Toy playing during massage hardcore and blowjob

Toy playing during massage hardcore and blowjob
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Let me introduce myself, my name is Maria. I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 130 pounds, I'm not skinny by any means, but I do have quite a nice shaped body. I have really big boobs, 44DD and my waist is about 30 inches around, my hips are 34 inches. I have a heart shaped ass, which is supper sensitive. Actually all of my back side is sensitive, from my shoulders to the backs of my knees.

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I am a supper horney woman and love to have sex, in just about any way, shape, or form. My boyfriend is not quite as passionate about sex as I am, but he makes up for it in other areas. My boyfriend is a little on the possessive side it's not that he bosses me around or is mean to me in anyway, actually it's quite the opposite. He wants to be together every single minute of the day.

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He even stands over my shoulder sometimes when I am on the computer, just to see what I am doing. Whenever I am doing anything he wants to be right there helping or watching, and I know that he means well, but this drives me crazy, it also drives me to the mall.

Now I know that you are probably thinking "Oh another fashionista!" But when I go to the mall to go shopping, it isn't for clothes, make-up, or shoes, it's for cock. This came about quite by accident, but a fabulous accident it was. Let me tell you about the first time.

I had been having a bad day even before my boyfriend had gotten on my nerves and I decided to go look for some art supplies at the local mall. He hates shopping, so it is a sure bet for some time to myself when I say I am going to the mall. I went into the store looking for some sketching pencils, and found what I was looking for quite quickly, four or five pencils and some erasers that I needed. Then I noticed a sale sign and started looking at the items, I picked up some more stuff and absent mindedly stuck the pencils in my back pocket of my skin tight blue jeans.

I have a bad habit of not bothering to get a cart to put stuff in. I never think I am going to need one.

I checked out and left the store, I had gotten about two steps outside of the door and someone grabbed my shoulder. He was a big man with very powerful hands, he emanated authority with his sheer size, like the kind of man you think of that works outside all day. He said "Excuse me miss, but I think you need to come back into the store." I of course said "no, I don't sir". "You have some items in your pocket that you didn't pay for; I have already called the police." He slid his hand down to the small of my back and started escorting me back into the store.

I immediately knew what he was talking about, "Oh my God, I forgot I put them in my pocket when my hands were full, I will pay for them right now." He said, "That's not how this works miss, just come with me." He never removed his hand from the small of my back as he led me to the back of the store. His hand felt as though he had been keeping it in an oven, it was so warm and big. His office was small with video screens all around the top of the room, there must have been eight of them at least.

I sat down on the only chair in front of his desk and he sat on the corner of his desk, very casually. He was such a large man that he looked out of place in the small office, and I began to feel very small in front of him.

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It didn't help that I had on such a long V-neck t-shirt and had not bothered to put on a bra that morning. His office was freezing too, and my nipples were starting to get hard as nails. I really wished I had put on the sweatshirt that was hanging by my door at home. I tried to explain again that I would be glad to pay for the items in my pocket and that I honestly hadn't been trying to rip them off. He said to save it for the police, he had heard all kinds of stories and that he wasn't interested in my lies.

I could feel the tears welling up inside myself, despite the fact that I rarely ever cry, especially in front of people. I really hadn't been trying to steal the pencils and up until this point I had really believed that I could just explain what happened and pay for the items and be on my way. I was starting to figure out that I was probably going to jail, and have a criminal record over $8.62 worth of stupid sketching pencils.

He looked down at me and noticed my nipples at once. He looked at them like they were a fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich; I thought he was going to start drooling. Not being a stupid girl, I wiped my tears away, squared my shoulders, which just made my large tits jut out even more. His eyes grew larger yet, as I scooted my chair to right in front of him. I laid my hand on his massive thigh and began to trace circles with my finger on it.

I looked up at him with my doe eyes "Is there any way we could work this out without the police?" His cock was already starting to strain in his pants, I could see the outline of it, and it looked huge.


My mouth started to water with the thought of it sliding in and out of my mouth. I love to suck cock and have been told that I am the best. Of course I think every man says that to anyone willing to suck them off. He stood up and grabbed the back of my head and held my check to his crotch, I could tell that he hadn't had anyone this close to his cock in a long time, which was a shame beings as it was so big. He was breathing very heavy and I could feel a spot of precum on his pants. I reached up and undid his pants; they fell to the floor with a thud.

He had on the typical whitey tighty's which were straining to hold in his massive 10 inches of hard cock.


I started to rub it up and down through his underwear, and he leaned his head back and moaned. "Does that feel good?" "Yesssss." he replied. "So, if I was to take that big fat cock out of your pants and start sucking on it, would you be so inclined to call the police and tell them that it was a mistake?" "Yessss, please just don't stop." I pulled his underwear off and got a good look at his massive cock.

The head was almost as big as a racket ball. I grabbed the base of him to hold him steady as I started licking his shaft up and down.

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I gently grabbed his balls in the other hand and started messaging them. They were so tight up against his body, I could tell he hadn't cum in a long time. He was breathing so heavy; I thought he was going to shoot his wad before I even got him in my mouth. I kept licking up and down his shaft to get him completely wet, and then I stuck his head into my mouth. I took my hand from his shaft and quickly licked my index finger, I then started to message around his asshole.

He let out a loud moan, and I plunged his entire cock into my mouth and let his head slide down my throat.

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He grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. It only took about ten strokes before he started yelling, "Oh fuck that feels so good, Oh fuck I'm gonna cummmmmm." I plunged my finger into his ass and he exploded into my mouth.

I swallowed all of his gooey spunk and sucked on his bulbous head until his shaft stopped pulsating in my grip. I pulled my finger out and licked it clean. His whole body was shaking, and he was whimpering like a small child. Once his breathing became normal again, and had done his pants up, he called up to the service counter and told the person on the phone to call the police and tell them that he had made a mistake.

"What's your name?" I asked "Jack, my name is Jack." "What's your name darling" "Maria, but you can just call me your little thief." I winked at him and went to leave his office. I stopped at the door and reached into my back pocket to get the pencils. "Keep em" he said.

"And I hope to see you often in our store."