Katies Is Such A Sweetie Pie

Katies Is Such A Sweetie Pie
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Dear Reader, I've been going back through my earlier stores and making corrections or adding verbiage. This story was originally a single tale, I have made it a two-part narrative. Danni - Part One "Are you flirting with me?" I was trying to watch TV but my sister was acting coy and playful, trying to get my attention.

"No, why would I flirt with my brother?" "Maybe cause I'm hot and sexy and you want to commit vile acts on my body?" Danni scrunched her face in a display of disgust "I don't even do vile acts on my own body, yours repulses me completely." I looked away from the TV and studied her face.

"What the hell, you've got make-up on? When did you do that? Is it moms?" I knew my little sister didn't have her own. "It's about time you noticed!

How do I look?" I studied her face. She wasn't supposed to wear make-up; our parents were pretty strict about that. Neither of us could date until we were eighteen which was still three months away for me. Danni was barely sixteen, so she still had two years to be the little girl in the family. "Mom will have a fit if she sees that crap on your face." "I know, but how does it look?" "Crooked and heavy; too much eyeliner and the lipstick is sloppy." Danni deflated, she looked disappointed so I tried to cheer her up, "But you do look sorta cute and cuddly." Her eyes brightened "Oooo wow!" she exclaimed.

She gave me a quick delighted kiss on the cheek and cautioned me needlessly "Don't tell mom and dad" then scampered out of the room to clean the mess off before our parents came home; they would not have been happy to see her that way.

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Even after she had scrubbed clean her lips were slightly redder the rest of the day, she was kind of cuter. Mom and dad didn't notice but I did. Since we couldn't date my sister and I spent a lot of time with each other with video and board games. When we weren't trying to save the world electronically, we kept each other company doing homework, reading books, or were engrossed in television. We didn't squabble or argue a lot so I guess Danni and I were close as siblings.

Being close like that also meant that she and I shared secrets or moments of privacy that some brothers and sisters don't. That's why she was unafraid to get my opinion on the make-up, she knew she could try it and I wouldn't blab. It was another three weeks before my sister got to experiment with make-up again.

When she found out our parents would be gone all afternoon she called me to their bedroom, she was sitting at mom's vanity sorting through bottles and tubes. "Help me, you have to tell me what looks good and if I put it on right." "I'm going to see Pete." She looked at me with pleading eyes "Please, I want to learn how to do this, but I can't tell by looking in the mirror.

You have to tell me how I look when I try make-up." She looked like a puppy hoping for a treat "Okay, I'll stay but I'm not putting anything on you." "Don't have to, I'll do the work" she gushed with a smile. "Me and Patty tried this on each other a couple of times but I want to do it alone, you just sit here and watch then tell me how I look." She turned her back to me and grabbed a hair band then pulled her long black hair into a pony tail and corralled it with the band.

She tossed her head lightly which caused the fall of hair to swish across her back. Watching the hair move, the way she flipped her head, like a filly tossing her mane, caused a shudder to ripple through my stomach. It was a reaction that surprised me because I'd only felt it before when I was talking to Kendall Williams. Danni began with eyeliner and I made comments about color and skill. Once that was done she worked her long lashes with mascara then went to blushes and lip gloss, she had the most fun trying on different colors of lipstick.

We laughed and teased through several shades from Pin Up Peach to Burgundy Wine. It took almost two hours and a box of tissues before she was satisfied with her looks. When she turned around to face me the final time I was awestruck by the transformation.

My sister looked older than sixteen, more mature. She pulled the band from her hair and let it fall back around her face, she went from pretty to sexy in a heartbeat, she could have been on TV or something.

For the second time my stomach rippled with a flutter as she smiled and waited my comments. "Wow, you look awesome!" I stuttered. She glowed with pleasure; "Hot?" she wanted to know.

"Yeah, hot is the word." Cobalt eyes highlighted by matching blue eyeliner glinted naughtily "I don't want to be just hot, I want to be fucking hot." She startled me. I rarely heard my sister cuss and now she had used the F word.

