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Chapter 1: the starting point I am 25 and I work for a company that does social researches: people behavior, response to a particular situation… During election times, we can conduct polls.

80% of our business comes from food brands: what does the consumer need? What are the flavor that he prefers?. What I do in this company is quite simple: I collect data. I am not really found of my job but it does not bore me, I have a decent salary and most of the time my works hour are really correct. If I say most of the time it is because of the project I am working on. Basically, I have to look people sleeping. There is an atmosphere of mystery behind this project: we do not know who it is for or why.

Rumors say that it is for a pharmaceutical company which does trial on a sleeping pill. Others say it is a test for different mattress. The idea is quite simple: people have accepted to have a camera in their room for a year and to be taped sleeping. A bedroom is quite a private place so they have a remote control to shut down the camera for 3, 8 or 12 hours in a row.

All people that have accepted this weird demand are single. So if there are two people (or more) in the room, the camera identify it thanks to heat control and shut down by itself, unless if someone working for my company (as myself) turn it on manually.

But when we do that, every one of us has a personal code: if we are tempted to turn it on for the show down, big brother will know who did it. I think you understood it, everything is done to keep the privacy of the "subjects". If things are not getting hot, we are expected to turn on the camera. If I have accepted to work on this project is for several reasons. First of all, sometimes we have to watch people sleeping in direct. I am not a weird guy but this means night hours salary… I can also work at home (download the video and look at them on my personal computer).

And most of all, I have a lot of free time. As I do not need to sleep a lot, I do not have to catch my night working hours. As I want to become an engineer, I work on my computer skills on my free time. We are three to work on this project (as "data collector" of course). And we have agreed all together to always work on the same subjects. I consider myself as the lucky one. My luck is the subject of this story and she has a name: Amandine.

Amandine is a brunette single mother. As you can imagine, she is gorgeous. She is a petite brunette with what seems a killer body. If I say "seems" it is because I haven't actually seen it, yet. And it is obvious that she does what she can to hide her assets from the camera.

At the beginning. During the first month, all of the subjects were obviously too aware of the camera. They were turning it off for any purpose, Amandine including.

But as everyone was forgetting the presence of the Eye, she was obviously not. I cannot say why I have this feeling because like anyone, she was less and less bothered by the intruder. From the beginning, I had a particular interest on her, which is perfectly understandable: we all spend more time on what is interesting at our work and in mine, everything was the same except of the look of my subjects.

On that topic, she had a better hand that anyone else among my subjects. But my interest on her increase when my feeling persist: she was (almost) always aware of the camera but she would act as she was forgetting it.

At the beginning, it was nothing; and maybe it really was nothing. A drawer left open. An untied bed. Her pajamas on a chair. And then it was the door of her bathroom not totally close, but not open enough to let me see her, or I could see her walking out of her bathroom only covered with her SERVIETTE because she had forgotten her clothes in her room. I find women dressed like that really sexy. As I was watching her the first day that this happened, I had quite a boner waking up in my pants.

But nothing more happened. One Sunday afternoon, I was at work, watching at my subjects on "direct" as Amandine walked into her room. She closed her door with the lock, something she did not do a lot.

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And open a drawer of her desk. Before I can see what she was looking for, she turned off the camera. For three hours. Most of the time, this means sex, or masturbation. And from my "knowledge" of her, this was not an exception. She never locked her door, and when she did she was turning off the camera for 3 hours. Every time. What was new in this pattern was the drawer. I had to review the scene several time to find what was really weird.

She comes in her room and locks her door. Normally, she would take the remote of the camera on her left, in its usual place, and turn it off, but here no. She walks through her room, passes her bed, straight for her desk and the drawer. She opens the drawer and the camera is shutting down.

What I missed the first time was the remote of the camera on the side of her bed. When she passed it, she took the remote without me seeing it. It has been three months that I have watch her living in her room and I consider that I quietly know her.

I have even witness several time her strange relationship with her daughter, but I will talk about that later. The remote is always at its place (close to the door when she is not in her room, and on the table beside her bed when she is in), never on the bed.

