Hot busty bree brooks bangs in kitchen

Hot busty bree brooks bangs in kitchen
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Since sis got the taste of a sexual relationship with me, she becomes addicted to me. She wouldn't let go. I didn't complain. I just wanted to please her and make her happy. And that she was. She once made this statement, "The only way I will give you up is if something happens to you or me. I don't think there could be anyone else that could satisfy me like you. Besides, I have you anytime I want to be satisfied.

Another thing, I don't have to worry about any diseases." I had just graduated. I got the opportunity to go out of state work for a while. I hated to leave sis behind but then I couldn't stay home forever. "I'm going to miss you when you leave little brother." She said as she cuddled up to me in the swing out back. It was getting dark.

Mom had just brought us out two glasses of homemade tea. It was getting dark as a cool breeze blew against us from the back. Sis laid her hand on my leg and slowly slid it up my shorts.

My cock was soft as she managed to get her hand around it and softly squeezed it as she slid the foreskin back. She really knew how to get it to swell up as she started pushing and pulling on it as the skin started tightening up around it. I set our tea on top of a large chop block on the end and slowly slid my hand up her leg. "You don't have any panty on. How come?" I asked her. "I just pulled them off for you before I come out here." She replied laughing.

I knew what she meant as I slid my hand on to her pussy. I loved rubbing my hand over her nice soft mound covered soft brown hair. I liked soft fluffy feel of it. I parted her lips with my fingers and slid my forefinger at the entrance.

She felt moist as if it was pre-cum. I slid it in a little farther curling it up to her g-spot massaging it as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. After several minutes I could feel her pre-cum flowing.

I slid it out and stuck it in my mouth to taste it. Yep, it was pre-cum I thought to myself as if I didn't already know. I wet my thumb and forefinger real good and slid my finger back in again softly massaging her g-spot and clit.

My cock was now hard as she started sliding her hand back and forth. I had already started feeling an orgasm coming on. "Unbutton my shorts and pull it out. It might be easier that way." I told her. She unbuttoned all but the top one as it popped straight up looking at her. She laughed. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly started jerking it.

It was feeling good as I steadily massaged her clit sliding my finger and massaging her g-spot. She soon started low soft moans. "I'm going to cum." She said in a soft moan. "Me too." I replied. "Tell me when." She said as she sped up. She moved her body back and forth as she softly moaned.

She suddenly started making little grunting moans as I felt her love potion started flowing as she pulled her dress from beneath her to keep it from getting wet.

"You're cumin already." I said as I felt it squirting out as her body quivering "Uh-huh. It feels so good." She replied as she jerked me harder. I kept massaging her until she finished. I was ready to shoot my load. I didn't try to hold back. "Get ready, hear I cum." I told her. She laughed as she quickly dropped her mouth over my cock none to soon as I erupted. She started sucking hard as I shot several loads. She was doing a number on my cock with her tongue as it slid over the head up and down the vein as she swallowed.

"Yes baby, suck it hard. You feel so good doing that." I moaned as I tried to hunch. Several moments passed. "I think that's all sis." I said as I told her to set on the chop block. She tucked my still hard cock back in my pants.

"We don't have time to do it again." I told her as I moved the glasses. I got on my knees between her legs. She spread her legs farther apart. She knew what I wanted. "Watch for mom a few minutes." I told her as I spread her hairy little mound apart with my tongue.

I inhaled her sweet fragrance as I covered her wet little pussy as I licked her crack from the bottom to the top probing my tongue deep inside her sucking out her love juices. She had cum a lot too. I didn't want to stop even after it was clean. I got up and we sat back in the swing. "When are we going back up in the thicket to that log?" She asked. "Mom said she was going to help a lady with a quilt down the road Friday. Maybe then if everything goes as planned." I replied. 'You really like that log don't you?

I said laughing. "Yes, I think I could do that every day. The log helps out you in the right position." She replied. "What will you do when leave? "Without until you get back." She replied. "You think you can do that?" "Yes, little brother, I'd do anything for you. You should know that after all these years. "I know sis." I said laughing. 'I'm just kidding." We sat there for at least a half hour. My cock was still hard. At least I could push it down a little, but if I stood up, it would stick out against my shorts.

