Emo cutie Cat Morris throat and ass fucked hard

Emo cutie Cat Morris throat and ass fucked hard
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I had walked by the theater four or five times trying to get up my nerve to buy a ticket and go in. My dry mouth and nervousness was getting worst with every passing second. I had heard about this place from the older guys at school. According to them they played dirty movies and guys would watch them and jack off while they did. They also said that if your hand got tired that there was no shortage of guys to lend you a hand to finish off.

None of them said how they knew about getting a helping hand, just that they did. I wasn't turned off by the idea of a guy playing with my cock like the guys at school said they were.


I had often pretended my hand was someone else's while I stoked myself. Just thinking about someone playing with my cock added to the intensity of my cumming. Not that it took a lot to add to that intensity since I was cumming 6 to 7 times a day. The theater was on the other side of town and in a neighborhood that I was "sure" I wouldn't run into anyone I knew.

I especially didn't want any of the guys from school to see me since it would tag me as a fag in a heart beat. Having just turned 18, life could be ruined in many ways and getting caught going into a place where guys lend you a hand was near the top on the list. I was about to walk away when I saw a handsome older man come out of the theater and walk up to the ticket window. He talked to the ticket agent for a few moments then looked straight at me and smiled.

He went back into the theater.

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His smile made me decide it was now or never. Fear of getting caught on one hand, and a hard on that needed my hand on the other. I walked up to the guy in the ticket booth and put my two dollars in front of him. He smile at me with a wicked nasty smile and said.

"The owner said it's on him" and pushed my money back to me. It took me a moment to understand what he said. I looked at his face and he was licking his lips in a circle pushing his tongue out as he did. It was wild but even though I never saw someone do that before I knew he meant sucking cock. He pressed the button with his finger and out jumped my ticket. I took it and walked into the darkness of the theater my heart pounding and my breath coming like I been in a race.

Thinking about what he meant with his mouth was sending electrical waves from my stomach to my balls. My cock was like a rod in my pants. The lobby was dark and smelled of disinfectant. There was a concession booth where the guy I now knew was the owner was standing. He was in his late 40's maybe early 50's nicely dressed and tanned. His hair was a salt and pepper gray and was thinning in front.

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I could see he was in good shape and from the clothes knew he wasn't hurting for money. "I am glad to see that you decided to join us" He said smiling at me again adding "Did my man Mark take good care of you?" "Thanks for the ticket" I stammered back not sure what to say "My pleasure, or at least I hope it will be" He looked at me for a second to see how I would react to him saying that.

I kind of smile I think. Hoping I would be stroking my cock watching the movie soon. "First time?" he asked looking me over from head to toes. I am sure his eyes stopped at the bulge in my tight pants. I wasn't sure if meant first time at the theater or first time watching an adult movie. I felt my face turn a shade of red as I answered "yes" "I thought so" he said winking at me "My name is Steve and I own this place" he said holding out his hand.

"Hi, I am Bob" I said taking his hand and shaking it awkwardly I looked past Steve. I could see a guy standing by the entrance doors to where the movie was playing.

He was smoking but I had the feeling he was eyeing me over like I was fresh meat. Seeing the expression on my face Steve looked over to where I was looking.

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"Why don't you go up in the balcony? No one is up there and it will let you.get the feel for things" nodding his head in the direction of the balcony stairs I looked over to the stairs leading up to the balcony and they were roped off.

I looked back at him. "Its ok kid, like I said, I own the place" he walked over and undid the rope for me. Held it for me until I was headed up the stairs. I felt his eyes watching me as I walked up the stairs. It was wild but I liked the attention he was paying me. The balcony was in almost total darkness. Just a few small lamps on the end of the aisles showed where the stairs were but little else. I went down to the first row of seats and took a seat a few in from the end of the row.

The movie was already playing. The first scene I saw was when Linda's roommate was smoking a cigarette and letting the delivery boy eat her pussy. My eyes were riveted to the screen.

I had never seen a guy eat a pussy before, in fact I had never seen a pussy other then in the pictures in magazines. I reached down and undid my zipper.

My cock was hard and straining against my pants. I had been hard ever since I walked up to buy my ticket.

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I could feel a big wet spot on my underpants from my precum. I looked around to see if anyone was up there with me.


I was alone. I pushed my underpants down to where they were below my balls and took my cock out never taking my eyes off the tongue lashing her cunt was getting from the guy in the movie.

