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Dear Readers: If you don't want to spend a lot of time on story exposition, don't bother reading this story. If you want nothing but action, don't bother reading this story. If you're offended by the theme of a young girl engaging in sex with an adult male, don't bother reading this story. This is a work of fiction, absolutely none of it is true.

I strongly advise any person reading this story to engage in consensual sex with only partners who have reached the legal age to do so in your community. This is my first attempt at a story.

I hope you enjoy it. Please pardon any grammar, spelling, syntax or formatting errors. I'll try harder next time, because I have a sequel in mind if you want more. Chantelle: Chapter One It was Friday evening, another night working late.

This had happened for several nights in a row, and it cut into my work-out time and my social life, such as it is. I work as a systems trouble-shooter, and for several nights I had been staying late at one of our branch offices, trying to sort out some issues we'd been experiencing with the printers. It was now close to eight P.M., and if I was going to go to the gym before I went home I needed to grab a few energy bars out of my gym bag, which I had left in my car.

I went downstairs, and because the shipping area is secured after regular hours, I slipped out the front door to go around to the parking area.

As I returned from my car, I literally walked right into somebody standing under the canopy. It was a very wet and bedraggled looking female of an indeterminate age. I apologized immediately, but she was sobbing and didn't acknowledge me at first. I stood there looking at her, and several facts became apparent. She was a lot younger than I had first assumed, and obviously was not wearing a bra.

The evening was cool due to another summer rain shower, and she was wet, so her braless tits and hard nipples were visible through her little crop top. Her mascara had run in rivulets down her face, making her look like she had been out in the rain for a while. She was wearing some tight white leggings under a pair of shorts with some ridiculous high heeled shoes which only served to accentuate her beautiful little round bubble-butt. No jacket, no sweater, just a small tiara completed her outfit.

It was clear to me that she was downtown doing some "bar-hopping" and something had gone very wrong. These thoughts flashed though my brain in milliseconds, and then I asked her if she was okay.

"No" she replied, "My fuckin' boyfriend dumped me off downtown, and my handbag is in his car, the fuckin' asshole!" Being the gentleman that I am, I offered to call her a cab to get home. "Are you stupid?!" she managed through her sobs, "I have no bag, which means I got no money, no keys, and no phone! How is a fuckin' cab going to help?" Hmmmm, I thought. She's much younger than I first assumed.

Out loud I said "Calm down, and let's see if we can't figure out a solution to your problem. First off, what's your name?" "Chantelle, what am I going to do? What's your name?" she asked through her tears. I chuckled and said "I'm Mike, and let's get you inside where it's warm and dry, and I'll think of something." I turned and motioned her towards the door.

When she spun around I was treated to a full-on view of her luscious ass. It was tight and round, with a nice butt-shelf; she very much resembled a figure skater's physique from behind. I actually got a little hard at this point; I'm an ass man, and this was one of the best examples I had ever seen.

I grabbed my bag, and unlocking the door touched her elbow to guide her inside the foyer. Before I locked the door behind me, I told her to go up and turn to the left and head through the cubicles into the only office that was lighted. I waited to lock the door just so I could watch her walk up the stairs.

I think she knew I was watching, because she added a fetching little sway to her step. Her ass was so good that I ended up with a rock hard cock in my pants. Once upstairs, I navigated my way to the office I was temporarily using to find her just standing there with a lost look. Now that she was inside, in a well lighted space, I was able to get a better look at her. Most of her make-up had washed away with the rain and her tears, and she couldn't have been more than 14 or 15, I thought to myself.

Her little cream colored crop top was basically transparent, highlighting her lovely little b-cup breasts with their little pencil eraser nipples and tiny aureoles.

I noticed that her shorts were almost see-through, and although I couldn't quite make out any features, it seemed as though she wasn't wearing any underwear, either, just the shorts and leggings. Oh my god she was a hottie. "Do you want to use the phone and call somebody?" I asked. "No, I got nobody I can call right now." "Listen, I know it's none of my business, but maybe you should call your parents." "I can't!" she exclaimed.

"Why not?" I asked. "Because." She retorted. I tried a different approach.

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"Why don't you at least get out of those wet clothes, you can use the towel in my gym bag and dry off, and borrow my t-shirt and shorts, at least 'til your clothes are dry." I offered. I showed her where the Ladies room was, and handed her the towel, t-shirt and shorts that I keep in my bag. She returned several minutes later, wearing my t-shirt, which looked like a tent on her small frame! She handed my towel and shorts back to me. "Jesus, how big are you anyway?" she asked.

"The shorts wouldn't even stay on, and I got nothing to tie them up with." "Sorry" I said, "I didn't think about how big my clothes are." I'm fairly large, 6 feet 2 inches, and I weigh around 240 pounds (only ten pounds more than when I played college football), and being all of maybe five feet tall and maybe 120 pounds, she looked lost in my shirt.