"What'cha' going to do about that?" she said as she laid her hand on it. "Keep my hands in my pockets until I get to bed, I guess. "Watch for mom." She said as she unbuttoned my shorts again and slid it out as she knelt on her knees between my legs sucking on it again.

Needless to say, in about five minutes she had me exploding. As it started getting soft she sucked on it as it plunges against her tonsils. "What are you doing, trying to swallow it again?" "Uh-huh, are you complaining?" "Oh no no. I'll never complain. You can do whatever you want." I replied. I could feel the head poking her tonsils as her mouth buried into my pubic hair.

She swallowed hard. Then I felt it go beyond as she pressed her mouth tight against me grinding in little circles. It seemed that she held it there a good minute grinding her lips against my body before she pulled it out.

She sat up laughing as she tucked it back in and buttoned up my shorts. "You like that, don't you!" I said. "Sure I like it. Now would I lie to you about that? I like it just as much as you." She replied smiling so beautifully as the light glitters in her eyes from the almost full moon. I was leaving the following Monday. She seemed to be trying to make up for the time I would be gone as she was taking advantage of every chance now.

I was working outside when she comes out and said mom was crossing the creek and asked me to come in the house. As we walked into her bedroom she pushed me on it. I knew what she was going to do so I slid my shorts off. It didn't take long to get a hard on as she run through the house and looked out the door.

She jumped straddle me with her panty less pussy and slid it down over my almost hard cock as she bounced up and down on it for about five minutes. She crawled up on her knees over my face and sat down on it lightly.

"Suck my pussy and make me cum real fast before mom gets back." She said. I didn't argue. I spread her sweet smelling mound apart and shoved my tongue deep in her sucking her as I massaged her clit hard and fast.

It didn't take much as she started moaning and quivering. She grabbed the back of my head pulling it to her as she started moaning and spilling her honey pot in my craving mouth as my cock throbbed.

When she finished she jumped up and pulled me by the front bedroom window where we could watch for mom. She pulled her dress up as she leaned back against the of the corner dresser and spread her legs. "Now fuck me real fast until you cum." She said as I slid deep in her without effort and started pumping. It was going to be one of those quickies again but it pleased her. I pumped her hard and fast. She grabbed my hips and started jerking fiercely. It didn't take but a few minutes for me to have an orgasm as I shot several loads deep in her until I was drained.

She grabbed a rag from the closet and quickly wiped herself as she handed it to me. I wiped real fast and threw the rag under the bed and went out the back door as I grabbed a hoe and took off to the garden. Sis followed not far be hind me. "I knew we shouldn't have taken a chance in bed but I wouldn't argue with you sis. I would love to have you on the bed on top of me or me on top of you fucking you to death but it's just too much a chance to take." 'I know little brother but I just wanted to cum and feel your cock in me and feel you cum." She said.

"We had better not try anything else until Friday." I told her. "Okay, I won't try anything until then." She replied. Now my mother has a snore that you could almost hear outside the house if you listened close enough.

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That was most any night. Now I should have believed my sister and didn't have any reason not to, but about one-thirty in the morning someone touching my body awakened me.

I opened my eyes without moving. It was sis had slid between the wall and bed. It was kind of warm so I must have pulled the sheet off me.

And since I didn't wear underwear most the time, I was laying on my back totally nude. Sis was bending over my body as she started sucking my cock in her mouth. I decided to pretend to be asleep as my cock started to get hard. She tightened her lips around the foreskin as just the bare head slid back and forth in her mouth making it more sensitive. She knew this. I felt her tongue sliding up and down the vein.

Then I started feeling an orgasm coming on. Mom was snoring so loud that I think it would have taken a thunderbolt to awaken her. It was all I could do to keep from pumping my cock in sis's mouth.

Every so often she would make those sucking sounds. My cock would throb. I held of as long as I could with all I had in my body. Suddenly I exploded. She sucked and she sucked hard. I strained to cum everything in my body.

