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Hardx big butt brittany anal mit großem schwanz
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The Devil's Pact Chapter Two: The Salon I stepped out of the Starbucks into the sunshine feeling like a whole new woman. Maybe, it was because I am a new women. When I awoke I was simply Mary Sullivan, college student and barista. Then Mark appeared at my work. And in a few minutes his presence had transformed me. Awakened desires long buried in my heart and showed me pleasures I had never dreamed I could experience.

He had peered into my soul and I peered into his, and in each other we found love. Now, I'm his woman. His lover. The thought sent a warm flutter through my stomach. Mark had known me, known my body, more intimately than anyone before. He knew every part of my body, even my ass.

I rubbed my butt which was still a little sore. It was a pleasant ache that reminded me of Mark's cock plunging deep into me. How good it felt when his cum squirted hot and wet deep into my bowels. No man, no object, had ever been up my ass. My ex-boyfriend, Mike, had always begged me.

I had always said no. I always thought it was too dirty and I feared it would be painful. Mark showed me that it was also pleasurable. I guess, I just never trusted Mike enough not to hurt me. He always cared more about his own pleasures. I would be lucky if he lasted long enough for me to cum.

And then he would just roll off me and fall asleep. I usually had to masturbate while he snored next to me. His idea of foreplay was to paw at my breasts, maybe suck my nipples, and then plunge his cock right in. I usually had to use lube, because he rarely got my pussy wet. He loved for me to give him blowjobs and loved cumming on my face. But I never could get him to eat my pussy. I had been dating Mike since my junior year in high school.

He took my virginity in the back seat of his mom's Honda after prom. He was my only lover, so I didn't really know what I was missing out on until Mark. And not just the pleasures a man could give. Mark had found my most secret desires, ones I had buried so deep I didn't even know the existed, and exposed them. With my co-worker, Cynthia, I had learned the pleasures a woman could give me, and the pleasures I could give a woman.

Cynthia's tongue felt so good on vulva and clit. And her vulva felt like warm silk on my lips. And her flavor was this sweet, tangy mix that was delicious. My lust for women must have always been there, deep inside me. It must be why I would get so excited at slumber parties to practice french kissing with the other girls. Or why I could still vividly remember locker room after gym class, and the youthful flesh of my classmates.

Just picturing their budding breasts, slim hips, and the downy sparseness of a girls first pubic hair was making me cream my panties. I glanced at Mark and felt my face flush and heartbeat quicken. There was something about him, something that I just can't resist. He wasn't particularly handsome.

His silver-rimed glasses were too big and some fat under his chin made his face look to round.

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And he was definitely overweight. His body was soft with a dropping gut and love handles, and he had the start of man-boobs. His eyes were definitely his best feature, deep blue pools that could pierce your soul with their intensity. Love must be blind. Mark certainly wasn't better looking then Mike. I never would have looked twice at him before this morning. But then, Mark fell in love with me. Not wild Cynthia.

Who was so experienced in sex, always boasting about her one night stands with some guy or gal she met at a bar. Or fit and tanned Vivian, with her smokey, bedroom voice and cow large breast. The type of tits guys always panted after. I was nothing compared to either of them, but Mark fell for me. And I fell for him. I looked back at the Starbucks one last time, knowing I would never return. This morning I entered here a timid girl and I was leaving a confident women; a women that had sucked both pussy and cock and been fucked and sucked everywhere on my body.

For Mark, I've become such a dirty tramp. It made Mark happy. And that made me happy. "Do you have a car?" Mark asked me, his voice a rich, powerful baritone that was impossible to ignore. "Not really," I answered. "Mike has a truck, but he didn't want to wake up early to drive me to work today.

What with it being his day off and all." I didn't bother to hide my irritation. "What an asshole," Mark said, shaking his head and he lead me over to a beat up maroon Ford car. Mike was a asshole. I'm glad I dumped him for Mark. I flushed in shame, remembering how I broke up with him. It wasn't the most orthodox breakup, and I felt guilty about it.

I wasn't sure if I felt guilty for breaking up over the phone with Mike while Mark fucked me up the ass, or how naughty and sexy I felt and how great my orgasm was while doing it. Mark opened the passenger door for me and I blinked in surprise at the mess in his car. The floor was covered in fast food wrappers and empty drink cups. "Ehh." I started to say something, but stopped. I didn't want to say something mean. That wouldn't make Mark happy. "You like McDonalds," I quipped lamely.

"Sorry," he said, flushing with embarrassment. "I … shit. I'm really sorry." He bent down and started to throw some of the wrappers into the backseat.

"Clearly, you haven't had a girlfriend in a while," I said jokingly, trying to take the sting out of his embarrassment. "No," he said, a little bitter. He turned to face me, his finger gently stroked my cheek. "But I got you now." My heart melted and I just had to lean in and kiss him. He was such a sweetie. Not like Mike. Mike never said nice things to me anymore.