Now that she had dried off and removed most of the smudged makeup, I could see that she was, at most, 14 or 15. "Alright," I said, "let's try this again. Call your parents, please." "Fuck, I already told you I can't!" she responded with the exaggerated sigh and eye-roll of the typical teen.

"Well, what if I drove you home?" I asked in desperation. "You can't!" she yelped, seemingly alarmed at my solution. "Okay, well then we've got a problem." I replied. "I have no cash on me, and as far as I'm aware, no taxi accepts credit cards. You won't let me drive you home, so you need to call your parents and arrange for them to come and get you." I explained, patiently.

"I can't! I already told you." she exclaimed with a roll of the eyes.

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"Well, that's a major problem, then." I responded "How are you going to get home safely if neither one of us has any cash for cab fare, you don't want me to drive you home, and there's nobody that you can call? I can't let you stay here for the night, and I'm not putting you out on the street." I was getting exasperated by her willfulness; and then, sweet inspiration.

I said, "Okay then, I gonna call the cops. There's no way I'm leaving you here for the night, or tossing you outside to fend for yourself!" "NO!" she screamed, "You can't!" And then the tears and the sobbing started again. "Oh yes I will." I said in a mock angry tone. I knew now that I was going to get to the bottom of this. "Either you explain to me why I can't drive you home, or I'm gonna call the cops right now." I threatened.

"Fuck you, I'm fuckin' gonna go then, you fuckin' retard!" she barked at me. I decided to call her bluff. I knew there was no way she was going to voluntarily go back outside in the rain and cold and start walking somewhere, who knows where at this time of night. I thought to myself that she was really scared and in way over her head, but wouldn't admit to it, because it would make her admit to being barely a teenager.

"Alright" I said, "I don't want to, but if that's what you really want to do, I can't stop you, you know. You're free to go; let me know when you're ready to leave as I need to lock the door behind you." "Oh fuck!

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You're a real fuckin' asswipe, aren't you?" She said, obviously both angry and terrified at the same time. "Jesus, fuck, alright!" she said, clearly surrendering to my will. "Okay" I said "First question.

Why can't you call home?" "My mom's out of the city on business" she replied. "I'm supposed to be staying with my dad, but I didn't even tell him I was coming over.

She thinks I'm over at his place, but I spent this week at my asshole boyfriend's apartment. I doubt if my dad's even home; he's a fuckin' stupid drunk, and he wouldn't even remember my name if I called him now." Wow, I thought to my self, she spent the week at her boyfriend's apartment. I bet they weren't exactly celibate. I'm fairly certain that she's no virginal little angel.

I'll have to dig a little deeper and see just what she's been up to. "Well" I asked, "what about your friends? Shouldn't we call one of them, and maybe you can stay there?" "Fuck no! Then my mom will find out and she'll freak and probably like kill me or something. She's always overreacting when I do stuff, so this would be like the worst." "Okay, then" I answered. "What the hell did you do to your boyfriend to make him leave you at some skanky bar downtown?" "He thought I'm almost 19, and I also got fake ID, but the guy at the door figured out my ID was bogus, and wouldn't let me in the club." she explained.

"So when the door guy wouldn't let me in, my boyfriend freaked out at me and told me I was a stupid little cunt, and that he didn't want to hang with me if I couldn't go into clubs and bars with him. He told me to fuck off and not to text him or call him, cause he would just ignore me." At this point she was now crying softly and wiping away tears as she told me her tale of woe. I asked her "How old is this guy, what's his name?" She replied "He's 21, and his name is Josh, and he's like a super-stud and all my friends were all jealous when I started dating him." "He's a jerk in my books for leaving you alone downtown." I said.

"How old are you anyway?" "17" she answered. "Liar!" I said "You can't be more than 13 or 14! And you're hanging out with a 21 year old loser who dumps you at the first sign of trouble? And where's your bag and your cellphone?" "It's in his car" she replied "He wouldn't even go get it for me; he just went into the club and left me standing there. That's when I started walking home." "Listen, I'm not stupid, you know, I figure you can't be any older than 14 or 15, and you gotta know by now that you're way too deep into this situation to keep lying to me." I challenged her.

"You may think you're all grown up, but come on, look what you got yourself into. You've got no money, no phone, no way to get home, you're stuck downtown, and safe only because I happened to go outside when I did. Otherwise, you'd be running from some lowlife, or fending off some pimp, or even worse!" I was on a roll, now.

"Okay, okay!" she retorted "I'm gonna be 15 in two months. It's not like I'm some immature kid or something. I'm old enough.

I know what I'm doing." "Oh sure you do." I said, mockingly."You're shacked up with a 21 year old guy while your mother's out of town, doing god knows what with him, and get dumped in a skeevy area of the city, left to fend for yourself. Yup, I guess you got it all together.