Never. Except this time. I had to go back to the morning to see how the remote had ended on the side of the bed. She put it here when she put her shoes. Usually, she sits on her bed an put her shoes but this time, she knelt at the end of her bed to put her shoes.

As she had the remote on her hand, she put it on the bed.

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One month earlier, I would not have notice it. But if there was one thing that I had learned from the project I was working on at this day, it was that habit was though, especially morning habits. You are not totally wake up so everything you do, you do it automatically. My findings were confirmed by two signs.

The first one was the quick look to the camera when she had finished to put her shoes. It was a look, but too quick to be a "normal look". She did not want to be seen looking at it. The second sign was the little smile she had when she automatically put her hand on her bed to pick up the remote but living it where it was. Again, I could have believed that she used her bed to stand up but it was too much coincidence at once… So I waited; three hours.

When the camera turned on by itself, nothing unusual was on the screen. She was sleeping on her bed, dressed. I was expecting something, I do not know what but I was disappointed that everything was normal.


If everything was normal, I may have been wrong on my reading of her behavior. I hate being wrong. So I look closely. I have only one thing to say: Oh, my. I first zoomed on her face. She was not sleeping. When you sleep, your eyes are moving by themselves, fast. Hers were not.

I aimed a little lower and I looked at all her body, closely. I cannot say that I never was tempted to do that but I did not do it until that day. I liked what I see. Her bra was unfastened. She was wearing a shirt but obviously she had unfastened her bra at a point during these three hours.

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Her shirt had only three button on: I could see the color of her bra, black, and her belly button on a perfect belly. The button of her jeans was open, all of them but without discovering too much just that her panties were matching. And at last, her legs were slightly opened. Obviously she had enjoyed the services of her hand. I looked at her like that for fifteen minutes, with a raging hard on. She was not showing a lot but this was one of the hottest things I had ever seen on a screen.

I was beginning to jerk off when she roll on her bed. Her left hand "naturally" went on her right breast and massaged it for three second, through the fabric of her clothes. Until that day, I was a little (just a little) ashamed of watching her more than my others subjects. That was why I did not acknowledge what I was seeing even to myself.


But when her hand were rubbing her breast, one think was obvious: she had big breasts; too big for her little hands, perfect for a man hands. I was so hypnotized during these three second that I almost missed something. A moment before, she was lying on her dildo. When I saw this, I came. For my defense, I had only two "women" (read "girls in their early twenties") in my life and it had been quite a time since I had intercourse.

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At that time, I was horny, all the time. This day, before leaving work, I uploaded the tapes on my computer. I watched again the video at home and what I saw was making me look forward to the next time. Just when she ended rubbing her breast, Amandine had opened her eyes, looked at the camera and smiled.

Fate had put me an exhibitionist in my "subject": a hot one, and subtle too. What will she let me see next time? As I have said earlier, Amandine and her daughter have a strange relationship.

They like to tease each other. Do not get me wrong, I had never witnessed inappropriate behavior even though they were really close: they were spending a lot of their time in Amandine's room. As they were mother and daughter, every time that the camera was automatically turned off (two heat source, remember?) when they were together, I would put it on right afterwards. Amandine and her daughter are not alike. Amandine was a petite brunette with big breast and an firm body: long legs (given her body), a firm perfect ass, breasts I was craving for and glasses.

Quite the caricature of a porn secretary you would say. Maybe but she had something more. She had character in her body. Her daughter was blonde and a (top?) model to be: tall, a cute ass, little breasts (she did not wear bras, for my enjoyment) and a perfect figure.

From their conversations, I had learned that she was underage for five more months. I did not get her name thought. As I said, no inappropriate behavior but a lot of teasing.

They would compliment each other a lot on their sex appeal (no hypocrisies needed, believe me). And it was on a regular basis that I would hear conversation like this one (on both ways): - Well, we should stop chatting. I have a shower to take. - Yeah, me too. Who goes first? - We both know that the second one will have cold water, huh?

