Hot teen saved from the perv bunny

Hot teen saved from the perv bunny
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Most my family is going out of town for a short vacation. I couldn't go cause I had to be in school late for an activity. Leighann wanted to stay home and have a sleep over, so I was charged with watching them all day saturday. Family would be back later Saturday night so we could go to church on Sunday. They were leaving Friday evening, and Jenny was coming over that night to spend the night. Obviously no one else knew what had been going on between us or they wouldn't have had me stay and watch them and probably killed or disowned me.

Leighann then continued "I really hope to have some fun then. I really really want to see something for my birthday present. You should not wear a shirt then." she handed me a note as she kissed me very gently on my cheek. She told me not to open it till I got to my room later tonight.

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She turned around and winked at me as she went to the bathroom. I finished the dishes wondering what the little note had in it. I had a semi bone for the rest of the night. I rejoined the family and we enjoyed a couple of movies. After the movies I decided to take a shower and get cleaned up before bed.

Once I got cleaned up I decided it was time for bed, and off to bed I went. We had a lot of family members but we had a big enough home that we all had our own rooms. I went in, then closed and locked the door. I walked up to the bed and leaned over and pulled the note from out of the jeans I had left on the floor.

I opened the note and it read "there is only one thing I want for my birthday present. I can't get it till next Friday night. All I want is for you to show me and Jenny your big dick. Ive already seen it but I wanna see it again. Please don't be mad at me and please don't tell mom and dad or anyone else. We really want to see it!!!! Jenny thinks your sexy and so do I! Love you." It had 2 boxes in it one with yes written by it and one with no written by it.

It didn't take very long to make up my mind. I wanted this as bad as she did! I got really hard! I checked the the box and decided to try to get it back to her as soon as possible. I was only in my sweat pants, no underwear so it began to tent out really good. I stood up dropped my sweat pants and started to rub my cock. I heard the very faint voice of my sister saying "I'm going to bed now mom I love you guys!

Thankyou for the birthday dinner". Just before she began to climb the stairs I heard my dad call her back to the family room.


I ran, grabbed my towel and snuck as quietly as I could, to the bathroom holding the note. I was so turned on by the note that I was as hard as a rock, I had chills running through me, and big goose bumps.

My vision was hazy. I was also breathing hard, all because of what I was about to do. As soon as I heard her start the climb up the stairs I put my plan in motion. As soon as she got to the top of the stairs and turned left to go to her room I waited a couple of seconds while wrapping myself in the towel. I then opened the door. My hard cock sticking straight out. I purposely placed the towel well below my navel as low as I could without my cock being uncovered.

I stepped out and faced leighann. She looked at me with a very suprised look on her face. Her eyes then traveled to my hard cock sticking straight out in front of me. Her mouth wide open in the shape of an o, then her face went straight.

She bit her lip and began breathing hard and ragged. She just stared at it. "oh my god" she whispered. I stepped as close to her as I could allowing my hard cock to slide against her side. She just moaned "hhhhhh oh wow hhhhhh " as I handed her the note. I wispred in her ear. "I think you're sexy too, and you can see as much of me as you want." and I went back to the room hoping I had made her as horny as I was.

I jerked and rubbed my cock at least 4 times that night! I don't know if It was just me but it was a hard week for me! Not only was I constantly hard all week but I was excited about the weekend! I think leighann was too! There were many times through the week where we would give each other looks.

She was constantly glancing at my bulge, and I was doing all I could to make it more visible. Time seemed to go very slow. One night I came out only in a towel knowing my sister was nearby.

I would come out. She would stare at my tent. Once she even moaned "mmmmmhhhh god I can't wait till Friday night! You still giving me my present then?". "Oh god yes" I whispered. Then before I knew it Friday was here. I couldn't consentrate at school for the life of me! I was way too excited, and horny as hell! I had been jerking off all week and I was still horny as fuck! I knew what was coming! As soon as my school project had finished I walked home as fast as I could!

I got home and Leighann was there. I smiled at her, trying really hard to not alert any of my family members that were getting ready to leave. They all left except me and Leighann. It was finally just me and her, and hopefully soon to be Jenny!

