Local fuck in the bush after work

Local fuck in the bush after work
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Hmkay.let's see. Once upon a time there was a cute goth girl who believed in vampyres. A lot of her friends believed in vampyres, or at least liked to dress up like vampyres, but this girl BELIEVED in them. The way little kids BELIEVE in Santa. And she knew, deep in the cockles of her cold broken heart, that someday a vampyre would come for her, when she was at her most eternally beautiful, and seal her away from time forever, to elevate her to the caste that feeds on her mere mortal peers.

In time she would come to wish she'd thought it out better, but at the time it was a perfectly sensible dream to her. It wasn't that she hated her life per se; she just didn't think anything in it could stack up to an eternity of feeding on the weak.

Time passed, and her friends grew out of their various phases; but the cute little goth girl didn't. Every year she grew a little darker, a little fairer, a little more perfect, and every year she Believed her guardian vampyre was coming for her. One night - because there's always one night, sooner or later - when she'd drank a little too much wine to try and forget the last man to break her heart, she decided it would be a fine idea to visit the graveyard.

She always felt better in the graveyard. The dead are good listeners. She drove to the graveyard, which probably wasn't a great idea, but she was a bit past caring if she lived or died or took anyone with her, and walked among the headstones for a while before moving off to her favorite part, the statuary garden. She always liked to save the best for last, and she could feel the wine going to her head.

So it was that she didn't notice she wasn't alone when she reached the garden, and she wasn't alone when she kissed the angel at the entrance full on the lips, and she wasn't alone when she cried on the shoulder of the one she called the professor. It isn't until she is yelling at the one that kind of looked like her newest heartbreak that she notices; and that was only because the stranger introduces herself. "I see we have some common friends," the stranger says formally.

The girl spins around, gets a little dizzy, and sits down hard, her vision swimming. Dimly she can make out the stranger indicating the angel, dark lipstick smeared across the stone face. "Who're you?" she slurs, bare feet tangling in her long velvet dress as she struggles to stand. "Oh come now, don't ask silly questions.

You know who I am, just as I know who you are Zoe. I'm your guardian vampyre." Just then the full moon comes out from behind a cloud, illuminating the stranger; her dark eyes and sensuous lips, her long, straight, silky black hair, flawless alabaster skin, bare shoulders, tightly corseted curves, and intricate gown leaving quite the impression on the drunk girl. "Alright. So where're your fangs?" "Again with the silly questions.

This is going to take all night. I hate to rush things, but the sun Will rise eventually. Look into my eyes, won't you?" The girl does as she is told, gazing deep into the stranger's eyes.

The dark eyes are mysterious, entrancing, the division between pupil and iris impossible to find, and as she gazes she can feel herself rising gracefully to her feet.

"Now, is there anything else you'd like to do before you leave this mortal world?" ".y-yes.mistress." "Name it." The girl blushes furiously, even compelled as she is, the words and idea so foreign to her but also so right.

".I.I want.I want you, mistress." The stranger cocks an eyebrow, smirking playfully. "Do you mean sexually? The world is your oyster and you want to have relations with a vampyre?" She blushes even deeper, but the alcohol gives her resolve. "Yes, Mistress. I've never been with a woman.and I want you." "You know, obviously, that you can try this from both sides?" The girl nods her head firmly, and the stranger rolls her eyes, surrendering to the madness.

"Whatever Zoe, it's your afterlife. I'll take the lead, if it's all the same to you" says the stranger, striding forward confidently, heels clicking on the cobblestones and then rustling in the grass. "Please," says the girl as she surrenders to her strange new companion. The vampyre wraps her arms around the girl gently, one arm encircling her corseted waist while the other pets her cheek fondly as she stands face to face with her prey, the girl's breath warm and frantic on her cold, impassive but soft skin.

As the stranger leans in to kiss her Zoe closed her eyes, surrendering as the stranger's fingers runs through her hair, pulling her in tight to a passionate kiss, their full breasts pressing against each other, corsets straining to contain them as the younger girl grinds eagerly against her new lover, shame and taboo forgotten in the heat of the moment under the watchful dead eyes of the graveyard statues.

Zoe whimpers softly into the kiss as the vampyre expertly twirls her without breaking the kiss, the stranger's cool wet tongue wrestling with hers as the girl is arched backwards against the vampyre's ample chest.

She feels the preternatural fingernails tracing lightly down her chin to the front laces of her corset, the sharp nails easily slicing through the silky ribbon like a razor without so much as scratching the girl's soft living skin. Before the vampyre's hand has even passed her navel the elaborate garment gives up and falls away, baring her exquisite breasts to the cold night air, the girl moaning a weak protest into her lover's mouth before surrendering once more to the passion.

The vampyre breaks the kiss at last, kissing across her cheek to her neck, lingering hungrily for a moment before whispering into her ear "be as loud as you want; there's no one for miles, I checked." She then begins squeezing Zoe's full, firm breasts, kneading them with preternatural strength that belies the delicateness of her hands, a strange pleasure building in the girl's drunken body.

Zoe whimpers a little as the impossibly sharp nails pinch her delicate, incredibly sensitive nipples, leaning her head back on her lover's shoulder in surrender as the blade like fingernails scrape the surface without drawing blood, pinching and tugging with unparalleled skill, the pain and pleasure overwhelming.

"Yes," she whispers into the darkness, "yes." "Mm, you're just about ready to burst.are you sure you can handle this Zoe? I don't want you to be cross with me for eternity for freezing you in time only After driving you mad." "P-Please" she begs weakly, "Just d-don't stop" "As you wish" says the stranger, fingernails deftly shredding her skirt to the hip, baring her lacy panties.

Zoe begins moaning loudly, panting hard as the vampyre softly and slowly runs her strong, delicate fingers down her stomach, down the V of her hips in a slow, shuddering, smoothing motion, and finally runs one finger rhythmically along her slit through her panties.

The girl shudders and moans louder, bucking her hips eagerly against the firm digit, feeling her expertly built climax about to break free.


She cries out as she experiences her first climax with a woman in years, the stranger holding her close on her lap as she lowers the girl to a sitting position, Zoe's clothes shredded on the grass as the statues look on, moonlight washing over the two lovers in the cool summer night air as the vampyre easily tears off the lacy panties and tosses them aside, deft and dangerous fingers setting about expertly drawing out her orgasm even as they start on the next.

The vampyre nuzzles her neck fondly, deeply inhaling the scent of the living girl's fear, exertion, embarrassment, shame, smelling her hair, her skin, her sex and sweat as the preternatural digits circle her clit, dangerous nails careful not to so much as nick her most delicate and precious anatomy as they slowly encourage the trembles into quivers, the quivers into tremors, the tremors into spasms and the spasms into quakes of pleasure.

Zoe gasps desperately for breath as another orgasm comes, too powerful and too soon on the heels of the first, her body unable to endure so much pleasure so hard and so fast, leaving her literally breathless, her vision going dark on the edges as the vampyre loosens her grip a little, slowing her assault on the quivering clit as she thrashes madly in her arms.

The vampyre holds her gently as, moments from blacking out, Zoe finds her breath and begins panting wildly, her breath slowing gradually, heart pounding, sweat drenching her bare body. She spasms still with the aftershocks as her lover lays her out on the grass, giving her a moment to recover as the stranger carefully unlaces her own corset, baring herself to her prey.

Zoe notices that while the vampyre's breasts may be a little smaller than her own, they have a curious firmness to them, a statue like perkiness, and a uniquely undead alabaster cast. The vampyre caresses her full, preternaturally firm breasts for a moment before letting the gown fall to her feet, stepping out in knee-high boots, exposing herself fully to her lover.

The vampyre kneels beside her, then lies down on her side, snuggling the living girl, her cold dead body strangely soft and comforting. "What do you think, Zoe? Do you wish for an eternity with a body such as mine? To watch those you have known and love grow old and die, while you remain forever young and beautiful?" She thinks briefly on the man who just broke her heart, and the pleasures she's just experienced.

"Yes, Mistress. I wish it." "Are you ready?" "." "Why do you hesitate?" ".mistress, when I am like you, may I have you again?" The vampyre laughs, a cold, clear sound like the striking of a silver bell. "If you wish it, of course.

But I think you will find The Embrace is far more fulfilling." Zoe nods, closing her eyes for a moment, determination writ large on her face, her bare body tense with apprehension. "What do I have to do?" "It's the easiest thing in the world. You just have to die, then drink when I tell you to. I'll take care of the rest." Without further preamble the stranger wraps her long, slender legs around the living girl's waist in a viselike grip, wraps her clean arms around her curvaceous chest, and sinks her razor-sharp teeth deep into the soft skin of the girl's neck.

