100 man and 1 woman

100 man and 1 woman
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It was the night of my fraternity's first party of the year, it was a a themed party called professors/ naughty schoolgirls. It was a coincidence that it was a party with my girlfriend's sorority. She was so excited the week before to inform me that she would be a delta alpha. I couldn't help but admit that I wouldn't mind being able to spend time in her sorority house, they were definately some of the hottest girls on campus.

My girlfriend Sarah fit that role. She had just turned 18 the previous summer and had an amazing body from cheerleading throughout highschool.She was half latin, half white 5'10''120 pounds with an amazingly phat ass and even phatter pussy. Her thick thighs begged to be licked. And her thick thighs were exactly what she was showing when I picked her and a few of her pledge sisters up for the party. It was a warm night in August and these girls were wearing as little clothes as it seemed was legal.When we got to my frat house there were already alot of people there and I took her to my room so she could put her purse there.


I lived on the top floor, It's a nice room with a view over looking my college town. Before we walked out i made sure to grab her and slide a couple fingers up her cunt, she had already been drinking and this made her jump on my bed and beg for me to fuck her. i looked at her and sucked it all in. This thick, tan brunette wearing a tiny plaid skirt, white thigh highs, a small top rolled up to expose her stomach and glasses, with her dark brown hair in pigtails.

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I wanted to fuck her right then but her roomate ran in to drag her to the party. She said this would have to wait and said, " I'll meet you here later baby" and grabbed my cock.

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I followed the girls down to the party and began drinking. I was having such a great time flirting with all her sisters I lost track of Sarah. Last time I saw her she was talking to a few girls on the porch. I walked up the stairs to see if she had gone back to my room. As I walked down the hallway I realized my door was open, I walked in to see a few brothers and a couple of her sisters watching something in my room. TO my suprise a girl was getting her pussy licked and sucking a dick at the same time.

My excitement turned to shock when I focused my unsober eyes and saw that it was Sarah with a dick in her mouth. I asked a brother what was going on and he said ,"the girl was fighting when he walked in, but rick said somehing to her and she stopped, then when another guy walked in she grabbed his cock and said fuck me.

I have just been watching but I'm gonna join in too." Just then I heard Sarah say to me ,"Isn't this what you wanted?" Earlier in the week I had fucked Rick's girlfriend Jesse.

I guess Rick found out and wanted to get me back by raping my girlfriend.

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TO his suprise I had told her we could have a threesome with him since she was attracted to him and i wanted to see how far she could go. She then said, "Rick was raping me but I couldn't wait for you to get back I had to fuck now, and he told me how you fucked Jesse and suprisingly I decided that his cock started to feel soooo good." At that point I was so hard at the idea of everyone using my girlfirned as a cumslut I pulled out my cock and said "Can't beat you, might as well join you." Just then Rick slammed his cock into her swollen pussy, wet and sloppy from his tongue She practically came as I walked over with my cock out and Rick's cock entering her pussy.

I asked her why she was sucking Michael's cock and she said he thought he might have a huge cock, and was mad at me. Rick said, "Sorry your late, you already missed her swollowing my cum, you should have seen her squirm before i told her what happened, i thought she'd bite my dick off, but she loved the fact that I was force fucking her, it turned your slut on." Sarah then let out a deep moan, at the apparant thought of her being raped.

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Just then i told a pledge to go round up any of the brothers who wanted to fuck and bring them back. Sarah didnt hear me as she sucked Michael's huge cock.She was right, she could barely fit her mouth around it. She grabbed my cock as soon as she could, It was already hard as a rock and she moaned at how turned on I was. She switched to put her mouth on my cock as she continued stroking michael's huge, swollen, saliva covered cock as if it was covered in lube.

She began sucking my cock, and I strained to slow down as I fucked her face.


Who would want to stop? This drunk, barely 18, tanned, thick, athletic, pigtailed brunette, sorority slut in a sexy school girl outfit getting fucked hard while she sucks your dick. Soon, Rick was railing Sarah and I no longer had to fuck her face as she took out her ectasy on my cock and I filled her mouth and covered her glasses with hot cum.

