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Dando verga a mi amiga de Ecatepec
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The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Two: The Slave of Desire Copyright 2014 Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta-reading this! Thursday, January 16th The loud, annoying, repetitive beep of Kyle's alarm woke him.

He rolled over, slapping at the clock. Only his hand fell short, landing upon a warm, soft lump that gasped. A person. Kyle's thoughts tried to ponder that— He bolted upright.

There was a girl in his bed. Aaliyah, his wife, smiled at him as she rubbed sleep from her dusky face. His heart sped up as the blanket slipped down to reveal her round, firm tits topped with hard, dark nipples.

He tried to remember that he had a girlfriend. A beautiful girlfriend. But the sight of those breasts— "How would you like to be satisfied, Kyle?" she purred, stretching. "My mouth, my pussy, or maybe someone else. Your sister perhaps, or your mother? Maybe your girlfriend Christy?

Your old babysitter Megan? Name the woman, and she'll be eager to please you, my love." Her fingers grasped his hard wood, polishing it with skilled hands. He fought off his baser urges. Fucking his mother and sister was wrong, it was incest, and he wanted his first time with Christy to be special, and not because his genie-wife made it happen.

Other women popped into his head: Ms. Franklin, his biology teacher from last year with her fiery-red hair and low-cut blouses; or Toni from his math class, a gorgeous cheerleader with a petite body and dark-red hair; and the very lovely Carla Taylor from his gym class that always looked amazing in her tight sweatpants.

There were dozens of girls at his school he had jerked off to before; he could have them all. No. It's wrong. They should have a choice. Not forced to please him because of a wish. Right? Aaliyah's hand stroked harder, rubbing his cock's head, and it became harder and harder to remember that as the blood roared in his veins.

Megan seemed to enjoy herself last night, his lust whispered. What was the harm? He almost relented, imagining Ms. Capelo, his busty English teacher, wrapping her luscious tits around his cock. "I want you," he moaned, pushing down his dark desires. "On top!" He always wanted a woman to ride him, but he always hoped it would be Christy mounting him.

Aaliyah beamed, gracefully moving into position. Her full breasts heaved as she straddled him, her hands guiding his wood to her shaved pussy. She felt amazing, like wet, warm silk as she rubbed his tip against her nether lips, then she found the entrance to her sheath and sank down on him, engulfing him in nirvana—slick, tight nirvana. "Oh, my love!" she sighed. "Thank you for choosing me!" "You're welcome." What else could he say?

"Ride me!" "Yes, yes!" she gasped. Her breasts were beautiful as they rose and fell and jiggled and swayed. The mattress squeaked and Aaliyah squealed. He reached up, squeezing those lush orbs, perky and pliant and soft. Her nipples were hard; she gasped when he pinched them, her cunt constricting on his cock. "Your cock is stirring me up!" she purred. There was a sudden knock at his door. "Hurry up and finish, dear! You have to get ready for school!" It was surreal that his mom accepted Aaliyah and their relationship thanks to his wish.

"Yes, mother," Aaliyah answered, and picked up her rhythm. She looked down, her dark eyes full of lust. "Cum in me, my love!

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Let my pussy bring you to satisfaction!" Kyle's balls were boiling; her pussy wet, warm, wonderful silk. His body tensed and his passion erupted into her. She shuddered, gasping, her pussy massaging the cum out of his balls. Then she slumped over him and he couldn't help kissing her. She really is wonderful. "I love you, Kyle," she murmured. "I. I love you, too." The guilt returned.


He loved Christy, right? He missed her, and he badly wanted to see his girlfriend, and yet a part of him wanted to stay with Aaliyah. His thoughts were too confused, and Aaliyah's lithe body atop him only fueled his turmoil.

"I could stay like this all day, my husband," she sighed, nuzzling his neck. "Yeah," he answered. "But I got to take a shower and all." "Of course," she beamed, then stood up and held out her hand.

"Shall we." "Shall we what?" he asked in confusion. "Shower. Since you have no concubines, I'll attend you." He took her soft hand and she helped him up.

He grabbed a robe, and she genied one for herself out of thin air, and they walked to the small bathroom. It was an old house, and there was only one bathroom, a small, cramped affair with a shower-tub combo, a toilet, and a porcelain sink on a stand underneath a medicine cabinet. "How delightful," Aaliyah purred when she stepped into the spray, her dusky body shiny with moisture.

"There are some remarkable things in your land." His cock hardened, and he grunted and joined her in the shower. She looked around in confusion, so he grabbed his bottle of Axe body wash and she caught on quick. Her hands were soft and gentle as she soaped his body, starting at his chest, and working her way down his stomach. "So strong," she purred, tracing his muscles. "Thanks." He reached out, rubbing soapy hands on her stomach.

