Ficou de quatro na cama

Ficou de quatro na cama
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I babysat for Dave and Jenny quite a few times over the next few weeks and almost every time it would result in Dave fucking me either back at the house or as he was taking me home in his car, but this was less enjoyable as it was a bit cramped and more rushed. About a month after Dave and I had our first encounter it was arranged that I would do some babysitting for his elder brother Jim and his wife Mavis. Once again Bob dropped me off and with the same instructions as my first time with Dave to wear something sexy.

However he need not have told me as I guessed that Dave had already spoke to Jim and told him what I was like. Never the less I got dressed up in a similar outfit of white blouse only this time I wore a little black leather mini skirt.

Underneath these I was wearing a black bra and panties set, the bra of which was clearly visible under my blouse making me look like a real slut, but I didn't care. Jim answered the door and immediately I was struck by the fact that he looked a lot older than Dave who had told me Jim was 55, but he appeared to look slightly older maybe in his sixties. Despite this he was not unattractive and had a fine head of hair and a decent physique.

He was very polite as he showed me into the living room and said goodbye to Bob. His wife then appeared and she was much younger than Jim and looked about 30ish. Jim then showed me up to the bedroom and the little girl I was to baby-sit for. She was fast asleep and I was told they did not think I would hear a peep out her as she was not 18 months old and sleeping through the night. As we were walking back I noticed another bedroom and Jim informed me it was his sons room, he was 15, but was out with some mates and probably wouldn't be back before them.

I was shocked that his wife had a child of 15 but Jim informed me he was from a previous marriage.

At this stage nothing unusual had happened and Jim had not tried to touch or grope me, I was actually a little disappointed. When we returned to the living room Mavis was ready to go and picked up her coat and made her way out. As he was leaving Jim came over to me and whispered "I will be back to see you soon, Dave has told me all about you" and as he spoke he reached forward and kissed me on the lips at the same time gently cupping my tits in his hand and giving them a little squeeze.

I tried to relax after that but it was difficult as I was eager for Jim to return and see if he was as much fun as his brother.

An hour passed and he had not returned but then the phone rang. I picked it up and heard Jim's voice on the other end. "Are you waiting for me to come back and fuck you little girl" I heard him say. I was shocked by his tone but at the same time turned on by the sheer dirtiness of it.

I decided to play along with it. "Yes please, My pussy is soaking wet waiting for you come over and lick me out and then fuck me like the dirty bitch I am" I replied. "In a minute I want you to hang up, lie down on the floor with your skirt up round your waist, and put your fingers inside your panties and up inside your pussy, and don't remove them till I get there" he said.

And with that he put the phone down. I replaced the receiver and lay down in the middle of the living room.

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I slowly hitched my leather mini skirt up around my waist to reveal my black lacy panties that were already soaking wet at the thought of what was to happen.

I slowly eased my fingers inside my panties and began to stroke my pussy. It was ringing wet and my juices were flowing over my fingers.


I inserted one finger into my pussy and pushed it right up to my knuckle and began to finger fuck myself. I then shoved another finger into me and then another, I had never had three fingers up my pussy before and showed how wet and turned on I was. I was still finger fucking me when the door opened and I looked up expecting to see Jim staring at me. Imagine my horror when I saw a young lad looking at me and if that wasn't bad enough he had three pals with him.

I quickly realized this must have been the son and he had arrived home with some of his mates. I know I should have quickly sat up and attempted to regain some of my dignity, but I was so shocked I was like a rabbit caught in headlights and just froze there with my skirt hitched up and three of my fingers inside my panties buried deep up my pussy.

The four boys quickly spotted this and a dirty smile broke out on all of their faces. "Well, well, well, what have we here" said the son. "I think the babysitter is up for some fun and we are sure gonna enjoy ourselves" he said. With that he moved towards me and knelt down beside me.

Then two of the other boys knelt the other side of me. I then started to get a little worried and attempted to sit up to move, but as I did so the son put his hands on my shoulders and forced me back down onto the floor. "You aint going nowhere darling, not until we have finished with you anyway" "Your fathers on his way home, he just telephoned me" I replied rather pathetically.

"No he aint, cause I have just spoke to him and told him that mom wanted him to get back to her as soon as possible, so he had to turn around and go back". The son then reached down and removed my hand from my panties.