The girl cries out in agony, screaming as she is killed, no touch of pleasure in the pain as she feels her life slipping away, everything she's ever known drifting into irrelevance.

She feels control slipping away and finally lets it go, drifting helpless in the vampyre's embrace, feeling an icy tingling in her toes, sharp like walking into an icy river, but numb like a limb that's fallen asleep at the same time, her every nerve incredibly sensitive but somewhat distant.

The tingle slowly, slowly floods her body, from her toes, up her feet to the ankle, up her calf, over her knees before it starts in her fingertips, up her thighs and hands at the same time, picking up speed as it covers her hips and wrists, the throbbing ache in her pussy stronger and yet seeming farther away as the tingle spreads up to her elbows, over her stomach, starting in her scalp and spreading down over her face like fingers crawling down over her skin, over her shoulders as she tries to scream and finds she already is, but there's no more sound, no more breath as her breasts go numb, then her lungs, and finally her heart slows, slows, slows, and stops.

She lies there, floating in a space between life and death, the statues of the dead watching her as a girl who died long ago draws back her fangs, crawling over to crouch over her helpless, limp form, the slightest contact sending ripples of sensation over her dying body.

Slowly and smoothly the vampyre draws her own wrist across her mouth, loosing a torrent of blood on the prone girl's shapely chest before she gets it over her mouth, pressing her cold flesh to Zoe's lips. "Good so far; now drink." With the very last shred of her strength she obeys the command, swallowing one last time.

As the undead blood spreads quickly through her dead body she feels her strength returning little by little, giving her the power to sip again, then deeper, deeper, drawing the vampyre blood out in an unbroken stream. The stranger gasps in strange pleasure as Zoe drinks deeply from her wrist, the tingling filling her as well as her own blood is drained in turn. The stranger pulls her wrist out of Zoe's hungry mouth, the wound tearing open, blood splattering the prone girl's face and neck for a moment before the wound heals.

"More!" she pleads as she writhes weakly beneath her new mistress. "Please! I need more!" "You have enough.for now," the vampyre purrs, smirking down at her victim. "Enough to be my ghoul at least." "No! You promised!" "Did I? Did I really?" The vampyre pats her cheek affectionately, rubbing her hands proprietorially down Zoe's bare, bloodsmeared chest. "Well, if you're a good little minion, perhaps I Will make you a vampyre.

In time. For now, as a ghoul, you are free from mortal concerns; starvation, suffocation, exhaustion will not kill you. You shall be my agent of the day and my servant of the night. As it stands, I have pulled you out of time. You will forever be as you are: Young. Beautiful." She leans in close, smiling mischievously, fangs bared: "Bloodthirsty. Insatiable. And completely at my mercy." "Mistress." "It is time to thank me for your gift," she purrs, taking a fistful of the girl's hair.

Zoe scarcely has time to gasp before her face is shoved into the vampyre's cool, wet pussy, the undead power throbbing just beneath the surface, so close yet sealed behind flesh impenetrable to her mortal teeth. She tries desperately to bite through but she may as well try and bite one of the statues, an aching jaw her only reward as she surrenders to her uncontrollable desires, her tongue lovingly caressing her mistress' quivering clit.

The vampyre moans lustily as she rides her helpless ghoul's bare body, holding her head firmly to her pussy with one hand while the other caresses her pale breasts, the cool night air exhilarating on her lifeless skin.

The girl exhibits remarkable skill for a novice and incredible endurance for a mortal, and the pleasure builds within her vampyre mistress as the tip of her soft, warm tongue circles and slaps the clit, caressing it lovingly and longingly as she surrenders to her own carnal desires, both hands smoothing down her hips as her mistress did just moments before to pleasure herself.

She moans low into the vampyre's pussy as she caresses her own clit with her fingertips and her mistress' with her tongue, breathing frantically through her nose as the preternatural blood pushes her beyond normal human endurance, the tingle of near suffocation the merest distraction as she brings them both to a simultaneous, powerful orgasm.

Zoe slowly draws out the pleasure, her body moving in rhythm with her mistress as she is compelled to build up every cresting aftershock into another smaller climax, each one waning slightly in intensity until her tongue is merely caressing the vampyre's clit soothingly.

"My, what a talented little ghoul you are. Are you quite sure you haven't done this before?" she teases as she rises over her prey, stretching luxuriously in the moonlight.

"No Mistress. I mean Yes Mistress. I mean, Yes I'm sure I haven't Mistress," she stammers, propping herself up on her elbows as she tries unsuccessfully to rise. The vampyre laughs coldly, then pins her with a glare. "You haven't forgotten what you are already, ghoul? You are my vassal. You may rise only when it pleases me. If I choose to leave you here for the groundskeeper as a little offering, I may; if I choose to make you beg for his wrinkly old cock, you will.

You will do everything I command, and you may as well learn to like it because it isn't going to change. Do I make myself clear, Ghoul?" Zoe whimpers a little but puts on a brave face, nodding solemnly.

"Good. Now rise and caress me." She rises smoothly and eagerly to her feet, approaching her statuesque vampyre mistress, their bare, curvy bodies entwining in the moonlight as the stranger seizes a fistful of Zoe's hair, pulling her head back as she leans down into a passionate kiss.

The ghouls tongue hungrily probes her mistress' mouth for any taste of blood, her eager young body writhing desperately against her Mistress' cold, impassive, perfect body. "Mm," purrs the vampyre as she breaks the kiss, "intriguing.

I have been told that what the victim felt when they are made will echo in their eternity; perhaps your destiny is to be forever a randy little ghoul, insatiably craving sexual congress?" Zoe whimpers a little at the thought, her body clearly aching for her Mistress' touch, the overwhelming need so sharp it hurts.

"Too bad.you'll fuck, and fuck, and fuck, and never be truly satisfied. Hmmhmmhmm, only your Mistress can give you satisfaction. And I will only reward total, heartfelt, dedicated service. Would you like to see?" The ghoul can only whimper in weak protest as she is led to a statue of a young man with angel wings, the stone still pristine and smooth, his hands spread palm up at his hips, fingers splayed slightly.

"Climb up there and put your pussy in his hand." She hesitates only a moment, and feels a bullwhip crack across her backside. She cries out and looks around for the source of the attack, another lash crossing her chest, her glorious breasts jiggling but her flawless skin unmarked. "I can also give you such pain that you will wish you were never born, ghoul. Now do as you are told, or it will get worse." With a whimper the girl scrambles up the smooth stone pedestal, her bare feet sliding clumsily as she desperately seeks purchase, finally able to haul herself up with her hands around the statue's waist.

Looking down at her impassive Mistress hesitantly, she lowers herself into the statue's hand. She gasps in overwhelming pleasure the instant she makes contact, hips bucking so hard she nearly tumbles off, her Mistress' restraining hand on her ass holding her in place as the ecstasy leaves her breathless. "Interesting.it seems that for you, all your pain and all your pleasure has a sexual flavor.how delightfully vulgar." She squirms in discomfort as she struggles to contain herself, heart thundering in her chest as she gasps for breath, each shuddering orgasm more powerful than the last until her body gives up entirely, heart stopping cold, mouth agape in a breathless, silent scream of pleasure.

"Mm, you see there are certain.advantages to leaving behind mortal requirements, yes?" She nods wordlessly as she writhes against the statue's hand, the unimaginably pleasure washing over her in waves, her every muscle tensing and relaxing, tensing and relaxing as the joy of serving her mistress well caresses her nude, warm, half-living body.

"Tsk. That's enough of that." Another lash of agonizing pain tears across her body, throwing Zoe back onto the ground. "Mistress, p-please, more!" The vampyre smirks down at her prey, tracing a razor-sharp fingernail across her warm breast, carving a superficial but bloody wound and licking it hungrily before it heals.

She lets out a hiss of pleasure, arching her chest towards her mistress, her fatigue evaporating at the promise of pleasure. The mistress cradles her head in one hand, drawing Zoe up to her knees before the statue, her love juices still dripping from his stone fingers. "Well?" She crawls forward obediently, licking and sucking her own musky juices from the statue's inert hand, gazing up at the cracked and weatherbeaten face as her tongue plays around the lifeless digits.

She draws back with another hiss of pleasure as her mistress bites into her neck again, followed by a gasp of shocked ecstasy as she drinks her in, the delicious lightheaded tingling quickly enveloping her nude form, every nerve afire with anticipation and numb delight as she strains to take in every sensation.

Slowly, smoothly, the vampyress kneels behind her prey, placing her own knees between the girl's calves, forcing her legs to spread a little. She slides her hands softly down the girl's silky shoulders, a trail of tingling pleasure following every touch, stopping when she reaches the girl's wrists and taking them firmly but gently in her hands.