I wasn't sure how to react so I acted like it was normal, "Well, you have the make-up right, now you gotta dress that way." "You know I don't have any good clothes. My rags are all drab and dreary, ugly little girl things." I checked my watch, it was still two hours before our parents came home. "You and mom are about the same size; try on some of her stuff." Danni studied me briefly, "Her breasts are bigger, the tops won't fit right." "So, you're not going anywhere, I'm the only witness and I won't tell." She went to the large closet and started pawing through dresses and clothes then pulled down four dresses, a couple pairs of pants and three blouses.

Danni looked over her selection then said to me "Go away, I'm going to change." I left her alone. Five minutes later she came into the living room wearing a slinky black dress. The bust was too big but it fit her waist and hips perfectly, the hem cut across her knees; the dress highlighted her body lines nicely. Danni was a little over 5'5 but she was wearing a pair of mother's heels which made her taller, closer to my 5'11.

My sister pirouetted for me and the flutter came back to my stomach. I told her she looked pretty and had nice legs. She beamed her delight then dashed back to try on something else. The next was a pants and blouse combination that hung loosely on her frame, the blouse sagged and the pants were baggy in the butt; she wasn't very nice looking. After that was an evening gown, low cut, long full skirt. Danni wore a double strand pearl necklace which pulled my eyes to her chest.

Her breasts were lost in the bulk of the gown, but she still looked good. "That one makes you look like a prom queen, but you don't have any boobs." She swirled about and disappeared into the bedroom again, minutes later she came back wearing the same dress but this time she had a full bust leading her into the room. "I put on one of mom's bras and filled it with stockings, how do I look?" I could only stare as she put her fingers into the bra and fluffed the stuffing, my fingers itched to help her make the adjustments.

"Even mom's aren't that big. Nice." She gave me a modest glance then turned and left again. She didn't come back so after a few minutes I went to see what she was doing. When I stepped into the room Danni was standing in front of the floor length mirror holding a skirt to her waist, she was wearing only brief pastel panties and a matching bra.

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When she heard me she turned, looked at me with surprised eyes then spat "Go away, I don't have any clothes on!" She was a vision. My eyes locked onto the smooth round form of her ass as they absorbed the image of her in just delicate lingerie.

As I turned to leave my prick surged with warm blood. A minute later I heard her call me back. I went to the bedroom; she was standing in front of the mirror looking over her shoulder "I can't zip this up, do it for me." She had put on a dark blue sequined sheath that stopped about half way down her thighs.

She turned so I could zip it; the dress was open to the bottom, right where her butt rounded over. She put her hands under her hair and held it off her back so I could close the dress. I looked down her bare back, she wasn't wearing the bra and her pale red panties were visible in the V gap where the zipper started. I pinched the pull between two fingers and tried to tug it up, the dress rode up slightly, but the zipper didn't.

I grabbed the dress and held it in place then raised the zipper to the top, one hand was brushing my sister's ass, the other sliding up her back. My heart started pounding, my cock swelled even more, for the first time in my life I had an intense sexual reaction to my sibling. She finished dressing by setting on the edge of the bed and putting on a pair of black patent leather ankle boots with 2" heels.

The sensual vibrations in my body increased while I watched the skirt pull up enough to give me a peek of the panties covering her crotch as she pulled the boots on.

When she stood, she was stunning. She turned in a circle watching her image in the mirror.

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The dress must have been an old one or one that was given to our mother, it was too small for my mom's breasts but my sister filled out the front of it perfectly. The color of the dress matched her eyes; it clung to her body like smooth blue skin.

The plunging neckline revealed the soft swell of cleavage while the fabric snugged tightly to the form of her hips and thighs. Her legs between the hem of the short skirt and the top of the boots captivated my attention. My sister looked ready for an evening on the town in style.

The combination of my sister in the makeup, the dress, and what she was doing was taboo, caused my cock to grow even more. She teased her long hair with fingers then said "Now this is how I want to look. What do you think?" Nothing could stop the words from my mouth "Now you look more than fucking hot, you look fucking volcanic.

I have to take a picture." She smiled her appreciation for my salacious assessment then waited while I ran for my smart phone then took five pictures of my made-up sister while she posed.

By the time I was done she was having an even stronger physical effect on me, my cock was a large bulge at the front of my pants. I tried to turn away hoping she wouldn't see the swelling but before I could move, she glanced down at my crotch. She colored bright red then flustered "Wow, that's how I want my boyfriends to react to me." I fled the room but I could feel her eyes on my back.

