Lesbians Love Super Large Dildos Within Their Holes

Lesbians Love Super Large Dildos Within Their Holes
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Young sister gets raped by his younger brother and his friends BODY: This story is complete fiction. It happened when I (My name's Greg) had just turned fifteen, in August. My sister (Diana) who is almost two years older than I am was sixteen at the time.? Our parents had divorced 4 years ago and we lived with my mom (Shania) and her new husband (Alex). One happy day my mom announced that her job is organizing sporting games in its country base and all employees with their families are kindly invited for week-long event.

My mom wanted to go; Alex and George did as well. I and my sister, as usually, didn't want to go so our mom tried to make us come but we didn't want. Eventually, they decided to go without us and leave us in our summer cottage for said week.

That day I made some phone calls to my friends, made some arrangements… After some time came the day before leaving. They packed all the things they needed and we all went to sleep. They had to wake up rather early at nine o'clock but I wasn't bothered as I could sleep as long as I wanted.

When I woke up they were already gone and my sister was up, too. I got up, got my clothes, ate breakfast did my usual morning stuff. At the mean time my sister went outside to do some sunbathing as it was exceptionally sunny day for August. I saw here getting towel to lie on and changing into her black bikini. Now, I think, is time to tell you how my sister looks. She is about 1.60m (equals about 5ft 3in), rather skinny, skin type white. This summer, though, she had done quite a bit of sunbathing so she was browner than usual.

She has brown hair with little blond; longer than shoulder-length. She isn't model, but I'd say her face is quite beautiful. Her breasts are small for her age, mid A. Sexy legs. About my looks I am 1.70m (=5ft 8in), dark brown hair, skinny. My dick length erected about 18cm (=6.5in). After breakfast and brushing my teeth I called my friends. I had arranged three guys around my age to help me.

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They said they'd be there in 20 minutes. Perfect. At the meantime I got out my digital photo camera and digital video camera and made sure they are ready. Then I opened my sister's drawer where I knew she's keeping her underwear.

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I found my favourite thong (I had inspected her underwear rather often lately), white with black line around and only black line at the back. I got out her bra, too, which was from the same series as the thong. Meanwhile, my sister was sunbathing in the garden behind the house.

Behind our garden is only forest, so it can only be seen by our left and right-side neighbours which, fortunately, are not very often inhabitants of their houses.

Therefore the garden was only ours if we wanted we could sunbathe naked as well.

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(Unfortunately my sister is too shy. Surprise-surprise.) Then my mobile phone rang. My friends had come and were probably standing at the gate and waiting for me to open it. I took the key, went out and let them in. They had brought with themselves more cameras and stands, too.


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Then I told them to go to kitchen whence they could get immediately to the garden behind the house (further in text called simply 'garden'). Then the action started. I went to my sister who was lying on her stomach with her eyes closed half-asleep.

I went to there, kneeled next to her and pinched her butt. She squealed and yelled 'HEY! What are you doing?!' 'Oh, sorry, just wanted to touch your butt. Bear with me,' I answered and with both hands massaged her butt. 'Stop it, you idiot,' she said. As I had predicted she tried to turn around on her back but I held her shoulders with my hands while put my leg on the other side of her, as though riding on her thighs. Then I lay on her, pressed my already hard dick against her butt and humped it a bit.

She yelled, told me to get off, threatened to call police, you name it. Then I untied her bikini bra in both places on her mid-back and neck. She yelled 'Get off me, you perv!' I told her 'Ok, but I'll take a souvenir,' and with force I took her bikini bra off of her, although she was holding it with all her might, at the meantime standing up and stepping beside her. 'Well, I'm off of you, turn around and get up! I'll see your tits anyway sooner or later,' I continued moral attacking in a bossy tone.

She of course didn't move because didn't want me to see her breasts. So I took the matter in my hands. First I went to kitchen and took one of my friends Alan with me. I gave him handcuffs then we went to my sister who still hadn't moved.

I forced her arms behind her and Alan put handcuffs on them. Alan massaged her butt a bit more before standing up and going a bit further away. Then I started the real thing. I turned her around which, as she couldn't use her hands, was quite easy and savoured the sweet look of her breasts.

Then, after waiting so long, after peeking at her while she was changing and so on, at last, at last I could touch her breasts. I slowly and gently moved my right hand closer to her left breast. Then -- contact! I squeezed it a bit then caressed it gently. 'Ok, enough of romance, let's rock this thing,' I thought and quickly put my mouth to her nipple. I licked it and it (against her will, I presume) became perky and erect. I took as much of her tit as I could in my mouth (which was almost all), then moved my tongue around it violently.