"You're very beautiful." Her face darkened with her blush, and then her hands began to wash his cock, and his hands began to wash her breasts. They both were smiling as they fondled each other, his cock erect, and the thought of Aaliyah on her knees in the shower blowing him popped into his mind.

*As you wish, my husband!* She dropped to her knees, sucking his cock into her mouth, her dark hair matted to her beautiful face by the water spray. He groaned, closing his eyes and enjoying her wonderful mouth on his cock. He could grow to like this morning routine. Someone banged on the bathroom door. "C'mon, Kyle!" Fatima shouted. "Other people live in this house!" "In a minute!" he shouted.

"Suck harder, Aaliyah." She did; his eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned. His hips jerked, and he started slowly fucking her mouth. He stroked her wet hair, savoring her tongue swirling round his cock, brushing his sensitive tip as the suction of her mouth seemed to go straight to his balls, drawing his cum out. "Gonna cum!" he groaned. He unleashed a tide of white into her lips and she drank it all down. "Thanks!" he sighed, a smile growing on his face as the euphoria slowly— "Get out now!

I have to pee!" shouted Fatima. "Maybe we should finish up," Kyle laughed. "Maybe," Aaliyah nodded, and suddenly the shower was off and they were clean and dry. Kyle laughed, and pulled on his bathrobe, and opened the bathroom door to find his little sister glowering at him wrapped in a pink robe that was half-open, teasing Kyle with a view of her developing breasts. They sure seemed lovely. Ever since his little sister had sprouted tits, she'd been teasing him with them.

"It's bad enough you kept me up all night with your fucking, but now you hog all the hot water!" she snapped. "Sorry," he said, then glanced at Aaliyah. She smiled and nodded. "You'll have all the hot water you need, sister." Fatima shook her head and pushed past Kyle and Aaliyah. "She's horny," Aaliyah purred. "If you were to go in there, she would welcome your affections.

I can feel her desire.


She's using the shower head to pleasure herself." Kyle pictured his fourteen[sixteen]-year-old sister, budding breasts heaving, as she rubbed the shower head between her thighs.

He pushed down his desire. "No, I got to get to school." "Of course," she answered. "And I'll attend to the house and learn more about your strange kingdom." "Country," he corrected. "How curious," she mused, then gave him a kiss on the lips that set his heart beating and his cock swelling.

She pressed her groin against his crotch. "Do you need relief?" He adjusted his pants. "No. I gotta go." He fled the house, grabbing a bagel on the way out. His thoughts were so full of Aayliah and Christy, guilt warring with lust, that he missed a turn and was half-way to school before he remembered that he was supposed to give his friend a ride to school.

When he pulled up at his best friend's house, he was ten minutes late and Britney glared at him through her thick glasses. They had been best friends ever since the fifth grade when they had been paired together for a science fair project. "You are late," she declared as she slammed the passenger door. "We are going to be late! I cannot be late, Kyle!" Kyle shrugged.

"It won't wreck your chance to be valedictorian, Britney." She adjusted the thick rims of her glasses that seemed to cover most of her freckled face. She was dressed in her usual, frumpy clothes—baggy sweatshirt, loose pants, and a heavy, blue jacket—her thick, brown hair barely combed, making her head resemble a bird's nest. "If we are late, I will not help you with your Math homework." "You wouldn't!" Kyle gasped with mock outrage.

Her gaze was level. "You will never get into a good college if you do not keep your grades up." "My grades are fine, Britney." "And what about scholarships?

Your mother cannot afford to pay for your college." "The military's going to pay," he dismissed. She peered at him and he shifted nervously. She had a direct, piercing gaze, very clinical. He felt like a bug being examined beneath a microscope—a paramecium.

"There is something different about you." "Why would you say that?" he tried to sound causal. He failed. "Did your date with Christy go bad?" She cocked her head. "Yeah, her parents called and." "What is that scent about you?" She inhaled. "Jasmine and.sandalwood?" "Well." Then she punched his arm, catching him by surprise. He winced. "Who is she?" "Um." "You have had coitus recently, and not with Christy." "I." "Men are such pigs!

I thought you loved her. She will be crushed!" Kyle was surprised by Britney's vehemence. She never had been happy that he was dating Christy, though he never pried the why out of his friend. This reaction caught him completely off guard. "It's not like that. She's." My wife, he wanted to say. A thousand-year-old genie whom I inadvertently married when I used her lamp to burn incense. Dammit, if I can't tell my best friend, then whom do I talk to about it? "She's my wife." Her hand froze; her big eyes blinked behind her thick glasses.

