Fat Girlfriend Loves Her Many Adult Toys

Fat Girlfriend Loves Her Many Adult Toys
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I found him in my room naked, as I returned from the bathroom. He took my bong off my dresser and filled the bowl with his weed. I stood through the doorway watching him smoke out of my bong, and let me tell you, it was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I loved watching guys smoke, especially naked. He lit up his weed and took a huge hit; smoke poured out of his mouth and he even did smoke tricks for me. He knew I thought it was sexy and it turned me on watching him get high.

I joined him shortly, taking off my shirt to tease him. I left my lace bra on and he tried to reach behind me and take it off but I wouldn't let him. I smiled teasingly at him while I smoked his weed. We were both higher than the clouds at this point when we just layed next to each other.

He wrapped him arms around me while we spooned and I could feel his nice 9 inch cock get harder and harder every time I moved closer to him. I grinded my ass on his dick to tease him some more.

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I loved teasing his hard cock and just working on him after he's had enough teasing. He slowly slid off my shorts and my panties to reveal my bare ass. He moaned as he grabbed my ass hard and spanked it. I climbed on top of him and kissed his soft, sweet neck. I licked, bit, and sucked it until he had enough. He unclipped my bra and my 38C breasts fell out. He lifted his head and sucked on my nipples until they were hard. "You know what would make this high even better?" I asked him while watching him grope and suck my nipples one after the other, making me tingle inside.

He made me moan so hard when he bit one of my nipples. "Let me fuck you baby." He finally with a sexy smirk. I grinded my wet pussy on his hard cock very slowly. He layed me down onto the bed, kissing from my neck, to my firm breasts, down my tight stomach, and finally to my sex. I spread my legs and he went to work immediately. He looked into my stoner eyes hungrily while working my clit, sucking and biting softly.

He moved down into my hole and stuck his wet tongue in, then licked from my hole to my swollen clit. He made me moan with every move.

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The weed made everything feel so much better, my body was tingling. He's so good at eating pussy that he can make me cum in seconds. He knew I was about to orgasm and stopped.

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"Not yet baby. Suck my hard cock, get it ready for you." He winked. I wanted him so bad at this point. I licked down his chest and stomach towards his cock. I kissed around his hard dick and worked on his balls, sucking them and licking them. I took his cock in my hands and lowered my head down onto him.

I deepthroated his long, thick cock, almost choking on it. He pushed my head down to keep me from lifting up from the deepthroat. My eyes watered and I loved him.

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I looked up at him and he was loving it. "Fuck my face baby, I know how much you love it when you're high." He took the chance and thrusted his cock into my mouth fast and hard. I wanted it in my pussy so bad. I was soaking wet, I had to touch it. I moved my hand down there and went towards the hole, putting two fingers in there while sucking his dick. I moaned with pleasure.


I was so fucking horny and high, I needed him in me. I got up and moved ontop of him. He knew what was coming for him.

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I kissed his lips hard as I positioned his cock into my wet pussy hole. He pressed me down hard and groaned. I was so tight for him, my pussy needed him. I moved my body up and down on his dick, tightening my pussy at times to tease him and make him feel better.


Wow, my mind was racing. "Ugh, baby. Please. no. I'm going to cum." He stopped me from riding him and told me to bend over onto the bed. I did what he said and he shoved his cock into my pussy.

He started pounding me hard, grabbing my hands and holding them behind my back. This was torture and I fucking loved it. His hard cock hit my g-spot every stroke. I squirted my pussy juices everywhere onto his cock. I loved how long he could make himself last and he always knew how to make me feel so good. he let go of my hands and reached over to fondle with my nipples. I was screaming in pleasure. He spread my ass to get his cock in deeper. It went as deep as it could go and made me eyes roll in the back of my head.

I was in heaven. He kept pounding and destroying my pussy with his rock hard dick. My boobs were rocking back and forth with every stroke. He would take out his cock and put it back in to tease me. He kept doing this until he stopped completely to suck on my pussy. He loved eating me out.

His tongue licked everywhere on my swollen pussy. He then spit on it to get it more lubed up and slammed his cock into my vagina. He slapped both of my ass cheeks so hard while fucking me that he left hand prints. I stopped him and started moving my ass back and forth onto his cock. He moaned one last time took his cock out, cumming all over my ass and my back. His hot cum covered my the back of my body. "Holy fuck baby, your pussy was so good today." He grabbed a towel and cleaned my back for me.

He flipped me over, kissing my lips softly. "So when's round two?" He winked.