Mark's arms wrapped around me and pulled me in tight as I kissed him, his hand slid down and squeezed my ass through my pants. Mark must really like my ass, he's been rubbing it all morning. I broke the kiss and slid into the slightly cleaner passenger seat. Mark walked around the car and got into the driver seat, starting the engine. A fan belt screeched and the engine coughed and started.

Mark looked at me. "No offense, Mare, but that uniform isn't the most flattering on you." "Mare?" I asked, pretending to be indignant. "Mare? What am I, your horse?" Mark blinked. "I.uh. Sorry, I thought it was cute.

You know, short for Mary." He got flustered easily, and I couldn't help giggling. He was so easy to tease. Mark relaxed, realizing I wasn't offended. "Aren't you my filly, now?" he asked, jokingly.

I neighed, and broke out laughing. "I guess that makes you my stallion." Mark leaned over to me. "You're stallion, huh." He kissed me hard, his tongue filling my mouth. "You're stallion's feeling a little frisky." Feeling bold, I rubbed his cock through his pants, feeling it growing hard. "Mmhh, yes you are," I purred in agreement. Mark's hand slipped up underneath my shirt and groped my left boob through my bra.

His mouth was on mine again and this time it was my tongue filling his mouth. His fingers rubbed my nipple through the bra, sending tingly pleasure through my body, ending down at my pussy. It was getting hot and wet down there, my juices were soaking into my panties. I shifted my thighs, rubbing my clit deliciously against my panties.

My fingers unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his fly and pulled his cock out of his pants. It was warm in my hands and throbbed with his heart beat. He moaned into my lips as I gave his cock a few strokes. Mark was pulling my shirt up and I had to sadly let go of his cock so he could get it over my head.

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He was then reaching behind me and fumbling at my bra clasp. He cursed, and then my bra was unclasped and my tits were bare and Mark was sucking at my nipples. I moaned softly. It felt so damn good.

He was switching back and forth between them, his tongue rough and wet. My hand found his cock and I started to stroke it again. There was a loud rap on the window startled me and a middle aged women screamed at us, "Perverts!" I flushed. I was so caught up in the moment I forgot we were still in the Starbucks parking lot.

I covered my breasts as Mark gave me his boyish grin. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Mare," he told me in his commanding voice. "You're breasts are so beautiful. You shouldn't ever hide them." Mark was right. My breasts were beautiful.

I moved my hands and stared boldly at the woman, my right hand slid over and grasped my stallion's hard cock, slowly jacking the warm shaft. The women snorted in disgust and was pulling her phone out of her purse. Mark put the car in reverse and backed out. "Let's find something a little more private," he said and I squeezed his cock in agreement. Mark took us to the alley behind the Safeway at the other side of the parking lot and got out of the car, walking quickly around to my side.

He opened my door and held out his hand. I grasped it with my right and his thumb caressed the back of my hand. Then, he raised my hand to his lips and kissed it softly, like I was his lady. It was sweet and I smiled happily up at him. He helped me out of the car. The air was cool on my nipples and it felt so naughty to be topless in public.

My panties were drenched with excitement. Mark spun me about and pushed me forward against the hood of his car, rubbing my ass through my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and shoved them down my legs, so they bunched up around my ankles. "Oh, god you're so sexy!" Mark moaned, his fingers hooking into my panties and pulling them down my legs. And then he was in me, fucking me hard from behind.

I fell onto my elbows on the hood and gasped in pleasure as he filled my pussy with his hard cock, his balls slapping against my clit. I moaned, long and loud, delighting how wonderful it filled up with his cock. He pulled back, his cock rubbing sweetly against my pussy walls, and then thrust hard inside me again.

And again. Pleasure tingled though my body, my nerves on fire with lust. "My sweet filly!" Mark gasped. "My sweet, wild filly!" "Oh, fuck me!" I moaned.

"Fuck your filly! Fuck me, you big stallion. Oh, God! Your cock so good!" Mark was fucking me hard and fast. My clit rubbed pleasurable on the cold metal on his car, contrasting with Mark's hot cock filling my pussy. I gasped as he pulled my ponytail, hard, yanking my head back. I felt so slutty. "Ride your filly," I moaned. "Ride me hard!" I looked up and saw a teenage boy, maybe fifteen, filming us with his phone at the ally entrance.

With a naughty smile I winked at the boy. Then, I rose up off my elbows, using my hands support me, so the teenager could see my tits bouncing as my stallion fucked me. I had nothing to be ashamed of. Mark was right. My breasts were beautiful. I grasped my nipple and pinched it between my fingers. I was a naughty, dirty slut. I could feel my orgasm building up inside me, and squeezed my pussy on Mark's hard cock. "My filly's so tight!" Mark moaned. "Oh, god.

I'm cumming!" My pussy contracted fast and hard as Mark's cum shot inside me. Hot and thick and triggering my own orgasm. I threw back my head and yelled wordless as the pleasure crashed through my body. Panting, Mark fucked me a few more times as my pussy milked the last of his cum.