"What?" "You know my mom's Kurdish. It's one of those, uh, arranged marriages." "So you engaged in coitus with her?" "Do you have to call it that?" he asked. It made him feel so dirty when she used that word. "Coitus? It is the proper term." "Fine, I had coitus with her. A few times. She's." Hot, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, irresistible. "She's hard to resist." "Pig," she sighed. "I don't know what to do," he whined. "I love Christy and." And what, do I love Aaliyah? He found a strange longing in his heart, and he wished both Aaliyah and Christy were here.

A picture of the three of them together in bed flashed through his mind, Aaliyah's dusky hand and Christy's pale hand stroking his cock as they leaned into—he stopped imagining that, his cock growing uncomfortably large in his jeans. "I don't know what to think. It was all sprung on me last night. My mom's cool with it." "Break up with Christy then. She deserves that. Do not string her along, Kyle." Kyle frowned, making the turn into Rogers High School's parking lot.

He parked his car, and saw Christy leaning against the school's brick wall, waving at him. She's probably been texting me the entire time we were driving. She's so pretty. His heart sped up, and he couldn't help smiling and waving back. "I can't. I love her." "Then annul your marriage with this other girl." The thought brought a momentary spike of fear.

Did that sexy genie worm her way into my heart that quick? Or is this just lust? She's the first girl to jump my bones, and she's willing to do it again and again. I don't want to give that up, not when being inside her was so wonderful.

Fuck, why did everything have to be so damn confusing? "Don't tell Christy, okay?" "I will not," Britney answered, though she didn't sound pleased. "You should." "I will. I just need to think." "She is bad for you, Kyle." "What? Aaliyah?" "No, Christy." Britney stared straight at him, her eyes—magnified by her thick glasses—fixed on him like a fierce tiger, and he swallowed.

Normally his friend was as calm as a placid lake, but sometimes she could grow so intense, like a lake frothed by a raging storm. "She is a liar. She will break your heart." Kyle wanted to press her for more information, but Christy was walking up to his car, and this wasn't the sort of conversation Kyle wanted her to overhear.

Why does she think Christy's a liar? Christy and Britney had never gotten along, and Kyle never had understood why neither girl liked each other. He sighed and opened his car door. Christy was waiting, her pouty lips smiling, and enthusiastically hugged him.

He felt momentarily guilty until her lips touched his, then he savored her love and the feel of her body pressed against his. Could I have both of them?

Aaliyah seems more than okay with it, but what about Christy? Who am I kidding, Christy would never be in for that. No American woman would share her boyfriend. "You're late," Christy declared. "Let's go before Mrs. Skinner gets mad at us." "You look pretty today," Kyle smiled as he took her hand, and together they headed to their first period math class, the only class they shared this semester. Kyle struggled at math, but Christy was great at it. All the women in my life seem better at math than me.

"I am sorry about last night," she said, giving his hand a squeeze. "I meant it. I was willing to go all the way." "And this Friday?" She took a deep breath, crimson playing on her cheeks. "I'm still ready." His cock was lead in his pants, and he adjusted himself, bringing a naughty giggle to her lips "I know. You should feel my panties. I wish I brought a fresh pair." "I would love to." his voice trailed off as a teacher came around the corner.

"Tomorrow night," she promised, a twinkle in her hazel eyes. <p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aaliyah sat at Kyle's computer, fascinated at all the new things she was discovering. Thanks to her powers, she had developed an innate understanding of how to use the technology.

So much had changed in the thousand years she had slept. The world she knew was gone and buried, and this new and exciting world had taken its place. Full of magic called technology that almost rivaled some of the feats she could perform. Almost. Is father all right? she wondered as she read about the history of the Middle East. Nothing there had really changed; it was still wracked by war.

He must think I'm lost for eternity. Well, Kyle is perfect. He can save the realms, once I help him shed some of his peculiar ideas.

Never would Aaliyah have thought a man could pass up the opportunities of delight she offered. Around the house, her little homunculi, fashioned from dust, were cleaning the house for her. Her mother-in-law was overworked having to support her two children on her own, so Aaliyah was more than happy to relieve her of that burden. It was very shameful that her father and brothers were not supporting her in her widowhood.

The door opened downstairs. Curious, Aaliyah left the pocket space that Kyle's room occupied. I'm going to have to expand this. I need my own bedroom, and there needs to be space for his other wives and concubines. As she started going downstairs she came face to face with her sister-in-law. The younger girl froze on the stairs, her round face paled and almond-shaped eyes widened in alarm. "Oh, shit!" she gasped. "I didn't think you'd. Shit!" "Do not be alarmed, sister," Aaliyah smiled, and sensed her thoughts.

Fear, alarm, and surprise mixed together. She's afraid I'll tell her mother. She's supposed to be at school. "I will not tell your mother." Fatima's relieved breath came out in an audible whoosh. "Well, um, good. So I need to, uh. Yeah." She was flustered, gathering her thoughts. Aaliyah reached out and placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Let's have a ta—" "What the hell is that!" Fatima shrieked, pointing at one of her homunculi.

