarm sounded at 6am uggh i just wanna sleep please mom 5 more minutes,belle whined so she hit snooze and fell back off asleep GET UP RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY U ARE GOING TO BE LATE!!her mother shouted,okay okay so isabelle hurried up and got dressed and run out the door only to find that she had missed the bus so she walked about 6 blocks until she got there,she heard the first bell of the morning ring so once again she took off running and BAM ran right into this guy oh im so sorry she told him no no its my fault here let me halp u with those,he they rose up and their eyes met she knew in that instant that he was the guy she saw lastnight.he held out his hand uh my name's jordan,and u would be oh sorry im isabella but u can call me belle if u like,ok kool so uh let me walk u to class i saw on ur schedule that its the same as mine okay that sounds kool with me so they were hurrying along and he reach over and grabbed her hand come on he said playfuly were gonna be late!!

feeling very excited by his grabbing her hand belle started daydreaming of what it would be like to have him all to herself but was afraid to because of her being a virgin and all,jordan felt her resistince when they were walking so he kinda had a feeling that she wanted him,he knew for sure that he wanted her so he made the move and went straight to the janitors closet uh its in here he said and pulled inside and closed the dooe and locked it,um jason why is it so dark in here i thought a classroom is supposed to have uh what do u call them oh yeah i know LIGHTS!!

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ok ok u caught me belle when the first time i saw u yesterday as u and ur folks were moving in i just kept saying to my self my god i would love to tap that ass, yeah i kinda saw u lastnight in ur bedroom she admitted to him see i was just about to jerk off because the tension was too stong everytime i though about u i saw u lookin so i decided just to stand there and see what ur reaction was by this time belle could see that jason had this huge buldge in his pants just from talking about it so the sight of that made her pussy throb well maybe i could help ur little fantasy CUM true jason,but i mean i have to admit i am a virgin so this is all new to me,i dont mind he said.

belle quickly ripped off all her clothes and kissed jason full on the lips then went to her knees and jerked out what looked as though the biggest pecker she could ever imagine someone having, so she started by kissing it lightly and licking the head of his dick until he grabbed the back of her head and shoved it in her mouth"oh my fucking god" that feels so good are u sure u have never done this before,unable to speak she just nodded her head no and kept on sucking by now her pussy was on fire she had to have it nothing was gonna stop her either what the hell is going on in there,oh shit jason shoved belle down and grabbed his clothes trying to hurry and out them on who is that jason bell asked thats my gf emily when belle heard that she was so angry she just unlocked the door and opened it for the girl come on it join the party!

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what the fuck are u talking about bitch this isnt no party and what are u doing with no clothes on jason, uh emily i.i can explain,yeah explain what you was letting this little "beverly hillbilly"suck MY cock werent u, uh.uh.yes ma'am i was and it was good to oh really well then i guess ill just have to see that for myself get over here slut and let me see what u can do please just let me leave i swear i wont tell no body i didnt really want to do this SHUTUP and suck him NOW!

so scared and shaking belle went back to her knees and once again started sucking jasons meat,this was actually starting to turn her on u like that maggot!yes ma'am i love it she is sucking me so hard and so good i think im gonna cum oh god!!!!

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holding belles head so she couldnt pull away emily watched her boyfriend shoot a load of hot cum in another girls mouth that made her so wet she had to have some of that so she jumped up on the table raised up her skirt and pushed her thong aside come here whore and eat me like a good little girl should belle didnt want to but after seeing emilys hot wet cunt she just couldnt resist so she jumped to her feet went over and dove right into this sweet smelling girls pussy oh god yes eat mammas cunt come on suck my clit til i cum all over your pretty little face jason became very hard again watching the two girls so he decided to have a little of belle as well OH FUCK THAT HURT!!!belle cried but the pain was mixed with to much pleasure for her to stop eating emilys pussy and for jason to stop fucking her so she was so close to cumming when emily exploded her juices all over belles face oh god yes suck me bitch now harder faster!!!!emily demanded Oh shit im cumming again oh yeah oh my god this is so great!!

with emily and jason satisfied she blew up it was like a rocket going off inside her oh my god this is so fucking good yeah baby fuck me hard!!!ohhhhhh belle came like a heard of buffalos now with all three satisfied the bell rang oh shit we missed school,jason laughed they all walked outside to catch the bus when emily looked at the two of them and said i think we should skip school more often what do u guys think??

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!

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