I must have shot five loads in her mouth simultaneously as she sucked hard and fast. When it was over she slid it from her mouth and went to the kitchen for a drink of water. She come back through and comes by my bed again.

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I had already decided that I would be awake and fuck her since it was still hard. As she approached my bed I put my fingers to my lips as a silent signal. I eased out the bed and took her by the chess of drawers where I had fucked her the first time and knelt down and wet her little pussy. I could taste pre-cum already. I stood up and pulled up her nightgown and slid my cock deep in her and started quietly pumping her as I shoved my tongue deep in her waiting mouth as her tongue met mine.

In about five minutes I erupted deep in her pussy. I pumped her until my cock got too soft to stay in that little tight pussy. I found a rag and gave it to her as she wiped herself as she carried it back to her bed. Mom was still snoring when I crawled into mine. Mom was up early the nest morning and had breakfast almost ready when she called us.I jumped up and took a shower. Then sis followed. "Are you still going to help with the quilting today mom?" Sis asked. "Yes, I should be gone until the evening, maybe around five.

" Mom replied. Little brother and I maybe go out in the woods then if that's okay with you! Just be careful and watch for snakes." She replied. "Okay mom." I told her.

'Maybe we'll go swimming when we get back." Sis and I helped her with the dishes and the rest of the house before she left around eight-thirty. Mom fixed us a lunch and put it in a brown bag. "You two take this along just in case you don't get home in time." Mom said.

"Thanks mom." We both replied to her at the same time. As soon as she was across the creek, sis and I headed for the log in the pines. It was getting warm. By the time we got inside the shelter of the trees, quickly undressed and unbuttoning my clothes. She couldn't wait. She didn't waste any time. She jumped up on the log lying lengthways and spread her legs in the air. Her pussy was so beautiful as her lips gaped apart. Her little clit stuck straight up.

Her little pink pussy was glowing with that soft fuzzy hair surrounded it. She didn't hesitate saying what she wanted now. "Suck my pussy." She said excited. This was the only place we didn't have to worry about getting caught. She stood about five feet two and I was five feet five. Her lanky little body was near a perfect figure "Suck my pussy and make me feel good little brother". She said laughing. I straddled the log spreading my lips over her pussy sliding my tongue deep into her.

I started licking my tongue full length up and down her clit. She moaned as she lay her feet on top of my shoulders and spread her pussy apart even more.

"Yes baby, suck it and make me cum." She moaned. This time had made up my mine that I was going to watch her love juices squirt out of that little hole. I slowly and steadily slid my tongue up and down as I sucked it gently flipping her clit with the tip of my tongue vigorously. Soon she begins to make those soft grunting sounds. I steadily worked on her clit.

I wanted to get her really built up good. My cock was swollen and pressing tight against the log and not so comfortable. She put pressure on my shoulders with her feet as she started trying to hunch and to moan louder as her body started to quiver. She started grunting and moaning louder as she put her feet on the log pushing her body up to me slowly hunching. "I'm going to cum.

She moaned. I sped my tongue full length of her clit a few moments more. "Oh god I'm cummin." She moaned loud.

I quickly removed my tongue and backed my face about a foot from her gaped pussy as her beautiful cream started squirting out of that little hole and flowing down the bottom out of her pink little slit. I was in my glory as she made music with her moans.

I couldn't believe I was seeing so much cum squirt from such a little hole. It felt as if my whole body was throbbing with her pussy. I lost all control my passion and desire. I wanted to suck it out of her. I spread my lips over it as I licked and sucked the full length of her pussy savoring all the passion that had emerged from her beautiful body. I couldn't believe there was so much. I had seen everything now. Another dream had been fulfilled. She slowly lowered her body back down on the log as she sighed a sigh of joy.

"Well, how did you like the looks of my little pussy with cum squirting out?" She asked with the excitement in a beautiful laugh. "Little sis, I wouldn't trade what I saw for anything in the world right now. The next best thing best thing is to slide my cock in you and fill it up." I replied. It was the most beautiful sight since first seeing your beautiful little pussy the first time." I replied. "Just think now, you are going to fuck that little hole again and probably just as much is going to come out again." She laughed We sat straddling the log caressing each other's body as I slid my forefinger along between her lips and rubbed her little clit as she gasped.

