Pretty shemale babe freting her long penis

Pretty shemale babe freting her long penis
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The Erotic MILFS Chapter 1 I stared out my window on the chance I would see her car drive up. My dick was hard at the very thought of seeing her and I could hardly wait.

We always had the most erotic sex, and she was a very willing participant. I loved her beautiful blonde short haircut and her beautiful face. She wore black reading glasses that gave her a sophisticated look, the kind of look that said I'm smart I'm sophisticated and I love to fuck. She had long legs, stood five foot seven tall and had a trim physique.

Her breasts were perfectly suited to her body. The total package was one really sexy woman. She was indeed the proverbial fuck machine. She absolutely adored having sex with me. She was very submissive, but when she wanted could be a real dominatrix. She was by far the sexiest woman I ever knew and would ever know. She liked everything about sex and would do anything I asked of her. Thoughts of the first time we met clouded my mind.

It was many years ago, in the town of Monteux just outside Geneva by a 45 minute train ride. We were on a junket hosted by our company. We came from different parts of the country and consequently didn't know one another. Four of us started walking up a steep mountain walk, on a warm summer day.

Two of the other men, hitched a ride to the top. We never saw them until the next day. It took us an hour as Susan and I climbed the road to what we thought to be the top.

I was very impressed at her athletic ability as she climbed the steep hills at full speed. We came across some beautiful hotels with hundreds of flowers in the garden. We stopped at two of them and had a glass of wine. I enjoyed talking to her. She was intelligent, outgoing and, frank. We climbed higher, and as it was getting late, found an outside restaurant and stopped in for dinner.

Over dinner, I found she was married but not very happily, and that she had a good friend named Jane. She talked a lot about Jane, telling me her story. She described Jane as smart and very pretty. It seemed Jane was married to a man that never gave her what she needed. Susan said Jane needed sex. "She needs a good fuck." She said with a giggle.

This caught me by surprise, as I didn't think she, (Susan), would use that kind of language. I was even more surprised when she suggested I might be the one to 'fuck' her. By this time we already consumed two bottles of wine and were feeling really good. I said, I didn't want to 'date' her friend, but if this was to happen, I would meet her in a hotel, with only one thing in mind.

I insisted she would have to agree to my terms before I took any action. Susan said she thought it would work out okay. I started to look at Susan in a different light. As I sat across from her on this soft night, I started to really see her beauty. Her body was tall, and slim. She had beautiful breasts pointed and high, and a beautiful face. Her eyes were large and gazing, her lips looked very kissable, and her hands very graceful. I thought to myself, why I didn't see this before.

Why didn't I see, this beautiful woman, as she really was? Although, the easy victory over Jane was in the bag, I found myself wanting Susan, not Jane. I suggested, perhaps Susan would like to 'test' me out, to see if I would be okay for Jane.

She laughed at my suggestion but left the door open. I worked that theme for the remainder of the evening. It was getting late and we had a train ride ahead of us so we started back down towards the train station. We were touching hands and as we made our way down, came upon a store that sold spirits. We bought a very large bottle of red wine and drank it on the way down.

We didn't come across a soul on our way but came upon a brook with a waterfall. I found out years later, I could have had her right there if I tried. I must have been oblivious. We came upon a landing overlooking the town below. There were two benches one occupied by an elderly woman, who left shortly after we sat down.

This was a moment which I will remember for the rest of my life. As we sat there in the soft summer air, we both in one motion turned to each other and kissed. This was the most wonderful and exciting kiss of my life. The excitement might have masked the fact that I had found the women of my dreams. The kissing became more passionate and I started to touch her body. She stopped me as I'm sure she hadn't decided what she wanted to do. We started out again but this time we held hands going down.

We waited for the train and boarded after 20 minutes. We sat next to each other and I was excited at the thought of having her that night. We touched and kissed often and by the time we reached Geneva, I was almost out of my mind with lust for her. We were both staying at the same hotel and when we got to Geneva, walked towards it. We stopped at the lake with the fountain lit as it shot hundreds of feet in the air. It was time to come to a decision. I really needed her that night and if I didn't get her I would masturbate alone in my room thinking of her.

We walked parallel to the lake and talked. "You know I want you and I know you want me, so tell me what it will be. Make up your mind, is it yes or no?" I said. She paused for quite a while and then said "Yes." I couldn't believe my ears. This exquisite creature, this married woman, was going to give herself to me! I pulled her into a u-shaped dark shop and kissed her passionately while in seconds I opened her blouse and pulled her breasts out in the warm summer air.

I sucked her nipples. Some people came by and she quickly covered up. We headed to the hotel. I asked her to come to my room to which she agreed. She went to her room. I was a little disappointed as I didn't know if she would go through with it. I didn't know if I would see her again. I showered and waited.

After about 15 minutes, a knock on the door. It was her and as she entered, we kissed passionately and loved and fucked for hours. I had never had sex with a woman quite like her. This was only a start to our relationship. It was 5 min.

after our appointed time and I knew it would be seeing her at any second. Susan was once divorced and now married to an older scientist for the last 15 years. He was her senior by 12 years and although she had sex with him, often she would fake her orgasms. She did however like to watch porno films with him; it made her hot and ready to accept his cock.

When he did fuck her, she would think of me. She was never shy about rendering what went on in her sex life. When asked she would tell me the last time she had sex with him, what he did, and how she felt. Susan had left my company years ago, to go to medical school, studying to be an orthopedic nurse. She had been in practice for four years.

Just as this thought went through my head I spotted her Mercedes coming around the corner. She passed my house and parked just down the next block. I anxiously waited for her to get out of the car, knowing I would see her full silhouette in just a few minutes. I waited.

I watched her car door open as she stepped out onto the street. My cock jerked as I observed her walking towards my house. She was wearing a flowered dress and medium heel shoes, she was also carrying a large handbag. I knew inside the handbag would be her high heel shoes and perhaps some erotic garb. Susan and I loved to play dress up. I don't know when it started or how, but we always enjoyed it.

I dressed the way she wanted me to; I had on a pair camel colored slacks, a silky shirt and nothing else, no underwear. I first dressed this way when we met one time in Las Vegas. When she reached down to my cock she remarked you're not wearing any underwear, I can feel your balls and it's really sexy. I like to see her wearing slutty outfits. In one of our sex sessions she wore a full loosely knit bodysuit which covered nothing.

I remember fucking her through the suit while she was propped up against a desk. She especially liked to wear stockings with a garter belt and high heels.

She always had a surprise for me. I had asked her to bring a sexy dress with her I hoped it was in her handbag. I couldn't wait to touch her; she was walking fast towards the door.

I rushed downstairs in order to get the door for her. As she got close I open the door standing discretely behind it, and let her in. Her sweet scent filled my nostrils. It was a hot day and she smelled oh, so good. I closed the door and embraced her. As our lips met, she melted into my arms. Her tongue met mine as we kissed with a passion shared by few. My hand found its way to her breasts and I could feel her nipples under her see thru bra.

She knew I liked to see nipples under a bra so she bought this bra especially for me. With our tongue still swirling I reached down to her dress and lifted it above her knees.

My hand found the inside of her thigh as I reached up and cupped her vagina. She let out a gentle sigh as I felt her pussy lips. She was not wearing any stockings her skin was warm to the touch.

I distance myself slightly from her and started to feel her mound. I started working my hand into her pussy. She was getting wet. I had spent days planning a thousand things I wanted to do to her. I wanted this to be special and very slow. I knew how I wanted her to dress, what I would do to her body, and how I would make her cum. I said in the quick whisper, "give me your tongue." and with that, she stuck her tongue into my mouth.

I put my fingers around her pussy, not quite inside yet, wanting to prolong that moment for a bit. I could feel the fabric of her panties getting wet. She was always such a slut for me. She let out a sigh as I touched her vagina, this affirmed the fact that she was here to fuck, and was mine for the asking.

I didn't think there was anything she wouldn't do. She was indeed a dream fucking machine. We were still in the hall and she was ready and willing. "What underwear are you wearing?" I asked? "A bra and panties, my bra is see-through type that you love so much, my panties are thong type that just covers my pussy. I shaved my pussy lips two days ago and my husband didn't even notice. I know you like a nice shaved pussy and I just love the way you suck my cunt. Many people think that cunt is a nasty, dirty word, but I think it's very erotic.

I got this from you, you know. I love it when you use it, it makes me really hot." She replied. "I see the zipper is in the back of your dress Susan, why don't you just turn around." She did as I asked. I stooped down and ran my hands up her body, starting at her feet, up her legs, around her hips, past her breasts, upper neck, past her mouth, into her blond hair.

The only words from her were Mummum. I put my hands on her breasts and squeezed them. They were very firm and very athletic. On almost every occasion that we met, we would go through this ritual. We both loved this time. I reached behind her neck and found a zipper. It went down to the small of her back.

I slowly unzipped it and could see her tan colored bra. I started to slip her dress down past her shoulders and as I did, Susan put her hands behind her head. She then ran her hands through her beautiful blonde, short hair. I stripped the dress off her body and let it fall to her feet. She didn't move or try to step out of the dress. She loved the fact that I was running the show.

I guided her feet out of the garment and picked it up and put it aside. "Turn around Susan." She turned and stood there in her bra and panties.

"You look so good standing there in just your underwear, are you mine for today?" "Yes, she replied, I'll do anything you want, I'm here for you, anything." She put her hands on her hips and slowly turned around so I could see her body."I really love when you tell me what to do, I like doing it for you, it makes me very, very, hot and gives me juicy pants." She turned around slowly, I watched as her muscles tensed, her breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall, she was quite a sight now facing me with her hands on her hips; I was so hot for her.

"Keep your hands on your hips; I want to strip you right where you stand." I took a step towards her and put my hands on each side of her panties, and slowly pulled them down.

When I got them down to her knees, I released them and let them fall to her feet. I noted her pussy was mostly shaved and there was a small wet spot on the panties that now lay at her feet. She stood there for me, in her 3 inch heels and see-through bra, her panties at her feet.

Her pussy was exposed and vulnerable. I reached behind her and unclipped her bra and pulled it off her body. She was quite a sight nude, except for her shoes, and her panties at her feet. "Susan, step out of your panties." She did as I asked; stepping back out of her panties. I walked up to her and with my index finger, put it in her mouth. "Suck it and make it really wet, because I'm going to put it right up your cunt." She sucked on my finger and I took it out of her mouth, and put it right up her hole.

She had a warm and very wet slippery pussy, I could see by the expression on her face that she loved having my fingers up her pussy. I put a second finger up her and started to move them in and out to make her even hotter than she was. She started bending her knees slightly to my rhythm. I let her enjoy this for a few minutes and then took my fingers out of her, now, dripping cunt. I held them up to her face at which point, she opened her mouth knowing that I was going to have her suck them off.

I slipped my fingers dripping with her cunt juices right into her mouth and she sucked her juices off each of my fingers. My dick was so hard it was straining against my pants, I wanted to fuck her right then and there, but I also wanted to make this last. "Susan, did you bring some sexy things to wear?" "I knew you're going to ask me that and you know I always try to please you, so I brought some really sexy lingerie with me." "Susan, step out of your shoes, I want you completely nude, as you tell me what you brought." Susan slipped out of her shoes first the left, and then the right.

She gracefully pushed them aside with her left foot and stood there in the nude. She described the clothes that she brought, the clothes that she would wear when I fucked her. She took a half a step back and then let her left hand wandered to her left nipple. Next her right hand wandered towards her clitoris. She started to rub it as well. She now stood there before me nude, massaging her nipples, and her clitoris. "You know, it's very exciting for me to shop for lingerie that you like to see me in.

I get very hot as I shop for stockings, high heeled shoes, garters, panties, and bras. I think of you making me put these things on and performing for you. It gives me juicy pants every time. To answer your question, I brought a pair of 4 1/2 inch black high heels. They are very elegant closed toed as you like. I wore them the other night when I went out with my husband.

It made him very hot, I could see him looking at them every now and then. But, as you know, I was thinking of you." "My husband wanted to fuck me last night, but I wouldn't let him.

I was saving myself for you. I brought two pairs of stockings, one black with dark black upper, and one nude, with darker nude tops. You could dress me in either one. I want to make your cock really hard.

I brought a black pair of panties and a black ultra sheer, see-through bra. I hope these are the things you wanted me to buy, and wear for you.

And oh yes, I brought one more thing, I brought a skirt and jacket and white pearls. I know sometimes you like to see me fully dressed, before you fuck me." "You know you're making me so fucking hot. You are going to get a very hot cock down your throat and up your cunt. Pick up your bag and go upstairs, I want to watch you." Susan slowly walked over to her bag, bent over, and lifted it.

She turned and started towards the stairs. She started walking up the stairs, in a very sensual manner, her hips moving with every step. I caught a glimpse of her ass hole as she walked.

I thought of the two times I fucked her in the ass, once in L.A., and once in Madrid. When she got to the top of the stairs she turned and in her nude state, smiled, and faced me She slowly moved her hands down to her pussy, and then spread her cunt lips. "Do you like my wet pussy? I'm all yours, I always have been, no one makes me feel like you do." "Susan, go into the bedroom." I said. She turned and once again picked up her bag, and walked into the bedroom. She was quite a sight nude as she was.

In the bedroom there was a full length mirror and king-size bed. Next to the bed was a sofa and chair, in which I wanted her to sit when she dressed. I just watched in amazement at the beauty of her nude body. I realized how lucky I was to have a mistress the likes of her. I loved her, and have loved her for years. She was a lady and a slut. Who would ever want anything more? She instinctively went over to the chair and sat down.

She was looking me in the eyes as she crossed her legs and put her hands, palms down on her legs. With a big smile on her face she was saying, I'm here, what do you want to do to me? Susan knew exactly what she was doing, she was here for great sex and she was here for great love. She loved to be naughty, and loved the experience with me. She loved her husband, as I love my wife, but neither of us had anything like this at home. When we had sex it was almost a religious experience.

Susan was the love of my life I could only enjoy her in short glimpses. I was grateful for the opportunity to see her when we were together I always wished it was last forever, knowing well, that it could not. "So, here we were with hours and hours to spend with each other, the question was where do we start." As I watched her sitting there crossed legged, nude, and smiling, I knew we were in for a great time.

"Are you going to dress me or are you just going to fuck me nude, the way I am?" "You know how much I love to dress you, sometimes I like to watch you do it and sometimes I like to dress you myself." "So which do you want today?" She asked.

"Today, I think I will dress you myself, I think that would be really exciting, do you?" "I would love to just lie back and have you dress me. You know I'm all wet every time I see you, I can't think of anything but fucking you. I think of you every morning and every day." "Well then, why don't you just relax and I'll dress you the way I like you." I picked up her bag and spilled the contents on the bed.

There was a new pair of black stockings and nude stockings. Included was a bra and panty set, very sheer, completely see-through. She had also packed a black garter belt. I always loved her in stockings and garter. As she has told me she also had a gray business skirt and jacket. And last but not least on the bottom of the bag was a pair of shiny black 4 1/2 inch stiletto heels.

My cock jerked as they took them out of the bag and placed them on the bed. I was still dressed and Susan was completely nude sitting in the chair. I couldn't help myself as I reached down to my cock and started to stroke it.

"Why don't you take your cock out and stick it in my mouth?" "Not yet Susan, I want you to be really hot before my cock goes down your throat." Susan's' heart was racing; she was wet, nude, and ready.

She wanted to fuck and she wanted it soon. But she knew I was going to drag this out and make her really need it, before she got any cock. I went over to the bed, and unwrapped the nude stockings. "I think I'll put the nude stockings on you first and after I fuck you, we'll take a rest.

I'll put the black stockings on you and fuck you again." "You know you're making me hotter every second, I almost can't stand it." She said. "Don't worry, Susan, you'll have cock soon enough, but first we have to play." After I removed the nude stockings from their packaging, I moved towards Susan, and she instinctively uncrossed her legs affording me a nice view of her pussy.

She stretched her left leg out and pointed her toes so that I may easily slip the stockings up her leg. I rolled the stockings, put it over her foot, and slowly rolled it up her leg. Her smile turned to a very lusty look. After the stocking was on her left leg, she put her foot on the floor and stretched out her right leg so that I may do the same to that leg.

I then picked up the garter belt and again she instinctively stood up. I could tell she really loved this.

I don't know if it was the anticipation of getting fucked or the feeling of being dressed in this most erotic manner made her so hot. In fact, I really didn't care, I just wanted her hot. After the garter was around her waist I started attaching the stockings.

When I was finished I was so hot, that my cock was dripping pre-cum. The next thing I did was to put the bra on her. I wanted to see the finished product soon, so I took the shoes and one at the time placed them on her feet, as she balanced on one foot and then the other. I decided not to cover her pussy because it was something special about having her walk around with her beautiful sex organ exposed and ready to fuck. So there she stood, in her see-through bra her nipples hard and exposed, stockings and garter and standing in 4 1/2 inch heels which made her stand almost six feet tall.

"Walk across the room and back." "Whatever you want", she said, as she started to walk across the room. She was steady in her black heels. The way her body moved when walking, was like a wet dream come true.

She walked across the room twice and then at the far end turned faced me, and started fingering her pussy. "I love it when you finger your pussy." She looked at me with the devilish grin and with her left hand spread her pussy lips apart, while her right hand slowly massaged her clitoris. She really knew how to make me hot. She liked to push my buttons, like I liked to push hers. She started walking towards me while doing this obscene thing to her vagina. She walked cross legged, one heel in front of the other.

It was a beautiful sight. When she came close to me she stopped, placed her right index finger into her cunt, and fingered herself several times. She then, took it out of her pussy, slowly brought it up to her face, and put her finger now dripping with cunt juice, right in her mouth. She kept eye contact with me the entire time. She wanted to show me, she knew exactly what she was doing.

I took a step towards her, and kissed her passionately, slowly sliding my tongue into her mouth. As I was tonguing her, I stuck my index finger up her pussy.

I worked it up and down a few times, and then released her lips. I then brought my finger up to my mouth, and sucked her juices while she watched me. I think she really got off on watching me do this, I think it really excited her to see how much I enjoyed sucking her juices. "Susan, get on the bed." I commanded. Lie down on your back, spread your legs and your arms." She did just as I asked lying back on the bed in her erotic garb. I reached behind her and undid her bra, sliding it off her body.

I had prepared some ties for her on the bed. I think she knew I was going to tie her to the bed. I knew this was something she really enjoyed. I tied her right hand, followed by her left. I then tied her legs, spreading them over the edge of the bed so as to get a good view of her pussy. When I was finished, I stood back and looked at her. She was spread eagle on the bed, vulnerable to my every whim. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked. "I'm so hot right now you just can't imagine.

I can't even think I'm so hot." "Does your pussy needs a little attention? Would you like a nice warm tongue up your cunt?" "Oh yes, please stick your tongue up my cunt. I love it when you lick and suck, my clit." I walked over to the bed, and positioned a pillow behind her head and then another so that she may watch me suck her. I knew she got off on watching me suck her pussy.

She thought it very erotic, to say nothing about how it made her feel. I positioned myself between her legs and slowly lowered myself to her pussy, maintaining eye contact with her the whole time. I spread her cunt lips, lifted her ass slightly and placed my tongue just slightly above her hole. I slowly licked my way up to her waiting pussy, pausing just a few seconds and then slowly sinking my tongue, right up her cunt.

She let out a moan, as my tongue went inside her. She was warm and juicy, and I just loved her taste. I let my tongue go as deep in her cunt as it would go and then took it all the way out and back in.

She was watching this, and I know it excited her beyond belief. I lifted her ass and looked her right in the eyes. I then put my tongue, at the base of her cunt and slowly licked my way up to her clit, at which point I sucked her clit into my mouth. Her eyes began to close as I ran my tongue around it in circles.

She let out a sigh and I knew she was beginning to experience a mini orgasm. I though, I would let her have a little fun so I continued. Her pelvis starting moving up and down with my sucking, her sighs became louder. I didn't want her that close so I let her clit out of my mouth, and gave her a lick from top to bottom. I could see she was a bit disappointed, but this would only make her orgasm that much greater.

I slid up her body with her juices covering my face, and kissed her deeply. I then put my tongue in her left ear and she jumped with delight when I did. I ran my tongue around her ear for a bit and then whispered; "Susan, I'm going to suck your clit, and put a finger up your cunt and in your ass." "Oh, I'm so hot." She said. "I haven't fucked you in the ass for a long, long time. I think today may be the day." I stood up and took a long look at her stretched out spread eagle on the bed.

I turned and walked downstairs, went into the bathroom, and picked up the tube of lubricant. I walked back upstairs. I wanted to take a picture of her like she was but I knew she would never allow it. But then again, she was all tied up and couldn't really resist. I would love to have a photograph of her like this so that I may use it when I fantasize about her, and masturbate.

I got up on the bed, in between her legs and opened a tube of lubricant. I spread some all over my right index finger holding it up so she could see it. She knew in a few seconds that it would be up her ass. I slowly brought my finger down to her pussy and then to her ass hole. I started to work my way in, she didn't resist, but tensed up a little as it was going in. She had a most delightful ass hole, there were many times, when I tongued her ass. "Susan, does that feel okay up your ass?" "It's okay, it feels good with you working your finger in and out." I then slid a finger from the same hand into her pussy.

I could see from the expression on her face, that she was beginning to like this. I kept going in and out of her pussy, as I lowered my lips to her clitoris. "Oh, suck my clit, it feels so good to have your lips on it." I did as she asked, and took my lips all around her clitoris licking and sucking it, as I fingered her pussy and ass. "Oh, OH!, It feels so good, so good, nobody makes me feel like this except you." I reached up with my left hand and put it on her right nipple.

I started to squeeze it ever so lightly at first, and then harder, and harder. Her legs started to move with the pinching and the sucking, and the fingering. She was really getting it and she loved it. "Susan, do you remember when I fucked you in the ass in Madrid? Do you remember how you bent over and spread your legs for me? Do you remember how I slid it in and out of your ass? I could still see your long legs apart, you were half up on your toes, as I ass fucked you." I worked my finger a little deeper up her ass.

"I remember, it felt really strange to be fucked in the ass. I thought about it uggggg, over the years, I've even unnn fantasized about it once or twice." She said as I fingered her.

"Well Susan, maybe you'll let me fuck you in the ass again." "If you want to, but you'll have to use lots of lube. But I really wanted it in my cunt, could we do that?" "You know you're going to get it in the cunt no matter what." I took the finger out of her pussy and started working her ass with my index finger.

I decided, since she was all tied up to give her a little treat and let her come. As I fingered her ass slowly, I lowered my lips to her clitoris and sucked it in my mouth. My cock was straining to get out of my pants but I stayed dressed to enhance the situation. I started sucking her clit faster and faster. My finger still up her ass, I kept fingering her ass in a slow manner in and out, very slowly. I could see she was getting more and more excited.

I turned my finger, slightly up her ass, and she let out a little moan. I started sucking her clit faster and I heard her breathing speed up. I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Did I want to prolong it or should I let her have her orgasm?

I decided to let her have some fun, and so kept on her clit. "Do you like that?" She didn't answer, I doubt if she even heard me, because she was so close to coming. Her breathing got faster and faster, and I knew she would cum at any second. "OH GOD, I'm cuming." She whispered. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming, oh, ah! Oh!, ah!, oh!, CUMING! Oh my God, CUMING!" Her body tensed, her legs went straight, her hands closed, as did her eyes. She was having a full adult, orgasm!

She jerked up and down several times as I gave another licking to her clit. She kept going Oh, OH, God! oh, oh! Cumming! Her body jerked several more time, and she said, "stop, stop. Please stop." But I didn't, I kept sucking her clit and fingering her ass. Her gyrations finally started to subside and I let my finger slide out of her ass with a pop.

She just laid there, her breasts heaving, up and down, her eyes open and her lips parted. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash, and when I came back in, she was half asleep. She looked so good, right after an orgasm lying there in her most erotic state.

But now, it was time for something else. I stood beside the bed, and started to undo the buttons on my shirt. She looked at me, and started eating my body up, with her eyes.

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I stood 6 feet tall, and had a slender build. When the buttons to my shirt, were undone, I slipped it off my body. My hand instinctively went down to my dick. I rubbed my hard-on and just couldn't wait to see it deep in her ass and cunt. I unbuckled my belt and pulled it out of my pants. I unbuttoned my pants and undid the zipper. I let them fall to the floor my dick sticking straight out like a flagpole. I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked at this cock right in front of her face.

Susan was a cock sucker not just any cock sucker but an experienced deep throating I love to suck cock cock sucker. No one has ever sucked me like she did.

She was by far and away the best cock sucker I ever knew or would know. She would take the full cock down her throat and drink the cum right down. I started stroking my cock small slow strokes. I was already dripping small drops of pre-cum. I just had to give her a taste of my cock and so I lowered it dripping with pre-cum down to her face and brought it close to her mouth. She parted her lips and then opened her mouth just waiting to taste my cock.

It was a most erotic picture my cock just outside of her mouth and her mouth opened and paused ready to take it in. She was looking me right in the eyes as I lowered my dick slowly into her mouth.

I let it go in slightly past the head but Susan had other ideas. She wanted the whole cock right down her throat. She kept straining against the ties to get more and more of my cock down her throat; I leaned forward slightly so that she may take the whole dick right down. She had most of my cock down her throat and I was enjoying the sensation that I rarely felt. She was making me very very hot.

I knew if I let her continue I would come in her mouth. Although the thought was very enticing I wanted to have more of an intercourse with her. I backed off taking my cock out of her mouth. She let out a slight gasp as I did. "Susan I would love to cum in your mouth but as you know I'm going to fuck you." "Oh yes I want your cock inside me I want to feel your rod right up my cunt. You could fuck me in the ass if you want to.

I would never say no to you but if you want to fuck me in the ass you may. You fucked my ass twice before!" "Susan you know I love you very much you also know I would do anything for you." "So how would you like me?" "Would it be okay if I fucked you in the ass?

I'll be gentle I promise." "Yes." She whispered. I untied her arms and then her legs. "Susan why don't you stand up and go over to the chair and bend over. You know what I'm going to do." Susan walked over to the chair and in most erotic fashion. She knew how to show off. When she got to the chair she put her two hands on the back leaned over and spread her legs. It was such a beautiful sight to behold. There she stood in her heels and stockings with her legs parted waiting to take it up the ass.

"Do you like me like this?" she said. "You know I do and I so love to choreograph you." "I like it when you do and I love the things you do to me. You know how much I love you and how much I want you. I think of you every day and every night I think of you when my husband fucks me. You are the most erotic person I know." I went down on my knees and put my hands on her butt cheeks.

I spread them to expose her beautiful ass hole. I just had to taste it. She jumped slightly as my tongue touched her skin. I started to slide my tongue around her ass hole and then slid it right inside. I licked her like this for a while and every now and then I slid a finger up her cunt. After I had her good and wet I spread some lubricant on my finger and slid it up her ass. I then took more lubricant and spread it all over my cock. "You can fuck me anyway you want anytime you want I'm yours for the asking." "Get on the bed and on your knees and put your ass up high." She did as I asked spreading her legs slightly putting her head down with her ass and cunt up in the air.

I moved right up to her and then to her surprise slipped my cock up her cunt. She'd let out a gasp as I worked her pussy for a bit. "Are you going to give it to me up the cunt? I thought you wanted it up my ass hole. You fucked me in the ass before I can't say I love it but I can't say I hate it either.

I do however; love the fact that it makes you so hot." She said. "I love fucking you in the ass but I more love fucking you in the cunt. I'll just fuck your ass for a few minutes and then it will be time to take it in the cunt.

I know you love that word cunt and that's why I use it. I know it makes you hot and I want you real hot when I give it to you in the cunt." "Susan stand up and let me see you finger yourself right where you are." She stood up stopped in her tracks slightly opened her legs and while looking at me with one hand holding up the lubrication moved her other hand to her pussy and then put a finger up her cunt.

What a sight. She stood much higher than her 5'7" frame in her black pumps nude stockings and garter. She stood there in that garb with a finger up her cunt. She was a far the sexiest woman I ever knew or imagined. And there were many over 200 that I was intimate with. I couldn't imagine any woman anymore sexy then she. She was the ultimate fantasy. Loving playful naughty sexy adventurous the ultimate sex machine. "Do you want me to cum with my fingers or are you going to fuck me in the ass?

You only took me in the ass twice before but I know you like it so you could ass fuck me if you want." With that she took her finger out of her cunt and Uncapped the tube of lubricant. She spread some on her finger turned around her ass towards me held her cheek open with one hand and stuck the finger with the lubrication up her ass. I had known other the women who loved it up the ass.

One woman Karen would rather have it the ass than anywhere else. Another woman Andy while I was fucking her from the back and accidentally slipped it in her ass said "it's okay I like it there." Karen on the other hand preferred it up the ass.

She particularly liked to lay on her back holding her legs up and back so that my dick could slide nicely up her ass. But that's another story. Susan wasn't like that; I felt that she would take it up the ass for me not for her. I don't know which I found more exciting.

