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Cock hungry latin twinks eager blowjobs
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Walking in on her boyfriend and stepmom

-Matt- Friday night is never that full where I live.the streets are calm and the only light you get are from open restaurants and snack bars.I got my cellphone and gave Roger a call.I told him that I wanted to meet him in a restaurant I knew because I desperatedly wanted to talk to someone.he agreed.I pulled over into an alley and waited there.near his building.

"I'm gonna get you you bitch." I thought to myself. ===================================================================================== -Mark- "Heeeey pretty boys.listen!

Looks like Matt's saad.he wanna talk to I'll let you two" He said sliding his dick off my ass. "Don't you hurry." I said.

"Ha.Ha.lame joke." he said getting his coat. "Once I get back.I'll make sure I take care of Alex.he's getting dull.maybe I'll take care of Matt first today." He said walking off and leaving. "Oh crap.I'm gonna die." Alex said.

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"Not at all.if I know Matt well." I said.I knew it was only some kind of trap.he was coming! "I hope you are right" He said looking at me.he was my best friend so I had to get him calm.we only had to wait.

=================================================================================== -Matt- I saw his car was my chance.I ran inside the building and broke into his apartment.I thought the door was going to fall with the kick I gave it.I opened all doors until I found both.

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"There you are." I said running to untie them. "You're late." Alex said looking at me cheered up. "Sorry.I had to take care of small things." I said untying both Alex and Mark finally.Alex ran to me, I felt bad for the time I took to find them.

"Sorry to ruin the moment.but we gotta go.before he comes back of course." Mark said grabbing his clothes and getting dressed. "Go there." I told Aky and he quickly got his clothes, as soon as they got dressed, we ran downstairs, I rushed them and we decided to leave through the back door.I had a bad feeling again.I heard a door slam close and quickly pushed both out of the way.

"Watch out!" I screamed pushing them.I felt something warm running down my arm.I stopped running.they looked at me and their faces were petrified in arm had a cut and the blood ran down to my hand finally letting drops fall on the floor.

"You're laaate's freezing out here.what if I had caught a cold.?" Roger said lifting a knife. "Run and don't look back" I told both, they nodded.and moved to the exit. "What you did was really disturbing Matthews." He said as he walked slowly to me. " You crushed my chances.took my fun away." He continued. "Sorry I broke in your party" I said. "tsk.I don't care.I just hope you know that the punishment for what you death." He said.

"Just face are a maniac and you are going to jail." I said taking a feel steps back. "Oh please.and who's gonna get me.?You?

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Alex? Mark? Don't make me LAUGH!" He screamed running against me trying to stab me, I lost balance and fell on the ground. "Hey.get up!" He screamed kicking me on the stomach."Get up!" He screamed again.I gazed at my arm, the blood in such a short time had already created a small pool.He stepped on my stomach again forcing down with his foot. "Someone like you.a small brat holding me down.pulling me back from my I said.the punishment for something like this.IS DEATH!" He said as he stabbed the floor near my face.I dodged from a death blow, and he left me with a small cut on my cheek." "Uh.tough guy until the end huh.?" He said adjusting the knife preparing to stab me.but suddenly.he started crying as his hand shook."Y-You can't.YOU CAN'T BE BETTER THAN ME!" he screamed grabbing the knife with both images ran through my mind.Alex.Mark.the speed around me got slow.he took his foot away from me.I saw a small chance.


"DIE YOU BASTARD!" He screamed ready to stab me, I grabbed his arm with my bleeding arm and squeezed his neck with the other.he fell on the ground and I grabbed the knife he dropped.He looked at me in fear. "I can't forgive you for what you did to them.and I WON'T" I said looking at him in anger as I stood up.he started crawling back in hope of getting into the van and moving away.I grabbed him through his hair and slammed his head on the van, after that.I placed the knife near his neck.

"P-Please.don't do it.I didn't mean on doing what I did! Please!