It was squat, maybe a foot tall—what a curious measurement—and made of gray-brown dust, vaguely shaped like a human. "A servant," Aaliyah answered. "Cleaning the house." "But.how." Fatima's mouth worked soundlessly. "I am a Djinn. Of the Jann tribe." "A Djinn? A genie?" Aaliyah sighed inwardly.

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Could no one in this land pronounce her people's name properly? "Yes. Your brother freed me from my slumber and now I am his wife." The Djinn felt a stab of jealously followed by shame from the younger girl. How very curious, Aaliyah thought as she picked apart the girl's thoughts. "Come on, let's have a nice cup of tea and talk." Aaliyah took her hand, warm, soft; heat flushed in her nethers.

Fatima was pretty, a budding flower promising to become a great beauty. While Kyle was the first man the Djinn had lain with, he wasn't the first person. She had learned the delights that could be found with another woman in her father's harem.

It was the only proper way for a woman to relieve her desires if her husband or master's affections cannot be obtained. Fatima had Kyle's beautiful eyes and exotic cast, and her body did so ache for her husband's touch. Fatima's room was a little smaller than Kyle's and cluttered. Clothes were strewn everywhere—Fatima blushed and began snatching dirty panties off the floor—and paintings of cute boys covered the walls.

She had never seen such lifelike paintings before. They looked so real, like the images on the computer and, curiously, words were printed on them with strange names: Justin Bieber, One Direction, Big Time Rush. A minute later several homunculi tottered in carrying a steaming teapot, a spicy scent filling the air.

Aaliyah took several pillows off her bed and sat on the floor. Fatima sat across from her and the Djinn had a lovely view up the young girl's skirt to her panties tight across her girlish treasure.

"How can you wear that?" Fatima asked. "I can see everything. It's so indecent." Aaliyah looked down at her yellow silks. "This is a harem dress," she answered. "For your brother's pleasure. I would not wear this where another man could see me.

But you show all that leg to complete strangers. Where I come from, that would be most indecent." "This skirt goes down to my knees," gasped the girl. "I have skirts that are far shorter." The homunculi finished pouring. The tea was warm and spicy and Aaliyah savored it. "What is your brother like?" The girl snorted and then choked on her tea.

"You're the one fucking him." "Well, yes, but we just met." Aaliyah took another sip. Delicious. "He seems like a kind man, and loves his girlfriend very much." Girlfriend. What a strange word. "I thought he did, and then he married you." Jealousy radiated from the girl. She loves her brother.

Perhaps she would make an excellent wife. "Your brother shall have more than one wife. This Christy seems like a likely candidate, and I eagerly await meeting her. I hope we can be the fastest of friends, sharing in our love for your brother." Fatima stared in stunned amazement at the Djinn. "That's crazy. You can only have one wife." "Why?" "I.I don't know," Fatima spluttered. "You just can't." "What were you thinking about in the shower?" Aaliyah asked, probing her sister-in-law's feelings.

Kyle seemed unwilling to expand his harem, and a great man needed one to prove the power he possessed. The girl blinked in shock. *pleasure horny Kyle's chest his muscles Kyle's cock inside me fucking me oh yes oh yes.* Her thoughts were scrambled: flashes of Kyle; fantasies of being taken by her brother in the shower, in her bedroom; forced to be his lover and please him.

Aaliyah smiled. "I was just showering." Her protest was half-hearted, her face darkening in embarrassment. Aaliyah peered into her eyes, reaching out to touch her knees. "I think you were doing more than that." Fatima's looked down at her tea. "Okay, fine. I was masturbating. Thinking about boys." "About Kyle?" "Of course not!" Her protest sounded sincere. "He's my brother." "It's okay," the Djinn told her, stroking her thigh.

"He is so handsome, how could you not think about him that way?" "He's my brother! It's wrong!" "Love is never wrong," Aaliyah answered, patting her knee. Aaliyah's touch seemed to break something inside the girl, and Fatima's face became crestfallen, tears brimming in her eyes.

"I just.I can't help myself. I'm such a pervert!" Aaliyah reached out and gently wiped at her tear, then cupped her face, leaning in. "There's nothing wrong with it. How long have you desired him?" "A few years." Fatima bit her lip. "We have relatives who are Zoroastrians; it's still an active religion among some of the Kurds, and I was curious about it.

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I read that the Zoroastrian kings of Persia would marry their sisters. To keep their bloodline pure and." Aaliyah nodded in understanding. "It's only natural. If you could, would you?" "Marry Kyle? I." Aaliyah leaned in closer, their lips inches apart, staring into the girl's dark, almond-shaped eyes.

