Black bull cums all over pregnant white wife for cuckold

Black bull cums all over pregnant white wife for cuckold
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Desert Memories It was another gorgeous night in the desert. The evening is comfortable enough to be nude, the hot tub was hot and a very good friend was expected.

I've also made sure that my camera is charged and ready as I'm sure that there will many opportunities to take many keepsake photos. We are sitting in our living room when there was a knock on the door. As expected, our good friend Jim has arrived. We always enjoy Jim. He a tall, handsome, fun loving guy with a beautiful uncircumcised cock when flaccid and even more magnificent when erect.

We invite him in and get settled with his and my lady's favorite drinks. Jim has gotten more mature (aged a little) and his cock now needs a little more attention than it did earlier in our relationship. My lady has always loved Jim's magnificent cock especially it gigantic length and width, it originally being 10 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. Plenty of cock to fill my lady's more than receptive pussy. Her pussy always becomes hot and wet immediately upon seeing Jim's pussy pleasing cock.

Even with the passing of time, Jim's cock is still magnificent. It has diminished slightly but still a nice 8 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. Still enough to fill my lady's pussy to the brim. Pictures!! It also now needs a little extra attention to get it hard, not as hard as it used to get but still hard enough to slide deep into my lady's waiting pussy.

Just stroking Jim's beautiful cock helps harden ita little sucking on its head and running my mouth and tongue up and down it's length also encourages this beauty to harden even more but somethings it now takes a shot of prostaglandin to get it to its full glorious dimensions and long lasting hardness.

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She holds onto Jim's responding cock, sliding it's foreskin back over its head, than dropping to her knees, sucking Jim's cock head into her mouth.

Quite often there is a small drop of precum for her to savor first with more to come later. More pictures!! Feeling Jim's cock begin to response but still needing help from a shot, my lady prepares the syringe, drawing the right amount of prostaglandin into the syringe. She than places the needle at the base of Jim's cock and slides the needle slowly into the tissue. She than slowly pushes the syringe plunger inward, pushing the solution through the needle into the main muscle of Jim's cock.

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After all the solution is injected, my lady continues to massage Jim's cock, just as if she were jacking Jim off. Jim's cock slowly gets very,very hard, lengthens to its maximum (sometimes more than 8 inches) and full width (also sometimes more than 2 inches).

Not only does Jim's cock increase to its fullest dimensions but it will stay this way for 2,3 maybe 4 hours. Plenty enough time for my lady to enjoy climax after climax after climax and for me to suck as much of Jim's cock into my mouth after my lady has finished. More pictures!! I remember the time when we helped Jim get his very first nice erection with my lady to enjoying it for a very long time.

Not fully knowing how magnificent Jim's cock was, we had decided to give Jim an erotic massage. We laid Jim on the floor on his tummy with my lady at his head and me at his feet and we both began massaging toward Jim's middle. This takes some time as Jim is a large man but we soon arrive at his buttocks together.

It is now time to have Jim roll over on to his back and now time for us to begin massaging Jim's front side again my lady beginning at Jim's head and me at his feet. I immediately notice a wonderful change in Jim's cock it has increased nicely in size but still slightly flaccid.

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My lady and I continue to massage Jim again both working toward Jim's middle. I again notice that Jim's cock has continued to grow and grow and grow reaching cock dimensions I had never known possible. In fact, his cock had now reached a length and width of which I had never seen before.

It had turned into the most magnificent rock hard cock I had ever seen. I reach out to touch this magnificent cock, stroked it some feeling how hard and hot it was. I reached to my lady to bring Jim's huge beautiful cock to my lady's attention and she quickly moved to Jim's middle, grasped Jim's cock in her hands and began to stroke this gorgeous cock.

It was so large around that my lady's fingers could not touch, this arousing my lady even more. She became so excited that she threw her leg over Jim's body, still holding onto his huge cock, placed against her vaginal opening and started sliding this monster up and down, around and around her now very, very wet pussy. This cock was now so large that it took my lady's pussy many minutes to stretch open enough to accommodate this huge rock hard cock but slowly, very slowly this wondrous cock disappeared totally into my lady's now swollen, dripping wet, very hot pussy.

She sat there on top of Jim for some time allowing her pussy to adjust to the prize within her but eventually began moving up and down this cocks total length, bringing Jim's cock head just to the opening of her pussy and than dropping back down it's total length. My lady finally raised her head, moaned and climaxed, Jim cumming at the same moment.

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My lady's pussy was now filled with Jim's warm thick cum. The beginning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures!! However, back to this visit. My lady first laid on the living room floor her legs wide apart, and Jim than slide between her legs, positioned his monstrous cock near her vaginal opening, slide his cock up and down her pussy until my lady pressed her hips forward, grasped Jim's hips and forced his monster cock as deep into her wet, hot pussy as it would go all 8 inches.

She moaned in pleasure and Jim moaned with satisfaction. Jim's cock slides in and out it full length, it glistening with my lady's pussy juices and slams back to its full length over and over. My lady moans and pushes her pussy forward over and over. Finally my lady lets a loud moan . she cums.

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She continues to cum, Jim's still rock hard monster cock sliding in and out, in and outin and out its entire length, never softening. Jim, keeps his cock in my lady's pussy, rolls my lady over, pulls her hips upward and now in the doggy position slams his still totally rock hard cock back to its hilt into my lady's now totally soaked and completely stretched pussy.

She presses her hips backward forcing more and more of Jim's cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.


She again moans loudly, again experiencing one climax after another. Jim's still rock hard monster cock ramming its way in and out, in and out of my lady's now pink and swollen pussy. She moans again, pushing her hips backward, wanting to keep Jim's cock imbedded in her wet and hot pussy. My lady drops her hips to the floor momentarily, resting but not releasing Jim's still huge rock hard cock. My lady is not done nor has Jim had his climax yet.

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They both rest but not for long. Jim asks my lady if it is OK for him to cum now. My lady lays on her side, nicely position so that Jim has total access to her pussy. She grasps Jim's still rock hard huge cock, positions Jim's cock at her vaginal opening and she says to Jim, "Cum, please shoot your hot thick cum deep in my pussy. Let me feel your cum oozing around your cock, making your cock slide so nice and easy in and out of my hot pussy.

Yes, yes, cum!!! Fill my pussy with your magnificent cum" !!!!!! Jim cums !!! More pictures !!!!! And the end for now.