Festinha a dois no quartinho dos fundos

Festinha a dois no quartinho dos fundos
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So, after a lot of arguing and crying, Daddy let me come back to work, as long as I stayed away from the guys in the back. I agreed even though I planned to see Carlos and Caesar again.

Over the years I have learned how to maneuver in ways that I would not get caught, either at home or at school. So, the next day I was back at work. Nothing happened for the first day or two afterwards. I kept hoping I could get one of them alone somewhere, but my dad was always keeping a very close eye on me. But, on the third day, Carlos caught me on the way to the bathroom, pushing me in quickly before my dad saw him.

We kissed for just a moment or two as he took me to a stall. Then, he turned me around, pulling up my skirt and told me to bend over. I obediently did as I was told, and he pushed his cock into me hard, taking me with fast and hard strokes. When he was about to cum, he pulled out and told me to get on my knees, so I did. He pushed his cock into my mouth, and after just a moment of sucking his cock, he spurted his cum down my throat, holding my head there so I would take it all.

After he was all done, he quickly told me that he knew my fathers routine and plans almost better than my father did, and he could arrange for more little meetings like this, maybe even something better. Over the next two weeks, both Carlos and Caesar met me in different places and times depending on my fathers schedule.

ON the third week, daddy told me he had to go out of town for 3 or 4 days, and that he was going to have Carlos make sure I did not get in any trouble. I smiled at this, knowing that Carlos was sure to have some kind of plan in mind for those days. And sure enough, I was right. Carlos must have figured out that I was no where near as innocent as he originally may have thought I was, and was apparently willing to test how bad I was.

After lunch on the first day my dad was gone, Carlos came and told me he needed some help taking some files out to the archives, which was in a little building off to the side of the main building. I had never been out there, so I did not know what to expect. It wasn't much, but there was a small mat laid down in the middle of the floor.

I asked what it was for, and Carlos just smiled as he started to kiss and fondle me. As he moved me over to the mat, he began to undress me, and that's when I noticed that Caesar was there as well. I smiled at him, but he just stayed where he was, watching as his dad undressed me and laid me down on the mat. Once I was laying down, Carlos spread my legs and lowered his head to my pussy.

He began to lick and finger me, and it wasn't long before I was cumming hard. I had been licked by guys before, but Carlos seemed to be much better at knowing what to do to really please me. I suppose it was his age and lots of practice. It wasn't long before he moved up and slid his cock into my very wet pussy.

He moved in and out of me for a bit, before telling me to ride him. We flipped over and I lowered myself onto his cock. That's when Caesar finally came towards us, pulling his cock out and pushing it into my face.

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I hungrily sucked his cock as I rode his fathers cock. He abruptly pulled out of my mouth and moved behind me. Without saying a word, he slowly pushed his way into my ass. I had already had anal sex a couple of times, so it wasn't something incredibly new.

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However, the feeling of having a man in my ass and one in my pussy was absolutely amazing. I came harder than I had ever cum before.

When I came out of my orgasm, I noticed there were three other men in the room. I was so far into what was going on, I didn't hesitate when one of them came over and shoved his cock in my face. Soon, Carlos and Caesar were both cumming hard, filling my ass and pussy with their cum. As Caesar pulled out, Carlos lifted me a bit and slid out from under me. As I sucked off the unknown guy, I felt another cock pushing into my pussy from behind. However, watching must have been too much, because both of these guys did not last long.

That left one guy left. Now, I really like rough sex, where the guy fucks me really hard, pulling my hair, slapping my ass, and forcing me to do some things. And, even with all my previous lovers, I had never been fucked like I was by this third guy.


He eased in slowly at first, but after that it was hard and fast. He was pulling my hair back, telling me how much of a little American slut I was. He pushed me down, telling me how I was going to be his little white whore. He pounded me so hard, I was really starting to hurt. Finally he pushed in and cried out as he came deep inside me. Carlos was waiting with a drink and some towels as the last guy pulled out of me.

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I was exhausted, and he told me I could go ahead and go home for the day if I wanted to. So I did, and as soon as I got home I fell right asleep. Over the next couple of weeks, daddy had quite a few meetings, and I was taken to the archive room several times, each time with Carlos and Caesar, and at least two to three other men, but those two or three were different each time. It was finally getting close to the end of the summer.