I was excited and nervous at the same time. I knew I was going to show my cock to them. I was more nervous to show my sister than I was Jenny, leighann was just much hotter than her. As soon as they left Leighann got a really sexy look on her face and began breathing raggedly. She looked at my growing bulge and in what I would describe as a seductive tone asked " do I still get my present today?" "yes" I told her as my bulge started getting bigger.

I told her that ide be right back. I went up stairs and sat at my desk. I immediately came up with an idea! I pulled my notebook out and opened it up. I wrote a note. It read "you can have the present on one condition. You have to unwrap it. Let me know what you think!" I was so hard at the possibility of them actually touching my hard cock! I was so hard I began rubbing my cock through my pants. I stood up and went down stairs to where my little sister was.

I handed her the note. She opened it and her eyes opened wide as her mouth opened into the shape of an O. She looked right at me and bit her lip. All she could do was nod. She was breathing so hard. I then started to slip my shirt off. She then said "wait, not till Jenny gets here.". So we waited. About an hour of waiting she finally arrives. I opened the door and let her in. She gave me a very seductive smile. She was wearing a tanktop that was too small for her. I noticed she had her t shirt in her hand along with her pillow and a sleeping bag.

She looked so hot so I told her that the looked sexy. She glanced at my bulge and said "so do you! ". As soon as leighann came down stairs my jaw dropped! She had on a miniskirt that she had borrowed from Jenny on. She also had a very small what looked like a tube top on. It left very little to the imagination! She had her hair in a pony tail. My cock jumped when I saw her! Her bright green eyes looking at me with the corner of her lip in her mouth!

I looked at her and kept looking at her nipples that were poking through the shirt. "Mmmmmhhhh oh god you look so good!" I moaned. She looked at my bulge then in my eyes and said "thanks jennies brother likes it when she wears it too! I was floored! "ill be right back" I said as I headed for the stairs. I'm going to change. "well hurry I want my present soon" leighann said. I got to my room and started to figure out what I was going to wear to give them the same reaction they have me.

I found a nice clean pair of boxer breifs. I stripped down and stroked my cock a few times and put them on. I found a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and put them on. Then I pulled my shirt off saying, "well here goes nothing. I walked down the stairs, and went to the family room where leighann and Jenny were. I heard them talking so I stopped and listened.

I heard Jenny saying "Your brother is so hot! He is the hottest boy I have ever seen! I had to try to keep from kissing him and rubbing that big bulge in his pants!" leighann replied "you don't know how hard it was for me, I had to be around him all week! I've been so horny! Ive been playing with my pussy all week thinking about tonight!" I was so hard I couldn't stand it!

I walked into the room and said I'm here! My sister said "its about ti " she stopped in mid word as she looked at me! I heard two sexy teens gasp! "Hhhhhhhh, very nice" Jenny said. "oh my hhhhhhh yeah you look so hot right now Adam!" said Leighann. "You want your present now" I asked looking at them both, the look on my face was very easy to read. My cock was throbbing it was so hard! I noticed a little moist spot in my boxer breifs. It was so hard to hide my growing bulge!

Even with my boxer breifs, my shorts began to to tent out. "oh wow hhhhhhh he's so horny now!" Jenny said. "look leighann I can see his dick almost". I felt almost numb, my body was buzzing and I couldn't slow my breathing down from the excitement. I had goose bumps a mile high it seemed, and I couldn't help but thrust my hips back and forth just slightlyfeeling my hard cock rubbing the inside of my underpants. "Oh yeah I see" leighann said. They both just looked at me almost like I was a peice of meat.

I began to walk towards them slowly. "oh my god I'm so horny right now" leighann said. "mmmmmmm me too, I'm so wet right now" said Jenny. "oh god so am I " leighann moaned. I got to them and sat in the chair across from them. I sat on the edge of the chair and layed back the rest of the way, making my bulge visible! I slowly ran my hand along the whole length of my bulging cock on the outside of my shorts, all the while staring at my sister and Jenny.

I'm so hard right now I said. "oh yeah we see that" my sister said. She leaned back and opened her legs as far as they would go. I could see right up her skirt! "ohhhhh wow, that's so nice" I said, she had no panties on, and I could clearly see her smooth bare pussy!