She's as beautiful as her brother is handsome. Her nethers ached, and she wished Kyle was home to provide her with some satisfaction. Lust billowed inside the Djinn, her thoughts full of her husband, increasing her ardor. "Would you if there were no consequences?" "Yes." Aaliyah kissed her. Fatima froze in surprise, then pulled away.

"What're you doing?" "I can feel your lust," she answered.

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"It would be wrong of us to seek out another man who wasn't our husband, so we should turn to each other." "You mean.me and you." Aaliyah nodded. "But I'm not a lesbian." "Neither am I," the Djinn nodded.

"There is nothing wrong with women of the harem seeking comfort from each other." "Harem?" "You wish to be his wife?" Fatima's cheeks darkened and she nodded. "Close enough," Aaliyah purred, leaning in, and kissed her sister-in-law again. This time Fatima didn't pull away. Fatima's kiss was sweet, her lips moist, a curious flavor, sweet and tart, covered the girl's lips. Her head tilted, almond eyes squeezed shut, and she sighed into the Djinn. Aaliyah hands reached out, caressing her side through the curious fabric of her.T-shirt.

It wasn't linen or silk or satin, and the weave was so fine. Such marvels this age held. Fatima's timid hands touched Aaliyah's side beneath her vest, and Aaliyah squirmed and kissed Kyle's sister harder.

She's my sister, and soon she'll be my sister-wife! She slipped her hands beneath the T-shirt; Fatima trembled. The Djinn's gentle hands found a curious garment binding her budding breasts. Aaliyah broke the kiss and pulled Fatima's shirt over her head. The curious garment was white with pink dots over it, standing out against her dark skin, and cupped her breasts with straps running over her shoulders and beneath her arms.

"What is this?" she asked, caressing Fatima's hard nipple through the fabric. "My bra?" She rolled her eyes. "Don't you know what a bra is? It supports my breasts and makes me look cute." "You do look cute," Aaliyah grinned. "How does it come off?" "There's a clasp in the back." Aaliyah reached around the girl, fumbling at the fastener. The bra came loose, and her olive breasts topped with dark nipples appeared.

Her mouth salivated, and she leaned forward and sucked Fatima's little morsels into her lips. "Oh, wow!" gasped the girl. "That's wild!" The Djinn enjoyed the soft sighs and moans as her tongue swirled about the hard nub.

She kissed across to her other breast and nipped the nipple. Fatima squealed in delight, her hands reaching out to push up Aaliyah's top. The Djinn dismissed her clothes and moaned as delicate fingers massaged her breasts. Fatima was gentler than Kyle; her fingers curious as she explored Aaliyah's breasts, teasing Aaliyah's hard nipples.

Juices dripped from the Djinn's pussy, spurred on by Fatima's touch. "Oh, Aaliyah!" Fatima gasped as the Djinn slithered her hand between the girl's thighs.

Aaliyah could feel her warmth through her panties. Another curious piece of clothing. Fatima lifted her ass, letting the Djinn slide a pair of panties, made with the same the pattern as her bra, off the girl's dusky thighs. Aaliyah stopped sucking at her breast and stared at Fatima's exposed pussy beneath her bunched up skirt. Her labia were virginally tight, adorned with a fine down of dark hair, and weeping her passion.

"I've been sprouting for a year and I still can't grow a proper bush," Fatima sighed as Aaliyah caressed her vulva. "But your pussy is so cute," Aaliyah objected. "So fresh and virginal. Kyle will love the sight. You look so tasty." "Holy shit!" gasped Fatima as Aaliyah suddenly buried her face in the girl's pussy and licked, savoring her tart flavor. "Ohmyfuckinggod, that's amazing!" Aaliyah smiled inwardly, feeling the chaotic passion of Fatima's thoughts as her tongue devoured her: *ohmygod her tongue so good she's licking me ohmygod am I a lesbian I don't care feels so amazing I love it I love her I can't wait to be with Kyle if it feels half so good ohmygod she touched my clit I love her tongue oh fuck oh wow this is so much better than the shower head oh fuck I'm gonna cum oh yes.* "Keep doing that, please!" the girl panted.

"I'm gonna cum!" Aaliyah enjoyed the feel of her sister-in-law's cunt on her lips, digging her tongue in and reveling in her tart taste.

Every time she breathed in, she smelled the wonderful scent of Fatima's passion. Her fingers found the girl's clitoris. With care, she massaged it, circling the little nub and bringing a squeal from the girl's lips.

Aaliyah kept rubbing, staring into Fatima's dark, almond-shaped eyes as she writhed with passion. Then Fatima bucked and juices exploded out of her pussy.

"Holy shit!" the girl shouted as she came. Then she collapsed and panted, staring up at the ceiling; a large grin plastered on her face.