"Susan if you finger yourself while I'm up your ass could you come off?" "I'm sure I could is that what you want you want me fingering my clit while you're fucking my ass? You want me to cum so that you could feel my ass closing on your cock? Is fucking me in the ass the way you want to humiliate me? It's all right I'm good with anything you do anything!" I walked over to her and ushered her to the bed. "Before I fuck you in the ass I need you to be really hot. So I think we need a good cunt licking beforehand.

Make yourself comfortable on the bed and let me get a good view of that nice wet pussy of yours. I'm going to give it a real good licking." She lowered herself on to her back with her legs open and spread wide. With both hands she pulled back her cunt lips. She adjusted herself several times to get in the most comfortable position and then just waited for my tongue. I lowered myself to her pussy and could smell her sex. Her head was propped up on a pillow with the perfect view of my face in her cunt.

"Lick it would you mind sliding your tongue inside?" "I would just love that and if you don't mind I would love you to tell me exactly what you want. Exactly how to lick you and suck that beautiful clit of yours." "You like that don't you?

Okay start by lightly flicking around my pussy. Don't touch my clitoris or stick your tongue inside. I'll tell you when." I did as she asked and started to lick around her cunt hole. I licked the left side down the right avoiding her clitoris. I licked down to her ass hole and then back up. I did this for several minutes increasing speed and I could see she was getting excited.

"Now you could stick it in my cunt." It was exciting to hear her talk like that and so I made one more quick round about her pussy and then into her cunt as far as my tongue would go. As I entered I loved the delicious odor she was emitting. My tongue was scoping her pussy as if it was an ice cream cone. I kept Tonguing her juices in my mouth and enjoying every morsel. She was delicious. I raised her legs a little higher so that I may get deeper inside. It was more than apparent that she loved this.

I slipped a finger up her ass as I was tonguing her I pushed it high up her ass. She didn't mind the finger partly because of my tongue and partly because it was so erotic.

"Put a finger up me while you tongue me right up my wet cunt." She said. This excited me even more. I put another finger up her cunt while fingering her ass all the while tonguing her hole. "Oh god!" she moaned as I worked her ass and cunt.

"Oh god! you're going to make me cum. I tongued her cunt a little faster while removing my finger. I then took my tongue out of her leaving only my finger up her ass which I worked even faster. "Suck my clit suck my clit!" she said with a sense of urgency. "Suck it!" she said. and I decided to stop and let my finger slid slowly out of her ass.

I knew she was a little disappointed and wanted to cum right there but we had a lot of time. "I'm going to wash why don't you lie down and give yourself a fingering?" "What a good idea." She said as she walked to the bed. After I washed I went back in the bedroom only to find Susan stretched out on the bed with her legs spread and slowly working her clit with her right hand.

Her clit was clearly visible as it was a bit swollen due to the attention it was getting. She lay there in stocking garters and heels masturbating for me. I loved to watch her and did so for a few minutes. I watched how she rubbed her clit sometimes in circles and sometimes small up and down motions.

I truly loved this woman. I wish she was mine forever not just for today. "Susan eat yourself let me see you eat your pussy." "Like this?" she took her index finger and slowly worked it up her cunt. She then slid another finger up her dripping hole and worked it a bit. Then out came her fingers dripping with her juices and she put them right in her mouth.

My dick couldn't get any harder than it was at this moment. "I want to taste you." I said. She stuck her fingers again back into her pussy and took them out again dripping and brought them up to my mouth.

She spread her juice all over and around my mouth and then inside so I could suck them dry. I always loved her taste but today I particularly loved it.

I needed to kiss her so I lowered my lips to her and as our lips touched we both went after each other. She wrapped her arms around me as I felt her sheer stockings with one hand and the other went for her pussy. Our tongues were intertwined and we sole kissed to what seemed like hours. Every now and then she slipped a finger up her pussy up to feed me more juice. I loved the feeling of her beautiful tits against my chest. We rolled over and she got on top of me we were still locked in a deep tongue sucking kiss.

I put my arms around her and held her tightly as I put my tongue so far up her mouth she gasped for air. Then she started something that always drove me wild. She started to grind her cunt onto my cock. She was rubbing it up and down in long slow strokes. It felt wonderful. My arms went behind her as I spread her legs slightly and then let my two fingers slide into her pussy. "Oh I love your fingers inside me right up my CUNT." she said in a deep voice as she tongued me some more.

She was again getting excited. I knew by the way she was kissing me. I actually felt her clit rubbing my dick it was wet with juice. "You like to don't you you like rubbing your clit on my leg don't you?" "I do. It can make me a very hot lady and I know you love me when I'm hot and wet." " I love you when you're wet I love your juices I love to taste them." With that said she reached down to her cunt twisted two fingers in and took them out dripping with her juice.

She brought them up to our mouths and we both licked them dry. "Susan we have to slow down. We have lots of time and we should make this last for as long as we can. I know will both be thinking of this tomorrow you may have to fuck your husband and I'll bet you anything with this fantasy in your head you'll cum off." "You may be right but this is like living in a fantasy." I slowly rolled her off of me and I stood up.

I walked over to where she dropped her underwear and picked up her panties. "Susan would you walk over here please?" She did as I asked clicking over in her high-heeled shoes. "What are you going to do to me?" "Step little closer." I said.

I took the crotch of her panties and slid them up her juicy cunt. "I want to see you walk with the panties hanging out of your pussy. Susan walk to the end of the room and back. It was a very erotic sight to see. "Don't tell me you don't like to do this because I know you get off on it. You like to be watched and you like to be told what to do." "You know me so well and yes I love showing off for you." With that she started walking towards the window.

The sight of her in her 41/2 inch heels her nude stockings and black garter was wonderfully enhanced by her black panties hanging between her legs. When she got to the window she stopped and lifted her right leg up putting it on a bench so that I can get a good view of what she was doing.

With her legs spread like that I had a great view of her pussy with her panties hanging down. She reached down with her right hand and put her index finger on her clitoris it started going around in little circles. "So Susan tell me more about how you fuck your husband I love to hear the details.

I also love the fact that you would confide in me this thing that you would tell no one else. When you tell me these things I feel much closer to you I feel like you trust me and I feel a stronger love for you every time." "You always make me feel so hot I love the way you talk to me.

I've always loved it. There's nothing about me that I would say to you or tell you about." "One time My husband came home from work in the early afternoon she said while massaging her clit. When he came in he did something very out of charter.

He walked up to me and reached right between my legs. My thoughts went to you immediately. He quickly pulled my dress off of me and I was standing there in just my underwear and shoes. He pulled my bra down exposing my tits. Then he pulled my panties down to my ankles and slipped them off with my shoes.

Then he unhooked my bra and I stood before him completely nude. I didn't have time to put my fantasy about you together. He was so horny and so fast I didn't have time to react. He never said a word." "He pulled me over to a chair and put one of my legs up on the chair. He then shoved two fingers up my vagina. He started working me and to my surprise I started to get hot.

All I thought about were the two fingers up my cunt and nothing else. I guess you could say that I was having sex. I was wet. Then he did something that was also out of character for him he bent me over the chair unzipped his pants and shoved his cock right up my pussy.

He was stroking me before I can catch my breath and I knew it wouldn't be long. In about a minute he started to orgasm. We don't use a condom I felt him unload in my pussy up my cunt. I had an orgasm." "That's quite an erotic story Susan so you liked it when he just stripped you down and fucked you. " "I did like it it didn't give me time to think about who was fucking me it was just plain raw sex." "Take the panties out of your cunt and lick them." I said.

She reached down with her other hand and slid the panties out of her cunt. She brought them up to her mouth and she opened the crotch section that was wet and gave me a look. She held the pose for a few seconds and then said; "You love to see me eat myself don't you? You know I like doing it for you but I want you to know that I'm going to feed you some of your own cum." She started to lick the panties she kept eye contact with me the whole time as if to say look at what I'm doing and I like it.

"Susan why don't you come over here and bent over the couch." "I want to stick my dick up your ass." She did as I asked spread her legs slightly and bent over the arm of the couch and then she looked back at me as if to say `I'm yours `. I gently slid my lubed up cock slowly up her ass.

I worked my cock in and out of her ass for the next few minutes. She was moving beautifully with me giving me what I want giving me herself unequivocally. She never asked anything of me nor do I of her.

We were in this for each other to make each other happy to make ourselves excited and hot and sexy and the fuck our brains out. You were getting what we could never get it home. As I slid my cock in and out of her ass I thought it would be very erotic to talk to her about her sex life with her husband.

I don't know why but it may be hot to hear her talk about someone else fucking her. "When was the last time he fucked you?" "My husband fucked me three days ago. He came home and something must've excited him at work I don't know what. All I know is that he wanted sex that night. He asked me if I would watch a porno movie with him.

I knew I would be meeting you today and I thought why not? I'll just fantasize about you and let him fuck me. And so I did. He wanted his dick sucked and so I sucked him he just wanted to put it inside me and get himself off. So I let him. I didn't feel anything I just wanted him to get it over with but in the meantime I thought of you." She was making me hot with her talk.

I reached around her front and lowered my hand to her pussy. I felt for her clit and when I found it I started a gentle round and round rubbing action. It was quite a sensation for her my dick up her ass and my fingers on her clit. I reached around with my other hand and stuck a finger right up her cunt. I was sliding it faster in and out of her ass. Her tits were swinging in the breeze as I pumped her ass-hole. Her stiletto high heel pumps brought her up to the perfect height for an ass fucking.

She started fucking my dick with her ass. She was going in time with my fingering. "Did your husband when he fucked you a few days ago cum off in your pussy?" "Yes I let him cum up my pussy my cunt but all the time I was thinking of you." I started fucking her a little faster. "Do you cum off when he fucks you?" "Sometimes but not often. I fake it a lot with him." "Did you ever fake it with me?" "No but once or twice I didn't cum off but that's all right." UGGAHH she cried as I pushed my shaft a little deeper up her ass.

UH UGG UG she was getting it deeper then she wanted it. I thought if I took it really slow I could get her to like it. She was getting too hot. "I love the naughty things you make me do. I love the way you make me performed for you. I love everything you do to me. You could fuck be in the ass or cunt you could cum on my face you could make me masturbate or you could jerk off all over my tits.

Just anything you want. " "Breathlessly she asked our you going to cum up my ass?" "I love your ass Susan I love how naughty it is to fuck you in the ass. I would love to just cum but that wouldn't be fair to you would it?" I said.

"If you want to cum just cum cum right up my ass I won't mind." She said. "No I won't cum in your ass I'm going to take it out I'm saving a big load to put right up your cunt." I pushed it a little deeper up her ass and then slowly started to slide it out. Ever so slowly I slipped it out of her ass hole until it was out completely. "Thank you thank you for letting me fuck you up the ass. I know you did it just for me and I love you for it.

As is anything that you need or want me to do for you I will." I said. She rolled over and sat at the edge of the bed. "So what's next?" She asked. "I want to do something dirty I want to see you eat your cunt." She put one leg up on the bed exposing her wet hole and fingered herself with one hand while licking the other clean. She did this as I watched stroking my cock for a few minutes. She then walked towards the bathroom. It was quite a sight her ass cheeks moving back and forth with her walk her breasts moving up and down with her gait her high heels clicking as she walked and her stocking clinging to her slender legs.

She walked back into the room she looked so naughty. She'd love to do naughty things that I ask it to do. "You like to see me do that don't you?" She asked.

"You know how much that turns me on don't you? You love to do things that excite me I think you get off on it "I said. "You're right. It does excite me to excite you and you're right again I do get off on it. What else are you going to make me do?" "Well I already fucked you in the ass so I think I'll have you change your stockings and watch you as you do it.

Get your black stockings and walk over to that chair." I said. She walked over to where I had placed her black stockings she turned and looked at me so that I had a full view of her hard nipples and wet pussy. She sashayed over to the chair in a very seductive manner without me saying a word set down and slowly started to release both her stockings from her garters.

She then very slowly rolled down her left stocking and pointed her toes as she slipped it off her leg. She then reached over to her other stocking and unrolled it as well.

She looked very sexy sitting there wearing nothing but her garter belt. She purposely had her legs spread enough so that I could see her delicious cunt. She reached down with a single finger and slowly put it up her pussy. She took her cream laden finger out and slowly placed in her mouth.

Then she reached for the black stockings. She very slowly placed one on her left leg rolling it up and in a very sensual manner. She did the same to the other. She then stood up and attached the stockings to her garter and stepped into her pumps. When she was done she said "what now? What are you going to make me do now?" I knelt down before her and with my right index finger slowly worked it up her ass and put my mouth right on her clitoris.

"Aargh UH oh UH oh UH suck me sweetheart suck my clit!" I stood up and guided her to the chair bent her over and spread her legs. "Up the ass again?" She inquired. I answered her question by sliding my cock right up her wet pussy. "Ugg Uggg ugggg right up my cunt! ugggg I'd be waiting for this I need it up my wet pussy. Fuck me right up my wet cunt!" I started sliding my cock in and out of her wet pussy. "Oh it feels so good to be inside you.

You feel so hot on my cock; I love to be inside you." I said. "Give it to me give it to me right up my wet cunt. I want to feel your cock sliding in and out of me. Give it to me in my pussy give it to me up my wet wet cunt." She cried. "I really love it when you talk dirty like that I love your naughty talk." I said.

I started sliding my cock in and out of her pussy a little at a time. I pulled it out to the tip of my cock head and then slid it back in just a little. I wanted to tantalize her and make her really want cock. I would only let it go in about halfway and then I would take it out again. Every time I put it in she would grunt something you ugg ah AH ugg ah ah. "You're teasing me. I want to feel it all I want it all up my cunt. Don't you want to just shove it right up me?" She said. "I do but if I stick it all the way up you right now I'll cum and you don't want that yet do you?

Don't you like to be fucked for a long time?" I said as I worked my cock in and out of her hot slit. I gave her a few more strokes with my cock and then took it out of her hole. I turned her around and as she stood in her high heels stockings and garter I put my arms around her and kissed her squarely on the lips. Her breasts were heaving against me her tongue circling my tongue she was grinding her pussy against my cock.

I guided her towards the bed our lips still locked together. I lowered her down onto her back and with my tongue still deep in her mouth lowered my cock into her waiting cunt. She was so hot. She's making me hot and I just wanted to fuck her fuck her wet cunt. She opened her legs so that I may run my cock all the way up her wet pussy. I took advantage and started fucking her deeper and deeper.

She was moaning as I thrust into her. The more she would moan the deeper I would push it. "Fuck my CUNT give it to me give it to me deep. Give me it in my pussy. Grind on my clit let me feel it. Let me feel it in my CUNT! My wet CUNT!"! All of her dirty talk was making me very hot.

I really wanted to blow my wad right up her CUNT. As I fucked her she would kiss me a breathless kiss. I started to give it to her faster and faster. I needed to cum. "Susan close your legs up." I said. She started closing her legs and I knew this would make her cum. She love to have her legs closed so she could clamp her clitoris right on my dick. She closed her legs I lifted most of my body off of her but I could still feel her tits rubbing against me.

My main point of contact with her was my cock and her CUNT. I stroked her faster and faster and I could feel my cum getting ready to explode. It was very erotic to feel her stockings up and down her legs. I could feel her tongue working all around mine. She started to push her clitoris harder and harder against me. I knew at any second she would cum. "Oh I'm coming. I'm coming. Fuck me fuck me!!. I'm coming. I'm coming. Oh. Oh!! Oh. Oh!" She cried. As she came her body stiffened her legs stretched out and she pushed her clitoris up against me as hard as she could.

I was ready to cum. My cock was ready to spew out it's hot load right up her pussy. I'm coming. Oh. O!! Oh. Oh!" She cried. "Kiss me I need your tongue in my mouth O O OH!

Fuck me fuck me hard fuck my cunt! Fuck me right up the cunt!" With that she reached down to her clit and fingered it. "You want it up your cunt? You want my hot cum inside your wet hole? Does your hot cunt need some hot juice?" I said. She was still coming her body was stiff her lips are all over me her tongue in and out of my mouth. I've never known anyone to cum as long as Susan did. She would just keep coming. I knew I couldn't last any longer as I felt my balls ready to explode and pump her pussy full.

I knew I couldn't resist any longer I was ready to cum I felt is starting. "Gonna cum I'm going to cum. I'm cummming I'm cummming right up your cunt." My cock started to explode I started pumping my hot cum right inside her. I felt my hot cum spewing out of my dick. I kept stroking in and out of her delicious cunt. I spewed more and more I came right inside her. "I'm coming I'm coming! I'm coming." I said. She pushed her pussy up to meet my cum. I was pumping inside her and kept pumping.

I needed to empty my balls right inside her right inside her wet juicy succulent cunt. I kept pumping more and more of my hot cum into her. She said "fuck me fuck my cunt oh I feel your cum it's so hot give me more fuck be hard." I felt her cunt opening and closing on my cock. I kept pumping filling her up knowing that she loved getting fucked she loved it right up her juicy pussy.

My thrust started to subside as I became spent. We were both breathing very hard as our passion slowly subsided. I could hardly speak I was truly exhausted. We just lay there for a moment not saying a word breathing hard and feeling that wonderful feeling of being completely satisfied. We lay there for a moment my cock still dripping inside of her. After a few minutes I started to slide my cock out of her. "Oh that was so hot I could still feel you hot inside of me." I let my cock slip out of her.

As I did I opened her legs. "I want to see it dripping out of you. I want to see it running out of your cunt and onto your ass hole." I watched as some of my cum dripped out of her. I slid my index finger inside her and heard her moan. I put another finger in and worked it around. I then took them out and brought it up to her face she opened her mouth ready to receive it. She loved the taste of my cum in her mouth. She licked my fingers dry. "After we take a little rest I have something more in store for you." I said.

"What are you going to do to me next?" She said as he both drifted off to a soft sleep.   Super MILF Chapter 2 After about an hour's sleep I woke up. Susan was lying next to me still asleep. She had kicked off her heels and lay there in her stockings and garter belt. She was laying on her side with one leg in a fetal position the other stretched out affording me a wonderful view of her freshly fucked pussy.

Her breasts sagged slightly which I found very sexy. I started to feel a new hard on coming. I couldn't get enough of her she was the ultimate fantasy. Her pussy looks so warm and inviting and I thought to myself should I awaken her by eating out her cunt? What a wonderful idea I thought.

I quietly moved myself to a position between her legs. She was still asleep. I slowly spread her legs and with my tongue dove into her cunt. She started to stir. I pushed my tongue deep inside her occasionally licking her clit. "MMmmm oh what a wonderful way to wake up." "Oh waking up with your tongue inside me is one of the most erotic feelings I've ever had. Oh oh! Oh I feel so good." She was still half asleep.

"I remember when you woke me like this in London. To this day it's my most erotic fantasy. And here I am living the fantasy again. Oh you have your tongue so deep in me. Oh darling eat my cunt out lick it suck it lick my clitoris." I was having a wonderful time sucking her cunt I loved eating her almost as much as I loved fucking her.

She tasted so wonderful and it made her hot very hot. The hotter she was the more I loved her. Today she was very hot for me. I stopped for a second I looked up at her from between her legs. The expression on her face was priceless. It was one of excitement wonder and delight. "So do you like it when I eat your cunt?" I asked.

"Yes I love it I need it." She said. "When ever we're together I want you to know that all you have to do is ask and I'll be right between your legs licking your clit and eating your cunt out whenever you want.

I would eat you any time you wanted it anyplace you needed it. In the house outside in the car at the movies and as I said anywhere and anytime you want it I'll give it to you." I said.

"And you know the same goes for me. I love sucking your cock and I especially love it when you cum in my mouth. Some girls hate that and would never do it but I love it I love getting it all the way down my throat. I love to feel your cock ball up and cum right in my mouth. I love the taste of your sweet cum.

I love to have it on my tongue and just let it sit there for while and then I like to swallow it. Oh the taste is so good. I especially like sucking your cock just before you cum.

I love to feel it getting harder and harder as I suck it. I like to push it all the way down my throat and my lips right up against your body.

I love deep throating you. Do you know what I really like? I love sucking you and when you're just about to cum I like to put my lips only up to the tip of your cock.

And then just as I feel you shoot into my mouth suck it all the way down deep as you could push it down my throat. I love to look at your face when I'm doing this to you. You've made me such a slut for you." "Do you know what? We both love sex. But I think it goes deeper than that.

Speaking for myself I love fucking but of everyone I've ever fucked you're the one the one I love fucking the most the one I think of the most. You fill my days with thoughts of you. I never wake up or go to sleep without you dancing in my head.

I think of all the things we've done and haven't done and will do. I fantasize about you day and night. I think of you nude sometimes just in your heels sometimes just in your stockings and sometimes in full erotic dress." As I was talking to her I quietly slipped two fingers up her cunt.

She knew what I was doing. And she loved it. Her cunt was still pretty wet but I decided to make it even better for her. I reached over and took the tube of the warming gel put it on my fingers and put them back up her pussy. I could see by the expression on her face that she loved it. As I spoke every now and then I would lick her clitoris. I truly loved it when we talked about erotic things in this erotic state.

The she was stretched out on the bed in her stockings with her legs spread wide and my fingers up her cunt my lips on her clit. I'm sure her husband had no idea what he had in her. I wished the son of a bitch would drop dead. "It's strange but I love getting dressed up for you. I love you to see me in the nude it just makes me hot. I remember when you bought those high heels for me.

I was hot for you to start but in the shoe store looking for the high heels I knew you would fuck me in just an hour heighten my sensuality. My panties were getting wet in the store. I would love to do that again with you." She said. As I spoke to her I paused every now and then to lick her clit. Every time I licked she let out a moan a sound like Ugggohuggugg. I could tell she loved it she loved talking to me in a casual manner while I ate her. When I was licking her clitoris I would work my fingers inside her a little more.

In this way she was getting it both from my tongue and my fingers. I can only imagine the feeling she had getting it like that. I spread her legs a little wider; there was no resistance at all from her. I took my fingers out and slowly raised her up by her legs exposing her ass and pussy in a most lewd way. She was looking at me. With my eyes on hers put my tongue just above her ass and licked my way all the way up to her clit. I absolutely loved doing this to her and watching her face.

As I would lick her her eyes would close slightly and her mouth was open slightly. I loved to make her come. I lifted her up by the legs a little higher and while looking at her said "tell me what you want I want to hear you ask for it. Talk dirty for me." "Give me a little lick on my clit and then stick your tongue up my cunt my wet cunt." She said. I did exactly as she asked ending with my tongue up her cunt. "Give it to me baby give it to me right up my cunt give it to me right up my wet cunt." She said.

I worked my tongue as deep inside her as I can get it. I then heard her say "on my clit put your tongue on my clit." I went for her clit licking it at first and then sucking it into my mouth. I could tell she was getting ready for another orgasm. I tongued her around and around the clitoris and the more I did the closer she got. My dick was as hard as a board.

I decided to finish her off. I sucked her clit into my mouth as hard as I could while simultaneously sticking my finger right up her ass hole. She squealed as my finger when up her hole. "Make me cum make me cum eat my cunt fuck my ass fuck me fuck me!" "You're gonna make me cum I'm going to cum I'm going to cum OH I'm starting I'm starting oh I'm coming I'm coming I'm coming I'm cummmmiiinnngg!!" Her stockings legs stiffened as she orgasms for the second time.

I took my mouth off of her clit and said "use your finger finger your clit." Her hand shot down to her clitoris she was fingering herself in seconds and still coming. I kept my finger up her ass while she fingers herself I was watching her masturbate. She kept saying "I'm coming I'm coming OH! I'm coming coming!" Her climax slowly subsided and her legs relaxed. "That was wonderful" she said while breathing heavily. "how many time are you going to make me cum?" "More to come" I said.

Now I thought it's my turn. I wanted her to dress up for me. "Susan I want you stand up and walk for me walk to the window and back." She did as I asked. I want you to put on your red lipstick. I also want you to put your light green eye shadow on. And don't forget your pearl necklace. She was in the bathroom before 5 min. preparing herself when she came out her nipples were hard and her face lit up with the lipstick and eye shadow.

"Now put your panties and bra on then dress in you outfit and when you're done put your shoes on." She took her time putting everything on; making sure everything was adjusted just right. When she was finished she walked over to the chair sat down and slipped her high heels on. She then stood up walked to the window displaying her beautiful figure. My dick was sticking straight out at full attention watching the spectacle.

She stood silhouetted against the window and put one leg slightly in front of the other at a 45° angle. She stood almost 6 feet tall in her heels. Her skirt was gray her jacket was a darker gray tweed. It fit her perfectly and accentuated her pointy breasts. She walked over to the window put her hands on her hips and slowly turned around for me. She was beautiful. I walked over to the chair and sat down my cock still sticking out at attention.

I started stroking it slowly. "Let's see if you could excite me anymore then I already am." I said. She walked close to me her hand still on her hips. She started touching herself. She was standing with her legs further apart than normal. She started running her hands over her hair and then down to her breasts. She opened her jacket and put both hands on her right breast squeezing it massaging it and slowly moving it up and down.

She put her other hand on her left breast as if to offer them to me. Then she reached down to the hem of her skirt and pulled it up enough so she could reach her pussy. She went under her panties and up her cunt hole with two of her fingers. She then took it out and brought it up to her mouth sucking the juices off of it. She reached down bending at a sharp angle while keeping her legs straight to her black heels.

Starting there she slowly ran both hands up her legs standing as she did this. As she stood up she put her hands behind her head. She was being very naughty the way I like her. My cock was at this time oozing pre-cum. She stood motionless as I walked around her. I reached down between her legs and ran my hand right up to her cunt.

I slipped the fabric of her panties aside and shoved two fingers up inside her as far as they would go. I started to finger fuck her and to my surprise I thought she was ready to go again. I took my fingers out and gave them to her to suck off which she did with much excitement. I reached over to the warming lubricant in front of her spread it all over my two fingers.

I then knelt by her side her hands still behind her head. Again I move the flimsy material of her panties aside and shoved the two fingers right up her.

She was loving it. "I don't believe it but I think you're ready again" I said. "You're making me very hot and if you keep fingering me like that I'll cum standing right here" she said. "That's okay with me I love to see you slut out for me" I said as I worked my fingers faster and faster up her cuntal opening. She was slowly closing her eyes arching her back and bending her knees as I fucked into her. I seen her like this before and they knew she would come again soon. "Oh God I love your fingers inside me." She said.

This was so erotic I decided to enhance it. I took my fingers out of her cunt brought them up to my mouth and licked her juices off while she watched. When I was done I said "I think I want you to masturbate.

Just stand there and fingering your clit" I said. Susan at first tried to lift up her skirt to get to her cunt. It was too awkward to do so she put her hand down her skirt and under her panties to reach her clitoris. She was quite a sight. Standing there in businesslike attire her lips red her neck sporting white pearls her black stockings covered by her patent leather shiny stiletto heels was something.

It was something else to see her like this with her hand down her skirt and blatantly fingering her clit. I could see through that every now and then a finger found its way to her cunt. "You like me like this do you like watching me masturbate? Do you like in my heels my stiletto heels and my stockings?" She spread her legs slightly more apart I watched her as she performed for me. The fabric of her skirt kept her fingers in close contact with her clitoris. She knew I loved it when she spoke like that.

I took some pre-cum from my dick and brought it to her lips. She licked it off my fingers with a Mumm. "Unzip your skirt and let it fall" I said. She slowly reached for the back zipper unzipped it and let it fall to her feet.

She put her hand back inside her panties and continued to masturbate. I sat back down in the chair so that I could see all of her actions. She had her jacket over a white blouse which buttoned up the front. Her sheer black stocking were held up with a black garter belt and her skirt at her feet partially covered her high heels. "Drop your jacket" I said.

She with both hands removed it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor behind her. Her hand quickly went back under her panties. I walked over to her and slowly kissed her tasting the red lipstick. As I kissed her I unbuttoned her blouse. When it was open I moved the fabric to each side of her breasts so as to get a better view of the heaving in and out. I then went back to the chair and stroked my cock.

"You like to see me like this don't you. Standing here in front of you half nude and masturbating. I could see by your cock that you're very excited. I want you to be. I want your cock to be nice and hard when I suck it off. Oh! My clit is getting very hot talking to you like this.

The thought of your hot cum in my mouth makes me even hotter. When you're ready I have something special for you planned" She said. "I can't wait to taste your cum in my mouth I love your hot cum and the way it tastes when I suck your cock off." With that she grabbed her panties by the side and slipped them down to the top of her stockings. With one hand she held her cunt lips open and with the index finger of her other hand went back to work on her clit.

She wanted to orgasm. There she stood in her heels stockings and garter half dressed and masturbating. She started going a little faster and I gave her a little encouragement. "Rub that clit of yours shoved two fingers up your cunt.