She followed me to the front room "You have to unzip me, they'll be home soon and I have to clean up." Danni turned her back to me, lifted her hair and leaned her head forward stretching her neck so I could reach the zipper. She had to have felt my hands trembling when I pulled the zipper down to her butt. She turned, glanced deliberately at my erection then back into my eyes, she blushed attractively and said softly "Fucking volcanic" then spun and walked away.

Watching her bare back caused an earthquake in my balls; I felt dizzy, I couldn't breathe right, my cock strained against the skin holding it together. I left the house. I went to Pete's to hide from my little sister and the unwholesome thoughts I was having about what I wanted to do with her, to her. She wanted the pictures so I sent them to her by text but I didn't delete them. The next two weeks went by with nothing said by me or Danni about what she had done but I was watching her closer, paying more attention to her when she was near.

It seemed to me that she was being a little more familiar too, sometimes she acted almost nervous around me. We locked eyes several times and silently shared our secret about that day and each time we did I found it difficult to breathe, my chest would get hot and my prick felt like I had invisible fingers holding it.

More than once she blushed before moving her eyes off mine. It was after those moments I would look at her pictures allowing them to stir my hormones even more. I was riddled with guilt when I did because she was my sister, but I couldn't look at them enough, I felt like a boy looking at his hot new girlfriend. It was before six when our parents left for the evening, advising us they would call the house after ten. Mom ordered pizza then our parents went to visit someone for some anniversary celebration.

We were ordered to do homework then we could play games or watch TV. After we destroyed the pizza Danni and I pulled out our school work but either of us wanted to study on a Saturday. I started thinking about my sister made up pretty and felt an enjoyable low-level buzz in my loins. I closed my Sociology book then asked her "You want to try make-up again?" Danni jerked her head up from her paper "You think I should?" "Sure, don't you want to learn how to apply make up faster and better?

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That can be your homework." She grinned, provocative eyes flashed "Do I have time?" I replied "Yeah, they'll be gone three or four hours, don't you want to look hot?" That clinched it, "You want to help?" she asked eagerly. "No, surprise me like you were fixing for a date or something." The chair scraped across the floor she got out of it so fast; in an instant the girl vanished on rapid feet to our parent's room.

I went to the front room to watch TV. After more than 30 minutes waiting for Danni's appearance I began to get anxious. I couldn't figure what was taking her so long and just about the time I was going to check on her she called out "Are you ready?" The sound of her voice, the anticipation of how she looked shot a sharp hot thrill through my guts.

It was a startling reaction, stronger than any other I'd had before and it shocked me, even before she appeared my dick started growing. She flowed into the room on red high heels. Her lids were tinted greenish this time which offset the deep blue eyes and long black lashes. She had highlighted her cheeks with rouge and the lip gloss was Stunning Red. The long black hair cascaded over her right shoulder and covered her breast.

She had on a gold and jade necklace that matched the color of the eye makeup which was too heavy, but it didn't matter. It was the dress that popped. Danni had found a red silk Chinese cheongsam. The dress was decorated on one side with a dragon that curled up from the back, over her hip and around the left front, the head of the beast rested on the rise of her breasts. The green and gold dragon contrasted with the right side of the dress which was ruby red. The left side covered her shoulder but the neck of it slipped down across her breasts then under the right arm, under the hair her right shoulder was bare, it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.

The tight skirt was split on the right side from ankle to mid-thigh. Just like the blue sequined shift, this dress fit my sister like it was tailor made to reveal her youthful exotic figure.

Danni came into the room smiling radiantly then struck a model's pose, hands on her hips, the right leg bent at the knee framed by the dress that split around her thigh then hung to the floor. She was wearing sheer nylons that made her leg shimmer, the red spiked heel had thin leather straps that wrapped around her ankle as a figure eight.

She was breathtaking. I got lightheaded, my heart picked up a few beats and my cock swelled even more, I could only stare. I remembered mom wearing that dress a long time before and even then I thought it looked nice.

"Well? How long are you going to gawk?" Her words brought me back to the floor. "Turn around, let me see all of it." Danni turned slowly keeping her eyes on me as she did. When her back was to me, she twisted her head around, the thick mane of hair flowed through the air and across her face just like a Selena Gomez shampoo commercial.