Slowly, like a tree in the wind, she raises the girl's arms, stretching them out to the side as she trembles before the anonymous statue, no longer as woozy from the blood loss but still pleasantly buzzed as she leans her head back once again on her mistress' shoulder in surrender. The vampyre squeezes her wrists sharply, a tidal wave of pleasure radiating out across her hypersensitive nerves, sending the girl into convulsions as they echo across her skin like ripples in a pond.

She squeezes again, this wave coming on the heels of an aftershock, the two harmonizing, each nerve tickled by the first and slammed by the second as Zoe cries out in pleasure. She squeezes again and again, each wave of ecstasy creating strange harmonics as waves of pleasure run rampant over her skin, a feeling like a thousand hands petting her all over. As the sensations finally ebb the mistress rises, walking around her thrall appraisingly.

She notes the glimmer of sweat evenly coating her eternally young body, the slight tremble as she strains to hold her arms exactly where her mistress left them, and the undisguised hunger in her deep brown eyes.

Smirking mischievously, the vampyre places one finger under the girl's chin, using the slightest pressure to direct her smoothly to her feet, the girl's shapely body belying considerable muscle control, particularly for a mortal.

"Oh my yes.we are going to have a lot of fun together." The vampyre turns smoothly, casually dragging her slave along on her fingertip, invisible lashes keeping her from breaking the contact for even a minute.

The ghoul whimpers piteously, more as a reaction than from any hope of pity from her vicious mistress as she guides her thrall to a stone bench overlooking the road. "Lie down, thrall." Zoe quickly obeys the command, stretching out to her full length on the cold, rough stone, her body still trembling slightly with the aftershocks.

"Watch me," the mistress commands as she crawls up over her thrall, kissing her passionately. Zoe moans into the vampyre's mouth eagerly, reaching to caress her mistress and getting cruelly lashed for the effort as the vampyre just smiles into the kiss. Too soon she breaks the kiss, letting the ghoul moan softly into the cool night air as her moonlit lover crawls slowly down her body, kissing slowly and inexorably over her throat, down her cleavage as she massages Zoe's exposed breasts, down her fluttering stomach, across her taut navel, slowing as she kisses around her shaved pussy.savoring the girl's aching anticipation as her fangs brush her labia.letting her wonder whether it will be tooth or tongue that brings her pleasure for a long moment before gently, tenderly touching the tip of her tongue to the girl's trembling clit.

Zoe arches nearly off the bench with the immediate, earthshattering climax, ignoring the lashes of pain even as they force her back onto the bench, thrashing against her mistress' invisible bonds. She howls incoherently with pleasure as each touch of her mistress' tongue sends searing bolts of ecstasy through her helpless form, climaxes building quickly and releasing, running rampant through her half-dead body as she is pushed well beyond human endurance. When at last she can take no more, each climax bringing more agony than ecstasy, her mistress rises and circles her once more, stopping over her head and bending low over her, gazing deep into her eyes.

"Now, I have some tasks for you." Zoe sobs, body trembling from the lashes of disobedience. "Mistress, please-" "And finally, you will have no memory of any of these tasks until the time comes to perform them." Her expression goes blank, blood red tears falling unnoticed down her smooth cheeks. "Yes Mistress." The vampyre kisses the confused ghoul's tears away.

"Good thrall. I'll leave you to it." "Leave me to what, Mistress?" "You'll see," she laughs mischievously Zoe tries to follow her passage, but finds she cannot move her head - in fact, she cannot move a muscle. ~Stay here until sunrise. You are not to move a muscle unless someone discovers you. If they do, you are to offer yourself to them and do everything in your power to please them,~ her mistress' voice sounds in her head. Zoe whimpers to herself, unable to disobey as her body simply refuses to heed her, completely paralyzed from the eyes down.

She strains her ears, alert for any noise of a coming threat, mind racing as she tries to find some way out of her predicament; if she pretends to be a statue, perhaps they won't discover her? She fights down the panic as she starts at every rustle of leaves, every snapping twig, preternatural hearing allowing her to hear for miles.

She lies still and afraid for hours, eagerly watching the false dawn as a few semi trucks rattle down the side road, going from who knows where headed for who knows where, each time petrified some sweaty overweight trucker will look up, see her, pull over, stagger up to her, rub his greasy hands all over her bare and helpless body.

She bites back a scream as she hears a rustling in the bushes just a few hundred yards away, indistinct voices giggling merrily at each other. She hears the tinkling of chain, the creak of leather, the rush of velvet across grass, but still cannot see anything as she lies exposed in the moonlight, only knowing that whoever it is, they're coming closer.

"-my god Becky, did you see how that one guy was looking at us? Like, hello, we're not doing this to give you a hard-on." "ohmygod, right? Or that one guy who tried to buy you? Or the one who was trying to tell you how to treat a girl on a leash," said the girl who must be Becky.

"Totally," said the first girl, "the fucking prudes in this town. I can't believe they gave you shit about your fake ID, it's not like one more year matters anyway." "Not when you are as timeless as we," Becky recites as though quoting poetry. "For we, the chi-" "What's wrong?" "Cindy, Shh!" she whispers, and there's a crunching noise and tinkling of chain as she pulls her companion behind a bush. "There's someone on that bench!" "The one on top of the hill where we made out that first time?

You know I don't have my glasses, it isn't period." "I'm telling you, there's someone there! .ohmygod, she's not moving, do you think she's.?" "Dead?!" squeals Cindy, leash tinkling madly until it's stopped by a yank and clang of links tightening. "Shh! Gimme your cellphone." "I don't have it, it isn't period!" "My god.fine.

You wait here, I'll go check it out." "Alone?!" she squeals again, and there's a slap of flesh on flesh, followed by a crash. "Jesus fucking Christ Cindy, shut up! Do you want to be gagged? Do you? .damn straight. You're no use to me with your tongue locked away, but stop flapping it or you're gonna get us caught." There's a sound of approaching footsteps as the changing wind brings a whiff of the unmistakable scent of a girl's love juices, the amateur dominatrix practically dripping with desire as she approaches the pale, bloodstained form.

Slowly, cautiously she draws into view, her auburn hair cut into perfect Hollywood bangs, her pale blue contacts setting off the excessive black eye makeup, smooth pale skin, dangly ankh earrings, blood red lips almost concealing the little plastic fangs, a black choker around a slender throat, bare shoulders, her slender breasts unnecessarily bound by a trendy but unnecessary corset.

She looks down over her find quizzically, appearing almost catlike as she runs her fingers through Zoe's silky hair, along her smooth cheek, not comprehending how so lovely a creature could be so still. Finally she swallows her sense of silliness and asks the obvious question: "Whatever you are, can you talk?" "Yes Mistress", Zoe finds herself replying almost before the question is asked. The amateur dominatrix falls back in a clatter of silver D-rings and zippers, escaping Zoe's limited field of vision momentarily as she composes herself before returning.

"What are you called.?" "Slave, Mistress." "And why are you here?" She struggles to restrain herself, agony lashing her chest until after the slightest hesitation the answer bursts forth "to offer myself to you, Mistress." Becky looks taken aback for a moment, then a slow, wicked smile grows across her youthful face. "You have to do anything I say, don't you?" "Y-Yes Mistress," she whimpers.

"Stand up." Zoe eagerly does so, leaping at the chance to be free of that accursed bench, sizing up her temporary mistress. The girl is a couple inches shorter than her and has the sort of naturally athletic body that men love and women envy, her weekend bondage queen attire completed with black skirt slit to reveal sheer black stockings with a fancy garter and a tempting glimpse of pale, creamy thigh all the way up to her bony hip, and pristine patent leather wedge-heels set at such an obscene angle it nearly negated the ghoul's height advantage.

"Pinch your nipples." She looks confused at the request and tries to argue, but her hands quickly do as they've been ordered, pinching hard and making her gasp in agony, the abused flesh screaming under the assault.

Becky claps her hands and jumps gleefully, like a kid with a new toy. "Ooh, play with yourself." She eagerly releases one hand from its torment of her chest, sliding a single digit desperately over her trembling clit, the need within her overwhelming.

She bites her lip with concentration as she dares to test the limits of her curse, raising one leg onto the bench, building the pleasure slowly; ~So as long as I obey the letter of my commands, I am given certain latitude in how I go about them.useful.~ "Enough!" cries the amateur dominatrix.

