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Maggie green tongue amp finger fucks mature alexis golden
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Hello my name is mark (or marcus but everbody calls me mark) i am around 6 feet tall i am 15 years old i attend a good private school and have small group of close freinds who are very important to me.My hair is pitch black and short cut(even though i prefer it long I consider myself to be rather good looking but ive never had a girl willingly strike up a conversation with me.I took this down to the fact that im a recluse among people i dont know very well,absolutely shit at flirting and generally unpopular as a person.

but back to the story.For every teenage guy there is just this one girl who you cant stop thinking about,talking about or picturing what they looked like topless(the very thought of the last one never fails to give me a woody).

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for me that girl is Sandra,she is in the year below mine and absolutely stunning,she has silky light brown hair that i had rarely seen loose around her shoulders because at school all girls have to have their hair tied back much as guys hair cant touch their collars. She has dark green eyes with the thinest ring of gold around her iris, and as green is my favourite colour this only aided my infatuation with her.Also she is the most talented girl i've ever met, she sings like an angel and i consider myself privileged to have heard her voice.She is smart aswell getting good grades and a good reputaion among the teaching staff(most of them also did a double take when they saw her walk by).

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She plays the Piano and guitar to accompany er singing and puts my mediocre ability to shame. "so why in gods name don't you ask her out?" Exclaimed kevin in desperation to a murmer of agreement from people around the table as we ate lunch in the school dining hall.(most of them were getting bored of my constant moaning and lusting after her."I mean seriously why not.she's smoking hot i know id hit that!"annother ripple of consent passed around the table "Kevin no offence meant here but you would "hit anything that stands still long enough!"a chorus of "ooooh he got you ther mate"s and "BOOM headshots"s "Hey take it from a guy who knows a little something about girls.

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a groan eminated from the crowd and we knew annother tall tale was heading our way.(Kevin was a self proclaimed ladies man and said so many things about sex he'd had and sex he'd have when he gets home that evening.for example he told me he had a girlfreind in his street in london which i didn't doubt but i disbelived any girls would do half the things that he said they had done with him)"OK ENOUGH"i said puting a little force behing my words"i really dont care what these girls did with you okay" "You're just jealous because you're in love with a girl whos way out of your league!!"this was said very loudly and most of the dining hall turned to look at me i felt there eyes burn into the back of my head and said loudly"Your right your mums way too good for me"laughter rippled out and people turned back to their food.As i looked around to admire my handiwork i saw keving rush forward pouring his coke all over my apple crumble.

"You absolute Wanker" i said as i stabbed my knife into his apple quite quickly we went back to eating the unscathed parts of our lunch "so why dont you ask her out?"the question was asked seriously and kindly(even Keven knew how much i loved her)"I dont know man its just.shes my best freind if i asked her out and she regected me what then?


I'd lose her as a friend completely and if i ask her out and she says yes and then we break up it will all the worse for it" "Yeah but what if she says yes?" that thought hadn't even entered my mind at that point so crippled was I by low self esteem and depression "i don't know .Maybe i'd get stinky fingers"i said faking bravado and playing to the crowd. my freinds are dicks to me and im a dick to them but we are all still freinds i guess its just immature talk.

as I sat on the bus home several thoughts were passing through my head as Sandra occupied the seat in front of mine her hair tied back into its usual bun (mostly how amasing it would be to take the hairband out and watch her hair come down and flow over her naked body)but other thoughts like how will i ask her?

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will i ask her? will she say yes?

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when will i ask her? "are you okay?"she asked as she turned around snapping me out of my reverie and finding myself almost level with her tits as she leant over the chair"You seem quiet tonight"I was blushing as i had been interrupted fantasizing about her tits,by her tits less than a foot away from me"Nono im fine"i said too quickly looking up at her.She blushed and i realised that i had been caught staring at her chest."sorry i was thinking" we spent the rest of the bus ride in amicable chatter about school and inconsequential things.As we got of the bus at my stop(she lived just down the streed from me less than a minutes jog away)We lingered at the end of my road to conclude our converstaion and i leant forward to say goodbye i gave her a quick hug and said goodbye to my absolute surprise she did not recoil or ask what i was doing and leant into the hug to.i felt the hot skin of her cheek in my cheek and realised she was blushing.

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The Prolonged physical contact with the girl of my dreams was starting to arouse i quickly pulled away from the hug and said goodbye for the second time and heard her murmer a reply to me.

as i turned into the my side street i turned to look at the end of the road and to my astonishment there she was looking at me i tried to pass of my surprise and gave her a wawe and called back goodbye for the third time she gave the sweetest most innocent wave i had ever seen and stood there watching me walk into my street.


I cheered silently in my head and thought about what i had just done, it was then that i realised that she didnt know what i meant by the hug and maybe she was creeped out or just thought it was a freind exultation changed to panic as i realised i was going to see her tomorrow. okay guys thats all for part one sorry theres no sex so farbut there will be i would love to hear feedback (i would prefer positive but y'know) that was my first text but i hope you enjoyed it i will write more thanks for reading.