Teens ass sex movieks and sexy hunk muscular daddy gay This week we

Teens ass sex movieks and sexy hunk muscular daddy gay This week we
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Drunk Mom and I - 3 The next evening was a washout. Mom went out with her sister and came home late and went right to bed. I had no choice but to stay home and whack off. I talked to Jimmy that day, told him that I had seen my Mom's tits. His eyes lit up.

He said he would love to suck on them, he had sucked a grade 10 girl's tits and she loved it. He then told me he fucked her too but she was too slutty and he just came his load. Jimmy asked if I had ever fucked a girl yet and I said yes, but wouldn't tell him who. Even after he named every girl in our school! I said that maybe Jimmy could come to stay over one night when my Mom got drunk and we'd probably see her tits. That got him going. He kept asking how I had seen them. I just said wait and see.

He couldn't wait and said with my Dad being away one more day, now was the time if my Mom got drunk again. So I let him come over to spend the night, but only on condition that he didn't get me in trouble by being overly anxious.

He kept asking me how it could happen and I just kept putting him off. So we hung around after dinner. I told Mom that he'd be staying the night as we had a school project to do so we'd just stay in my room. Jimmy, as we agreed, told her about a good movie on TV. Mom cleaned up the kitchen and went for a bath.

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She took a gin drink with her. Jimmy kept asking if he could pretend to go into her bathroom as if he didn't know, while seeing her beautiful tits. But I said wait until later, we might even be able to touch them. That got Jimmy hard and he pulled it out and stroked it. I knew Jimmy had a great cock but at 13, he was very large, he said he measured it at seven and three quarter inches. It was also really thick, way more than mine. I told him that Mom usually watched a movie and drank several gins.

Once she fell off to sleep, we'd be able to see her tits. He kept asking how and I told him he had to be especially quiet and just follow my lead. We waited as long as we could, until nearly eleven o'clock before sneaking into the hall and checking the stairway. Mom was curled on the sofa in her robe, the blanket at her side. Her last glass of gin on the side table half drank.

She was stretched out fast asleep. We crept down the stairs. Jimmy just stared at her for a long minute, grinning. He whispered, "Fuck your Mom's beautiful." I lowered the TV volume, hoping Mom would go deeper into sleep.

One of our science projects revealed that you plunge into deep sleep right away and then gradually rise, so I thought we'd be safe to proceed.

I sat on the sofa, made several movements with no reaction from Mom, Jimmy was way too excited and was now wild-eyed! I grinned at him and slowly tugged apart her robe, revealing inch by inch her lovely breasts. Mom just laid there with her head tucked into the pillows. I pulled apart her robe at the bottom too and we both laid eyes on her beautiful black pussy. I indicated to Jimmy to be quiet and slowly leaned forward and kissed it.


Jimmy was beside himself. Grinning widely. I motioned him to do the same. He dropped to his knees and pressed forward as I slowly and gently moved her legs apart. Jimmy slid in between them and buried his face in Mom's pussy. I whispered, "Jimmy, slowly and gently. We don't want her to wake up." Mom began to move a little, making little pushes with her hips.

And her breathing was coming faster. I pulled Jimmy aside and moved on her myself, tasting her lush pussy. We both had our cocks out now. I put a finger to my lips to shush Jimmy and moved on my knees on the sofa until I was centered on her pussy with my cock and very slowly pressed it into her. Jimmy's eyes grew wider if they could. His mouth was wide open as he watched me slowly fucking Mom.

He was holding his own mouth so as not to emit a cry! Jimmy knelt down beside her and began feeling her tits and sucking one nipple. Her pussy was so wet and tight that I came almost right away and I could feel her inside twitches gripping my cock. I pulled out and Mom made a little whimpering sound that scared both of us.

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I moved back and allowed Jimmy to take my position. His face was white now as he moved forward, and slowly put his cock into her juicy pussy. I whispered to be gentle and quiet.