Then I did the same with her right breast, afterwards squeezed both of her tits with my hands. She had stopped yelling, just lying there, not moving, eyes closed and panting a bit. I put my mouth to her lips and kissed her. She didn't open her mouth so my tongue had to force its way in.

There I moved my tongue quickly around her mouth, exploring the tiniest detail of it. I went off her mouth, to her neck, her left breast, further down the stomach till I stopped at her bikini panties.


With my hand I rubbed her young pussy through her panties. Then I stroked her inner thighs with my hands, went lower and licked her toes. I put my leg over her and lay down on her.

Then I rubbed my painfully hard dick against her panties. I humped her pussy through her panties harder and harder but overcame myself and stopped before cumming I didn't want to end just yet. Then, before turning her on her stomach again, I another time licked her legs from feet to panties. She was lying on her stomach with bare back and her nice little arse just in front of me.

I massaged it, then put my hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy and anus. 'Ok, that's enough, I don't want to see these panties anymore,' I thought and untied her bikini panties which were tied on both sides of her on her hips. Then I removed it from her arse, still leaving her pussy hidden.

'A little shock wouldn't do her anything bad, would it?' I asked myself. Then, I spanked her left buttock hard with right hand. She yelled 'OUCH!' I spanked the same buttock again. It slowly became red and hot. Then I spanked the other buttock twice for balance. I think she started crying silently then but I'm not sure.

I didn't care anyway. Then I removed her black bikini panties completely leaving her absolutely naked lying on her stomach in her garden… Poor thing. Never mind. I kissed her shoulder, her back, moving down ending up at her butt. I kissed one buttock, then another, before licking her crack from pussy till her lower back. I put some saliva on her anus, then licked it off. I spread her buttocks apart and licked her crack, before trying to put my tongue in her anus.

Next, I put my finger in my mouth for little lubrication and penetrated her anus with it. I slid it in and out a bit, then added another finger. She moaned in disapproval but it just aroused me more. I spanked her, turned her around and enjoyed the view of her beautiful pussy. Apparently she had shaved her pubic hair recently because she had only nice little black triangle of it. I stroked it before positioning my head between her legs.

I hadn't seen real pussy before, nor had I smelled one but I enjoyed it immensely. I took deep smell of it and savoured the aroma. Then I put my tongue out and licked her outer lips.

Using my hands I spread her outer lips which were still covering her vagina apart and licked her vagina, inner lips and her tiny clitoris. I spat in her vagina before putting my tongue in her. I grabbed her hips forcing my tongue as far as it went. Then, even though I knew she won't like it, I grabbed her upper thighs and started to move my tongue around her vagina violently, she, in response, started to try to get away from me, jumping up and down. I forced her to stay and after a couple of minutes of this torture I stopped.

Then I lubricated my finger with her pussy juices which, against her will, again, had started to flow out of her. I put my finger in her, slid it in and out, then added another and another.

When I was sliding three fingers in and out of her she started to scream again. I thought I had to teach her a lesson. I took out my fingers and slapped her pussy with as much strength as I could. She screamed even louder and I slapped her again. She screamed again and I slapped her three times rapidly. Then she understood and with all her might stopped screaming.

I resumed penetrating her vagina, putting fourth finger in. She moaned but I didn't mind. No one could hear us. I could try to fist her then already but I thought I will have plenty of time later and she was too tight as well… So I licked her clitoris a bit and then stood up.

'Hey! Diana! Get up,' I said to her but she was lying there, crying silently. 'GET UP, I SAID!' I screamed. She didn't move. I bent down and slapped her pussy. 'Ouch! Ok, ok…' She said in a small, quiet voice.

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Then she, somehow clumsy because of the handcuffs, stood up opposite me. She looked at the ground, never looked up, not even talking about looking into my eyes. Whatever, I thought. I went around her and took handcuffs off. 'Get on your knees, you whore!' I said. She got on her knees, with something like a grim sense of foreboding.

'Now, listen to me, bitch, and listen carefully 'cos I will say it only once. Now you will open my jeans, rub my dick through my boxers, then lick it through my boxers and then you will get it out and lick it and suck it. And if at any moment I will feel any pain you will be severely punished. Clear?' 'Yes,' she answered in same little voice.