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She moans quietly in relief as she is allowed to give her sensitive nipple a rest, and frustration as the artfully built climax slips away. "Cindy, get your tubby ass up here you worthless cunt!" There's a whimper and a clatter of chains from the bushes, and Zoe notices that last command gave her a great deal of leverage; she looks to watch a curvy blonde girl with long curly hair emerge, struggling to free her leash from the shrubbery.

She is dressed in a huge black leather choker, a tight-fitting cheerleader outfit under an even tighter black leather corset, with torn fishnet stockings attached to the garters, knee high black leather boots, and long black glovelets adorned with dangling padlocks. Hastily the girl bounds up the hill, clearly not yet comfortable with her full breasts as they beat against her mercilessly all the way up, making Zoe cringe in sympathy.

"You do want to stay on the team, don't you?" teased Becky, the curvy sub nodding eagerly. "Alright then. Spread-eagle it on the bench. Slave, eat this worthless fat bitch out." Zoe tries to resist, but hears herself replying "Yes Mistress" as she practically tackles the curvy younger girl to the bench, making her squeal in surprise as she pins her hips roughly to the stone and flips the skirt up with her teeth, pleased to see the girl's bare exposed pussy glistening with arrousal already.

She licks up one lip slowly, savoring every inch of the girl's pure, quiverring flesh, then up the other, teasing her, making her whimper with delight before kissing her pussy passionately, eagerly drinking the blonde's juices as her tongue assaults her clit hard and fast.

She hears her whimper, then moan, then cry out as she climaxes; she begins to relent when a slender hand shoves her face back between the sub's legs. "Keep pleasuring her until I say stop." The girl screams as the pleasure grows too sharp, thrashing in the ghoul's grip and tearing her own hair as she tries to squirm away from the overwhelming sensation, pleasure becoming pain like a tickle fight, the curvy cheerleader panicking as she realizes how helpless she is.

Becky seizes the girl's wrists them roughly over her head and padlocking them together, pulling her backwards until she dangles off the backless bench as she mounts her sub's face, smothering her with her neatly trimmed red muff.


"Eat up Cindy. You don't get out until I'm happy, and Slave there isn't gonna show you any mercy.mm, that's a girl" she purrs as her sub begins desperately slapping the slender girl's pussy with her tongue, thrilling at the brutality of it, drinking in the desperation as she nearly suffocates her teammate, hardly caring whether or not the big-breasted bitch lives or dies. She tugs down her corset a little, freeing her slender breasts to the moonlight, idly circling her pert little nipples as she watches the mysterious slave pleasure her plaything and her plaything thrash wildly as she tries to pleasure her, feeling the orgasm slowly growing within her.

"Slave; get up and slap her pussy. Slap it hard. Mm, yeah," she coos as the slaps are translated through the desperate sub's body into soft thrusts into her clenching pussy, the dominatrix biting her lip as she tries to savor the burgeoning climax for as long as she can, straining against it before finally letting it take her all at once, riding it for all its worth, her hands mussing her own hair and caressing her face madly as she moans with pleasure, pinching her sub's head roughly between her thighs.

When she finally disengages she steps up onto the bench and looms over her sub, watching her jerk with each continued slap. "Stop Slave," she sighs dismissively, bending down over the sweaty, curvy girl, using her fingertips to push her own juices into the girl's gaping mouth, smiling wickedly down as her sub frantically tries to regain her breath.

She brushes her fingers through her sub's hair tenderly, giving her only a few moments to recover before yanking her ruthlessly to her feet. "Undress her, Slave" she commands, holding her sub like a doll as Zoe carefully unlaces the corset, feeling the flimsy material and knowing how easily she could shred even the leather with her bare hands, concealing this fact from her temporary mistress.

She lays the corset aside, then the uniform shirt, then the high-tech sports bra, baring the girl's full, firm breasts to the night air, her giant nipples hardening instantly.

"Aren't her tits disgusting, Slave? I mean, have you ever seen such flabby, clammy, stretched out tits in your life?" Zoe finds that she cannot agree with her Mistress' assessment of the girl's beautiful chest, yet as it would be disobedient to say so, she suffers the inevitable lashes for her silence, muffling her whimpers of pain.

The young dominatrix looks at her quizically, then shrugs, not actually interested in what the stranger's problem is. "What's the matter with you, gone mute? Show me your tongue." Zoe obliges, only to have her face unceremoniously shoved into the sub's ample cleavage, her tongue guided around the younger girl's budding breasts. "Yeah. You lick those dirty breasts.

You like that don't you Cindy?" The sub only moans in pleasure, too lost in the moment to respond. Becky yanks her hair back, snapping her head back at an awkward angle and arching her chest towards the Slave, growling into her ear, "You will fucking well Answer Me when I ask you a question!" "Yes Becky!" "You like it, don't you, you dirty little slut?" "Yes Becky!" "Why don't you beg this Slave to eat you out?" "Please eat me out Slave!" Zoe moves to grant the wish, her mouth watering at the thought, but finds herself still bound by the dom's last order.

Interesting, it seems only the first one can tell her what to do. "Slave," Becky commands, "Remove her skirt. If that's the best she can do, I guess she doesn't really want to be a cheerleader after all." "N-No!

Becky, please! Give me another chance!" "Bullshit, bitch, this was your second chance and you blew it. Tell me, why should I keep wasting my time on you? Huh?

What makes you so special?" "N-Nothing." "Huh?" "Nothing, Becky." "Damn straight you worthless piece of trash." She traces one hand down her shoulder, down her breast, squeezing viciously, kneading the firm young flesh with her slender fingers, savoring her gasps.

"Slave. Get her other side," she growls, licking up one side of her sub's neck from behind as Zoe nibbles hungrily on the other, their nude forms grinding eagerly against each other, full breasts sliding and hard nipples catching as the blonde pants hotly into the slave's face, whimpering wordlessly with desire.

Zoe thrills with her newfound lattitude, running her fingertips up and down her playmate's sides, aching to receive some of the pleasure she's forced to dole out.

She sucks hard on the blonde's neck, reaching to caress the dom as well and getting psychically lashed for her trouble, whimpering and drawing back. "Awe, isn't this slave being good to you Cindy?

Why don't you show her some appreciation?" growls the redhead, shoving her face forward, ordering "Make out, Slave." The two eagerly and hungrily kiss, legs entwining, hands caressing as the dominatrix forces the slightly reluctant blonde to stay with it, her free hand abandoning the glorious chest to pleasure herself, moaning hotly into the blonde's shoulderblades as she watches the two make out for her enjoyment.

Zoe's tongue eagerly seeks out her partner's, massaging it hungrily, her pussy clenching with anticipation against the cheerleader's thigh. She grips her hips tightly, grinding the blonde's pussy against her own leg encouragingly. The ghoul feels her pleasure mounting, shuddering with the force of her impending climax as she grinds eagerly against the sub, her wet pussy sliding smoothly against the soft skin, her quivvering clit gliding gently against the slick surface faster and faster, almost there, almost.

"Enough, you two separate. It's my turn. On your knees slave. Fat bitch, play with my tits." Zoe's eyes well with unshed tears of frustration as she obeys, knees trembling all the way to the ground, hips bucking against the air as her body obeys despite her overwhelming desire, helpless as the feeling ebbs. She tries to pleasure herself but the invisible lashes keep her hands at bay, leaving her no option but to try and get the dom to release her as soon as possible.

She eagerly throws her face into the redhead's pussy, tongue stroking her clit hard and fast, furiously caressing the slick wet button, scarcely able to control her timing as the dominatrix shudders with pleasure.

She builds the orgasm recklessly, not giving it time to blossom on its own, forcing it to explode within the cheerleader half-formed, the mortal girl gasping for breath as she climaxes, falling limp in her sub's hands. "Thank you Slave, that will be all," she sighs breathlessly, thighs squirming with the aftershocks, one hand brushing the hair from her sweat-streaked face as the other pets her sub's hip possessively. Zoe quietly rises and walks away, retrieving the bag so carelessly knocked out of the bushes just moments before.

They had made the mistake of freeing her; and she had two snobby bitches to tend to. Zoe carefully and quickly lays out the bag's contents on the grass, making sure no metal jangles or leather creaks as she silently pores over the bondage gear.

Smiling mischeviously, she gathers up only what she needs and stalks silently back to the cheerleaders on the hill. Their backs are to her as she approaches and she listens in, perversely curious what they're up to. The redheaded dom sits almost in her sub's lap, the blonde's wrists bound around her waist, purring as she makes the curvy young cheerleader fingerbang her. "Mm, you know what you're doing, don't you bitch? I bet you get a lot of practice when you sit at home alone all night, wishing someone would ask a fat bitch like you out huh?

