Pics for emo gay sex Seth fully predominates Miles in this hard core

Pics for emo gay sex Seth fully predominates Miles in this hard core
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im greg. 34 years old. no wife. no kids. I have always been a bit of a loner. and I've always been fasinated with things like cults, the CIA, secret societys, the mafia, and things of that nature.

basically anything to do with powerful secret organizations. so much so that ive been toying with the idea of starting up my own.

I don't really have any strong set of beliefs driving this desire. I just want to be in control of something.anything. I've never been in control of anything at all before In my life wether it be relationships, jobs, ect. I've always gotten the short end of the stick and I'm ready to get back at the world. I don't have a lot of money and I would have to use my house as headquarters but that's ok. all I would need to do is build a dungeon in my basement and fill it with weak women that wouldn't be Able to get away, branwash them and make them do whatever I wanted.

(kill people for me, rob banks, stalk new victims, what ever). so I went to my local home improvement store to get the things I would need to turn my house into a dungeon. almost immediately an employee named shelly walked up to me and asked me if I needed help. the girl was about 19 or 20, blonde hair, had a nice petite frame, small tits, and a nice big fat juicy booty that looked like it was about to burst out of her extra tight jeans like the incredible hulk.

I told her I was building a music studio in my house and needed some soundproofing materials. "no problem right this way sir" she said with a bright beautyful smile on her little face. she led me to the insulation aisle and said " this is the type of stuff your gunna need sir. it works great for sound proofing." she smiled and had this innocence about her that made me want to fuck her.and love her.

I knew she was the one. she would be my first. "thank you shelly this is exactly what I need" I said. she smiled and began to walk away to help someone else and I could smell her perfume as she walked past me. it was fruity, something a teenage girl would wear. I had to find a way to get her. she was going to be mine. I filled my cart with some materials and went home to start working on my dungeon. I cleared out my basement and put up all my sound proofing materials.

and then I installed a deadbolt on the door leading to the rest of the house so my slave could never open it. I figerd that would be good enough to keep a bitch from escaping and I started thinking about shelly. i would have to figure out her schedule. so the next day I went back to the store and there she was.

outside on a bench munching on a bag of chips and looking at her phone. she must have been on break. it was about 3 hours until the store closed so I left and came back right before closing and waited outside for her to come out. I wanted to at least follow her home to see where she lived. after the store closed she came out talking to someone on her phone as she walked to her car. she got in a quickly drove away. I followed her making sure to keep my distance.

as we drove around I couldnt help but think about how sexy she was and how bad I wanted to fuck her. I knew I should have stalked her for a few days before I made my move but thinking with my Dick I was determined to get her that night no matter what. I followed here to a small house in a nice little middle class neiborhood. it apeard that she lived alone. satisfied that kidnapping her would be fairly easy i went home to get my gun and I drove back after it got dark.

around 10 oclock I went back but the lights were off so she must have already went to bed. I left my car running in front of her house and got out. as I walked to the front door my heart was beating out of my chest.

I knew I was about to cross an irreversible line. there would be no turning back after this. I didn't have much of a plan other than to get inside and subdue her. hand shaking nervously I rang the doorbell. *DING DONG!* I saw a light turn on and I heard a soft voice from the other side of the door. "who is it?" she asked "police department, I need to talk to you shelly!" I said in a very authoritive voice.

as the door started to crack open I threw my sholder into the door with all my might and forced my way in. a bit overkill since she was so little.


i probably could have just pushed my way in. she fell to the floor and i immediately grabbed her and covered her mouth to keep her from screaming. I pulled the gun from my waist and put the gun to her head. " shhhhhh.not a peep do u understand?" frozen in fear she nodded. "who else is in the house?" I asked "nobody, my mother works the night shift" she said. I stood up and closed the front door before someone saw what was happening. I couldn't belive I was actually doing this.

I had this girl pinned on her own living room floor at gunpoint! she was wearing an old high school gym class t-shirt and some silky pajama pants. "get the fuck up bitch and get your ass in the room" I said, still pointing the gun at her.

she got up and when to the room and I followed her still holding the gun to the back of her head. "what do you want?!, why are you doing this?" she asked. I sat the gun down and tackled her to the floor and began to pummle her with punches to the back of her head.

"dont you EVER question me you fucking bitch!" I said as I wrestled her hands behind her back. at this point she was face down on the bedroom floor and I was strattled on her back. I weigh 200lbs and there was no way she could get up or get me off of her. I don't know why, but for some reason I became incredibly aroused and my penis got rock hard. I could feel it throbbing and pre cum was starting to soak my underwear.

my hard penis was bulging through my pants and was upressing against her big soft booty.

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she smelled so good. I could smell the sweet shampoo she used in her hair and she must have just taken a shower because her hair was still a little wet. she was trembling underneath me. I knew she was scared to death of me and that turned me on. I found myself enjoying the fact that I was being a monster! still straddling her back I began kissing her neck and carressing her soft body.

