Boys in briefs photo gay Wake Up Sleepyhead

Boys in briefs photo gay Wake Up Sleepyhead
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Fbailey story number 453 Used By My Sister I was used by my sister and her friends. It happened the weekend that Grandpa had a minor heart attack. Mom rushed off to attend to her father's needs on a Tuesday leaving Dad, Cherry, and myself to fend for ourselves. On Friday Dad took off right from work leaving me in charge of my sister for the weekend.

I was almost sixteen at the time and Cherry had just turned fourteen so we were old enough not to get into trouble, but then again old enough to not care either. That Friday Cherry had two of her girl friends come over for a sleepover. Bonnie and Joyce were still thirteen years old with birthdays coming up soon. The three of them had been inseparable for several years.

They had been in Cherry's bedroom for an hour or so when they came into my bedroom. I had been laying on my bed looking at Dad's latest Playboy and rubbing my cock through my blue jeans when they opened the door and barged in.

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I placed the magazine over my hard-on and started bitching them out for entering my room without permission. All three girls jumped on me pinning me to my bed. Cherry slipped a rope over my right wrist and pulled that arm out hard.

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Bonnie did the same thing to my left wrist at the same time. Quickly I found myself with my arms stretched out and tied to the corner posts of my bed with Joyce sitting on my hips pressing down on my cock. Once my hands were secured Cherry said, "Now big brother we are going to have some fun with you. If you cooperate with us I am sure you will enjoy it too." Joyce got off from me and Cherry reached for my waist unhooking the button and unzipping my pants.

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I had had a few dreams of my sister taking my pants off to get to my cock so I was actually enjoying it. Cherry started pulling my jeans down so I lifted my ass to help her. She smiled and thanked me for my help. When she got them off she grabbed the waistband of my underwear and pulled them down too exposing my hard-on.

Cherry said, "Okay girls, remember the rules? His cock has to go in your mouth before it goes in your pussy and then someone has to lick it clean afterwards." Then Cherry slipped her mouth over my cock. All I could think of was that it was going in her pussy next and that I would loose my virginity. I was pretty sure that my sister was a virgin too. Cherry lifted her mouth up off my cock, removed her long T-shirt, and then straddled my hips.

She held my stiff cock up so that the head was just touching her pussy. Her other hand was opening up her pussy lips when she said, "We are all virgins and none of us are on any birth control so this is a really big deal for us girls. I hope you understand and appreciate what we are sacrificing for you." She then lowered herself down onto my cock.

I said, "I am a virgin too and honestly, I do understand and appreciate what you are giving me.

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I only wish my hands were free so that I could hold you and touch your titties." At Cherry's command Bonnie and Joyce released my hands and I reached up to place my palms over my sister's nipples. It was even better than I had imagined that it would be.

Her nipples hardened under my palms and tickled just a little. Her breasts were soft yet firm and heat radiated from them. I was forced back to reality as she sat down hard on my cock. I started thrusting up into Cherry every time that she came down on me.


Even though her pussy was just as tight as my hand she didn't have the same rhythm that I had when I jerked off so it took me a lot longer to cum. However, soon I was cumming inside my sister's pussy and it felt good.

Bonnie begged the other two girls to let her clean my cock and my sister's pussy too. Bonnie must have had some lesbian tendencies in her but I didn't care. When she licked my cock it got half hard but when she licked my sister's pussy I was harder than I had been for Cherry. I held the bars on my headboard as if I were tied to it letting Bonnie settle herself down onto my cock by herself.

When I was fully inserted into her warm wet sheath I placed my palms on her nipples too. Bonnie had slightly bigger tits than my sister had. That time I grabbed her hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and rolled them gently making her eyes roll back in her head. Her breathing became labored and she started to orgasm. I thrust up into her but I couldn't cum that quickly so I rolled us both over and fucked down into her.

Being in control allowed me to get the right amount of friction that my cock liked. When I cum in her it wasn't as much as I had given my sister but neither of us cared about that.

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I slowly pulled out and rolled over next to her. It was Cherry that begged Joyce to let her clean Bonnie and I up. My sister sucked my cock and I knew that I could get her to do it again whenever I wanted her too.

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Joyce was last and didn't want to wait until I was fully recovered. She didn't want to lower herself onto me either so I got on top to start with. I hadn't gotten to lick a pussy yet so I licked Joyce's pussy since it was still clean. It tasted slightly pungent and tangy but I got over it and really enjoyed making her squirm. She said, "Oh my God, he is so much better at this than you guys are, that it isn't funny." She then grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting up into me as she had her orgasm.

I knew that I had to fuck her though and got in position and waited for her to give me the signal. At that point I pushed all the way into her and started thrusting for all I was worth until I cum in her too. That weekend was great, I cum in all three girls Saturday morning, Saturday night, and again Sunday morning.

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I even managed to cum in them all before Mom and Dad came home Sunday evening. Mom said that she would be spending the next several weekends helping her father and asked if we could be trusted to behave ourselves if Dad went with her and did some of the repairs that grandpa had been unable to do himself. Cherry and I assured her that we had been fine, that we hadn't broken anything, and that she could trust us to get along without her.

We also proved it to her all week long. Bonnie and Joyce were waiting for me to come home after school that Friday. Cherry was coming out of the kitchen when I entered the house. All three girls were naked and ready for another long weekend of sex without parents getting in the way.

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Fortunately none of the girls got pregnant before they talked their mothers into getting them on birth control. I was the luckiest son-of-a-bitch in school. Yes, there were a few pregnant girls walking around in my school and everyone knew who the fathers were but I wasn't one of them.


The End Used By My Sister 453