"That was fucking fantastic, Aaliyah!" "Do you want to lick me?" Aaliyah asked the panting girl as she lay on the carpet, her budding breasts beading with sweat. "Hell, yeah!" Aaliyah turned around, straddling the girl's face, and dived back into Fatima's pussy—it was the Djinn's favorite position to use with a woman.

She moaned her pleasure as the girl's tongue ran stiff through her groove, licking at her clit. Aaliyah licked and sucked Fatima's tasty pussy, spreading the girl open; she was bright pink and wet inside, her hymen still intact. Good. Kyle deserves unplucked fruit. The two girls feasted on each other, filling the room with the sweet incense of their lust and love.

Fatima's tongue and lips grew more bold, sucking, nipping, driving the Djinn to a low, purring orgasm, and quickly building her to a second one. Aaliyah gasped when the young girl wiggled a finger into her canal, pumping it rapidly in and out. Aaliyah stroked her pussy, gently exploring her folds with her digit, careful not to burst her hymen. She sucked the girl's hard clit into her lips, nibbling, sucking, trying to drive the girl to an earth-shattering orgasm. Fatima's finger withdrew from her pussy and she moaned her disappointment.

She had been so close to cumming. Then she gasped. What a naughty houri she is! Fatima had shoved her lubed finger into the Djinn's tight asshole. The new intrusion sent Aaliyah over the edge, and her orgasm erupted inside her. She gasped, her insides clenching, and she sucked hard on the girl's clit as she was tossed into a sandstorm of passion. Aaliyah howled her passion into Fatima's cunt; the vibrations of her voice seemed to ignite Fatima's rapture.

Juices flooded her lips, tasty and tart and thick, and the Djinn drank them down like she was a dying woman at an oasis. "That was amazing," purred Fatima as they snuggled together on the floor, the two girls sharing sweet kisses. Aaliyah caressed her lips, let her fingers trail down to caress her nipple. "Wait until Kyle gets home." Concern flashed across the girl's face.

"How're we going to get Kyle to." "Bed you? Easy." Aaliyah explained her plan. <p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "See you at lunch," Kyle said to Christy as they stood in the hallway outside their just finished math class.

Christy gave him a quick kiss. "Sure. Love you." Kyle admired her ass as she walked away, and Christy smiled over her shoulder and then seemed to give an extra shake to her rear as she walked. She had a great ass as it writhed beneath her skirt; his cock hardened. She disappeared around the corner, and he sighed, turned, and walked smack into Ms. Franklin. She fell back, her papers spilling to the floor, her breasts straining at her low-cut blouse as she grabbed Kyle's arm for support, her sharp fingernails digging into his flesh through his long-sleaved shirt.

Heat flushed through him as his face was almost planted in her cleavage and his cock sprang to attention. She had been his Biology teacher last year, and Kyle had had trouble paying attention, distracted by her gorgeous cleavage. She was a young teacher, only on her second year, and one of hottest teachers in school, tying with Ms. Capello for that honor. Aaliyah could make it so I could fuck her, his aching cock seemed to whisper.

"I'm so sorry," he said, bending down to grab her papers; he ignored his dick. "It's my fault," she smiled, bending down, keeping her knees pressed together so Kyle couldn't see up her skirt. What sort of panties does she wear? One wish and I could find out. "I was reading and walking." "Well, here you go, Ms. Franklin." His eyes drifted down to her cleavage. She had a necklace—a gold chain adorned with a large, clear crystal that reminded Kyle of Christy's amber pendant—nestled between her generous breasts.

"Thank you, Kyle. You have a pleasant day." His eyes watched her ass sway beneath her tight skirt. Damn, she has a fine ass. Pushing down his darker thoughts he walked down the hallway. The tide of students was thinning as they piled into their classrooms. He had gym class next; the weather was nice for a change, and that meant running around the track. And watching the girls' tits bounce beneath their sweaters and their butts sway beneath their sweats.

He picked up the pace. "Kyle, thank God!" a girl shouted. He turned to see Chyna, one of the bustiest girls at school, running up to him. Her boobs bounced and swayed beneath her tight, cashmere sweater. She was gorgeous, tall, and dusky skinned; her dark brown hair gathered in pigtails. And those tits—he couldn't take his eyes off of them. They were stupendous. "I need your help," she breathed, her breasts heaving. "What?" It was getting hard to think as all the blood rushed to his other brain.

"Come with me." She grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the boy's restroom. "What's going on?" he asked as she pulled him into the bathroom. Maybe someone's hurt and.

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His thoughts died as she kissed him. "I need to be fucked so bad," she panted, pulling him into a stall, and then she was on him again, a hungry cat pouncing on her prey. What the hell! he thought as she kissed him. I barely know her, why is she doing this? This is wrong! I need to stop this! Bad enough that I've cheated on Christy with Aaliyah last night, but this.