You're pretty fucking lucky that I'm not the type of guy who would take advantage of you, because theres lots of guys that would have grabbed you and raped you or worse." "I know." she quietly agreed "Thank you Mike, you're a good guy. I'm sorry I fucked up your night." "Life lesson number one," I said "your so-called boyfriend was only after one thing, because it's obvious the loser doesn't appreciate what he had.

You've gotta realize you're nothing more than a sex toy for him. I bet he's already forgotten you and is hooking up with the next one." "Ohhhhh, what am I going to do" she cried, in a very plaintive little girl's voice. She looked so forlorn sitting there, tears spilling down her cheeks, that I just melted.

"I have an idea" I mused aloud. "Why don't you go gather up your stuff, and you can come spend the night at my house. You can't go into a restaurant dressed in that outfit, so we'll order in some food; you'll get a good night's sleep, and tomorrow, we'll go to your ex's apartment and get your stuff. That way you can go home, and pretend like this shit never happened, and when your mom gets home, you'll look like the perfect little virginal goody two-shoes.

She'll never suspect anything. You'll have learned a valuable lesson, and you can start being a smart kid." "Really?"she asked "You would do that for me?" She perked up and gave me a bright smile at her turn of fortune. At this point, watching her move around in my threadbare t-shirt, I would have done anything she asked! I could clearly see her nipples, and it looked like she shaved her pussy, because it was also clear to me that she had no panties on at this point.

She may have thought of me as a nice guy, but my brain was playing out all sorts of dirty fantasies. I would have to wait a while for my raging hard-on to go away before I stood up, because there was no way she was not going to see it sticking up in my pants. She went and retrieved her damp clothes from the Ladies room, and crouched down to put her belongings in my gym bag, offering me a glimpse of her tight little butt stretching the backside of my t-shirt.

She had an awesome little butt crack; it was making me hard again. I shook my self out of my reveries, and got her and my stuff out to the car. Thankfully the rain was nothing more than a drizzle at this point, so we didn't get wet. I turned on the heater and asked her what she wanted to eat. Her answer took me by complete surprise.

"Your cock." she purred. "I seen your hard-on when we were talking. I really wanna give you a blow-job right now; your cock is makin' me all wet. I really want your jizz" Thank goodness we were still parked, or I would have driven off the road.

"Listen Chantelle, that's awesome, but I'm old enough to be your father." "That's okay" she giggled "I don't care. You got a big cock, and I'm horny, so just let me do it.

It's just a blow-job. It's not like I'm asking you to get married or something, ya know. I seen you lookin' at me before. I know you want it. I want it too. What's wrong with that?" I sputtered out something about it being illegal, and she laughed. "It's just a blow-job for fuck's sake. All I want to do is suck your cock and eat some jizz.

Fuck" she said with a sexy catch in her voice. She reached over and grabbed my crotch, and started to undo my pants. "Ooooh, it' so hard." she purred "You're makin' me so wet. I love suckin' cocks." She was struggling to get my cock out of my pants, so I thought to myself I'm in for a penny, might as well be in for a pound, so I lifted my ass up from the seat and she yanked my jeans down to my knees and dove onto my cock.

She took it into her mouth and gave it a tongue swirl, which made it twitch involuntarily. She took her mouth off my cock and said "You got a beautiful cock, is it okay if I swallow when you cum? Please? I know lots of guys want to shoot it on my face and stuff, but I really wanna taste your jizz." "Jesus!" I exclaimed "How many guys have you done this with?" "I dunno" she answered, and then licked the crown like an ice cream cone before she continued "Like maybe twenty, I guess." "Holy Fuck!" I said, shocked "You're only 14!" She snorted in derision "Yeah, so?

Lots of girls I know do blow-jobs. Fuck I started when I was like, 12, and I wasn't the first in my class, you know." She went to work on my cock, sucking it and using her tongue on the bottom ridge.

I noticed she had hiked up the t-shirt, and had her hand on her naked pussy, fondling herself, and I marveled at the situation. It seemed that she was an expert blow-job artist.

She kept bobbing her head up and down, keeping a steady suction and rhythm going, and then suddenly, she engulfed my whole 7 ½ inches of hardness, and held it deep, and rolled her tongue around while she deep-throated me. She was moving her hand even faster, massaging her clit while she sucked, and all of a sudden she pulled off of my cock and gasped as she came!

I was stupefied; I had never seen that before. She had brought herself to orgasm from sucking my cock! Quickly she went back to work, and started back with the steady rhythm. I could feel the stirrings in my sack, and I whispered, almost to myself, that I was close. She slowed down, and slacked off on the sucking, and just kept up a steady suck and bobbing motion. She returned to the deep-throating action, and furiously began rubbing her clit again.