The effect was stunning, not only did the hair attract me I couldn't see any disturbance in smooth fabric caused by panties. It looked like nylons were the only thing she had on under the dress. My cock began to seep.

I tried to act calm and nonchalant but I could feel my face and neck getting hot, I was shivering. I took a deep breath trying to relax and banish the erotic thoughts running through my mind. Danni must have perceived my discomfort, my interest, because her lips formed a small beguiling smile as she stepped closer, watching my eyes as she approached. In the heels she was close to eye level with me, her breasts stopped just inches away from my chest.

She looked directly into my eyes and said softly "Get your camera." I stumbled away from her again embarrassed by the growing evidence of how she affected me. When I had my phone in hand Danni glanced down quickly at my pants, grinned impishly then posed. She twisted her body, pulled the split skirt high up her thigh revealing her leg from floor to hip.

The top of the sheer stocking clung firmly to her upper thigh, she definitely wasn't wearing panties. Danni turned and twisted as I took pictures of her from front to back, she bent at the waist, hands on her knees, her body parallel to the floor and smiled while I aimed the camera at her cleavage. I went behind her then she stepped her feet as far apart as the dress could allow, twisted her head toward the camera and flipped her hair while I focused on her back and butt.

I was getting dizzy; my heart was thumping and my erection hurt from the pressure of racing blood as she taunted the camera with several sensuous poses.

Danni was laughing, smiling, making comments, flirting with the camera, having fun, being naughty while I took pictures. She suggested poses, she posed as I suggested. When I finally lowered my phone she stepped close to look at the pictures.

As we flicked through the shots, I could feel her warmth, smelled a light air of perfume. An explosion of hormonal courage slammed into my blood, I grabbed my sister by the waist held her face with the other hand then put my mouth on hers. I kissed her with every ounce of passion I felt. I didn't plan it; I didn't think about it, I just did it. The kiss was sloppy and inexperienced; I'd never kissed a girl before, not that it mattered, as far as I knew she'd never been kissed that way either.

My erection hurt from the sudden expansion from big to huge. She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away, her face ablaze with astonishment "What the hell was that?" I was awash in shame, I wanted to run away but Danni held my arm and asked with less affront "I did that to you?" I hung my head and started to stutter an apology but she was recovering faster than me from the surprise move. She gripped my chin and pulled my face up "No, don't be sorry, look at me" she paused for effect, stepped back and held her arms wide, "Look" she emphasized softly as she turned a full circle again, arms wide, displaying her tantalizing young body.

When she finished her turn she said "I was hoping for some kind of reaction," her eyes went to the tent at my crotch, "and I got one a hot one" she breathed softly. I was still unsure of what to say or do. Danni dropped her arms and looked into my face and said "You have lipstick all over your mouth" then started to giggle. My hormones were surging again and it occurred to me that she hadn't hit me or stormed off in anger.

As she snickered at the mess on my face I felt bolder "I never saw you look so awesome, you could make a statue get a boner right now." The air around her, her aura lit up, my harsh words didn't daunt her "You think so?" "I'm not lying Danni, look at what you did to me and I'm your brother" I put a hand on the bulge of my pants and squeezed it while she watched. Very slowly she lifted her right hand, extended her index finger and pressed on the outline of my erection.

When the first touch didn't burn her she carefully slid her fingertip along the length of it then looked up at me. Her voice was quiet, tenuous, shaking "Show it to me?" There were too many lights on in the living room, I wanted to strip and display everything I had but the big windows were facing the street.

I tossed my phone to the sofa while saying "Not here, let's go to their room" she knew where I meant. Danni turned and walked away causing my balls to clench as her body swayed under the long tight dress, her leg flashing through the split skirt. The high heels caused her butt to sway provocatively under the smooth, form fitting silk; my sister knew exactly what I was watching and put a little more swing in her stride.

Instinctively her body was reacting to my feral attraction to her and she was displaying, provoking me, raising my interest to a fever pitch. As she went around the corner toward the back of the house, she tossed me a look, her wide sparkling eyes were charged with energy, filled with secrets. An electrical shock slithered down my spine and coiled like a snake around my nuts. She walked to the full-length mirror near the closet and began to admire herself, I moved to her side and saw that I looked slovenly next to her.

