Amuza erwacht im Bett zum Strip und spielt nackt

Amuza erwacht im Bett zum Strip und spielt nackt
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Please read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 for a better understanding of this chapter. Names have been changed. ____________________________________________________________ There was so much more I wanted to do with Ben but I kept telling myself to have patience, fearing that I would push him too much and it would ruin what I had going. I went ahead with my shower and about five minutes later, he came in and lifted the toilet seat to have a piss.

After he was done, I thought he would leave and go back to his own bathroom, but he pushed the door open and came in and I just smiled and made way for him to get under the shower.

He kept looking at me as the water washed over him but then surrendered and closed his eyes pushing his luscious locks back and letting the water run over his body. I always thought he had the most gorgeous eyes, but with his eyelashes wet and more visible, they were now just mesmerizing. He hadn't said much or anything for that matter since my little taste test so I made typical conversation, acting as if nothing unusual had happened over the last hour, hoping that he'd warm up again.

When I was done, I stepped out and let him finish alone, disappointed that I had only gotten a couple yeses and a brief smile out of him and went to grab some clothes. When he was done, he walked to my closet in his towel and stood looking at me rifle through my drawer for a proper pair of sweats. "Travis?" "Yeah?" "You good?" "Haha, yeah, why?" "Nothing. I'm gonna go get changed and then I'll fix us some breakfast.

K?" "Sounds good." When I went down for breakfast, he was wearing the most clothes he had worn in the past couples days put together. A long pair of tracks and his old college sweater but I justified that the weather deemed it necessary. Fortunately, after breakfast and a couple subtle mentions that the past few days had been the most amazing and fun I had ever had, he grew tired of his sweats and changed into a more comfortable shirt and shorts. I thought about propositioning him further but knowing that Tom would be back soon, I decided to settle for some baseball and orange juice.

At least Grady Sizemore was nice to look at. When Tom walked in, he looked furious and flushed. He was soaking wet and only gave Ben a brief salutation before storming upstairs and then screaming down after me to join him in his room.


Knowing his short temper and arrogant attitude, I figured the weather plus some one giving him a bad drive set him off.

I knocked on his door and entered and he walked past me and slammed it shut, locking it before pushing me towards the bed. He had already peeled off his shirt and stripped down his pants, using a tshirt he had on his desk to dry the excess water leaking from his shaggy hair.

His cock dangled heavily but his balls squashed up towards the base. It was truly cold outside. He grabbed a pair of pants from his drawer and slipped them on and then stood watching me with the most uneasy of looks. "So me and Ashley had a nice long chat on the way over.

Learned a couple interesting things. Anything you want to tell me about?" GULP! "Not really…what exactly did she tell you?" "Travis I'm not kidding…you want to come clean?" "What are you going on about? Just say what she told you." "Are you gay?" That bitch. That fucking, slutty bitch.

I kick her to the curb and her pussy whistles secrets like no tomorrow. I couldn't believe she sold me out, especially to my brother of all people.

"So…are you?!" "Sigh…yes, I'm gay okay." "Fuck, Travis! Why?" "What do you mean why? I can't help it." "Why didn't you tell me?!" "I don't know. I haven't told anyone." "You told Ashley!" "That's different. She's the only one I told cus she kinda figured it out. I'm sorry okay." "I'm so pissed at you man. I thought we were closer than that…" "Well it's not like you're the easiest brother to be gay with Tommy.

It's all girls, all the time. I just didn't want you to be disappointed." "I am disappointed man. Just not for the reasons you think." Boy was that conversation a mammoth one. I loved that Tommy still accepted me as his younger brother and didn't judge me but he seemed immediately more protective.

He suggested I come live with him so I would be more "comfortable" but I knew he just wanted to keep an eye on me. He knew I was interested in sex, but he now had a problem because it involved dicks and not pussies. He was intensely interested in whether I had any guy on guy interactions yet and even more intensely keen to keep me virginal.

It was a huge relief leveling with him though and I'm glad we still maintained the same relationship we had prior to my confession. I think he was even more relieved that I still talked and acted the same even though he now knew I was gay.

I think some part of him was bracing for the inner flamer.

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I couldn't help but notice his muscles and body tense up while he was grilling me though. He had a gorgeous angry face. "So you have any little gay friends? Any guys I should know about?" "Little gay friends?

Haha. Just a couple online. Just friends." "And what about offline? Who do you like?" "Well…I kinda have a crush on Pete and Andrew's cute." "Peter?

Morgan's brother? He's a fucking asshole!" "Maybe that's part of the appeal." "Shut up. Shut up… And Andrew? That little shit? He's a fucking toad. You're way too good for him.

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Figures he's gay." "He's not gay. I mean, I don't know. I just think he's cute, that's all." "Well, you've got sick taste in guys." "Well they can't all be as cute and awesome as you bro." "Damn straight!

Bet they all got small dicks too." "Oh please, Mr. 8 inches" "10 INCHES SON! 10 INCHES." He pulled his shorts down to prove his length. Tommy was never shy about showing me his cock before but considering the sharp detour our relationship had taken, I would've thought he'd be a bit more reserved with his actions, but I guess not.

I was happy he felt comfortable enough to be himself around me. After all, he was the cockiest person I knew. "I wanna try some stuff with a guy." "Oh man. Dude, don't. Just wait a while okay. Maybe it's a phase." "Come on Tommy, I have urges. Before, you were all for me having sex." "Having sex?!