It was still hard as I nibbled and sucked her beautiful firm little tits. They were puffed out about the size of an orange perfectly shaped as the nipples had become extremely hard.

She slid the skin back on my cock as she looked at it smiling. Pre-cum oozed out as she took her finger and wiped it as she stuck it to her mouth and licked it. "How come that taste different than the taste of your real cum?" "I don't know." I replied. 'Do you like it?" "Uh-huh. I just wondered why. 'Are you going to stick that thing in my butt today?" "If you want me to, I want to, but I want to fuck your pussy first like before." I told her.

'I want you to feel like you did before. It really felt good banging you like that. I like the way you feel and moan when you cum then." "I want that too.


I never felt like that before in the barn loft. Maybe one day when we grow up you or me can get a house and we can stay together and I can sleep with you every night. She said. 'Would you like to do that?" "Yes sis, I think more than anything else.

Then we could do this all the time. I could fuck you from behind any time you wanted to. 'But are you sad that you can't have babies?" "I don't know. I haven't thought of it much yet. Maybe when I get older I might, but right now I am happy doing what we are doing? After maybe a half hour she slid off the log and bent over, her tummy flush against the log.

I followed her. "I want to wet your other little hole a little just in case you want me to fuck it. Besides, I would like to stick my tongue in it anyway" I told her. She slid up a little higher and spread her legs apart and pulling her cheeks apart as I stuck out my tongue and penetrated her little hole. She gimped it. "Just relax a little." I told her. I wet her a little as I stiffened my tongue and stuck it to the entrance. It slid in a little as I vibrated it putting pressure in it.

It must have slid in near an inch as it becomes easier. I wet it a little more as I slid my finger in it slowly as I massaged it. "Does that feel better?" I asked her. "Uh-huh." She replied. I slid my tongue back in as I probed it in and out as if tongue fucking it. I wet my fore and middle fingers slowly sliding my forefinger in first almost the full length as I slowly massaged. I slid it out and then gently slid both in. "How does that feel?

Does that hurt any?" I asked her. "No, it feels good." She replied as slowly massaged her inside a little more before I slid them out. She was clean inside. "Are you ready for your little pussy to be fucked?" I asked her. "Yes little brother." She replied as she spread her legs apart a little more. I slowly slid my bone between her legs as it penetrated her soft wet pussy. I felt it hit the front top of her pussy as it did the last time. She gasped. "It already feels good." She said as I slowly started pumping her.

I wanted it to last as long as possible and let her get built up like before. She reached back and squeezed my hips as she massaged them as I slowly pumped her. It felt awesome as my cock slid between her legs so smooth as the bare head slid back and forth between the lips of her warm, soft tight pussy. I could feel the head against her g-spot as I ground my body against little ass. "That feels good little brother." She said as she moaned.

I feel an orgasm coming on, but I don't want to cum yet." "Okay, I'll show down some more. I feel one coming on too." I replied as I slid my arms around her cupping her tits in my hands caressing her hard nipples between my fingers.

"Yes, that feels good. Please don't stop it yet." She said as she moaned. Her body felt so good as I lay over it slowly humping her as I kissed and licked the back of her smooth neck and as I nibbled her ears. I couldn't seem to get enough of her. I would miss her as much as she missed me when I leave. I was addicted to her in a bad way. I wanted to keep fucking her just as much as she did me every chance I could.

And from the way she had been since she found out she couldn't get pregnant she had become addicted to me. Regardless of right or wrong, I couldn't bring myself to stop the things we were doing. She would have to make the move. She wanted and loved to fuck me just as much as I did her, anytime and anywhere if there was a chance that we could.

She would take those chances. But most of all, I wouldn't and couldn't deny her the pleasures she desired.