Her reflection looked at my distended crotch then smiled up at me. She gripped my arm and pulled me to face her then started to undo the buttons of my fly, sultry blue eyes never left mine as she gently opened my pants with both hands. My heart was slamming against its cage forcing more pressure to my cock, expanding it even more.

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My sister pushed my pants off my hips and down my legs where they settled at my knees. She looked at the patterned boxers then hooked two fingers in the band, pulled it out and looked down at my straining erection.

I saw her shudder and heard a sharp soft gasp. She flicked her eyes up to mine, the pupils were wide and glittering, "Should I touch it?" she wanted to know. Since my heart was jammed in my throat I could only nod my consent. Danni put her hand into my briefs and wrapped her fingers around my erection. I'd never had a girl touch me before and my sister's fingers triggered my orgasm, I started shooting splashes of cum on the hand in my underwear.

As soon as the first fountain of hot semen hit her fingers she jerked them out of my shorts, stepped back and watched the bulge of my boxers pulse as I soaked them. "Oh wow!" she exclaimed "I didn't mean to do that!" She examined the goop on her fingers then smiled "Be glad you didn't squirt on mom's dress, it would be hard to hide." Again, she was a great deal calmer than me. I was dying of embarrassment for two reasons, the first because I shot my load, the second because I shot it only seconds after she touched me.

She studied the semen on her fingers briefly then wiped her hand on my shirt sleeve then did another unexpected thing, she kissed me. She put her hands on my shoulders, her lips on mine and kissed me heatedly. I wanted to pull her to me but she had the dress on and my cock refused to go limp so I had a long protrusion jutting from my groin that would have rubbed on the dress, we couldn't stain it with the mess I'd made.

The kiss encouraged me again. While her lips were glued to mine I stepped out of my pants and pulled my sticky underwear down with one hand. My erection hadn't diminished any so it sprang free of the restrictive cloth and rose solid and proud, angled up toward Danni's stomach.

She broke the kiss and stepped back inspecting my nudity closely. My cock jerked with an aftershock of the instant orgasm, her mouth formed a short question "Is it big?" I wasn't sure how to answer her, to me it was manly and massive but I had never compared my cock with anybody else or measured it.

She reached for me again and took it in her full grip, I put my hand over hers and showed her how to stroke it causing her to ask impishly "You're not going to blow up on me again are you?" She moved her fingers until just the end of her thumb was sliding on the top of it and the four fingertips tickling the bottom of the shaft, I grew even more between her fingers.

"Not right now but if you keep that up it won't take long." She lifted her second hand then wrapped it around my erection, she was holding it in both hands watching the head of it which was still exposed.

Danni pumped it back and forth three times then let go and stepped back. She looked at me; there was a challenge, a dare in her eyes, she was waiting for me to do or say something. My pulse was hammering in my ears; my body was hot and began to shake again "Why don't you take the dress off before it gets messed up?" Fathomless blue eyes flashed lightning "I don't have anything on under it, are you going to leave?" "No" I uttered softly.

Her entire body trembled and she flushed from her cheeks, down her neck and across her chest, she breathed quietly "You have to take off your shirt." I popped two buttons in my hurry to shed my shirt. Danni raised her right hand then put two fingers in the middle of my chest then her eyes followed the path of the fingertips when she drew them down my stomach until her fingertips were again resting on the shaft of my erection.

She studied me for a few seconds then stepped back a pace saying "Take the shoes off." I went to my knees and she put her hands on my shoulders for balance then rested a foot on my bare thigh while I unbuckled the thin straps around her ankle.

Her foot was grazing the side of my erection which was standing proud from my groin. When both were loose, she kicked free of the heels as I stood. She reached under her right arm for the zipper and pulled it slowly down until it stopped. She was not just taking the dress off; she was testing me, watching my reaction as the zipper went down.

The dress fell apart from right to left. When it was open full length my sister was standing with the red silk hanging from her left shoulder; her right breast, stomach and hip were bare. My balls vibrated with tension. I'd never seen a girl's tits before. I mean I'd managed to get a few glimpses in an R rated movie sometimes and I have few Hustler and Playboys hidden away but seeing my sister in the flesh caused another major upheaval in my glands.

I lifted a shaking hand and placed it cautiously over her breast, the brown circle of skin with the nipple in the middle of it; my hand filled with the hot firm mound, I felt the tip of it get hard. Danni put a hand over mine and pressed it against her. Her heart was racing.