I bet you dream of fucking the whole football team, huh?" When she only hears sobbing in response she grins and redoubles her assault; "What you slowin' down for, you useless flabby cunt?

You want me to go home unsatisfied? You want me to vote you off the team, lardass? Finger me harder you stupid bitch, or so help me I'll tell everyone at school you're a dike and watch them tear you to pieces. And who are they gonna believe, you or me?" She moans in ecstacy, pinching her tiny little nipples as the weeping girl behind her pleasures her desperately, bringing her slender form to another shuddering orgasm. She hastily shrugs the blonde sub off as she savors the climax by herself, her skinny fingers caressing her quiverring clit as her hips buck reflexively, a thin sheen of sweat across her exposed pussy in the moonlight.

She turns back to say something to her sub when a blur of gray and black bowls her over, pinning her roughly to the bench, doubled over her legs in a painful bend, her face squished to the rough stone. "I bet you think it's real funny, making people cry for your amusement, don't you?" "Cut it out Ci-" she starts before noticing her sub bound to a tree a few feet away, tied so tightly she can barely breathe, every taut muscle showing the strain on her nude and helpless body.

A weight is lifted from her back, leaving her just pinned by the vise-like grip on her head, then with a CRACK as loud as thunder a red-hot pain blossoms on her bare ass, the heat of the rebuke flooding her entire body.

"Wrong answer" Zoe taunts, swishing the crop through the air before landing it on her other cheek. "Hmm, let's play a little game, shall we? Since neither of you can seem to remember my name, I'm going to give you clues. Guess right and you'll be free to go; guess wrong." she trails off, punctuating it with another vicious strike on the dom's ass.

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"Cindy, how would you like to go first?" she purrs, binding Becky's wrists tight all the way up to the elbows with practiced hands, then lashing her neck to her ankles, careful that the knots will choke her just a little if she struggles but not let her black out. She pads menacingly towards the blonde, getting a feel for her newfound undead majesty.

She brings the crop up under her chin, turning her head first one way, then the other firmly before moving it down to her breasts, caressing them roughly with the leather tip, lifting from just under the nipple, weighing them against the crop's flexibility until they flop back down. The sub winces, trembling and whimpering pitifully as she thrashes against her tight bonds. "I'm sure I've never done anything to you, honest, please miss Slave, just let me go, I promise-" *Crack!* comes the crop across her chest, an angry red welt making Zoe's response clearer than any words could, silencing the sub instantly.

"I see you've finally filled out. Ironic though; when I filled out you called me chubby. Then you took pictures of me in the locker room and sold them to every boy in the school. Even Mr. Johnson. Ring. Any. Bells?" ".Alice?" she guesses desperately. She cries out even more desperately for mercy as the blows come raining down, marking her bound and helpless chest, stomach, shoulders, hips, thighs, and pussy indiscriminately, leaving her moaning with ashamed pleasure as the warm caress of the pain throbs deep within her.

"You ruined my life and you have to guess your way through the alphabet. Disgusting. We didn't even go to school with an Alice." She pads quietly over to the seething and writhing dominatrix, the redhead's breath coming in ragged gasps as she keeps trying to straighten and nearly choking herself out. "Your turn. Hmm, where to start with you.let's start with the day you tried to get me expelled by lying to the principal that I tried to seduce you?" "You're that dyke!" *Crack!* "Aaa!

No, I know th-IS one, you hAD a boy's name, Pat! You're Pat!" she shouts desperately as she's beaten, rope digging into her perfect silky skin as Zoe leaves a network of marks across the fresh surface. The crop finally snaps in half across the cheerleader's backside, and Zoe tosses it aside disgustedly. "You're both so horrible at this game!" she spits as she goes back to the bag.

"Time for a new one." She smiles viciously as she stalks up to the blonde sub again, her undead eyes keen to every nuance of her victim's form in the moonlight: the ropes cutting into the firm young flesh of her blossoming sex, crushing and distorting her full pendulous breasts, the girl's sobbing frantic breath badly masking her panting arrousal; the rapid pulse of her jugular vein as she thrashes playfully in her bonds, the look of panic and veiled desire in her eyes, and not least the glistening sticky dampness dripping from her bound and abused pussy.

Zoe steps closer, inches from her prey, crushing her raw red breasts with her own preternaturally pert ones, their diamond hard nipples sliding and catching against each other, jousting playfully as she places one cold finger against the cheerleader's black-painted lips in a sign for silence. "in this new game, I will teach you pleasure. And as I do so - and not Until I do so - I want you to make pleasing noises.

Until I do so, I want you to be absolutely silent. Not a cry, not a whimper. Do you understand?" "Yes Mi-" She slaps her bound prey viciously across the face, returning the finger to her lips lightning quick. She whimpers and is backhanded across the other cheek, her face burning with pain and humiliation as she nods silently, biting back the sobs.

"For that stupidity, you get to go last. Too bad. I was starting to take pity on you." With a squelch that rings out like a gunshot in the silence, she rams the generously sized vibrator deep into the blonde's clenching, aching pussy, turning it on full power.

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She turns her back on the girl and walks away, smirking to herself at the sounds of restrained, humiliated pleasure behind her as she pads towards the trembling ameteur dominatrix. "Now, I found some very interesting ointments in your bag, 'Mistress'," she says with a snarl as the redhead strains to look at the advancing ghoul, to relieve the horrible strain on her back, anything. "Do you know what they all do?" She opens her mouth to snarl back a response, biting it back in the nick of time, simmering with rage and indignation.

"Very good, slave number two. You do not. For instance, this one, when applied to freshly broken skin?" There's a rather rude squelchy noise as she empties a lotion bottle into her hands, then she begins firmly rubbing the concoction into the raw red flesh of the girl's ass and lower back.

The feeling is cold at first, and she squirms a little, almost soothed by the sensation before it is replaced by a rapidly increasing heat.

She pants and writhes against the cold stone bench, straining against her bonds until she sees stars, the ghoul's hand on the back of her neck keeping her from pulling hard enough to pass out. "And to think you were going to use this on your toy over there?

Doctors have to wear special gloves to apply this stuff. I'll grant it doesn't cause permanent damage.usually." The redhead whimpers as quietly as possible, her lips pressed tightly together against her screams of agony and outrage as she thrashes helplessly, her body on fire with the pain, flashes of red creeping into her vision as she stares helplessly at her own ankles in the moonlight, aching to be free of this indignity. Without preamble, Zoe reaches down and slashes through the ropes with her fingernails, letting the redhead spring back into her arms, the athletic girl's skinny back pressing insistently against her full chest as she arches backwards in a silent howl of relief, kneeling on the bench as she slowly, slowly settles back down.

Artfully the ghoul slides forward, sitting on the girl's ankles and wraping her own legs around her prey's knees, one hand gripping her hair roughly and keeping her tensed, arched back like a bow, her slender breasts exposed helplessly in the moonlight as she slides one undead hand down her neck possessively. "Arms out to your sides, and leave them there, or it will be much.much worse," she promises, her one hand sliding into the wicked girl's slight cleavage, attempting to cup her sweaty, slight breasts, pinching the nipples roughly before sliding slowly down her taut stomach.

The girl feels a chill down her chest, and a sense of overwhelming panic just a fraction of a second before the heat starts. The redhead thrashes violently in the viselike grip of her captor, arms straining to stay out to her side as she feels her chest on fire with the torturous ointment, biting back even the slightest whimper, face burning as red as her now-tousled hair, her perfect hollywood bangs a tangled sweaty mess as she trembles and strains under the ghoul's vicious ministrations.

Sweat streams down her body as the powerful unyielding fingers creep closer and closer to her aching, clenching pussy, the ice and the fire creeping closer and closer as Zoe whispers playfully into her ear, "you can start making pleasant noises any time now.

Unless you'd rather lose.would you like to be left trussed up on the side of the road, free for whoever finds you to have their way with you?" She gasps, a choking moan of embarassed pleasure as Zoe thrusts her unyielding fingers deep into her plaything's wet pussy. She pants and struggles to catch up as the ghoul thrusts hard and fast, brutally fingerfucking her, her clit on fire with the vicious lotion and the ceaseless assault, her arms aching as she resists the urge to pull them in, willing herself not to flinch, not to defend herself against her new mistress' relentless assault.

She moans louder, not needing to exaggerate her pleasure as she slowly, reluctantly surrenders to it, her shoulders flailing madly as a thunderous orgasm wracks her tight, sweaty body, blushing furiously as she collapses against her tormentor. "Hm. Not bad," she admits, slapping the cheerleader's feeble breasts dismissively, waves of pain and pleasure and humiliation and desire rushing through the girl's confused form, "but not good either." She reaches down under the bench, pulling a pair of handcuffs out and locking the girl's unresisting wrists behind her slender waist, then fitting her with a collar and leash.