- You're right… You want to take a bath with me? - Eeeh… stop tempting me, someday I will say yes I think you understand. During all these monthes of watching the mother, I learned one last thing on the daughter. She was not aware of the camera. Do not get overexcited. The daughter was not an indecent girl. But I managed to have a good peek of her legs. She was lying in bed with her mother, after their showers (consecutive showers, not the same one), in their bathrobe.

To put it simple, the daughter teased her mother with her legs. Amandine was obviously not comfortable with this. But I think she thought that the camera was turned off. Someone had explained her that when there were two people (or more) in the room, there would not be any eavesdropping. She must have forgotten that if nothing would seemed to happened, I was able to turn it on. Something I was doing each time that she was with her daughter.

Time was passing by. I was improving my computer skills and Amandine was becoming each day naughtier with the camera. The second time she teased the camera was the next Sunday after the first one. She walked into her room, locked her door, took the remote and put off her top, face to the door. She glanced at the camera over her shoulder, smiled and… black.

When I saw this video, I was at home. For me, the message was clear: I would have a quick show every Sunday from now on. And I was right. From this point, I volunteer for every work hours on Sundays. And I was right, every Sundays, I had my little show. At first, she stopped "hiding" the dildo.

She walked into her room, locked her door, went to the drawer, took the dildo, looked at the camera and black. The following Sunday, she took the dildo, wrapped it with her hand in a provocative way and black. The next time, she caressed it around five seconds while smiling at the camera. The next Sunday, she took off slowly her top at the door of her room and faced the camera.

She was wearing a red bra. She slowly run a finger on her chest before reaching her dildo, caressing it while looking the camera and… black. Every time, it was not more than twenty seconds but I was expected this moment during all week.

She did not miss one single Sunday. Soon, she began to kiss the dildo. Lick it. One day, she was on her bra with her jeans open, I could see her white tongue. While she was kissing and licking her dildo, for the first time she put her other hand in her pants and she began to massage her crotch. I knew at that moment that I should have turn down the camera myself: until now it was borderline, but this was a step were I had to put an end if I wanted to keep my job.

Unfortunately I was on "direct" so I did not have any excuses. I wanted to make it stop but I could not help myself and I let her finish her show. She slowly caressed her skin with her dildo: from her chest, passing between her breast (the white bra was forcing her boobs to wrap it), on her belly to her panties.

She looked at me and BLACK. I had never been that frustrated but the black on the screen (with a countdown: 02:58:46) made me come back to reality. I was screwed. If my boss was to check my work and find out that I did not turn it down, I was sure to lose my job. Like I said, I like my job; and during this period I was LOVING it. I did what needed to be done: I put my computer skills on practice. At least, I decided to give it a try. It took me four hours but I was able to do it: I went into the hard drive and make it look like I stopped the camera for three hours at the proper time.

Of course, when I found how to do it I make sure to have a copy of the "movie" before erasing it. I had missed my lovely Amandine after three hours of "rest" but I did not care. Nobody could find that I erased some video. The problem was that it was easy to realize that I cracked the program. I had to find an answer to that. I had all the evening and all night to do so. I did so. Monday morning, the first thing I did was to go to my boss office: - Hi Pete, do you have a minute?

- Sure, what's up? - Well I have a confession to make… - What did you do? at that point he seemed a little worried. - You do know that I try to become what I would call a computer engineer, don't you? - Yes of course, everyone knows that. I, myself, think that is a great initiative. You drop out school to early and you have the capacities to have a better job. - Thank you… - Yeah. So, how about your confession? - Well, I was a little bored at work yesterday all alone, watching mostly empty rooms and… - And?

- Well, I would say that I practice my courses and I hacked our system. - You did WHAT? - Calm down please, this was really stupid, I know but I did nothing in it.

In and out, that's it. - In and out? - Yeah, in and out. You can check it if you want. - Well, I will surely do so. We will do on with this discussion after. You can leave and go to work now. I know, my excuse was not perfect. But sometimes, the biggest lies are the better… and I admit that I did not find anything better. I was hoping to be as good as I thought so regarding computers.

