Sex look xxx top مترجم بجوده عاليه

Sex look xxx top مترجم بجوده عاليه
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It was one of those Monday holidays that's not really a holiday, but sometimes you still get the day off from work. My mother was planning to go out for the day and do some shopping. I was supposed to go, but then we needed to get the furnace cleaned. I told her that I would stick around the house and wait for the repairman. I was 29 years old and I had a wonderful career, but not much of a love life. I had my share of hot guys and mostly one-night stands, but that's about it.

I wasn't really complaining too much though. The last time I had sex was with this hot 21-year-old delivery guy that came to our office to delivery some desks. All it took was a little flirting and during my lunch break we were in the bathroom stall with his pants around his ankles and his huge cock buried inside of me. It was hot, I'll admit.

I snapped back to reality when I realized that the guy coming over the clean the furnace would be Mr. Martelli. He was a nice old man that I had known pretty much all of my life.

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Definitely no plans to have my way with him. It was around one in the afternoon and my mom was out shopping with her girlfriends. She called about ten minutes ago to see if Mr. Martelli had arrived. "Not yet," I said while making some small talk and trying not to think how I was wasting a perfectly good day off. Just then there was a knock on the backdoor.

I opened it and was surprised to see a rather attractive young man standing there in blue work pants and a matching light blue work shirt. "I'm here for the furnace," the young man said. "Oh, come in," I said as I got over my initial surprise that it wasn't the old man I was expecting. "I was expecting Mr. Martelli," I said as I led the young man carrying the portable vacuum to the basement.

"My grandfather is busy on another job so he sent me," the young man said. "Great, as long as you can get the job done," I said in an attempt to be firm. After all, I was a woman home alone with a repairman - granted, he was a cute repairman though. "Believe me, I know how to get the job done," the young man replied in what appeared to be a come-on.

"Why don't you get your equipment out and get to work then," I said while heading back upstairs to the kitchen. I couldn't help but notice his firm, round ass as he bent down to plug in his portable vacuum machine to start cleaning the furnace.

I was upstairs sipping some coffee when he came up the stairs and said "All done." "Great, here's your money," I said while going to the table and getting the envelope my mom had left. He was kinda dirty from cleaning out the furnace, so I slipped the money in his shirt pocket.

I couldn't help but notice his firm pecs as I slipped the envelope inside and buttoned his shirt pocket. "A little young to be a full fledged repairman," I said trying to make small talk as the young man got pulled out his cellphone to call his grandfather.

"Yeah, I'm just about done here," he said before he hung up. "Just about done," I asked.

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"Is there something else you have to do." "Maybe," the young man said with a grin. "I think you better leave. I don't even know your name," I half-protested not wanting to admit that I found him incredibly hot and wasn't totally against the idea of some early afternoon sex. "I go to college and I help my grandfather out on the side.

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And my name's Kyle," he said. "Nice to meet you, I'm Amanda," I said as Kyle put his toolbox down on the table. "Do you mind, it gets kinda heavy," he said with a smile.

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"You might as well put the vacuum thing down to," I said while returning the smile. "I see it's got a big hose," I added. I couldn't believe how I resorted to being this cheesy with my return come-on.

"You like big hoses," Kyle said with a smile as he put the portable vacuum down on the floor and stepped closer to me. I rested my hands on his chest through his shirt.

"Feels like you workout," I said. "Yeah, almost everyday," Kyle responded. He told me he was on the college wrestling and track team.


My minded drifted to what he would look like in one of those singlets that leave little the imagination. "So, you said you were home alone," Kyle said with a sexy grin. "Yeah, my mom is out shopping, but she might be back real soon though, so maybe we shouldn't.," I said as Kyle started unbuttoning his blue work shirt.

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"What are you doing," I semi-protested. "Letting you check out the equipment," Kyle said while undoing the last button as his shirt drifted open to reveal a muscular chest and six-pack abs. "We shouldn't." was all I managed to say before I reached for the belt buckle on Kyle's work pants. "What are you doing," he mocked as he grabbed my hand. "Just checking out the equipment," I said with a smile as I undid his belt buckle.

My hand brushed across the swollen head of what appeared to be a decent sized cock hidden under his zipper. "Looks like you got some nice equipment here," I said will starting to slide down his zipper as my hand pressed against the rapidly growing shaft of his cock.