"You need to learn not to resist. To surrender to me willingly and unreservedly. Up!" She tugs insistently, and the girl reluctantly rises, her body longing to rest but knowing what will happen to her if she disobeys.

Zoe guides her over to the tree, looping the leash casually over a low-hanging branch. "You will stay here quietly, despite the lack of adequate restraints, and you will do so because I tell you to.

Understood?" "Yes Mi-" she begins, and flinches as the slap comes hard and faster than the eye can follow. She nods quickly and eagerly, unable to rub her sore jaw but desperately wishing she could.

"Am I pleasuring you right now?" She shakes her head, blushing furiously, her auburn bangs falling effortlessly and infuriatingly back into place. "Then shut up." She wrenches the dildo from the bound blonde sub, juices flying from the wildly vibrating surface, and shoves it roughly between the redhead's slack lips.

The girl gags once and deep-throats the toy, eager to show her obedience to her mistress, but the ghoul has already turned her attention on her other plaything. "Now then, my curvy, stupid slave, what to do with you." She whimpers pathetically as Zoe wipes her hand clean on the tree, then runs her fingertips along the girl's lips, along her cheek, cupping her chin with her fingers and drawing her into a soft, sweet kiss.

She moans into Zoe's mouth hungrily, eagerly, straining against the ropes to reach her new mistress, her warm, soft body sliding smoothly against the cool, implacable undead flesh. Slowly Zoe twines her fingers through the long, curly hair, then savagely breaks the kiss, slamming her back against the tree. The girl gasps and moans, writhing in her bonds as Zoe licks the sweat from her neck, feeling the tense, aching muscles flutter just below the surface, the blonde's entire body twanging like a harp string, ready to snap.

She smiles at her prey, kissing even slower down the long and graceful curve of the girl's breasts, looking up for a long moment as the blonde pants and writhes in anticipation, the moments growing longer and longer as she closes on the sensitive nipples. She savors the wild, desperate, wordless pleading of the helpless sub as she runs her hands licentiously up her inner thighs, teasing the bound pussy as she brings the very tip of her tongue slowly to just under her new plaything's nipple, lifting the breast with a firm but gentle lick, then repeating on the other breast, the pace maddeningly slow.

Cindy tosses her head as the pleasure and anticipation drives her out of her mind with desire, her mouth agape in one long inarticulate moan, radiating her unabashed lust with every fiber of her being.

Her breath comes in ragged, shallow pants as she trembles with the need, her clenching pussy still aching from the brutal warmup as she was forced to watch her dominatrix treated before her, yearning for more.

Zoe rises to look the blonde in the eyes, a mischevious look on her face. "Deep breath now, Slave Number One: tell me what you want, and perhaps I'll give it to you." "Fuck me!

Ohhh, fuck me mistress! Please, I'll do anything, give you anything, fuck me hard!" "Hmm.too desperate.it's unattractive," she muses, even as her fingers probe the bound pussy. The girl throws her head back in tenuous pleasure, thrusting her hips against the undead hand as far as the bindings allow - which isn't much. She whimpers, every nerve crying out for more as her new mistress draws her hand back, splaying her fingers before the girl's face.

She eagerly reaches out with her tongue but Zoe keeps it just out of reach, smirking playfully. The ghoul licks the girl's musky juices off each finger one at a time, sucking thoughtfully as she makes her sub writhe in unfulfilled lust, letting the tension build well past her limits. Slowly she crouches before her helpless prey, kissing down the girl's cleavage, down her fluttering, soft stomach, down her shaved pubis.

She hesitates for effect, looking up to make sure her slave is watching as she licks slowly up one side of her labia, then the other, careful to keep her tongue just outside the hungry, clenching pussy. She smiles up at her as she kisses the girl softly but deeply between the legs, her tongue carefully caressing the clit, narrowly avoiding letting the explosive climax loose at first contact and instead building the pleasure even further, slowly and expertly caressing the quiverring nub.

The cheerleader writhes helplessly against the tree, her thighs straining against the ropes, brushing her mistress' cheeks but never able to come together, never able to pull away from the unbearable sensations that just build and build inside her, feeling that it's all grown far too powerful, that when it finally comes out the strain will break her, that if this climax is released she'll never be the same again, and absolutely helpless to prevent it.

She gasps in terrified pleasure again and again as she feels it coming, screwing her eyes shut tight, balling up her fists and toes, ever muscle tensing as she braces uselessly against it, then thrashing as it explodes out of her all at once, tensing and thrashing as it resounds again and again, struggling helplessly under her true mistress' tongue, tears of gratitude, relief and shame pouring from her coal-rimmed eyes.


Zoe kisses the sub's slit one last time, then rises and takes up the slack leash, tugging the failed dominatrix nose to nose with her. "You see what you're missing by fighting me?" The redhead nods frantically, her jaw aching as she continues to suck obediently on the sex toy, her eyes pleading her mistress as she strains against her handcuffs, the hard metal edge digging into her wrists as she writhes helplessly, her clenching pussy aching for release.

Zoe smiles softly at her, reaching up to switch off the toy and pull it slowly out of the obedient girl's throat, slapping her cheeks with it playfully before tossing it aside. She casually reaches out to the side, not even looking as her fingernails shred the blonde's bonds without so much as scratching the sub's skin, hearing the girl collapse exhausted to the grass. She unhooks the redhead's leash, gripping the choker meaningfully as she draws her even closer.

"Time for you two to show me what you've learned." She pulls the bound and nude redhead into a passionate kiss, letting just a little of her pent-up lust bleed through as she twines her fingers through her hair, her other hand at the small of her back, pressing the girl's warm body to her cool undead flesh, her full delicious breasts crushed against the cheerleader's slight ones.

She straddles the girl's thigh, grinding hungrily against the soft skin as she brings her own leg up and gives her prey the relief she craves, purring into the kiss as she feels the failed dominatrix grind back eagerly, their tongues wrestling as each tries to lead. Without warning she breaks the kiss, throwing the redhead down on the cold grass with a backhand slap.

"Still trying to take the initiative? You need to learn to surrender when I command you to!" Becky looks up, eyes burning with lust and humiliation, but wisely restrains herself, simmering with desire as she watches Zoe haul Cindy up by the hair. "Kneel, slave.good.look who knows how to follow simple directions," she taunts, treating the redhead to a glare before returning her attention to the blonde.

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She steps up, holding the eager girl back by the hair as she struggles to reach her new mistress' clenching pussy, yearning to please her, panting with hunger and squealing with delight as Zoe lets her nimble tongue just barely touch her aching clit, a little tremor of delight washing over her.

She pulls the girl in closer, bucking her hips reflexively as she enjoys the amateur but heartfelt ministrations of the sub, closing her eyes and leaning her head back as she holds the girl close. Becky rises on trembling legs, helpless before her unquenchable passion as she rushes towards her mistress' back as silently as a shadow, holding her breath until the last second, straining to press her burning body against her mistress', to rest Zoe's head on her shoulder, biting her lip with trepidation.

Just as she is about to make contact her mistress' eyes fly open, lust and outrage vying in their depths as she seizes the disobedient slave by the hair, twisting and slamming her face-first into the prickling blades of grass, planting one foot on the small of her back. She growls, only panting slightly from the uninterrupted ministrations of the blond sub, "you really never learn, do you?" She swallows hard, grinding the redhead's hips into the prickly grass as the climax takes her at last, holding the blond tight, nearly suffocating her as she savors the pleasure to the fullest, little spasms of pleasure rocking her undead body.

"Mm.w-well done.but you're b-both just playing to type.Slave Number One, rise. I want you to caress me and kiss me as Slave Number Two tries to do as good a job on her knees as you did.

And she'd better succeed, or else." she trails off meaningfully, hauling the redhead up by the hair. The blond rises obediently, skittering submissively to her mistress' back and cradling her undead form in her warm, soft cleavage, her fingers trembling with excitement as she gently and softly feels the perfect breasts, kissing her mistress' neck sweetly.

She moans softly under her breath as she spreads her legs and grinds against her mistress' hip, her erect clit sliding wetly against the smooth, sweaty skin, her breath hot on her mistress' neck as she nibbles and licks from her shoulder to ear and back, obediently holding back her climax until her mistress gives permission. The redhead moans in despair, struggling exhaustedly against her handcuffs as her mistress holds her face firmly to her dripping pussy, forcing her mouth open, the girl's lips spreading her mistress' labia.

