Delighting a wicked honey with hardcore pussy drilling

Delighting a wicked honey with hardcore pussy drilling
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------This is a reboot of my older storyline "My Life". It will not be exactly the same but some of the same character details and experiences. ------I am David and this is the story of my life. I come from a family that is supported mostly by my mom (my dad died after I was born), she works two jobs she is a waitress and a secretary.

We live in a three bedroom apartment. She supports me and my two older sisters, but ever since I was in school I started really taking care of my sisters. It wasn't because my older sister Jen was slow or anything it's just I had so much more time than her.

She was always buried in her books trying to have the best grades, but not to make myself sound like a dick, but I will always be better because of an ability that I have had since birth. I have Hyperthymesia syndrome. It is when you can basically remember everything that you have ever done.

So I never had to study unlike my sisters, and it even helps me learn things like play the guitar and learn new plays form the playbook. So now you know my secret let me tell you more about myself.

I am six foot tall and I weigh about one hundred and eighty pounds, I have medium length brown hair, and greenish brown eyes. I would say I am attractive, I am not just saying that I get flirted with a lot when I at school. Now about my sisters Jen the oldest was a senior in high school, she was five foot nine and maybe a hundred and ten pounds if that. She has long straight brown hair and deep brown eyes, she is in great shape, she runs every morning before school. Because after she is usually at the library.

She has a part time job as a waitress to pay for her part of our car insurance (we all share the car). My other sister Sara is five foot five and even lighter then Jen probably not even a hundred pounds. She also has long brown hair but brown eyes.

She is a junior just like me and we share most of the same classes. My sisters are both attractive in their own way, Jen is more of a nerdy cute with her glasses and, Sara just has a nice body. They are both varsity cheerleaders, they are at all of my game they even drive to the away games to cheer me on. I have been the starting quarterback on varsity since I was a freshman. At first all the guys hated that I was a freshman until I led us to our first championship ever.

Then our second the next year I am hoping to do I it the next two as well. ------It has been a long summer; I have been working as the manager of a movie theater down the street, Sara worked a counter operator but basically got the sodas and snacks for the people. Also Jen worked at the restaurant across the street so when our shift was done we would walk over and wait for her to finish hers. Now that school has started I only work after practice and on weekends. ------Today is the first day of school and it started like any other, me waking up and jumping into the shower before the girls got up.

As I was rinsing off I heard the door open and the toilet seat lift up. I knew it was probably Sara she always did that to annoy me. I reached out and grabbed a towel. I stood in front of the mirror and applied some shaving cream, and began to shave. Sara got up and flushed and walked out. I finished shaving. I got dressed and dried my hair as much as I could. I ran my hand through my hair letting it fall into place. I walked into the kitchen and made some breakfast.

I heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on.


As I finished cooking Jen walked through the door. "Hey little bro, smells good." Jen said as she sat down. "Yeah I made you an omelet and some hash browns." I replied "You are the best." Jen said "I know." I said with a laugh. "What did you make for yourself?" Jen said "Scrapple and an omelet like always." I replied "I don't get how you can eat that." Jen said "Well you don't eat meat so I don't expect you to get how great it is, and I need the calories." I replied "Maybe if you cook me something that isn't fried I will eat it." Jen said sarcastically.

"Deal" I said "What are you two talking about?" Sara said coming out of the bathroom "Nothing interesting." Jen said "Well its David." Sara said jokingly "That's just mean." I said "Awe did we hurt little Davies feelings." Sara said "I will remember that." I replied "Of course you will." Sara said jokingly "For now on you can make your own breakfast." I said with a smile.

"And don't forget I am your boss." I added ------She just looked at me and stuck out her tongue, and grabbed the plate I made for her. After we finished and Jen got a shower we headed off to school.


As we pulled up to the school I got out and grabbed my football bag and walked into the school. I walked to the locker room and put my bag in my locker. I walked to my homeroom and took my seat. I saw Sara talking to some of her friends, so I put my head down. After the bell rang I looked up and saw Sara's friends quickly turn their heads and giggle a little. I didn't think anything of so I put my head back down. The teacher took role and as the second bell rang we got up and went to our first class.

I had math class as we walked in we found our assigned seats and I was next to Sara like always. Our teacher introduced herself and made us introduce our class finished a guy walked up to Sara and she kind of blew him off. He was kind of angry but didn't do anything.