Fuck that cunt! Think of my big cock right up your wet cunt" I said. She was ready. She arched her back slightly thrust her pelvis forward slightly and bent at the knees. She started to cum. "Cumming I'm cumming oh! I'm having a cum O O oh my cunt is so hot my cunt is hot so hot I'm cumming and cumming I'm cummmmmiiiiinnnnngggg " she cried. Her legs started to give way as she slowly lowered to the floor.

"I'm cumming I'm cumming " she said as she lowered herself to the floor. She sat down her fingers still up her wet cunt her other hand now back on her clit massaging fingering. She started to lay back. "I'm cumming fuck me I'm cumming ." She was going at her cunt even faster now.

She started to lay back until she was in the prone position. "Fuck I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Her legs shot out as she reached her pinnacle. She kept going. "I'm cumming " she was stiff as a board stretched out on the floor with two fingers up her cunt and another on her clit.

"I need your cock I need to suck your cock I need to taste your hot cum in my mouth." Her speech started to taper off more and more quietly. "I'm cumming " "I'm cumming ." Her speech was now just a whisper "I'm cumming I'm cumming " her eyes began to close fingers fell from her cunt it was as though she passed out. She just lay there motionless I could hardly tell if she was breathing at all. I stood up and walked over to her and knelt down. I put a finger up her cunt. I worked it around then took it out and put it in my mouth.

I really needed to taste her. Then I knelt over and started licking her cunt. She stiffened for a second as my tongue crossed her clit but she could hardly move. The strength of her orgasm completely drained her. I started to undress her. I pulled her panties will be down across her heels and off. I pulled the blouse off her unsnapped her bra and removed it. I took her shoes off leaving her only in her stockings and garter belt.

I reached down and gently lifted her onto the bed. She really needed the rest. In the meantime I had this huge hard on that was ossing pre-cum. I took a little off the tip of my cock and rubbed it over her lips.

I heard her moan. I knew she was going to get a mouthful soon. She must've laid there for 20 min. without moving until my playing with her nipples started to revive her.

"Susan I think it's time for you to show me your surprise I think I will explode if I don't cum soon. I said" "I think you're gonna like what I have in store for you. Oh my God I never came his hard before. You never even touched me but you made me so hot I came over the roof.

But now for your surprise. She said." She got up off of the bed and told me to lay back which I did my dick sticking straight up in the air.

She walked over to where I removed her shoes and slipped them on first the left and in the right. In her very sexy walk she came towards me. "I'm going to suck the cum right out of you. I'm going to suck your dick until there's no more cum in it for me to drink. While I'm sucking your cock I'm going to put a finger right up your ass I'm going to press on your prostate and push all your cum out right into my mouth." With that she got up on the bed with me and reached into her purse cum up with a latex glove which she put on her right hand.

"You're going to love this ."she said. She lied down on the bed in a classic 69 position but she didn't want me to eat her. She was going to do all the work and I was just lay there. She moved her right hand over my legs and cupped my ass cheeks. She had the lubricating gel and was smearing it on her fingers as she did she worked some around my ass hole. "All men love to have their ass fingered while their cock is sucked. I know you'd love this I did it to you before years ago.

She said." She lowered her head down to my cock and gave a small lick. Her right index finger was just at the opening of my ass hole. Then all at once she sucked my entire cock right into her mouth and then let it out just as quickly. "Oh I can taste your pre-cum I can't wait for you to fill my mouth with it" she said. She started working it in out of her mouth making a muffled guttural sound as she did. She loved to suck cock! She was sucking the head of my cock and let a little bit more enter her mouth.

Her finger was exploring my ass and she was making circles around the opening. She pushed her finger little by little into my ass while she sucked a little more of my cock. The feeling of her warm mouth all over my cock and her finger slowly gliding up my ass was incredible. There was no way to describe this feeling.

She wanted me to cum and she was going to drink my cum and that was that. Her sucking got a little faster and a little deeper. Her finger was slowly going deeper into my ass.

Her other hand was gently cupping my balls while her mouth worked on my cock. She now had three quarters of my cock down her throat and most of her finger up my ass.

Her tongue was running around and around my dick in her mouth. She was making a slight muffled sound as my cock was sucked deeper and deeper down her throat. I looked down I could see her beautiful blonde hair moving around my cock. I could see her finger moving in and out slowly up my ass. She finally got her finger as deep in my ass as she can get it. She knew where my prostate was and was gently massaging it. I knew she was going to get a huge load this time right down her throat.

She put her hand on the base of my cock and started stroking it as she sucked she was indeed milking my cock. She wanted that load she wanted to taste my cum she wanted it in her mouth so she could swirl it about with her tongue before she swallows it. She let my dick slide out of her mouth while still figuring my ass. "Oh! I love to suck your cock. I love to get it all the way down my throat. I could feel your ass tensioning as I suck it.

I can't wait until you give me your load so I can feel your ass close on my finger. I want a really big load so I could suck it right down my throat." she said. With that she started sucking in earnest. Her finger working my ass faster and faster while she deep throated my dick. She had it right down her throat. I was getting close and she knew it. I reached over and put two fingers in her cunt. She welcomed the fingers by pushing back slightly. She liked it but didn't want to break concentration on her task.

She was jerking me off faster and faster her mouth halfway down my dick. Her finger into my ass faster and faster and I knew I was about to cum. "Cum in my mouth give me your load right down my throat give it to me! Give it to me! I want your cum! Fuck my mouth!" She said.

That started me coming. This was no ordinary cum no everyday orgasm. This was something I would remember for the rest of my life as the pinnacle of all orgasms. I could feel it coursing through my balls and surging through my cock where she had a tight grip. When she felt the cum welling up she squeezed a little tighter to build up the pressure. And then all at once she released it.

"AHHHH oh I'm cuming I'm cummming right in your mouth." I cried. As I shot into her mouth she all at once swallowed my entire cock right up to the hilt while simultaneously sticking her finger as far up my ass as it would go. I flowed into her mouth. Ribbon after ribbon like a stream of cum that she so greedily swallowed. I kept coming and coming.

She kept sucking and fingering and sucking some more. She was making a muffled sound like she was drinking an ice cream soda. Her mouth was so warm I could feel my cum in that warm mouth. She swallowed. I came some more another load right into her waiting mouth. It was a feeling that I never had before.

She was still drinking me as she slowly let her finger slip out of my ass. She swallowed again. She started to let my cock out of her mouth. When it was about three quarters of the way out she all at once rammed it right down her throat again. I almost screamed at the pleasure she was giving me. She laid there with me down her throat for a long while. I was in semi-comatose state. I was drifting off to sleep. I couldn't help myself after the huge relief I just encountered. I just lay there.

Susan stood up and kneeling about 2 feet from me put her finger in her mouth and extracted some of my cum. She then to my great surprise spread my own cum over my lips.

The feeling was incredible. Many times I fed her her own cum. Many times I made her eat herself. Susan wanted me to experience the same thing by having me taste my own cum.

"I love you Susan I love you." I said. "And I love you and always did and always will. Close your eyes and sleep sleep." she said.   Super MILF Chapter 3 I must've slept for an hour or so and when I woke the first thing I saw was Susan. She was only wearing her bra and panties. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips. I reached up and cupped her breasts through her bra and kissed her gently. "When will your husband the back." I said.

"He still in Kentucky I spoke to him just before I got here. I could be with you until around nine o'clock tonight.

I have to have time to get home and shower before he gets home. I just hope he doesn't want to have sex I couldn't deal with that." She said. "Well it's only 11AM now. We have about 10 hours before you have to leave. We can have lots of fun. It's almost lunchtime why don't we go out and get a bite?" I said.

"I would love to have lunch with you but we don't want to be seen by anyone we know where can we go?" She asked. "I know an obscure diner about 20 min.

from here. No one will know us there it'll be okay." I said. "I'm game you want to go now?" She asked. "Sure just let me get some clothes on and go. I see you have your bra and panties on but I think your gonna have to lose the panties.

I also think you also have to take your bra off. I like to see your tits bounce as you walk. I'd like you to wear the dress you came in and nothing else.

I want you completely nude under the fabric." I said. "It sounds very naughty to me what are you going to do to me finger me in the car? Are you going to finger me in the restaurant?" She said. "We'll see now take it off and put on that dress. I know you like to play and be naughty. Don't deny it you are just a very naughty girl very naughty dirty girl and you know it." I said.

Susan stood up and reached behind her unclasping her bra letting it slide over her shoulders and onto the bed. She reached down to her panties and in one motion slipped them all the way down and off. She stood there nude. She playfully went up on her toes and spread her pussy lips.

"Are you ready for lunch?" I took the bait and leaned over giving her pussy a huge lick from bottom to top. First she shattered and then she giggled. "That was just the hors d'oeuvre.

Sexy blond have hard sex

The main course will come later." She said. I walked over to where she put her dress picked it up and walked over to her. I dressed her in her garment. I quickly dressed as she put on her shoes and off we went. We chit chatted on the way to the diner mostly about her husband and what a bastards he was. He cared more about his dysfunctional family then his own wife. On his death most of his wealth will pass on to his children and Susan will be left with little or nothing. I didn't like him even though I only met him once.

I took great pleasure in knowing that I was fucking his wife while he was totally oblivious to the fact. When we got to the diner we sat opposite to each other I ordered a sandwich and Susan ordered a Cobb salad. When the food came and we started to eat I felt her foot on my leg. She was stroking my leg with her foot going higher and higher.

As there was no tablecloth and the diner was busy I wondered if she would go all the way. She did. I felt her foot between my legs and my cock started to stand at attention at the lewd thing she was doing. She liked public display of affection but this was a bit beyond that. We finished our lunch paid the check and got in the car. After I started the engine I reached over to her dress which was about knee length and pushed it up.

I didn't uncover her pussy but she was very sexy sitting there in my car in public with her dress almost up to her crotch. We started the drive home. As we're driving I reached over and slipped my hand under her dress and onto her pussy. She hiked her dress up a little bit more so as to facilitate my movements. I slipped a finger into her cunt and to my surprise it was all wet. She just looked at me and smiled.

I took my finger out and put it in my mouth. She watched me do that and I could see by the expression on her face she was falling in lust again.

"Susan I want you to eat your pussy." She had no problem at all with that. She reached down under her dress stuck two fingers in her cunt and then put them in her mouth. Her eyes were half closed as she did that and I knew she enjoyed doing it. As we approached my house I asked to see her tits. She looked around in all directions and since there are no cars she pulled the dress completely off and sat there in the nude looking at me.

"It looks to me like you want it again how would you like it in that nice wet pussy of yours?" I said. As we drove up to the house she spread her legs slightly and just very gently put a finger on and circled her clitoris all the while with the devilish grin on her face. She just loved to fuck. I stopped the car and we both got out. As my house was completely private Susan stood there completely nude except for her shoes.

She kicked them off stepped back from the car and leaned forward on it with both hands on the window. She spread her legs and looked behind her to see me unzipping my pants. "Give it to me in the cunt." she said with authority.

" Give it to me in my wet cunt." I obliged her. I slid my dick up her cunt and started to fuck her. I couldn't believe she was able to excite me so soon after my last orgasm. I slipped in and out of her wet pussy in a very casual manner. She really liked being outside in the nude. I remembered years back when we met in a park.

We were in a very private section where people infrequently traveled. We hadn't seen each other for quite a while and we had no place to go. We decided to seize the moment and fuck right there in the park.

We sat down on the fallen tree she dropped her shorts to her ankles and spread her legs so that I may finger her to orgasm. It only took about 30 seconds before she came.

After she was done I stood her up against a tree facing away from me and mounted her from the rear.

Her pussy was dripping wet and I too came in about 30 seconds. It was very risqué to do that but that added to the excitement. "Oh that feels so good so good in my pussy! I love just getting out of the car like this in the nude and spreading my legs and having you fuck me from the back. I love doing it outside it's very exciting and it turns me on. I love being nude for you I love feeling your cock inside me.

Oh that feels so good up my pussy. You're going to make me cum right here is that what you want?" She said. I slowly slipped my cock out of her because I didn't want her to come yet.

I didn't want to come so soon either it was time to play some more. After my cock was out of her she turned and went down on one knee and sucked me. She cleaned my dick completely making sure she licked all of her juices off of it. "Susan how would you like to go shopping for new pair of heels? I want you to go inside and put on your bra garter belt and stockings. Then slip on your heels and come back out here." "Oh how exciting I usually get excited when I shop by myself for these sex toys but doing it with you would be double the excitement." She turned and went into the house.

In a few minutes she came out and was wearing her nude stockings. She looked great and I'm glad she didn't put on her panties. She walked over to me and gave me a nice kiss. "I'm excited what kind of heels would you have me buy?" "I thought you would look nice in a shiny pair of black strap 4 inch heels would you like that would you like me to fuck you in them?" "I would love you to fuck me in them I bet you don't want to go the store like this." She said.

"I guess we'll put on your dress it's right here in the car." She put her dress on and looked terrific sophisticated and poised. She sat down in the car and she hiked her dress-up so I could put my hand on her pussy. I gave it a little pat started the engine and drove the 10 min. to the shoe store. When we got there she was excited. I was even more excited the thought of buying her a pair of high heels and then her letting me fuck her in those same heels was very exciting.

We looked in the window and she singled out a pair that she liked. When I saw them I knew they would be perfect. There were shiny black 4 inch heels with a double strap that came over the top. I wanted to fuck her in them right now. She said "these are the ones I know you're going to like me in them maybe the black stockings would look better I'll try them both on for you and you decide." We went to the store and she told the clerk which shoes she liked and her size.

The clerk brought them out and she said "these are great shoes." I wondered if she really knew that she would be fucking in them soon. I paid for the shoes and went back to the house. Susan was very excited because she knew I was excited and we were both going to have a great time. As we pulled into the garage she gave me a very wet kiss her tongue rolling around inside my mouth. I knew we're in for a great time. We went in the house and she was already taking her dress off.

She couldn't wait to get started. We went up to the bedroom and she took the shoes out of the box and put them on the floor. She then sat down in a chair unhooked her stockings from her garter and unroll them. She went for the black stockings and put them on every now and then looking up to see the expression on my face. She then slipped on the new shoes stood up and walked back and forth in the room. She looked terrific with her pussy naked bra stockings and heels. "How do you want me what are you going to do to me?" I took her by the hand and walked into the kitchen where stood a solid oak round table.

As I walked her to the table I said "I'm going to tie you to this table and then eat you until you come. And then I'm going to fuck you while you're tied up." I had too long robe ties. I was saving them for this occasion. I stretched her arms over her head and tied her right hand slipped the tie under the table and fastened it to her left leg. I did the same for the other.

She had some movement but couldn't get off the table she was tied very well. She was spread eagle and ready. I got a chair and sat down in front of her beautiful pussy held open by the ties. I stuck two fingers in to make sure she was wet enough and she was.

I started finger fucking her and she started to moan. After a few minutes of this I took my fingers out of her cunt and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked them off. I sat down and started to lick her pussy. She was squirming a little bit as my tongue brushed her clitoris.

"Put your tongue inside me I want it inside I want to feel your tongue in my cunt." She said. I stuck my tongue inside her hole and licked all around.

I worked my hand under her pussy as I licked her delicious clit. She was pretty hot I decided to finish her off with my fingers. I shoved two fingers up her cunt and started working it really fast as I was doing that I went down on her clitoris. She was moaning and straining against the ties but she couldn't get loose. I sensed that she was very close and decided to finish her off. I started finger fucking her as fast as I could. Just as she was about to come I stuck my finger up her ass.

She wasn't expecting it and almost jumped right off the table. I fingered her even faster and then she came. "I'm coming oh! I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh! I am coming." She cried. Her ass came off the table as she tried to push my fingers even deeper into her pussy. She thrust her pelvis up in order for my fingers to get even deeper inside her. With heavy breathing she said "Finger fuck me! Finger fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm cumming! Finger me!

I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm CUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGG! Her orgasm started to subside and her ass gently lowered to the table. Her breathing became more shallow and her eyes started to close.

I took my fingers out of her and rubbed her juices over her lips. Her tongue came out and licked her lips it order to taste herself. She thought she was done but I knew she had more to go. As I looked at her tied spread eagle to the table in her new high heels and stockings I just wanted to eat her alive. I just couldn't help myself and I threw my face onto her alluring pussy. I immediately sucked her clitoris right into my mouth.

She screamed. "No! No more! I'm too sensitive I'm too sensitive not now! Not now! Please stop! Please don't!" Her pleading just spurred me on. I shot a finger up her cunt as I sucked on her clitoris. "No! No!! Please don't!

Please don't! I can't take anymore please stop!" This time I was going to force her to come. I can only imagine how sensitive her clitoris was and I can only imagine what her orgasm would be like so soon after her last. I worked another finger up her cunt and started finger fucking her as fast as I possibly could while sucking hard on her clitoris. "Please stop! Don't! Please don't! Stop! Stop! Please stop! Don't! Please!" She was feeling so sensitive that she thought she would burst.

The feeling was both exquisite and painful. She just wanted to rest for a minute to catch her breath. I wouldn't let her. I sucked her clitoris deeper into my mouth. "You bastard! Stop it!" She pleaded as my fingers fucking into her cunt made a wet slapping sound that could not be confused for anything else.

All at once her ass once again lifted off the table in order to meet my fingers and pushed them deeper up her pussy. "I'm cumming! Stop stop! Oh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! I'm cummmming you're making me cum! I'm CCUUMMMMMIINNGGGGG!" She was thrashing up and down the table like a fish out of water.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and took my mouth off of her clitoris all at once. She collapsed like a kite with no wind onto the table with a thud. Her breathing immediately went shallow and her eyes closed. It was as if she just fainted. I stepped back to look at her in this lewd position. I could see the drops of moisture over her vagina. I knew she was spent.

I decided to leave her there and I went into the bathroom. I thought she could use a nice warm bath after her orgasmic ordeal. In about 10 minutes I went back into the kitchen to see her exactly as I left her. I walked over and kissed her on the lips. She opened her eyes and looked at me. "What just happened? I've never felt anything like that before I feel like I'm floating on a cloud." I said "I hope you enjoyed your orgasm as much as I enjoyed giving it to you." "That was incredible it was the most exquisite cum I ever experienced." As she was speaking I was untying her.

I couldn't resist as I ran a finger along her slit. "No! No! Please I'm too sensitive." I took the juices I just acquired and put the finger in my mouth. I knew she needed a rest so I untied completely and she just lay there on the table.

I removed her shoes and unhooked her stockings from her garter while slipping them off. I took her garter belt off and stood her up. "I have a nice warm bath for you so you could relax for a few minutes. Would you mind sucking me just for a few minutes?" I asked. "You know the answer." She said as she went down on her knees and sucked my cock right into her mouth.

She made a kind of muffled sound as she took me in. She sucked me for three or four minutes. but I was nowhere as near ready to cum yet. I stopped her stood her up I guided her into the bath.

"Just relax."I said as we left the room. After 20 minutes I went back into the bathroom to find her relaxing in the tub." Time to get out."I said.

"Oh that was so relaxing especially after the orgasm that I had. Thank you. I didn't know I could cum that hard. " she said. I helped her up and she stepped out of the bath. I gave her a towel which she held over her breasts. With another towel I started to dry her off starting at her feet upper legs to her pussy her ass and her back. It was very satisfying to do this and I was so happy she let me. When she was all dried off she surprised me by saying "would you get me my new heels I want to put them on for you." I retrieved her new shoes and gave them to her.

She sat down on the edge of the bath leaned over and put them on. "I know this is the way you like me nude and in high heels." she said. She knew me very well. There is something very lewd about her walking around the house nude and in high heels. "Do you ever do this for your husband; does he like to see you in the nude?" I asked. "I let him have sex with me because that is a wife's duty. He likes to watch porno graphic movies before we have sex.

He doesn't become excited by me like you do. I think he's carrying on an affair with a woman in California but I have no proof.

I don't really care because look at me now." She said as she stretched her hands as high over her head as she could and bent one leg and a very sexy stance. My cock was standing at attention listening to her and looking at her. I knew I could fuck her one more time before she had to leave.

She was looking at my cock and she said "do you want to fuck me one more time? If you want to go inside me we have to use a lot of lubricant. My pussy is very sore and I don't think I can come again. But if you want to use my cunt and come inside me you can. If you would rather me suck you off and give you a nice blow job I'll do that. In fact I would like a little taste of your cock right now." she said as she reached down bent over and put my cock in her mouth. She made a sound like muffs muffs muffs as she swallowed my cock.

"I can't believe it but I want to get fucked again. Let's go into the living room I want you to fuck me there." With that we hurried into the living room me in the nude and she in her high heels. She said "wait a minute I have to get the warming gel." With that she turned on her heels went to the bedroom and retrieved the tube. She walked back into the room a little unsteady in her new heels but looking great. She took the tube and squeezed out a liberal amount on her hand and then smeared it all for my cock.

She then lay down on the couch put one leg over the top squeezed some just above her cunt and then started to shove it up her hole.

She lay there fingering her clitoris. "Do you like to see me like this? Does it excite you to see me doing this masturbating for you?" She spread her pussy lips giving me a great view of her cunt hole all moist and wet.

"Would you like to put your cock up my cunt? Would you like to stroke my cunt with your cock and come off right inside me right inside my wet cunt? Come on give me your cock cum inside me I want to feel your hot cum deep inside me.

Don't worry about me this will be all about you just give me that hot cum." She said. I didn't need any more encouragement I could see she just wanted to get me off. She wanted me to feel a nice orgasm. I leaned over the couch and put my cock in her mouth which she greedily sucked like a dripping ice cream cone. I was very hard and she said "give me it in the cunt." I took it out of her mouth and slipped it right up her waiting vagina.

I lay on top of her fucking into her open cunt. She whispered in my ear "fuck me! Fuck my cunt fuck me hard!" I started pumping her harder and harder. She held her pussy up to meet my thrusts. She started to close her legs and said "go ahead and cum in me give me your hot cum! fuck my cunt fill me up!" Then she said "OH!

My! GOD! I'm going to cum again! I can't believe it!" With that there was no holding back for me. She said "OH SHIT! I'm Cummming I'm cumming!" As her legs tensed straightened and closed I felt my own orgasm coming. I trust as far into her as I could get. My first stream of cum hit the back wall of her vagina. "I feel you feel you." She said. I thrust it to her again and I felt my cock spewing more and more come into her waiting pussy.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" She said. I came a third time in her now CUM laden cunt. I stood up quickly pulled my cock out of her and thrust in her mouth. I came again and could see some drops of come sliding down the side of her mouth.

All I could say was "I'm cumming I'm cumming!" After a few minutes she released my cock from her mouth. She licked her tongue around her lips and said "that was so good I love to taste your cum!" We kissed for what seemed like hours.

Every now and then I would slip a finger inside her. The passion was incredible. As it was getting late we decided she ought to leave. Her husband would be home soon and I knew if he wanted sex she would have to fake an illness. She couldn't get fucked again not today anyway. After she was dressed I walked her to her car. She put her stockings and heels in the trunk and sat down in the drivers seat.

I lifted her dress up and stuck two fingers up her pussy and then sucked them off with my mouth. She said "you're so naughty that's why I love you." I closed the door and she drove away.   Super MILF Chapter 4 I was a partner in a law firm that had its offices about 15 miles from where Susan lived.

Our office wasn't anything special but it did have a great conference room table. We all went there every week day except on Saturdays and Sundays.

On those days no one ever went in. That is except me to catch up on work. I was working there one Saturday morning and I thought what a great place to have a meeting with Susan. The next week I called her when I knew her husband would be away at work. She had given me designated days and times to call so that her husband would not become suspicious. This entire machination added to the excitement.

"Can you talk?" I said. "Yes how are you?" "I'm good but a lot better now that I'm talking to you. I've been thinking about you and can't get you out of my head or my thoughts.

I think of you when I wake up in the morning when I go about my day and when I go to sleep that night. You're the one I want. It's not just the sex or the excitement but I truly do love you I want you. I wish I could have you right now I'd love to be eating you and sucking you and fucking you!" "You're making me hot with your talk your sexy talk.

I can't wait to see you again." She said. "When will your husband be out of town again?" I asked. "He doesn't have any trips planned for the next month as far as I know that is he hasn't told me about any. I don't however; expect him for another hour or so. We have some time. Then again he could be home any minute. "I have an idea. Do you think you could get away for a few hours this coming Saturday and meet me at the office?

It would be very safe; we have a lock on the inside so that no one could get in. In the past two years no one has ever come in over a weekend. You could say your going shopping or use some other excuse to get out of the house.

It would be wonderful. You know how much I miss you that I want you. Do you think you can get away?" I asked. "I can't on Saturday my husband's daughter and some other family members are coming to our house. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I would much rather be with you but there's no way.

What about Sunday can you come into the office on Sunday? I'm pretty sure I can get away that day; I could say I'm shopping for a gift for our friends wedding which is in three weeks. I don't think my husband would suspect anything but we would only have an hour or two at the most." She said. I said "I'm pretty sure I could do Sunday. I have gone into the office on various Sundays before and I don't think my wife would be suspicious. Even if she was I would never let on." "Okay let's plan on this Sunday would 10 o'clock be okay?

That's about the time I would normally go out that is I could be at your office at 10 o'clock. Would that work?" She asked. "Yes. That would be great! I can guarantee you a fantastic orgasm. I'll not have sex or masturbate so that you get all the cum you're entitled to. All my cum for you. God I'm so hot for you right now my dick is straining against my pants! I wish I could be putting it into your beautiful mouth right now. What are you wearing?" I asked. "Phone sex?

You want to have sex with me now?" She asked. "Why not we've done it on the phone before. So what are you wearing?" I said. "I have on a housedress and bra and panties and I'm wearing a pair of slippers. You want me to mutually masturbate with you don't you?" "I do. I just opened my pants and my dick is sticking straight up.

Take off your slippers and your dress." I pleaded. "Wait I have to go into another room I wouldn't want the neighbors to see me masturbating on the phone they might be a little suspicious don't you think?" "Hurry go to your bedroom I'm sure no one could see you there." "Okay I took my slippers off and now I'm taking off my dress. I'm now standing here in my bra and panties. Is that how you want me?" She asked.

"Strip completely. I want you to be nude. Take everything off!" Susan took off the rest of her clothing and lay down on the bed. She knew she was going to be asked to masturbate and was excited thinking back a few days when we last met. "My cock is so hard just thinking of our upcoming meeting. I can't wait to see you. I can imagine you on the bed in the nude are you touching your clit?" "Yes" she said. "I'm going to come off with my fingers thinking of you stroking your cock.

I just hope My husband doesn't come home before I'm done. It's kind of exciting laying here naked on the bed, fingering my cunt and talking to you while my husband could walk in at any minute. I do love the excitement; I'm also very frightened that he might find out.

He's very suspicious." "Can you imagine if we had more time together? You would be so fucked. I would make sure that you had a smile on your face 24/7. I would eat you any time you needed it, even if you didn't need it. I know you'd have my cock in your mouth several times a day. I would have you walking around in the nude in just stockings and heels all the time. I would from time to time, stick a finger up your hole! Would you like that, if I kept you in the nude all day?

Would you like a nice hot tongue on your clitoris at all different times in the day?" Susan was getting more and more excited by my dirty talk. She was circling her clit with one hand while the other hand had fingers up her cunt.

Eine Limousine ist der richtige Ort zum Saugen

I had my cock in my hand and was stroking it just yearning to be with her, with her warm mouth around my big dick. "Would you like that Susan? Would you love to have me licking you whenever you felt like being licked.

How many fingers do you have inside you right now?" "One, I have one finger inside my cunt and with my other hand I'm fingering my clit. I'm getting very close." She said. Just then, she heard the front door open.

It was her husband. She jumped out of bed and said "my husband's here I've got to hang up!" She heard him shout her name but she didn't answer, as she was pretty flushed very horny and very nude. She quickly grabbed her dress and not having time to put her bra or panties on threw it on. She zipped it up quickly hoping that her husband would not notice her bouncing tits. "Hi she said you're home early." I was stroking my cock faster and faster just thinking of her being caught in the nude masturbating.

I know she didn't want her husband to see her that way but it gave me excitement to know what she was doing. I felt my orgasm coming. I pulled up my shirt and watched as I came all over my belly. I was wishing Susan was here to see it. It was rare for me to masturbate to orgasm in front of Susan because I always came inside of her or in her mouth. It would be shame to waste a good load on my belly, when I could give it to her in the pussy or in the mouth.

The next day I got a call from Susan." Hi I'm sorry we couldn't finish what we started yesterday but my husband came home early and I was nude and masturbating on the bed.

I was able to quickly get dressed and after I greeted him, went into the kitchen to make some tea. I didn't want to let on what we were doing. I was very excited and close to an orgasm. I was frustrated all day and I didn't know what to do with myself. "Well I know what to do with you. Are we still on for Sunday in the office? I can really help you with that frustration thing you have going right now." "Yes as of now it's still on. I just hope something doesn't come up but I already told my husband I would be shopping for a wedding gift for our friend.

I think it's going to work out okay. I'll tell you this, I can hardly wait." "Me too I can't wait to see you. It's always exciting to imagine seeing you again. I'll be there at nine o'clock so if you're early it's okay.

