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Lez Cuties Mickey Tyler and Kelly Paige
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Dawn was so excited she had just caught her first Machoke while exploring Mt. Coronet. Her smile was wide as she held the Poke ball in her hands.

Dawn placed the Poke ball on her belt, she now had four Pokémon in her possession. Her Pokémon were Monferno, Shinx, Shieldon and now Machoke. She continued walking through Mt. Coronet till she found the opening of the cave and had to shield her eyes from the sun. Dawn walked down the path till she came to a Pokémon center that was thankfully near buy. Both her Pokémon and herself where absolutely exhausted from traveling through the mountain. As she walked through the doors Nurse Joy gave her a warm welcome and Dawn made her way over to the desk.

Checking in her Pokémon for some needed rest she found a table to sit down at and laid her head down on the table. Dawn didn't even notice she had fallen asleep until she was awaken by a gentle voice and a light shake. Nurse Joy was standing next to her with a smile on her face and placed four Poke balls on the table. Dawn sat up and smiled back at her while scooping up her Poke balls to put them back on her belt. "You know dawn I have an extra room available if you would like to stay the night and get some rest" Nurse Joy said.

"Oh really? That sounds nice I think that would be a good Idea" She said back and smiled at the Nurse. Dawn entered the room that Nurse Joy lead her to and gasped at how large it was. It was a one bed room with a living room and a kitchen as well. Much larger than any of the other Pokémon centers ever had before.

She set down her backpack and then took her Poke balls and released her Pokémon into the room. "So who's hungry?" She asked and took a container of food from the backpack.

All the Pokémon gave an excited trill, all except Machoke. She wondered what was wrong and walked over to him. Machoke was sitting down by the window staring out of it and Dawn had hoped she made the right decision catching him. Placing a bold of Pokémon food in front of him the girl smiled down at him.

"Have some food you must be hungry" She said with a large smile on her face. Machoke turned his head from her totally ignoring Dawn, this irked her but she kept smiling trying to talk with the stubborn Pokémon. He kept ignoring her till Dawn just huffed and turned away from him to go feed her other Pokémon. Each and every other one of her Pokémon greeted her with a happy squeal the gobbled down the food she placed in front of them. This made Dawn happy and looked over at Machoke who was still just looking out of the window.

The next day Dawn was well rested and ready to go. All her Pokémon were back in their Poke balls also well rested as she walked out of the Pokémon center. Along the mountain trail Dawn fought against many trainer and soon she wanted to use Machoke in a battle so she went in search for a trainer. Finally a trainer had challenged her to a battle and she released her Pokémon, the trainer released a Cranidos. Both Pokémon gave a grunt of readiness and both trainers had a look of determination in their eyes.

Dawn called out the first attack but Machoke didn't listen and just stood there glaring at the other Pokémon. Cranidos ran at Machoke and try to hit him with metal tail but Machoke caught his tail and flung the Pokémon hard into the ground. It gave a cry of pain and slowly got back to its feet. Cranidos used body slam and smashed right into her Pokémon knocking him to his back.

Machoke grabbed Cranidos and used seismic toss to throw him far so that he could get up. Dawn called out to her Pokémon and he just shook his head and rand forward his fist clenched ready to hit the Pokémon. Machoke hit the Cranidos with a Mach punch and the kept hitting him with more attacks till it fainted. Machoke stood straight and look right at Dawn as the other trainer recalled his Pokémon.

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"Your Machoke is really strong" Said the other trainer and handed her payment for loosing. "Only if it would listen to you" "Yeah I wish he would" She mumbled under her breath. The two trainers parted ways and dawn continued on her way battling other trainers with Machoke. After a few battles she could tell that Machoke was starting to trust her and started to listen some of her commands. Then finally after they had fought a tough Bronzong Machoke began to glow with a mysterious light and evolved into Machamp.

Dawn was surprised since she hadn't had him for too long. Machamp looked over at his trainer and gave a smirk, he almost looked like he was showing off to her. Had she finally gotten through to him, maybe now they can be friends. Dawn ran up to Machamp and hugged him around his neck, surprised the Pokémon reacted slowly but hugged back with all four of his arms. This made Machamp feel for this human in a weird way, He was happy that she smiled.

"Alright Machamp return" Dawn said but her Pokémon moved away from the red beam that would return him to his poke ball. "Machamp what's wrong? Return" She tried again but he yet again moved away. "Do you not want to go back into your poke ball?" Machamp shook his head no and stood next to Dawn. She realized that her Pokémon towered over her and she had to look up at him to talk when he was that close.

She smiled and started walking down the path again and Machamp walked closely behind. Soon they came upon an inn and Dawn walked in to check into a room for the night. After a day of battling both she and her Pokémon were tired. "Alright gang let's eat" Dawn said as she passed out food to each of her Pokémon and the all gave happy trills.

She sat down and ate some stew she had ordered from the kitchen and made a mnn sound as she munch on some bread that was dipped in the stew. Machamp finished eating and sat closely next to Dawn as she finished eating. Yawning Dawn got up, stretched and walked to the bedroom getting ready for bed. As she stripped off her clothing Dawn revealed small pert breasts that never really got any bigger as she got older. She was never really shapely but was still pretty cute in her mind.

The bedroom door jiggled and Dawn gasped and covered her body as Machamp walked in and looked her up and down. He didn't know what he was seeing, his trainer had none of her usual clothing on and she was shouting at him. Dawn pushed at Machamp but he didn't budge just kept looking at this girl. The Pokémon grabbed one of her arms and lifted it to get a better look at his trainer while she blushed red and tried to turn away. Machamp saw her breasts and lightly touched it with one of his fingers which made Dawn squirm.