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The rest of the morning was boring until lunch. I was one of the first people in the cafeteria; I grabbed some food and sat at the table in the middle of the room. After a few minutes Jen and Sara joined me, along with a lot of the guys from the football team.

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As Sara got up to take her tray up to the tray window, the guy that she blew off cornered her and started feeling her up.

I saw it and quickly ran over and threw him off her. He got up and swung at me, he totally missed but I grabbed his arm and slammed him into the ground. "You ever touch my sister again I will kill you." I said as I let go of his arm and walked away.

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Sara walked quickly behind me as I sat back down. ------Five minutes later I was told to go to the office. I walked down and sat in the waiting room. I was called in as I saw the kid walk out. I sat down and saw there was a teacher there too. "You know why you're here so. Next time please let the teacher handle it." She said "So you are saying if I see a girl getting basically raped just sit there and wait for a teacher to do something?

I am sorry but I am not that kind of guy." I said abruptly "To be honest I think what you did was great, but we have rules." She said "I understand I am willing to take the punishment it means stopping this kind of behavior." I replied "You're a good kid Dave, I hope your never put into that situation again." She said "Get going I think were done here." She added "Thank you, See you later." I said as I left ------I walked back to the cafeteria and sat down at my table.

"Are you in trouble?" Sara asked "No just a warning." I said "Well thank you David for what you did." She said "Don't worry about it." I said ------She was about to say something else as the bell rang. I got up and went through the rest of the day, up until practice. I changed and ran down to the field we practiced for about an hour then I saw my sisters in the stands talking to their friends.

We continued practice for another hour and as we broke out end of practice huddle we ran back to the locker room and changed. I got my backpack and walked out to the car where Jen and Sara were waiting.


I jumped into the back. "How was practice?" Jen asked "Fine I am just tired." I replied "You hungry?" she asked "Yeah starving." I replied "What do you want?" Sara asked "I could eat anything just stop wherever you girls want." I replied as I lay down "I am just going to lay down for a bit." I said ------I started to fall asleep, but I heard them start talking.

"So are you okay." Jen asked "Yeah I am fine just a little scared." Sara replied "Thank god Dave was there." She added "Yeah he is great even though we bust on him all the time." Jen said "Yeah and he never gets angry with me even though I annoy him all the time." Sara said "How so?" Jen asked "I go to the bathroom when he is in the shower. Just because it annoys him and most of the time I don't even go to the bathroom." Sara replied "Why?" Jen asked "Because sometimes I peek in on him." Sara said "Why?" Jen asked kind of shocked "I know he is our brother but he is the best person I know, but hes so hot and 'big'." Sara revealed "How big is he?" Jen asked "At least 8 inches long and about two inches think." Sara said "No way." Jen said shocked "Yeah it is." Sara said "Come on every guy I have been with has been like half that." Jen said "Well see for yourself." Sara said "Maybe." Jen said "Well tell me why you don't just find someone who is not your brother." She added "David would never hurt me." She said "You know he is probably going to go to a big school, and leave us here." Jen said "No he won't he loves us too much." Sara said "I hope your right cause to be honest; I kind of feel the same way about him." Jen said "Why haven't you tried anything with him?" Sara asked "Why haven't you?" Jen asked "I don't want to make him feel weird." Sara said "Then were in the same boat." Jen said ------I cannot believe what I just heard, I have always thought my sisters were sexy as anything and I wanted to be with them for the longest time.

So I thought here's my chance. As she pulled up to am Applebee's she yelled back for as to wake me up. I acted like I just woke up and worked my way out of the car. We got to a booth and they sat opposite each other making me choose which one to sit with. I sat next to Sara. I could tell Sara was a little happy but Jen seemed a little sad. The waiter came and took our orders. I started with frozen strawberry lemonade. And a chicken parm stack. Jen got a salad and a pepsi.

Sara got an iced tea and a double crunch shrimp. The waiter left and Jen got up to go to the bathroom. "So are you ok?" I asked "Yeah I am fine." Sara said "Ok just making sure, you know you can tell me anything." I replied as I put my hand on her leg. "y- Yeah I know." She said after a slight pause when I touched her leg. ------I pulled my hand off as Jen sat down, I could see Sara get a little disappointed as my hand left her leg.