It was shiny from her wetness. I kept rubbing my hard throbbing cock through my shorts as I stared up my sisters skirt! She watched me rub my cock, as she began to sit back up. Jenny, was watching too, only her hand was down her shorts. I watched her arm moving up and down. "ohhh hhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhh mmmm I wanna see it please leighann" Jenny moaned.

My sister motioned for me to come over to her with her finger. I stood up and and walked to her and stood as close to her as I could making sure my hard cock was in her face. I could feel her breath on my shorts as she began to breath hard. She looked right up at me and asked "you like seeing my pussy? Its what you wanted right? I've been listening to you jerk off, so I know you've been wanting to see it!" all I could do was nod. "good" she said as she hooked her fingers in my waist band and began to pull my shorts down.

Jenny got closer and waited as she knew that this was Leighanns birthday present. She went slow, as her fingers lightly touched my hard throbbing cock! I jumped as my cock twitched! She then got my shorts off as she gasped at my bulge in my boxer breifs. It showed more as it was a lot tighter. She took her hand and rubbed it very gently. "hhhhh hhhhh hhhhh" I breathed at her touch! "that feels so good" I wispered. Jenny was really moaning as she was fingering her covered pussy while she watched.

"oh my god Jenny moaned". My little sister kept rubbing my covered cock. "hhhmmmm yeah that feels so good" I moaned. I want you to see it now I said. My little sister then hooked her fingers in my waist band and slowly began to lower my boxer breifs. The band caught the head of my throbbing cock, so she pulled them up a little then out.

She slid my boxer breifs down further exposing my cock head. She kept lowering it slowly to my balls and then yanked them to my feet!

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My cock hit her in her face. "oooo that's so nice, oh wow he is so big uuuhh" Jenny moaned! My sister had the sexiest reaction! Her eyes were wide open, her mouth.

Opened very wide, breathing her hot breath on my cock! Her whole body started to shake, "hhhhh oh my god baby.mmmmm mmmmm uhhhhhh, you have such a nice dick, mmmmmm oh wow its so big uhhhh!".

"uuhh uhhhh oh god mmmm" moaned Jenny as she started to cum hard!

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Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she trembled. After a few minutes she sat up and said, "we should measure it" as she peeled her tank top off, revealing two very little yet sexy tits! My cock jumped! I thought I was going to cum all over my sisters face!

"oh my god" I moaned as I looked at her topless body! My little sister didn't speak, she just stood up and pulled her tube top off! I fell in love with her tits! Small, but perky, and bright pink little nipples!! She saw me staring at them and she gave me a sexy smile! "oh wow" I moaned "you two have the sexiest bodies I have ever seen!!" my cock throbbing!

"oh god so do you" leighann said! Jenny left the room as my llittle sister stood up and gently gripped my hard throbbing cock! "its so thick too" she moaned. "hhhhhuu that feels so good I moaned. "yeah?" she asked. Jenny returned with a measuring tape as my sister let go of my cock!

Then she dropped her skirt! She was bare naked, and it was all I could do to keep from trying to slide my cock into my sisters smooth soaked pussy! Jenny said "oh god you have a nice dick! Your sister is sooo right!

She then kneeled down. My sister next to her. Then she pulled the tape out and measured my cock. "Hhhhhhoh wow Jenny moaned! Its so much bigger than my brothers cock!" my little sister looked at it and moaned "ooh wow mmmmm" I can smell his cock! Smells Sooo gooodd! 6 and a half inches, that's big right Jenny? "its so big" Jenny moaned. " then Jenny wispered in my little sisters ear.

I look down and see them both stick their toungs out and lick the head of my throbbing cock! I came so close to cumming! Mmmmmmmghhhhh I moaned! Oh god do that again! This time Jenny pinned my cock to my belly and licked up its whole length! "mmmmmmm that's so sexy my little sister moaned! I wanna try she said! Only she looked straight in my eye as she licked my cock!

"ooooohh, MY, GOD!" then Jenny licked up my shaft and stuck the head of my cock in her mouth, and sucked while licking the under side of my head! My cock began to leak precum like crazy! "mmmmmmm yeah" my little sister moaned as she fingered herself right in front of me! She then looked in my eyes, "she does this to her brothers too! "ooh god! Mmmmmm hhhhh hhhh hhhh I think I'm going to cum!" I moaned!