This time it took her less than a minute to get herself off. She came again, with her mouth around my cock, and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer, and told her so.

She took her mouth off my cock long enough to ask "You better be able to get it up again, 'cuz I'm not done sucking cock tonight, okay?" As she pushed me closer to the brink with her tongue and mouth, I thought to myself that her ex-boyfriend was doubly a loser, because why would you dump a natural born cocksucker like this?

She wanted, no, actually craved sucking cocks, and wanted to swallow my jizz. That final thought pushed me over the edge, and I told Chantelle that I was going to cum soon. She re-doubled her efforts, using her hand to stroke while she held just the tip in her mouth. My cock started to swell, signaling my impending orgasm, and she quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it even faster as she held it on the tip of her tongue.

I suddenly came, blasting several shots of jizz into her open and waiting mouth. As the force and intensity lessened, she sucked the tip of my cock into her mouth to get the last remaining drops of cum, and then looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me her treasure.

She swirled my jizz around and stuck out her tongue and then swallowed it all down. I couldn't even speak. I just sat there, gasping. She looked at me with a sultry half-smile, and then reached her hand down to her clit and started going to town on it. Parting the hairless lips of her pussy, she strummed her clit at a blistering pace, and then gasped out. She turned to me and said "I love your jizz, it's awesome!

It made me cum again!" With that, she returned again to her pussy, inserted two fingers into her hole, and returned to her clit. This time she rubbed slowly while she stared at my cock. I said "We better get going" as I pulled the car out and headed for home.

Chapter Two Chantelle toyed with her clit the entire trip to my house, getting herself off several more times. It didn't take long for my cock to return to glory, and I was rock hard again when I pulled onto the access road to my property.

She finally stopped playing with herself long enough to look up from my cock, to notice where we were. "Wow," she said "You got a farm or something?" "No, just a few acres is all that's left of the family farm" I responded. "It belonged to my grandparents, and my parents sold off most of the land to pay to keep my grandparents in a real nice retirement home before they passed on.

When my mom died a few years ago, she left it to me." "Where's your neighbors?" she asked. "About 2 miles down the road" I replied "It's nice and quiet and peaceful, and they leave me alone." I had renovated the old farmhouse, and spent a lot of time and money bringing it up to date, adding a giant sun room on the western exposure, with a hot tub and a fabulous deck off of the master bedroom.

I had re-done all of the plumbing, and brought in an electrician to deal with the wiring problems, and I made the kitchen modern and bright.

I had an entertainment room, which was basically just a small home theater with some video games for the big-screen TV and a card table for having the guys over on poker nights. There remained a few outlying buildings; the barn, and the garage, to remind you that it had been a farm at some point, but it was my sanctuary from the world, and my place of retreat just a few miles outside the city.

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It had stopped raining, and the sky was starting to clear, allowing a few stars to start appearing, twinkling their arrival. It was a gorgeous evening, made even better by the fact that Chantelle had given me a blow-job before we left the city. For a 14 year old, she sure knew how to suck cock. I pulled up beside the house, and turned off the car.

I told her to grab the bag, I pulled up my jeans and we went inside. We hadn't been in the door more than a few seconds, when she turned around to me and pulled off the t-shirt I had given her earlier. She spun around a few times, and stopped with her ass facing me.

She tilted her head back at me and gave me a sexy grin. Now that she was totally naked I could really appreciate how sexy she was. She had a very pretty slightly rounded face, with very dark curly hair and almost black eyes, and coupled with a cute little nose and large pillowy lips.

She still had remnants of baby fat, giving her a softer appearance, and her breasts were perfect, small b-cups, held up high on her chest, with perky little nipples that were now fully erect. Her ass was magnificent. Her ass cheeks were clearly defined, with a nice high crack, and a beautiful little butt shelf. She turned back around to face me, and I could see her clean shaved puffy pussy lips, and she had just a hint of a tummy pudge, with a smallish waist and narrow hips.

She looked like a goddess, with the light from behind only accentuating her sexy stance. Suddenly she dropped to her knees, and started to fish my cock out of my jeans. When this proved difficult, she just yanked them down to my ankles, and wrapped her mouth once again around my cock. I didn't put up any resistance, and let her get down to business for a while. After about 5 minutes of slobbery noisy sucking, I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her off my cock.

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She looked disappointed, but I wanted to get some food ordered, and get us organized. She asked "I want to finish, I want some more of your jizz, okay?" "It can keep," I said "until we've eaten dinner, and had a sit down in the hot tub." "You've got a hot tub?" she exclaimed "Cool! Let's see!" "Have a look around while I'm ordering some pizza." I told her. Chantelle wandered off, while I went to my bedroom and retrieved my emergency stash of cash I keep for times just like this, and called for a couple of pizzas and some soft drinks.