Sighing softly, I stood up, pressing my back against his soft chest. Mark's arms wrapped about my waist, hugging me tightly. His fingers caressed my stomach and played with my curly pubic hair. His cock was going soft in my pussy as he nibbled on my neck. We were in our own world of happiness. And then I saw teenage boy was still filming, and our private world vanished.

While the teenager watching us fuck made me feel hot and sexy. The teenager watching us cuddle just ruined the intimacy. I glared at the boy and he just smirked. "Mark, some teenager is filming us," I whispered.

"Go home!" Mark shouted at the teenage punk. Clearly bummed, the kid jumped on his skateboard and headed off. Mark pulled out of me and I felt his cum starting to run down my thighs. I pulled my panties and pants up as Mark put his cock away. "The kid kinda ruined the moment," Mark said regretfully." "Yeah," I replied. "Although, it made the sex hotter." Mark chuckled and kissed me. "Such a naughty filly." Smiling, I reached into the car and found my bra.

Mark had broken the clasp in his haste. I held I up to him, shaking my head. "It's not that hard to unclasps them, Mark," I said in amusement." "Sorry," Mark said, sheepishly. "I'll get you another.

Speaking of clothes, we got to get you in something more flattering than that polo shirt. All though, your ass looks amazing in those pants. Where's your place at?" My place was also Mike's place and guilt boiled in my stomach. "I … I live … I mean, I lived with Mike. After what I did …" I trailed off, shaking my head. I never thought I would cheat on Mike. Even if I did it with my soulmate. I consoled myself by remembering that Mike had probably cheated on me with that big-titted tramp from his work.

He had denied it, repeatedly, telling me I was just jealous and overreacting. He was convincing, but the way that bitch looked at him sometimes made me think something must have happened.

Mark nodded. "Yeah, that was pretty mean of me," he said. "So don't feel bad, okay Mare." It was sweet of Mark to try and assuage my guilt. And it did help a little. "It was just so." he trailed off, searching for a word. "Naughty?" That boyish grin came back and he nodded.

"It was. So naughty." "So, I don't think I can face him, not yet." I reached into the car and grabbed my black polo and pulled it over my head. The fabric rasped pleasantly on my nipples, still a little sensitive from my orgasm. "Okay, Mare. Let's go shopping. Get you some new clothes." I hugged Mark in delight. Mike never wanted to go shopping with me. Remembering how badly Mike treated me also helped a lot to make me feel less guilty. "Okay, let's go shopping." We got back into his dirty car.

Mark was definitely going to need to clean his car if he expected me to ride in it. Mark turned the key and the engine starting with a loud sputter. Mark drove us out of the parking lot and onto Pacific Ave, the main road through Spanaway and Parkland and into Tacoma. As we drove, I realized that Mark and I had done just about every sex act I had heard of, and I didn't even know his last name. So I asked him.

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Mark blinked at me. "Wow. I guess we don't really know much about each other. Well, let's see." He paused, thinking.

"I'm Mark Glassner. I'm twenty-seven. Umm, I've been working shitty jobs since I was eighteen. Currently, I sell vacuum-cleaners door-to-door." I couldn't help laughing at that.

"People still do that?" "Not that successfully," Mark answered. "Most people listen politely, then politely tell me to go fuck myself." "Well, Mark, I'm surprised you're not that good at it. Since you convinced three strange girls to have an orgy with you." I furrowed my eyebrows and wondered how he had done that.

His voice was just so commanding, you just obeyed him. Was it something you could learn? Mark seemed a little uncomfortable, so I changed the subject. I would pry that secret out of him, eventually. I had my whole life ahead to do it. "What about your family?" I asked. "I have a little sister," Mark said. "Although, I guess Antsy not so little any more since she started college last year." "Antsy?

That's a.um.unique name." I was trying not to giggle. "It's short for Samantha," Mark explained. "When she was a little kid she couldn't sit still so my dad started calling her Antsy. My sister still lives with my parents while she's going to school, but I … I, um, moved out when I was eighteen." His voice sounded bitter and I sensed some pain. I rubbed his thigh consolingly. "My mother wasn't a great parent," I told Mark in an understanding tone.

"It was my dad," Mark said after a long pause. "He was fine until I was eleven, and then he hurt his back, or so he claimed. He was a longshoreman at the Port of Tacoma and so he couldn't work anymore and he went on disability. Money got tight.

My mom had to start working and my dad," Mark snorted with derision. "My dad started drinking. And then he started getting abusive. To me. To my mom.

And sometimes even Antsy. I stood up to him when I got older and realized I was as strong as him.

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So the bastard kicked me out when graduated high school. I've tried a bunch of times to convince my mom to leave him, but she won't. She says she loves him, but I think she's too scared of being alone. Since I moved out, my mom claims that he stopped hitting her. But." "But, you think she's just trying to protect you," I finished, squeezing his thigh reassuringly. He nodded. Mark cleared his throat. He was doing that guy thing where they pretend they weren't about to cry.

