Sexy indian babe dances in black lingerie

Sexy indian babe dances in black lingerie
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She gasped as we stepped into the lobby of the hotel. "It's magnificent" she whispered under her breath. I smiled at her. "Come along" I insisted. she was dressed in a flower print white satin dress, her hair done in pig tails, her face beaming.

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I had allowed her rest and relaxation for the last seven days, along with three wishes. The three things she had asked for were as innocent as they were easy to fulfill.

she wanted a specific kind of makeup from a specialty shop at the mall because it was Earth friendly. During that trip to the mall, we had also procured a Playstation and several games for her to play. she had wanted a laptop, but I had denied that; I didn't want her on the internet. The last request intrigued me, so I gave in. she met Ren at a local coffeehouse so that she could 'officially' break up with him. she was a good liar, telling him that she was attending school in Stockholm, and that she didn't believe in long distance relationships.

I felt bad for the boy. Breakups in High School can seem like the end of the world. That didn't stop me from feeling a little jealousy when she kissed him deep, hard, and stroked his erection through his pants. But I had allowed her three wishes, and when being generous, a genie must hold to the rules. But now we were back to business. I had sold her virginity to Sven K********, and we were in Chicago so that he could have her.

I didn't dare take her into another country until she was over eighteen. I had once lost an underage slave trying to get her to Rome. I still wonder if Gigi is working in an Italian brothel or has managed to free herself.

The bellboys were as courteous as lascivious, slobbering over banshee. To her credit, my little slave stayed demure and offered no flirtations. Once ensconced in our room, we went downstairs to get a meal and meet her paramour. I know, paramour is a flowery word for 'john', but I hardly feel that my vocation is 'Pimp', so why should I use common labels?

We sat down at an out of the flow of traffic table, and I looked over the menu. Banshee kept her hands in her lap, her gaze averted, doing her duty well as I had allowed her a week of reprieve; no training, video games, ice cream, movies…and not once did I touch her in anything other than a fatherly way.

Oh, she had tried about ten times to get me to fuck her, or unload on or in her, but I denied her. A week isn't long, but I wanted her to feel like a true virgin for the client. I also supervised her twenty-four/ seven.


I didn't want her breaking her hymen with her fingers to spite me. Thank goodness for Julia, who cleaned the house and took my loads in her ass, eyes, pussy, mouth, and once, all over her face, for the week that I let banshee revert to a 'teenager' and not a slave.

Our food came, I had ordered hamburgers and a beer for me; a shirley temple for my charge. I had tipped the waiter to spike banshee's drink with champagne, which she liked and helped her stay complacent when pushed to the edge. I had no idea of Sven's predilections, what he would want from her, so I wanted her to be a little detached before being locked behind closed doors with a strange man with untold amounts of money and esoteric appetites.

"J!" Sven broke into my musings, not to mention my meal. "Sven!" I stood, took the big man's hand and tried to squeeze as hard as he squeezed mine. "Oh, banshee!

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You are beautiful!" he mispronounced 'banshee', putting the accent on 'She" I hardly noticed the boy. He was like a shadow, behind the monolithic man that Sven was. "THIS, THIS IS DONALD!" I quickly garnered that Sven only had one volume and that volume was LOUD.

His gigantic hands fell on the shoulders of a boy who couldn't have been more than thirteen.

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He pushed the boy forward. "SAY HI TO THE NICE GIRL, DONALD!" Blond haired and blue eyed, and to call him slight would be generous, Donald was a like a ghost. His voice even moreso…"Hi' seemed to escape his lips like an ephemeral wraith. "Hi," banshee returned after I had nodded my permission to her. "Pull up a chair, guys, have something to eat," I said. "YES! LET'S EAT, and DRINK!!!!" Sven sat down in chair that I immediately felt sorry for, worried that it might collapse under him.

But for all of his girth, Sven betrayed no air of laziness, no feeling that his humoungous body was nothing more than his skins inability to keep up with his exuberance.

I couldn't blame my young slave, the look of horror that came over her face. Sven looked as though he could fuck porn stars into the grave without breaking a sweat. And his exaggerated way of gesturing, not to mention the size of his fingers made me wonder what kind of whale cock he kept hidden in his trousers.

I was afraid for her. But, she was bought and paid for. I couldn't refuse him his right to use her… After we were swimming in our beer, champagne, and the Absinthe Sven had insisted we consume (we spent more bribing the waitstaff and bartenders to serve our underage charges than we did on the actual liquor), the announcement came… "SO! DONALD, CAN YOU GET IT UP FOR THIS LITTLE HARLOT TONIGHT, OR ARE YOU MAKING YOUR POOR FATHER PAY FOR ANOTHER NIGHT IN THIS OVERPRICED SWINE HALL?" Donald gulped down some absinthe, not because he was thirsty, I think, but to give his inebriated brain a bit of time to think of an answer.

"We're not poor, father, can we do it tomorrow?" the boy squeaked. My heart leapt. Sven had bought banshee not for himself, but for his son! "TOMORROW NIGHT, THEN.

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GOODNIGHT!" and then Sven seemed to scoop up his twig of a son, and they were gone. The look of relief on banshees face made her glow. "I'm supposed to give it to that boy/" she said, finally, slurring almost as much as Donald had. "Yes. Yes you are." I told her. "Let's go to bed" I said. Soon, we were in our hotel room.

Drunk, she fell asleep as her ear touched her pillow. I paced the room…thinking, contemplating. I had sold her&hellip.but what had I done?

In the morning, I left banshee sleeping in the bed while I went about my morning routine, a bit slowly due to the absinthe we had drank the night before. After showering, brushing my teeth, and just as I began my shave, I looked down as a young hand came around my side and clasped my flaccid cock. Kisses and licks on my asscheeks brought my cock to life, so I spread my legs slightly, and continued to shave. Soon, both hands danced over my dick as banshee began to tongue my ass.

I had told her that men sometimes had a problem with getting their asses licked, but in the proper mood, the experience was mind blowing. Before long, her sweet tongue was penetrating my anus, and she was pumping my cock with ferocity. Done with my shave, I spread my legs even more, and allowed myself to melt into the pleasure of being tongued and jacked off by banshee.

Soon, I was about to come, so I pulled away from her. I had a flash of insight, my cock was hard, and I wanted to take her virginity&hellip. "J, I'm yours, take me now…give Sven the money back, I don't care.

Just please, fuck me…" banshee jumped up on the sink, and spread her legs. There, between two roads of creamy white flesh lay the heart of fulfillment, the pulse of pleasure, her pussy was going to do things to my cock that would never happen again. When I came in her virgin pussy, it was going to be the finest, most pure orgasm I had ever experienced, and we would come together like no other two people could.

Then my other side took over. I grabbed her throat and hauled her off the sink. "NO!. You have been paid for!" I grabbed her hair, yanked it and turned my hand over twice to hold it. "Suck this," I said, shoving my cock in her mouth.

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I used her mouth to masturbate, not allowing her to think long enough to try and pleasure me, I wanted her to know her place. As I came I shoved my dick deep down her throat and held her fast until she gagged. Her virginity had been sold off, but I could still use her and make her cry. She gagged, good, but I wanted more.


I was sure that the absinthe from the previous night was churning in her stomach, so as I finished coming, I let all of the piss in my bladder go. It was enough, she gagged and threw up. I hauled my cock out of her mouth and dropped her face, letting her vomit all over the bathroom. "I'm not paying to get that cleaned up," I told her as I left the bathroom.

She was curled up in a ball, dry heaving and vomiting. To Be Continued.