Then I put my stuff away, and got into my usual ensemble of shorts and a t-shirt, and went looking for her. She was in the sun room, sitting expectantly on the edge of the hot tub, waiting for me. No surprise, she was sitting there with two fingers of one hand stuffed up her pussy and the other hand busy on her clit.

This was one horny girl, for sure. I only hoped that I could keep up with her, and having already cum from her blow-job, I didn't think the odds were in my favor. I motioned her aside so I could remove the hot tub cover, and start the pump. I checked the temperature of the water, and told her it was safe to get in. She looked at me and said "Why do you got clothes on?" I replied, "I'm waiting for the pizza delivery" I told her it would be at least an hour for the food, because being out on the edge of the city, I always had to wait longer, and it always cost me extra for the delivery charges.

She laughed, and then said "I'm gonna take care of that for you!" "I know what I want to do while we're waiting," she said next "I'm hungry, feed me your cock." "Is it just oral sex you do, or don't you want to fuck? Or are you still a virgin?" I asked.

"A virgin!" she snorted derisively, "Like who's still a virgin in grade nine?! We can fuck if you want to. I don't mind, but I want your jizz in my mouth either way." she said. My cock twitched at the thought of pounding her tight little pussy, and even flirted with the idea of her even tighter little asshole, but I kept those thoughts to myself.

"Okay, that's alright with me," I replied "are you on birth control? Because if you're not, we got a problem. I've got no condoms, for christ sake. There's no way I'm taking that kind of chance." "Shit!" she exclaimed.

She pouted and said "I had a condom in my bag, but it's in Josh's car." She brightened up and said "I guess you're stuck with a blow-job, then.

It's okay, 'cause I wanna suck your cock all night." She looked over at my with a sly look and said in a little girl voice, "Or you can fuck my ass if you want to." I just about came in my shorts right there and then. I had been imagining her tight little asshole all night, and I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do, to be honest. "Jesus, really?" I asked "You take it up the ass too?

You're just a little sex machine, aren't you?" She looked proud of herself as she replied "Yeah, well it's not like I'm on birth control, you know. My mom would never let me get the pill. And girls don't always have condoms just lying around, you know. What if a cute guy wants to fuck instead of getting head? You gotta do something, or he's just going to find another chick that will do anal. Its okay really, I love it in the ass. I like it better up my ass than in my pussy anyways.

It makes me cum lots getting fucked in the ass." Somehow, I believed her when she said that. Nothing she said could surprise me now, or so I thought. She had more tricks up her metaphorical sleeve, as I was to discover shortly.

Suddenly she stood up and climbed out of the tub, got on her knees and crawled over to where I was sitting. I watched her silently, wondering what she was going to do next.

When she got in between my legs, she looked up at me, and in a quiet little girl voice she said "Skullfuck me. Use my mouth like a pussy, okay? Fuck my mouth like I'm a slut, I want it. Give it to me just they do in porn." "You want to be treated like a slut? No problem, your wish is my command" I managed to get out. I stood up, and as she sat back on her heels, I grabbed her head, none too gently, shoved my cock between her lips, and started fucking her sweet little mouth with force and authority.

She quickly started gagging, and tears started leaking out of the corners of her eyes, but I didn't stop, didn't stop to think of her discomfort, I just fucked her little mouth with abandonment.

I was jack-hammering my cock down her throat when I realized that she was, once again, furiously rubbing her clit. I knew that I was going to last quite a bit longer, having cum less than two hours previously, so I yanked my cock out of her mouth, just in time to watch her bring herself to orgasm, again. I said her "This is going to be a while, you know, before I cum again." She looked so sexy with her tears and saliva smeared all over her chin, and drops of water from the hot tub glistening all over her body.

She just grinned and told me "I don't care, just fuck my mouth 'til you cum again!" "Get ready then, 'cause I'm going fuck that cute little face of yours into submission!" I warned her. I thought that I would probably last at least another half hour, and I couldn't believe that she would be able to take it that long.

Well, I was going to find out, one way or another. However, I had forgotten something. Chapter Three Just then I heard the sound of the pizza delivery kid's rice-rocket tuner car. It was Evan, the usual delivery guy, with our food. I suddenly realized how hungry I was, and I'm sure Chantelle was famished. I pulled her up, and told her to put the t-shirt back on before I went to answer the door. "Oh no you don't!" she said excitedly "I told you I would take care of it for you!" On went the t-shirt, clinging to her wet body.

She looked like she had just been fucked, her face all wet from our exertions, and wearing what appeared to be a sweaty and very clingy t-shirt. If it's possible, I think my cock got harder. Half suspecting what she had in mind, I acquiesced and hung back, hidden in the shadows in the living room with a clear view of the foyer. Chantelle answered the door, and half squealing, said "Oooooh, the pizza's here!" Evan's eyes just about popped out of his head.