The earlier the better as it would give us more time together. Are you going to bring some toys with you?" "I'll bring my stockings and garters and my new sexy stiletto shoes. That should make your cock hard." "I just have to think of you and my cocks gets hard, like it is right now.

I would love to have your beautiful mouth sucking it right now." "You said you're going to save it for me on Sunday. So I don't want you wasting any of it. I have thoughts of you lying out on your deck and jerking off all by yourself. It's a very erotic thought for me seeing you make yourself come with your hands.

I'd like to watch that one day. I'm getting too hot just talking to you. I have to go and don't forget save it all for me." "I just want you to know that I bought you a toy.

You told me you never used a vibrator before so I bought one for you and I thought we'd try it out on Sunday. What do you think?" "HUMMMUM we'll see. I never used a toy before I know you don't believe it. I use my fingers to masturbate but I'm willing to try something new. I'll consider it." "Okay sweetie then I'll see you on Sunday at 10 o'clock. Oh and by the way, when you come in I want you to be wearing your stockings and your new heels.

Don't bother to put on any panties as you won't need them." "I have to change in the car I can't leave the house in those heels my husband would know something is up." "That's okay you could change in your car but when you walk in the door I want to see you dressed the way I like you. You are going to get fucked, royally fucked." "I know, Ill ware pants, in this way my husband will not notice my stockings.

I can't wait to see you. I'll see you on Sunday." She said as she hung up. Sunday came and I was in the office at nine. I couldn't wait to see her beautiful face with her beautiful mouth. Her eyes were one of her best features. They were hazel colored.

Her eyelids were very heavy and sometimes appeared to be half closed, which gave her a very sensuous look. Her nose was perfect, her hair the perfect blonde color which didn't quite match her eyebrows they were darker.

The way she had her hair cut was in short amazing. People on the street would stop her and say `I love your hair.` Her hair was cut very short and she wore it just touching her ears. The top was kind of spiky in a soft way. I loved to feel it in my hands. I was very horny and decided I would greet her in the nude, so I stripped and stood in my office completely nude with a big hard on.

I kept looking out the window, stroking my cock and hoping to see her car, but she was late. It was a ready 10:30 and in anticipation of seeing her, little drops of pre-come were dripping from me. Her car pulled up to the office and she soon got out looked up and walked to the front door. She knocked and I opened the door. She quickly rushed in. upon seeing my hard on she smiled and said "Wow!

You really did miss me." She was wearing a white top and black slacks with a light leather jacket. Her eyes were accentuated by a small amount of green shadow Her lips were painted with red lipstick.

She had on her brown framed glasses which suited her. She wore her new high-heeled shoes. She grabbed me by my hard on and kissed me like she meant it. "You're nude! You look so hot! Usually it's me nude and you dressed this is quite a change. Oh I see a little pre cum on your dick mind if I taste it?" she said with a smile. "No I don't mind but just a little suck or I'll cum in your mouth!" She leaned over and put the tip in her mouth and licked my pre cum.

She stood up and said "that was tasty when do I get more?" "Soon." I said. "OK. How do you want me? We have about an hour and a half before I have to leave." She said. "Well since you asked why don't you do a slow strip for me while I stroke my cock?" I asked "I would like that" she said with a devilish grin.

She took off her jacket revealing her pointed tits under her blouse. She was wearing a new bra that made her tits stand out. The next thing she did was to unbutton her slacks and they dropped to her ankles exposing her pussy, surrounded by her black garter belt holding up her black stockings. She wore no panties. She had her eyes on me as she, with one hand reached down and spread her pussy lips for me.

She stood there with her pants at her ankles and her pussy exposed making a very erotic sight. "Do you like it like this? Does this excite you?" She asked, never breaking eye contact with me. My cock was sticking straight out and pulsating slightly. She knew she was exciting me beyond belief. "Look at my cock; do you think I'm excited?" "It looks like I may have your attention.

My pussy is burning for you. I want your cock right up my wet cunt." She said as she slowly stepped out of her pants. She bent over and picked them up, turned and walked over to a chair where she placed them over the top so as not to wrinkle. I knew she was doing this so that her husband wouldn't know she was fucking someone behind his back.

Every now and then she would have an anxiety attack sometimes for months sometimes for years, where she would feel so guilty about fucking me instead of her husband, that she wouldn't see me. This was not one of those times. She was burning hot soaking wet and looking forward to a good fucking. A good, hard, fucking. She bent over showing me her ass.

She ran a hand over her ass and then between her legs not going inside but just stroking the outside of her pussy. She turned around and looked at me. She stood there in her white pointed bra, stockings and garter and her shiny black stiletto shoes.

"Is this how you want me? What do you want me to do for you? I want you to tell me what you want. I like to be told what to do it's very erotic. Do you like to look at my pussy?" She asked as she spread her pussy lips while maintaining eye contact. She liked to see my expression when she showed me her most private parts. She always without fail,excited me.

"Come and take a walk with me" I said while stroking my cock slowly. "Let's go into the conference room." She walked with me into the conference room. The conference table was 20 feet long and had a shiny top. She started to get the idea about what was to happen. She put her hands on her hips as I moved towards her and kissed her.

She kept her hands on her hips although she really wanted to have them around me. As I was kissing her I was squeezing her tits. They were so nice, so soft and yet so firm.

I let a hand drop between her legs and slowly put a finger up her wet pussy. When it was nicely saturated I brought it up to her mouth and rubbed it all over her lips before I let her suck it off. "What are you going to do to me today? Are you going to make me masturbate in front of you?

Or are you just going to fuck me?" "Today to start, I'm going to eat you until you cum. Get up on the table." I said. "I love it when you eat me and make me orgasm. You know the way you eat me is unbelievable. I have such great orgasms. Are you going to come inside me afterwards?" "We'll see, we'll see how it goes.

I may fuck you or I was thinking about possibly coming all over your face. First I want to get you off." I knew Susan could have multiple orgasms, so I thought I would start her off right.

She was up on the table and I gently leaned her back. Her legs were bent at the knees at the edge of the table. Her pussy was wide open and looked very inviting. I couldn't wait to get my tongue inside and taste her wetness.

I had brought in a high chair which was perfect for this occasion. I sat in the chair and was at the perfect height to suck her cunt. "Hold your pussy open while I suck you." She did as I asked. I leaned over and my tongue touched her clitoris. She was so ready for this she pushed her clitoris into my mouth, which I greedily sucked and licked. I held her legs up a bit and thrust my tongue all the way down her wetness.

I kept licking her cunt and sucking her clitoris, alternating back and forth. All the while she was uttering some unintelligible words that I couldn't quite hear. Every now and then I heard her say cunt or suck or clit.

I started to work a wet finger up her ass hole. She was very accommodating letting me slide a finger into her waiting ass, as I sucked her clit. As I was doing this I had one hand on my hard-on stroking it slowly so as not to come. I lifted my face out of her pussy and said "is this the way you like it? Would you rather have me tongue your cunt, or suck your clit?" She lifted her head and looked at me and said" I love it all. I love your tongue inside me and I also love… your lips on my clitoris." "So which do you like better or should I say which do you want right now?" I asked.

"HUMMMMMMMUM I think I want your tongue inside me while I finger my clit!" She said. I lifted her legs a bit more and had a really good view of her open pussy. I then spread her legs and put my tongue into her cunt.

At the same time her finger when to work on her clitoris. She was fingering herself as I tongued her. "Oh! That's it, that's it, oh! I love your tongue in my cunt. Lick my cunt!" She took me by the hair with both hands and started a rhythm of sucking her. She worked my head up and down and my tongue went deeper and deeper inside her.

"That's it you're going to make me come. A little bit more a little deeper and I'm going to come." I stopped her. I lifted my head up and looked at her with her pussy juice all over my face. "Stand up." I said. "Aren't you going to make me come? I'm very close I thought you were going to make me come?" "I am." I said.

"I'm going to make you come really good. Now stand up." Susan stood up sliding herself off the table. She was quite a sight in those black stockings and heels. She put her hand between her legs and found her clitoris which she started to exotically stroke.

I reached behind her and found the clasp to her brassiere. I unhooked it and removed it from her gorgeous body, freeing her heavy breasts from their enclosure. Her breasts gave way to gravity and sagged slightly. Her nipples were hard and standing out. Standing there mostly nude in her high heels she was a most very erotic sight.

"Wait right here I'll be back in a second." I said. I walked the next room and open my briefcase. I extracted the dildo and lubricating gel I had purchased. It was in the form of a penis and actually felt like a real hard on. It was at least 3 inches longer than my prick. I walked back into the conference room and Susan was working her clit in nice slow rounded motions.

She spotted the dildo. "What we have here? Is this the surprise you were talking about?" I knew she never tried this but this vibrator was going to get her off. I walked over to her and put the lubricating gel on the table. I opened the top of the gel tube and spread liberal amount all over the vibrator. "Are you going to stick that whole thing inside me? I don't think I could take that, it's way too big." She said. "We don't have to stick the whole thing inside it's a vibrator.

It's supposed to stimulate the clitoris. And if I know you I think you going to like it." I said. "Okay" she said "I'll try anything once. Are you going to put it in or do you want me to do it?" "You just keep rubbing your clit and I'll take care of the rest." I said.

She did as I asked and kept rubbing her clit. I took the vibrator and gently inserted into her cunt. "Oh! That feels better than I thought it would.… Oh! That feels really good." I started to work it in and out of her pussy and she was rubbing herself in rhythm with my motions. She would bend her legs ever so slightly with the in and out motion of the vibrator.

She was quite amazed at what was happening to her. She couldn't believe that this thing inside her could feel so good. I worked it about halfway up and figured that would be high enough, for the time being. She was really getting into it and I knew she was in for a real treat. This vibrator had a variable speed knob on its end.

I reached up with my other hand and turned the switch to its lowest setting. Susan let out a stifled scream as soon as the device when it action. She never felt anything like this before. She didn't know if it was the vibrator on her clit and inside her pussy, or the lewdness of her standing in front of a naked man in her heels and stockings that got her so hot. She started to cum. "I'm cumming, oh! Oh! I'm cumming, I'm cumming." She said as the first orgasm racked through her body.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming aghhh, I'm CUMMMMING! She was almost screaming as the power of her orgasm swept through her body. Her legs started to buckle and I held her up by her divine fulcrum. I pushed the dildo a little higher into her cavity and she started to straighten up. She thought she was almost done when the second wave hit her.

She started to come again and this time with an even more powerful orgasm. "Oh! Oh!" She cried "I'm cumming again, I'm cumming again!

Oh! OOH OOH OOH OOH! You're making me come again. Oh! I'm CUMMMING, Oh! I'm CCCUUUMMMMMMMIIIING!" Her legs once again started to buckle and this time I turned the knob on the little device up one more notch just as her orgasm started to subside. "Oh!" She cried, no! "No more please no more." It didn't matter she was already on her way to number three.

"Oh fuck! You going to make me come again, you're going to make me come, no! no! no! Please no more! Oh God no! Please no!" She said as it fucked inside of her. I wanted to see how far she we go. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming again!

Oh oh! I'm cumming, I'm CUMMING I'm CUMMMMMIIINNNNGGG!" She cried. Her hands went up and she grasp her hair. She stood there in her erotic dress with a naked man shoving the dildo up her cunt while she pulled on her hair. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" Is all she could say. She started to lose spatial reality. At last her orgasm began to subside. I cranked her vibrator up once again and this time I shoved it as far up her cunt as I could. I thought she was going to die.

Her breathing was so shallow and so fast I was afraid I might've gone too far. I let her come down and lowered the speed of the vibrator. I let her sit back on the table and motioned her to lye back. As she did I moved her so that her legs was on the table and she was perpendicular to me. She was still breathing very hard. I let her relax for a few seconds.

Then I once again, turned it up to full speed and shoved it far up her cunt! "NO!" She cried "NO! NO!! NO!!! I can't! Please god NO! I can't take it anymore!

Please NO!" I can't! I can't! I can't! Please NO!" Her pleading only made me more determined to make her cum again. I put my mouth on her left breast and started to suck her nipple.

All the while I was fucking harder and harder with the dildo. "NO! No! no! Oh no! I'm cumin again, I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I'm cumming, fuck my cunt, FUCK MY CUNT!

I'm CUMMINGGGGGGGG!" Was all she could say. As she came her legs stiffened and went straight out. Her ass came off the table and her cunt swallowed the whole vibrator. She was thrashing so hard one of her shoes came off. She just kept saying "I'm cumin again, I'm cumin! I'm cumin!" She started to weaken and her voice got softer and softer as she cried "I'm cumin, I'm cumin, I'm cumin!" I let her come down.

As she was coming down I slid the dildo out of her soaking wet cunt. I then put two fingers up her cunt removed them and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked them dry. "Please no more let me do you let me suck you off." She pleaded. Come in my mouth. Come in my mouth!" She pleaded. I turned her towards me and opened her legs. I spread them wide so I had a good view of her pussy. I lowered my mouth to her delicious cunt and ate it like a cantaloupe.

I wanted her juices all over my face. All the while I did this, she said nothing but "no! No more please no more! I'm too sensitive, no more. Come on me, come inside me, come on my face let me jerk you off but please stop! please stop!" But I didn't stop. I kept eating her and sucking her and I knew after a while, the sensitivity would subside.

I was right. After a few minutes of this delicious sucking I was giving her, she started to relax. I felt her legs lose their tension and her head settled back onto the table. I was licking her from her ass to her clit, slowly and methodically. As I was doing this I reached for the dildo and worked it into her pussy. It took her a few seconds to realize what I was doing but then it was too late.

I turned it on. She went ballistic. Her legs closed tighter then a vice I was just able to get out of the way in time. The vibrator was in her cunt barely visible and slightly audible. I was looking at her on my conference room table, with the vibrator up her cunt thrashing like a fish out of water.

In that instance she lost all sense of reality. She didn't know where she was or what she was doing. All she knew was a great pleasure, a painful pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless. She was so far gone she couldn't speak. The only words out of her mouth were muffled cries of pleasure and pain. "Muff fuck me, fuck me must muff, stop, suck me fuck me!" Was all I heard her to say.

She screamed as she experienced another orgasm. And then another. And then another, crushing orgasm. Her eyes were closed, her lips parted and her legs together. Her hand reached down as she tried to remove the orgasmic device that was torturing her. Her hand brushed her clit on the way down. She orgasms again with a muffled scream. Her hand finally reached the vibrator and she tried to take it out.

She couldn't her legs were locked together and the torturous device was making her come once again. I couldn't believe it. It was almost comical to watch. She was thrashing about, on the table with this device up her pussy, that kept making her come and she couldn't stop it. "Please help me! Please make it stop! Please, please, please, please, help me!" I watched her come again. This time I reached between her legs and removed the torturous orgasmic device from her pussy.

She went completely limp. "Oh God oh God! I've never felt anything like that before." She said with her breasts heaving up and down. She was very spent from this episode, but I wasn't going to let her rest for long as watching this drama unfold caused my cum laden balls to almost explode. I needed to relieve myself and Susan wanted it. I didn't think she could take it in the cunt so instead I said "Susan I want to jerk off for you. I want to jerk off in your mouse and on your face." "You came on my face before, do you remember?

A lot of it went in my mouth, and I opened my mouth to show you my tongue covered with your sperm. Do you remember?" I said "of course I do, how could I ever forget that." I had my dick in my hand and was stroking it. Susan inched her way to the edge of the table so as to place her beautiful face in a spot where I could deposit my load in her mouth.

"Come in my mouth darling! I can't wait to taste you! You know how much I love your sperm. Come all over my face but try to get some in my mouth. I need to taste you, I need your cum. I can't wait for you to come off." She said. "I'm very close you've got me so excited watching you come, time and time again." I said. "Don't even think about it just come off on my face. Come off right now and unload your balls down my throat." I was jerking my cock faster and faster with the tip touching her lips, every now and then.

She would open her mouth occasionally to lick and suck the tip of my cock. I put my other hand on my balls and squeezed slightly. I could feel the come welling up inside me.

I felt it starting to happen. It felt as if my cum started at my toes and was rushing up to my dick. All the while I was looking at her beautiful face that would soon have a cum laden white mass of sperm, all over it. Her eyes were on mine when she said "give it to me!

Give it to me all over my face!" It was as though a volcano erupted as my first stream of cum jetted out of my prick and hit her squarely on the lips. Small particles of my cum splashed over her breasts as I shot. As if in slow motion, her mouth opened and my second stream hit its target going right in her mouth then splashing over her face.

Again I sprayed and this time it hit her cheek and immediately dribbled down her neck. As I finally spent my cum laden balls on her face I moved so that the last few drops would fall on her lips and into her mouth.

She lay there with my spunk all over her face, in her mouth, on her lips, on her breasts. She was quite a sight. She reached up with a finger and scooped some of my cum up and slid it right into her mouth.

She did this several times until she had most of all of my cum in her mouth. She took her finger out and opened her mouth wide and let me see all my cum on her tongue.

While making eye contact with me she closed her mouth and swallowed. She swallowed down all of my cum. When she was done swallowing, she stuck her tongue out and licked all around her lips so as to get every last drop. She then motioned to me to kiss her. I leaned over and kissed her. Her tongue immediately shot into my mouth. She had her arms around my neck as she started to sling herself off the table.

She never broke her kiss or released her grip on me as she pressed her body against mine. She kept kissing me and tonguing me as her grasp got tighter.

She whispered "I love you I love you I wish we were together always." I said "you know how much I love you. I just wish our timing was better." All she could say was "I love you."   Chapter 5 It was almost a month since I last saw her and the thoughts of her never left me. When I woke up in the morning, when I went about my day, when I went to sleep at night, she was there. It was as though I was haunted.

I didn't know how to handle this, but I did know I had to see her again and soon. I thought back at our last time at my law office and savored every second of the meeting. "So how are you today?" I said. "Hello Bill it's good to hear your voice. I can only talk for a few minutes, my husband's home today, he went to the stationary store and will be back soon. I've been thinking about you." "And I've been thinking about you as you know.

I think about you day and night, most all the time. We have to meet again soon. Is there a window of opportunity?" I asked. "Not really my husband has no plans for the next month that is none that he mentioned." She said.

"I can wait another month; there must be something we could do. Can't you go the store for like three or four hours?" I asked. "I can always manage a few hours what did you have in mind?" She asked. "How about meeting me at a nearby hotel? You could leave your house right after he leaves for work. We could spend two or three hours together. I know it's not much but I can't go another month without you." "I can't. How can I be with you and then come home to him? I need time to decompress.

Suppose he wants to have sex? I don't think I could have sex with him right after having sex with you. I just wouldn't feel right." I've heard this from her before and I've always respected her wishes.

I also sensed that she was being a bit disingenuous. I know she wanted to fuck me, I also knew she had those feelings of guilt that she just mentioned. I knew that her need to fuck me, would overshadow any other feelings she had.

I knew she loved fucking me and would sacrifice almost anything to get it. She wanted her cake and eat it too. Just like me.

The thoughts of her spreading her beautiful legs for me, was so powerful, it forced me to do things I would normally not do. I knew her thoughts of me fucking her trumped all other emotions she had. I decided to take a chance. I knew she loved dirty talk so I thought I would try to turn her on.

"Susan if you could get away for just a few hours, I would give your cunt a fucking you would remember for a long time. I would first eat you and suck your clit." "Hummmm." Was all she said. "I would finger you and suck you until you came again. I will make you come, until you screem! What do you think?" "HummmmI guess I could get away for a few hours when do you want to meet?" She said.

It worked she was as week for me as I was for her. There was nothing I wouldn't do for her, or to get her. "Tomorrow, first thing in the morning, as soon as you could get away." I said.

"let me think about it I've got to go he'll be home any minute. Call me at 2 o'clock and we'll talk." "OK but think of my big cock right up your wet cunt." I said." "Hummmm, OK I'll talk to you later." She said as she hung up. By now my dick was very hard just thinking I might be fucking her tomorrow.

It was almost time for me to leave but I needed to jerk off. I decided I would try to make it fast. I also decided it should be erotic. I wanted to be nude as I thought of her. I quickly undressed steeping out of my shoes. I opened my belt and dropped my pants and underwear. I took off my shirt and my cock stood out at attention.

I didn't waste any time and started to pull my prick. I fantasized about being with Susan tomorrow and how I would take her. I thought of her fingers going in and out of her cunt and her beautiful face just waiting for my dick.

I held a picture of her and as I jerked myself off. I thought of her sucking my dick. I came. I sprayed all over my belly. It was two o'clock as I dialed her number. She answered and said "Hello, I can talk now my husband went for a haircut." "Did you think about my proposition?" I asked. "I thought about it but I just can't. It's taking too much of a chance so close to home." She said.

"No it would be okay. There's a hotel about 15 miles to the east. I can go and check in at about nine o'clock and be waiting for you when you get there.

Think about my tongue licking all of your wet clit. I can bring the vibrator." I pleaded. "No I couldn't take another bout with that vibrator so soon. It used up all my orgasms for week. My husband fucked me twice last week, more often than he does and I had to fake it as I usually do anyway." She said.

"Susan I know you want it. Don't lie to me. I know you want my cock I can be there tomorrow sucking your sweet pussy. Surely you could take three hours, or even two hours to see me. There's no chance you're going to be caught, no one would know you there, and it would be very discreet." "I don't know it's taking a big chance." She said.

"Susan come on you know you want it you know you want me to make your cunt wet. Come on say you'll do it and I'll give you a good fucking, one that you won't forget." "You know me so well. I'm getting wet just thinking about it. You love dirty talking to me don't you? You love to make me hot so you could fuck me." She was right. "All right! I can get there at about 9: 30 but I can't stay long." She said. "Great! I knew you'd do it. Is your cunt going to be nice and wet for me?" I asked.

"Yes I'll be wet for you I'm wet now and I'll be wet when I go to sleep tonight. I just hope my husband doesn't want to fuck me. I just couldn't. Do you want me to bring my stockings and garter?" She asked. "No. I'm going to fuck you in the nude. I don't want to be wearing anything, just your birthday suit. But why don't you bring your heels? You look so great walking around in them." "All right I'll see you about 9: 30. You know I'm going to be wet for you. Now you've got me all hot, I can't wait, my hands are shaking." She said.

Mine were too. The next day I found myself driving to the Marriott I had told Susan about. I got there at 8:30 and checked in. The room was typical of the Marriott with a king size bed, a desk and chair and two adjoining comfortable chairs for lounging.

My cock was a already hard I reached down and stroked it. I could feel the heat coming from my loins. I was so excited and so hot with the thought of seeing her, That I could've come in seconds. It was almost painful. I called her. "Hi can you talk?" I asked. "Of course I'm on the road and should be there in just a few minutes what your room number?" She asked. "I'm in room 1602 the doors open just walk-in. Please hurry I'm so hot for you I'm ready to explode." I said.

"I will hurry I can't wait to see you." She said as she hung up. My room had a good view of the parking lot so I watched for her car and to my surprise, she pulled in. She was early today I didn't expect that because she's always late. What serendipity I thought. She got out of the car and walked towards the lobby. She was wearing black slacks and a brown leather jacket. She was carrying a bag that I knew contained some of her goodies.

Before I knew it, my door opened and she walked in. As I was walking towards her she turned and bolted the door. I could see she didn't want to be disturbed.

I held her and kissed her, our tongues met and twirled about within each other's mouth. Her hand went down to my cock and she started to rub it. I pushed off her jacket and it fell to the floor. She had on a gray sweater and the front was fastened with large buttons which I quickly unbuttoned. It to dropped to the floor.

She wore a see-through bra and her nipples were standing out, it was as if she had no bra on at all. She had a black belt holding up her slacks which I quickly removed and unbuttoned her slacks. I pulled them down to her feet the panties went along with her slacks.

I pulled them off taking her shoes with them. She stood there in just her brassiere. I quickly reached behind her unhooked it and ripped it from her body. She now stood there in the nude. Her breasts were heaving in and out. I could see she was very excited. Her hands were shaking and her lips were quivering. I haven't seen her this hot long time. I bent down and shoved two fingers right up her cunt.

"Oh God oh God!" Was all she could say as I worked my fingers around and around in her wet orifice. I started to massage her clit with my other hand. I started fucking into her with my fingers faster. All she could say was "Oh God! OH MY GOD! Oh God oh God!" I put my lips on her clit and started to suck and lick it. I went around and around with my tongue and savored the taste of her sweetness. I finger fucked her harder.

I looked up and she was still wearing her glasses. Her tits were heaving in and out, with her breathing and up-and-down with my finger fucking. She didn't think she was going to get it this fast at our meeting.

Her cunt was sopping wet and as I finger fucked her, I could hear the slapping of my fingers on her wet cunt. "Oh God! You going to make me come I'm going to come I'm gonna come." She said. "I want you to come I want you to come standing right where you are with my fingers up your cunt. You really love to be finger fucked in your cunt don't you?" With that I worked a finger into her ass.

She didn't even tense because she was so close to her orgasm. She looked especially attractive today in the nude. She just had a pedicure and her toenails were bright red. She wore red lipstick and a slight touch of black eye shadow. She started to go up on her toes and I knew this was it, so I fucked into her as fast and is hard as I could.

"Oh God! Oh God! Here I go oh God oh God! I'm cumming! oh God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! oh! I'm cumming! God! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm CCUUUUMMMMMMMIIINNNGGGGG!!!!" "You like it in your cunt don't you?

You like to be finger fucked don't you? You Like me to make you come standing there in the nude. You are a slut for me aren't you?" " God! I'm cumming! I'm Cumming! I'm CUMMMming!!" Were the only words out of her mouth. She was high on her toes and her whole body stiffened in her orgasm. "Oh God!" She said as her legs buckled and she fell to the floor, cumming! my fingers still working in and out of her cunt. "God!

I'm CUMMING, I'm cumming I'mcumming." She kept saying her voice getting softer and softer as her orgasm subsided. She started to stretch out on the floor, my fingers still up her cunt. I took my fingers out of her pussy and slowly brought them up to my mouth. I made sure she could see me as I licked my fingers dry, as if I was sucking a popsicle. She said "oh my God I never expected this. I thought you're going to make me dress and suck your cock.

This was amazing. I had a very powerful orgasm I didn't think I was going to stop." She reached up to me, put her arms around me and kissed me. "Eat yourself let me see you eat your cunt. I love it when you do that." I said. She kissed me again and I put my tongue in her mouth. While she was kissing me she reached down and put a finger inside herself. She took it out dripping with her juices and put it in both of our mouths. "Keep eating yourself I want to watch you while I undress." She did as I asked, continually sucking her juices as I disrobed in front of her.

When I was down to just my underwear she stopped me. "Don't take them off just stick your dick out. I find that very erotic." My cock was so hard I had trouble sticking it out of my underwear but when I did it stood out at attention. She was very fast and within seconds had her mouth all over my cock.

She was sucking me and shoved my whole cock right down her throat." Oh! your pre-come tastes so good." She said. "Do you want me to just suck you off or do you want to fuck me? Just tell me how you want me." She then stood up and walked over to the bag she had brought with her.

She opened the bag and held up her black stockings in one hand and a pair of black high spike heel shoes in the other. She had a devilish smile on her face. "Do you want me to wear these?" She asked as she put the shoes on one at a time.

"Do you want to fuck me in stockings or just in heels?" "I like you in the nude today I've been thinking of in the you nude for weeks. The heels are a nice touch you should keep them on." "Okay." She said as she dropped the stockings back into the bag. She then slowly walked to the end of the room turned and faced me and spread her pussy with one hand. Susan's cunt was without doubt the best cunt I ever had, or ever saw.

It was really beautiful. Her cunt lips were small yet pronounced. It was very easy to spread them apart and when so spread afforded a most magnificent view of her whole vagina. She had shaved the lower part of her pussy but above her slit, left hair that was nicely trimmed and beautifully shaped. "Thank you for making me come so hard I owe you one." She said.

She started walking towards me with her cunt lips held apart. "Do you want to fuck it? Do you want to fuck my cunt, do you want to fuck my wet cunt?" She said as a finger slid into her pussy. "I love you baby.

I would love to fuck you." I said as I stroked my cock. She went down on me again making my cock nice and wet. When it was good and wet she gave it one last deep throat before standing up. She walked over to the bed and lay down at the edge so that her cunt was up in the air.

She supplemented that position by sticking a pillow under her ass. "Come and give me a good fucking" she said. I didn't have to be told twice I was over her in a flash. She took my cock and guided right up her wet pussy.

As soon as the tip was in her dripping cunt she reached behind me and put both hands on my ass and shoved me right up her vagina her wet and waiting cunt. She wanted a good fucking but most of all she wanted to get me off.

She enjoyed watching me coming off as much as I enjoyed making her come. The sudden motion of me being jammed into her cunt started the juices flowing. I started fucking in and out of her like a madman. "Don't hold back don't worry about me. Just give it to me in the cunt. She said, in a husky voice. Give it to me in my nice wet cunt. Give it to me the way my husband could never give it to me.