She whimpers as her hair is yanked roughly and reluctantly extends her tongue, cringing as she's compelled to pleasure her beautiful undead mistress. She caresses Zoe's clit softly, tenderly building the pleasure up with the tip of her tongue, sucking hard on her nether lips, tasting the sweet musky honey. The ghoul moans hungrily and bucks her hips against both of her slaves, reaching back for a fistful of the blonde's hair, leaning back to kiss her passionately and possessively.

The curvaceous cheerleader howls into her mouth with the force of her delayed climax, then melts into the kiss, squeezing her breasts uncontrollably, her knees wobbling with pleasure as she struggles to keep upright, clinging to her mistress for support even as she holds her up by the chest, grinding her wet, clenching pussy against the smooth curve of her mistress' hips and ass, moaning back into her mouth. The sudden pressure on her breasts is almost painful, but at the same time she finds her undead nature dulls the pain to a mere tingle, present but only softly, almost pleasant, giving her the sense that she could enjoy herself no matter what these mortals tried to do to her.

She smiles wickedly to herself as she feels the redhead panic and try to bite down, flexing her muscles and just pulling her tighter, forcing her jaw open even wider, savoring the whimpers of reluctant submission. She holds them both tight to her as the climax takes her, barely having the presence of mind not to crush the life out of them as she jerks and spasms with the ecstasy, thrilling to have bent them to her service so completely and so quickly, licking her blond slave's slack and willing lips sensually.

The redhead smiles against her mistress' slit, wrapping her legs around one ankle as she braces herself on her bound wrists, her deft tongue lashing against the quivering, hypersensitive clit, making wave after wave of pleasure course through her, each one so painfully intense it would take her breath away if she even needed to breathe anymore.

The girl tries in vain to topple her feather-light undead mistress and regain some of the initiative only to be lifted easily by the leg she's wrapped around, the pressure on her crotch slow and gradual but firm and unbearably intense. Becky quickly relents, thrusting her tongue deep into her mistress' pussy and making a rippling motion, the tip massaging her G-spot while the base grinds against her sensitive, quivering clit.

Zoe hastily lets her plaything down as she feels an unexpectedly powerful orgasm barreling towards her with the inevitability and force of a locomotive, breaking the kiss and throwing the blond aside as she caresses the failed dominatrix' head roughly with both hands, panting and trembling with excitement as it builds stronger and stronger, finally knocking her to her knees with the force of it. She drags the redhead with her, forcing the girl onto her back as she straddles her face, hips bucking exhaustedly as the girl obediently draws out the pleasure as long as she can, sweat streaming down all 3 bodies as they writhe in the moonlight.

Deprived of her mistresses to grind against, the blond crawls back eagerly, only to be hastily rebuffed as Zoe savors the sensations.

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She pouts for a moment, then seizes the opportunity, sitting mere inches from the entwined lovers, splaying her legs to either side of them, her full, firm breasts pert as she sits as straight and prim as a Barbie doll and begins fingering herself.

She moans loudly as she releases pent up wells of sexual energy and frustration, defying either mistress to stop her, naughtily craving the attention of even their punishment.

She slides the tip of her wet index finger faster and faster across her raw clit, gasping with the coming climax when Zoe's hand shoots out across the distance, seizing her wrist and dragging her onto her back. "Naughty naughty, Slave Number One," she taunts, swallowing hard as she catches her breath.

"You know better than to take pleasure on your own. Only when it pleases your mistress will you know pleasure." She turns, hauling the redhead up by the hair, mussing once again the perfect Hollywood bangs for a moment. "You know this, don't you Slave Number Two?" "Y-Yes, Mistress," she moans, writhing with desire. "Then why don't you show me what you've learned?" she laughs, shoving the redhead's face into the blonde's crotch.

She watches with amusement as the failed dominatrix forces her exhausted tongue and aching jaw to sloppily pleasure the slave, both of them pushing their bodies past endurance to satisfy her every whim. The ghoul smiles wickedly, tugging on the redhead's handcuffs, shoving her neck down with one foot, then walking around and pinning the blonde's wrists above her head as she climaxes, then holding her as she climaxes again, and again, and again, not relenting until she feels them both about to pass out from the exertion.

She easily hauls the redhead off and throws her back down on the grass, the handcuffs digging into the delicate flesh of her back as she writhes with unquenched desire. She crawls up over the girl, face to face just inches away, letting her nipples brush the prone and helpless girls' own, smiling at the tremor of aching anticipation it summons in her.

"Beg for it." "Please Mistress.Please, fuck me, oh god, please, I need it so bad." "Hmm, I'll bet you do, you miserable little 'dyke'.but you don't deserve it," she growls. She rises up on her knees, straddling the girl's thighs, forcing her legs together uncomfortably over her aching pussy and reaches just out of the girl's sight, the hand coming back with a bottle of Southern Comfort. "Tsk, underage drinking." she taunts, opening the bottle and taking a quick swig, savoring the burning taste as it washes her mouth clean of the cheerleaders' juices, then spitting the mouthful onto the girl's raw breasts.

"you two are gonna be in SO much trouble" she says, upending the bottle and shoving it roughly up her prey's clenching pussy, soaking her prostrate form in the aromatic whiskey.

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Her eyes go wide with shock and agony, thrashing madly against her handcuffs as the ghoul pins her by the neck to the grass, hips bucking with a mind of their own as she eagerly fucks the bottle back, booze sloshing out of her tight pussy, burning her inside and out. Zoe slaps the bottle roughly, then seizes the bottom and begins twisting and thrusting it inside her, the smooth unyielding glass grinding against her wet, aching clit slow and hard.

She blushes furiously and whimpers, biting her lip as she climaxes, utterly humiliated but strangely thrilled to be so debased. "Slave Number One, clean her up won't you?" Zoe pulls the bottle out and crawls around to her head, forcing the long neck between her slack lips, forcing the last drops down her throat.

She walks off as the blond, barely recovered, eagerly climbs up onto the helpless redhead and drinks deeply from her alcohol-soaked pussy, licking the musky whiskey off her sweaty skin thirstily. The redhead writhes weakly as she's eaten out, her quivering clit sore yet aching for every touch of her tongue, moaning quietly as she climaxes again, stars swimming across her field of vision as she surrenders to unconsciousness, the blond not far behind her.

She circles her resting prey, smirking playfully as they snuggle protectively into one another. She stops over their heads and crouches low, then grips the blond by the hair first, pulling her sleeping body into one last hungry kiss.

She forces her tongue between the slack lips, kissing her slumbering toy hard and hotly. The blond protests weakly, her arms pushing so gently on her chest they may as well be resting but not rousing from their exhausted sleep.

Zoe tires of this hollow victory and turns her attention to the bound and unconscious redhead, carelessly discarding the blond on the cold sharp grass to pull the light and helpless form up by the hair. The girl cries out, mewling like a cat as she's pulled up to slump against the ghoul's ample chest, gasping and whimpering softly as her own breasts are ruthlessly pinched, her tiny rose-pink nipples twisted and tugged as she cries "no" so softly it can barely be heard, her eyebrows pinched in agony as she writhes in her mistress' grip, her bound hands finding the wet pussy and squeezing it softly, reflexively.

Zoe shudders with arousal and tries to squeeze a little more energy out of her toy, pinching the girl's clitoris roughly, slapping her inner thighs, but on finding the girl beyond rousing discards her into the open arms of the blond With a sigh she returns to the bench and sorts through the bag, picking out some clothes that will fit her, setting a few select pieces aside, and shredding the rest.

As the first ray of actual sunlight crests the horizon and the sky lights a beautiful red-gold, she surveys her prey, the blond sub still holding the bound dom sweetly when she hears the echo of her mistress' words again. ~When the sun shows itself, I want you to welcome it for me; it has been centuries since last I saw it myself.

Face the rising sun and pleasure yourself; continue to do so until the full disc has come into view.~ "You have got to be kidding", she whispers in a tremulous voice as her hands, acting nearly on their own volition, begin to eagerly violate her. She guides her unstoppable hands to slowly, shakily slide down her stomach as she arches her back towards the rising sun, one leg up on the stone bench as her left hand firmly pins open her labia, her right eagerly probing her depths.

She moans, trying to muffle her cries as she grinds one finger against her g-spot, another slipping wetly against her trembling clit, breasts heaving as she feels pleasure like a mortal in the glow of the rising sun, its rays warming her nude, glistening body.

With a sigh she surrenders to the sensations, reclining on the cold unyielding stone, her tortured body trembling with pleasure as she closes her eyes and imagines her possessed hands are instead her mistress' own.