"So, what about you," he croaked, voice thick with suppress emotion. He cleared his throat again. "What's your last name?" "Sullivan," I answered, immediately. "I'm nineteen. I have two sisters. Shannon's my older sister and Missy's my younger sister." "I definitely need to stop thinking of my sister as a kid since I'm dating someone the same age," Mark quipped.

"You're just a cradle robber," I joked back. "Seducing innocent young girls with your lecherous ways." We stopped at a red light and Mark bent over and kissed me, "Guilty as charged," he whispered, kissing my cheek and nuzzling at my neck.


The light turned green and a horn blared behind us. Mark grinned boyishly at me and continued driving. "I work part-time at Starbucks. Or, at least I did," I flushed as I savored the memory of what we did this morning. "It was helping to pay for college, so I hope you step up your vacuum-cleaner salesmanship to keep me in the poor lifestyle I've become accustomed to." "Money's not going to be a problem, Mare," he told me with confidence.

That nickname, Mare, was starting to grow on me. I kinda wished I had one for him. Mark doesn't really shorten into anything. Except Mar. And that sounds silly. Maybe Ark? No. He's not a big boat with a bunch of animals on board. Stallion was a fantastic nickname for when we were fucking, but seemed a little too weird to use otherwise. "So, where are you going to school?" "I'm attending DeVry up in Federal Way," I answered, "working on a graphic design degree." Mark smiled and nodded appreciatively.

"I didn't know I was dating a talented artist. I would love to see your work." I blushed. "I'm not that good," I said. People, mostly my dad and my sisters, said my art was amazing or beautiful. I, however, always saw my flaws and mistakes.

"But, I'll show you, if you want." He squeezed my hand on his thigh and brought it up to his lips, kissing my fingertips. "I do." He held onto my hand, driving with just his left.

Mark turned right onto 512, the freeway towards South Hill and its mall. "You said you're mom wasn't that great of a person?" he asked, merging onto the freeway. I hesitated. I didn't like talking about my mom. Mark squeeze my hand reassuringly. "You don't need to talk about it, if its to painful." I breathed deeply. Mark was my soulmate. He deserved to know. "When I was six, my mom …" I broke off, wiping at the tears welling in my eyes. Even after so many years it was painful.

My mom left a wound in my heart that opened every time I thought about her. "She left my dad. She was cheating on him and just ran off with this musician." I paused, fighting back sobs.

How could that whore abandon us. I regained my composure enough to continue. "Dad was a wonderful parent and did his best to raise me and my sisters. But mom's abandonment hurt him deeply. Hurt all of us, deeply. He didn't smile as much and had hard time dating women. I think he found it hard to trust after that. My mom didn't even tell anyone she was leaving, just packed a suitcase and left a note. Dad showed it to me when I was older. She wrote that she wasn't happy with her family.

She wanted to have fun, go out partying. To enjoy wild sex. She wrote that my sisters and I were just holding her back with responsibility." The tears were flowing now. It still hurt after all these years. What mother abandons her children so she could have fun. And never once in the last thirteen years had the whore ever as much as sent a birthday card. Dad said she didn't even contest the divorce. Just signed away her parental rights so she could whore around with that musician.

Of course, I'm just as much a whore. I cheated on Mike and then ditched him. Sobs wracked my body as I realized that I was my mother. How could this have happened?

Oh God, how did I become her?

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Mark's arms enveloped me, pulled me into his chest. His hands stroked my hair, gently. I was crying so hard that I didn't even notice him pulling over to the shoulder. He rocked me in his arms, and whispered, "Shh, it's okay. I'm not going to abandon you. Shh." "That's.not." I sobbed, trying to speak.

I started to hiccup. "I'm … hic … my mother! I'm just as … hic … bad! I'm a … hic … a whore!" "No you're not," Mark whispered, kissing my forehead.

"You're an angel, not a whore. You and Mike were just dating. You didn't marry him. You guys didn't have any kids. You didn't abandon your family to go have fun." I nodded and hiccuped.

My tears stopped and I sniffed loudly. I rubbed at my eyes, wiping tears away. "And your dad never treated your mom badly, right?" Mark asked. "Never was an asshole to her, like Mike was to you?" Dad was always sweet to mom. They never even fought. I had thought they were in love. "No. Dad loved her. We were always catching them kissing." "Did Mike ever love you," Mark asked. "Or did he just love sleeping with you?" I thought about it. Mike was always at me for sex, but I had to badger him to take me out on dates or just to spend time with me.

And I never felt half as intensely about Mike as I did for Mark. He was a candle compared to the bonfire of my love for Mark. I realized what Mike and I had was just teenage lust. Mark was right. I smiled in relief. Thank God, I wasn't my mother. "Thank you," I whispered. Mark kissed my cheek and he must be tasting the salt of my tears. Then he was kissing my neck, nibbling and sucking and probably leaving a hickey to match the one he gave me earlier.

