Kelly wells agreed for foursome and double anal penetration

Kelly wells agreed for foursome and double anal penetration
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Her Last Breath Toweling herself off, Lindsay stepped from the shower and stood in front of the full-length mirror mounted on the wall. Using a fresh towel wrap her damp shoulder-length brown hair in, she gazed into the mirror.

"God I look like shit!" Lindsay silently exclaimed to herself. In reality, Lindsay was strikingly beautiful. Now working on her second year of post-graduate studies, this 23 year-olds' body was stunning. Standing exactly five feet tall, she weighed a petite yet muscular 95 pounds. Raising her perfectly toned arm to her face, Lindsay used her delicate fingers to stretch the skin next to her eye, attempting to smooth out barely noticeable wrinkles forming around her eyes.

Taking a deep breath, she again spoke aloud, "I really gotta stop these long ass days!" referring to the full class load and part-time job she worked. As her mind raced through the litany of chores and Christmas shopping awaiting her tomorrow, she slowly blotted her delicate skin, absorbing the remaining beads of water.

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A cool breeze flowed through the louvered glass window in her bathroom, sending a refreshing chill through her body. Her week had been hectic. As the two-week Christmas hiatus approached, Lindsay had scrambled to complete two forty-plus page thesis papers and final exams in two other classes.

As she quickly brushed her teeth, Lindsay often wondered if her professors had a secret meeting room where they'd get together and plot, taking wagers to see how long it would take before she was completely overwhelmed. She imagined a make-shift poster-board on the wall, her harried picture pasted in the corner of the flimsy cardboard as the evil professors took turns placing their names on the date they predicted she would lose the battle.

She pictured her Strategic Management professor, Carolyn Miers, cackling like a witch as she counted her winnings, correctly predicting Lindsay would lose the battle on the day before the holiday break began.

"Twisted bitch!" Lindsay laughed to herself. Retrieving a bottle of vanilla scented body lotion from the counter-top, she squeezed a large dollop of the silky liquid into the palm of her hand.

Slowly, she worked the smooth lotion into her skin, ensuring it was spread evenly over her body. Stepping from her bathroom to her bedroom, Lindsay was unaware of the stranger watching her every move. Hitting the remote control power button, her 17" Panasonic powered to life. Even before the picture illuminated the screen, Lindsay knew it was 11:35 P.M. as she heard the easily recognizable introduction to The Tonight Show.

Lindsay found herself reminiscing to her earliest memories of the popular show intro. Her father never missed an episode. Often, as she slept, she was awakened by her dad's roaring laughter as he watched the show night after night. She recalled how disappointed her father had been when Johnny Carson stepped aside and handed the late-night torch to Jay Leno. Despite his displeasure, he continued to watch.

In no time, he adjusted to the transition and before long, he came to accept the change. In a sad twist of irony, her father passed away the same month as Johnny Carson. For Lindsay, this classic would forever be intertwined with memories of her dad. Although she didn't share her father's love for the show, it always made her think of her dad. She did her best to suppress the sadness of her father's passing not yet a year ago, Lindsay selected a pair of navy blue cotton boy shorts and a white cotton baseball jersey with blue sleeves to sleep in.

As she slipped the shorts over her feet and up her muscular legs, Lindsay was unaware of the stranger studying her every move. Making one final trip through her house, Lindsay confirmed all the doors and windows were locked and turned off the porch light. She beamed with a small sense of accomplishment realizing she'd be in bed before midnight, an hour earlier than she'd retired the previous four nights.

Or so she thought. As Lindsay walked down the short hallway to her bedroom, she heard the familiar sound of her cell phone vibrating on the bar-top that separated her small kitchen from the dining area. "Who's calling this late?" Lindsay wondered as she did an about-face and strode into the kitchen.

As always, Lindsay looked at the caller-ID before answering. Screening calls had become a societal norm and Lindsay was no different. It was Kelly, her best friend. Lindsay answered the phone. "Whassup Kel?" "Hey bi-autch!" Kelly began.

"Whaddya up to?" "Getting' ready for bed!" "What a wuss! It ain't even midnight yet!" Kelly said playfully.