I began dry humping on her. I wispered in her ear: "im gunna fuck your brains out bitch".then I stood up and told her if she moved id kill her. at this point I had been in her house for about ten mins and was starting to get nervous. what if she was lying and Someone was on there way home? what if a neighbor saw me burst in and was calling the cops?

my car was still running outside so I hurryed and grabed my gun and got her up. "now u better listen and listen good you bitch! were going for a little ride. if u make a fucking move that I dont like your dead!

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do u understand?" she nodded nervously. I grabed her by the hand and led her out to my car. so as I drove I kept thinking that she would try to jump out so I kept my gun pressed into her stomach.

I told her to keep lay the seat all the way down and I tossed an old tshirt that I had over her face. so I finally made it home and pulled my car in the garage. we were home. I took her to the basement and made her hug the support beam and zip tied her hands together. and my mission was complete.

the girl I had been fantasizing about was actually in my dungeon. gone without a trace. she was mine just like that. mine forever. "I know your the guy I helped at my job yesterday. u wanted the sound proof stuff for your studio. please sir don't hurt me, just let me go I won't tell anybody I promise" she cried, but i had no intentions of ever letting her go. I marched up to her growling like a beast and *BAM!* I punched her in the eye as hard as I could.

she dropped to her knees sobbing still tied to this beam. "DONT YOU EVER SPEAK TO ME WITHOUT PERMISSION YOU DUMB BITCH!" I was able to really scream due to the sound proofing I put up. I knew nobody could hear us. I stood her back up and in a gentle kind voice told her: "im sorry i hit u baby, I just want you to make this easy for yourself and don't make me mad ok?" I gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

I could taste her salty tears. in a very caring soft voice I told her: "you can identify me, so there's no way I can ever let you leave here alive u know that don't you?" she didn't say anything, she just stood there in shock, looking at me trembling. I moved around behind her and hugged her.

moving my hands all over her body, I gropped her breasts and played with them, as my hard penis was pressed against her butt. from behind her I reached around and started rubbing her pussy. it was so warm. I slowly kissed her all the way down her back to her butt and got down on my knees. I pulled her silk pajama pants down just under her butt and she was wearing a some pink lace pantys. her booty was so big and juicy I just burried my face in it. I bit her pantys and pulled them down with my teeth.

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then burried my face back in between her ass cheeks. i licked and sucked and smothered myself in her booty. I knew she was uncomfortable, even devastated by this totally humiliating sexual assault but I didn't care. I was drunk with lust. she just stood there squirming and crying. I stood up and pulled down my pants and I started stroking the pre cum out of my hard penis into the crack of her ass.

then I ran my Dick up and down her ass crack like a paint brush. it felt so good. I stuck the tip of my penis inside her and she gasped. her pussy was soo hot. I let the head stay inside for a bit before I jammed the rest in.

i wanted to savor this moment. my penis pulsating squirting drip after drip of pre cum inside her until she became soaking wet. then I slammed the rest in. all 9 inches. she let out an intense moan like she had just been stabbed with a samari sword.

her pussy was so tight I thought Maybe she was a virgin.I held her body close to mine and grabbed her soft little breasts and began to thrust.and pump.and thrust.and pump. I stuck my rock hard penis as far up inside her as I could. she let out the best moans and groans I think I had ever heard. I watched as she dug her nails into the support beam I had her tied around.

my penis became very sensitive and every movement I found myself fighting back the urge to burst with cum. then about 6 pumps later I exploded inside of her. I didn't intend to cum so fast but it just felt too good to stop it from happening. I kept inside of her and continued to thrust even tho I had already long as my dick was hard i was gunna fuck her. my cum splashed out of her pussy and ran down her legs as I continued pumping. dripping with sweat I violently grabbed a handful of her hair hard enough to rip it from her scalp, pulled her head back torwards mine, put my lips to her ear and in the ugliest voice I could muster I said: "i hate you bitch, your my animal now and I ain't NEVER letting you go!" growling like a monster I jammed my tounge inside of her ear then I smashed her head into the support beam.

she collapsed to the floor, hands still tied, pants pulled halfway down with my cum running out of her pussy like a faucet. I stood there and began to urinate on the floor in front of her. I didn't even grab my Dick and aim.

I just let it dangle semi hard, spewing piss where ever it happened to land. mostly on my own legs and feet but I stood there staring at her with a twisted grin on my face like I didn't even notice.

