Babe is a pro at sucking big cock telsev

Babe is a pro at sucking big cock telsev
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I waited patients for him to come home from work as I did everyday.


But lately I found out a few things; 1. He loved to fuck like no ones business. 2. He liked his wife to watch.

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3. He didn't' care what he did to me nothing was off limits. Why did I allow this to go on, one might ask? Did I really have a choice, he was my father and little girls typically did what their Daddy's said for them to do without asking questions or there could be punishment involved.

In my case, there would indeed be punishment if I didn't do as I was told. I sat in my little school uniform, because he never allowed me to change until he said that I could change. My uniform was pleated skirt blue plaid, white button down collared shirt, and a blue sweater, knee socks and brown ugly shoes that they required us to wear at my high school. I said with my hands folded in my lap, and quietly sat waiting, trying not think about what could happen when Daddy walked through the door.

I head the back door creak, and my heart started to pound. I heard the sound of his keys being laid on the table and heard his jacket being unzipped. I listened for his footsteps, but really couldn't decide if I heard them or my heart beating rapidly in my chest. He appeared around the corner in his pleated khaki pants, and his green shirt that he had to wear to his office.

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He smiled at me when he saw me. I smiled back a weak smile. I knew I was going to have a heart attack at the tender age of 14, I knew it was going to happen my heart was beating so fast. "Hi, angel," he said. I managed to open my mouth, "hi Daddy," I said.

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He walked over and sat down beside me on the sofa. "So, what did my little angel learn at school today, he asked? This was the normal Daddy and daughter conversation, but I knew what it was going to lead to. Because, it happened every single day. "I learned about chemistry today and what chemical not to mix together to create an explosion," I replied.

He shook his head as if he understood, however, when I looked at him I knew he wasn't listening he was looking at my heaving breast.

I sat perfectly still as he taught me, and I learned quickly this is what really turned him on. The kill, more or less, going in for the forbidden delight he found inside me. Daddy reached over and put his hand on my knee, I knew where this was headed. I pushed his hand away. He frowned, "now Angel, you know better than that," he said.

He placed his hand back on my knee, I let it remain. "Now angel tell me what you like for me to do to you," he asked?

"Nothing," I said. He frowned again, "do you need to be punished today?" he said simply. I thought very hard before I answered because it depended on how bad the punishment would be as to whether I wanted it or not.

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"No sir," I said. He smiled at me, "very good, stand up," he commanded. I stood, "turn around," I turned around. "Pull down your skirt and leave your panties on," he said forcefully. I pulled down my skirt, and left my little white panties on. "Bend over," he said. I bent over, I felt his hand touch my ass, he ran his hand along the edge of panties, and touched my leg he ran his fingers along the inside of my panties to touch my pussy.

I quivered, I knew what was expected of me. "Slide those down angel," he said. I complied and stood, "your little ass is so wonderful," he said. "Turn around," I turned around. I want you to shave that little pussy I love it all slick and shiny, Spread it apart," he said. I pulled the lips apart so he could see my hard little clit, I started to rub it. "Don't you touch that clit, did I say you could," he asked.

I stopped, "One more time and your going to be punished," he told me. I stood with my lips pulled apart. He stood and began to unbutton my shirt he pulled it from my shoulders, and looked at my breast in my bra, he kissed the tops of my tits.

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Reaching behind me he unsnapped my bra, and took it off, I stood naked except for my ugly socks and shoes he would make me leave those on, he always did.

He sucked my nipples until they stood at attention firm and hard. I wanted to touch my clit badly, I could feel the wetness begin to leak out of my pussy, and no way to stop it, if he saw it he would punish me.

He took his hand and rubbed down my belly, to my pussy, he was going to find out I was wet. He touched my clit, and stopped, "your wet," he said, as he pulled away. I shook my head no, he took my hand and pulled me into the bedroom.

I knew it was coming, I didn't know what punishment I would get but I was going to get something.


I had no choice but to leave with him. He instructed me to lay down on the bed, I did as I was told. Lay still, he had said, he went to the drawer and took out 4 pieces of rope.