There was a click, and my seatbelt was released. I watched in confusion as Mark leaned back into his seat and pulled out his hard cock and then pulled out off the shoulder and back onto the freeway, accelerating quickly. He grinned at me and I licked my lips, realizing what Mark wanted me to do. "I've always wanted to have my cock sucked while driving," Mark confided in me.

Mark had been so sweet to me, so I was more than happy to fulfill his fantasy. I bent over, lowering my face into his lap and sucked the pink tip into my mouth. I traced the mushroom head with my tongue, feeling it balloon in my mouth.

His cock tasted of my pussy, sweet and spicy. A semi-truck honked his horn as he passed and I got wet knowing he could see me sucking Mark's cock. I rubbed my sticky thighs together in pleasure. Mark moaned and it made me feel happy knowing he was happy. I relaxed my throat and lowered my mouth all the way down his shaft until his pubic hair ticked my lips and nose.

I rose up, lips rubbing the ridge of his cock head, tongue playing with his urethra. I sucked hard and Mark groan, "Fuck that's good. You're mouth's amazing, Mare." I deep-throated him again and settled into a slow rhythm. Rising up, playing with his head and then slowly devouring his cock, sucking hard. I cupped his balls, feeling their round hardness in his sack. His hand gripped the back of my head and he started to force me up and down faster and harder.

I could feel his balls tightened in my hands and I knew he was about to cum. I slid my mouth up so only the head was inside. "Here it cums, Mare," he moaned.

His cum was thick and salty in my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could, but it poured in faster than I could handle. Warm cum escaped my lips. The car swerved wildly and I almost bit his cock in surprise. I sat up, cum running down my chin. "What happened?" I asked as I scooped up the white and sticky cum with my fingers and licked them clean. "Hmm?" he asked, coming off his orgasm. "That was amazing, but we probably shouldn't do that again." "Why," I asked, buckling my seatbelt.

"I almost wrecked the car when I came." I giggled. "Yeah, maybe we shouldn't do that again." My pussy was still on fire and I rubbed my thighs together, my clit rubbing against my panties. "You need to cum, Mare?" I nodded. Mark was exiting the freeway and merging onto Meridian. "Well, I know just how to satisfy you." "How?" I asked, intrigued, squeezing my thighs hard together. Mark pulled off Meridian into a strip mall across the street from the South Hill Mall and parked in front of the Heavenly Creatures Salon.

"What are we doing?" "Well, don't take this the wrong way," Mark said. "But I like my pussies smooth." "You want me to get waxed?" I asked, and he nodded. I had shaved my pussy once, for Mike. But it was uncomfortable, shaving my vulva, and I got a bad case of razor burn. Mike begged me for weeks to shave it again, but it was such a bad experience that I didn't do it again.

"You can get whatever wax you want, I would just love for your pussy lips to be smooth and bare." I thought for a moment. Mark seemed excited by the idea. And I wanted to making him happy. "Okay." Maybe waxing wouldn't be as bad as shaving. We walked into the salon. It reeked of nail polish remover and hair spray and I felt a little light headed.

A bored receptionist asked us to sign in and two middle-aged women read magazines on cushioned chairs. Mark gave a few, commanding orders to the staff and customers.

In a few minutes, all the girls that worked in the salon lined up before us while the customers watched, including four more from the salon itself in various.

There were some cute girls working here that just made my pussy wetter. "Which one would you like to eat your pussy?" Mark asked me. I guess Mark really wanted me to enjoy getting waxed Which was fine with me and I grinned as I looked over the girls. Most were Southeast Asians. Thai or Vietnamese. I eyed them over, lusting after pretty faces and the curves of their body.

I licked my lips. I thought about the tall girl with bubblegum pink hair and large breasts straining at her loose blouse. Her face was round and her lips lush. Another girl combined a plump curviness with a sultry smile. But the petite, Vietnamese girl with the doll face and shy eyes stoked my fires. She was wearing the tightest, pink jeans that hugged her ass and rode low on her hips. A flowery, low cut halter top that showed off a small pair of breasts. I pointed at her and Mark motioned her over.

"What's your name," Mark asked her. "Joy," she answered. Her voice was rich and musical, like a songbird. "Well, Joy, I want you to give Mary whatever type of wax she wants for free." Joy nodded in agreement.

"After your finished, I want you to eat her pussy until she cums." "Yes, sir," Joy said, and flushed shyly. "You ever been with a woman?" Mark asked her. She shook her head. I about creamed my panties. I was going pop her lesbian cherry. "Everyone here, staff and customers," Mark said loudly, "Joy and Mary's lovemaking will be perfectly normal." Mark paused, and then he grinned boyishly.

