The cute room service guy shows up she decides to treat herself to his big cock squirting and pornst

The cute room service guy shows up she decides to treat herself to his big cock squirting and pornst
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Happy Saint Patrick's day dear viewers. And what a night yesterday! My plan was to totally ignore Saint Patrick and enjoy a relaxed Saturday evening at home with a glass of wine, listening to some chill out music and broadcasting a chaturbate show. But my crazy friends Sarah and Tina texted me about this Saint Patrick big party in this big venue in outskirts of Brussels. I cannot say no to them, I have already cancelled many parties with them (mostly for my chaturbate and man-hunting duties) so I agree to join.

We are three girls and me: best friend Sarah, her younger sister Tina and some colleague of Sarah. We arrive to the venue, its a big pub converted into a party place: beer in plastic glasses, British pop mostly and drunk straight rednecks!

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Chances of finding a man for me are non-existent. but so are for the girls, all the guys look disgustingly fat, ugly and uneducated and the girls cheap and easy. I discreetly check my grindr and I realize I am pretty much alone. So fuck the manhunting thing, tonight I am going to party like a married straight man: I buy a jar of beer for the girls and me and we start laughing at people and dancing to the shitty music.

Soon it is Sarah and her colleague sitting and drinking talking about their work issues and Tina and me gay-dancing. Tina is bisex but she loves the scenes, she dressed like the type of straight girl who parties in gay bars every weekend and boys adore her.

We are dancing close and I feel her temperature is high. This means she is horny, I know Tina. Soon we are kissing and I am tasting her cherry lipstick.

We usually kiss in the gay bars: helps me get boys to think I am more macho and she gets her share of fun. I notice guys stay away from Tina, probably my non-gay-looking clothes makes them think she is my girl or maybe they are too drunk to give a shit. One way or another, Tina tastes good tonight and the beer helps me on the mood.

We have a toilet break and I get few minutes to check the deserter landscape of grindr. But hey! seems I am not the only lonely soul, I see the profile of some guy, he is partying in hit picture, he says he is 24 and he looks decent: dark haired, white, skinny type. does not give much information about himself. I am not crazy about his picture, normally guys who have partying pictures in grindr is either because they party all the time or because they want to project the image of being cool and social but they are normally shy.

Those last ones are the ones I love, shy guys give me an instant bonner. Anyways, I send him a "Hi, how do you like this super-gay party?" and go back to the dancefloor with Tina. We are dancing to some horrendous song and I am sucking her tongue and touching the back site of the next (that makes them horny).

She is much over me, we normally kiss but tonight she seems more into it, like if the fact of not being in a gay place makes us kissing not a friends game but a totally wrong thing to do with your best friends lil sister.

While she goes for beers, its her turn, I check my grindr profile.

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The party boy has replied "I am with some friends, they wanted to come here but I dont like it". I decide to skip the warming up messaging and go straight to the point since with Tina all over me, I dont get many chances to check my phone "Same here. I came with friends but Id rather be hanging out with you alone. Wanna take off?". Tina is about to be back and he doenst reply.

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Come on party boy! Safe me from this breeder hole! He does not reply, I suddenly realize Tina is standing next to me with two huge beers.

"Oh come on, put that away, no boys tonight for either of us, ok?". Like a good boy I do as she says. We have a zip of beer and we are back with the kissing. Cherry lipstick tastes good and so does she. We are pretty drunk but I get a bonner.

I am liking this. She has her leg over mine and while we kiss my hand rest on the inside of her leg. I notice she opens the legs very slightly, probably not consciously. I get the sign. I take my hand up her leg, feels warmer and warmer as I go up. I reach the end. Caress a bit and reach the corner of her panty and put my fingers in.

Her pussy is quite smooth and feels hot. Caress. She moans a bit.


I touch the lips while we kiss. Go in. I am fingering my friend in front of everyone. Her pussy is relaxed, easy to go in. Suddenly she takes me away. Grabs her phone and textes something. Puts her phone away and says "I told my sister we are leaving". Yes, Tina is bossy, as a younger sister, she is used to get what she wants. We take a cab and come here, to my place.

Roommate is not home. I prepare some sandwiches and lot of water, we calm down. I think we are not wild horny anymore.

But we are drunk.

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We are chatting on the couch and I doze off for a short while. She is not there anymore. I see the light of my bedroom on. She passed out on my bed. She is wearing a short skirt, I can see her panties: they are green. I stand there and think for a while: we are young and it is Saint Patrick so. who cares. I pull her panties off, split her legs and go for that pussy: tastes strong but I like it. She wakes up. "Sebas! oh my gosh, you should not be doing that" I look at her.

"I agree" And I go back to her pussy. I get her really on the mood and we are soon taking off our clothes. I know she has never seen my chaturbate shows, so she does not know I have an 18cm cock and how it looks. She is relieved: girls also get relieved when they find out their lover has a good size. I put on a condom and fuck my friend like if it the world would be ending tomorrow. Being drunk helps me keep myself from cumming, so it is a long fuck.

We stay in missionary position, she has a headache and my technique might be hampered by the alcohol in my blood. I change the rhythm and intensity, I work on her, touching here and there and she says she cummed.

With girls it is hard to know where to cum. It is not like with guys, who love to get your load all over them, normally on the dirtiest way possible. So I keep it conservative, cum inside her pussy, take it off, clean myself and I find her sleeping when I get back to bed.

I sleep by her side.

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I wake up with a hangover, draft myself to get some water, turn on the computer: I need to write all this at once. So here I am, sitting on my couch with my fingers and my cock smelling like pussy and writing this lines for my new blog.

Who was going to think this gay sex blog would start with a post about how I fucked a girl. And gosh. I really fucked Tina, this is so wrong. Sarah will kill me if she founds out.

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Well, I will regret tomorrow, now I feel like getting some more of that hot pussy that is lying on my bed. My cock is ready, after writing this story I got hard as fuck. Time for fucking some pussy again! Happy Saint Patrick day!