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Sex with cute legal age teenager luscious girl
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Wedding bells are Ringing - The wedding of Nicole and William This is a continuation of the Adventures of a Railfan series. In this story, William and Nicole get married and they start their lives together. This is also a work of fantasy, even though the two people depicted in the story are based on Fiancee and myself. If you are a new reader, I suggest you read the Adventures of a Railfan and "Nicole, Myself and Rachel" before you read this one to catch up on what has happened so far.

Also, the hot sex scene is near the end of the story, just so you know. Read on, dear reader! Nicole and I had grown very close to each other. I still had dreams of Danielle every once in a while, but they had become fewer and fewer over the past year and a half. I knew that Danielle's spirit could see how happy Nicole made me and I think that put her spirit at ease. About a month after Nicole and I had some of the best sex we could ever imagine with her best friend Rachel. Even though I really had enjoyed myself, I made it clear to Nicole that I would not do that again, as she was the only one I wanted to have sex with and wake up with every morning I could.

She accepted that, and even though she was not sorry about the amazing sex that had occurred, she was sorry for making it happen. I kept telling her that it was no big deal and that it was done and over with. This seemed to put her more at ease. I was planning a big surprise for Nicole, one that I knew would make her the happiest girl in the world.

I had been shopping for an engagement ring for her for the past couple of weeks. I had been to all the large chain stores like Jared's and Zales, and a few local stores as well.

However, when I walked into Shane Co. her in St. Louis, I knew that it would be the place to get her ring. I walked around the store, and I got personalized attention and no pressure to buy anything.

After about an hour, I picked out a wedding set that I thought suited her sweet personality. I knew that she would love it. The person helping me then showed me a selection of stones to put in.

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He first showed me a 6 carat Diamond that he thought would look the best. I almost agreed, until I saw the price. $45,000! That was more than my truck! I decided that a sapphire would be the best, mainly because it was different and it would suit her better than any diamond would.

He showed me several stones, ranging in colors from Red to Orange. Then I saw exactly what I was looking for. A very rare Peach Sapphire. I picked it for the ring almost the instant I saw it.

With the ring and the stone picked out, I had him ring me out the the total, and it was just under $900. I told him that I would be paying for it that day, and he was a bit amazed.

He thought I was only 18, when in reality, I was 28. He did the necessary paper work, My name, address, phone number and her ring size. After we were done with that, I went up and payed for the set and the stone with cash. The girl at the register looked surprised, but she congratulated me none the less as she knew I would be making my girlfriend very happy. Three days later I went to go pick up the ring.

When I saw it, the finished product sparkled. The sparkle reminded me of Nicole's eyes and I just smiled. Now I had to think of a way to propose to her. I knew right then and there that I would do it with her family around. They already knew that I was going to because I had asked her father for her hand in marriage the night the Nicole and I had a threesome with her best friend Rachel. That Sunday, Nicole and I went to grandparents house for dinner like we usually do.

I could see that everyone was smiling because they knew what was in store. I noticed that her mom even brought her camera. Nicole noticed that as well, and thought it was odd that she brought it, because she never takes photos.

We had a lovely meal consisting of Lasagna that her brother made, Ceaser salad and home made garlic bread. It was delicious, however, her brother could have used less cheese than he did, but then again, it was his first time making it.

After we were done eating, I excused myself. I needed to go out to the truck to get the ring. I told Nicole I was just going out for an after dinner smoke that I usually did.

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She said it was okay and thought nothing of it because it was something I always had done. When I walked back in, I had the biggest smile on my face.

Nicole noticed that and looked at me like I was crazy. Everyone that was there knew what I was about to do. "Nicole, you know how happy you have made me the past year and half, right?" "Yeah, I know, and you have really made me happy as well" She replied "You really have no idea how much I love you, do you" I told her.