"In fact, stylist, if a client ever asked you to perform a sex act on them, do it. And enjoy doing it." He turned to the customers. "Ladies, I want you to enjoy yourselves. Have these girls get you off at least once." The customers, mostly middle-aged women but there was a hot twenty-year old, eyed the stylists speculatively. The stylist giggled, licking their lips. Mark turned back to Joy, and ordered, "Do whatever Mary tells you to do. No questions." Joy nodded.

I kissed Mark on the lips. "Thank you." He was a great boyfriend and understood I had urges only a woman could satisfy. "Have fun," he told me.

"I'm going to go buy a camcorder, so I'll meet you back here in a little while." "You're not going to stick around?" I asked. "There's some pretty girls working here." I pictured Mark fucking the pink-haird girl while Joy ate my pussy.

It was such a delightful image. I could just see his cock diving into her pussy, spreading her lips as the shaft slides in.

The way she would moan, enjoying Mark's cock filling her up. Mark glanced at some of the stylists and sighed. "It's the smell.

I can't stand it. Making me a little sick to my stomach." "Okay, hun," I kissed him goodbye. And then Joy was leading back into the salon. My pussy was on fire and my stomach roiled in excitement, as I followed Joy to a small room. At its center was a vinyl padded table. Hanging from the wall were fluffy, white towels. A privacy screen sat in the corner for undressing. Along the opposite wall was a counter with a sink and cabinets underneath.

Joy lit some incense, Jasmine I thought, and the air filled with a sweet, heady aroma. Joy then motioned for me to go behind the screen.

Instead, I put on what I hoped was my sexiest grin before I pulled my Starbucks polo shirt over my head, baring my breasts. "Miss, please the screen is for changing," Joy gasped, turning away from me. "Once you are undressed, please wrap yourself in a towel." She walked to the counter. Joy started busying herself at the counter, opening cabinets and pulling out her supplies. I kicked off my black sneakers and pulled off plain white socks.

With a snap, my pants were undone and sliding down my pale legs. I hooked my fingers in the elastic bands of my plain panties and slid them off. My auburn pussy hair was a matted mess. A mix of Mark's drying cum and my vaginal juices.

I adopted a sexy pose, right hand on my hip, left hand up in my head, legs bent slightly and chest thrust forward. "Ready," I said. Joy turned and blushed and looked at the ground. "How do I look?" Joy shyly looked up, dark eyes roving my body. "You are very beautiful," Joy answered. "But not hot? Or sexy?" I asked, glad she thought I was beautiful, but I was hoping for some desire from the beautiful Asian. "Sorry miss, but I'm not," she swallowed uncomfortable, "gay." "You will be after you eat my tasty pussy," I purred to her and she flushed, looking down again.

I licked my lips, she was so adorable. "Why don't you get naked too." "Our stylist keep their clothes on," Joy explained as she pulled her top over her head. She wore no bra and had small, round breasts, smaller than mine, topped with olive-dark, tiny nipples.

Joy froze, realizing what she just did, and covered those beautiful titties in embarrassment. "Don't do that," I objected. Marks words from earlier today came back to me. "Those breasts are amazing. They deserve to be seen." Joy slid her hands away, flushing brightly, and kicked off her sandals and started to slid out of her tight, pink jeans.

She had to wiggle that fine ass to slide her tight jeans off. Underneath she wore red, satin panties with black lace trim. Finally she pulled her panties off in one swift motion, as if she just want to get her embarrassment over with. I licked my lips appreciatively at her thick bush of wiry black hair that hid her pussy completely. I reached out towards her, brushing a soft nipple. She flinched as I gently circled the aerola until she was hard and erect.

Smiling, I sat down on the padded table and spread my legs, revealing the sticky mess from fucking Mark behind the Safeway.

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"I think I need to be cleaned, first," I ordered her. Joy stared at the mess and nodded. She filled a small bucket with warm water and added some coconut scented soap. Grabbing a large, soft sponge she dipped it into the soapy water and gently started to wipe the mess from my thigh. The water was warm on my left thigh and she slowly washed her way to my pussy.

My toes curled in anticipation and I sighed when she gently started cleaning my labia. The sponge was wet, and soft, and rough on my pussy and I moaned as it brushed my clit.

I was so horny from the blowjob earlier and Joy's naked body that it wasn't going to be long before I came. Then, her sponge moved off my pussy, wiping at my right thigh and I moaned in disappointment. "Don't stop rubbing my pussy," I ordered in a hiss.

"I'm almost there." Joy moved the sponge back, rubbing slow and gently on my vulva and clit. Electricity sparked through my body. My eyes drank in the sight of her naked body and I just had to touch her silky skin and her lush lips. I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her towards me. My lips found hers and I kissed her passionately, caressing her lips with my tongue before plunging it. My other hand reached out, found her tit, and squeezed the small, firm breast.

She sighed into my mouth, and then it was her tongue invading my lips. She started to rub harder, focusing on my clit, stroking the sponge in small circles on my sensitive nub.