Fill my cunt. I want your come." She pleaded. The truth of the matter was that when I came, I really came. I would produce buckets of cum. I recall one girlfriend that use to jerk me off on her couch, to see how high I could reach. One day, when I was feeling super randy, she got me to hit the ceiling.

Granted, she only had 7 foot ceilings, and her couch was about 2 feet off the ground, but she thought that was some kind of a record. I suspect she did this with many of her lovers. "Your going to make me come I'm too hot I'm gonna come." I said. "Give it to me give it to me in the cunt." She was talking like that because she wanted me to come and she knew her dirty talk would drive me over the edge.

She was right. "Fuck my cunt. Fucking fuck it, fuck my wet cunt. Give it to me in the twat. Fill me up, give me come. Fuck me darling, fuck my big wet cunt." I felt my balls as they tensed up. As if in a slow motion dream I imaged my cum surging from my heavy balls into the base of my cock. I then saw it surging through my cock and spurting out the tip just as I came.

The first stream was amazing and I barely heard my lover as she said" give it to me in my cunt… Fill my cunt… Fill my cunt with your heart semen! Fuck me, fuck in my cunt give it to me!" I came again and again and again. I filled her snatch with my white-hot come. "That's it baby I feel you squirting inside the oh… It's so hot squirt me some more!

Fuck my cunt! Empty your balls right inside me" she said faster and faster as I did exactly as she asked. I nailed her with my cock one more time… And then one more time again. I collapsed on top of her totally spent with my cock inside her.

My cum started to drip out of her and onto her legs. "That it honey I love when you come inside me." She said as she motioned me off of her. When my cock came out of her twat it was still big and mostly hard.

She rolled me over on my back and went down on me sucking my cum laden cock right down her throat. She started licking it clean. I heard muff… muff…muff. She cleaned me all up. She had only been with me 15 minutes. I knew we had time for more. She was still breathing hard. "Glad you came? Are you feeling happy" I asked. She laughed "I'm feeling very happy.

I just had a huge orgasm I came as if with a crashing blow and I'm full of your cum. What's not to be happy about? I just feel so relaxed." She said, as she stretched her long legs on the bed. She kicked off her heels and they fell to the floor.

"I just love the taste of your CUM in my mouth and on my lips. I love to run my tongue around my lips still tasting you." She said as she ran her tongue around her mouth in a most erotic position.

"Susan would you mind showing me, my cum? I would love to see it dripping out of you. They call that cream pie don't they? Would you do that for me? Would you show me your cream pie?" She laughed. "Yes that's what they call it the cream pie. Do you really want to see it? Do you really want to see your cum dripping out of my cunt? Is that really erotic for you?

Now that I think about it, it would be kind of erotic for me. She said as she got off the bed and stood in front of me nude then reaching for her pussy lips to spread them. With both hands she spread her cunt wide open and pushed some of my come out.

A small white stream trickled down her leg. She had her head down and was watching it also. She seemed in awe of the white stuff coming out of her pussy. "Look at that!" She said as she stuck a finger inside herself in order to facilitate more of the white cum to exit her womb. A little more dripped down but she wasn't going to let it escape. She reached down and with a finger, scooped up the hot cum scraping her finger up her leg. She held her finger up in front of her face and looked me square in the eyes as she slowly moved her finger to her red lip-sticked mouth and stuck it in, closed her lips over it, and sucked.

"Do you know how erotic that is? Look at you standing in the nude, cum dripping out of your cunt and you eating it!" I said. She reached down once again and this time put her index finger up her pussy. She worked it around for several seconds before once again bringing it up to her mouth and cleaning it off. "Does that make you hot? Does that excite you?" She walked over to where she dropped her shoes and stepped into her high heels.

She walked over to me standing in her heels and with her finger, reached down her leg and scooped up the remainder of my cum which he brought up to her mouth and ate. "Do you like that?" She asked. "Are you trying to get my dick hard so soon? You know it would be nice to take a break for a few minutes. After all you just got here." I said. She took my hand and said "come with me." She walked over to the two easy chairs and sat me down in one while she walked over to the other and sat down herself.

"Maybe it's better if we talk without touching I know you like to jerk off and I often envision you nude in your yard, with a big hard on in your hands stroking it and making yourself cum." She was sitting facing me with her legs slightly opened. I could see her snatch glistening as the sun hit it. She sat back and crossed her legs. She wanted me to admire her sitting in the nude wearing her high heels and nothing else.

I instinctively reached down to my cock and wrapped my hand around it. To my surprise it was slightly hard. I never knew, and didn't know, if I ever would understand the strange power she had over me. She reached up with both hands and grabbed both of her nipples, squeezing them between her thumb and forefinger.

She was making them hard. While she was rolling them between her fingers she asked "so what would you like to talk about?" "My favorite subject is you. Tell me about you and your husband. Tell me how you have sex with him. It really turns me on to think of you fucking another man. I don't know why that is, but it's true.

" "Do you mean that you would like to hear about my interaction with my husband?" She asked. "Yes tell me the details." I said. "Well let's see… Last Friday I woke up early it was 5:30 AM and My husband was still asleep. I got up and made myself some breakfast and drank some coffee. I was going to the gym early. It was a 6:30 AM class and so I had to hurry. After eating I went into the bathroom and washed my face brushed my teeth. Then I put on my gym clothes, which was black slacks and athletic bra white top and sneakers.

I was out the door at 6:05 AM. When I got to the gym I worked on weights for 20 min. before taking my class. I got home at 8:30 AM and my husband was already dressed and half out the door. He kissed me goodbye and was gone. I walked into the bathroom and undressed. I saw myself in the mirror and thought about you. It seems every time I'm in the nude I think about you. Isn't that funny? Anyway I got in the shower and if I remember correctly, as I was soaping myself up, flicked my clitoris every now and then.

That was probably because I was thinking of you." It was very erotic listening to her while she sat there in her high heels and nothing else. As she was speaking she let her crossed legged heel slip out of her shoe. I knew was all for my benefit. Her nipples were nice and hard and I'm sure she wondered what would happen next. "No I didn't masturbate that day I wasn't all that horny and just didn't feel like it. It would have been a different story if you were there. Every time I see you I get hot and wet.

I don't know what it is about you I don't act like this with anyone else especially my husband. "So what did you do the rest of the day?" I asked anxious to hear about her fucking. "Well I went to the store I got some groceries. After he dropped them off at the house I decided to treat myself. So I thought it would be nice to have a new blouse. I went to the mall and went shopping. I came across Victoria's secret and looked in the window. They had a very skimpy bra and panty outfit but it was very expensive.

It did however make me think of you and I got a little wave of wetness in my pussy. I got past that and found the red blouse that I was wearing today. Every time I go shopping I buy things that I think you would like. " She reached down and refitted her shoe then she uncrossed her legs and held them open for a moment. That moment was meant for me to see her cunt. She then re-crossed her other leg hiding her beautiful snatch.

"So tell me about your husband." " First of all I had no idea I would see you so soon. I'm not embarrassed to tell you this because I'm human. It's one thing to meet you every now and then and have spectacular sex. It's quite another thing to abstain from any sex at all. Anyway I don't have that much of a choice as my husband likes to fuck me every now and then. I told you that he likes to watch pornographic movies before he fucks me.

On this night when he came home which is around 4 PM, he came home horny. I think he has a girlfriend in California and every now and then, takes a 'business trip' to California.

But that's another story. He asked me if I felt like watching a porno this evening. That was his code for; I'm going to get off on you today one way or the other. I knew what I had to do so I started a bath and washed myself.

It was what I always did before he stuck his dick in me. After I finished washing I put on a robe and walked into the living room. He was already naked wearing only a robe and fiddling with the DVD trying to get his porno movie to start." She retorted." "The porno was Behind the Green Door. He seemed to like that one and we watched it often. I think he got off on the scene when they stripped Marilyn Chambers on stage while everyone watched.

" I said "How about you? Does that turn you on?" She said "A little. I would never like that for me but I kind of liked the idea of stripping someone in front of an audience.

It seems very erotic. Anyway when it got to that scene I knew he was getting hard so I reached over and moved my hand under his robe. His dick was semi-soft so I stroked it a few times to get it hard while he watched the porno. It worked because within 5 minutes he was hard. I think it was the movie and not me but I didn't care, I wanted to get fucked.

Well it was better than nothing. The only way I could come with him was to fantasize about you. In any case I went down on him to get him hard enough to fuck me. He was pretty hard and so I opened my robe and sat on his dick while he watched the rest of the movie.

I spread my legs wide enough to balance myself and then went up and down on him. I fingered my clit while I fucked him. I just wanted him to come off and be done with it. In the mean time if I came, so much the better. It didn't take him long and in about 3 minutes he came. I did also, because of my intense fingering. I went into the bathroom and douched myself. And when I came out we had a little dinner and went to sleep." My hand had already slipped down to my cock and I was stroking it slowly as she spoke.

It really turned me on that she would tell me the intimate details of her sexual exploits with her husband. My dick was getting hard and that fact did not escape Susan at all. She was watching me as I slowly jacked off. "I like to watch you when you do that." She said as I slowly stroked my cock. "I like to watch you make it get big. If you gets big enough maybe we could do it again." "So the last time you fucked your husband you came off?

Now the question is did he make you come, or did you make you come? You said you thinking of me when you came off?" I asked while still slowly stroking my dick. What were you fantasizing? What did you fantasize about me?" "I thought of us in a tight embrace with our arms tightly about each other. We were passionately kissing and you had your cock inside me. You were stroking me as we kissed, with that beautiful cock of yours.

I kept thinking about that and when my husband squirted I just let it go and came myself." I said" so you are riding your husband's cock fingering your clit thinking about me and you orgasm? I'll bet he had no idea of what you were thinking or why you came off so fast. You must've been awful horny." "I wasn't!

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I wasn't horny and all, I didn't even feel like fucking. But with his cock inside the in my erotic thoughts of you I just came. I had a nice little come. You have to realize that I live in a real world and I need to have sex at times. As I was impaling myself on his cock, it just felt good as I fingered myself and I just let myself go." She said "I'm thirsty." She said.

"Would you like some water?" "Yes, I'll will get us some." I said. "No I want you to stay where you are, and keep stroking your cock. I like it. I'll get the water and I'll make some coffee." She said.

She got out of the chair and I felt a thrill run through my body, as I gazed upon her naked body. She walked over to the bathroom and came out with two glasses of water.

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As she walked, I could see her pussy lips moving with every step. Her breasts bounced and sagged slightly. Every time I looked at her I would get very lusty.

She put the two glasses of water down, reached down to one of my legs and lifted it over the arm of the chair. "There that looks even more erotic." She said. The next thing she did drove me wild.

She spread her lips and put her cunt right up to my face and said "lick it!" I did as she asked licking mainly her clit. As she held herself open she arced her pelvis forward and her head back so that I was able to get my tongue all over her clit. "That's it suck my clit into your mouth. Oh!… … That's nice. Now lick inside my cunt. Oho…Ah! That's really nice suck my clit again." As I was sucking her clit she decided to move away and left me holding my heart cock in my hand.

"Ah… Thank you. Sometimes I just get an urge." She giggled." It's so natural to be naughty with you. I can never do that with my husband I think I could do anything with you." She said. "You're right, anything you want to do, just do. I would never judge you or stop you.

Anything to do with sex should be natural and if you feel it, you should act it out. I'll do the same for you in fact, we do." I grinned. "I want to see you come off." She said with a devilish look in her eyes. "I want to see you make yourself come. I want you to stroke your dick and come off on your belly. I'm just going to watch and maybe play with my clitoris, but I want you to come by yourself just like you are, sitting in the chair. I'm going to help you. I'll give you something to look at." She said in her naughty voice.

She walked over to the bed opened her bag and took out her sheer black stockings and garter belt and walked back over to her chair. "I know you like to watch me dress so I'm going to dress while you masturbate I want to see a nice load when you come." "Oh you know I'll give you a nice load just for you. A nice hot load!" I said. She sat down on the chair and very slowly reached down and slipped off her right shoe. She picked up the black stocking and very slowly rolled it so that she could put it on without tearing a seam.

She slowly stretched it over her leg and then erotically fidgeted with it. Her nipples were still hard. "Do you like to see me like this with one stocking on?" She asked as she slipped off her other shoe. She did the same with the other stocking. When she had them both on she slipped on her high heels and stood up. She walked towards the bed but the stockings wouldn't hold up without a garter, and slipped down slightly.

"Oh my look at that! My stockings are falling down. I guess I'll have to put my garters on." She walked back towards me and picked up her garter belt. "Hummm," She said as she put the garter in her mouth "Hummmm, I feel wet what could cause that?" She said, as she reached down and scoped some juice out of her cunt.

"Look at that." She said as she held up her finger to her mouth and licked it off. In the mean time my dick was growing in my hand. She then turned around so her ass faced me and started to don her garter belt. She slowly attached the left then paid her attention to the right. She put on her heels and walked over to the mirror to make sure she was properly dressed. "Susan you look great in your stockings and heels but I thought you were going to stay nude today.

Don't get me wrong I love it when you dress in a erotic fashion but sometimes I just like you completely nude." I said. "Well I would say I'm very close to nude right now. My tits are completely uncovered as you can see…" She said as she ran her hands around her beautiful breasts and alternately tweaked each nipple.

"And as you can see my pussy is open to you…" She reached down with one hand and spread her pussy lips. "So you can see I'm very close to nude I'm just dressed for sex. I love doing just that for you. And I especially love wearing stockings and garter and a beautiful set of high heels. The stockings feel so good on my legs, so sheer and so soft." She said as she ran her long fingers up her legs starting at her shoes past her knees and up to her thighs.

"And I love wearing a nice pair of spiky high heel shoes. They make me feel so, girl like, and feminine." Susan reached down and took off one of her heels. She ran her hands over the smooth shiny leather. "I'll bet you like this." She said as she inserted the high heel slightly into her vagina. "Do you like to see me do this? Do you like to see me put my high heel shoe up my cunt?

Do you like to see me lick my juices off it like this?" She said as she held her heel up to her mouth and licked her juices off of it. She put her shoe back on. I'll just turn around and bend over so you have a good view of my ass and pussy." The view was indeed erotic.

She turned once again facing me and with her hands on her hips walked towards me and him most erotic pose. My cock was very hard in my hand and I really wanted to come.

I know she wanted to watch me come all over myself, she must get a big kick out of that. Anyway, I loved to masturbate while she watched me. I really got off on her watching my cock get bigger and bigger while jerking myself off in front of her. "I want to see your cum go all over your belly. I want to watch your face as your spunk pours out of your prick." She said, as she sat down draping one of her slender legs over the chair affording a gorgeous view of her snatch.

"I hope you don't mind if I play with myself a little while you jerk your cock." She said as she slid 2 fingers inside her cunt rolled them around and brought them up to her lips. "Oh! Look at that, my fingers are covered and pussy juices. I'm such a dirty girl, I guess I'll have to clean them off!" She said as she placed her fingers in her mouth and rolled her tongue around them to suck them dry.

"I taste pretty good I would like to taste you soon. Am I making you hot and horny? Do you think you can come for me soon? I want to see that cum." All her dirty antics excited me as I sat there jerking my cock in front of her. She had her finger going around and around her clitoris and was staring at my cock intensely.

"Come on darling show me your cum!" She said. My prick was as hard as a rock and as big as it gets. I was stroking it intensely and knew that I would come very soon. I wanted to come very badly and was down to the short strokes.

Her bag was next to the chair in which she was sitting. She reached down into it and brought out her red lipstick. She started putting it on very carefully as she glanced over to me every now and then. "I like to have my lipstick fresh when I get some fresh cum, nice hot fresh spunk." What was even more erotic was, while she was putting her lipstick on she continues to finger her clit.

She seemed so nonchalant in her actions that it excited me even more. When she was done putting on her lipstick she paused for a second and screwed the lipstick back into its case and then placed it back in her bag. She looked great. The red lipstick was a great contrast to her black stockings. She gently put a finger inside her cunt brought it up to her mouth and sucked it.

"Are you about ready to cum? It looks to me like you're going to spray any second. I guess she ascertain that from the fact that I was jerking my cock at an astounding rate.

"Come on I want to see it, show me your cum! Oh! Could it be you want to jerk it in my mouth? Are you making me wait because you want my mouth on your cock? She asked. As I sat there jerking my cock close to come I watched her as her fingers circled her clitoris and she occasionally licked her pussy juice off of her fingers.

"No I think I want to see you jerk your cock off all over your belly." She said. I wanted to please her as the first stream shot out of my cock onto my belly. "That's it darling jerk your dick all over your belly.

Do some more, do some more." She said. The second and third streams spewed onto my belly as my orgasm subsided. I was jerking my cock slower and slower, just enjoying the feeling. "Are you done already?" She asked as she started walking towards me. "MMM MM look at it all over your belly and dripping off the sides. This must be how you do it at home. It's very erotic watching you masturbate." She said.

She knelt down in front of me and gently remove my hand from my semi hard cock. She reached up with her middle finger and scooped up a small amount of my spunk.

She lifted my leg slightly and then worked her finger into my ass. I flinched at the intrusion. She started probing for my prostate.

Since she was a nurse she knew exactly what she was doing. When her finger found it she started to gently massage it. "You're such a dirty boy look what she did, all of your belly." She said as she leaned over and licked some of my cum off my belly. She held her cum covered tongue out, and then swallowed. Watching her do that, with her finger up my ass, was actually exciting me again. She started pushing harder on my prostate and then to my surprise when all away down on my cock, taking it to the hilt, all the way down her throat.

She forced more cum out of me as they I a secondary orgasm. She came off of my cock and lifted me. She held out her tongue with some small droplets of my spunk on it smiled and swallowed the load. "I'll bet you really enjoyed that I see this still a little cum dripping out your prick." She said, as she scooped off a drop from the tip of my cock with her finger and then licked it off with her tongue.

"I love to taste you cum." She said. "Well what do we do next, Bill? We still have a few hours left and I feel like I've been coming for days. My cunt is still dripping your cum. You just came all over yourself. I don't know if I could fuck anymore!" She said. "I'll tell you Susan, I feel spent. Coming inside you was something but I didn't think you could make me come again so soon. I don't know if I could fuck anymore either.

Do you want to go out and get a bite to eat?" I asked. "Oh no, I couldn't be seen with you so close to home. If my husband found out it would be very bad. I don't ever want him to know I think you understand. However I'm prepared." She reached into her bag and pulled out to deli sandwiches and two bottles of water.

"I thought it would be nice if we ate in." She said. "Good thinking I forgot about this being so close to your home. Do you mind if I undress you before lunch?" I said as I reached down and removed her high-heeled shoes. She stretched her legs out one at a time for me, and had a smile on her face.

I motioned to her to stand up, which she did. I unhooked her stockings from the garter belt and let them stag down. I found the clasp to the garter and removed it. She then sat down and stretched her legs out again, one at a time so that I may remove her stockings.

I just came several times but I couldn't help myself as I shoved a finger into her still dripping cunt. "Are we going to have lunch or are you going to finger fuck me all day?" She asked. "Just testing when I see your pussy it drives the wild and I can't help myself." I took the fingers out of her snatch and put them in my mouth which I greedily sucked off.

"Okay I'm hungry also." I said as we walked over to the table and sat down both of us completely nude. We both only ate half of the sandwich there was just too much excitement in the air to make time for food.

We still have some time left and we both felt renewed after our nourishment. Susan looked exceedingly beautiful in the nude. Her gorgeous breasts sagged down slightly as she sat across the table from me.

I wanted to see all of her, although just gazing at her face and her breasts was very titillating. "You must like my tits." She said as my eyes were bouncing between them in her eyes. "I love every inch of your body I don't think there's any part of you that I have not touched, licked, or sucked, or kissed.

Yes you're absolutely right I love your tits but the thing I love most is to see all of you nude." I said. "It seems so. Is that why you like me to wear stockings and heels and have me, walk for you in erotic fashion?

It just happens so that I really love dressing, or should I say undressing for you. I don't know what it is, but I love it when you watch me putting on my stockings and garter. I also love walking for you in my high heels. It makes me feel very sexy very naughty. I would never do this for my husband.

He's such a prude, and would not approve. The thing is, he loves to watch pornographic movies, but then he just wants to stick his dick in me and get off.

It's all different with you. You build me up to a climax and you always make sure I have a nice come. My husband couldn't care less if I came or not.

You get off making me come." She said. "I don't think I could come again but should we have some fun anyway? Why don't you stand up for me?" Susan pushed her chair back and stood up.

She walked back a few feet so that I could see all of her nude body. "What you going to make me do? I don't think I could come again either but I love it when you look at me. What do you want me to do?" She said. "I love your pussy but I think it would be a big turn on if you shaved the whole thing don't get me wrong, I like the way you have it cut but I would love to see it hairless.

The next time we meet, could you shave completely?" I asked. "I could just shave it off my husband would become very suspicious." She said. "Then why don't you try to make it his idea? Maybe when you're fucking him you could say something like, how would you like me to shave my pussy for you?

This way he'll think you want to do it for him. But in actual fact you would do it for me wouldn't you?" I asked. "Hmmmmm it would turn me on if I shaved for you and then have my husband fuck me. I can't believe I just told you that, but I have no secrets with you and never will." She walked towards me and sat down on my lap. She put her arms around me and gave me a sensual kiss. I answered her kiss by sliding my tongue in her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we tongued each other for three or 4 minutes my hands running all over her body.

"I'm going to shave my pussy for you. I'm going to Texas to visit Jane for a few days and so I'll shave just before I go. In this way I'll only have to fuck him once. The next time you see me I'll have a nude pussy you'll have a great view now that I think about it I can hardly wait." She said. I had slid a finger into her slit as we're talking. She was still very lubricated with a combination of her juices and my cum. She didn't mind at all, my finger up her snatch it was almost natural for her to have me finger her sweet cunt.

" What's her story now days? Is she still happily married?" I asked. "She still married but I don't know how happy she is. Her husband turned out to be a real bastard and wouldn't let her spend any money at all. She's not enjoying life like she used to.

All in all I think she's very unhappy. Her husband moved to Arizona and they haven't seen each other for six months or so. I think she's going to divorce him." She said. I said "so Jane's not happy?"   Chapter 6 My mind shifted into high gear. Susan had said she was going to visit Jane next week.

At first I thought perhaps I could plan a business trip to Texas. If I did, I could see her on a daily basis and maybe I could sleep with her for the whole night and wake up with her. I thought what a great turn on.

But then I thought back to our first meeting when Susan tried to pimp Jane on me. She had described Jane as a beautiful woman who was much neglected. She had told me that Jane needed to be "fucked." It was a great turn on then as it was a turn on now. Don't get me wrong, Susan was my woman. She would always be my woman my fantasy my love. No one that I ever met or ever imagined could ever take her place, including my wife. But the thought of her and Jane with me was a great turn on.

I didn't know if Susan had ever been with another woman but I doubted it. She just wasn't the type. I thought I would try out this notion and see how she would take it. My finger was still up her snatch and I started working in and out very slowly in a sensual manner. I loved talking to her while doing something lewd to her.

She liked it also, it was very erotic for her. "Susan, when are you going to visit Jane?" I asked as I took a nipple into my mouth. "Oh! That feels nice I love your mouth on my nipples. To answer your question I am leaving on Tuesday and will return on Sunday that gives me about five days to visit." "You know sweetheart I might be going to Texas on Tuesday also." I let that sentence hang out to dry.

I can see in her eyes that her mind was racing. I felt that she was thinking of a way that we could see each other without causing a problem. She had told Jane everything about our relationship from the very first day. Jane knew all there was, nothing was held back.

Susan even told her some details about our sexual encounters. I often wondered if Jane fantasized or got off on the stories. Susan looked very indecisive as she was turning this thought around in her mind. "Can you really get away and if you did how would we get together?" She said. "Well Jane knows everything about our relationship doesn't she? And that being the case I don't think she would mind if I came.

I think it would be a good idea for you to call her before we made any plans, because after all, you're going there to see her not to fuck me." She said "it's a very interesting idea Jane would never say anything to anyone.

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My husband would never know and I don't know anyone in Texas. Do you really want to do this?" I slipped a second finger into her cunt and went about sucking her nipples some more. She let out a soft moan as I did. I was teasing her with my fingers, just going in halfway up to my knuckle.

Her body amazingly was responding. I didn't think she'd get excited again, but maybe the thought of us being together for five days in total seclusion got her juices going. I decided to try the technique that first won her, on our first meeting. "Well do you want to do this or not?" I asked straightaway. "I'm thinking about it.

But you're absolutely right; I would have to talk to Jane first." She said. "Well why not call her right now and ask her if she would mind." I asked. "I guess I could and see if it would be all right. The more I think about it the more I want to do this. It would be great to see you every day! Would you stay in a hotel close by?" She asked. "I sure would. Can you ask Jane if there's a nearby hotel. You could see Jane in the day and me in the night. Why don't you call her right now?" I said.

"Okay I'll see if she's home. Are you absolutely sure you could do this? I hate to tell her we're both coming and have you not come." She said.

"I will definitely come, there's no two ways about it. If I can be with you for five days it would be a fantasy come true." I worked my fingers deeper into her cunt. She was wet. I knew she was getting excited about the very thought of us being together for such a relatively long time.

She let out a moan as my fingers went deeper. I placed my thumb on her ass hole and let it slide ever so slowly in. "Oh! AHH!" She sighed. "If you want me to call her you'll have to stop that." I said; "okay why don't you make the call now?" I let my fingers slide out of her as she got up and walked to her purse way she retrieved her cell phone. She went over to the bed and sat down. She dialed Jane's number. "It's ringing … Jane? It's Susan how are you?

I'm great because I'm with Bill. Yes that's the one. Are we still on for Tuesday? I have a question. Can I bring him along?" A long pause. "Are you sure you don't mind?… Oh great!

You two have never met and I know he would love to see the person who kind of started this whole thing." She said. "Were in a hotel and we have about an hour left before I have to leave.

I told him I was going down to see you and he suggested he come down also. Is there a hotel close by to you?" "Oh no I don't think we would want to impose on you. Are you really sure?… Hang on I'll ask him." "Jane is asking if you would like to stay at her house.

She has five extra bedrooms and said it would be no imposition at all." She said. "Are you sure she wouldn't mind because if that's the case it would be ideal." I said. She said "he says he would love to stay at your house." Then it's all settled we'll see you on Tuesday.

I can't wait to see you also." She hung up and put the phone back into her purse. I was getting hard talking about fucking her for days.

I knew I would fantasize about this for the next few days and then live out the fantasy with her. I also knew I would go on a separate flight just to be safe. After all, we wouldn't want to be caught. She rushed over to me and said "I'm all excited about this I never thought this would happen." "Me too, what a wonderful serendipity.

I'll take the flight that gets there an hour after you land. We'll take a cab to Jane's place and we'll have an erotic fantastic time." I said. "I'm getting more excited by the second just thinking about it.

It would be like a fantasy come true. "She said. I was getting hot thinking about what we would do and looking at her standing nude right in front of me.

My cock was growing and she saw it. "We still have a little time left. And I'm feeling very naughty all of a sudden." she said. I was still seated as she walked over to me and spread her cunt lips with her fingers and then engulfed my mouth with it. I smelled her sex it was pungent and I loved it. I stuck my tongue inside her and then up to her clitoris. After a few seconds without saying a word she turned and walked towards the bed. She picked up her stockings and her garters and sat down on the chair.

She very sensuously put the stockings on stepped into her garters and then slipped her high heels on. She then spreads her legs putting one leg on top of the armchair and started to massage her clit. "I want us to mutually masturbate. No touching. I want to see your cum." She said.

The sight of her in the chair with her legs open and her cunt completely exposed was extremely exciting. "Susan I don't think I could come again so soon. But I love watching you and playing with my cock at the same time.

Tell me a little bit about Jane" I said. She said "I'm so excited about our trip to Jane's place. I just don't know what just came over me, but I'm very horny right now. I need to come again. I didn't think I could come so many times in such a short time. The thought of being with you for five days has really turned me on. I know you'll get a big kick out of meeting Jane. She goes to the gym every day and looks great. Her body is really toned and hard. She has a great physique and her body almost looks sculptured.

Her tits are a little bigger than mine and of course they sag slightly. I've only seen her nipples once but they stick out about a half an inch. I've never seen her pussy." She was going around and around her clit with two fingers.

It was curious but she seemed to be getting excited describing Jane. "I think Jane will love meeting you. She asks about you from time to time." She was still going around and around on her clit but, a bit faster now. "I remember our first meeting when I tried to set you up with her but instead you got me. Were you disappointed?" She asked. "Disappointed? Never! You are the love of my life my fantasy girl." I said.

As I watched her, I realized that she really wanted to come off. She was struggling a bit and I thought perhaps I should go to her and help her come but I remembered she said no touching and mutual masturbation. She took her leg off the arm of the chair and stood up. She was facing me and still fingering her clit. Her tits looked great as they sag slightly while she fingers herself.