:"You have no fuckin idea," Kyle said while dropping any attempt to be subtle. His pants dropped around his ankles as he stood there in white boxer briefs that did little to hide his huge erection. He kicked off his pants out of the way and said "So, where you wanna do this" as he pulled my tight white top over my head and started unhooking my bra.

"Living room" was all I could manage to say as Kyle picked me up and carried me to the couch.


He pulled down my pants and panties and lowered me to the couch. He slipped his boxer briefs off and out sprang what appeared to be a 9-10 inch cock with a huge mushroom head and equally plump balls. "Is it true what they say about Italians," I playfully asked while grabbing onto Kyle's muscular back.

"You're about to fuckin find out," Kyle said as he eased his huge cock inside of me. I couldn't believe how big and thick he was. It was about as thick as a can of Coke - literally.

I couldn't help but start screaming and moaning as Kyle eased that Italian monster inside of me. He showed no mercy, clearly understanding that this was meant to be a hot fuck with no strings attached. Kyle worked himself up to a frantic pace as the couch strained from his efforts. "You want my fuckin jizz inside of you baby," Kyle asked as he got ready to blow.

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"Fuck yeah," was all I could say as he Kyle buried his cock deep inside of my drenched pussy a few more times before finally unloading a forceful blast of cum inside of me. I was amazed at how he kept shooting like a fire hose out of control. After a few minutes of almost non-stop cumming, Kyle eased his Italian monster out of me.

As he sat next to me on the couch with legs spread, I put my hands on his muscular thighs and looked at his now-soft cock.

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"You like my equipment," Kyle said with a smile. "Impressive," I said as I reached between his legs and cupped his massive balls. Even soft, Kyle's dick was amazingly thick. It wasn't long before Kyle started to rise to the occasion again.

"Want some more," he said. "I can't, my mother should be back from her day of shopping soon," I said as Kyle got a gleam in his eye and stood up and reached to pick me up. "What are you doing." I said. "Let's try it in a bed," Kyle said with a husky growl in his voice. By the time we got upstairs, Kyle was sporting a huge erection again. "Which one," Kyle asked while carrying me in his strong arms. "On the left," I said as Kyle rushed into the bedroom and dropped me on the bed.

"On your hands and knees," Kyle ordered as he got behind me and shoved his huge Italian cock inside of me again. My tits were bouncing as Kyle worked himself up to a frantic pace. Kyle let out some sexy masculine groans as he rammed his big, thick cock in and out of me at a steady pace.

I still couldn't grasp how thick this stud was. It was like being impaled. I felt every single inch of his huge cock as it slammed in and out of my dripping wet pussy. Kyle pulled out just as he was ready to blow and got on top of me and shoved his rod back in and went to town. After a few more minutes of heavy duty pumping, Kyle pulled out again and grabbed his cock to hold it steady as he spewed cum all over my stomach and tits.

Even he had a hard time trying to hold onto his massively thick monster as it shot like a fire hose. As Kyle's erection started to subside, I pushed him down on the bed and started licking his chest and stomach. I playfully moved to his muscular thighs, which were like tree trunks.

Then I looked up into his eyes and stuck out my tongue and licked his piss slit. I tasted a few drops of cum left over from his last eruption. I started to slide his still semi-hard Italian sausage into my mouth as Kyle let out a soft moan. It took a few minutes of heavy duty sucking, but it wasn't long before Kyle was back in business, so to speak.

I eased my mouth down as much of his monster as I could take. I have actually sucked guys with as much length as Kyle before, just not with this astonishing girth. I got about halfway down before I felt a twitching in Kyle's dick. After a few more minutes of caressing his sausage, Kyle blew in my mouth.

Cum was oozing out of my mouth as I kept up my steady sucking pace until Kyle finally deflating again. Even soft, Kyle was an impressive sight to behold. Just then, I heard a car door slam outside. I figured it was my mother. Even though I'm a grown woman, I still wasn't ready to explain why I was naked with the repairman's grandson. We rushed downstairs and Kyle hurried to get back into his work clothes. "Your boxer briefs," I said while quickly stuffing his underwear under the couch cushion as my mother came in from the kitchen.

"This is Mr. Martellis' grandson," I said as Kyle made his way to the front door. "Nice to meet you," he said with a smile that was clearly directed at me. I caught a quick glimpse of the outline of Kyle's cock in his work pants as he left.

"How was your afternoon honey," my mother asked as I helped her with her packages. "Just fine. Kyle got the job done," I said while fighting back a snicker.