The pleasure was building deep inside me. I pinched her nipple and moaned into her mouth as I came, wetting the sponge with more of my juices. Joy kept rubbing, the sponge pressing wonderfully against my clit. I came a second time, harder than the first. My entire body convulsed and a I fell back onto the table. Joy kept rubbing, circling my clit with the sponge. I came a third time, moaning softly.

I writhed on the table as pleasure filled every fiber of my body. "Oh, god, stop!" I beg, my sensitive clit needing a rest. "Please stop." "Um.okay.uh." Joy stammered, breathless, eyes wide with desire. She stopped rubbing my pussy and stepped back. Her entire body flushed crimson and juices matted her black pussy hair. "Just, um, lie back and I'll … yeah … I'll start waxing you." I was finding flustered Joy so cute.

She turned away, walking to the counter. I watched her shapely ass wiggle as she walked. At the counter, she poured an orange, syrupy substance into a tray and grabbed an applicator.

"Is this your first wax?" she asked, regaining her composure in the familiarity of her work. "Yeah," I answered. It was my turn to feel nervous as she placed her supplies on a wheeled metal tray and rolled it to the bed.

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She sat cross-leg on a stool and looked absolutely gorgeous. Sweat beaded on her beautiful breasts, and her legs were long and sexy with shapely calves. "Okay, what type of wax do you want? Bikini, Brazilian, or French?" "I don't know what it's called, but I want my vulva smooth and the hair above my pussy shaped into a cute, little heart," I answered.

Joy nodded. "Okay, miss." "It's Mary," I told her. "I think after making me cum, we can be on a first name basis." Joy blushed and smiled shyly. "Okay, Mary, I'm going to start to apply the wax." The orange wax was lathered onto my pubic hair and a squealed in startlement. It was cold and sticky. "This wax is perfectly natural," Joy was explaining, "made from just water and sugar and a little lemon." She started applying cloth strips now, shaping the cloth to form a heart. "Now, this is gonna hurt since it's your first time, okay.

Are you ready?" I nodded and she ripped. It hurt so bad, like ripping a bandaid, but so much worse. I groaned through clenched teeth. Mark better goddamn love this. He better fucking die and go to heaven when he sees me. My vulva was on fire. I gasped in pain as a second strip was ripped out. It wasn't as bad as the first one, and I tried to distract myself by thinking of Joy's lips sucking on my clit, nibbling on my labia, and tonging deep into my pussy.

Before I knew it, Joy was all finished. She applied an aloe vera lotion to her hands and started rubbing the lotion softly into my vulva. Her gentle touch erased the pain and replaced it with burning lust.

And then Joy's tongue was licking at my pussy and the feeling of her tongue on my bare lips was so intense. "Oh, yeah!" I moaned, "tongue my slit." Delicate fingers gently spread my labia open and I could feel my juices weeping out, running down my ass to pool on the vinyl surface of the table. I writhed in pleasure as her tongue slid into my pussy, feeling around my sensitive, inner walls. I licked my lips, and started to playing with my hard nipples, pulling and twisting them, adding to the fire burning in my nethers.

I wanted to taste her, to drink her nectar. To share with her the pleasure she gave me. "Climb up and … ohhh fuck … straddle my face!" I panted. "I want to eat you, too!" Joy pulled her face from my pussy, my juices streaking her lips and cheeks and she smiled lustfully at me. Quickly and nimbly she climb up and that furry pussy descended to my lips. Her wiry hair tickled my nose and cheeks as my tongue found the warm wetness of her hidden pussy. She tasted a mix of tart and tangy, her pussy juices thick and flavorful.

My tongue dove deep into her as she began to nibble tenderly at my clit while her fingers softly stroked my labia. I moaned into her pussy, rubbing my nose through her slit as my lips found her clit peaking out of the hood and sucked hard. Joy groaned into me, her teeth gently touching my clit, scraping the sensitive nub and making my insides writhe in pleasure. My hands gripped her firm ass, squeezing her cheeks as I devoured her, drinking her delicious nectar.

And then, two fingers slid slowly into me, wiggling about and withdrawing just as slow. Joy fingerfucked me slow and purposefully, fanning my lusts higher. My orgasm built with a burning intensity. I redoubled my efforts, lapping deep into her slit as I moved a hand down to rub her clit in slow circles. Her ass clenched and hips rotated on me.

She was moaning on my clit, lips sucking so exquisitely on that spongy bit of flesh. I screamed wordless into her pussy as I pleasure exploded deep inside my womb as I came.

Ripples of electricity spasmed throughout my entire body. Joy was moaning loudly into my pussy, and a flood of juices spilled into my mouth as Joy bucked on top, cumming hard as well. For a moment, we just lay there, faces in each other's pussies, breathing in each other's musk. I gently kissed her pussy, tasting her one last time before Joy rose up and turned around. She was smiling broadly, small bosom heaving, and slid her slim body against mine.