"I know how much you love me, it shows in how you treat me and how sweet you are" She explained. "No you don't know how happy you make me" I said. As I said this, I got out of my chair and got on one knee. "Nicole Jessica Thornton, you would make me the happiest man in the world if you would let me put this ring on your finger. Will you do me the greatest honor in the world and marry me?" I asked She had both hands to her mouth, and it looked like she was trying to hold back tears of happiness.

She was speechless when she saw the ring, the stone sparkling in the light. Her mom took some pictures of her reaction when she saw the ring. However, Nicole couldn't say anything, but after a second all she could do was vigorously shake her head yes.

She held out her hand as I slipped the ring onto her finger. The second the ring was on her finger, I got up and she gave me the biggest hug that she could, crying with happiness into my shoulder. Her family clapped when she said yes and her mom took more pictures of the two of us as we hugged. When she had calmed down, she started to show off the ring to the women in the family. Everyone was amazed at how beautiful the ring accented her personality.

Her dad pulled me aside and said that I had really done a good job on the ring and that I am going to be the perfect husband for her. All I could do was smile when he said this. That night she went back home with me. She had the next day off, and was originally going to go home that night, but she wanted to spend more time with me, now her Fiance.

The entire trip home, she was beaming with delight, and she was smiling the entire way. I held her hand, and every time we went underneath a roadway lamp, I could see the ring sparkle.

We made love for hours that night. I lost count of how many times she came, but I ended up cumming 5 times that night, all of which went into her pussy.

As we laid down to go to sleep, she cuddled up close to me, resting her head on my shoulder. She looked up at me told me how much she loved me and how happy I have made her. All I could do was kiss her on the top of her head and hold her close to me. The months flew by. We started making the arrangements for our wedding a few months later. We first got the caterer, who happened to be close friends with her family, and they agreed to provide all the food at no cost to us.

This really made us happy. As news got out to her family in Texas, she started to get calls from them. Even before we sent out or Save the Dates, over half of them told her that they would be coming up for the wedding. This really surprised her, because some of the people who said were coming she had not seen in at least 10 years.

I thought that she could not be happier when I proposed, but when she found out that a cousin of hers, who she had not since in 15 years, said that she was coming up as well, she got even more happier. I didn't think that was possible We sent out the Save the Dates in November of that year. By this time, We had the colors picked out. They would be Pink and Malibu Blue. They were our favorite colors, so it suited us just fine.

We picked out the suits that my groomsmen and I would be wearing. Since it was going to be a June wedding, we decided that it would be a light suit, and not a heavy Tuxedo. She had also picked out the dress she would be wearing. She only gave me sketchy details, like that it was poofy at the bottom and that she would not fit in my car. In January, I traded in the Silverado. With Nicole and I getting married, and planning on having a family soon after, we decided that the truck would no longer be suitable for our needs.

We went car shopping at several dealerships. It did not matter if the car was new or used, just as long as we could afford the payments.

Eventually, we ended up at a dealership close to my place. There, we found the perfect car that would be suitable for us once we started a family. We picked out a 3 year old, low mileage Chevrolet HHR. The car had only 9,500 miles on the Odometer.

What was better was that it dropped my car payment from $475 a month down to $198 a month, something we both could easily afford. However, it was still too small for her to fit in with her dress she said. In February, I asked my brother to be my best man.

Of course he agreed to be the second I asked. He was honored that I would ask him.

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I was the youngest in the family and he seem very happy that his little brother was finally getting married. My other groomsmen was my sisters 14 year old son, Cory, Nicole's brothers, Ron and Harry, and my best friend from middle school, Micheal.

They all agreed to be my groomsmen and of course, they were all very happy that I asked. Nicole had asked her best friend, Rachel to be her Maid of Honor. This made me feel a bit uneasy. I have read stories on where the Maid of Honor seduces the groom.

I sure as hell hope that did not happen! Her other friends, Samantha, Alexis, Amari, and Tina were to be her brides maids. Everything was coming together nicely.