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Not now, not ever. So far I was holding off pretty good as my mind tried to concentrate on the surroundings around me. Then she started moaning deep and slow. I slid it in and out with the rhythm of each slow moan she made. "Yes baby, I love you. You feel so good." I whispered in her ear as I slowly pumped, banging against her. "'Is my baby getting ready to wash that meat inside her love box? I want you cum hard on my cock and squirt it out all down your legs so I can lick it off." I moaned "Yes, she whispered.

I'm feeling so good. I'm almost ready." She moaned as I squeezed her nipples harder massaging her tits. Slowly she started moaning and grunting a little harder. I could feel her body start to tremble. I slowly pumped her for maybe a couple minutes. I was getting better with my timing and holding off now, not like when I first started fucking her. Suddenly she started digging her fingers into my hips with a loud moan as she started bouncing up and down. "Fuck me hard like you've never fucked me before." She moaned loud.

"Oh god, I'm coming. Ooooooo yes, yes oh god I'm cumin. It feels so good." She let out a low scream as I pounded her. I felt my load rush down my cock as I shoved it deep inside her holding it tight against her as the first wads spattered hard against her innermost part.

"Yes, oh god that feels so good." She moaned. I raised her up and spread her cheeks a little wider as shoved it deep in her shooting load after load in her sweet little pussy until I felt no more was shooting out.

She laid her arms across the log and laid her head on them as she looked around at me and smiled. "I think that this fuck felt better than the last one." She said laughing. "Me too baby." I replied as I slowly slid in and out of her letting my cock slide out against her clit. I felt cum running out of her pussy. I bent over and kissed her as she strained to raise her head up to mine. I reached around and took cum running down her legs and rubbed it between the cheeks of her little ass.

I let my cock slowly slide out of her as I slid it between her cheeks. It slid smooth as the head of it touch the entrance of her little asshole. I slowly pushed against it. She moved her left hand around and to her pussy and wet my shaft.

She slid the foreskin over the head and placed it at the entrance. "Push on it slow. She said as she moved her arm back on the other still looking at me as she smiled. "Fuck my little hole little brother. But go slow to start." She said as she smiled. "You are sure?" "Yes, I want to feel you in me again all the way in my tummy." She said smiling. "Relax and look at me for a minute." I said as I slowly put pressure on her.

I felt her relax as the head slipped inside her butt. She grunted, but I didn't see any pain reflexes on her face. "How does it feel?" I asked her. "It feels good." She replied. Slowly slide it all the way in." "I wet the shaft a little more as I slowly slid it all the way in until my body met hers.

It was hot and felt good as I slowly started sliding it in and out of her. I lay my hands on her hips as I watched as I slowly pumped deep in her hole as the tightness of the entrance milked my cock as it moved in and out with every stroke. I loved watching it do that.

It was a turn on to me. I slid it deep in her as I lay my body on top of her as I strained to pull her face up to mine. She took one hand and held my head to hers as we kissed. Our lips met and our tongues locked.

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I slid one hand down on her wet pussy and started massaging her clit softly as I took one tit in the other rolling her hard nipple with my thumb and forefinger. She moaned as she continued to suck my tongue. I felt an orgasm slowly coming on but I was in no hurry. We had half a day yet to play. "Pull it out and put it in from the front." She said. "Okay." I replied. She turned around as I lifted her up a little higher on the log. She wrapped her hands around my neck as stuck the bare head to the entrance.

I watched the bare head slide into her little hole as it stretched open. It went in easy now as I watched it slide halfway in. I paused for a moment just looking at it. I think I could have worked up an orgasm just doing short strokes like that. I took her little butt in my hands as I closed in on her as she locked her legs around my body.

I slowly started pumping her. "That feels good." She said. Without another word she pulled the rest of my body against hers as her lips covered mine sliding her tongue deep in my mouth sucking my tongue with a low moan. I slowly slid my cock back and forth in about one-inch strokes as she sucked passionately on my tongue.

I stopped momentarily and pushed tight against her. My cock throbbed, and each time it did she moaned trying to shove her tongue deeper in my mouth. She was hot around my bare cock head and god it felt wonderfully good too as I slowly pushed back and fourth against her beautiful warm body. She slid her hand down between our bodies and started massaging her clit as she fingered her pussy.