Chyna's fingers had his pants unfastened, reaching in and stroking him through his underwear. It was getting harder to listen to the voice of his reason. He groaned, her warm hands pushing his boxers down and stroking his girth.

"Fuck me!" she gasped, letting go of his cock. She hiked up her skirt, revealing a pair of sleek, red panties, the crotch soaked. She pulled the gusset to the side, revealing a thick, brown bush. "I need it so bad! Please, Kyle!" He buried his cock in her. She felt wonderfully warm. Her arms hugged him tight, her lips kissing him, moaning her relief.

He pumped in her. Tight, hot, velvet. The metal stall creaked as he pounded her. "Fuck me, fuck me!" she gasped. "Oh, Kyle! I love it!" His balls were already threatening to cum. This is so wrong!

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Why am I doing this? That thrill spurred him on, hammering her juicy twat. She bucked beneath him, gasping and shuddering. She's so loud, we're going to get caught! Cumming loudly, her cunt convulsing about his cock. She kissed him again, her tongue thrust into his mouth, hot and lithe.

He didn't care about Aaliyah or Christy; all that mattered was fucking this slutty girl's cunt. "Cum in me!" she purred. "I need it!" "What's gotten into you?" Kyle demanded; his cock never stopped thrusting. "You're just so hot!" she cooed into his ear. "You make me so wet!

I want to feel your cum inside me!" Her tongue licked his ear. "I'm not on the pill." He came! His sperm flooded her unprotected cunt. She gasped again. A low, throaty moan escaped her lips as she orgasmed a second time, her pussy milking him, eager to drain every last drop of her sperm into her fertile hole. They stood there a moment, breathing heavily, a smile on her lips, confusion in Kyle's mind. What the hell just happened? He pulled out of her, quickly buttoning up.

She adjusted her panties, their combined passions soaking into the red fabric, and gave him another kiss, then waked out of the bathroom. Aaliyah must be behind this, he decided, as he rushed to Gym class.


Wait, did she say she wasn't on the pill? A new worry added to the turmoil inside him. <p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Celestite—she never thought of herself as Michelle Franklin—smiled as the flushed Chyna walked by. She could smell the lust pouring off the girl, proof that her spell worked. She hated Kyle. Amber—she never thought of her girls by their real names; Christy would forever be Amber to the teacher—was the only member of her coven that wasn't fully hers.

The foolish girl still clung to her schoolgirl love for Kyle. Once Kyle's affair with Chyna percolated through the student body, Amber would dump him and she'd be there to pick up the pieces and bring the girl fully into the delights only a woman could share. Hopefully, before Kyle plucks her cherry tomorrow night. Celestite wanted that treat for herself. Kyle left the bathroom a moment later, looking confused and flushed.

"Aren't you supposed to be in class?" Celestite asked him. "Oh, sorry, Ms. Franklin," he answered, his eyes on her cleavage. Why didn't I think of this earlier? she wondered with a smile. <p style="text-align: center;">~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the time lunch rolled around, Kyle was convinced that Aaliyah was responsible for his indiscretion with Chyna, and most of his guilt had disappeared, though he still worried what other consequences might have happened.

He bought his lunch and sat down at a table. Christy sidled up to him, giving him a kiss, and Britney pulled out her bagged lunch and ate while reading a book across from them. A few of their other friends joined them, and everyone laughed and joked—except Britney, who studied like usual—while they ate. "You should stop making out with Kyle after Math class," chuckled Corey, one of Kyle's friends, a knowing grin on his freckled face. "What?" Christy asked. Kyle tensed.

Why did I use that lie? "You held up Kyle so much he got chewed out by Mr. Benjaminson for being late to gym class." Christy fixed her hazel eyes on him. "It wasn't because we were making out." "No.

I really had to.uhh.use the bathroom," Kyle quickly said, the guilt of his strange encounter with Chyna rearing up. "Oh, you said." Corey trailed off, shrugging. "Well, I guess making out with your girlfriend is a better story than having the runs." "Yeah," Kyle answered.

Christy relaxed, then whispered, "Maybe tomorrow we can make out so you won't have to lie to your friends." Britney looked up suddenly, sniffing, then fixed her disapproving eyes on him. A sudden panic struck Kyle. Britney knows me too well. He pleaded with his eyes at her, and she gave a shake of her head and went back to her textbook. He turned back to Christy, relaxing. She had a bit of ketchup on her lips, so he bent over and kissed her.

His friends snickered and cat-called; his girlfriend had a bright flush, and a pleased smile, on her face when he broke the kiss. She looked so cute, particularly her dainty nose. He kissed her again, then turned to start joking with Corey and froze. Chyna was walking towards him. He swallowed, and forced himself not to look at her; it took all the concentration he possessed; those tits were almost hypnotic as they swayed beneath her sweater.