In March, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of my proposing to her. We almost had all the plans completed for the upcoming wedding. We had a venue picked out for the reception, it was to be at the Hilton Downtown St. Louis Hotel, just across from the Gateway Arch. The food for the rehearsal dinner was ordered, as was the food for the reception. The music was picked out and had been sent to the DJ. All that remained to do was to pick out the flowers. I did however, still needed to get sized for my suite, and Nicole still had her fittings to go to, but all in all, everything was completed and we were both getting very excited about spending the rest of our lives together.

I was looking forward to the wedding as well. Not only would I be marrying the women of my dreams, but I would also be seeing some friends of mine who I had not seen in several years. Included was my train buddy Robert from Milwaukee, my friend Jack was flying up from Savannah, Georgia. Jack was my trainer when I started out with Consolidated Refrigeration, the trucking company based out of Utah that I used to drive for.

I also had Jamison coming in all the way from Windsor, Vermont. He would be here the week before the wedding, mainly so he and I could go shoot some trains. Several of my family members from New Mexico were also coming, mainly two of my uncles from Farmington and Aztec, and a Cousin from Clovis.

One of the last things Nicole and I had to do was register for our wedding gifts. Mom was giving us the house I grew up in and moving to a smaller house so Nicole and I would have a nice home to raise a family in. She would be taking most of the furniture, so Nicole and I set out at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond and we registered for every little thing that we thought we would need.

My brother and sister were giving us all new furniture to complete the furnishing of the house. This made the two of us very happy. A month before the wedding, Nicole's mom threw her a wedding shower. It was more of surprise to her because she had requested that all the gift be givin to the both of us at the reception. She was still happy though, and she saw a-lot of her friends there, and one of her friends even drove down from Chicago to be there.

As she spoke to me on the phone that night, she told me that during the shower, we had received about 90% of the items that we had registered for. That made me happy, knowing that some of the items we registered for were pretty expensive.

My bachelor party was arranged for the same night as Nicole's Bachelorette party. While Nicole and her brides maids and several of her friends went out to the club that I took her and Rachel too, my group stayed at my place and had a poker night. We could not really go out drinking for two reasons.

One was that I don't drink. Never have and never will. The second reason was that Cory, a member of my wedding party, was a minor. We still had a great time. Several of my friends who also sell at model train shows came as well. We laughed and played rummy well into the early hours of the morning. We didn't play for cash, but just because we wanted to have fun. It sure did work! The wedding was only a week away when the first of my out of town guests arrived.

Jamison arrived the Saturday before. He came early because he wanted to see the City of St. Louis and what kind of railroad action that was offered.

Even though I worked that Monday, he still rode with me. He managed to see a good deal of the area, and he seemed to have enjoyed it. That was the only day I worked that week. The rest of the week I took him to all the hot spots where he could see the maximum number of trains in a short period of time. Even though we only saw one locomotive that was special, Norfolk Southern #1073, their Penn Central Heritage Unit, we still managed to have a good time. He ended up shooting several hours of video that he would be releasing commercially on DVD and Blu-Ray.

The Thursday before the Wedding, everyone else started to arrive at my place. My Uncles and Cousin, along with Jaimson, Jack and Robert were staying at My place for their stay. Everyone else who came from out of town from my side were staying at local hotels. Needless to say, it became very cramped in my otherwise large house. We all went out to dinner that night, and enjoyed a steak dinner at a Local steak house.

The same night, Nicole's family did the same thing. We had not seen each other for at least a week since everyone was starting to arrive for the wedding and we needed to give them our attention since we were their hosts.

Friday came. Jamison, Robert and I went out to go photograph trains. We didn't catch anything unusual this time locomotive wise, but we did end up catching an old Chicago and Northwestern Caboose at the end of a Mixed train in Alton, IL. We spent most of the out chasing trains. As the evening came, we all headed down to the church in Belleville were Nicole and I were to be married the following day for the rehearsal.

