Teen sluts enjoy big cocks of classmates pornstars and group sex

Teen sluts enjoy big cocks of classmates pornstars and group sex
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Ava stared at her dimly lit ceiling, bored. The TV in the corner droned on, some kind of late night infomercial begging her to call in right now and buy a new charcoal grill, and the sound of the filter in her fishtank burbling just loud enough to be annoying.

The teenager sighed and rolled onto her side to stare at the wall, glancing at her cell phone screen to check the time.

Nearly two in the morning. She already knew the next day at school was going to suck, even if she went to sleep now.

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An idea struck her, though. If she was going to be tired anyway, why not go out for a bit and find something worth being tired about? Ava wondered if her boyfriend, Ben, would be at home. Without even bothering a text to ask him first, she leapt from bed and headed for the window.

Luckily, her room was on the bottom floor. Sneaking out was practically what that window was made for! She shimmied through the window into the warm summer night, struggling a bit to get her hips to fit.

It might have been perfect for sneaking out, but her ass wasn't.

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The walk to Ben's house wasn't terribly long, but a small thicket of trees separated the two and it was much faster to just go through them than around them. She'd even gone through the woods in the daylight and used her dad's hatchet to cut a small path through them so the prickly weeds wouldn't be able to scratch her legs up anymore.

Ava was giddy with anticipation, her heart thrummed almost uncomfortably fast in her chest as she picked her way over the choppy terrain. In her pocket, her phone buzzed. It was Ben, and he'd just informed her he wasn't going to be back from his friend's house party for another few hours and that he'd catch her tomorrow. Ava's heart sunk and disappointment fell upon her in a heavy cloud.

She was already halfway to his house, too. But then an idea tickled the back of her mind. Ben's older brother Sam would be home, and she'd not overlooked how he tended to stare at her when she was over.

The short blonde grinned and simultaneously felt dumb for not having thought of it before. Ben and Ava had a difficult, on again off again relationship that was riddled with infidelity, mostly on Ben's part, and so she thought of it as a bit of revenge.

No harm done. The girl stuck her phone back in her pocket and realized she was a little lost. She'd been so caught up in her scheme she hadn't been watching where she was going, and now she couldn't see the path or her house anymore. She sighed angrily and shone he phone's flashlight at the ground, retracing her steps as well as she could remember. Just as tears were beginning to prick the corners of her eyes and fear crept up on her, a sharp pain in her ankle sent her to the ground.

She'd twisted it on a stray tree root, and it was already turning black. The girl really started to cry then, loud and shuddering sobs that only someone who was sure they'd die could create.

A little dramatic? Maybe, but Ava was that type of girl anyway. She pulled herself onto her hands and knees with a grunt, only to feel something cool wrap itself around her uninjured ankle.

Ava shrieked and kicked her leg, but with a sudden forceful tug she was being dragged along the ground on her stomach, her shirt was rolling itself up over her head in the struggle and in a desperate attempt to keep her mobility she squirmed out of it and tried to reach down and claw at whatever had her. The thing on her ankle was smooth and felt sort of like a big vine, but no amount of digging her nails into it seemed to bother it. Ava screamed for help and thrashed, but there was nothing she could do as it pulled her toward a hollow at the base of a tree trunk, and then inside it.

No amount of kicking and screaming helped, and it ended up making her throbbing ankle feel worse to boot. Ava sobbed as the vine dangled her precariously in the air, the sound of slickly moving.things moving around the underground cavern filling her ears.

A few seconds later another tentacle came along and wrapped itself around her other leg, politely avoiding her hurt ankle, and then two more for each arm and one around her middle. It suspended her in a laying position and she instantly felt better without the blood rushing to her head.

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Surprisingly, a fifth one appeared from the darkness and caressed her face, wiping away the stream of salty tears. All of the vines felt oddly warm and silky, like they were alive in a more mammalian way rather than being a plant, and eventually Ava calmed down and her cries simmered down to sniffling.

It was pitch dark and silent aside from the wet sounds of whatever plant she was caught in.moving around? She didn't think plants could move, but it didn't seem like it was an animal either.

She waited for a few minutes in silence and just as she was about to call out, a tiny version of the big strong vines holding her crept along her calf, winding and twisting around it like it was a tree trunk to be used for support.

Her skin prickled with goosebumps and she panted fearfully as it slid up her leg, onto her thigh and began to nose around at the hem of her shorts leg. She whined and tried to kick her legs free, but the plant was far too strong.


What was more gross than anything was the weird, slimy substance the whole thing was coated with, almost like a snail might be. The first small vine was joined by another one of the same size that joined in the poking and tugging on her other leg, and within a few minutes it'd figured out how to work her shorts off. Ava's mouth went dry, and she wished she'd worn underwear tonight. The girl bent her legs at the knees and brought them together as much as the plant would allow, but the cool underground air still prickled at her freshly shaved lips.