My little sister began to stroke my cock where Jenny wasn't sucking! Then out of no where, Jenny stopped and my little sister wined, "I wanna suck it so bad uhhhhhh" then in one motion sucked my cock head into her mouth! OOOHHHH GOD OOOH GOD! Mmmmmmm ooohhhh ohhhhh fuck ohhhh fuck! It feels so gooood!" I cried! "you like that baby? You Iike watching your little sister suck your big thick beautiful Dick huh? "Oh my god yes, oooohh ohhh mmmmmm I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum so hard," I cried!

"mmmmmmmm my sister moaned! "my brother loves it when I suck his dick too! "Cum for you little sister, she wants to taste your cum for her birthday present! All of a sudden i started shaking as electric pulses ran through my body, my balls began to tighten! My cock swelled even more! With one final grunt and slight thrust I came! "oooohhh!!!!

Ngguuuh! Ooh! Mmmmmmmghhhhh! My little sister sucked harder! I shot wad after big wad of my cum into her mouth! She swallowed as much as she could!

There was so much it, that some of it leaked out from the corner of her mouth and down on to her sexy little titties! "hhhhuuhhhh that so hot!" Jenny cried! "now do what I told you hell like it I promice". My little sister released my cock from her mouth with a pop. Looks up at me with her big green eyes, and opens her mouth showing me her mouth full of my cum.

Then she swallowed it all!! She opened her mouth to show me it was all gone! She wiped the cum off the corner of her mouth and sucked it off of her finger! "mmmmmmmm yummy" she moaned! "oh my god that was so hothhhhhh" I moaned! I turned around and fell to the couch. My cock didn't go all the way down. It was still semi hard. As I sat down Jenny scooted closer to me and began to kiss me really good!

Her tounge slipped into my mouth and began to message my tounge! I started to get harder again as we kissed. I started slipping my tounge into her mouth and we just licked each others mouths. Our tounges wrestling each other! She began to moan as she moved her leg up. Her soft thigh touched my cock. We contiuned to kiss more and more passionately. She started to run her thigh up and down my cock as it began to throb again.

My little sister then wispered in my ear. "she wants you so bad!" She always talks about it!" my sister then left the room saying she needed a drink.


Jenny then started grinding her soaked pussy on my leg, leaving a small trail of her pussy wetness on my leg, "mmmmmmm" she moaned as she gently rubbed my cock with her thigh and grinding her wet little pussy on my leg. We broke the kiss, and she said "maybe you should go see what leighann is doing baby uuuuhh ". I said ok.

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I stood up and went to the kitchen. There she was, standing at the sink. I walked up behind her, pulled my throbbing cock up to my belly, then pressed myself up against her. "uuhhhhhh" she moaned. She wispered in a breath "oh god I was sooo hoping you would come in here hhhhhh".

I slid my right hand to her belly and my left hand to her little tits that I loved! And began messaging them gently, and gently pinching here bright pink little nipples. One at a time. "hhhhhhhh.lower" she whimpered. So I slid my right hand lower., and stopped. "mmmmmm oh god stop teasing me and touch my pussy already!" I slid my hand lower aiming my middle finger at her little slit.

I glided my finger along her slit from top to bottom slowly. My little sister began to shiver. Her head went back and rested on my shoulder as I was bent over a little. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened wide.

"aaahh aaahh mmmmm uuuhhhhhh.that's so nice mmmmmm" she moaned as I slid my finger up and down her little pussy slit over and over again. I slid my finger between her pussy lips and kept rubbing her pussy.

I didn't know it at the time, but my finger was rubbing her clit at the same time. She began to temble, as she started to have an orgasm. "mmmmmmmghhhhh, oh god, feels so.

Mmmm feels so good, as her whole body began to stiffen. I then turned my head and started to kiss her as passionately as possibe. "mmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmm" I stopped kissing her. "ooooohhhh god uuuhh ooh go, oh god, oh god, uuuuhh" my little sister cried!

Her whole body went stiff as she shook all over. Her hips thrusting back and forth jerkingly. Then she stopped, she froze as stiff as a board, and still shaking, "OOOOHHH MYYY GOOODD!!!! Uhhhhhh!! As she squirted fluid all over my hand.