I could see she desperately wanted to come off. Since she seemed excited to describe Jane I thought I'd try to inject a fantasy. I said "how would you feel if I had Jane? How would you feel if I made her get on the bed and stick her cunt in the air? How would you like to see me fuck her right in front of you. How would you like to see my cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy?

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How would you like to see her have an orgasm right in front of you?" "Oh! You are such a bastard. All you think about is sticking your Dick in a cunt. Isn't my cunt enough for you do you need someone else?" She was showing anger, but her fingers on her clit were moving even faster indicating she was getting more excited.

I knew I hit a chord and thought I would push it to see how far I can go with it. "You know that's not true. You know that you are the only person for me. I thought you might find it a bit erotic watching my fuck your friend Jane. You can't tell me that doesn't excite you.

Look at yourself you seem to be enjoying this. Your pussy is nice and wet. Why don't you hold it open with your other hand as you do your clit so I can get a better view?" I said. She held her pussy lips open as I asked. She walked a little closer to me so that I would have a better view. I was stroking my Dick at a fairly good pace; I doubted though that I would come again. I knew she would she was close.

"I could just see your mouth over my cock making it sopping wet and then I would like to see you push it right up your girlfriend's cunt. I'd like to have you just sit and watch me fuck her. Would that turn you on?" I asked. She didn't have to answer as her orgasm began. It started first as a sigh and then a moan, and then a high-pitched oh! Oh! Oh! I watched as her legs began to collapse.

She was now in a squatting position and still fingering her clit. She went down on one knee and finished the job. As she recovered her breasts were shimmering and her breathing very hard. She took her finger away from her clit placed it in her mouth and cleaned it off. She said "You excite me so. I love your fantasies they make me cum so hard!"  Chapter 7 We passed over the airport in a sweeping left turn and my heart began to race with thoughts of seeing Susan again.

We would have five glorious days together. As soon as we landed I called her on her cell. She was waiting at a nearby gate and I told her I would see her in just a few minutes. After I deplaned I made my way to her gate. I spotted her sitting crossed legged in a corner. She was wearing a white silk blouse and a sleek gray skirt. She wore no stockings but sported a classy pair of 3 inch gray high heels.

Her skirt was cut an inch above the knee but had risen to mid thigh. She saw me and looked up from her magazine. "HI good to see you do you have a good trip?" She asked as she stood up and gave me a fast kiss on the lips. I stealthily reached for one of her breasts and gave it a gentle squeeze. She was a bit surprised by this but nonetheless enjoyed it.

She whispered "are you going to fuck my right here?" "I would love to I'm so hot for you, I'd been thinking of you the whole flight and now that I see you and touch you, I'm very excited." I said. She said "let's go get a cab I'm dying to see Jane and spend some time with you." We hurried outside to the cab stop and jumped in the car.

It was a van type that could easily seat six. Susan told the driver the address it was about a 20 min. drive and we were off. Luckily the Van had a high back, the driver could only see us from the neck up.

I reached down and touched her knee she instinctively closed her legs. I stroked her a few times and she slowly started to open her legs.

I rubbed her thighs and slid my hand under her skirt. She just looked at me like; what are you going to do? I slid the skirt up as high as I could get it, which was above her pussy. To my shock and delight she was not wearing panties. She was definitely ready for me. She had shaved her entire pussy and now she looked like a porn star. I put my hands over her vagina and then inserted two fingers into her wet cunt.

She put her fingers on her clitoris and started to masturbate right there. I knew she would be able to come. I fingered her methodically for a few minutes I felt a shudder when she came.

She didn't utter a sound nor did she flinch, but kept looking at the scenery. She relaxed for a minute or two then reached into her purse and pulled out a white handkerchief. I knew what she was going to do as she has done so many times before. I unzipped my fly and she reached in to pull out my cock. She started stroking it hoping that I would come. It didn't take long before a few drops of pre-come were extruded from my cock.

She could tell by my breathing I was ready to go so she took the handkerchief and placed it over my dick, jerked me off a little harder. My breathing increased as I shot my load into the handkerchief. I looked down to see it darken with my spunk. She made me come in less than 3 min. She wiped my cock off with the handkerchief and brought it up to her face as to touch her nose but instead she gave it a little lick, folded it and placed it back in her purse.

"It's a beautiful day today isn't it?" "It sure is" I said as we turned up Jane's block. I was a bit surprised that Jane's house, it was huge. It must be about 8000 square feet and was in a exclusive neighborhood. She lived there with her husband for five years before he moved out.

I thought they must've been doing very well to afford this. We got out of the cab and paid for the trip and then rolled our bags up to the door and rang the bell.

The door opened and that last there stood Jane. Susan had described her as very good looking. She certainly wasn't wrong. Jane was about Susan's' height had a sleek body and breasts slightly larger than Susan's.

She was dressed for work and wore a dark gray skirt suit, and gray high heels. Her eyes were light brown with a bit of a sparkle. Her hair was blond similar to Susan's and short cropped.

Her eyebrows matched her hair and were very pronounced. Her finger nails were perfectly manicured and painted a dark red. Her lipstick matched her fingernails. Jane was the COO of a mid sized software company. She looked quite sophisticated in her work attire. Susan had told me Jane hadn't had a boy friend since her and her husband split up six months ago, although she had a crush on one of the employees in her company. She said "hi so good to see you!" As she threw her arms around Susan and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Come in, come in" she said. We stepped into her house as she closed the door. She turned to me and said "So at last we meet. I could see why Susan was so attracted to you. Susan he's gorgeous." I said "it's good to meet you Jane after all these years of hearing about you; it's great to see you in the flesh." "Well you were supposed to see me in the flesh many years ago." She said with a laugh. I thought that was a very telling statement and could open the door to my ultimate fantasy.

Could Susan have said something to her? I wasn't sure. "That's true, that's true but nonetheless it is great to meet you now." I said.

Susan said "Jane you look great, I know you work out but you look better than you did five years ago." "And you look fantastic I can't wait to catch up on new events.

However I've got to get back to work. I work only 10 minutes from here and I ducked out to let you in. By the way here are two keys for you both. Make this your house. She said I needed a tour and took me by the hand guiding me through the house. Her house must have cost three million dollars or more. There were six bedrooms three with whirlpools. The living room was large with thick white carpeting and a gas fireplace. Various pieces of art decorated the walls in a tasteful manner.

The pool in the back was enormous. There was a huge spa in the back that can easily seat six and spilled into a 75 foot kidney shaped pool. Next to it was a gigantic hot tub big enough for 12. I'll be back after four and I have a feeling I know what you're going to do as soon as I leave. I'm all for it. Have fun!" Jane gave both of us a quick peck on the cheek and was out the door. Susan said "she's beautiful is and she?" "Yes she is.

I almost feel like I know her from all the things that you told me concerning her. Do you remember when you told me about a video she and her soon-to-be ex-husband had made? The sex video?

Didn't she say she let you watch it?" I asked. "Jane showed me the video the last time I was here. It was very steamy and very sexy. I couldn't ascertain why she wanted me to see it maybe it turned her on or maybe… I just thought of this, maybe she was trying to turn me on." Just standing there and talking with her and maybe very hot.

I decided to live one of my fantasies and unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. I stroked it as I spoke to her. Her eyes were on my appendage but she didn't do anything out of the ordinary. She just watched me stroking my Dick and we carried on the conversation.

"You really like watching sex and porn don't you?" I asked. She said "I really enjoy watching people fuck. I know that's a bit unusual for a girl, but that's the way I'm built. We have the house all to ourselves and you must see Jane's swimming pool. It's very private and we could skinny dip. Why don't we go for a swim?" "Sounds good lets go." Susan took me by the cock giggling and guided me to our room.

She kissed me and unbuttoned my pants. Soon I was standing nude before her, my cock sticking straight out. She bent down and gave it a lick several times. She then stripped and took me again by the cock to guide me to the pool.

I stopped her. and went down on my knees and sucker her pussy. "You better stop that or we'll never get wet." I licked a little deeper and said "Feels like you're wet already." Stop it! We're going swimming." She said as she took my hand and pulled me up. "You could play with me at pool side in the warm sun that is if you like.

As we entered the pool area we found towels and eight lounge chairs to relax in. I watched as she walked over to the first chair put down her towel and smilingly turned to me and said, "come on in the water's fine!" She turned and dove in.

She swam to the edge of the pool and back. She pulled herself out with a flipping turn and sat on the edge.

She stood up with water dripping from her entire body and said "I'm all wet inside and out!" She walked over to the lounge next to me and stretched out. It was a hot day and the sun on her skin made her hot and horny. I reached over and cupped her breasts squeezing them and tantalizing her nipples. I shook them slightly and put my lips over her, now hard nipples.


She mewed "oh! That feels good do the other one too." I did as she requested and sucked on her other nipple while squeezing the first between my thumb and forefinger. "How'd you like to play a game? I'll do anything, and I mean anything that you would like. When you're all done you must do the same for me. Would you like that?" She thought for a second and said "you always come up with the greatest ideas. Okay you want me to go first?" I said "if you like just tell me anything you want and I'll do it for you." "All right I'll do the same for you." She sat up in her chair and said to me "stand up and turnaround." I did as she asked.

She then said "Bend over slightly and spread your cheeks. I like to see your balls hanging down. Reach down and grab your balls. Turnaround, and pull down on them." I did exactly as she instructed. "I want you to go inside and in my purse you will find lubricating gel.

I want you walk out while stroking your cock. Now go and get it." She said. I stroked my cock as I walked inside just like she wanted. She was watching me the whole time. I found her purse with lubricating gel and brought it back to her, all the while stroking my big hard, soon to be dripping cock. As I walked out to her I found her playing with her clit.

I gave her the gel. She said "now turn around again and spread your cheeks." I turned around and spread my ass cheeks. She reached between my legs and grabbed my cock. She started stroking it and pulled it straight down towards my feet.

"Let's see if I can get a finger up that tight ass of yours." She said. She spread some gel on her finger and also spread some on my ass hole. She stuck a finger inside me slowly at first and said "How does that feel? Do you like a finger up your ass? I'll bet you would like me to finger your prostate wouldn't you?" She said as I held my ass cheeks open "Does it feels good when you I it?

Do you like this?" She said "I enjoy directing you you're very good at taking orders." She started fingering my ass deeper and deeper. She was almost to my prostate. With her other hand she reached again for my cock and once again pulled it straight down.

She wanted to make me come. As she fingered me she stroked my cock a little harder. It was unnatural for a hard cock to be pulled down. As a nurse she knew this. She said "I'm almost on your prostate do you like my nice wet finger up your ass? Do you like the way I'm playing on your cock? Does this is make you hot?" She knew how to get me off she's done it so many times.

My cock was dripping pre-come and a few drops spilled on the tile floor and it didn't escape her eyes. She mewed "oh! Look at this your cock is dripping. Oh! I think I feel your prostate, oh yes I think I'm right on it. I'll bet you want me to jerk your cock so you can come? Wouldn't that be nice? Turn around and face me!" As I turned her finger slipped out of my ass hole.

She released my cock and it stuck out perpendicular to my body. She pulled me closer and then reached between my legs and reinserted her finger up my ass.

She put her finger right on my prostate and started to massage it. She stuck her tongue out and placed it just below my dripping cock, to catch some of the pre-come.

"Ummmm you taste good I can make you come any time I want all I have to do is push a little harder in your ass like this!" She stuck her finger as deep as she could up my ass and on my prostate.

More pre-come shot out of my cock hole which she greedily licked up. "Come on baby give me a little more of that pre-come!" She said as she pushed harder on my prostate. I felt my orgasm welling up. "Come on sweetheart show Susan what you got." She took my cock in her mouth and shoved it all the way down her throat to the very hilt.

She held it down her throat for a few seconds and then took it all the way out. She pressed again on my prostate I felt myself falling into an endless pit as my orgasm started.

The first blast hit her square in the face and big droplets of white cum dripped from her chin. She was smiling as the second blast hit her on the lips. The third and fourth went on her chin. She took my cock in her hand and looked up at me as she licked around her lips, to get what she could.

With a giggle she said "wow! That was some mouth full!" She started to laugh because she was soaked in cum. It was all over her face and on her breast and some had dropped onto her stomach.

She held both hands up and they too were soaked with cum. She laughed some more. She really enjoyed that. She was unlike a lot of women, many would find what she just did most disgusting, but she found it exciting and erotic.

She just loved to be able to make a man ejaculate. It gave her a perverse sense of power and great enjoyment. "Look at me I'm all covered with your cum. You even got some on Jane's lounger. I hope she doesn't get mad at you." She said with a twinkle in her eye.

I said "now that was a great cum! I didn't even have control of my ejaculation, you did it all with your finger." "I did didn't I? I made you come with my finger! But I'm not done yet." She stood up and held my now deflating cock in her hand and pulled me close to her. "Kiss me. I want you to taste your own cum. I want to feel your lips on mine. Kiss me kiss me now." I leaned over and held her in my arms I felt her nipples on my breast, as she put her arms around my neck and went up on her tip toes and her lips met mine.

My cum tasted salty and I thought it very erotic, that she wanted me to do this. Her tongue went into my mouth and as she kissed me she said in a whisper "I love you." We kissed like this for several minutes.

I truly enjoy being with her. I had never known another woman, or any woman that did the things she like to do. She was amazing. But now it was my turn. "I love you Susan and I love the things you do to me. But guess what? Now it's my turn. Are you going to do what I ask of you? Are you going to do it without question?" I asked. "I'll do anything you ask. I'll obey you." She said. I said "go inside and put on your high heels.

Then I want you to walk back out here to the pool with a finger up your cunt." "All right if that's what you want…" She said as she turned to walk inside. She walked slowly and deliberately. She swung her ass so as to excite me. I told her to stop. She stopped in her tracks and turned towards me. "Come back here. "I said. She walked back towards me as I reached for the lubricating gel.

When she approached me I said "spread your pussy for me." She reached down with both hands and spread her cunt lips apart. I let her stand like that for 15 seconds. I reached for the lubricating gel and put a generous amount on my finger. "I want your cunt to be nice and wet for your finger." I said as I put my finger inside her spreading gel inside her warm and inviting cunt.

"Oh! Oh! ahh." She cried as a lubricated her cunt. I said "all right now go put on your heels." She turned and did the same walk into the house as before.

In a few minutes she emerged wearing her high stiletto heels and slowly walked toward me. She stopped and put a finger up her well lubricated snatch. She started toward me finger up her hole. "You like this don't you? You like to see me finger my cunt don't you?" She stopped and stood still for a few seconds as she fingered herself then continued walking.

When she was right in front of me she just stood there fingering her now wet cunt. "You like me like this?

You like my finger up my hole?" I said "Please lie down." She turned and sat her ass on the chaise lounge. She turned and put her legs up and she laid back on the lounge and looked at me wondering what I was going to do to her. "Susan you know what I want? I want you to watch me fuck your friend Jane." She said "what?

You want to fuck Jane? Well she is very beautiful and I can't say that I blame you. How the hell do you propose to do this? You can't just say to her strip and get naked I want to fuck you, can you?" "Actually I can.

Do you remember when we first met and you wanted me to fuck her? I said she would have to meet me, with no questions asked and with full knowledge of what I was going to do to her. She was to totally capitulate to me.

I'm sure you knew her enough to understand that she would not have a problem with this. I want you to have dinner with her tonight and feel her out.

Find out if she is agreeable. You said yourself that she hasn't had sex in six months. I'd say she was ripe, as ripe as a plum about to fall. I know you're not a lesbian but did you ever think of getting something going with Jane?

You probably did but I don't think you'll admit to it. Anyway I wouldn't ask you to do anything with her but I would like you to watch us. I don't know why this would give me this kind of perverse enjoyment, but I would love to be watching you, watching me, fuck another woman. Do you think you'd find that exciting?" She said "exciting? I don't know if I would be excited watching you fuck my best friend. Even if Jane agrees to this I don't know how I would feel about it." As she was speaking I shoved two fingers right up her wet cunt.

"Oh! AHAH! Oh!" She cried. "I think you would find it exciting to watch my cock disappear right up your friend's cunt. I think it would excite you to watch her have an orgasm right in front of you." I worked my fingers deeper into her cunt and with my other hand fingered her clitoris. "Just think of Jane being sprawled out and cock fucked right up her cunt. Think of the expression on her face as I slammed my cock deeper and deeper up her hole.

Wouldn't you like to hear her cry out as she orgasms?" I said. She said "Oh! You're making me hot oh! Oh!" I was working my finger up her; I wanted her to come soon. "Imagine me taking her from the back bending her over a chair spreading her legs and slamming my cock as far up her cunt as I can get it. Imagine me reaching in front of her and squeezing her tits, as I slam her from the back.

I'll bet that would make you hot wouldn't it?" She said as I finger fucked her hole a bit faster "would you take her on the bed or would you bend her over a chair? Oh! That's it baby you're right on it oh!

Oh! Oh! If she'd let you fuck her oh oh! Oh! Would you let me tell you how to do it to her?" I said "of course I would sweetheart I think Jane would like that also." I started fingering her at an ever faster rate I knew she would go at any second. I slid my fingers out of her and I could see she was very near. I then did something I never did to her before. I gently slapped her clit. "Ahhhh oh!

Oh!" She cried. "How is that? Do you like your clit slapped?" I asked as I slapped her clitoris a little harder. "Ahhhh oh! Oh!" She cried. "Oh! That feels good do it again do it again!" I slapped her clit again and again. She started to raise off the lounge bending at the stomach.

I slammed three fingers as far up her cunt as I could. She let out a wail, expressing the intensity of her building climax heralding her ultimate release. For her it was incredibly intense. An indescribable and unintelligible set of mutterings poured forth as her body stiffened muscles tensed and jerked her toes curled tight. She spammed in her ecstasy as her climax overtook her for ages. She nearly passed out.

Slowly it began coming to a halt as her series of orgasms subsided. Such wonderful unbelievably exquisite gratification she had ever experienced by far. She fell into a soft sleep and as I laid in the lounge next to her I felt my eyes closing. In what seemed like just a few seconds, was in reality an hour or so. I looked up and through the window could see the large clock in the kitchen. It was almost 4 o'clock and Jane would be home any second.

I roused Susan and we scurried into the house and dressed. We heard Jane's car in the garage. She came in through the garage door. "Hi! So how are you two doing? I'll bet you had a nice afternoon did you go swimming in the pool?" Jane asked. Susan said "we went to the pool but we didn't do much swimming." "I kind of figured that you two most likely did the bunny rabbit thing." Jane said as Susan blushed slightly.

I said "Susan must've told you an awful lot about our relationship. You seem to know what we're doing better than we do." Jane said "Susan and I have no secrets. She knows everything about me and I about her. She's told me almost everything. There's nothing that I don't know about you that she knows." Susan said "well don't hold back now Jane I confided in you and now you spill the beans?" "Well I've never told anyone else about your relationship but I could certainly talk about it in front of him after all he was there." Jane said.

"Girls girls girls let's not get into a catfight. Susan has a ready told me that she confided in you Jane. I don't mind a bit. Susan also told me a few things about you, so I guess it's a mutual thing." I said. Jane said "you're right we shouldn't fight about something like this.

I'm going to jump in the shower and then I'm taking your date to dinner just the two of us. If you're hungry the refrigerators is well-stocked and if you want I'll make you something." I said "no that won't be necessary, I'm fine. You to go out and have a good time I know you'll have a lot of things to talk about." Jane turned and walked up the stairs.

Her posterior presented a beautiful picture. Her ass cheeks swayed she walked up the stairs. Her legs were athletic and trim. I caught a glimpse of her tits slightly bouncing she walked up the stairs. Yes I wanted to fuck her. While Jane was in the shower Susan and I played for a bit. We kissed and hugged while I fingered her willing cunt. She had her hand wrapped around my cock and squeezed it rhythm to my fingering. She said "I better get going I have to get dressed. I'll talk to Jane about that which we spoke of." I said would you suck me off before you go?" Susan said "it will have to be fast.

Come sit in this chair I think you come faster when you watch me suck you off." I did she said unbuckled and slid my pants down to my feet.

My cock was about half-mast as she put her wet mouth over it. With my cock in her mouth she muttered "come on baby give it to me right in the mouth don't hold back just come in my mouth." She started sliding her mouth deeper and deeper onto my cock. Soon my cock was almost all the way out of her mouth and then as deep down her throat as it would go. In about 3 min. I started to come. She wouldn't take my cock out of her mouth so as not to stain the furniture.

She swallowed twice and all my spunk went down the hatch. She came off my cock and while licking her lips kissed me and soon I felt her cum latent tongue in my mouth.

She gave me one quick kiss and said "gotta go." And with that she started up the stairs leaving me there with my now completely drained cock hanging down.

They both came down together. They looked very nice and were sensibly dressed. Susan walked up to me and gave me a kiss I could still taste my cum in her mouth.

"Goodbye." She said "we won't be too late." Then Jane gave me a peck on the cheek and said "don't worry I'll have your girlfriend back before midnight." With that they were out the door.

They arrived at the restaurant "Tuscany Bistro" It was a good restaurant with a great chef. They talked about times gone by. Jane's job as COO and how Susan was doing with her husband. Waiting for desert Susan said" Jane when did you last have sex?" Jane answered "It's been a long time maybe six months since I've been with a man.

I don't mind it so much because I have my friend. Don't look so shocked I'll bet you have a friend also." "You must mean you have a mechanical friend. Bill introduced me to it a couple of weeks ago. I never tried it before but I must admit the orgasm I had was hard to beat. It's the first time I used one and I thought I was going to black out the ecstasy was so powerful!" Susan said. "I can't believe you never tried a vibrator before now. I've had one for years.

I should say I had five or six of them because I keep wearing them out. I love my little friend but nothing and darling nothing beats a man. There's a man at work that keeps looking at me when he thinks I'm not looking or noticing. But I do notice. I would have opened the door for him to take me out, except he's three or four positions my junior and it could easily turn into a sexual harassment lawsuit.

I just couldn't afford that. So I've been keeping my eyes open but I'll tell you there are not that many great men out there. Your lover Bill seems like one in 1000." Said Jane.

Susan said "You got that right. I've never met anyone like Bill. He is the most sensual lover you could ever imagine. He's able to push my buttons and take me to a place I've never been before. And while we're on the subject Bill wanted me to discuss something with you." "Discuss with me?

And just what might be?" Jane asked with a smirk on her face. "Well… As you know as I've told you Bill is by far the best lover I ever had, or ever had imagined for that matter. Get right down to it Bill wants to make love to you while I watch.

We've never done anything like this before. I'm sure you haven't either." Susan said. Jane said "I can't believe you just said that to me. I can't just let him fuck me. Don't get me wrong I do find him attractive in fact very attractive. But I've never done anything like that before.

I'm a little shy when it comes to sex. I don't think I could ever do it in front of someone. Now if you willing to rent him out… That might be another story. I know that he was supposed to take me in the hotel room years ago with no questions asked.

And I must admit, that the very thought of this happening excited me back then. In fact this conversation is making me a little hot." Jane said as she blushed.

"Is it getting hot in here?" Susan said "do you think we could work something out? After all we've been friends for years and years. You must be very horny and this will probably be good for you. Believe me if he takes you you'll be spoiled.

He says all the time that I've spoiled him for all of the women. Our relationship is rock solid. It would not affect us in fact it would probably intensify our relationship if we did this. You know we're both married, and we both love our spouse, but this gives us something we could never get at home." The desert came.

It was a medley of cheese and fruit. They both picked at it while Jane turned this idea over in her head. The more she thought of it the more excited her. "Susan would you really like to watch your man making love to me?

Would you become jealous and hold that against him or against me? I must admit I'm excited by the thought it's just a fantasy. I don't think I could really go through with it." "Jane look you have not had sex in months.

This is a big fantasy of Bills. I know he would love it and although I've never done it before I think I would find it very exciting, to watch him fuck you." "Susan if we go through with this when would we do it? Today's Tuesday and you're leaving on Friday morning." "I would think Wednesday evening would be the best time to do it.

But I think when we get back we should talk about it, with Bill. I know he would be very excited if you agreed. Why don't we leave it open and when we get home, bring up the subject and see where it goes." Jane said "all right I'm willing to talk about it, but I must say it frightens me and excites me at the same time." They drove home and mentioned the subject once or twice as it was a bit awkward. They arrived home at 11 o'clock. I said "welcome back ladies.

I trust you had a wonderful dinner?" Susan said "we did and we spoke about a certain subject that you and I talked about this afternoon. Jane didn't say yes but she didn't say no. She wanted to speak to you about it.

I think I'll go in the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea while you two have the discussion." Susan turned and walked to the kitchen, closing the door after her. I watched every line of her body as she did.

I was just hot enough and aroused enough to talk to Jane. Jane was wearing a jacket over her blouse. She unbuttoned it, then took it off and laid it across the chair. I immediately noticed her gorgeous breasts and thought how succulent they would be in my mouth. She motioned me over to two chairs. We sat down. "So you had a discussion with Susan and just what did you talk about?" I asked. Jane said "Susan told me you had a fantasy about making love to me while she watched.

She probably told you that I have not been with a man for almost half a year now and that I must be very horny. If she said these things she would be telling the truth. When she first brought up the subject it was so foreign to me I couldn't consider it. But now I've had a little time to think it over and I must admit, the thought is quite intriguing. Are you sure you really want to do this? What am I asking? A dumb thing to ask! Every man fantasizes making love to two women.

I'm sure you do." I said "guilty. I think we should do it. Firstly it would fuel the fire of my fantasy and secondly it would break your fast. You know Jane it's not good to go that long without sex. Do you like sex? Do you just do it for maintenance would you truly enjoy it?" "Oh… I do enjoy sex. It's just that it's been a long time and I've been so angry at men in general because of my husband.

I know I shouldn't be and it's not healthy, but sometimes we can't help how we feel, can we? In any case I do like sex and you are very appealing to me especially now that were having this conversation. I don't know how I'll feel if Susan watches us, but if you want to go through with this and you're sure that your relationship with Susan will not be hampered, then I'll give it a try. I'll take off from work tomorrow as I have many vacation days accrued.

But. you have to promise that if I get cold feet you let me out of our arrangement. Do we have a deal?" I said "deal. Why don't we get Susan in here and tell her what we decided. So tell me what kind of sex you like? Do you like it slow and passionate or do you like it hot and fast?

Jane said "I don't normally think about it but I guess I like it was different ways. Why don't we wait till tomorrow and see where it goes." I reached over to give her a kiss on the cheek and in doing so found my hand going to her breast. She stopped me, I think to prolong the excitement of tomorrow. She did turn her face and the kiss landed on her lips.

We held that for a moment, as I was assured a good time would be had by all. I walked in the kitchen to find Susan sipping on a cup of tea. "I talked to Jane and we're on for tomorrow." Susan stood up and put her lips next to my ear and said "You lucky bastard… so you're finally going to fuck Jane.

It looks like your fantasy will finally come true. I want this for you because you want it. I want you to have a good time with her which you will always remember. I was thinking that as a special treat I would take Jane shopping tomorrow." I said "Wow that would be great.

Jane looks wonderful but I bet you could make her look fabulous! What would you shop for?" Susan answered "I know your taste and I know what you like; heels garters stockings so I'll get what will really turn you on." "Great." I said "Here's $500 for your shopping.

Get something for yourself also. Oh! This will be so much fun!" Susan took the money and placed it on the table then gave me a sloppy wet kiss on the lips. My hand drifted under her blouse and bra, to cup her breast.

I pinched her nipple and she let out a little cry of pleasure. I felt her tongue enter my mouth and she reached down and gave my dick a squeeze. "That's enough for now you'll have to save it for tomorrow. I know you'll put on a good performance for me. I'm actually looking forward to it!" Jane walked in and said "Well it's getting late and I think I'll turn in.

I guess we all have a busy day tomorrow especially you Bill. Good night." She Gave me a kiss on the cheek and Susan a hug. Susan said as she left "Why don't you go up to bed as I have to call my husband. He likes me to check in and I find it hard to talk to him with you here. I gave her a kiss and headed to bed. The next morning we had coffee. I was dressed and Susan had on a sexy short lingerie and Jane her bathrobe. Susan asked me to go out for muffins. It was a 20 minute ride each way and I knew Susan had a reason.

After I left Susan said "Jane are you excited about today? I am!" "Yes I am. I couldn't sleep last night just thinking about it. I really want to do this and thank you so much for helping me break my 'fast'." Said Jane. Susan said "Well you'll be happy to hear Bill gave us some money to go shopping today! I know he'll get as much out of it as we will. I told you what he likes and we could buy the things that will really turn him on.

I think we should get you a VERY sexy dress with a nice pair of matching heels and some stocking and the like. You know 'male turn on things'. So you're ready to fuck? There is one thing that would really surprise him. You should shave your pussy. I shaved mine just before I came out here and it's very sensual!" Jane had a strange look on her face. "Shave my pus&hellip.pussy? I've never done that before. Do you really think I should?" Susan laughed and said "It is really quite sensuous to be bald down there do you want to see?" Before Jane could answer Susan lifted up her lingerie to reveal her naked cunt.