Her heart pounded and she squinted her eyes shut, willing herself to calm down. Whenever Ava was very nervous or excited, her pussy got wet. And this was no exception. It was like the vines could smell her, and even as she clamped her knees together they couldn't be deterred. The bigger vines around her legs pulled up toward her chest and allowed her legs to shut, although the position only served to make her more vulnerable. Two tiny vines, the same ones from before she guessed, searched around her quivering ass cheeks as if looking for something.

As soon as the wet tip of one caressed her puckered asshole, Ava squealed and tried to move only to find herself totally immobilized now.

The plant seemed to be learning, because the second vine needed no help finding her now soaked pussy. It was gentle in its probing, never doing anything more than soft caresses on her exterior lips.

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It actually felt nice, and Ava felt herself relaxing a bit. No boy had ever paid so much attention to her pussy before- they were too worried about their own pleasure. She felt her bra being tugged on and then pushed up to expose her tits, which were promptly attacked by two more vines that suctioned themselves onto her nipples hungrily. Somehow they applied suction, and Ava moaned loudly both in fear and pleasure. Her pussy was wetter now, some of the lubrication dripping down between her ass cheeks, and the vines down there squirmed and wriggled happily in the liquid.

Her clit grew harder as she grew hornier, and within just a few minutes the tiny nub protruded just the tiniest amount from between her tightly shut pussy lips. Her head lolled backwards and her mouth was agape, and now instead of wanting to shut her legs she was fighting to get them open. "Please," she moaned, to no reply. The small, polite vine that'd been playing with her pussy lips retracted and she nearly cried out at the loss, but the sensation of something larger and hotter kept her quiet.

It poked clumsily at her inner thighs, leaving strings of thick liquid on her skin anywhere it touched, before finding its target. Her pussy lips parted easily for it, but she quickly realized it was far too large for her. It rested its tip just between her lips, only the very uppermost part of it anywhere near small enough to rest at the opening of her pussy, and Ava grew worried.

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It was almost as if it was thinking. Smaller vines returned, snaking along the shaft of the big one until they too rested just at the entrance of her vagina, and she squirmed her hips down onto them just to try and get some sensation back.

The giant vine retracted, leaving its smaller counterparts behind who wasted no time at all. One, and then the other slithered slowly into her pussy. They were only the thickness of pencils and so she couldn't feel them much at first, but then she felt them begin to swell. A deep moan wracked her and she wanted so badly to send her hand between her legs to her hard, begging clit.

No such luck, as the vines still held her tightly. Her hips bucked and she cried out in frustration as the two vines inside her grew slowly from pencils, to dry erase markers, to finally the size of cucumbers. Why wouldn't they just move? Ava cried out for them to fuck her, which earned her nothing but a jolt from the vines inside her as they twitched. Her orgasm was so close, and it was like this stupid plant was teasing her.

"Please!" She shrieked, bucking her hips against the vines deep in her. The plant seemed to hear her this time, and they began to pump in and out of her sopping pussy one at a time, in intervals. Ava was nearly lost at this point, moaning and squirming and begging for more, and when she felt something hot and wet and flat flick her clit she nearly cried with relief.

The vines holding her legs together finally relaxed and let her splay them apart, and just as she felt the warm tickles of orgasm at the back of her mind begin to grow, one of the vines in her pussy retracted and began to wriggle around at her ass. She gasped and wailed a 'no!' into the darkness, her orgasm still growing even as she tried to tense her asshole to disallow entrance.

The vine wasn't having it, though, and it's copious amounts of fluid saw its easy entrance into her.

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It didn't hurt as much as she expected, and within a few shallow strokes she was growing to enjoy it. All that mattered was the stimulation on her clit continued, and so far it was. Again, the vines began to swell.


With a loud moan, she felt her canals expand with them until finally it was so large within her it was beginning to sting.

That set her back a few notched on the cumming scale, but the lubrication from her and the vines mixed together and soon enough her pussy and ass were welcoming their visitors with open.er, holes. "Yes, yes, yes," she moaned quietly, over and over. The vine on her clit sped up and she bucked her hips madly, desperate to finally cum. Just as her toes began to curl and her sore legs tensed, everything stopped.

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The vine on her clit sped away, and the ones in her pussy and ass retracted so quickly there was an audible sucking sound from her body as it tried to keep them there. Ava cried out, fighting for her arm so she could finish herself off.


She wasn't strong enough, though, and her clit and aching pussy throbbed uselessly, the soreness in her holes was already taking hold, and yet she wanted nothing more than to have those oversized.things, back inside her. Just as her heart was slowing and the throbbing between her legs began to calm, she felt something creeping back between her legs.

It prodded at her opening and she recognized it at the first oversized vine, and this time she wasn't as worried. Instead of reluctance, she panted hard and tried to shove her hips toward it. Her mind was foggy with desperation, and yet the plant that held her captive seemed like it was in no big hurry at all.