I reached for the dress hanging from her left shoulder and brushed it down, the silk slipped off her arm and fluttered down her body. She stood before me with the dress a puddle of silk around her feet, the sheer stockings clung to her thighs, her face was as red as the lipstick.

I stretched the hand covering her tit and rubbed my thumb over the other nipple, Danni looked like she would crumple. She put her hands on my arms for support and breathed deeply causing her breasts to rise and fall, a vision for my eyes. My erection was throbbing, bouncing slightly just inches from the junction of her thighs. I forced my stare from her breasts to take in the rest of her body, her stomach was pulsing with each quick breath and as my gaze settled on her pubic hair she stepped her legs apart slightly giving me an unhindered view of the crack that curved between them.

Neither of us was thinking any more, we were responding to nature, to the situation. I pulled my sister by a hand away from the pile of clothing but when I stopped, she didn't, she came directly into my arms. Her stomach touched mine; my cock was trapped between us, the end of it smearing the clear drops on her warm soft skin, her pubic hair was tickling my balls.

I put my hands on her ass and pulled her tighter against me, she put her arms around my back. Danni and I stood like that for a few moments not moving as our bodies molded together then she began to roll her hips, crushing her pelvis on my erection while I held her. The motion of her stomach against mine caused my nuts to boil again. After a few seconds of building more erotic pressure I found her mouth with mine and kissed her again.

I let go of her and looked into her flaming blue eyes, they were whirlpools of desire pulling lust from mine to build hers even higher. I pulled her to the rug where she went to her back; I got between her open legs on my knees and stared at the awesome vista.

Danni held her arms up as an invitation to join her, I stretched over her and kissed her once more, this time the end of my hard cock pressed against the tender slit of her body.

I moved my hips rubbing the head of my hard-on on the outer lips of her sex. Her eyes flared briefly then she closed them, twisted her hips and I felt the end of my erection slide between the hot soft sides of her crack. My sister reached between us and held me still while she adjusted herself then the head of my staff slipped into the warmest most sensational environment I could ever imagine.


She moved her arm and I flexed my butt, pumping slowly into her an inch at time. We were both virgins so I was expecting resistance but at that moment all I wanted was to get so deep inside her I would be lost. Danni opened her eyes and managed to say "It's not hurting, I thought it would hurt." I rolled my hips and dipped as deep into her as I could.

Her make-up was smeared over her face which gave her an excited wanton look that fed my lust even more. I began to rock my ass, stroking in and out of the steamy satin tunnel and she began to move. In moments Danni and I were fucking. She was taking everything I gave her with as much pleasure on her face as I felt in my heart.

I'd cum hard and fast the first time she touched me but since I was experiencing sex for the first time my balls were quickly building to another blowout. Danni was tossing her head back and forth, her long black hair a loose halo on the floor around her head, she started to whimper. Every time I pushed deep she gasped then uttered a soft formless sound when I pulled back. She grabbed my ass with both hands, arched her back and spread her legs wider.

I watched her tits bounce when my stomach slapped hers, she dug her nails into my skin. It was over long before we wanted it to be, my cock swelled with the impending explosion then began firing burning surges of cum into Danni's belly.

I heard myself groan and Danni loosened up even more urging me by her motion to make her a woman. We were both out of breath, the excitement and fury of our unexpected tryst exhausted us.

We were lying on the floor facing each other gradually cooling off, catching our breath, her eyes were sparkling, her smile dazzling. As I drifted down from my sexual high I looked her up and down and realized I had just fucked my sixteen-year-old sister. I felt a knot of terror growing in my gut, a tremor of fear and guilt forced me to ask "Are you okay?" She touched my face then gave me her answer; the timbre of her voice, the relaxed tone of her words calmed me, "More than okay" she assured.

Danni threw an arm over me and pulled me close again, her tits mashed against my chest. She bit my neck, pulled her head back, looked me in the eyes and murmured softly through a sensuous smile "Fucking volcanic" then gave me a parting kiss. Her answer quieted my conscience so I sat up and looked at the piles of clothing and the make-up smeared all over her face, Danni reached up and stroked my face as she said "I have to clean up before they come home." As I watched her roll the stockings off her legs I wondered how far we would take this new-found intimacy.