'Go,' I said. She did as I had said in fear of punishment. She opened my jeans and pulled them down. Then she stroked my slightly limp dick with her hand which became hard in seconds. 'Lick it, bitch!' I said. She put her mouth to it and licked it slowly and somehow very unconfidently, as though she was scared to do something wrong. 'Move it!' She started to move faster, she licked from the bottom till the head of my dick.

'Get it out and suck it, you fucking whore!' She did as I had told her.

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She slowly put her hand in my boxers and pulled my dick out, then let it go. It stood in front of her and she just looked at it in fear.

I have to do something, I thought. I poked her face hard with my erected dick and said 'COME ON!' She slowly licked my dick's head. Then opened her mouth and started to suck me. She bobbed her head, but it was too slow for me, so I took her head with my hands and forced my dick deeper and faster in her mouth. She gagged when I started to fuck her face violently. Then, for a tiniest moment I felt her teeth brushing against my cock. 'OUCH!' I cried. 'Don't you even know how to suck dick properly, bitch?

Now you'll have to pay.' She started to cry, shock and panic clearly visible in her face. I put my dick back in my boxers and called 'Hey, guys, come here!' My friends came with their cameras and stands and started to get them ready for filming. 'Did you capture everything?' I asked Dilan.

'Yes, every tiniest detail,' he answered. 'Great. Now you will be paid for that. Ha-ha-ha.' My sister was still kneeling, her head bent down, tears slowly dripping in her lap.


I went to her and laid her on her left side, then squeezed her breast and put a finger in her. 'Hey guys, when you're ready take off your clothes and stay only in your boxers. We have some young cunt to fuck here.' I said to my friends. When they had done what I had told them, the orgy could start. First I told Alan to lie down on his back. When he had done so, I told Diana to lay on him, her back against him. With some reluctance she obeyed. Then I told Dilan and Jack to kneel on both sides of Diana's face, so she can suck them off.

'Now, Alan, you can start fucking her ass, but you, whore, you must make Dilan and Jack cum by sucking them off, stroking them, licking, jacking off and everything.

Clear?' She didn't answer. I slapped her cunt. 'Clear?' 'Yes,' she answered quietly. Then I squeezed her tits and lay on her putting my dick in her cunt.

She was virgin so when I put all my length inside her she screamed and cried. 'Hey, guys,' I said to Dilan and Jack. 'You are free to do whatever you think appropriate to make her do what she has to do.' 'Ok,' they answered in unison, then Jack took her head, turned it to face his dick and poked her hard in face with it. She yelped and started to suck him off.

Meanwhile, Dilan took her hand and put it on his cock and when she didn't move slapped her tit hard. She immediately started jacking him off. After some time she changed positions. At the meantime Alan was fucking her hard in her ass what apparently was quite painfully. I was fucking her pussy with all my strength. I grabbed her hips and forced myself even further into her. Then I put my mouth to her tits and licked and sucked them. 'I'm about to cum!' Jack said.

'When you're cumming, pull out and shoot your seed on her face, hair and breasts,' I instructed him. In half a minute Jack had pulled out, and jacking himself off, he was shooting his enormous load on my sister's face and tits and in her hair.

Meanwhile, she was sucking Dilan off. When he was cumming he did the same as Jack, so Diana's face was almost completely covered in cum and she had much of seed in her hair and on her breasts, too.

When Alan was ready to cum he pulled his cock out of her ass and got next to her on his knees. He forced his dick in her mouth, although for last ten minutes it had been in her ass. She sucked him off, then Alan pulled it out and shot his load on her breasts and face.

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At that moment I was last to cum. While fucking her cunt hard, I lifted her butt up a bit and spanked it once, twice, seven times in a row. She started to cry. Then I put three fingers in her ass and she screamed. I spanked her again. Then I grabbed her hips and forced myself deeper and deeper in her. I spread her legs as far as I could and even a bit more which resulted in another scream.

I was ready to cum, so I pulled out and put my dick in my sister's mouth. She sucked it as good as she could afraid of pain. I reached back and slapped her pussy. She bobbed her head faster. I slapped again. She took all my length in and almost gagged. Then I shot my load in her mouth. She didn't know what to do but wanted to spit it out.

I forced her head on my dick, so she didn't have other choice but to swallow my, this time, tremendous load. Then we spanked her pussy and butt a couple of times each and went to bathroom to wash ourselves.

To Be Continued. My first story and English is not my first language, bear it in mind when comment. Reasonable criticism welcome