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I could feel an orgasm slowly coming on. She must have massaged her clit and finger-fucked herself for near five minutes. It was turning me on even more as I started fully sliding the head all the way to the entrance and back deep in her slowly the full length.

Then she started breathing deep as she started moaning. "Fuck me little brother." She moaned as she released the kiss and buried her face on my shoulder and neck as she kissed and licked.

I started fucking her hard as the back if her hips banged against the log. She moaned with joy. Yes little brother, yes, yes, fuck me hard. You feel so good. She moaned louder. Her fingers moved faster on her clit. I pumped faster. I couldn't wait any longer. My orgasm was coming on fast. I lost control as my load shot out of my cock gushing deep in her asshole. It felt awesome. "I'm Cumin baby, I'm cumin." I moaned as I banged against her asshole tight as it squirts.

I finally shot the last load but still pumping her Suddenly she started moaning even louder moans. "Oh god, I'm cumin little brother, oh god I'm cumin again as she turned loose her clit, wrapping her arm back around my neck and buried her tongue in my mouth as she sucked my tongue, quivering and moaning trying to shove her body against mine.

I could feel her cum running down on my cock as it slid in and out of her. When she had finished she released the kiss and leaned back the full length of her arms and looked down at us and then at me. We were both sweating as she rubbed her tummy against mine and laughed. It had suddenly gotten so warm. "Little brother, it gets better every time we do it. She said. "I think that is the way it's supposed to be.

And we are use to each other now and know how to make each other feel better in every way we do it". I replied.


We just held each other in that position for a few moments as she looked down at my cock still inside her. My cock popped out as I moved back slightly.

She laughed. We were both saturated with cum as I let her down. Beneath where her ass had been were two large blobs of cum running down the log. The towel was still hanging on the branch of the tree where we had left it the last time. I took it down as we squatted over the small stream facing each other as I watched her splashing the cold water against her pussy sliding her finger in and out of it as the water runs down on her butt. I reached over and rubbed her beautiful mound as my middle finger slid inside.

She felt good even with the cold water. "Here, let me wash you. She suggested as she wrapped her hand around my soft cock as she stroked it with cold water laughing. She spattered my balls and pubic hair all over as my cock shrunk. "I'll have to un-shrink it later." She said laughing.

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We dried off and put our clothes on and started walking through the woods. "Do you want to walk over to auntie's house? I asked her. "No." She replied. 'I had rather just us be together today. She replied. "Are you hungry yet?" I asked her. "I can eat if you can." She replied. 'We need to keep up our strength." "Strength for what?" I asked without thinking.

'Never mind." I said laughing. She just smiled. We sat on the log and ate two sandwiches each that she had made and drank a large container of homemade juice she had added. It was almost pure fruit juice of several assortments. That was something we had plenty of and mom insisted that we drink a lot. And I did just that. In fact, I think I drink more juice than water. I didn't know what it did so much until later years.

As we walked around the hill we found a bunch of ripe berry plants and ate several hands full. We laughed along the way about first thing then another.

I really enjoyed my sisters company long before we started having an affair, so this was no particular reason now. But I must admit it; our sexual relationship now was making things much sweeter.

We must have walked through the woods for more than an hour before she suggested us turn around and go back. I agreed. We sat on the log and talked for a bit. She seemed to be sad in a way. I knew what she was thinking, just as I was. "Will you do something for me?" She asked. "Tell me what would you like me do for you and I will do it." I replied.

She dropped her shorts and unbuttoned her shirt and spread them out on the mass of pine needles, sat and lay back on them. Even though I knew what she wanted, I let her tell me. With a somewhat sad look on her face she said, "Just lay on top of me and male love to me just like you have the rest of your life to do it." I looked at her, without flickering my eyes as I unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it off as I dropped my shorts.

I had her sit up as I placed them under her. I knelt between her legs as she spread them wide. I slid my hands up and down her tummy as I caressed her beautiful breast as her nipples begin to swell again.