It was so cool how she directed his head with one hand and kept smoking a cigarette with the other. I leaned back in the seat and began stroking my cock still watching the movie.

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I didn't notice Steve until he was already in the seat next to me. From the glow of the screen I could see he was watching my hand working my cock. I stopped and covered my cock with both hands like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Its all right Bob" he said looking down at my lap.

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He reached his hand down and put it on my hands. I saw the look on his face was totally different from what it been in the lobby. It was a mask of lust. I felt his hand gently lift one of mine away and then the other. My cock was standing straight up for him to see.

"You're so beautiful there" I heard him say as I felt his soft hand replace mine on the shaft of my cock. He stroked it a few times looking at my face to see how I would react to his hand.

His hand was well lubed since my cock was pouring precum from my slit. The precum was flowing down my entire shaft soaking my balls. The look of pleasure and lust on my face was all he needed for him to continue.

"Watch the movie and let daddy play" he said as he reached down and undid my belt and unbuttoned my pants. I was surprised how easily he pulled my pants down below my knees.

Now he had complete access to my cock and balls. I thought to myself this wasn't the first time he had taken some young guy pants down.

I felt his hands roam over me down there. Running his hands inside my thighs, playing with my balls cupping them, then returning his hand to my engorged cock. Working his hand up from my sparse haired balls to the helmet shaped head of my cock. Stroking the entire shaft then slowing down milking the precum out of the slit.

"Daddy" sure knew what he was doing when it came to stroking cock. My precum was flowing like a fountain. I looked back at the screen to see Linda Lovelace deep throating a cock.

It looked so hot seeing her head bob up and down of the cock shaft till it totally disappeared in her throat. I never had a blow job and wondered how it would feel to have a mouth on my cock.

Before I could finish that thought Steve had gotten on his knees in front of my seat. I saw the top of his head then I felt a sensation I will never forget. I could feel his mouth taking the head of my cock in. The hot wetness of his mouth felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I felt his tongue begin to rim the head of my cock in the same way the guy in the ticket booth had done with his tongue.

Steve's hand was cupping my balls and my whole body was tensing getting ready to climax like I never had before. He stopped his tonguing of my cock and pushed his mouth down the length of my cock till his lips were in my pubic hair. My cock was no longer in his mouth but in the tight passage of his throat. Feeling my cock totally surrounded in his esophagus and seeing Linda Lovelace doing the same to a cock on the screen started me cumming.

I felt Steve pulled his head up far enough so my cock wasn't in his throat and he could take my load into his mouth. It was my first time getting sucked, and my whole body was quivering from the sensation he was giving my cock. I saw his balding head bobbing up and down on my shaft.

I reached out putting my hand on the back of his head pushing his head down on my cock as I started to cum. He started milking my balls softly as I pumped load after load of my hot cum in his mouth. He gagged a few times as my hot load shot deep into his mouth. I grabbed his hair with both hands and started pumping his head up and down on my cock to the rhythm of the last of my climax I didn't care about him or anything else as long as I pumping my cum into his hot wet mouth.

"Do it daddy take it all" I heard someone say then realizing it was my voice uttering the words. Steve took every drop of my spunk in his mouth without losing a drop. He got off his knees and returned to the seat next to me. "You're fantastic" he said trying to catch his breath. "I am in love with that young cock of yours" he said taking my spent cock in his hand and looking down at it lovingly. "I am so glad I was your first" he added "So glad daddy made you so happy" "I never have had so much cum in my mouth.and so delicious" he said licking his lips.


"I wouldn't pull your pants up since most of the good parts of the movie are still ahead" he said as he stood up to go "A young guy like you probably needs to get off at least few more times" he said with a knowing smile on his face "I have to leave for awhile but Mark would love to come up to.see you" he added Judging from the gesture Mark had made with his mouth. I knew I was in for another fantastic blow job.

I wonder if he was as good at sucking as "daddy" was. "Sure that would be great!" I said feeling relaxed and wondering why it took me so long to get up the courage to walk into the theater. I looked back at the screen as Steve walked away and saw Linda Lovelace sucking another cock. My cock started to get hard again seeing her working her head onto some guys cock pole. Watching her take every inch of a huge cock in her mouth made me wondered how long it would take Mark to find his way up to me.

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