In the end of the afternoon, Pete called me in his office. What we all like in Pete, it is his capacity to find opportunities everywhere. He explained to me that a technician had come all day and was confirming my story. In and out. No harm done. This was a relief, but what stunned me was his proposition: "Look, wouldn't you become our local technician for minor issues. You will practice your skills and fix problems as bug when your team downloads a lot of videos at the same time.

But you have to promise me that you will never "give it a try". You touch the system only if you are sure of what you are doing. Is it OK with you?" Useless to say that it was. Since that day, I knew that I could turn off a camera afterwards: I did know how to erase recordings without leaving evidence, and it would be normal to go in and out of the system.

My mind was running with possibilities, possibilities with always Amandine at the center of it. To prevent any misunderstanding, I would not have to try to turn on a camera. I just could keep to myself what my subjects allowed me to watch.

I have to admit something. Every "show" that Amandine gave me was great and really hot, but none of them was close to the first one.

And the last one. The last one is well ahead of the others. Before telling you this last one, I have to precise two things. The first one is that I had deleted all the show she gave me thanks to the free access to the system provided by Pete, my boss. And the second one was an improvement I made to the same system, again with the approval of Pete. I had put a 10 second countdown for every automatic shutting down of the camera. In ten seconds, it is rare that something happens.

But was long enough for the watchers to know if they could keep on watching or not. Obviously, I had a personal purpose to this. I became addicting to watching Amanda, not only the Sundays but all of the week, and I hated the time lost when her daughter went into her room and I had to turn on the camera.

These ten seconds were allowing me to watch her almost continually. One Sunday, I was at work waiting for Amandine. For all these weeks, she had followed her schedule really regularly but this one time she was late. I was desperate: maybe she would not come? She did not have to come… maybe she got bored, or found a new game.

After fifteen minutes of waiting, she walked into her room. Obviously, she had dressed up for me… in her daughter's clothes: white tennis shoes, long black socks, a black skirt above her knees and a white shirt.

As hot as she was, I was shocked. I had never expected this, and she was taking a big step for this Sunday. I was mesmerized by her look when she walked toward the camera, in the drawer direction. Like I said, she was not like her daughter. Therefore, she was not fitting the clothes that she had on: the skirt had to be a little higher than how her daughter was wearing it and, most of all, the skirt was too tight for her breasts: the top three buttons were open but the breast was nonetheless pushing two hard nipples against the tissue.

She was obviously turned on. As for myself, I had a boner of a lifetime. She put the dildo out of its drawer and she began to hungrily suck it. She was finally sucking it in front of the camera! I was so excited that I almost cum in my pants without touching myself. As she was thrusting her dildo in her mouth with her right hand, the left one was aiming the remote to the camera. She was killing me with lust! She blinked at the camera and did not turn off the camera.

She was beginning to moan. She stopped sucking her toy, put it on the edge of her bed and came close to the camera. I mean really close. I was only seeing her mouth and then she said with a low sexy voice: - I know you're watching baby. The red dot is giving you away, you naughty boy. I am sure that you have realized that from the beginning to today, I have never cleaned my little friend.

Trust me, the taste I have in my mouth right now is sweat and delicious. That was it. I came in my pants, without touching myself.

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She just gave me the best orgasm of my life. Better than the two women I had been with. She had been better than them without touching me, just on a screen, with one sentence. When I regained contact with reality, she was turning her back to the camera and bending down with straight legs. I could almost see her ass. Obviously, the "almost" was on purpose. I opened my pants with shaking hand and put my dick out.

She had her panties around her ankles. After three strokes, I had my second orgasm.

I was so mad at myself! - I'm sure you are expecting to see a little more than usual, aren't you? Weeell… you won't. Do not be too disappointed, I am sure you will enjoy yourself. She took her dildo and faced the camera.

Her "friend" was moving by itself… it was motoring! This was becoming more than interesting: for the first time, she was talking to the camera and I was about to see her masturbate. She put her dildo under her skirt and after a long moan, her hands came out of her cunt empties.