He was expecting me to answer the door, with the usual payment, and tip, in hand, but instead he was treated the sight of a little nymphet wearing nothing but an oversize clingy t-shirt, and obviously nothing underneath. "Where's Mike?" Evan asked Chantelle, trying hard not to be obvious about staring at her chest. "Oh, he's sleeping, he's feeling kind of sick." she said in a low voice, while she looked at his crotch. "Oh, okay, here's your pizza" as he handed her the food "It's $42.50, including delivery." He gaped at her ass as she turned around and set the boxes down.

Chantelle took her time, bending over to set the food down on the floor. She looked into the living room, right at where I was standing and winked at me. "What's your name?" she asked. "Evan." was the quick response. "Evan." she purred "I don't got any cash on me. What are we gonna do?" as she ran her hands over her body, as if to prove that she didn't have payment for him. In doing so she pulled and stretched the t-shirt, showing her goods to him even more clearly.

I could see the erection in his pants from where I was standing! The poor kid didn't know what had hit him. "Um, I'm sorry, but it's $42.50." he stammered. "Can you think of any other way I can pay for this?" she said, in a low sexy voice. "If I show you what I got under my shirt, is that going to be enough? No? That's not enough, is it?" she answered her own question. Evan's boner threatened to burst free from his pants at this point.

Nervously, he said, "I got to pay for deadbeat payments out of my own pocket, or else." "I'll make it worth your while." Chantelle replied, and then she twirled around, raising the t-shirt almost to her naked pussy. I realized where this was going. The poor kid didn't have a chance; she was playing him like a fiddle. "What do you mean?" Evan squeaked. "I'll give you a blow-job. That's way more than enough, don't you think?" He gulped, and sealed his fate by responding "What about Mike?" "What about Mike?

He's sleeping, I told you. It's not like he's standing right here, is it? He won't know, and anyways, it's my business not his." she finished haughtily. "You can't cum in my mouth, though." she warned him."And there's no way you're blowing all over my face." He looked crestfallen as he asked "What am I gonna do then?" "Okay, jeez, don't be a baby about it.

Okay I'll let you shoot off in my mouth, but I don't let guys do this, never." she lied. He brightened up at the prospect and then walked into her trap "We can call it my tip, okay?" I laughed silently.

She was going to get what she wanted, and he would think it was well worth paying for the pizzas himself. I wondered if she was going to ask me for my stash money when she was done.

She fumbled with his zipper, gave up and told Evan to take off his pants. "Ooooooh!" she squealed when his cock sprang free, clamping her mouth on it a split second later. She stated bobbing on his cock immediately, and then slowed down for a few seconds. Then she stopped and asked him if she was doing it good enough, like she was some sort of novice cock-sucker.

"Fuck yeah!" he exclaimed "Don't stop! Finish it slut!" Evan was getting a little bolder. She returned to sucking him, and started working his cock like a pro. She again pulled off his cock, and said "When you're ready, just jerk off in my mouth, okay?" Back to his cock she went, bobbing at a quick pace, and stroking him hard. He started wiggle around a bit, and I knew he was close. I had had the same experience from her, so I knew how he was feeling right about now.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" he shouted. "In my mouth, in my mouth!" she urged him on as soon as his cock came out of her mouth. She leaned back on her heels, and faced him with her mouth open and her tongue out, anticipating his orgasm.

He grabbed his cock and started stroking it, and with a grunt sent several spurts of jizz straight onto her tongue. She suckled the tip of his penis, and then demonstrated the same technique she had shown me, swirling the cum around in her mouth, then she opened her mouth to show him her prize, letting it pool on her cupped tongue. "Swallow it, bitch!" he said. Down her throat went the orgasmal evidence. She stayed kneeling on the floor, licking her lips.

"Oh my god!" he said "Fuck that was awesome!" "Are we good?" she asked. "Oh yeah! Make sure you ask for me next time you order." he said, winking at Chantelle, still kneeling and still licking her lips.

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"Mmmm, you're so tasty, I'd give you another one if you wanted, for free." she told him. "I gotta go," he said "still got like six more hours on my shift." he said, clearly disappointed that he couldn't take her up on her generous offer. He pulled up his pants, turned around and went out the door. I heard his car start, and quickly leave my property. Neither of us had moved.


She was still on her knees, and I had remained in the shadows where I had watched blow the pizza delivery guy. Finally, I came out of my stupor, and called to her. "Chantelle?" I said to her "You okay?" "Yes" was the reply "Why don't you get over here and finish what you started?" "I will, but first we should eat." I told her. "Okay." was her response, sounding slightly disappointed. I walked into the foyer, and grabbed the food from the floor and turned and went back to the sun room.