You're thinking about having sex with a guy?" "No no. I mean, just stuff you know…like maybe, a blowjob or something." "Fuck Sivvy. Sigh. And who you thinking about doing this with?" "I don't know. Some guy." "Some guy? Some guy? You nuts? Look, better you experience this shit with someone you know, incase you know, you don't like it and you just got your feelings mixed up." "You want me to come out to someone else?

What if they tell other people?" "Fuck. Do it with me. I am your brother after all. Its my responsibility." "Are you serious?" "Huh. Yeah.

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At least I'll know you not out there with "some guy" and I know you won't like it so I'll give it a shot. Plus it ain't like we got any ordinary relationship. I mean, that's if I'm cute enough like Andrew for you. Sheesh." "Are you sure?" "Just shut up and get over here." He walked over and sat down on his bed.

He didn't even seem nervous or hesitant, but as if this was just a typical Saturday in his life. I didn't move though. My heart was beating rapidly, my hands were clammy, I couldn't believe that it was happening and that it was okay.

I wrestled between taking up his offer and letting it pass, wondering if it was truly a phase but his body drew me in. He sat hunched over, his hands resting on his knees, waiting for me to make a move and even looked down to his cock and then over to me as if telling me to get to work.

I finally took a deep breath and walked over and as I did he stood up and with one swift movement, he pushed his pants down to his ankles. Here he was, my gorgeous 18 year old brother, standing naked in front of me, still smelling like fresh rain, waiting for me to wrap my lips around his fat cock. He fidgeted with his phone while I knelt down, now face to cock.

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It was limp and cold but still a beautiful size in its flaccid form. I wrapped my fingers around it, holding it, lifting it, inspecting every tasty inch, caressing it tenderly. It was heavy but still asleep so I decided to get it going. I told him to lie back on the bed and as he did, feet still planted on the floor and still on his phone texting, I engulfed his cock, from the tip to the base, burying my nose in his pubes.

I could faintly taste urine on his cock head and as I continued deep throating his still limp dick, I felt it start growing in my mouth. I had planned for it to extend as much as possible without letting up, but by the time it was probably 6 inches, I began to gag. I came up and began massaging the shaft while licking and sucking the head of his cock, spitting on it to ensure it was lubricated and sensual. By the time it sprung up, my mouth was already tired. It was quite a piece of meat.

I admired its thickness and strength, pulling it down only to see it fly up and slap his stomach. After I got to sucking again, it was rock hard and using one hand to massage his balls, and the other hand to stroke his cock while I sucked the head, I was a one man cocksucking machine. My own cock was throbbing in my pants, sticking out craving attention, but I didn't have a hand free to tend to it.

Tommy's cock was definitely two hands full. I took time off to suck on his balls which had loosened up and now were hanging freely below the 10 inches of man meat. He seemed to like that and for the first time, I felt his body show some signs of pleasure. But my mouth and hands were getting tired and I couldn't keep up with stroking his cock any longer and he began to lose wood. He put down the phone and pulled himself up, opening his legs wide so I could easier enjoy his cock but I was failing, so he took over.

He began pushing my head down on his growing dick, not letting me up to breath until it was absolutely necessary and I could tell the dominance turned him on, it did it for me because my pants were soaking wet with precum. He got comfortable soon enough and started pushing his hips up while pushing my head down on his cock, making me gag and then pulling me up, smiling down at me with the most devilish of faces. He then stood up and began to face fuck me, bouncing his meaty white cock deep into my mouth, over and over while I grabbed his clenching, tight, round ass, loving every minute of it.

I knew he was the dominant type. I saw how he treated his girlfriends during sex, and while I wasn't ready for the full brutality of it, what he was showing me so far was all I needed. He pulled me up on the bed and had me lay down with my head hanging off the bed.

He then put his legs on either side and slid his cock into my mouth, pushing deep down while leaning over me, his hands restraining my own. It was the most helpless I had ever felt, but it was also the most exhilarating. He was literally raping my mouth and I loved it although my neck hurt like hell, but it was worth it to pleasure him.


He kept bouncing his ass up and down until he stopped to ask if I wanted to taste his cum. I said yes, loudly and as best as I could with a big thick cock in my mouth and he returned to face fucking me. When he was close to cumming, he jumped up on his bed and had me suck him deeply while he pinched his nipples. It was beyond hot. Then as I went down on him, he pushed my head down further and kept it there, unleashing rope after rope of hot cum at the back of my throat.

He came so much that I literally had to push his cock out of me and coughed up some of his cum on my shirt while the rest kept spewing out onto my neck and the bed, just missing my face.

After he finished stroking the rest of his cum on me, he let out a loud sigh and let his massive tool flop down, still boasting an amazing length and rejoin his other two legs.

I scooped up the cum that had dribbled out of my mouth and pushed it back in, swallowing all the salty, creamy candy I could muster.

He watched me eagerly, still breathing deeply and rubbing his stomach as if all the action had worked up his appetite. He plopped down on the bed next to me, and pushed his shaggy hair back, and gave me a pat on the stomach.

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"Good job man. That was good. Sorry if I got a little carried away. You know how I get." "Don't worry. I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for letting me do that." "No no. Thank you bro. Now get out of here cum breath, I gotta hit the shower." "Yeah, me too." And just like that I tucked my rock hard cock into the waistband of my boxers and walked straight out of his room, into my own. I could hear him singing in the shower as I roughly jerked on my sore cock, and it didn't take me long to blow a watery cum all over my now ruined shirt.

I couldn't wait until my cock got as thick and long as his was, and it got me thinking about how big my father was, since we got our cock sizes from him. I wonder if he knew how big Tom was and if he was proud that he blessed us with such good looks and big cocks.

I guess I'd just have to add him to the list. TO BE CONTINUED…