He kept poking at her body and she tried to make him stop but to no avail. Machamp was curious about the sounds she made when he poked her in certain places such as her side which would cause her to make a giggly squeal.

Dawn was so embarrassed and angry at her Pokémon but was helpless against his strength. A thought ran through her mind and made her blush but also look curiously at Machamp "Machamp!" Dawn shouted.

That got his attention "Put me down" and finally he listen. Machamp laid her down on the bed and looked apologetically at his trainer. Dawn smiled at her Pokémon as he sat down on the bed next to her.

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Blood rushed to her face as that thought rushed back into her mind. She kept thinking about Machamp touching her like a man would intimately. Dawn had sex before with Barry before but never with a Pokémon before. But the thought of it kept swirling around in dawns mind till she was really horny and looked up at Machamp lustily.

Dawn got up and shut her door then turned to Machamp exposing her body fully to her Pokémon while blushing. Slowly she walked over to him and climbed into his lap, straddling him while looking up at his eyes. Machamp didn't know what was going on but let his trainer do what she want, and what she was doing felt good to him. Slowly she grinded her hips against his and Dawn could feel something grow hard against her butt.

This got her really excited and moved her hips some more and slowly lowered her head to kiss his chest.


Machamp twitched as her lips pressed against his skin. Her lips were warm and felt good against his skin two of his hands moved down her body to her hips and pushed them down against his erection. His other two arms wrapped around her body Machamp like the feeling that his trainer was giving him and he wanted to do things to her.

Machamp was pretty sure that his trainer would like to mate with him and it had been awhile since he had mated with a female. Dawn's heart leapt as Machamp picked her up rolled over till he was pinning her to the bed. The girl blushed and cried out as two of his large hands grabbed and lightly squeezed her breasts. One of his other hands slid down her body and between the soft supple legs of his trainer. Machamp's finger found her most sensitive spot and rubbed against it making Dawn cry out in pleasure.

She was wet so it was easy for his figure to slip in and out of her tight hole. As a Machoke he had mated with many of the female Pokémon around the area, he was a highly sought after.

Now that he was no longer with all those females he had started to feel antsy but Machamp might have found himself a new mate. His large finger slid in and out of her sex stretching it as he entered her more each time. Dawn was going insane with pleasure his finger was so large inside of her, almost as big as Barry's cock. She could only imagine how his hard member would feel like in place of his finger. Dawn looked down and saw his hard member straining against his shorts, and her eyes nearly popped out of her head at the sight of it.

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Machamp was so large and hard she thought he would tear right through those black spandex shorts of his. Slowly she slid her hand down her Pokémon's body and gripped at his hard cock.

It felt like she was grabbing a warm throbbing rock and pulled his shorts down exposing his member. She could only wrap her hand around half of it as Dawn slowly stroked up and down his member.

Dawn thought he had to be a good ten inches as she wrapped her other hand around him and stroked with both hands.


Machamp groaned and looked down at his trainer as she worked his cock. Machamp had to push her hands away or he would have spilled his seed all over her body and that's not what he wanted. Dawn looked up into the Pokémon's eyes and knew what he wanted and she was ready for him.

Machamp placed his hard cock against Dawns quivering pussy and as he pushed she moaned loudly.

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The Pokémon's hard cock was so large that he had to slowly inch into his trainers pussy making moan and gasp with thrust. Finally he had fit all he could inside of her and Machamp started to slowly thrust in and out of Dawn. Dawn moaned loudly as she had never felt so full in her life as Machamp thrusted into her. He grabbed her breasts with two hands and with the other two still on her hips he pushed her body down onto his hard dick as he forced himself up into her tight hole.

Dawn screamed with pleasure feeling the tip of his cock against her cervix. She couldn't believe the pleasure that was washing through her body as she orgasmed. Machamp grunted with each thrust because her pussy was so tight around his cock it felt like it was gripping him.

Her juiced dripped down as Machamp kept pounding into her, his finger playing at Dawn's nipples. She felt so good that Dawn could feel another orgasm building inside of her and she was ready for that intense pleasure to fill her body again. Machamp could also feel himself getting close to spilling his seed into this girl. He pulled out of Dawn and flipped her to be on her hands and knees and her back facing him.

The Pokémon pushed his whole length inside of his trainer and pounded her from behind all four hands pulling her body back on his cock. Dawn gasped as she was being fucked doggy styled by her Pokémon. Machamp gave a hard last few thrusts before he gave a long groan and shot his cum into Dawn's womb.

She moaned and orgasmed, moving her hips against Machamp's cock working every drop out of it.

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Breathing hard they both looked at each other and smiled wearily as his cock pulsed with the last of his cum. Machamp pulled out and his cum dripped out of Dawn's pussy and onto the sheets of the bed.

She collapsed forward and panted and more of the cum spilled from her hole. Machamp laid down next to dawn still breathing a little hard as he stared at his trainer. He had never had a mate with such a tight pussy as hers and Machamp loved all the sounds she made.

Much better than the mountain Pokémon who seek him out to mate. Dawn looked over at Machamp and smiled as she rolled onto her side cuddling up to the Pokémon. Yawing Machamp pulled Dawn closer to him and wrapped his arms around the girl.

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They fell asleep like that together both cuddled into each other.