A naked Chantelle followed behind me, and once we reached the sun room, she sat down cross-legged on the carpeted floor. "I'm starving." I said. "You must be famished" I asked her "Did you eat today?" "Nope. Just jizz is all" I was flabbergasted. "You ate the jizz from two blow-jobs? That's it? That's not exactly a lot of food, you know." "Oh no," she replied "more like seven or eight blow-jobs. Seven, I guess." "Seven?" I was astounded. "Well, yeah. Let's see, I gave Josh one when we woke up, and then later in the shower I gave him another.

So that's two right there. And before we went out clubbing I had to give Josh and our two buddies a blow-job before we left, to take the edge off, like Josh said. Then there's you and the pizza guy. So that's seven. I wanna make it eight, though, don't forget." She looked so proud sitting there recounting her "meals" for the day. "What the fuck?!" I said "Josh makes you give his friends blow-jobs?

What is wrong with this guy?" "Yeah, so what?" she retorted "It's not like I don't wanna do it, you know, And it's not like they complain about it either." "Yeah, but still." She interrupted me "Sometimes, I gave blow-jobs when Josh would lose a bet, or at poker. I wanted to do it. If I didn't I wouldn't, okay? It's not like he held me down and forced me." "Okay," I said "but why would he make you blow his buddies before you guys went clubbing?" "Like I said, to take the edge off." she responded "That way they're like all relaxed and not buggin' me and if I did it for them, it's like they would buy me drinks, and give me joints or get me some E." I changed the subject.

"Let's have some pizza!" I said. I was starving by now, and really needed to eat, because I was pretty sure I would need the energy for later. We destroyed the first pizza in a matter of minutes, and even made a dent in the second one. I passed Chantelle a soft drink, and let out a satisfied belch, which made her giggle. "I gotta go pee," she said "where's the bathroom?" "Through the kitchen, and into my bedroom, it's to your right." I directed her.

"I'll be right back!" she said brightly. "No problem. I'm getting in the tub for a nice relaxing soak." I told her. As she walked away, I watched her ass. Her sweet little teenage ass. She sashayed out of the room for all she was worth. All I could think of was her pink star and all the wonders it would provide. Chapter Four I lay in the tub, luxuriating in my feeling of satisfaction.

I had a nice glow going from the food and the earlier pornstar grade blow-job; just then Chantelle returned from the bathroom visit, holding something behind her back.

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"Hey!" was her perky greeting "Guess what I found?" "Uh, I don't know, what" I said. "Come on, guess!" she was excited. I played along "How about a million dollars?" "No, silly!" she laughed She brought her hands around to show me a bottle of baby oil.

"It makes it a lot easier to fuck my ass!" Instantly my cock was rock hard. She pivoted where she was standing, bent over and pulled apart her ass cheeks to show me her anus was glistening with an application of the baby oil. She quickly put a finger on her anus and began to circle it while pulling her cheek open with her other hand.

After a minute or so of this she pushed her index finger into her asshole, which was rapidly followed by a second finger. She proceeded to fuck her own ass, and it wasn't long before she was quietly moaning in pleasure. I lay in the bubbling water, mesmerized by the antics of this 14 year old preternatural slut. I knew I had to fuck that tight little pink star, but for now I was content to watch her masturbate her own asshole. She was moaning louder now, and shuffling her feet a little in excitement and arousal.

Within minutes she got herself off, without even touching her pussy! She orgasmed, muttering obscenities through her clenched teeth.

She slowly turned around, sucking on her fingers that had just been in her ass, and triumphantly exclaimed: "See, I told you, I love getting my ass fucked. Are you gonna come and fuck it for me?" I quickly got out of the tub sporting a massive erection and walked over to where she was leaning against the sofa.

"Are you sure?" I asked "Because if you are, I can't think of a better place for my cock to be." I pushed her down over the arm of the sofa and prepared to assault her anus.

I grabbed her hands and brought them to her ass; it took her a second or two to realize what I intended, and then she put a hand on each cheek and pulled them apart for me. I put my hand on the flat of her back to steady things, and grabbed my cock with the other and placed it against her little pink anal ring. "Last chance" I warned her "Otherwise I am going to sodomize you to within an inch of your life." "Fuck my ass!" she urged "Do it, do it, do it!" I slowly pressed the head of my cock against her anus, watching as it slowly spread to accept the invasion into her colon.


I pushed harder, and with a slight pop accompanied by a grunt from Chantelle, the head of my cock was in her ass. I hesitated for a second, engaged by the sight of her asshole stretched wide by my cock. Then I thought, fuck this and plunged it to the hilt, not caring very much if it hurt her, just wanting to experience the tightest fit my cock had ever felt.