"See no hair really sensuous!" Jane looked and said "Oh! It really has no hair. Does that really turn him on?" "Yes." Susan said. "He's been after me for a long time to 'take it all off' I don't know what my husband will say. Look we have some time, let's go do you right now!" "I don't know.

Do you really think I should? I'm not as advanced as you in sex." Susan took Jane by the arm and said "come on you won't be sorry.

If you don't like it we'll glue it back on." Both laughed as they walked up to the master bathroom. When they got there Jane asked how do you do it. Susan said you use scissors first and a razor later.

Susan led Jane to sit on the side of the tub and gave her the scissors. Jane opened her robe to reveal her full frontal nudity. Her pussy was nicely cropped yet very hairy. Jane tried to clip but was having a hard time so Susan took the scissors and started snipping at the hair. When that was done Susan got the shaving cream and dispensed some in her hand. She smooths it over Jane's snatch, which gave her a strange feeling and then started to shave off the remaining hair.

When she was done she said "A Perfect pussy!" Jane said "Oh my God! I look like I'm 11 years old! But I think you're right it does feel sexy." "Bill should be home soon, let's have breakfast and then go shopping!" Susan said .

It wasn't long before I got home and the girls seemed in good moods except Jane seemed a little tense. I knew it wouldn't be long before I got my hands on her beautiful body. Jane's legs were long and shapely.

I hadn't had a good look at them until now. Susan caught me looking and gave me a kiss and whispered "not yet tiger but soon." We finished breakfast and the girls went up to change. When they came down they looked radiant they smiled and said "we're off to shop see you soon take care of yourself!" They laughed and disappeared. I really wanted to take care of myself as I was super horny. I took my cock out and stroked it thinking a few strokes couldn't hurt.

I started stroking to fast and thought it best to stop while I was ahead. The girls arrived at the mall and made a bee line to Victoria's Secret. Jane spotted the perfect dress as soon as she saw it. It was a very sexy open back V-neck short plum colored crossover dress.

The dress would come 8 inches above her knees. The back was opened almost all the way to her ass. Susan found her a black lace garter belt and a pair of Classic black stockings with a soft black top. Jane also picked out the same stockings with seams. For a bra, Susan found a black very sheer see through. Jane's nipples were sure to stick out! Jane went into the fitting room with Susan to try on the dress. Susan unzipped Jane's dress as she stepped out of it. Jane Normally wore 3 inch heels as she did today.

She had on black thong panties and a matching bra. Jane slipped on the dress and Susan said she thought it fit perfectly. They paid for their purchases. The girls couldn't find the shoes to go with the outfit so they went looking elsewhere.

They found a DSW store and looked at several different pumps. Susan suggested a black pointed toe pump. It had a 4 ½ inch heel higher then Jane normally wore but she would only where these for Bill she thought.

Soon they were on their way home. In the car Jane asked Susan if she was sure it was alright and Susan assured her it was. In fact Susan said she was looking forward to it. Susan said "are you looking forward to the sex, that I'm sure you will enjoy. I saw in you sex tape with your husband. and that you come really hard, kind of like me." Jane said "I can hardly wait I've never done this before and I'm so excited to be making love to man I really don't know and having my best friend watch to boot!" "You know that I'm not very sexual and I resisted the idea at first but now I can hardly wait.

You will always be my friend no matter what happens. Since I'll be watching, Jane, would you mind if I used your vibrator. After all why should you be the only one to have fun?" Susan said with a giggle. Jane said "Oh! You slut! You want to masturbate while your lover fucks another woman!

Well I'm all for it! By the way what time are we going to do this? Do you want to get right into it or should we drag it out?" "It's a beautiful day I think we should use the pool and do it, after lunch what do you think?" Susan said.

Jane said "I'm so nervous and so excited I want to start now!" "Now now the anticipation is almost half the orgasm. I think we should play around a little so you can get to know Bill a little better. I can tell you his weaknesses. He loves dress up. Sometimes he likes to be nude and watch me strip and other times he likes to stay dressed while I undress.

I would guess he will love to see you strip for him. Oh yes he likes to choreograph the encounter. At first I found this odd but later on I really got into it." Said Susan. Jane responded "Alright that may make it easier that is, if we get acquainted at the pool.

Let's do it!" When they walked into the house I was standing there smiling. And Susan said "c'mon we're going for a dip get your suit on and we'll make some lunch. I went upstairs and put my swim suit on and by the time I got down lunch was ready. We all sat at the table and nervously chatted in anticipation of what was to come. Susan said "Why don't you go out and we'll put on our suits and join you in a bit?" I did as she suggested and lay out by the pool. The girls showed up 15 minutes later.

Susan was wearing a new pink bathing suit rather a thought of a bathing suit. It was a string that if worn in public would get her arrested.

It slightly covered her ass but barely covered her pussy. The bra was merely two strings that covered her nipples. All of her breast was visible and exposed. As she walked I could see every step of her movement in her breasts. Jane wore a black one piece suit. Of all the one piece suits ever made, or would be made, it was the sexiest ever. The top came off her shoulders and went right down to her pussy. The back plunged straight down to the crack of her ass.

Upon seeing these two my dick started to grow. I knew that soon I would be fucking one of them, that being Jane, while the other watched. Susan walked up to me and sat down gave me a kiss and reached down to my now half formed erection. Jane sat or the other side and gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. "Jane it looks like Bill is glad to see us look what we have here." Susan said as she ran her hand over my hard on.

"Oh my!" Jane said "it really does look like we have his attention. I think we should cool him down don't you?" Jane and Susan both grabbed me by the arms and tried to through me into the pool, but as I went over I held their arms.

The result was three people in the splash! We laughed and played grab ass to a few minutes before we got out. Susan's' tits were out of the string yet Jane was still covered.

We lye in the sun to dry off a little and when we were fairly dry Susan said "So now what? We all know what's going to happen, so when and how do you want to start? I said "OK if we really have to&hellip. I'm going to take a shower and get cleaned up so I understand you two went shopping. Why don't you get freshened up and show off your new bought things.

I'll be waiting in the living room so let get started. Before we start Susan are you 100% OK with this and Jane are you ready for what we have in store for you?" Susan said she was fine with it all and Jane confessed she was very nervous, but very much looking forward to it.

I said "OK let's get going." I went up to our room and Susan and Jane went to the master bedroom to dress. I took my shower and enjoyed the warm spray on my skin.

I took my time because I knew they would be way behind me. After the shower I put on a pair of black slacks with a silken pale yellow shirt. I didn't put on any underwear or shoes. I wanted to be able to get out of them fast when the time came. Beside this way of dressing excited Susan.

Susan and Jane took showers and were both naked. Susan looked at Jane's snatch and asked how it felt. Jane said it felt "Wet." Jane's hands were trembling, so Susan put her arms around her to comfort her.

When their bodied touched tit to tit something happened. Susan felt a warmth come over her and her pussy instantly became wet. She didn't know if this was because of what was about to happen or if it was just the body contact. In any case she was surprised. Jane felt the same bolt of electricity running through her when her nipples touched. Neither one of them wanted to let on that something just happened. Jane thought 'is this what lesbians feel?' I've always shied away from even the thought, but this is a nice feeling.

Jane left her pelvis slip ever so slightly forward enough to touch Susan's' pussy. Susan didn't know what to do, so she broke the embrace and said "let's put that beautiful dress on you I can't wait to see you all dressed up in heels and stockings. Jane said "me too I haven't worn stockings in years." Susan got the stockings and opened up the package. She took them out and felt them. They were silky smooth and she knew that Jane was going to love them. Susan asked Jane to sit down and she would put the stockings on her.

Jane walked over to a chair and sat down. They were still both nude. Susan knelt in front of Jane and Jane stuck her leg out. Susan rolled up one of the stockings and placed it over Jane's foot she then slowly rolled it up her leg.

She did the same with the other stocking and then went to get the garter belt. She unwrapped it and put it around Jane's waist. There were two elastics for each stocking which Susan expertly attached. She unwrapped the panties and slid them over Jane's feet. Jane stood up and pulled the panties up to her waist. Susan gave her the bra that they bought and Jane slipped it over her arms then turned and asked Susan to do the clasp. "You look fabulous and super sexy!

Wait till Bill sees you, you'll make him cream in his pants! You look so hot! Let's put your dress on." Susan took the dress off the hanger and placed it over Jane's head. She let it slip down her body and then went about zipping and straightening it.

Susan turned the shoebox over and removed her shoes. Jane stepped into the shoes one at a time. She was not used to four a half inch heels but she steadied in no time. She asked Susan what she thought. "I can't believe how sexy you look if I was of the persuasion I'd go for you myself." Susan realized she was still naked.

"Do you think I should stay naked, or do you think I should dress up also?" Jane said "I think you should wear stockings also and maybe your high heels. I have just the dress for you." Jane went over to the closet and pulled out a short black dress with the plunging neckline and high-back.

"You would look fabulous in this" she said. Susan accepted and started to dress. She put on the garter belt first then the stockings and dress. She slipped on her heels that she brought with her. She called them "my eat me fuck me shoes. They were both dressed and the moment of truth had arrived. Susan said to Jane "are you ready for this? You are going to get one great fuck. Let's go down and make an entrance. I'll bet anything he's got a huge hard on going.

Men are so easy they lose their brains when there's new pussy involved. You ready?" "I guess I'm as ready as I ever will be. Let's go do it!" They started down the stairs with Susan at the lead.

When they reached the bottom they went into the living room I was sitting in a comfortable chair. The living room was a large room by any standard.

There was a big window looking out at the front lawn. There was a large couch sectional, surrounded in various places, by four easy chairs. There was a gas fireplace and a huge hearth that went up to the ceiling. There were Palladium windows on the sides which brightened up the room considerably. I got up and looked at the girls they were both gorgeous. Susan walked up to me first and put her arms around my neck. She gave me a nice kiss with a little tongue for dessert.

She said "so are you ready to fuck my friend? Where do you want us, and how do you want us? Jane gave me this to keep me company when I watch." She held up a rather large white dildo/vibrator. She put the head in her mouth and licked all around it. "Should we get started?"She asked. I said "we might as well. You look great in that black dress and Jane looks like a wet dream.

I'm going to enjoy this. Susan, why don't you sit in this chair?" I motioned her to a comfortable chair. From here you should get a great view of all the action.

Jane walked over to the fireplace and pressed a button to turn it on. It added ambience to the room. She then walked back over to me. She was steady in her heels and looked ready. She had applied wet red lipstick to her lips. They looked very inviting. I looked over to Susan where she was sitting.

She had her legs crossed and one arm over the back of the chair. She was very attentive and was watching our every move. Jane took one more step towards me and put her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. Her hands were trembling. I gave her a nice reassuring kiss and took her hands off of my neck and put them at her sides.

I had decided to tease her into submission, but at this point she was very submissive. I gave her another kiss on the lips and then slowly turned her head and put my mouth right at her ear and said "I'm going to make you very wet before I give you what you want." She was trembling and starting to shake.

I placed my tongue inside her ear and stopped her as she started raising her hands. I put them back at her sides. She understood what I wanted but was having trouble accommodating me. I licked from her shoulder up to her neck and into her ear.

"Oh God!" Was all she could say? As I looked over at Susan I observed her to fidget just a moment. I walked behind Jane took her hands that were at her sides and move them to her hips. I stooped down and starting at her feet, ran my hands up her legs stopping at her hemline. I stood up and found the zipper to her dress and unzipped it completely. I took it off of her shoulders and let it fall to her feet.

Jane was now shaking not just trembling but physically shaking her whole body was shaking in anticipation. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted. I reached down as she stepped out of the dress and I tossed it aside. I stepped back to look at her with her hands on her hips her high heels and stockings and her black bra. Once again I ran my hands from her feet up her legs but this time I went all the way up around her ass, to her stomach, stopping at her gorgeous breasts.

Her breathing was very shallow and fast. I squeezed her breast slightly and she let out a little moan. I stood in front of her and moved to her lips.

I kissed her and slowly put my tongue into her mouth for the first time. She hesitated at first but when I gave her more, she through her arms around me and gave me her tongue. She let her pussy and tits push against me. I stopped her and said "not so fast we have lots of time." She wouldn't stop so I had to take her hands off me and pushed her back a bit.

She started towards me again, but I said "Just stand there; I want you to put your hands behind your head." Jane said I'm sorry I'm so excited!" She did as I asked and stood there with her hands behind her head. See was still shaking. I walked behind her and ran my hands up her hips to her breasts. Her nipples were clearly visible thru her bra. I gently hefted each breast they were heavy very similar to Susan's.

I let my hands slide down to her hips and with my thumbs hooked onto her panties. I slowly started sliding the panties off of her hips. Her ass was now exposed as I slid them down even more.

I heard her gasp as her pussy became exposed. I left the panties at thigh height and walked in front of her to see the pussy I should have seen years ago. I could see Susan over her shoulder.

I said "Oh I see you shaved your pussy. I bet Susan had something to do with that." Jane said with a quiver in her voice "We wanted it freshly shaven for you. Susan said you like it shaven down there. I hope you&hellip." She stopped speaking as I slipped a finger into her pussy. I left it there for a few seconds and looked over to Susan who was now sitting with both her feet on the floor and her legs slightly open.

She was getting turned on. I took the finger out of Jane's snatch and put in my mouth. Jane watched this with unbelieving eyes. No one had ever done this to her, let alone her husband.

Her juices tasted different from Susan's but the fact that Jane was standing in front of me in heels and stockings with her panties at her thighs made me want to eat her until she came.

I would wait and tease her before I would allow her the release of an orgasm. I lowered my hand to her clitoris and touched it. Her legs instinctively closed allowing her panties to fall to her feet. I looked over to Susan and she already had her dress up and her hand on her pussy. She was going around in circles on her clit and evidently very aroused.

I slightly and gently touched Jane's bulging clit and en electric bolt ran through her body. I released her clit and put a finger up her hole and she said "Oh! My god! Oh! My god I'm so excited! Oh! My god!" I started working the finger in and out of her cunt and I was amazed at how wet she was.

Susan would get wet and slippery but Jane was beyond this. Her cunt was literally dripping juice. Already it was all over my hand and ran down to the top of her stockings. This girl was like a dripping faucet I couldn't believe she was this hot, or that her husband would not take advantage of her more than ample charms.

She hadn't said very much about her husband so I decided to ask her. I put a second finger into her and slid them in and out very slowly. Then I said "Jane did your husband ever do this to you did he ever finger you like this?" Jane was clearly taken aback. She never spoke during sex in her life. Most of the time it was dark she was nude, her eyes were closed and she took what came. This time not only were her eyes open she was standing in a bright room dressed for sex with two fingers of a man she hardly knew up her vagina and her best friend watching the whole drama.

She tried to speak but the words choked in her throat. I slid the fingers higher up her cunt and said it again "did your husband ever do this to you?" She finally said "no one has ever done this to me before." I could sense that her sexual encounters were very benign and innocent. She was very timid compared to Susan, and so, I went about fixing this problem.

"Do you like my fingers inside you? Does this feel good?" I asked. "Yes oh yes! It feels wonderful!" I wanted to take her to the next level so I said as I started to retrieve my fingers from her snatch "Jane if you like this then say, put your fingers up my cunt." Jane immediately started to turn red. Not only was she not use to talking during sex, but she never used that word before. She said nothing and just stood there. I touched her clit and her legs bent slightly.

I removed my hand from her clit and put two fingers at the opening of her vagina just slightly touching her. Again I said "Jane say finger my cunt." I could see she was totally embarrassed and didn't know what to do.

She didn't know if she could even say that word. For the third time I said "say "finger my cunt." She mustered up her courage and said" fafin finger me." "I want you to say finger my cunt. Say cunt I want you to say finger my cunt." Jane looked at me and said "finger me finger my cu. cun cunt." And with that two fingers shot all the way to the very hilt of her pussy. Her body jerked back and her knees slightly buckled. All she could say was "oh God! Oh Jesus! Oh God!

OH My GOD! Oh! God!" I began to slowly piston her hole first with two fingers then with one and then again with two. Jane was way too close so I stopped. I could see in her demeanor, that she was confused as to why I stopped. I looked over her once again and Susan had removed her dress had her legs open and had put the dildo inside her.

She sat there in her heels and stockings with one leg over the chair and her pussy in plain view, with the dildo going in and out of it. I turned Jane around so she could see her friend masturbating with her dildo. I now stood behind her unclasping her bra as she watched the most lewd thing she had ever seen. Her best friend masturbating and watching her have sex. I took Jane's bra off and tossed it aside. Jane now wore only her stockings and garter and was standing in her heels.

I was thumbing her nipples as she watched Susan do it to herself. I slid my hand between her legs and shoved the finger up her cunt from the back. I added another finger and started finger fucking her. There she stood in the nude getting fingered and watching her friend getting hotter and hotter while she fucked herself.

I said into Jane's ear "tell me to finger your clitoris I want you to say finger my clit!" This time she hardly hesitated partly because she wanted it so badly and partly because she found it exciting. Softly she said "fa finger my clit." I said louder. "FINGER MY CLIT!" she said almost in defiance. As her reward I kept fingering her cunt and with my other hand started circling her clit. She was clearly very close to orgasm but I was here to fuck her.

I fingered her a little faster and whispered in her ear "tell me to fucked your cunt I want you to say fuck me in the cunt say it say fuck me in the cunt!" Jane hardly knew what was happening to her. She was watching her friend fuck herself with her legs spread and in the nude while her lover fingered her from the back.

She said things and used words that she wasn't used to. She found it very perverse to have her girlfriend watching her doing these lewd things. She was swimming in indecisiveness as if intoxicated. She had many emotions flowing through her brain at this time and she didn't know how to handle it. She thought to herself for a second, why did I agree to do this. As if in a dream she heard herself saying "fuck me in the cunt please, please fuck me in the cunt!" Right after she said that I knew I owned her.

This was total capitulation I thought I'd test my theory. I stopped fingering her and brought my fingers dripping with her juices, her cunt juices up to her lips and said "lick my fingers lick your cunt juices off of my fingers!" Just then Susan said "go ahead Jane lick his fingers taste your pussy he likes his women to do that." Susan was going at her cunt much faster now.

She was obviously very excited at the things I was making her girl friend do. Jane reluctantly parted her lips as my fingers went into her mouth. When she tasted her pussy it wasn't bad for her, even though she had never done this before, she liked it.

I took my fingers out of her mouth and put them back up her snatch. I retrieved a new load of pussy juice and it went right back into her mouth. Across the way I could see Susan's eyes widening.

I said to Jane "I want you to walk for me in your heels. Walk over to Susan and back." She did as I asked her breasts bouncing slightly as she walked when she got to Susan she turned and walked back to me.

I then said to Susan "Susan you look much too comfortable stand up while you masturbate." Susan was very submissive and stood up in an instant with the dildo still deep in her cunt. She had on the stockings with seems she looked terrific. I took Jane by the hand and laid her on top of the couch.

I positioned her so that her legs were spread and her pussy was at Dick height. "Now say what you want I want to hear you say it." Jane said "fuck my cunt fuck me in my cunt." I said "okay Jane you want some cock here it is." I lowered myself into her dripping pussy. At first I only put the tip in and she let out a moan. I worked the tip in and out and then slammed it into her as far as I could. At first she let out a grunt but then a piercing scream as my cock hit bottom.

I took my cock all the way out then fired it back to the stop and then all the way out. I said "talk to me Jane Tell me what you want." I had my cock just touching her pussy. She said "Give it to me I want it give it to me!" I said "Tell me where you want it!" Jane said "In the cunt.

Give it to me in the CUNT! Fuck me now! Fuck my wet cunt NOW!" Susan had sat down and I watched her as she went faster and faster with the dildo up her cunt. She was sitting in a chair with her legs wide open and the dildo appearing and disappearing, up her wet snatch. Susan was attentively watching as I slid my fuck stick up her girlfriends pussy. "Oh! My God! It feels so good inside me. Oh… Oh! You're making me so wet.

Please give me some more, please go deeper." Jane cried. I said "if you wanted deeper you have to ask for it the right way. You know exactly what I mean." Susan was very turned on and close to her own orgasm.

She said "why don't you go ahead and give it to her? Fuck her deep right up the cunt! Jane I told you he likes dirty talk and if you want a great fuck you got to talk dirty." It took my cock out of her pussy and walked around and placed it in front of her lips.

"Suck it. I want you take in your mouth and lick or your cunt juices off of it. But first you have to ask for it." Jane was definitely not used to sucking a cock especially a cock that was just up her vagina. She did remember that I put fingers in her mouth dripping with her juices and she found it enjoyable and very erotic.

"Give me cock. Give it to me in the mouth let me suck my juices off of it, my cunt juices!" I moveed closer to her lips, as they parted to accept my throbbing organ. I put the tip in her mouth and worked it in and out just two or 3 inches. Jane couldn't speak but she uttered a sound something like muffmuff muff.

I could feel her tongue going around my cock as she cleaned it of her juices. I started fucking her mouth. I put it three quarters of the way in and she gagged. She couldn't suck cock like Susan. Susan was the best cock sucker on the planet.

I enjoyed Jane's mouth for a few minutes. She had even taken my cock out of her mouth and licked around the base to make sure she had cleaned it thoroughly. After she was done I told her to get up I positioned her on the couch so that she could see Susan who was by the way very close to an orgasm. I spread her legs and she knew instantly she was going to get a good tonguing. I put her hands on her pussy lips and told her to spread them.

I asked "tell me what you want." She said "eat me. Eat my wet cunt. Tongue me. Lick me lick my cunt." I started licking all around her wet and juicy cunt.

I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked on it. Her ass came off the sofa so as to get more mouth on her clit. Jane's clit was quite hard in my mouth and it was quite apparent that she loved oral sex. I started alternating between sucking her clit and licking her pussy. This was obviously driving her crazy. I looked up at her and observed she was attentively watching Susan fuck herself with Jane's own dildo. The sight of Susan in her heels and stockings her legs wide open and that huge dildo going in and out of her cunt brought Jane very close to an orgasm.

I quickly moved my cock to her pussy and slid it in. This was just too much for Susan and although she tried to hold off she started to orgasm. Susan worked the dildo at an alarmingly fast pace. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she fucked herself her chest heaving in and out. She cried out "I'm going to come. I'm going to come! Oh my God I'm going to come!" I began to fuck Jane very hard her entire body shook as I thrust into her. This drove Susan over the top and all she could say was "I'm cuming!

I'm cuming I'm cuming! Fuck I'm cuming! Susan hung for an insane lust-propelled moment teetering on the edge of the first climax she'd ever experienced watching another woman have sex and then her entire sensually aroused body convulsed as her liquid passion gushed from around her thrusting fingers covering her hand and wrist and dripping down onto the rug below.

She could feel it running in slick rivulets down the inside of her quivering thighs to her bended knees. Her teeth chattered through her shattering climax. The sight of my lover coming while watching me fuck her friend had me very close to an orgasm but I knew I had to hold off because I may have to service Susan as well as Jane.

I pulled my cock out of Jane's pussy and went down on her. I pulled her legs apart and stuck my tongue as deep in her cunt as I could get it. She was still watching Susan come. I looked up at her and said "tell me what you want!" As I went back down on Jane she said "eat me stick your tongue up my wet cunt suck on my clit tongue me fuck me with your face give it to me in my wet cunt!" Susan just finished her orgasm and was lying there with her legs spread wide and the dildo still up her cunt.

I looked up and said "Susan I want you to take the dildo out of your cunt. I know you just came but I'm quite sure you'll come again. Why don't you just watch the show and relax?" Susan purred as she slowly extracted the dildo from her cunt "the show has been pretty good so far and I think you're right I'll just sit back here and watch." She put the dildo aside and sank back into a comfortable position in the chair. She slung one leg over the arm so that we could see her pussy.

Her cunt lips was slightly open and she presented a highly erotic sight. "Are you having fun Jane? I know I am." Jane was breathing hard, as she was just seconds from a climax. She said while trying to catch her breath "oh my God! I never realized how good sex could be. I don't think I had any feelings like this before.

We should have done this years ago. I really love it! So what next?" I leaned her back on the couch where she had a great view of Susan. I lifted her leg and stuck my cock in her hole. I started to piston her nice and slow I wanted to make sure she had a great orgasm because I knew if she did, she'd want more. A few feet away Susan was starting to touch and massage her clitoris.

There was no doubt that seeing me fuck her girlfriend aroused her. I never thought she would get this aroused. I knew she had another climax in her and I would do my best to give her a good show.

Jane put her hands above her head onto the side of the sofa so as to protect her head. She knew I was going to fuck her hard. I decided to strip her naked. I said "Jane you have too many clothes on I want you complete nude." I started to undress her of what little she had on.

I slipped her heels off and let them fall to the floor. I then grabbed her garter belt and pulled it right down her legs, stockings and all. I cast them aside and gazed upon her gorgeous nude body. I put my cock back into her. Rhythmically I slid my fuck tool in and out of her wet cunt and said "Susan likes to watch you get fucked did you like to see her climax? Did you like to see her fucking herself?" "I like it.

It was very erotic and I'm surprised it aroused me so." Jane said as I pounded her. Turning to Susan she said "I like to watch you do it and I like what you're doing now." She was referring to Susan's' fingering of her clit. Susan said "you could see how aroused I got watching Bill fuck you. I had no idea it could be so erotic. Now it's your turn are you going to come for me?" Jane said "I was so cl cla close and he stopped. I do have a feeling I will be coming for you very soon." She found it hard to speak, because I would pull my cock almost completely out of her and then ram it all the way down.

As I did this she started screaming Ahhh OH! AHHH! OH! OH! She was very oral when she was getting fucked. Susan on the other hand was quieter. When Susan and I fucked we whispered dirty phrases into each other's ears. Jane's whole body was moving to my fucking. Her tits moved up and down with her body and each stroke of my cock was a whooo o or ahhh.

I lifted her legs up in the most lewd manner and held them over her head and gave her more cock. I was really pounding her and as I looked over to Susan, I saw she was very excited and rubbing herself slowly.

I pulled out of Jane and spun her around face down on the couch. I pulled her up to her knees and put her head down so that her pussy was way up in the air. I entered her again and she let out a little moan.

I pushed into her and started fucking her faster and faster. She was sloppy wet and my cock hitting her ass made a loud slapping noise. Slap slap slap… Oh! Oh! OH! Slap. Slap! God oh! Ahh! OHoo god! OH! OH! I kept slamming her from behind and was watching Susan as she slowly messaged her clit.

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I abruptly pulled out of her and dragged her to her feet and pined her to the wall. I wanted her cunt high enough so that I could fuck her without bending so I had her put on her heels. I said "Have you ever been fucked against the wall in your heels? Did your husband ever treat you like this like a slut? Do you like getting cock from behind?" I entered her again and fucked her from behind. She couldn't answer and just said "OH! GOD! Feels so good! God! God! Jesus god OH!

God!" I slammed her from behind and her moans got closer and closer together. She was getting very close. I once again pulled out of her and pushed her down to the couch onto her back.

"Spread your legs. Spread your legs I want to see you finger your clit." Susan immediately perked up. I think she wanted to see how another woman masturbates.

After all she just masturbated in front of her, and she felt she would like to see the same from Jane. Jane said "nonnnno I couldn't I'm too embarrassed.

I can't." I then shoved 2 Fingers Way up her cunt. Her hands instinctively went to mine. I took her hand and put it on her clit. I spread her legs even more so that Susan could see. I said "finger your clit Jane. Don't be afraid. Just go around and around in circles." I bent down and licked her cunt stopping at her clit.

I sucked her clit into my mouth and pulled up on it. This drove her wild when I took my mouth off of her she reluctantly started to masturbate. She actually was doing a great job and was getting very hot. She had her eyes on me as my cock hovered just inches from her wet pussy. Jane said "I'm getting very hot, no, I'm very hot and very close. Please finish me with your cock. Please give me your cock. Stick your cock up my cunt. Please suck my cunt" Jane certainly adapted to dirty talk quickly.

It may be hot. Just then Susan said something that surprised me. She said "Bill why don't you finish her off with your cock but when you take it out I want to suck it clean." I didn't need any more encouragement.

I gently mounted her and started fucking her. She was moaning and every thrust. "Oh God! Oh Jesus! God!" I fucked her like this for a few more minutes and I knew she was very close.

I started slamming her as hard as I could, my body getting her clit with every thrust. I leaned over and kissed her and was met by her wondering tongue. She was ready. I pulled back slightly and then let her have it really good.

She started to come. "Oh God I'm going to come! Oh God oh God! I'm going to come I'm going to cum fuck me fuck me." Her body was starting to convulse. Her legs stiffened and she started to scream "I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm cumming oh dear God I'm cumming I'm cumming." She was coming really hard and I let go inside of her. She felt the first spray of cum on the back of her cunt and started to cry out. The second and third sprays of hot cum hit her and she cried out again.