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she watched me do this in absolute disgust and she vomited on the floor. I shut off the lights and left her there in complete darkness. I went upstairs to clean myself up and thought to myself, if I'm going to successfuly brainwash her I'm going to have to completely break her. physicaly and mentaly. so I took a shower, ate dinner and went back downstairs.

it was important to stay on her and keep the ordeal intense. I switched on the lights. "GET THE FUCK UP BITCH!" I yelled. she slowly got to her feet. still crying and shaking. "im gunna explain the rules and everything to you in a lil bit but before we go any further there's one thing that I will NEVER tollerate.

and that's lying!" "are you ever gunna lie to me?" I asked "no" she said then I asked her "so how long have you been a dumb whore?" ".but im not a whore" she said then I snapped "THAT'S A MUTHA FUCKIN LIE BITCH!!!" I stormed upstairs to get an extention cord then came right back. "let me show you what the fuck happens when you lie to me BITCH!" I began to whip her with the cord with no mercy. she started screaming and jumping and flailing all over that support beam.

with every slash I made sure she understand every single word I said. "you" (whip) "better" (whip) "not" (whip) "ever" (whip) "lie" (whip) "to" (whip) "me" (whip) "again" (whip) I ripped her shirt off and pulled her pants all the way off and continued the whipping for about 30 mins. making sure every word I spoke was followed by a slash. we had a long conversation to say the least.

I began going over the ground rules that I had prepared for her. rules: 1.) never speak unless spoken to or unless I grant permission 2.) you will always address me as master or sir. 3.) when I give a command you will respond immediately with no hesitation. 4.) if your being fucked you WILL enjoy every bit of it. 5.) you will never challenge me 6.) at all times you will look for ways to make me happy and make me feel good. even if I'm hurting you.

7.) YOU NEVER DO ANYTHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. ANYTHING! everything you get here is a privilage. food, water, decent sleep, fresh air to breath, taking a shit, everything is a privilage you will have to EARN! "do you understand these rules you stupid bitch?" "yes sir" she said in absolute disbelief that this was happening to her. "if you break one of these rules I'm gunna beat you 10 times worse and 10 times longer than I just did you stupid bitch" I got my knife and cut the zip ties off of her.

"thank you sir" she said. "FUCK YOU BITCH! get your fucking ass on the ground! DON'T YOU EVER STAND FACE TO FACE WITH ME YOU WORTHLESS BITCH! YOU ARENT EQUAL TO ME, YOUR UNDER ME!" "im sorry sir, please don't hurt me!" shelly cried as she hastily threw herself down to her knees. while shelly was on her knees I couldnt help but become aroused at her perfect naked body in front of me. my penis began to grow and she must have noticed. she interrupted me halfway through my sentence.

"excuse me sir, I noticed that your thing is getting big. do you want me to make it feel good for you?" she talked as if she were reading a script.

voice cracking and full of fear. she sounded like a robot but I didn't expect her to be enthusiastic either at this point so I didn't make a big deal about it. so I pulled it out and put it in her mouth.

she was terrible at giving head but it wasnt about pleasure. it was about showing her that she's my whore now and ill do as I please with her. I had her suck it a little but I soon decided I was just going to fuck her face violently. so I grabed her jaws and forced them open wide. "if you vomit on me I'm gunna break your fucking neck u understand?" with a mouth full of cock she mumbled "mmm hmm".

I grabbed her hair with both hands and gripped it tight.

again hard enough to bring tears to her eyes and I started fucking her face. forcing my penis to the back of her throat causing her to gag and cough. her beat up bruised face turned red as I vigerously pumped her face just as hard as I had her pussy.

I suddenly got the idea to switch things up to confuse her. I pulled my slimy penis out of her mouth and dried it off with her damp, sweaty, disgustingly messy hair. I shoved her to the ground and I shouted in her face like a crazed drill sargent for the next 2 hours about how stupid and worthless she was.


I made sure to beat it into her brain how evil she was for never having made the effort to do anything to make the world a better place. for never sending money to the poor kids in Africa. for never donating money to the church.

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for being selfish. I was punishing her for things she had no control over but it didn't matter. all that mattered was that she was wrong.

then I told her about how I belonged to a secret agency called "the company". who's sole purpose was to kidnap,punish, and kill those who wernt being productive members of society. I knew this was all a lie, but I needed to add a little more weight to my character. she needed to know that escaping or eliminating me wouldn't make her any safer. she was on "the companys" radar and there was no escaping that.

"im so sorry master, I'm so sorry!" she cried but I felt she was full of Shit so I beat her for the next hour for "lying". it was getting late and I was growing exausted.

It was time to show her a bit of isolation as a part of her punishment for her "crimes against humanity" as I put it. so I went upstairs and left her down there in total darkness. she wouldn't be eating anything or using a proper bathroom for at least another two days. she wouldn't even see or hear from me. I just wanted her to sit there with her own thoughts and suffer. I wanted her to realise that this was my game and I was in control.

no rescue was comming. I wanted her to know she was being thrown away like garbage. she was helpless and at the mercy of me and "the company." but I knew if I was really guna build an army of slaves to control, I'd soon need to find another girl.