Cindy was going to come back to work soon, and I was going to have to go back to my mom's house and go back to school. Carlos had been dropping hints that he had something big planned for me before I left.

A couple weekends before I left, he said he wanted to through a little party with me, and I would have to come up with something to tell my dad to get away for the night. Since we were not all that far away from my mom's, I told him I was heading home to have a night with my friends before school started.

He was pretty happy with that, as he apparently had plans for the night as well, and felt better knowing he wasn't leaving me home alone while he was out having fun. Carlos had given me directions to a house, with instructions on where to park that my dad would not happen to see my car. When I got there, it was a full blown party, and I was a bit happy to see that I was not the only girl there.

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I went inside and looked around until I finally found Caesar. He immediately got me a drink and started walking me around talking to people.

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After a couple of drinks, he took me up the stairs and into a bedroom. It was dark, and I could hear someone moaning from a chair or couch off to one side. In the middle of the room was a big bed, and Caesar directed me over to it. Caesar sat me on the end of the bed and began kissing me and taking off my clothes as he went.

Once I was fully naked, he laid down on the bed with me, kissing me and fingering me, until I was very wet and ready for anything. He soon spread my legs wide and slid in between them. He entered me slowly, kissing me as he did so. He barely would push inside of me, listening to me moan in regret each time he pulled out. He then stopped kissing me and asked me what I wanted. "I want your cock," I begged him.

He teased me a little bit more, making me beg him to fuck me. Finally he pushed all the way into me, very hard. From then on he was taking me fairly hard, and he was starting to call me names, which seemed to make me even hornier. He asked me if I was his little white whore, and I told him I was.

Then he asked if I would do anything he asked, and when I said yes, he pulled out of me, moved up my body, straddling my stomach, and he jacked off onto my face until he came. Before Caesar moved off of me, I felt another man slide between my legs. As Caesar moved, I saw white guy with light brown hair, probably in his late 20's above me.

He pumped into me for several minutes before pulling out and cumming on my tits. Next were two older white guys who turned me over as one layed beneath me and the other slid his cock into my ass. As they were double penetrating me, another man came up and stuck his cock in my face. Soon the guy behind me was cumming in my ass, and before he could move, the guy below me filled my pussy.


This went on for an hour or two, alternating different guys as Caesar stood by and told me how much of a little slut I was, and how I was going to keep going until I couldn't go any more. At some point, all the lights in the room were turned off, and the only light was what came in from the hall when people opened and closed the doors. I was starting to wear down, and I was filled and covered with cum.

Finally Carlos came in and commented on how good I looked being their little whore, and he moved over to sit on the bed in front of me, as some guy was pushing into me from behind. AS the guy fucking me was starting to cry out just before he came, I heard Caesar talking to someone that sounded familiar, but I was so far gone, I couldn't figure it out.

I heard the guy ask Caesar, "how old is this one?" and Caesar lied and told him I was 19. As the guy in my pussy finished, I heard Carlos tell someone that he needed to give it a try. He apparently decided he would, as he slowly slid into my pussy. "Wow" he said. "she has already been well used tonight hasn't she? And looks like she is still ready for more!" I still couldn't help but think that I should know who this was, but I was so far into what I was doing it didn't really matter to me.

"She doesn't work at the plant, does she?" I heard Carlos answer no. the guy didn't say anything else, until I felt him start to tense up a bit. "that's good…I don't have to worry about covering for maternity leave with this one." And that's when I knew who it was…it was my dad.

I tried to say something, but Carlos just held my head down on his cock as daddy cried out and pushed deep into my pussy as he came. Once he was finished he pulled out, and thanked Carlos. As he was getting off me, and getting ready to leave, Carlos held my head down harder and came hard down my throat. After he was done, Carlos got up and left the room.

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I lay there crying, even as three other men took turns with me, before I finally got up and went back home. I didn't say much to my dad for the rest of my time there.

He was in a great mood the next few days, and didn't seem to have any idea that I had been the girl at the party. I went back to my moms house at the end of the summer, and I do not think to this day that my dad has ever realized what exactly happened that night.