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"I'm tired! Long week," Lindsay sighed to indicate her physical and emotional exhaustion. "I'm sorry. Just wanted to see what time you wanted to hit the road tomorrow?" Kelly asked. "Pro'bly 'round eleven-ish. I need to sleep in." "Mm'kay, pick me up at eleven?" Kelly inquired, verifying the time.


"Sounds good hun. See you tomorrow!" "G'night Linz," Kelly's nickname for her friend of nearly 18 years. "Night" Lindsay said as she folded her cell phone closed. With that, she made her way to her bedroom. Out of habit, Lindsay closed her bedroom door behind her and flipped the switch to the ceiling light. Taking a second for her eyes to adjust to the darker conditions, she climbed into her bed.

Lindsay contemplated whether she should get under the covers or not. She knew she'd be cold as the night progressed but right now, her bedroom was still warm as the humid moisture from her shower thickened the air.

For now, she decided, she'd sleep on top of her covers. As Lindsay made herself comfortable, the stranger, showing the patience of a well-disciplined hunter, had settled in, awaiting his moment to strike. Taking a few minutes to unwind, Lindsay flipped through the channels with her remote control. "Seventy dollars a month and there's nothing on!" Finally settling for a late-night re-run of Married With Children, she soon drifted off to sleep.

As Lindsay slept, she was unaware of the shadowy figure looming above her, slowly massaging himself through his dark pants. Lindsay looked peaceful as she slept. Her damp hair had bled onto the pillow, creating a large wet spot in the shape of her head.

Slowly, she inhaled and exhaled as her body drifter deeper and deeper into slumber. As she slept, the stranger moved closer to her bed. Slowly, each step strategically planned out and executed, he inched closer towards his target.

Lindsay had been asleep for an hour now as she shifted in her sleep. Without waking, she rolled from her right side to her left, not sensing the shadowy figure now only inches away from her. Her mind drifted deeper into unconsciousness as she began to dream. Sequence after sequence of dream scenes flashed across her subconscious sleeping mind. "Why am I sleeping sideways on a hill?" she asked herself in her dream. Lindsay was dreaming that she was lying on her right side facing the down-slope of a grassy knoll; a grassy knoll covered in thick bluebonnet flowers.

At the bottom of the hill, she saw a clown making pottery in a circus tent. Lindsay laughed softly in her sleep, subconsciously amused by her comedic dream's odd plot. Her dream hill became steeper and steeper. She felt like she was losing her balance, as if on the verge of rolling down the hill. As dreams often do, changing from scene to scene with notice, Lindsay now found herself slipping from the edge of a 14 story roof.

Startled, Lindsay awoke immediately. Her peaceful dream now in stark contrast to the actual nightmare she was about to endure.

Lindsay hadn't been sleeping on a hill. She wasn't precariously balanced on the edge of a roof. Her feeling of being off-balance was actually her mattress being depressed from the weight of the stranger's knee as he tried to stealthily crawl into her bed.

Stuck somewhere in a state of middle-consciousness, Lindsay's heart began to beat at an alarming rate. Adrenaline coursed through her body heightening her five senses, a natural physiological reaction to threat of danger and fear. Lindsay screamed as she realized a large shadowy figure loomed over her. As she did, she felt the stranger place a strong hand over her mouth and press down forcefully. Being held down, Lindsay began to kick and flail violently in an attempt to free herself.

His arm was incredibly strong. Lindsay saw the large muscles in his forearms ripple as he pressed his hand into her face. Striking at him viciously, Lindsay's fists landed several forceful blows to her attacker's face but he did not waiver. Her arms thrashed wildly as her attacker swiftly mounted her, his full weight now seated on her stomach.

Lindsay did not have time to react nor did she have the strength to fight the attack. Lindsay felt his body weight crushing her stomach and lower ribs. In an act of desperation, Lindsay clawed at his exposed neck, tightly digging her sharp fingernails into his flesh. Her attacker groaned as he drew his arm back and, in one powerful sweeping motion back across his body, struck her forearm with his.

The force of the blow caused her upper body to roll slightly. Sensing an opening in her feeble defense, her attacker grasped Lindsay around the neck with both of his powerful hands, squeezing tightly.