"Oh fuck!" she yelled "Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I pulled my cock back, almost all the way out of her ass and plunged it to the hilt again. I couldn't believe how easily her ass stretched while simultaneously being the tightest hole my cock had ever entered. I began to earnestly fuck her tight little star while Chantelle continued moaning.

I wasn't sure if she was moaning in pain or sexual ecstasy, and frankly, at this point I didn't much care, I just wanted to brutally sodomize her. I settled into a steady rhythm, pounding my cock into her anus as far as it would go and then pulling back almost to the point of coming out of her ass.

I began to hear a noise, and noticed that she was moaning even louder, and accompanied by her frenzied pushing back on my cock, I realized that she was building up to an orgasm, and not by stimulating her clit, either, as her hands were still engaged spreading her ass cheeks for me. After no more than five or six minutes she screamed as she came harder than I had seen her cum yet.

I slowed down a little to give her some respite. "Keep fucking me!" she screamed "Don't stop! Fuck me harder!" Who was I to argue? I went back to the anus destroying speed and force I had been using and pounded her unmercifully. After just a few more minutes of destroying her anus, she came again, as loud and as violently as before. I slowed down to a complete stop, and pulled my cock out of her ass, and watched her anus close up as quickly as I had forced it open.

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She whimpered in post orgasmic bliss, and then yelped as I once again forced my cock into her ass, followed by pulling it out again. I did this several times, in to the hilt, and pulling it right out again. I watched in fascination as her anus opened and closed from my exertions. Finally, after only a minute or so of this treatment, she screamed in orgasm again. I had enough of the position we were using, and so I pulled out of her ass and lay on my back on the floor.

I told her to crouch over my cock and impale herself, and that she could do some of the work for now. "Okay!" she said "but let me put some more lube on your cock first, 'cause I'm getting a little dry back there." I watched as she grabbed the container of baby oil, and squatted down and began lubing my cock. Once she was satisfied she had enough lube applied, she lifted one leg across me, and facing away from me squatted over my cock. Plop! In one swift move she forced her asshole onto my cock, and began to fuck herself on it.

It took her at least 5 minutes of steady controlled fucking to make herself cum in this position, the longest it had taken her. I began wondering if she was getting tired. Finally, after several more minutes of this, and several more orgasms out of her, I grabbed her arms and stopped her.

She crouched over me, impaled on my cock, breathing heavy, and waiting. I asked "Are you getting tired, Chantelle? We can take a break, or even stop if you want." She replied "Yeah, I'm getting kinda tired." "Don't worry about me, if you want to stop, we'll stop." I assured her.

"My ass is getting sore." she said "but I know you're not finished yet." With that, she popped her ass off my cock, spun around, and in one smooth move inhaled my cock, coated with a mixture of lube, pre-cum and her own ass juices.

I marveled at the total lack of inhibitions of this 14 year old super slut, while she went to work on extracting the cum out of my sack. After several minutes of an aggressive blow-job, she stopped, and in a coy little-girl voice asked me if I wanted to fuck her mouth again. "Oh fuck yes!" I answered "I'm getting close!" With that, she assumed the position on her heels, with her mouth open and waiting.

I got to my feet, and holding her head steady, I stuffed my engorged cock back into her mouth. I began to pile-drive her mouth as hard as I had fucked her ass, and within a minute, without any self-stimulation, she came. She grabbed the top of my thighs and urged me on even harder. It didn't take too much more prompting to make me feel the cum starting to churn in my balls and I knew I was very close.

"I'm going to cum!" I warned her. She pulled her mouth from my cock and proceeded to stroke it into her open mouth. "In my mouth! Shoot it in my mouth!" she screamed "I want your jizz in my mouth!" That was all I needed; within thirty seconds I went off in her mouth like a geyser, pumping shot after shot of sperm into her mouth until I thought I was going to faint.

She looked up into my eyes with the most wanton look I had ever seen in a female, gargled my cum then swished it around in her mouth and swallowed it down. I collapsed to the floor, weakened from my ejaculation, and totally spent. Chantelle looked like the proverbial cat that swallowed a canary (which in a way she had, I guess!), and leaned over and gave me a great big hug.

"Oh my god I love your jizz!" she said "I could swallow gallons of your stuff" "Let's get to bed, okay, we've got a lot of stuff to do tomorrow" I reminded her "I've got to help you get your shit back from Josh, plus I need to finish some other errands, and I'm dead tired now." Chantelle laughed "Was I the best fuck you ever had?" with the naivety only a teenager can muster. "The best blow-job I have ever had in my life, and the tightest fuck ever!" I exclaimed.

She looked immensely proud of herself, and started preening at me. "Okay, little one, off to bed." I said. "You know how I'm going to wake you up tomorrow, huh?" she asked, with a sexy little grin. "I have a pretty good idea." I smirked back at her. The End Thanks for reading!