Her fluid came out as though she was peeing! "ohhh hhhhhuu mmmmm ohhh wwow! mmmmghhhhh" she then relaxed and slumped against the sink! I thought she pissed all over my hand. Jenny then wrapped her arms around me as I took a step back. Jenny was breathing hard! She reached around and started stroking my throbbing cockl! I closed my eyes and spoke. She peed on me I said.

" mmmmm no she didn't" she moaned, "that was cum! You made her cum hard, and I watched the whole thing!! Mmmghh that was so damn hott!! I just watched you make your sister cum!!! That was so yummy uhhh" my brother never make me cum that hard! I'm jealous!" my little sister giggled.

"That was so much better then when I do it myself, she said seductively. Now Jenny I need to talk to Adam for a minute alone if that's ok." Jenny moaned in disappointment. Ok she said. She turned me around and put the head of my cock in her mouth and then licked under my cock head. Then she pushed down. I felt my cock go far into her mouth as she took it in as far as she could!

"hhhhhuuoh god!" I moaned. Then she slowly pulled head back, all the while she sucked! "ooohh god that feels so good" I moaned and wispered at the same time. Then POP my cock came out of her mouth! It was still dripping with her saliva! She then walked out of the kitchen. My little sister then reached for my cock facing me.

Using jennies saliva as lube began to slide her little hand up and down my cock, touching my head to her belly with every up stroke! "mmmmmhhhhh I love the way you do that baby" I whimpered.

Then my sister spoke up. "look what I want I can't have, cause we are brother sister. But I have an idea. ill keep this secret for life and it'll die with me I promice you! " I promice too uuhhh" I moaned. What I really want is to watch you.I really wanna watch, I don't know how to say this." just say it I moaned as she stoked my cockl! " k ummm, well since we can't, I umm. Umm I wanna watch", she looked up at me with her big green eyes and"ummm I wanna uh kinda, wanna watch you and Jenny do it.I wanna watch you and her have., umm, have sex hhhhhh" she wispered.

"But I'm a virgin, ive never done it, ive never had sex." I wispered back while she kept stroking my hard cock, continuing to run my cock head on her belly on her up strokes. "its ok, she has had sex once already.

She always says that she wants to have sex with you so bad, and I wanna watch your beautiful thick big dick go in her pussy hhhhhh, don't worry about anything, ill help. Oh and she has no idea its a suprise for her helping me see this sexy dick ok?

"mmmmmm uhhh she helped you? "yeah she did, she even taught me how to suck your dick," "Oh wow I moaned, mmmm I love the way this feels baby" she wispered, "let's get out there and give her her thankyou present.". We walked into the room where Jenny was playing with her pussy. "hey" my sister said. "Mmmmmhhhh hey" she said as I sat down on the couch. My little sister the shocked me!! She leaned over and kissed Jenny very passionately! My cock strained and I thought I was going to cum!

She reached down and grabbed my throbbing cock! Mmmmmmmghhhhh ooohhh yeah that's so fucking hot" I moaned. My little sister stopped kissing her and said "hey Jenny I have an idea! I know you going to love it baby uhhhh!" She whimpered! Jenny sat up and and kissed my sister back just as passionately! "ok what should I do hhhhhh" she moaned. "straddle my brother" my sister said.

Jenny then put both her legs on both side of me. "now sit down all the way" my sister instructed as she pushed my cock flat so it was laying facing up. Jenny sat all the way down, and all of a sudden she felt my bare hard throbbing cock touch her bare smooth pussy!

"oooohhhh wow! Uhhhh mmmmm hhhh!" Jenny moaned! My little sister then continued, "now slide your pussy up all the way and back down. "uuuuhhhhhhhh! Oh wwow!" Jenny moaned!

"ooohhhh god!" I moaned! Mmmmm your pussy feels so good on my dick baby!" Jenny then started a steady rythm as she slid her slick, smooth, soaked pussy up and down up and down my throbbing cock! My sexy little sister kissed Jenny with so much lust! "mmmm hhhh" Jenny moaned. My sexy sister then said "thankyou so much for helping me seduce my sexy brother"!