Lindsay trembled with fear as she realized she could not breathe. She began striking her attacker in the forearms in an act of despair; doing anything she could to dislodge his vice-like grip from her throat. Her efforts were useless. His arms, now flexed tight and rigid, were unmovable. Lindsay felt herself being lifted off the bed, her attacker effortlessly picking her up by her throat.

Lindsay gagged as her body screamed for oxygen. Within seconds, her brain felt the effects of being deprived of the glucose-rich blood it needed to remain alive.

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Again, Lindsay punched her attacker solidly in the face but her efforts were futile. He seemed to draw a sense of morbid arousal from her struggling. She felt her energy begin to wane.

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Her attacker was now standing, Lindsay's feet four or five inches off the floor. Suspended in the air by her throat, she felt herself losing consciousness as he maneuvered Lindsay into position.

Lindsay desperately needed to breathe. She used all her strength to try to pull her attackers hands from her neck but he was too strong. A single tear ran down her cheek as the room began to spin. Her feet kicked back and forth as they dangled above her bedroom's carpeted floor.

"I'm going to die!" she thought to herself as her eyes began to bulge. Lindsay tried to scream but nothing escaped through his vice-like grip.

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Her legs began to spasm uncontrollably, almost as if she had been hanged by the neck; her vision began to darken. Lindsay felt her attacker pull her body into his and then, with incredible strength, he slammed her into the wall. Everything went black.

Now unconscious, Lindsay could not put up a fight. Her shadowy attacker tossed her limp body like a rag-doll onto the bed. While the solitude and privacy of Lindsay's semi-secluded ranch-style rental was something she cherished when she signed the rental agreement last year, it was an issue she would regret tonight. Even had she been able to scream, her cries would have gone unheard. Her attacker knew the nearest house was far enough away nobody would hear her scream. He also knew at this time of night, the road in front of her rented home was infrequently traveled.

With an air of confidence, he flipped the cream colored light switch, illuminating her room. As Lindsay's unconscious body lay on her back, he walked to the large mirror on her dresser to check his battle wounds.

He pulled his hooded black sweatshirt off and inspected his body. Red streaks of blood had trickled down his neck to his muscular chest; wounds inflicted from her piercing fingernails as she clawed at his throat. His cheek was red and swollen from a lucky blow of her tiny fist and his arms had multiple scratches as Lindsay tried in vain to defend herself.

He felt proud of the new battles but knew they were nothing that would require medical attention. Working quickly now, he rolled Lindsay's motionless body onto her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back.

Using a pair of chrome Smith & Wesson handcuffs, he cuffed her hands tightly behind her back. He stood over Lindsay now, finally able to examine his victim up close. She was stunning, by the far the most beautiful of his victims. Grasping her white cotton shirt in the back, he pulled his arms in opposite directions, easily tearing the thin material away from her perfect v-shaped back.

Once her back was exposed, he tore the material at each shoulder down her arms and pulled the remnants from underneath her. Using the decimated shirt, he quickly wadded up one of the sleeves and shoved it in Lindsay's mouth. He then expertly fashioned a gag from the remaining material tightly bound it tightly around her head.

While the gag was not necessary, it was an element of his sadistic ritual, one that heightened his arousal and his complete control and domination of his victims. Lindsay was now dressed only in her blue boy shorts. Her attacker stood over her again, slowly massaging himself through his black denim jeans. Her shorts clung tightly to her body, almost as if they had been painted on. Her ass was firm, muscular, incredible, that of a female athlete. He reached down to Lindsay, sliding his hand under the material and reveled in the silky softness of her skin.

Bending down, he untied his work boots and stepped out of them as he dropped his pants to the floor. After shedding his underwear and socks, Lindsay's attacker stood over her once again. He was fully erect and just under 8 inches in length, his penis hung under its' own weight.

Her attacker smiled as he prepared to begin his desecration of Lindsay's innocent body. Sliding his hands under the narrow band of elastic on her shorts, he quickly worked the material down to Lindsay's feet, taking only enough time to remove one foot from its' corresponding opening in the shorts.