The busty girl walked by and dropped a pair of red panties, sticky with his cum and her juices, in front of him, then kept on walking. Everyone at the table gaped at her. "What the fuck!" exclaimed Christy. "What a slut!" Kyle risked a quick glance; Chyna was walking calmly down a hallway towards the bathrooms. His cock was rock. He had to follower her, had to fuck her juicy cunt again.

His love for his girlfriend warred with his overwhelming desire for the girl. "Is that cum on it?" Corey asked, making a face. Britney fixed her green eyes on Kyle through her thick glasses.

"What a slut," muttered Christy, pushing it off the table with her lunch tray. "I've lost my appetite." "Yeah, me too," Kyle muttered. "I got to use the restroom. It's.you know." "Oh, of course." She kissed him.

He felt guilty. "Feel better, Kyle." "Yeah." He pushed up from the table and headed towards the hallway, following Chyna. He saw her smile, toying with her pigtails, her huge tits straining that delightful cashmere sweater, then she disappeared into the janitor's supply closet next to the bathroom.

Kyle was too horny to care if anyone saw him, or what would happen if they were caught. She was leaning against a large, stainless steel sink, her bubbly ass facing him. She gave it a wiggle, and smiled over her shoulder at him. That ass was amazing. After fucking Megan's ass last night, he was eager for a second taste.

Why not hers? She's slutty enough. "I need your cock, Kyle," she purred. "I want to fuck your ass." She bit her lip. "Don't you want to fuck my juicy, fertile cunt?" He did want to pump his cum inside her fertile, unprotected pussy, but he also wanted to fuck her ass. He had a taste for anal now, and he wanted more. "What if I fucked your butt, then finished in your cunt?" She beamed. "That sounds great. Stick your cock in my messy pussy so it'll be nice and lubed." "You ever been fucked in the ass?" "I've been fucked in every which way," she purred.

Her pussy was sopping wet, and he was dripping with a mix of juices and cum when he pulled out. He lifted her skirt, tucking it into her waist band, exposing her dusky cheeks. They were beautiful and perfect, round and perky. His dick prodded the smooth surface, dimpling her right asscheek and leaving a smear of juices.

She reached behind him and spread herself open. A dark, wrinkled hole winked at him. Sorry, Christy, he thought, pushing down that guilt, and dove into Chyna's ass. "Oh, yes!" she moaned as he sank in her.

Warm. Velvet. Tight. He was in heaven. Chyna's ass was tighter than her cunt, Aaliyah's virgin pussy, and Megan's ass, and he had to thrust hard to work his cock in and out. He reached around her, pushing up her cashmere sweater and groping her breasts through her bra.

They felt spongy in his hands and he pushed her bra cups up. "Pinch my nipples!" she gasped, pushing her ass back. "Oh, yes, Kyle! I love it! You drive me wild! I'll do anything for your cock!" "What?" he asked. "I'm yours!" Chyna gasped. A voice in his mind screamed that something was wrong, no girl should act this way. Her ass felt too amazing to listen to anything approaching reason. "Yes, you're mine!" he grunted.

"All mine!" She screamed; her ass clenched on his cock; her body convulsed. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, her velvety ass milking his cock. He fucked her faster and faster, his balls boiling as they slapped into her cunt. "I'm your whore!" she groaned. "Keep fucking me! Keep making me cum!" "You're my slut!" Kyle declared, his balls tightening. His cum was nearing, but couldn't jizz in her ass.

He needed to flood her fertile cunt with his seed. He pulled his filthy cock out and shoved it into her cunt. She gasped again, arching her back. She came again, howling wordlessly. The massaging pressure was too much, and he flooded her fertile cunt. She's going to get pregnant! he thought.

She'll look so radiant with her round belly, begging to be fucked! "What's wrong with me?" he whispered as he leaned against Chyna. What did you do to me Aaliyah?

"You feel fine to me," purred Chyna, leaning over her shoulder and kissing his cheek. "You feel more than fine. Have you ever had a titty fuck?" Christy's waiting for you to get back, you can't do this! "No." She smiled. "You'll love it. Your cock all nice and slicked with my juices. It'll be perfect!" He was still hard, engulfed in her warm cunt.

He pulled out, shuddering as his sensitive head rubbed through her flesh. He sat down on a foot ladder. He had to leave before Christy caught him, he had been gone too long as it was, but his cock needed this too much.

Chyna pulled her sweater and bra off, kneeling before him, staring up so worshipfully at him. Her tits were wonderful, large, round, with nipples as thick as Kyle's pinky. "I love your cock!" she purred, sandwiching it between her thick tits. The door banged open, and Kyle froze.

"Christy, I can explain!" To be continued.