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It took us an hour to get everything down pat and we both felt that we were ready for the next day. I was on cloud nine because I knew that in less than 24 hours, Nicole would become my wife and we could finally start our lives together. Saturday, the big day finally arrived.

I could hardly sleep that night. My mind was too occupied with the events that were going to follow. I finally managed to get to sleep around 3 in the morning, 12 hours before the wedding. I was sound asleep when Jamison started pounding on the door.

BAM BAM BAM "Hey, William, get your ass out of bed! You need to eat breakfast!" He yelled through the door. "Ugh." I moaned "Okay, Okay, Okay, I am up! Just stop trying to bust my door down!" I yelled back at him I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and rolled out of bed.

I was still exhausted.

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I put on my robe and walked across the hall. I turned on the shower and stepped in. I needed to look and smell good today. As I always do, I started to think as I shaved. I thought about the events that led me to this day. I thought about Danielle, my High School sweetheart who had passed 7 years before hand.

I then thought about Michelle, the sweet girl turned into control freak that I could not wait to get rid of. My mind then turned to Ann. I had lost touch with her, but last I heard, she was shaking up with her best friends ex. He was unemployed and they lost the apartment they had. To bad, her loss I thought as I chuckled, then laughed the more I thought about it.

I thought about my first Girlfriend, the crazy obsessed girl I was dating when I met Danielle. I cringed when I thought about her, but that was over 10 years ago. I have not heard from her since I left the message saying that I was dumping her and to never contact me again. I wondered how she was doing these days. I finished my shower and got dressed. I walked downstairs, and the smell of Bacon, Eggs and pancakes filled the air.

Mom really knew how to cook and I always enjoyed it when she could. She could not always make breakfast for me, but this was a very important day for me. "Eat up, William, you are going to need it for today, who knows when the next time you can eat will be" Mom explained. "Smells and looks good, mom, thank you" I told her as I kissed her on the cheek. I sat down to 3 eggs, 6 strips of bacon and a tall stack of Pancakes. Jamison, Robert and Jack sat down with me and we started to discuss the day that lay before me.

After breakfast, I went upstairs to get dressed. It was 9AM, 6 hours before the wedding. I put on some shorts and a T-shirt and got ready to leave. Jamison, Robert and I were going to do a little last minute railfanning before heading to the church. "Be glad you are not wearing your suit right now" Robert said with a chuckle as we drove down the highway into Illinois.

"Imagine when Nicole sees you at the alter, covered in Creosote!" Jamison and I both laughed at the remark. but he did have a point, one wrong step and I could end up being covered in ballast dust or even creosote that protects the ties from the weather. We didn't really shoot any trains, it was a quite day on the railroad, and we arrived at the Church around noon. Even though the wedding was Three hours away, the church was a beehive of activity, with decorations going up and sound tests being made.

I saw Nicole's truck and I knew that she was already here.


She is probably doing her make up. I really wanted to go see her, but I knew that she would not let me see her until she walks down the aisle. As I walked towards the room where I would be getting in, everyone stopped me to congratulate me. Normally the walk from the front door to the fireside room takes less than 2 minutes, but today, it took over 20 minutes to get there! I was the first to arrive. My groomsmen had not yet arrived. I sat down in one of the chairs, pulled out my iPhone and started playing my favorite game app, Bejewled Blitz.

I managed to get a high score of 467,950 before my brother arrived. "What are you doing on your phone, you should be getting ready!" He said, almost yelling. "Relax Frank, I still have two and half hours before the wedding" I told him. "Still, you need to start getting ready, come on, lets get you dressed" he told me.

I put my phone down and started to undress. It took me less than 10 minutes to get dressed. Frank helped me with my tie and made sure my vest was on properly.

At this time, Cory, Ron, Harry and Micheal arrived, They had driven together to save gas, and since Micheal was driving my car from the church to the reception venue, it was best the he rode with them anyway. By 2:30, we were all ready to go. I looked outside and I saw that the church was already packed, with more people coming in. The photographer came in to get pictures of me and my groomsmen and she quickly finished. I was getting more and more nervous as the time for the ceremony approached.