We continued talking about school and what not until our food came. We ate our food and continued talking. We eventually got up and paid and went home. We sat on the couch till Sara got up and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

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A few minutes later I got up and went into the bathroom. I peeked into the shower and saw my naked sister washing her sexy had as her ample ass stared at me. It was so firm, as the soap slid down her back and through her ass crack. She was amazing in every way; I got hard as I stared at her gorgeous body. After a few more minutes I sat on the toilet seat waiting for her to finish. As the water turned off and she slowly walked out. She had a towel in her hands drying her hair. For the first time I saw her perfect breasts, they were bigger then I realized at least low d cup.

She walked over to the mirror and kept drying her hair. "Hey." I said "DAVID what are you doing in here?" She asked "Just making us even." I said "What?" she asked "Now we have both seen each other naked, and sis I have to admit you are very sexy." I said "How do you know I have seen you naked?" She asked "I heard you two talking earlier." I said "All you had to do was try." I said as I kissed her.

"Are you serious?" Sara said as she pulled away and looked into my eyes. "Yes I am." I said as I kissed her again ------At first she was shocked, not because it was wrong but that she was surprised it was happening. She slowly kissed me back as our tongues met in a fiery embrace. She let a soft moan into my mouth as I lifted her up and into my arms.

I walked her to my room and laid her down onto my bed as we continued to kiss like long lost lovers. I slid my along her body not enough to touch her but enough for her to feel my hand slide over her little hairs sending tingles up and down her body.

I slowly work my hand down body coming up to her shaved mound I slowly worked my finger up and down her slit. Stopping and ever so lightly hitting her clit.

I broke our kiss and went straight for her collar bone leaving just a little hickie. I slid my head down taking her nipple into my mouth. I heard a soft moan as I flicked her nipple. As I let it go I moved further down and kissed her lovely belly button, then slid further down making a trail of kisses from her thigh to her glorious clit. I licked the onside of her lips and slid my tongue into her tight pussy. She moaned as my tongue brushed up against her hymen. I took her clit into my mouth making her moan louder and louder.

All of a sudden through the moans Sara couldn't hold back I heard the door open and close.

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I knew it was Jen before she said anything, even though she just caught us I never stopped licking Sara. Jen quietly took off her clothes and laid next to Sara. Sara unknowing of Jens presence jumped at the unexpected movement. "It's just me." Jen said ------Without saying anything further I slid my hand over Jens leg and began rubbing her mound.

As Sara exploded on my chin with her powerful orgasm, I made my way to Jen first licking her up and down then sucking on her pretty clit. She quickly worked her way to orgasm as Sara sucked on her perky little breasts.

As she came, I slid my way back to Sara and placed my cock at her glorious entrance. "Are you ready?" I whispered ------As she nodded I slowly pushed my cock past her hymen as she winced in pain I leaned down and kissed her with every bit of passion I could muster. She quickly recovered as I slipped the rest of my cock hitting her cervix as I almost bottomed out still with barely and inch left.

I waited again for her to adjust to my size. I slowly pulled back the thrusted forward, she moaned as I hit her cervix, I pulled back and hit it again. I slowly worked my way up till I was going at a good speed. Jen was kissing her as I was pushing faster and faster, hitting her cervix and her letting out a little scream each time. As she tensed and a rush of her juices flowed around my cock I pulled out and Jen quickly got on top of Sara so she could kiss her as I took her from behind.

I could hear her moan loud as I bottomed out inside Jen.

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I pulled all the way back and slammed deep into her. I could tell she loved to force even whispered harder, harder. SO without any hesitation I was pounding her like a jack hammer I could feel her going through orgasm after orgasm until I couldn't take it anymore. With one last thrust I came into her overly tight pussy. Jen rolled out from between me and Sara and I collapsed between them, they rested their head on my shoulders.

"That was amazing." I said "You are so big." Jen said I smile and said "Well thank you." "Was I good?" Sara asked looking up at me shyly "You were amazing." I said as I gave her a kiss "Did it hurt?" I asked "Yeah but as soon as you kissed me I felt it all wash away." She said smiling.

"We should have done this a long time ago." Jen said "Yeah, but I never knew you both felt this way." I said "Well what now?" Sara asked "I don't know about you two but I am tired." I said laughingly "For real what does this mean between us." Jen said "I love you both and I want this to last for as long as it can." I said holding them both tightly. "Good." They said together ------I knew that I loved my sisters but I couldn't be completely honest with them.

I knew I was probably going to leave when I graduated, that maybe two years away but it's closer then they may realize.