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Grabbing her by the ankles, he pulled Lindsay to the edge of the bed until her abdomen was perpendicular to the edge of her mattress. Her legs hung limp over the edge of the bed as he used his feet to spread her legs. He throbbed with anticipation as he knelt behind Lindsay.

Spitting in the palm of his hand and on his fingers, he shoved his thick fingers into her and worked the natural lubricant around. Spreading the remainder over the length of his shaft, he stood and stepped between her muscular legs. Lindsay began to stir, slowly regaining consciousness. Her head throbbed achingly as she tried to open her eyes.

Sensing her coming to, he placed his shaft against her tight unwilling opening and drove viciously into her. Still dazed and incoherent, Lindsay felt something impaling her and slamming against her deepest parts.

She tried to scream in agony but no sounds were produced. Confused, Lindsay tried to clear her head. As each second ticked by, she regained her senses and pieced together the last few minutes of her life. Realizing she was being brutalized, Lindsay fiercely tossed her body back and forth, trying to dislodge her attacker. Lindsay had not yet come to the realization her hands were cuffed. Trying to pull her hands apart to defend herself, she winced in pain as the metal cut into her flesh.

Lindsay began to panic, her body racked with terror. The wad of cloth shoved into her mouth made it difficult for her to breath. Lindsay felt as if she was going to choke. Again, she tried to scream and thrashed her head back and forth. Muffled cries of "No, No, No," escaped her mouth. As Lindsay pleaded with her attacker, he placed his strong hand between her shoulder blades, pressing down hard. He continued to violate her as he pinned her against the bed.

Lindsay was helpless. Despite her terror and despair, she felt herself begin to flow with natural lubrication. Lindsay felt nauseous as she realized her body was unwittingly reacting to the stimulation. Thinking in a panic, "Oh my god, he's gonna think I'm enjoyin' this" she said in her head. As her attacker continued to slam into her, Lindsay found an opportunity to attack. With her hands behind her back, Lindsay waited patiently until he moved. At one point, he leaned forward slightly, exposing his bare abdomen to her.

When he did, she clamped down tightly on his skin and twisted her wrists as best she should. He groaned in pain and her fingernails filleted the skin on his stomach. Enraged, he grabbed the handcuffs by the linking chain and pulled her arms violently upward. Intense, searing pain shot through her left shoulder as it dislocated. Her arm burned as she felt soft tissue being torn within her shoulder.

Lindsay began crying uncontrollably, tears streaming down her now puffy face. Her nasal passages began to fill, making it more difficult for her to breath. Being held in such an awkward position caused her airway to be partially blocked. Lindsay continued to panic. Without warning or obvious reason, her attacker suddenly stopped and removed his large shaft from her now bruised and swollen entrance. Lindsay felt him pulling on the cloth around her head as he loosened the gag.

Once free from the binding, Lindsay choked the wad of saliva soaked cloth from her mouth. Choking down fresh oxygen, she coughed uncontrollably. As she sucked in the fresh air, her attacker rolled her over and tried to step between her firm, tanned legs. Lindsay summoned all the courage she could muster and delivered a direct kick to her attacker's stomach.

Her heel connected with his muscular stomach. Other than driving him back, her kick seemed to have little effect on him. Lindsay tried to follow her first blow with a second, this one aimed at his groin, but her kick fell short. Before she could mount a third kick, he was on her.


Using his weight, he pinned her legs flat against the bed by straddling her. Her hands remained cuffed behind her back. Lindsay winced in pain as the handcuffs cut into her skin. As he sat on top of her, his repulsive shaft dangled on her stomach. Lindsay pleaded with the stranger, "Please don't do this…pleeease?" He did not reply as he grabbed Lindsay by the throat.

She felt his fingers tighten around her trachea. Sliding his body off of hers, he guided her by her throat. Lindsay had no choice but to comply. As he pulled, he noticed her perfectly toned abdominal muscles straining as she tried to sit upright.

Still gripping her throat, he positioned Lindsay's body at the edge of the bed and stepped between her legs. Forcing her legs apart with his muscular legs, he slammed Lindsay backwards on the bed again. Reaching between his legs, he aligned his disgusting shaft with her opening once again. Lindsay wept, unable to breathe as he choked off her air.