At 2:45, my groomsmen left me alone and went to the front of the church to take their place with the bridesmaids.

It was now or never and there was no turning back now. I took a deep breath, collected my thoughts and walked out of the fireside room to take my spot at the alter. At 3:00 PM sharp, the ceremony started. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids were all smiles as the walked with their respected partners down the aisle. Frank and Rachel were the last to come down the aisle. This was so they would be right next to us during. Frank seemed to be smiling the most, and was he took his place by my side, he gave me a wink and told me to keep relaxed and that everything will go smoothly.

Then the traditional "Here comes the bride" music started. I turned around and what I saw took my breath out of me. There she was, Nicole, in the most beautiful wedding dress that I had ever seen. It was sleeveless, and very poofy. She had a cathedral length train. She was smiling from ear to ear as her father walked her down the aisle.

She was absolutely stunning. The veil that my mother made for her was carefully placed in her hair that was done by her aunt. She took her place by my side, and the pastor started the ceremony. Everything went as planned and no one objected to the two of us getting married. We recited the vows, promising to love, hold and cherish each other until death do us part.

Her nephew was the ring bearer and right after we placed the rings on our fingers, the we turned around and the pastor introduced us to the crowed as Mr. and Mrs. William Anthony Green. We took our wedding pictures at the farm where I proposed to her, and I was constantly afraid that she would get her dress dirty. She was very careful and the dress made it out of the whole ordeal without a single stain.

She was right about one thing, the dress would not fit in the HHR. We ended up riding in the back of my moms SUV that was being driven to both the Farm and then to the reception.

We had a blast during the reception. We had a great meal of Fried Chicken, Green Beans, a Mashed Potato bar and salad. We danced the night away. Our first dance was to the song "Faithfully" by Journey. When Nicole threw the bouquet, it was Rachel who caught it.


I didn't think she would catch it, but then again, I knew she could not try to come after me to marry her since I was now married to Nicole. I played a little dirty as I took Nicole's garter off. I managed to give her a little kiss on her crotch covered pussy as I removed it. She jumped a little when I did this.

When I came out from under her dress, she had a disapproving look on her face, then she just smiled. I flicked the garter out to the single men in the crowed, and there was scramble to catch it. It was Micheal, one of my groomsmen who caught it. When I saw him hold it up, I wondered to myself if he and Rachel would start dating. It was a little past 11PM when Nicole and I said goodbye to the guests.

The reception would keep going for another two hours, but we were both exhausted from the day. We were staying in one of the Honeymoon suites at the same hotel where the reception was. All we had to do was catch an elevator up to our room. We had not looked at the room before and the sight that greeted us when we reached our room took our breaths away. There was a cart of candy, roses and wine and a huge card from the entire staff of the hotel.

What really took our breath away was the view we had of the Arch and the St. Louis Riverfront. As Nicole was looking out the window, I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist, just like I did on the first day we met 3 years before.

Just like before, she leaned her head back and I started to kiss her neck. "Just like old times?" I asked "Yeah, only difference now is that I am now your wife, and you are now my Husband" she said, as she pulled me in for a deep kiss.

I started to kiss her with passion building in both my pants and in my heart. I grabbed her at the waste and gave her the most loving, yet erotic hug that we ever had. I started kissing her neck and this caused her to let out a little moan. I knew that kissing on her neck was her biggest turn on.

As I kept kissing her, I reached up her back and started to slide the zipper down, to help her out of her wedding dress. As the dress slid down, I noticed that she was wearing white panties and a matching strapless white bra. She stood in front of me in only these clothing items and her veil.

"You look even more beautiful then before, baby, you look absolutely stunning." I told her I pulled her in for another kiss and she started to undress me.

First the removed my jacket and my vest before undoing the buttons on my shirt. I helped myself and removed her bra and let her wonderful breasts out.