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It looked so great to see Mom getting fucked by my friend now. He began stroking her slowly and she began flexing as he did, making little moaning sounds and pushing back onto his cock. She suddenly raised her legs and put her feet on the cushions each side of Jimmy.

He paused a moment then resumed. I was really afraid she was going to wake up now but the scene was so sexy. Her robe was only around her waist now and her breasts were stunning. Jimmy stroked a few more minutes and then came with several grunts that made us both cringe.

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He pulled out and we watched her breathing hard and making jerking motions. I whispered, "She must be dreaming about fucking." Jimmy said, "This is fucking terrific." Watching Jimmy had got me hard again and I took my place between her legs, began slow fucking her again. She was making tiny sounds and fucking back now, her hips moving while I fucked her. Her head was angled to one side at the edge of the sofa and I was aghast when Jimmy moved to her with his cock near her face.

I started to say no, but Jimmy was pressing his hard big cock into her lips. Our eyes met as she opened enough for Jimmy to press his cock into her mouth. He mouthed the word, 'unbelievable' to me. He slipped his cock along her tongue and she took it in, and began actually sucking it. Her eyes remained closed but I was fucking my Mom while Jimmy had his cock in her mouth! Jimmy was now moving his hips, letting his cock go right in and Mom was beginning to suck it harder.

Still her eyes were closed but she was now moving her head and fucking me back with lots of motions. We could not have timed it that way on purpose, but Jimmy and I came at the same time.


Jimmy fell back on the rug and I pulled out and sunk into the end of the sofa. Mom let out a long sigh and nestled her head into the cushions again. I motioned to Jimmy and we snuck out of the room, up to mine and closed the door. High fived each other. "That was fucking fabulous, man. I can't believe we actually fucked your Mom!" "Sheeeze, I think she was liking it too.

She was too drunk to know what was happening. I hope." "She was sucking me off. She did suck me off." "I better take a towel down and clean her up a bit." "She just swallowed when I came in her mouth.

How long you been doing this?" "Not long. Be right back, we better go to sleep." I went back down with the towel and wiped around Mom's pussy.

She looked so beautiful I wanted her forever. I leaned down and kissed her pussy, then her hand was on my head, and I was terrified that she was awake but her eyes were closed. I licked her and sucked her clitoris until I was sure she orgasmed with her hands gripping my head.

She made a long quiet moan and sighed. Seemed to be saying something incoherent. It got me hard again and I wanted to feel a blow job myself, so pressed my cock to her lips. This time she wasted no time and sucked me in right away. Jimmy appeared and crawled onto her, holding her tits now and began fucking her again.

Her mouth was fabulous and she ran her tongue beneath my cock head sending me into space with pleasure. And took the whole length of my young cock into her throat. Now she was moaning with each stroke as Jimmy fucked her faster.

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And she sucked me into orgasm again, swallowing as I came into her throat. Jimmy grunted as he came again and pulled out. I wiped Mom's chin and legs and we moved away, turning off the TV and the lights. We only heard Mom sigh as we went back upstairs. "Your Mom is the best fuck I'll ever have." My Mom is probably the best fuck I'll ever have too." "Jeese, what would she be like if she was sober and awake?" "We might never know, but I'd sure like her to stop drinking." We fell asleep quickly and morning seemed to arrive way too early.

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Mom was up and had coffee and breakfast for us both as we fearfully went downstairs. But she only made small talk and asked about the school project. Jimmy said we completed all our assignment. He asked if she slept well on the sofa and she said it was very comfy for sleeping and she always had good dreams there. I asked, "What kinds of dreams, Mom?" "Heavenly dreams, Son, and they were twice as nice last night it seems." She smiled and said to Jimmy, "Hope you come and stay again, Jimmy.

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Nice to have another young man in the house when Dad's away. I feel much more relaxed with the two of you here." "Any time. Any time at all, Ma'am." Jimmy said in his most polite manner.

I could see the bulge in his pants under the table. I don't know if Mom could. part 3 of 4. Thanks for your rating if you liked it.