Her left hand went cupping her breast while the right one immediately went back in her skirt, massaging her cunt. I had seen her a lot of time more undress that this day but sometimes clothes on are more sexy than off.

Not always, but sometimes. She began to moan louder and louder. - Mmmh… Ohh. Oh this feels so… much good. Fuck yeah, I love this vibration in my tight cunt. Oh my god, this is so hot to know that you are watching, I will definitely not last long.

My hand is so wet… so wet. Look (she put her hand out of her skirt). Do you realize that it is you that make me that wet? Let me suck my hand clean for you, ok?

Mmmmh… I taste so fucking good! Oh my god, it is already coming! I am going to cum!

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Do you hear me up there? I am about to cum! In just a few seconds. It will be so fucking great don't you think? AAAahhh! But… mmh… but… fuck yeah… I won't let you see it. And quickly she reached her remote and put the button to turn down the camera.

I was so angry at her for doing this to me! This second was one of the luckiest in my life. In her rush, she did not push hard enough the button to shut the camera off.

My angriness was replaced by a feeling of victory… this was much more good than if she had let me watch! She would not overplay her role but would act natural. One second before she climax… - I am going to take a showeeeh… Mom! What are you doing in my clothes?! Her daughter entered the room in her bathrobe. Amandine had forgotten to lock her door. I did not know if I was overexcited or mad: it was clear that the daughter had put an end to the mother coming orgasm but meanwhile, I was watching a mother with a dildo in her cunt, extremely hot, trying to find an explanation for wearing her little baby clothes.

- Are you masturbating??? - NO!. I, hum… I was just… Oh, fuck… yeah I am. Amandine finished her sentence with an inaudible voice, ashamed. She quickly put her hand under a skirt, and took it off holding a wet dildo. - I am really sorry for this baby girl. Believe me. But if I did not do that I would have… hum… you know… in front of you and I could never… - Cool toy mom! You should have shown it to me sooner.

I would have enjoyed it! Amandine and I were so surprised by this reaction that we did not notice that she had took a step toward her mother, standing really close to her. - Let me see it? Before Amandine could respond anything, her daughter took the dildo in her own hand. - And it is moving by itself! Well, this is a real piece of high tech dildo you have it. - Stop this, said Amandine with a low voice. - You're right. We should put it where it belongs.

In a blink of an eye, she push her mother on the bed and knelt between her legs. Not too fast, not too slow, she lifted the skirt and approached the dildo to her mother cunt. Unfortunately for me, I did not have a good angle: I was seeing the mother, her great cleavage, but the shirt was hiding what her daughter was doing to her.

- Oh dear, it is as if it was moving in by itself! - Stop doing that! I… oh my god! - You're enjoying it, aren't you?

- That's not the point! - I have to disagree on this. As she was saying this sentence, she got up between her mother's legs naked. My appreciation of her body earlier did not make her justice. She was not a top model to be. She was what you see in a top model, not the women with anorexia but a young woman that would not have to bushed faced to Marilyn, Angelina or any superstar.

She had almost perfect breast (one cup larger would have been a dream come true) with pink little nipples, a flat stomach and a tiny blond line covering her most private part.

She began moving her hips while fucking her mother with the dildo. Even though Amandine was protesting, her legs moved by themselves and wrapped her daughter torso. The bond girl begun to stroke her mother chest through the skirt. The moaning became louder. This was finished with one last, fast and hart stroke from the dildo. They were both lying on the bed, out of breath. - Oh my god, what have we done?

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- Nothing baby girl. Do you understand me? Nothing. You go take your bath and we never talk about this, ever. As her daughter took her bathrobe and went to the bathroom. Amandine stayed on her bed. I quickly turned off the camera. I did not want her to see the red dot and understand that I had seen everything. After that, I download the sequence on a CD and erased its existence on the system. It was only as I was in bed this evening that all the possibilities that this video was offering me hit me.


Regarding the law, Amandine had raped her daughter. The experiment would last two more months. I had this time to come with a plan, and find Amandine's address.