Muscular smooth gay twink first time Chris told us he lost his

Muscular smooth gay twink first time Chris told us he lost his
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Pammy was excited. She hadn't had a job in several months and when her friend told her that the place she worked was looking for a new girl she was sure she'd fit the bill.

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She'd done plenty of waitressing through high-school and was great with people. The place was in the city and in a part of town she wasn't familar with. In fact she was a little nervous as she walked along the streets towards the Wild Orchird. Regardless she put all that behind her and carried on. She had been told by her friend to use the back entrance which she thought was a little strange but didn't want to hamper her opportunity so when she arrived she found her way into a dark and dingy alley with a single red door.

She knocked at the door and was greeted by a girl about her age but wearing some fairly provokative lingere. "How can I help you?" asked the girl.

"I'm here to see John about a job. He should be expecting me" Pammy replied. The girl lead pammy into a dinghy room and pointed down the hall. "2nd door on your left" she said before heading off through another door, leaving Pammy alone.

Pammy composed herself, adujusting her black skirt and white button up top to ensure she was well presented and headed off down the hall. She reached the door and gave it a strong tap. "Come in" a voice bekoned.

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Pammy opened the door and entered the office. She was greeted by a man sitting behind a desk. "Hi there, I guess you are Pam?" the man enquired. "That's right, although most people call me Pammy, and you are John?" Pammy said countered.

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"That's right, pleased to meet you Pammy. Please take a seat." John offered.

"Thankyou" said Pammy sitting down on a chair on the other side of the desk. John liked what he saw as soon as Pam entered the room. 5"4 was short but OK, nice thin build, she looked to have small breasts and the short black hair was sure to impress the clients.

Now it was time to explain the job to her. "So Pammy, what have you been told about us here and the job that's going?" John enquired. "Well, you run a club and are looking for a new waitress.

That's about all I know really. I've done plenty of waitressing through school but since I finished I guess I'm to old for some places now. Who would have thought 18 was to old right!" Pammy responded. John chuckled and countered "Well you're certainly not too old to work here. In fact you're minimum age, so that makes you a perfect fit. Now this place is a club of sorts Pammy, we're a Gentlemens Club.

Do you know what that means at all?". Pammy considered his question for a moment and responded with "Well I guess it's a mens only club right?". John chuckled again before saying "Well you're on the right track.


Let me explain. It's a club for men who are looking to relax.

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The ladies in the club help them do that by seeing that they get everything they're after. By everything I mean everything". "ummm, I'm not really following sorry John" Pammy said a little confused.

John smiled, he'd been through this before and loved every minute of it.


"Well Pammy, if a gentlemen wants a drink, you get him a drink. If he wants a chat you chat with him. If he wants a blowjob then you suck his cock. That kind of thing". The last statement hit Pammy like a train. It all made sense now, the dinghy end of town, the back door.

"I see" she said meekly. "It pays excellent money, you can make over $1000 a day if you're good at your job, but of course it's not for everyone" John said with a cheeky grin. "$1000 a day" Pammy said awestruck "wow, that's more than I used to earn in 3 months!". "So you're interested then?" John countered quickly.

Pammy sat silenty for a few moments thinking.


How can I do this? I'd be just like those sluts at school. But I do enjoy sex and to get $1000 a day for fucking some randoms, I could do that. It all kept running through her head. "It's OK Pammy, this job isn't for anyone" John coaxed after a minute of silence. He'd seen this look before and realised she needed a jolt. "Oh no John, it's just a lot to take in is all. I could really use the money." she responded.

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"Right, so you'd like to continue the interview?" John pried. "Ah, well, yeh I guess so" Pammy said meekly. John chuckled and threw her a wink "No need to act all shy now Pammy, I won't think any less of you for being a little excited". Pammy sat in her seat feeling embaressed but also excited as John had known. She'd never even considered anything like this until now and the prospect was daunting to her. "Pammy, before you get the job you need to show me you can do the job and perform so we're going to play a scene right now.

We're going to pretend I'm a customer and we'll see how you go. OK?" Pammy gasped. "Right now? Oh I'm not sure". "Look Pammy, I know this is making you nervous but if you're going to do this job you'll need to be quick to respond to strange situations. So, your in or out, decide now". Pammy took and deep breath and said "OK, I'm im". "Good, let's start" John said without hesitation.

"Please stand up for me and remove your top". Pammy stood up and slowly removed her top. She felt a degree of humiliation but also a lot of excitment as she did this. Once removed she just had her short black skirt and black sports bra on. "Very nice Pammy, you have a nice body don't you. Please come over here and sit on my lap" John coaxed. Pammy walked around to Johns side of the desk, he rolled out his chair giving her room to sit.

She sat down on his lap.

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John didn't waste much time and let his hands explore her body, running them up and down her and over the top of her bra. Next he unbuttoned her bra strap and let her bra fall onto the floor. He then explored her small b-cup breasts and fully erect nipples. He gently pinched them and her soft moans got him more excited.

"You like that Pammy" John whispered into her ear. "Uh-huh" she responded as she gently writhed back into him. "Very nice, now please stand up and remove your panties, but leave on your skirt please". She got to her feet and removed her panties as he had requested.

Her pussy was very wet and she was getting more excited by the minute. "Onto your knees please" John instructed. She did so as he stood up, unzipping his jeans and popped out his 8" cut, fully erect cock. He positioned it in front of her mouth. This was the biggest cock Pammy had ever seen and she wasn't sure how she'd fit in into her mouth but she was gonna try. She started off licking the head and then down the shaft. When she reached his balls she sucked each one gently before heading back up the shaft to the tip.

If there was one thing she'd done before it was giving blow-jobs and she loved giving them. She now took the cock slowly into her mouth. Not only was it long but is was also fairly thick so she was careful not to take to much at any one time. She gradually took more and more of his massive shaft into her mouth and increased the tempo as she went.

She used her tounge on the shaft as well as she sucked. She looked up at John as she sucked and he seemed to be enjoying herself. This turned her on further as she sucked him faster and faster. "Oh fuck Pammy, you are good" John gasped. Pammy just kept on sucking the cock and it wasn't long before she felt him about to erput. She upped the tempo further and then finally felt him losing control and large bursts of cum began to spurt down her throat.

He groaned as he came and Pammy removed the cock for the final couple of spurts letting cum spurt onto her face. After the cum had stopped, John fell back onto his chair. Pammy went back to her origonal chair, leaving the cum on her face and with just a skirt on. She sat open legged giving John a good view of her bald snatch that was dripping wet from excitement.

"Well Pammy, you sure seem to know what you're doing" John said, finally regaining his composure. "Thanks John, I did my best" Pammy giggled, still extremely turned on. "The job is yours that's for sure.

Looks like you're ready to start now if you like" John said. To be continued.