He tied my hands to the posters on the headboard, and then he pulled my legs apart and tied each foot to the posters on the footboard. I lay spread eagle with not a stitch on but my ugly socks and shoes still. My pussy gaped open, he reached into the drawer again and pulled out lube. I was perplexed because he had never used it on me before. He put it on his hands and put it on my pussy and my ass, he took two fingers and inserted them into my pussy, then a third, my breath caught in my throat, I knew better than to make any kind of noise.

He then inserted a fourth finger, the pain was indescribable. He rammed my pussy hard, slowly I began to loosen up and enjoy what he was doing.

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But then he knew I was enjoying it so he stopped. Walking into the other room, I wasn't sure what he was going to get, but then I heard the back door open and close I was really unsure what he was doing then.

What could he be going outside to get for me in this position, I tried to wiggle out of the ropes, but they were tied to tight and they just tightened more.

I head the door open and close and then I heard something else, I heard nails clacking on the floor in the kitchen.

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What was that noise it was familiar surely to me but I didn't know what it was. Daddy walked through the door, and beside him was our Great Dane, Skipper.

What in crap was he bringing the dog in the room with me for while I was like this. "Up Skipper," he said. Skipper climbed up on the bed and put his nose in my pussy, "Daddy, make him stop," I begged. "Nope, it's your punishment today since you can't be a good girl this is the punishment," he said smiling.

I didn't like this, the dog pushed his nose against my wet pussy he began to lick my pussy, I squirmed and tried to get away, but was unable to move.

Daddy sat down beside my head and unzipped his pant, he took his huge hard cock out of his pants and stuck it against my lips, "and you will be quiet," he said. He stuck his cock in mouth and made me suck. I didn't care all I could think about was the dog between my legs, his long tongue licked my clit, and my hole. I could feel myself starting to cum but I knew that if I did, my punishment would be worse. I sucked his cock as he instructed he moaned and pushed harder and deeper into my throat.

The dog stopped his constant lapping at my pussy he moved around up by my head to see what was happening maybe and as he turned back around to go back to my throbbing wet pussy I saw his enormous dick. It dawned on me then that Daddy's 4 fingers would be nothing compared to what I was about to get.

The dog licked my pussy again and then moved up to where my face was I could feel him humping, I knew I was going to find out. I could feel his dick moving across my pussy another shudder rippled through me. Daddy felt it to he shoved his cock into my throat as the dog with one thrust was in my pussy, I screamed with Daddy's cock in my mouth.

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The dog was rough and got rougher, I could feel his rough paws scratching my sides as he thrust deeper and deeper, my pussy opened more than I thought it ever could.

I was wet too, which was a surprise because of the pain that I felt. I couldn't even think I sucked and I sucked him into my throat, he too began to thrust as I got close to cumming and I couldn't hide it anymore. The dog fucked me harder than I have ever been fucked in my life, which wasn't very long for either one. The dog humped faster and faster and harder and harder, then I felt him dump his load in me. He was pantingand Daddy was panting as well. Maybe I was fucking two dogs, the dog pulled his dick out of my pussy.

Daddy pulled his cock out of my mouth and got between my legs. He put his fingers into my pussy and pulled out a huge wad of cum and rubbed it into my tits. He then shoved his cock into my waiting wide open cunt. He began to fuck me harder and harder, I couldn't stand it anymore, I came, and I screamed when I did. I looked at Daddy he smiled because he had made me cum, he then pulled his cock out and shot his load onto my pussy.

He was breathless and lay down beside me.


Skipper wasn't on the bed anymore I wasn't sure where he was. Daddy, caught his breath and looked at me, he rolled over and kissed my cheek, "you will listen to me from now on won't you," he asked. I shook my head yes, "if your bad again, I'll let the dog fuck your ass, do you want that angel," he asked again. "no Daddy, please not that ever." "Then you will do what your told, and getting wet before I tell you it's okay is being bad, you understand," I shook my head yes again, he untied my hands and my feet and pulled me to his chest, I lay there trying to close my legs but my pussy felt like a raw sore after I was fucked by the dog.

I would not ever disobey again that was guaranteed.