She squirms as her hand slides inexorably back up her bucking hips, trailing her sticky, musky honey up into her cleavage; she gasps as her pert breasts are squeezed roughly, and parts her full, luscious lips to receive the juicy, dripping fingers that probe her mouth, degrading herself for her absent mistress' amusement. She obediently sucks the fingers clean, squirming helplessly as her other hand roughly and awkwardly pinches her trembling clit, gasping out another climax, arching back on the bench and howling in helpless pleasure.

She collapses finally, panting raggedly, gasping for breath like a mortal, writhing fluidly as the aftershocks run riot across her body, opening her eyes just as the sunrise completes and releases her from her obligation.

She rises shakily to her feet, glowering down at the unconscious mortals. Her mistress will pay for this.but in the meantime. The two cheerleaders awake a little after dawn. Becky finds herself in nothing but a red, lacy, translucent bra and panties set with matching garter belt and stockings; Cindy finds herself in a tight white cupless corset with thong panties, thigh-high stockings, and long gloves.

Both of them find themselves handcuffed together and a brief note: "Have fun getting home." They look at each other and gulp as they realize they're going to have a hard time explaining to anyone they encounter what two girls are doing reeking of alcohol and sex, handcuffed together in their indecent underwear.

Meanwhile, Zoe walks along the side of the highway backwards, one thumb out. She saunters sexily, hips swaying, her recently acquired bag of tricks slung over one shoulder hanging limply at her side, depleted somewhat. She did the best she could to assemble a wardrobe from the fetish gear of two girls not as well endowed as her; the tight translucent bra came from the blonde's cache, as did the short jacket, though because of their difference in bra sizes it barely zipped halfway; still, it covered her assets somewhat.

The redhead's pleated skirt fit like a glove, but none of their intact panties fit at all so she made do without. Some torn leggings cover her thighs down to her own tall goth boots, miraculously salvaged from her own torn wardrobe. She looked decidedly slutty, to her own way of thinking, and that meant she'd be the perfect bait. "I don't know what Ghouls eat," she told herself, "but I ain't eating bugs." She saunters along, relishing the feel of her sexy undead body, enjoying the advantages of her preternatural eyesight as she scopes out potential prey and either shows herself or makes herself scarce.

A bus full of nuns and a businessman in a BMW piqued her interest but didn't stop; two cops and a Ford monstrosity she let go by without revealing herself. Finally she sees off on the horizon a brand new glossy black-and-violet Bugatti Veyron, and licks her lips.

She steps out onto the shoulder and swivels her hips, running her hands through her hair and letting her breasts make a game attempt to escape the jacket as it zooms past, then promptly skids to a stop. She cringes at the damage to the expensive tires, adjusts her jacket, and taps one foot impatiently. The driver executes an abysmal 5-point turn, zooms back, damn near goes off the road attempting a handbrake turn, swerves to another stop a few feet away and revs the engine playfully, rolling down the passenger side window.

She saunters up to the car slowly, thrilling in the sensual power her newly undead body has over this unworthy supplicant, smiling softly at the look of unabashed arousal on his face.

She stops a couple feet away, crosses her arms smoothly under her ample breasts, and slowly leans forward to rest her arms on the door of the car, letting her assets swing forward for maximum effect. "Like the cor?" he says, grinning like the cat that caught the canary, his frat-boy voice obnoxiously turning his As into Os as he loses himself in her amazing cleavage.

"Mm. Verry nice" she purrs, letting herself in and settling into the soft leather seat that wraps around her like a glove, self-consciously adjusting her skirt to avoid showing him anything. He guns the engine, making the back end swerve across the blacktop before it rockets up to 200, tearing up the highway, and she squirms with arousal despite herself.

"Yes.very nice," she silently muses, "I think I'll keep it." "Yeoh, my dod owns a dealership." He stretches mock-casually, resting one arm on her headrest, sliding it awkwardly down her shoulders and pulling her towards him. "Yo know the rules behbe, noone rides free." She considers for a moment simply killing him, shoving him out into traffic, and taking the wheel; even at these speeds, surely she could have it done before the car swerves out of control.but the scent of blood pounding in his veins, and what it would do to the upholstery.no, better to let him think he's won.

If only for the moment. "Besides," she thinks to herself as she grins wickedly, "it might be fun to see how far I can stretch his patience." Aloud she whispers, a slight tremble of nervousness in her voice, "please, be gentle with me.this is my first time." "Noh way?! Ohwsome. Chickadee, I know just the place. Oh'm gonna rock yohr world." He cuts the wheel and leans on the horn as he skids through three lanes of morning commuters, nearly clipping the barrel at the entrance ramp, making her cringe at the abuse the poor car suffers at the hands of this clumsy overpriveleged brute.

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Focusing on the task at hand she runs one hand along the bulge in his designer jeans, feeling his manhood swell to a fairly impressive size considering his rolling compensation. She looks up at him with wide, innocent doe-eyes as she unzips his fly and slowly fishes out his rock hard member, fighting not to react as he swerves wildly across the road. She squeezes the shaft once, softly, licking her lips slowly and playfully. Moisture glints off her full, luscious lips as she slowly and smoothly presses her head to his chest, and just as smoothly slides down his torso, her breath hot on his cock as she draws closer and closer, slowing as she approaches, smiling inwardly at how eagerly he thrashes in his seatbelt.

She opens her mouth wide, then suddenly throws herself back on her seat, tearing open her ill-fitting jacket and letting her barely concealed breasts bounce free. "Faster!", she cries, squirming with exaggerated pleasure as he obediently guns up to 250, dodging cars inexpertly, "oh god that makes me hot.mmm." He grins even broader, throwing the million dollar car into the turns with reckless abandon, clearly enjoying the effect he thinks he's having on her.

She swallows hard and grips the base of his cock again, grinding her thighs together and panting with very real arousal as she smoothly brings her head back down into his lap. Very slowly she extends her tongue, reluctantly touching the very tip of it to his cock and recoiling as he nearly erupts right then and there, one hand steadying the wheel for him as he spasms with near-climax, panting heavily.

She watches in fascination as he slowly calms down, morbidly amazed at his lack of control, amused at how easily he is manipulated as she lashes her tongue across the tip again brutally, sending him into another helpless wave of pleasure. She grabs the wheel again, her fun spoiled by the inherit danger to the car, and moans huskily as she writhes still. "Ooh god, take me.find somewhere to pull over, I want your big cock inside me," she whimpers, surprising even herself with how well she mimics the pitiable pleading in her blond slave's voice.

To hammer her point home she throws herself back into the seat, lifting her skirt and spreading her labia, caressing her quivering clit with one hand while the other roughly kneads her full breasts. "Goodness.she really Did make me insatiable!" she thinks to herself with the slightest touch of terror, and a slow, warm glow of amusement at her new discovery.

"Well.why not enjoy it? It's not like there are any consequences anymore." She bites her lip, grunting and whimpering with arousal as she encourages him, holding back her climax to let him think she's saving it for him. He finds a Historical Monument off to the side of the road and jumps an oddly placed bit of sidewalk, a slight grating noise killing the moment for her as her heart sinks at the abuse the poor car's suffering.

He squeals to a halt and jumps out of the car without even keying off, sprinting around to her side. She considers for a moment just leaving him here with his pants down and taking the car.but she's so hungry.and besides.this will be fun.

She conscientiously kills the engine and hands him the keys, a look of confusion, then embarrassment flickering across his face before arousal wins out again. She rises gracefully, leaning back against the glistening bodywork, tossing her hair back luxuriously and peeling her bra off one shoulder first, then the other, then unclasping it, the tantalizing power of her amazing breasts keeping the horny frat boy at bay for the moment, his rock hard cock throbbing with desire, blushing a deep purple as he yearns to take her right there with all the vigor and animal lust in his body.

"Take your jacket off," she orders, and he complies unthinkingly, the command too reasonable to argue with. She reaches out, cupping his cheek with just her fingertips, drawing him in close. He grabs her by the hips, tugging up her skirt, and as he thrusts his hips towards her she sighs "it'll wash out." "Huh?" is, in the grand scheme of things, not exactly the most memorable of last words, but it largely summed up the frat boy's life.

As he thrusts himself forward she bites deep into his throat, her teeth sharper than normal for a human yet not the highly efficient fangs of her mistress. They slice easily if jaggedly into his neck, tearing out his throat and spilling blood everywhere; over her face, her neck, her chest, the car.but sparing his jacket, and the keys in the pocket.

She is, after all, smart. She drinks him in wildly, an unbelievable thrill washing over her undead body as she tastes the potent, electric, Human blood, feeling every cell in her body reenergized, every nerve tingling, her pulse pounding with the exhilaration, a full body blush and a shiver of excitement seizing her as she drops his lifeless form to the floor.