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I pulled her into a hug and I could feel her naked breasts against my chest. I sucked lightly on her neck as she reached down to and undid the belt on my pants.

Since the pants were a little too big on the waste, all she had to do was push them down. I was soon just in my boxers, just as naked as my wife was. I laid her down on the bed and we were soon all over each other. We were very horny since it had been 2 weeks since we had any kind of sex.

I put my hand down between her legs and she spread them open for me as I started to rub her pussy. She moaned into my mouth as I pulled the crotch aside and started to rub her clit. I got up and helped her remove her panties all together. Once off, she gave me a loving look and a "Come Hither" with her finger. I got between her legs and took a very good look at what was now my wife's pussy.

I dove in and started to lick and suck on her clit. She grabbed my head and held it there, keeping me there, not wanting me to stop. I wouldn't want to stop anyway, I enjoyed the way she tasted. I sucked hard on her clit and this got her off with her first orgasm of the night. It was not as powerful as when my cock was in in her, but it still sent shivers up and down her spine.

I kept licking her and I shoved my tongue as far as I could into her pussy. I started to fuck her with my tongue as much as I could. I knew it did not really go as deep, but since my nose was rubbing on her slit as I was doing this, this sent her off into another satisfying orgasm. Once she came down from her high, she told me that was enough and needed me in her. I did not want to keep my wife waiting. I pulled off my boxer and crawled between her, kissing my way up her body from her crotch all the way up to her lips.

She wrapped her arms around me and I pulled me in for a kiss as I slid my cock into her waiting pussy. "Oh baby, you feel so good! I missed having your cock deep in my pussy." She said as I bottomed out in her "Don't worry baby, you can have my cock anytime you want know, I promise" I said I kissed her. "And you, my good husband, can have my pussy anytime you want, as long as I am not on my period" She said with a wink. I started to thrust into her as hard and fast as I could.

I did not bother with the slow and gentle, it had been 2 weeks since he last had sex and we were both craving it. She wrapped her legs around me so I could go deeper into her. I was soon hitting her cervix, and this brought her off to a massive orgasm. I felt her wet my balls as she squirted all over me. This turned me on even more and I went even harder and faster into her, grinding my cock against her clit every time I bottomed out in her.

"Oh god Nicole, I am going to cum soon!" I nearly yelled "Yes, Yes Yes! Do it, Come for me baby, cum in your wife!" She yelled in response.

I shoved my cock as deep as I could and I felt my cock go past her cervix and I shot 2 weeks of unspent cum deep into her womb. She felt my cum splashing into her and this set her off again into another massive orgasm. This time she not only squirted all over me, but when she did, she actually screamed out loud.

I never heard her scream like this before. After her orgasm passed, she rolled off me and cuddled up next to me. She looked up with her beautiful brown eyes and smiled. "I love you, William, always and forever" she said with a loving voice "I love you too Nicole, I am so happy you are now my wife" I responded as I kissed her on her forehead.

We both drifted off to sleep after a very long day. Even though we had drifted off to sleep together many times before, this time was different. We fell asleep together as Man and Wife.

A couple of months after the wedding, We both found out Nicole was pregnant. We were both very excited as we wanted to start having children right way. Needles to say, my mom and her parents were also very excited because this was her parents first grandchild and my moms 6th grandchild.

They all said that they would be spoiling our child. 7 months later, 9 months after our wedding, Nicole went into labor. I rushed her to DePaul hospital, closes to our house. She was in labor for 19 hours. It was a long and hard labor for her, but in the end, she gave birth to our first daughter. We named her Danielle Howard Green. We both agreed when we found out that we were having a girl that we should name her after my first love, Danielle Howard, to honor her memory.

I held my daughter for the very first time and a tear came to my eye. She had her mothers eyes and my hair, and she was the sweetest little girl that I ever did see, and I was her father.

I sat down next to Nicole and we admired our little bundle of joy. Our little family was now complete.