"Lets see how wet you are" he said. As he did so he slid his hand inside my panties and began to stroke my pussy. "My God lads, she is soaking wet, feel her" he said to one of the other boys. Then one of the lads on my other side slipped his hand inside my panties and he too began to feel my pussy only he didn't stop at that, he inserted one then another finger into me and began to finger fuck me.

Although I was afraid at what was going to happen, I was also getting aroused by their finger work. As one of his friends continued to finger me I noticed that the Son was starting to undo his belt on his jeans and slowly release the buttons.

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I watched with interest and expectation at what was about to be exposed. Although I don't really go for young boys I guessed these four studs would probably give me a thorough fucking. Next moment the son had stripped naked from the waist down and there in front of me was a fairly decent sized cock that was already pretty hard. He moved towards me and waved his member in front of my face. "Open your mouth and suck this you dirty little bitch" I immediately let my lips part and he slid his member into my mouth.

I began licking and sucking his tool which tasted sweet and lovely. He then began to thrust his hips backward and forward to enable him to fuck my mouth.

His thrusting became more urgent as my sucking increased and at the same time the boy fingering my pussy increased his pace too.

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I thought he was going to come in my mouth but he withdrew and moved down my body. He reached down, took hold of my panties and ripped them from my body. He then placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy and without hesitating shoved it firmly into me.

I let out a yelp of pain but that did not deter him as he began thrusting into me, fucking me with all his energy.


I was starting to enjoy the rough fucking that I was receiving but before I knew what was happening another boy had got his cock out and was pushing it into my mouth.

I began sucking as the pace of both boys increased.

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The son was nearing his orgasm and in a moment I sensed him spasm and then was hit by the sensation of his come shooting up into my pussy. This seemed to encourage the boy whose cock I was sucking as almost immediately he too had shot his come into my mouth and down my throat.

By now I was really into it and with a cheeky smile looked up at the two remaining boys and said "Well, are you going to fuck me as well, cause I need more spunk inside me" This was the invitation they were waiting for and they both stripped off their trousers and pants in record time. The first boy grabbed me and flipped me over onto all fours, and as he did so he gave my arse a playful but very firm slap. I yelped and this seemed to amuse him as he spanked me again and then again and then carried on until he had spanked me about a dozen times.

My arse was stinging and sensing this he started to caress my cheeks. Just as I was beginning to enjoy his stroking he stopped and when I looked round he had started to rub his cock to get it hard. This did not take long and once erect I felt him probing the entrance to my pussy with his member. As he edged his cock into me I instinctively thrust backwards to allow him to get deeper into me.

Once fully inside me he began fucking me as roughly as the son had done. I looked up to see the other boy with his cock in his hand slowly wanking it while watching me get fucked.

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I sensed he was a bit shy so I smiled at him and said "Come here and put that lovely big cock into my mouth and let me suck you while you wank it and hopefully you will fill my mouth up with your juicy come". The boy knelt in front of me and edged closer as his dick neared my mouth. I opened my lips and told him to slide it in. This he did and I began sucking his member as he continued to wank it at the same time the boy fucking me from behind was pushing me further onto his cock so it was touching the back of my throat.

By now the fucking up my pussy was gaining speed and the lad was nearing his orgasm, unfortunately I was to be slightly disappointed as he did not shoot his come into me, but instead withdrew his cock and fired his jism over my spanked arse cheeks which he then rubbed. Now all that was left was to suck the come from the shy boys cock.

I could now give it my full attention and so I pushed his hand away from his prick and took a firm hold of it myself. I wanked it furiously and sucked it for all I was worth and I knew he would not be able to hold back for long and sure enough within a matter of seconds I was experiencing my second dose of come into my mouth.

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I waited until he had shot his entire load and withdrew from my mouth and I then turned to the four boys, opened my mouth to reveal the come that was placed on my tongue. I then smiled at them and swallowed the seed straight down in one go. I then simply picked up my panties smiled at them and walked off to the bathroom. While I was in there I heard the front door slam and guessed they must have left, content and well fucked, just like me.

Sure enough when I returned to the living room it was empty so settled down and carried on with my babysitting.