I slid my hands down letting my thumbs between her thighs as I gently spread her outer lips apart with my forefingers. Her inner lips unfolded like a beautiful flower in early morning. I don't think there could be a more beautiful sight to see. Her pink little clit perched out at the top from beneath its shield as I spread her lips a little farther apart. I looked at that little hole where I watched her wonderful love juices flow from not so long ago. I looked at her.

She then smiled as she slightly pushed her body up. "Go ahead; you can taste it again if you want to." She said. "You know, you're getting pretty good at reading my mind aren't you!" She just smiled. I looked her in her eyes as I lowered my face. She smiled as she raised her pussy up to meet my lips.

I slid my tongue just between her inner lips as I slid my tongue deep inside and out up and to her clit. She gasped as I heard her exhale slowly but hard as she reached down and softly took my cheeks in her hand and held them slowly moving her body up and down. My cock was hard and throbbing. "Oh god little brother." She moaned. 'Slide up here and make love to me." I slowly slid up until my cock rubbed in her pussy.

I stopped. She slid the skin over the head and stuck it between her lips as she pushed sliding it in. I pushed her body down as I slid it deep in her and slowly started sliding it in and out. "Yes." She moaned. 'That feels so good. We must have lain there for at least a half hour slowly enjoying each other's pleasures when she said, "Make love to me little brother and make me cum.

I have an orgasm coming on." I sped up pumping her with the full length of my cock, as we looked each other in the eyes. Her lower jaw begins to tremble as she moans.

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She suddenly pulls my face to hers sliding her tongue deep in my mouth sucking mine as both tongues locked. She suddenly starts moaning as if in pain as she pumps against my cock.

I felt her passion gushing over my cock as I pumped her harder. It was then that I begin reaching peak as I concentrated; picturing what it looked like squirting from that little hole. I exploded as I held my cock deep against her shooting several loads against her innermost parts rather than pumping her after the first.

Each time it hit her she made short moans. "Yes." She moaned. 'That feels good. You never held it that long before." I know. It feels good that way too. I replied. We lay there as I slowly pumped her until we had another orgasm again as she sucked my tongue. She really loved doing that. She said it makes her cum faster. I had already found out it did me as well.

When she showed contentment and was finished, we decided to go to the house and then go for a swim. It was four fifteen when we got home. Mom would be home around five. The water was warm as we play around.

"One of these times I want you to make love to me in the water." She said. "That might be exciting. I would like to try that too." I replied as I slid my hand beneath her shorts between her legs.

She eagerly spread them for me. Mom soon come home and fixed dinner as she asked us how our day went along with other conversation. Sunday come and went and Monday was here.

Nathan comes by to pick me up. We did out hugs and kisses as I said so long. Sis handed me a sealed envelope. "Don't open it until bedtime." She said almost in a whisper smiling. It took several hours to get to Wilmington; Va. Nathan dropped me off at my hotel where I would be staying. I picked up the keys of a white Chevy truck that was included for my transportation.

I went out to the new construction site to check it out. About fifty houses were to be built. I hoped I would have a good crew. I stopped at a restaurant and ate as I relaxed. Then I thought took the small envelope from my shirt pocket. In small print it said, "Here is something I made for you last night while you were asleep." But she had said not to open it until bedtime. Now I was really curious.

I paid the bill as I dropped a tip on the table. I pulled in the parking lot by the entrance of the condo. I took a shower and relaxed as I lay across the bed. Carefully I opened the envelope. Inside was a small clear zip-lock plastic bag with an extra piece of tape across it.

It felt spongy. As I squeeze it as it bubbled. In my mind I tried to guess what it might be. It couldn't be what I thought in my mind. I carefully opened the bag pulled out the material. It consisted of several folds of gauze bandage. It was saturated with a creamy fluid. I touched it with my tongue. It was her cum. She had masturbated last night just for me to have with me while I am here.

It was all hers too.

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I pressed my lips tight around it saturating them all the way across. I sealed it back and lay it on the nightstand. I undressed and lay back on the bed licking my lips corner to corner as I went to sleep dreaming.

Check back for the sad conclusion in Part 6 .