Mmmmm oooohhh yeah, your welcome, MY GOD his dick feels so good!!!! My little sister then kissed my with so much lust I couldn't help but reach for her pussy and start sliding my fingers up and down her slit. "you ready baby?" she wispered in my ear. I responded by kissing her like I was about to have sex with her. She climbed off. Then she got behind Jenny. She got on her knees. "Mmmmhhh uhhh oh god yeah mmmmmhhh this is sooo good baby, your dick feels so goood ohhh" Jenny moaned!

All of a sudden I notice that Jenny was slowing down a little and grinding harder! She slid her pussy up the whole length and back down over and over as she began to shake. Then on her way up I noticed my little sisters fingers slip between my hard throbbing cock and my body.

She began to lift my cock up. As soon as Jenny got to the head of my cock it finally lifted my cock head up! When Jenny started to slide back down she went hard and fast! I threw my head back and closed my eyes, hhhhhhuuuuu OH MY GOOODDDD!!! I cried My body tenced up, my cock just slid into jennies soaking pussy!!

"HHHHHUUUU OH MY GOD!!! UHHHHH your dick.UHHH just went in my pussy! OOHH that's so nn.hhhh nnice, oh god it fells so good" Jenny cried as she began riding my hard cock! My little sister stood up and came up to me and kissed me really hard, both of us breathing hard.

She layed her head facing down and watched my cock sliding in and out of her pussy! I started rubbing my little sisters pussy!

She put her hand on mine and with her middle finger she pushed my finger into her pussy hole! I began to finger fuck her while Jenny rode my cock!

I was hearing two little teens gasping and moaning, making my cock swell inside Jennies pussy even more! Then leighann stood up and straddled my face. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I began to lick and suck on her little pussy! "yeah yeah mmmm hhhuu right there right there ooohhhh yeah uhhhhh! She moaned while I sucked, licked and ate her pussy! She began to temble as I ate her little teen pussy!

She began to grinde her pussy on my face as I ate her.

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Juices flowing into my mouth and down my throat. She tasted sooo goood!!!!! Between having 2 little teens moaning and gasping, my sister letting me eat her pussy, and little Jenny riding my hard cock, I was in heaven! I thought I was going to cum, but I didn't want too! I wanted it to last! I wanted so bad to feel Jennies cum force its way around my cock, and pool under my ass on the leather couch seat!

I wanted my little sisters cum to flood my mouth! After a few minutes I got my wish! It started with Jenny. She was crying out, "oohh god mmmm hhhhuu hhhhuuu mmmm I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cumm mmmmmmm aahhh, oh god your dick is making me cum bab. HHHHUUU OOHH GOD IM.

CUMMING UUUHHHH!!! She began to spasm all through out her body, as she whimpered! She slammed down on my cock so hard and froze. I then felt her pussy clamp and contract on my hard cock as fluid gushed out of her tight pussy!

I could hear her cum squrting from aroung my cock as her pussy clamped itself around me! She shook all over and slowly began to slide my cock in and out of her wet little pussy. Her fluids soaked my balls and ran down my ass! Then my little sister started to shake and tremble and jerked her hips across my mouth as her cum began to flow into my mouth!

"nnnnnngghhhhuuuhh oh yeah, right there, right there, right there, mmmmm uuhhhh!!!!" her pussy then flodded my mouth! I swallowed as much as I could but couldn't keep up! It ran down the sides of my face and onto my neck and down my chest! My sister colapsed onto the couch next to me and kept jerking and shaking for a few minutes!

"mmmm hhhhh hhhhh oh wow hhhhh" she moaned. Jenny then bent back down and wispred, "she tastes good huh baby? Mmmm I know, we have been messing around for a while mmmmhhhh!" she then kissed me hard!

"god I love the taste of her pussy don't you baby?" hhhmmm yeah!" I moaned. God my dick feels so good in you uhhh! Mmmmm she moaned in response! I sat up and gently pushed Jenny off. I stood up and pushed her so she was bending over the couch. My little sister had just recovered from her orgasm, and immediately stood up and grabbed my cock, and aimed it for jennies pussy!