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Please!" He begged. My hand was shaking, by breathing was hard and fast.I remembered the photo of Alex.the situation I found them in.his threats.his teasing.My breathing got heavier.I wanted to kill the bastard.but I gazed at the exit.Mark and Alex looking directly at me.waiting for my decision.I screamed in anger and pressed his neck against the knife.He let out a big scream of echoed all around the place.I let go of his hair.and dropped the knife.he was crying and in shock.after that.he collapsed on the ground.I looked at Mark and Alex signing them to run as I ran after them.once I caught up to them a cop stopped us.

"I heard a scream.are you ok boys.?" He said looking at us.specially, looking at my arm. "A crazy man attacked us.I knocked him out and he's on the parking lot of that building." I said.


The cop ran, holding his knew it was over.I put my hands on their backs.Alex looked at my hand.soaked in blood. "Sorry I fleed." He said. "'s ok." I said."It's kinda late.let's go home.I'll call your parents Mark.and you spend the night with us." "Ok.and.stop by the hospital?" He asked.

"Nah.just a scrape.don't worry." I said. we moved to the car.finally taking off.I went to my house.I got them something to eat, we took a bath and soon.we were watching some movies.I missed times like that.Alex rested his head on my shoulder.I couldn't feel a better was simply perfect.Mark cuddled near Alex.

"It's good to be back." Mark said. "Yeah.that guy was insane." Aky said. "Hey hey.let's stop talking about're both back and fine.and that's what matters." I said. "Hum." Aky let out before leaning to kiss me.It was a deep.passionated was different.I felt like a 16-year-old again.then he broke the kiss.

"What was that for.?" I asked smiling. "Thanks for hum.saving me." He said blushing a little. "haha!


No Problem!" I said laughing. "Heeey! What about me!? I risked myself too!" He said. Aky laid on my lap looking at Mark. "Jelly?" He said smirking. "N-No." Mark let out. "Come here silly." He said as Mark got near and kissed him too.I've never felt so calm.I ran my hand through Alex's back.and naturally.even without noticing.I had my hand inside his underwear.rubbing his dick.when I snapped I quickly took it away.

"Why'd you stop.?" He asked. "It's just.I.don't think it's a good idea to do it.not now at least." I said.

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"I'm dick is fine.but not my's still sore." He said. "But we can still do it.please.I.kinda need it." He said. " want it too Mark?" I asked.

"Sure." He said. "Fine then." I said getting on my knees.I thought of the stuff he might have made.he should've been desperated to be held.gently and softly.I began sucking Aky.he enjoyed it as his moans confirmed it.I gagged a little.he got big.he was no longer 4 1/2.he was way bigger.I sucked and licked felt good.

I saw Mark moving to my back.I kept sucking Aky and I felt my pants slide down togheter witih my boxers.I knew Mark was top.but I didn't care.I felt him rubbing his dick on my ass.he started pushing it in.he was bigger as almost hurt.his thrusts were slow.and just perfect.I felt felt good.I stopped sucking to moan, they were boths surprised.

"'ve been a long time ever since I last heard that." Aky said. "Me too.then that must mean that I am doing a good job down here." Mark said. "I sure.missed this." I said before sucking Aky again, he held my head pulling me deeper.I sucked and licked his dick for a long time before he cummed on the back of my throat, I swallowed felt perfect.sweet.Mark's thrusts got faster and deeper.I couldn't hold anymore.I came on the floor and Mark inside me.I felt his cum warming my insides.and I collapsed on the ground.Aky was panting.and Mark sat on the floor.

"Are you.ok.?" Mark asked. "Yeah.I just.missed that feeling.a lot." I said. "Me were always so.busy." Aky said. "I want ice cream.?" I asked getting up.

"I do!" Both said.we ate.and slept.togheter again.I watched the mirror on my room by my bed.I could see we were 3 years ago.things thing didn't. "I love you two." I whispered, before sleeping.

The next day.was problem.I took them to an amusement park.we rode karts and others.we heard that Roger had been arested and charged and condemned on murder and rape.bseides kidnapping of course.he was gonna be locked for a long time.and that's how things are supposed to be.