She immediately went back to Michael's swollen cock and fucked it with her face. SHe moaned to Michael, "FUCK ME." Rick objected that he wasnt done. She told Rick to get on his back and I watched as her thick thigh highs straddled him, She put Rick's cock into her pussy and told Michael to lick her ass, she said it would ,"require some persuading." He pursuaded her ass with his tongue as he spread her thick cheeks and stuck his tongue in as far as he could.

He began using his fingers and soon he was able to plunge his cock deep inside. she screamed and tensed with ecstacy, ,"I'm cumming!!!!" She screamed. The feeling of two cocks inside her was too much for her to control. Both cocks were working in and out or her gaping holes now, and she just took it like a slut.

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Soon, I realized I was surrounded by 5 or 6 very horny guys. I was horny again and ready to fuck any hole available.I told the guys to jump right in, we all surrounded my slut of a girlfriend, hard cocks in hand. Sarah screamed at the sight of this"noooo, i cant handle all of you." She began to cry as the pace of her being pounded increased in speed. She looked up to cry but her inner slut was rejust let out a moan of ectasy. Just then Rick let out a loud grunt and stopped moving, Sarah screamed as her pussy began to ooze rick's hot cum.

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Her ass was still being pounded as she continued to cum and grabbed the cock of a guy to my left. and said ,"I hope this makes your dick hard." It did and I immediately began fucking her face. By this time Michael was pulling her pigtails as he fucked her ass doggy style. Her phat ass could take the pounding and she squirmed as he let out a grunt and let his load fill her ass.

I never realized she loved the feel of cum inside her so much until this night. She was surrounded byt horny guys stroking their cocks waiting for their turn.

Her ass and pussy full of cum, i told a pledge to get on his knees and clean out her pussy for me. He licked and sucked all the cum out and Sarah was so turned on she told him to stretch her out. He continued licking her clit as he squeezed two, then three, then four fingers into her phat creamy cunt.

I knew she had dated black guys before me, but the look as her pussy was stretched as he stuck nearly his whole hand into her cunt was amazing. She loved to be stretched and told me to come fill her pussy. I laid down and she mounted me reverse cowboy. By this point her skirt was covered in cum and she was still wearing her shirt and bra, i unbottoned theseand threw her top to the ground. She kept her skirt and thigh highs on and told the pledge who had been eating her pussy to come fuck her too.

He began to push his cock into her ass but she instantly removed it and forced it into her pussy with my cock.

Her soaking wet pussy was filled with 2 cocks as another guy filled her mouth. I could feel the other cock rubbing against mine in her and it soon exploded inside her pussy. She quickley forced the cock from her mouth into her pussy to take the vacant spot.

We alternated thrusts into her pussy as I saw a guy I didnt even realize was in the room empty a load onto her bare chest She gave his cock a few strokes to help but he must have been so turned on by the sheer sight of my sexy young girlfriend getting pounded in all holes.

Her pussy felt wetter than I had ever felt it before and for nearly the first time me and Sarah made eye contact, she looked so sexy, covered in cum, glistening with sweat. The little cocked pledge filled Sarah's pussy with cum but i continued to fuck her.she was stroking two cocks and sucking a third, begging for cum at this point.


His cum lubricated her pussy so much and it felt like heaven, i came in her in no time and her pussy was filled by now. I sat down on a couch in my room to take a break and watched as my sexy girlfriend, completely naked except for her stockings, take on every hard cock in the room. She made sure that every cock came on her or in her and that every guy was asatisfied.

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What started as a rape unleashed the sexiest gangbang I had ever seen.I watched as she took two cocks again in her pussy, DP, and stroked every last cock. I was so turned on again.Two last brother were fucking her as I approached. She screamed as she came for what seemed like the 100th time of the night.

Simultaneously both cocks exploded inside her and she licked each one clean. What a cumslut.Her thigh highs were soaked in cum, along with her braided hair. I asked if she could stand one more and to my suprise she said no. She said she didnt want to diappoint any of my brothers and her pussy and ass were sore. I said it was ok as I took a towel and began to wipe the cum of my bed.

she was still laying on her back in the middle of the bed, pussy red and swollen and her ass the same way. I was so turned on by the thought of things to cum that i began to stroke my cock just looking at her thick thighs spread apart. I soon came on her chest and left it for the drunk passed out cumslut as a reminder of her first college party.