Her hard nipples dragged across my stomach and up to my breasts, her wiry pubic hair tickled my thigh. She smiled down at me, her black hair spilling around our faces, and bent down and tenderly kissed me on the lips. My tongue traced her red lips and tasted my spiciness on her mouth. "That was nice," she whispered and kissed me again.

"I though you weren't a lesbian?" Her dark eyes stared down at me and she smiled. "You're lips were very convincing." "Which lips?" I asked. "My mouth's or my pussy's?" "Both," she answered huskily and captured my lips in another kiss.

"And your cute, button nose." Her lips kissed my nose's tip. "And your freckled check." Wet lips caressed my cheek, kissing down to the hollow of my throat. "Those beautiful, emerald eyes." She kissed my eyelid. "And your hard, little nipples." I sighed in pleasure as her lips closed about my left nipple, sucking and nibbling.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the pressure of Joy's lips on my nipples. I wrapped my arms about her lithe body and traced the line of her spine from her neck to the small of her back. Joy licked her way up my breast and neck and up to my ear, her wet tongue sending shivers throughout my body. She shifted her weight as she nibbled on my earlobe and her pubic hair kissed my smooth pussy lips, pleasantly tickling my labia.

And then something hard and hot bumped into my clit and we both gasped. Are clits had kissed and it was amazing.

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Joy moved her hips again, bumping are clits pleasantly together. "Ooh, that feels good," Joy cooed. Her dark eyes were wide in awe at our discovery and I was lost in their dark depths. She started to slowly rotate her hips, gently fucking are clits together. Every time her clit rubbed mine, pleasure rushed through my body. I didn't know what this was called. Everything I heard about lesbians sex was eating pussy or dildos and strap-ons.

But I never her of this clit kissing. I slid my hand down, grasping her small ass, feeling her muscles flex beneath her silky skin.

I hooked my leg about her and rocked my hips in time to her rhythm. Her hard clit would slide through my wet labia, kiss my clit pleasurably and then my clit would be sliding through her slick lips. Over and over again, each kiss bringing me closer to the sweet release of orgasm. I pulled her face down and kissed her passionately and moaned softly into her mouth.

Are nipples rubbed against each other, hard nubs kissing as passionately as our mouths. A strong intensity built between us. Joy broke the kiss, staring deep into my eyes and we gasped and moaned. My heart was beating in my chest and warm feelings rose up through me. Joy was moaning my name softly, her hips rotating faster now.

She must be as close as I was to cumming. "Ohh, fuck!" I panted, fingers digging into the meat of her ass. "Harder, faster!" "Sweet, sweet Mary," moaned Joy.

"Your pussy feels amazing! Ohhh, fuck! I'm cumming! Oh, god, I'm cumming." Her body writhed on mine. Her hard nipples brushed against mine and she ground our clits hard together. My body tensed as I neared my orgasm, and I locked my legs about Joys silky thighs. I clung tightly to her as the pleasure of my cum rolled through my body. "Oh, Joy, I'm cumming, too," I gasped. We laid on the table, enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms, and gently kissing for a few minutes before Joy reluctantly crawled off of me.

She smiled shyly at me and started to gather her clothes. I goosed her ass as she bent over, catching a glimpse of black pussy hair matted with our combined fluids. Joy giggled, rubbing her ass. She found her sating panties and pulled them up her slim legs. I stood up and admired my reflection in a floor mirror next to the bed. My pale body was drenched in sweat, loose auburn hair plastered to my sweaty face. My freckled boobs heaved from my deep breathing and my small, dusky nipples were hard little nubs.

I trailed my eyes down my flat stomach and cute, innie bellybutton, and down to the fiery heart of pubic hair. And below the heart, a tight, girlish slit disappeared beneath my thighs. I looked hot. Mark was going cum in his pants when he saw my pussy. "You look so sexy," Joy said, standing next to me, handing me my panties.

I smiled happily, getting the answer I wanted from earlier, and kissed Joy. We gathered our clothes. Then we exchanged phone numbers. Finally, arms wrapped about each other's waists, we exited the private room back to the main part of the salon and came upon a lovely sight. The customers from the lobby took Mark's orders to heart. The plump stylist was fucking the handle of a hairbrush into one of the woman's vagina. Another customer was moaning as one stylist ate her pussy and the pink-haired girl ate out her ass.

A stylist was eating the pussy of a customer sitting in barber chair while another stylist made out with her customer, who had shoved her up against the wall.

The customer had her hands up the stylist shirt, groping her tits.


Giggling, Joy and I walked through the salon admiring the lesbian orgy that had broken out. We reached the waiting area. Mark wasn't here yet, and I wondered what sort fun he was having.

I couldn't wait to tell him about Joy and hear about what naughty fun he got up to. Joy kissed me one last time, "I hope you come back sometime." I smacked my lips. "I definitely have to cum again."