With his free hand, he guided himself inside her. His shaft soon disappeared between her tight folds as he again ravished her innocent body. Lindsay's heart was beating fast. Once again she was slipping out of consciousness.

As he violated her young body, he paused suddenly and released his grip.

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"Were you happy to be alive today?" he asked in a voice void of emotion and any sense of humanity or remorse. Lindsay gasped for air as she answered between heavy sobs, "Y-Y-Yes" She looked into his cold eyes as he spoke, "Enjoy it.

It will be your last!" Lindsay felt her heart sink as she absorbed his words. Before she had a chance to fight, plead, or beg, he wrapped his hands completely around her neck and lifted her up. She felt like her head was being pulled from her torso as her body hung underneath her. White starry flashes shot across her vision.

As her body dangled by her neck, she felt muscles and tendons being torn from their moors inside her body. Unable to scream, she closed her eyes tightly and prayed. In one quick movement, he placed her feet on the ground and stepped behind her.

Things were now blurry as she felt him put his evil wand between her beautifully sculpted ass and slam himself back inside her. Her attacker's muscular chest was pressed against her back as he wrapped his right arm around her throat.

She felt his large bicep press against the side of her neck, trapping her jugular vein. His muscular forearm lodged tightly against the front of her delicate throat. Reaching completely around her neck, he placed his right hand on top of his left shoulder. After ensuring his right arm was perfectly anchored, he placed his left forearm against the base of her skull.

Lindsay was now trapped in a powerful standing choke hold, all the while, he continued to violate her innocence.

Lindsay could not breathe. His grip was overwhelmingly powerful. Her shoulder still ached from being forced out of its' socket. Her face was turning red and her eyes ached from the strangulation. Terror tore through her body. She tried to free herself; her body floundered back and forth.

Lindsay felt herself lose control of her faculties as a warm stream of urine trickled from her and covered his vile tool and ran down her bare leg. If she would have been able to, Lindsay would have been begging, pleading for her life.

Instead, she silently prayed for her life to be spared. Lindsay's face continued to discolor as she was denied the ability to breathe. Her brain was starved for nutrient rich blood. She was losing consciousness. As he continued to rape her, she heard him grunting under his breath between thrusts. "Die!" "Die" "Die!" Lindsay shook her head back and forth as best she could in his grip, her only method of signaling she did not want to die.

Her attacker increased the ferocity of his thrusts into her. He squeezed his arms tighter. He now grunted deeply as each thrust tore into her delicate body. Lindsay felt the cartilage in her throat crack under the pressure. An eerie snapping sound echoed through the room as she tasted blood in her mouth. The feeling of her throat being crushed against his arms intensified his dark desires. Lindsay realized she was in her final desperate seconds of life.

This man was not going to allow her to live. She knew it but could do nothing to save herself. Lindsay continued to silently pray. Knowing she was on the verge of death, his strokes became short, fast, and extremely hard. Lindsay's vision was fading as the tiny blood vessels in her eyes exploded from the pressure of being choked to death. The last words Lindsay ever heard spoken were, "Say goodbye!" Lindsay tried to scream, to plead for her life, to beg this monster to allow her to live.

She could not. Her body convulsed one final time as he flexed his powerful muscles. She felt his left forearm press against the base of her skull, forcing her head forward onto his thick right forearm. With all his power, he pushed her head forward until finally, her skull separated from her spinal column. One loud, single snap reverberated throughout the room.

Lindsay saw a bright flash of light for an instant and then&hellip.Lindsay ceased to exist. Her limp body slumped forward as he guided her to the bed. He was still buried deep inside her, slamming into her lifeless body until a powerful orgasm filled her with his demonic seed. Pulling out of her, he rolled Lindsay's body onto her back.

A single stream of blood trickled from her mouth. He leaned forward and licked the salty crimson liquid with his tongue, tasting the last remnants of her life. Leaving his trademark signature for the police, Lindsay's attacker placed himself between her legs, placed his mouth over her and bit into her fleshy mound. With that, her attacker re-dressed, kissed beautiful Lindsay on her blue-grey lips and disappeared back into the shadows from which he had emerged.