Glam ho finger garden les

Glam ho finger garden les
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My name is Priyankamy friends call me Anu, I am a little on the larger size BBW you can say. I have blonde hair, 5'8" height and 38dd bust, have a lot of sexual adventure my whole life, have a lot of stories and this is one of them.

I live in Delhi. It was my friend Sunitha's party, it was fun she lived nearby she lived in C.R. Park and I lived in G.K. 2 so I decided to walk to my house after the party I didn't want to disturb my husband so while I was going back the streets were silent as usual.

I could hear music coming close from a distance I thought it would be a car. Suddenly a black CRV stopped near me. The windows rolled down a young guy came out the window and said "would you like a ride anywhere? I politely said No and started walking again. The car slowly moved forward and stopped again and the guy said again "It is just a ride I will drop you no problem, me and my friend are in a mood of social service." I saw another guy was sitting beside him and I thought this could be interesting.

They had a CRV so I knew it these boys are rich and high society so no fear. I agreed after lots of requests. One guy decided to sit in the rear seat so I could sit in front.

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I was wearing a black skirt and a purple top which revealed the correct amount of cleavage and was wearing a jacket over it. I gave the guy the directions to my house, the guy who was driving was brown and good height his name was Karan while the guy sitting behind was fair in height and a little shorter in height his name was sameer. We were talking the way they asked my age I said 39, and they started laughing that no you are lying it cannot be. I said no I really am they were trying to play me and I was ready to be played.

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My home was reaching in about 10 minutes when Karan kept his hand on my thigh and said you are just too hot to be a mom tell me you are lying. I knew this was my queue I kept my hand on his hand and I opened my legs, I had crossed them earlier and I said looking into his eyes I am 39 but a spirit of 18 year old he got his chance he moved his hand up in my inner thighs while Sameer was seeing all this he creped his hands from behind at my shoulders.

They were so horny. I told them no, not in here do you guys have a room.


They said no but we have better. They took me to intercontinental. It seemed they were the hotels regular, while they were checking in I called my husband and told him that I am sleeping at Sunitha's as I am too drunk. Room number 141, the room where I did my first group. We entered the room the guys took off their pants in a millisecond and were wearing boxers. I was standing in front of them I took of my jacket and the fun began. They both had lust on their eyes, they came close to me, Sameer kissed me and then Karan both were passionate.

Karan started to enter my skirt while Sameer had his hands on my melons. It was great the kissing chance by chance, the hands over me, it was turning me on to a stage I cannot explain. Sameer grabbed my boob pressed it hard made me feel it hard. I loved it Karan was now p[laying with my panties, he was touching my pussy from the panty, Sameer took my top off.

Both guys just froze seeing my tits, and I could feel their hardness on my waist their dicks were becoming rock. They did not take time to open my black lacy bra and both of them grabbed one boob, it was fucking great, I could not believe it was so exciting I was moaning all the time as they were sucking on my nipples as they were feeling my breast my pussy was so wet, Karan was teasing my nipple with his tongue which just got me wet.

My pussy was wet, my nipples were wet and I was horny as hell. It was my chance to play now.

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Without saying anything I got on my knees, they had a smirk on their face's they were thinking wild nasty things. Both them took their boxers off and their cocks were saluting me in the face, Karan was around 6 inch while Sameer 6 1/2 inch but I always believe size does not matter it is how you use it.

I grabbed both of them, and they were shaking a little, I think due to the horniness their cocks were hard as rock I was stroking both them, slowly easily, I first licked Karan's cock tip and then Sameer's both moaned like wolf's I started sucking one by one.

I would keep one cock in my mouth while the other one I would stroke. It had been a nice blowjob the cocks were thick nice, Karan told me to swallow the whole thing I did as he said I took it all in it was so warm and fleshly it felt nice I could taste the pre-cum, yum yum.

After doing him summer wanted to fuck my mouth, he told me to open my mouth as wide a I could and then he held my head and literally started fucking my mouth. My mouth was his pussy for ten minutes; it was tiring as he took his wet cock which had my saliva on it out of my mouth I gasped for air that was just out of this world. I sucked them again for the last time and then I stood up.

Both were smiling and then again started playing with my boobs. They took me to the bed and made me lie down, Karan took m skirt off while Sameer slowly pulled my panties down.

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It was just such a nice moment I could smell the juices of my pussy, As I opened my legs wide both the boys had a look on their face as if they have found a treasure. They could not wait any longer.

Karan came near my face and again inserted his cock in my mouth, while Sameer was rubbing his cock on my pussy lips, it was exciting I was so thirsty for sex that I could not wait any longer, but he was teasing me and he was good at that. Karan grabbed my boob while I was sucking him, he was moaning again, he kept slapping and pulling my nipples I did not mind at all. Sameer finally pushed his cock in my pussy it was god like.

The cock just touching my pussy walls was so hot and he was rubbing clitoris too. Both the cocks were doing good, and I was screaming top of mu lungs.


Aaaahhhhhh…Ahhhhhh…Oh good. Don't stop fuck me, Sameer took his cock out which was just covered with my juices as he took out I understood it was time to change, I went for Sammer's cockand bent in doggy style, Sameer was standing beside the bed I took his cock in mouth without even touching it with my hands. I wanted to taste myself, it was just nice, I licked it I smelled it was just awesome.

While Karan entered my pussy form behind. He was just pushing it inside like anything while rubbing my boobs. He was better at fucking then Sameer, he was using his whole cock I could hear the balls just smacking against my skin. Sameer was in heaven I was in heaven Karan was in heaven after some time two times we exchanged positions, I cum once in between but the boys cocks were still at play.

They took me near the sofa, Karan sat down and told me to ride him I agreed. I sat on his laps spreading my pussy and inserting Karan's cock in mu pussy I started riding, it was fucking awesome now his whole cock was entering in me and he was sucking my tits along with it.

Sameer told me to slow down for a second I did and he applied something on my ass I got it what he wanted to do. He wanted to butt fuck me I did not mind.

He started and then my two holes were filled, it was just a fuck marathon both cock's going in and out of my holes, Karan started screaming loudly and then he cum in my pussy, it was so much and so warm, as I got up from his cock the cum was dripping but Sameer did not waste any time he took my mouth and told me to suck I could taste something funny.

He cum in my mouth and told me to swallow and I did like a good girl I the three of us were tasting like cum and sex. We slept then after three hours of sex, I was in the middle, Morning when I woke up in between those bed sheets, with two strange men I looked they had their morning hardness I touched them and I wore my clothes and went off before they woke up.

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It was a group my first my most awesome fucking experience.