She stroked it gently as she wispered in my ear. "you wanna see what Jenny and I do sometimes when we talk about you? Huh baby?" she let go of my cock and climbed up onto the back rest of the couch. She spread her legs right in front of jennies face and began to rub her pussy. Her eyes locked with mine and she bit her lower lip. Jenny moaned, "oh god uuu" then she buried her face into my little sisters pussy. She began to lick her pussy and nibble her clit! My sister sighed, "ohhhhh yeah, right there baby mmmmm!" her eyes closed as she gasped and whimpred!

Her head was thrown back as Jenny licked my little sisters pussy.

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I couldn't take it anymore! My cock was throbbing and I needed to feel the velvety moist snugness of a tight teen pussy!

As Jenny licked my sisters pussy, I placed the head of my throbbing cock at the entrance of jennies pussy, feeling the heat from her. She pushed back hoping It would slide in I backed up preventing that! Then when she least expected it I pushed my cock into her as hard, fast, and deep as it would go, my balls slapping against her clit! "HHHHHHHUUUUU OOHH FFUCK, OH MY GOD" as she immediately tensed up and started to jerk all over! Her pussy clamped and spasmed all over my cock so hard as I began fucking her as hard and fast as I could go!

She buried her face in my little sisters pussy again as she moaned! Her pussy began to squirt from all around my cock as she came hard! My little sister was shaking and spasming as she looked right at me! Again I was hearing to little teens moaning to the point that they we're almost screaming in pure blissfull pleasure! "oh yeah mmmm mmmm ggghh hhhhhh of duck this feels so good uhhh uhhh your so fucking tight" I said as I fucked Jenny!

My little sister watched me and grinned at me as she moaned! "yeah yeah mmmm right there right there baby mmmm god you lick my pussy so good uuuhhh".

I then felt my cock stiffen more and my balls get stiff! My vision became hazy, and I had electric pulses running from my head to my cock! I knew that I was going to cum soon! I kept fucking Jenny hard and fast! Then I hear Jenny yell "oh god, oh god, oh god, oh fuck, mmmmm yeah fuck me baby yeah ohhhhh god I'm gonna cum I'm gonna OOOHHH WOW UHGGHHHHHH"! Her pussy gripped my cock so harad as I fucked her and began to contract!

I looked up and saw my little sister jerking and moaning all the while she looked into my eyes! She was cumming and hard too as Jenny had two fingers buried in her pussy! "OH YEAH BABY OOOHH YEAH MMMMM IM CUMMING I'm CUMMinG! OOHHH FUCK!" She all but sprayed her cum all over jennies arm, and Jenny sprayed all over my cock! I lost it and I began to warn "oh fuck oh yeah I'm gonna cum oh mmmmmmm mmmmmmmghhhhh! I pulled out and Jenny immediatedy sucked my cock into her mouth as, "oh fuck mmmmm mmmmm uuhhh!" I cried out as I came in her mouth!

Wad after wad of cum shot into her mouth! It over flowed out of her mouth and down on her chin! My sister immediately got down and licked my balls and jennies face! She licked my cum off of her face as Jenny released my cock and showed me her mouth full of cum! She swallowed it all and then her and my sister kissed! When they finished kissing Jenny looked at me sister and said "god your brothers cum is so goood!" I know said my sister!

I had collapsed on the chair from exhaustion! They both came up to me as I layed there shaking from the most intence orgasm I had ever had! They both kissed me hard and it seemed they we're fighting over who was going to kiss me the most!

"oh wow" I breathed out. Wher the hell did you both learn all this?" I asked. " my brother has me watch porn and I showed your sister. We watch it all the time baby" Jenny replied! That was so fun I moaned! Both teens giggled. "I know it was" my sister said! "I hope we can do this again soon". We cleaned up our messes and settled into the living room.

After a while we all fell asleep. Saturday morning I woke up with my cockl buried in my sisters mouth. We all had another good duck session that day before Jenny left and the family came home. After that, my sister did all she could to let me and Jenny fuck! She would "stand gaurd" as we would have sex in different areas, like the park or other places! Once we all got a little older things tapered off and we went about our lives, with some of the best memories about sex that we could ever ask for.

Although Jenny and I get together from time to time for a little refresher, on how fun we could have together. My sister and I, well, we definately kept our secret, but never did More than the occasional feel of each other. This is a memory I definately use to jerk off to! And probably allways will!!