For over a minute the powerful spasms throbbed through her naked body causing her pussy to contract wildly around my deeply plowing cock. Her cunt squeezed my cock like a fist trying to get loose. Dots of color flashed before Jane's eyes as she hovered on the edge of unconsciousness. I didn't even notice but Susan was standing just above us. She reached down to my cock and took it out of Jane's cunt. She looked at it for a few seconds dripping with a combination of my spunk and Jane's cunt juice.

She bent over a put the whole thing into her mouth. Instinctively I grabbed her head and pulled her down on me forcing my thick meat deeper into her throat. She swallowed furiously.


Her tongue was involuntarily pumping my squirting hose bringing forth more and more of my creamy cum. Susan gulped swallowed gasped and tried to get air into her lungs. Juice trickled from the corners of her mouth and she suddenly realized that she just did something she would normally never do.

The visual effect was too much for Jane. She had one hand on her clit and two fingers of the other hand up her cunt. She said "oh oh! Oh! I'm going to come again I'm going to come. I'm gonna come OH God! Oh God! I'm cumming I'm cumming now AHeeeeeeeee OH!

I'm CCUUUMMMMIIIINNNNGGGGGGG!!!. I felt her pelvis thrust upward, she really wanted my tongue but with Susan sucking my cock I couldn't reach her.

As she began to orgasm I reached underneath her to her ass hole and shoved my finger halfway up to the knuckle. Jane came flying off the couch as if she was levitated. She kept screaming "I'm cumming I'm cumming! Fuck my wet cunt I'm cumming! Susan now had two fingers inside herself and was finger fucking herself as fast as she could.

She started to cum. 'Uhhhh.yes I'm cumming! I'm cumming!' Susan cried loudly closing her eyes and a look of bliss on her face. 'Yes yes yes!' Oh god again yes oh fuck fuck FUCK! AAAAAH! Oh Oh Oh fuck my cunt yes AAAAAAAAH!" Susan let my now limp cock slides slowly from her mouth.

It fell upon Jane's still open cunt. She put her arms around me and kissed me passionately. Jane's hands were on her breasts and between each thumb was an nipple. We were all very satisfied and totally spent. I said to them" let's go to the bedroom and get comfortable." We stood up and both of us took Jane by the hand and walked her to the bedroom. Susan still wore her heels and stockings and was quite a sight to see. We all got into Jane's bed with me in the middle and the two girls on each arm.

We closed our eyes for a quick nap.   Chapter 8 We must have slept for an hour or two and when I woke up Jane was gone but Susan was by my side still asleep. It was a hot day and I thought Jane might have gone for a swim. I got up and looked out at the pool and Jane was in the water. She still appeared to be naked. I opened the door to the patio and walked over to the pool side.

Jane swam over to me. She looked good the sun reflecting off the pool onto her face. I thought to myself just a few hours I had my dick up her snatch. Seeing her in the nude made me want to do it again. "Well how do you feel?" I asked. Jane said "I haven't felt this good in months! I'm so glad we did this it was so exciting and made me feel so good. It's amazing what a good fuck will do for a girl! I came many times more than I ever did with my husband. I really hope Susan doesn't take this the wrong way after all, we've been friends forever." Jane turned, jumped, and lifted herself out of the pool.

What a gorgeous sight she was water dripping off of her silhouetted against the blue sky. Her more than ample tits bounced as she walked over to the lounge next to me.

She lay down with one leg bent and the other straight. It was a provocative pose and my dick knew it. I started to get hard. She said, "Well did you enjoy yourself as much as I did? Susan said you fantasy was to have her watch you make love to me. I guess that that was your fantasy come true. Did you ever ask Susan what her fantasy was?" Lying there at the sun baked pool, in the nude, with a beautiful nude woman, talking about sex, was causing my prick to get hard.

It was now at half mast and Jane knew it. I reached down and put my hand around it and gave it a small stroke which caused it to harden even more. Jane turned towards me and while stretched out on the lounge.

She lifted her one leg and went up on her toes affording me a perfect view of her pussy. I thought to myself I would love to fuck Jane once again, but she couldn't seriously think I could fuck her at the poolside while Susan was inside the sleep.

Susan was fairly open-minded but I don't think she would take kindly to me indiscriminately fucking her friends when I felt like it. We had to stop this now. Jane said "I'll bet you would like to bury that cock right in my wet cunt." "You seem to pick up on the dirty talk pretty quick, Jane. I love it when you talk like that; it turns me on and as you could see, makes me hard. And yes, I would love to fuck you right now but I can't.

Not with Susan asleep in the bedroom. But you do want it again don't you? "Of course I do! I woke up horny as hell. The things that we did, keep going around in my mind and I would love to have your cock in me right now." She reached down and put a finger into her pussy then took it out and held it up. Her juices dripped off onto her belly. "You see? I'm really wet and I need it.

Why don't we don't wake up Susan?" She no sooner said that when we heard the door open and Susan walked into the pool area.

Before she could see me I slipped into the pool to quench my hard on. I didn't think it appropriate for her to see me lying next to her girlfriend with a big dick. I know she was open-minded but I think this would affect our relationship. Jane said "hi sleeping beauty! How are you feeling?" Susan was nude. As she walked over to us I started to get hard again. As I gazed upon her I couldn't help but thinking how perfect her breasts were and how inviting her body.

She lowered herself into the pool next to me and remarked about what a perfect day it was. She put her arms around me and gave me a wet kiss. She rubbed her pussy against my cock and feeling that it was hard reached out with her hand and started to stroke it. Her tongue went deeper in my mouth and she started swirling it around and around.

I was astonished; she was hot and ready to go. This was too good to be true two beautiful hot women both wanting sex! Susan broke her kiss with me and called Jane to jump in. She did. Jane said to Susan "What ya' got there? Ohooo looks like you have a hand full of dick. Would you mind if I felt it?" Susan replied "Don't be silly! Why do you think I asked you into the pool? Besides after this afternoon I don't think we have anything to hide.

After all we both shared him." Jane came over and grabbed my dick. I could feel in her touch she wanted it. She said "Do you mind?" She took my now rock hard cock from Susan's hand and to my great surprise shoved it up her hole. The warmth of her pussy enveloped my cock. She put her hands on my ass and showed my prick deeper into her. She then started to move her pussy off and on my cock.

Susan just stood there in the pool with an expression on her face that said `what about me? `And she said "Jane! He just fucked you! You know I would like some cock also." Jane said "I'm so sorry I'm just not thinking. This afternoon made me so horny I need more." I said "ladies I have the solution. I want Susan to watch while I get you off Jane, and then I'm going to fuck Susan while you watch. How does that sound ladies?" With that I took my cock out of Jane and said "I think we would be more comfortable on your bed Jane don't you think?" Jane replied "well why don't we dry off and go inside?" Susan said "sounds exciting let's get started!" We got out of the pool and dried off.

We walked into to the bedroom and Jane sat on the bed while Susan and I kissed. By now my dick was sticking straight out. I turned to Jane and asked her what would turn her on. What would really get her off? She thought for a few seconds and said she would like have me use my mouth and her vibrator on her. Susan and I both smiled. Susan loved to dress up, but I got the impression she liked to dress Jane. Susan said she would pick something nice out for Jane and disappeared into her large walk in closet.

She came out wearing her high heels and a scarf around her waist covering nothing. She had heels and a bra and panties for Jane. She put the bra on her friend and said "lift up" as she slid the panties over her legs. "They you are ready to fuck!" She said.

She went into the living room and retrieved the vibrator. Jane did look rather alluring in her underwear and heels. She clawed her way back onto the top of the bed, adjusted some pillows and lay back. The panties were very sheer and I could clearly see the outline of her pussy. Susan came over to me and whispered in my ear "why don't we make it interesting and tie her to the bed?" I whispered back to her "I'll get her started and you go find some ties.

"My cock was still sticking straight out, a fact that didn't escape Jane. I started running my hands over her body very slowly. Susan watched as I gently stroked her from her feet to her lips. It must have excited her watching me do this because; I could see she was extruding some moisture between her legs.

Jane too was excited as I could tell by the growing wet spot on her panties. As I ran my hands over her breasts I would tweak each nipple, and each time I ran over them I would apply a bit more pressure.

Jane obviously liked it because her hips were undulating. Susan came back holding a fistful of James scarf's and said, "Have you ever been tied to the bed while a man ate you? If you've never been tried up, I think it's about time you were." Jane replied "oh I don't think I could do anything like that, I like to move." As she was saying that Susan and I were binding her hands and quickly tying them to the bed post.

She struggled slightly at first but then quickly gave up the fight. Her lust far outweighed her indecision. When we were finished binding her hands, we moved to her feet. When we were done she lie there spread-eagled. This was definitely going to be fun. Susan pulled up a chair to get a good view of what was about to happen to her friend. I know it turned her on to watch me make Jane come.

I ran my hands over her body and when I came to her breasts, I roughly pulled down her bra under her tits. I started pinching her nipples, first one and then the other, finally both at the same time. From my play session with her last time I knew she liked them pinched fairly hard. I watched the nipples grow under my fingers. Her breasts were nicely tanned and her nipples a light pink. I reached down to her panties and pulled them down to mid thigh exposing her widespread pussy.

I went down on her and started licking around her cunt. She responded by lifting her pelvis and as I licked her. I moved back in a most teasing manner. I couldn't get her panties down any lower because her legs were tied at a 45 degree angle so in two yanks I ripped them off. Jane was startled and cried out. As she did, I shoved two fingers up her cunt which caused her to moan loudly. I went down on her and started at her clit. I started circling it with my tongue and not touching it.

My fingers were still going in and out of her juicy hole. She was dripping wet. I noted in our last session that Jane got wet very quickly. This was obviously exciting her, because she was undulating and straining at the ties as I ate her out.

While I was doing this to Jane, Susan reached over and started stroking my dick. I didn't expect this and I wanted to tease Jane for a longer time, but with Susan's' hand on my cock I couldn't help myself, I just started sucking Jane's clit. "Let's see what happens when you use the vibrator on her." Susan said as she handed me the vibrator pausing to switch it on. "Use it on her clit I want to see you use it on her clit." By now Jane was in a rhythm with my mouth and I thought at this rate she would come soon.

I removed my lips from her budding clit and took the vibrator. I moved it right onto her clitoris and moved it around and around. As I was doing this Susan was pumping my prick. "Give it to her make her come!" Susan said as I pressed the vibrator on Jane's clit.

Jane moaned "Oh please give it to me, finger me, finger me hard!" She tensed up…"Give me your finger, finger my wet cunt, finger my cunt make me come, make me come!" and then let out a loud scream of relief as she started to come hard.

Her body was held to the bed or she would have come off of it. I turned to Susan and said "Slap her cunt!" Susan responded "Wh… what?" I said "Slap her cunt!" Susan was totally confused by my statement and didn't know what to do.

Did he really want me to slap my girlfriend on her virginal parts? This would be very much like a female interaction! Did he really want me to do that to her? Susan looked down at her girlfriend experiencing a orgasm with a vibrator and her lovers fingers up her hole.

As in a dream she heard the words, "No no." I said "Slap her cunt! Slap her cunt NOW." Susan moved as if an invisible entity was guiding her. She moved closer to Jane who was gasping for air, as her orgasm consumed her body. She watched as I removed my fingers and the vibrator. She then lifted her hand and gave Jane a gentle slap on her cunt. Jane cried out "No OH oooooo! Noooo!" Susan found her hand going up again, the thoughts running through her head 'am I doing this because she's fucking my boyfriend or because I like it?

SLAP. She landed a good one right on her wet cunt which stung Jane even more. Jane's arms and legs went up as she tried to escape but strangely enough she had another orgasm!

And screamed out, "Ahaahaa ugggugh .My God, OH MY GOD!" SLAP. Susan dished out another slap on her clit. Jane screamed out again SLAP… SLAP… SLAP… Susan gave out more and more of the punishment.

Jane screamed "ouch! No more no more!" Much to her surprise she came once again. "Oh Jesus! OH GOD! I'm CUMMING!… I'm CMMING AGAIN! I'M CCCUUUMMMMING!" I decided to join in with the slapping and gave Jane a slap across her tits. SLAP. Jane was just coming down from her last orgasm and her pussy and tits were very sensitive. I said "I wonder how many times we could make her come?" I said as she started recovering from her last orgasm.

The expression on Susan's' face was not that of pleasure rather than that of determination. Susan got a kick out of watching her girlfriend orgasm. She also found herself in the strange position of actually liking what she was doing. She liked slapping her girlfriends cunt, because it caused her to orgasm. She wasn't doing it to cause her pain. Or was she? I watched as Jane started to come down from her orgasm her breathing was heavy, and her breasts heaved in with him with every breath.

She was straining at the ties that held her to the bed, in this lewd and vulnerable position. There was nothing she could do to stop us from doing what we wanted to her. "Please! please! No more! My pussy is too sensitive I can't take anymore! Please no more." Susan turned and looked at me and said "I think she needs another slap." I gave her one across the tits and she screamed out "Jesus no!" At which point Susan let loose on her.

She started slapping her girlfriends cunt harder and harder. Slap slap slap SLAP! Once again Jane screamed out "I'm cumming!! Oh dear God Oh dear God Oh dear God.! I'm cumming I'm CUMMING again, oh Jesus please stop, please stop!" At which point Susan put her hand very close to her clit and started hitting it with very small pats.

She must've hit her clit five times in a second and she kept doing it. Jane just kept coming. "I'm cumming I'm cumming I'm CUMMMMMING! CUMMMMMING!" Taking a cue from what Susan was doing to her, I reached over and took a nipple in each hand and squeeze them. I pulled up on them almost to lift her from the bed by her tits. She was still screaming. She was still coming. I then took two fingers and shove them up her cunt, She came some more.

I started to piston her abused cunt, at an alarmingly fast rate. She screamed so loud Susan had to put her hand over her mouth. I wasn't going to stop and I kept at it, going faster and faster until I couldn't go any faster.

Jane was thrashing on the bed like a fish out of water. She had lost control of her body and was transported to a place she had never been.

She could no longer speak she just lay spread eagle on the bed thrashing and thrashing and there was nothing she could do about it. Susan and I were so hot and so aroused at this point we went at each other. My dick was sticking out like a flagpole and I was hard as a rock. Our lips locked in a passionate kiss tongues swirling about. Susan ripped off the scarf from her waist and stood only in her high heel pumps. She said "oh! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, my cunt is so wet I need a cock, RAM it in me.

I'm so wet, I need cock." I reached down and put my index finger inside her. My finger was still covered with Jane's juices and Susan knew that, but at this point didn't care. I finger fucked her but she definitely wanted something more than a fingering.

She needed to have a hard prick inside her. Jane was just lying on the bed spread-eagled and tied. She couldn't do anything except watch us. My thought was to have her watch me fuck Susan and then make her come again. She wasn't going to forget this day. Susan was still standing in her high heels next to the bed about 2 feet from Jane. I quickly went behind her and reached forward. I took her cunt lips in my hands and spread them wide exposing Susan to Jane.

"Jane have you ever seen a wet cunt just before it got fucked? Look at how wet you made Susan, with all your coming and orgasms. Do you think it's wet enough to fuck?" I asked. Jane was still breathing very hard from all of her orgasms. She was having trouble speaking but she said, "She lo loo looks wet. I don't think you'll have any trouble fucking her!" Susan really needed it, she put one leg on the bed and stood on her right pump. She reached over and pulled me by the prick and put me right inside her, right up her dripping wet cunt.

She uttered a guttural sound as it went in. She grabbed me by the ass and started pumping me with her cunt. Jane was watching all this and found it very exciting. Susan was behaving like a man.

She wanted my cock up her cunt and she wanted it hard. She was ready to come and so was I. We were both so excited by what we did to Jane that we needed a release. Susan kept squeezing my ass, and pushing me inside her. I looked over to Jane, and saw that she was watching intently and that her pussy was glistening, as it was soaking wet.

Susan was close and said "Harder fuck me harder. Give it to me! Give it to me in the cunt! Oh! my cunt is so drippy wet. Fuck me, fuck me darling, I want Jane to watch you fuck me. Deeper! Deeper! That's it! That's it right up my cunt! Oh God you're going to make come. You're going to make me come!

Oh fuck me fuck me! Oh fuck I'm starting, I'm going to come! Oh fuck I'm Cuming! I'm Cuming! I'm Cuming! Susan started pumping me the likes of which I have never experienced.

Her ass was pulled back and then slammed into my cock. She kept doing this harder and harder as she came. It seemed like she wouldn't stop. I felt my own orgasm beginning to form. Now it was me fucking into her. We were both fucking hard into each other. I felt my balls getting tighter. My cock started to swell and then in an instant, I shot deep into my lover's cunt. Susan screamed with delight as the hot cum entered her. She was still in orgasm and with both hands grabbed me by the ass and dug her fingernails into me.

She shoved me with all her might, as hard as she could right up her cunt. She screamed again and again as I pumped my hot sperm up her hole. I must've contracted five times and I was spent, as was she. I let my semi-hard cock slip out of her vagina and stood her up next to the bed.

I sat on the bed next to Jane and said "Do you know what a cream pie is?" I reached up and opened Susan's' cunt. My spunk started dripping down her leg. Susan just stood there not knowing what to do. As the white creamy liquid dripped down her leg, I scooped some with my finger, and brought it up to Jane's mouth. She turned away for an instant but realized there was nothing she could do and so she let me put it in her mouth. She liked it. She started sucking my finger which I took away and this time shoved it up Susan's' cunt.

I took it out and gave it back to Jane and this time she greedily cleaned it off. I looked at Susan standing there in her pumps, with my cum dripping down her legs and her girlfriend tied to the bed eating the cum out of Susan's' pussy, and realized how lucky I was. Susan still looked lost as she stood there watching me feed the cum dripping out of her cunt to her girlfriend and watching her greedily lick my fingers.

I gave Susan a nice juicy kiss while she stood there. I put my arms around her and said "are you okay did you have a nice orgasm?" I could see she was a bit embarrassed standing there with my sperm dripping out of her pussy and her girlfriend watching it ooze out. She said "I came really hard." She started untying Jane and when she was done Jane hardly moved she was so spent. While she was untying Jane I brought a warm washcloth and a towel and said "time for cleanup." Susan stood in her heels, with her legs slightly parted.

I started washing the cum from her legs as it had almost dripped down to her knees. I then gently ran the washcloth inside and around her pussy. She sat down on the bed next to Jane. I put the towels in the hamper and retrieved some wine for the ladies.

I poured them each a glass. Jane sat up an accepted the glass. She had a smile on her face and I could see she was content. I sensed there was something wrong with Susan. I could see Jane had taken all this in stride, which I did not expect, yet Susan seemed quiet. I didn't expect that either. I took the wine out of Susan's' hand and placed it on the bed stand.

I started kissing her and running my hands over her body. I started at her neck and slowly worked down to her breasts and then with my tongue still in her mouth I put a finger up her cunt.

I lowered her down to the bed and broke the kiss. Jane was intently watching this and opened her legs slightly so that I may see her pussy. I told Susan to just relax which she did. Jane said "how do I get some of that?" I said "why don't you just lie back and I'll do you too." "oow how fun!" Jane said as she stretched out next to Susan. Susan was feeling much better I could tell because she was moving slightly to my fingering.

I got between the two women and gave each a finger. They were both responding but I knew neither one of them would be able to orgasm again so soon.

My cock was at half mast and I knew I couldn't accommodate the ladies either. We played like this for about 20 min. and then it dawned on us that we needed some nourishment. Jane said she knew a nice little restaurant where we can go.   Chapter 9 We took showers. The girls put on light summer dresses and both looked relaxed and refreshed. We drove to the restaurant in Jane's car Jane was the driver, I was in the middle and Susan to my right.

We had a great dinner and a lot of masked innuendo was bantered around. During dinner Susan would place her hand under the tablecloth and onto my leg. I knew that she liked to touch in public. I reflected upon one day we had together in Barcelona. We had taken a walk in the park. As we started back, we found ourselves on a sort of Mini Park between two roads. Susan put her arms around me and started kissing me passionately. I didn't quite know what to do and was a little embarrassed.

I shouldn't have been. Susan was by far the best lover I've ever had. I reached down, under the table and touched her silky soft thighs. She wasn't wearing stockings and her skin was cool to the touch. I looked around and no one could see us except Jane who knew exactly what we were doing. I inched my way up to her pussy, pushed her panties aside and entered her with my fingers. Susan just sat there and smiled at Jane. I took my fingers out of her and discreetly placed them in my mouth.

I noticed Jane was squirming in her seat. When it was time to go I paid the bill and the ladies lead the way out. We got in Jane's car and started on our way home. Susan lifted up her ass and pulled her panties down and off. Jane said "Susan what are you going to do?" Susan replied "I'm going to blow him." Jane said "please don't make him come in your mouth if you finish him now I won't have any fun." Susan wasn't going to listen to reason. She needed a mouthful of cum. Some girls suck off a guy and pretend that they like it.

Not Susan, she really liked it. She liked the taste, she like the erotic nature and she likes the forbidden fruit aspect of it all. She went down on me quickly unzipping my pants and pulling out my semi rigid cock. She gave my cock head a few licks and then swallowed it whole.

It was so far down her throat that Jane said, "How do you do that?" The only sounds from Susan were some kind of a muffled sound, when she tried to speak. She reached over and cupped my balls and started working my dick.


After a few minutes she was working it pretty fast and Jane said, "Susan! Are you going to blow him before you even get home?" Susan took my cock out of her mouth and said "All right I'll wait until we get home, but I needs some cock in my mouth when we get there." As we finished the drive back to Jane's house Susan was stroking my member only to be joined by Jane doing the same.

We drove into the garage and we all got out. Susan thought it quite erotic to lead me through the house by my cock. Jane smirked and giggled at the site. "Susan" she said, "You are just insatiable! You two have me going and now that I am part of the party, I want some also." Susan said "I just need to blow him you could have him when I'm done." She pulled me into the living room and Jane went to get some drinks.

Susan started stripping me and by the time Jane got back, I was nude with a big cock sticking straight out. Jane gave Susan a glass then bent over and put my cock in her mouth. She sucked it a little and then acquiesced to Susan who was running her hands all over my body.

Jane started to disrobe. She left her bra and panties on and then started to remove Susan's' dress. "You don't want to get his sperm all of your clothing do you, now?" After she took the dress off she unhooked Susan's' bra and removed it.

Susan went right down on me and got to working on my cock. Jane walked away. In a few minutes Jane reappeared wearing her heels black stockings and a garter belt, and nothing more.

Jane sat down opened her legs and started massaging her clitoris. "I hope you don't mind if I watch." She said. Susan looked up and said "hummm you look very sexy Jane but as I said you could have him when I'm done. I just want to taste his come." Jane didn't answer but placed a finger in her hole worked it around and around and then put it in her mouth.

Susan was sucking me and watching Jane. Jane crossed her legs and sat back to watch Susan suck me off. She marveled at how deep Susan took my cock. She swallowed the entire cock all the way, right down her throat. Susan had her hands on my ass and was gently guiding my dick into and out of her mouth. She kept this up for a long time.

Jane was getting hot and she opened her legs from time to time to dip a finger into her pussy. Susan took me out of her mouth and said "Let's do something naughty Let's watch Jane masturbate!" Jane was already hot and fingering het pussy and had no problem with the audience. She opened her legs wider and put one leg over the arm chair and without a word started to perform for us.

She said "Susan would you be a deer and get my little toy friend?" Susan left the room to get the vibrator and Jane waved me to her with her finger. She reached up and took my cock into her mouth. Susan returned and said "Hay! Don't you let him cum in your mouth that's for me." "Don't worry I'm just playing I want to see him cum in your mouth." I said "I would love to watch you come off Jane, and then you could watch me cum in Susan's' mouth.

Then we could watch Susan do herself. What do you think?" "Susan said "So I'm last but not least. All right Jane we're waiting." "If you tell me five days ago that I'd be masturbating in front of my girlfriend and her lover I'd say you're crazy.

I can hardly believe it, but this feels very natural to me. It's very erotic watching you stroke his cock like you doing while I fuck myself with this vibrator. I love to see you jerking him off I know you want it in the mouth but would you wait until I come?

It's won't take me long I'm a very hot cunt." Jane giggled. "I love you in your nylons you look so sexy. Susan do me slow I'm almost ready to come now!" I said. "Don't you dare come yet I'm going to make you come in my mouth and I want to taste your cum.

I want your whole load right down my throat." Jane turned the vibrator on and put it slightly above her clit. With her other hand she started fingering her cunt. Jane placed the vibrator completely inside and left it there, only the bottom visible inside her wet cunt. The vibrator set her cunt on fire and she placed it firmly, deep within her pussy. She rocked back and forth and finally lay on her back. Her pussy was wet with juices seeping from inside.

Her lubricated cunt allowed the dildo to slip in and out with no friction at all. I moved close to her and put a finger in Susan's' mouth then placed it close to Jane's ass hole letting the tip slide in and out of her now puckered anus.

The vibrator made a sucking sound as she worked it in and out of her hole. Susan took my hand away from Jane's anus and said "I want to see her do it herself it's really hot watching her!" Jane pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and slowly circled her breasts. She started to tense. Her legs went a bit straighter and her breathing became faster. Once again she placed the whirling debris up her seeping hole.

She fucked herself faster and then again removed it and placed it just over the top of her clit. She was stretching her legs out further and further and then, she placed it right on her clit and pressed down on it. Her eyes closed. She then worked it into her cunt faster and faster. She closed her legs onto the object that was giving her such great pleasure and pressed it down onto her clit. She closed up so much we couldn't see the vibrator. Jane started to tense up.

All the while Susan was stroking my cock which was rock hard, and sticking straight out. Both Susan and I were very excited watching Jane masturbate. Jane was wet as could be, told by the wetness around her pussy and the small trickle running down her legs, onto her stockings.

I stuck a finger into Susan and she too was soaking wet she continued pumped my dick. Jane started tensing more and more and said "oh my God! I'm going to come in a second oh God!

this feels so good! I love fucking myself in front of you! Oh my cunt is so wet!" Jane pushed the vibrator deep inside her and then added two of her fingers to the party.

She fingered her cunt in an amazingly fast manner, her fingers came out so far we could see her fingernails and then, disappear up to the knuckle. All the time she kept moaning "Oh oh oh uh oh." With her other hand she grabbed her breast and squeezed her nipple then quickly flattening it against her chest, her fingernails digging in deep. "Slap my cunt! Slap it slap it hard!" She was so close to climax and needed just something to drive her over the top. Susan released my now dripping with pre-come cock, and landed a good slap right on her cunt.

Slap! Jane doubled up with the pain and ecstasy before Susan could land another Jane fell into the abyss. "Oh God oh God! … I'm cuming! Oh oh … oh uh uh oh God God! God! CUMMMMMMING!" Her legs shot straight out, kicking off one of her heels and ripping one of her stockings which became detached from her garter.

Her grip on her breasts tightened even more. A moan of ecstasy continued as she climaxed. Susan had come back to my cock and was stroking it feverishly.

She took it in her mouth wetting it profusely. She took it out as to aim, and continued stroking it. Jane's ass was off the couch her cunt was high in the air as she fingered herself in ecstasy. "Oh God Oh… oh oh uh… uh oh God God! I'm cuming I'm cuming I'm cuming I'm cummmming!" She screamed.

Watching Jane masturbate in front of us and having such a powerful orgasm, while her girlfriend stroked me off was too much for me. Susan felt my cock begin to erupt. She had done this to me countless times before and she knew just when I was going to come. She pulled me by my cock a little closer to Jane and I watched as my first stream hit Jane squarely in the face. It hit her with such force that it splattered over her breasts, I watched as the creamy white liquid spilled into her gaping mouth.

She was still in the midst of her orgasm and was still crying out. Before I could ejaculate again Susan had me deep her mouth. I shot again this time with more force than the first.

Susan had my entire cock down her throat she had swallowed me to the hilt and was going to get everything she could out of me. She dug her fingernails into my ass forcing me even deeper down her throat. She swallowed time and time again as I emptied my load of creamy spunk down her throat. In the throes of my orgasm I glanced over to Jane, who was watching Susan blow me with such enthusiasm.

Jane made quite a sight lying there with my cum dripping off her face with one stocking on and one halfway down her leg. She had her arms up slightly and her hands pointed down. Quite a bit of my semen was dripping from her hands. It was almost as if she was saying what do I do now? Susan still had my cock deep down her throat and was still giving me a great blow job.

I had stopped coming and had given her what she wanted. My cock was so sensitive I had my hands on her head trying to stop her from sucking me anymore but she wouldn't stop. I couldn't take it anymore so I pulled Susan off my cock and pushed her back onto Jane.

I said to Jane "grab her arms and hold her while I finish her off!" Jane quickly grabbed Susan's' arms with her cum covered hands and held her back as I spread her legs. I showed three fingers up her cunt, and started to work them in and out really fast.

It had an almost immediate effect on her as she tensed up. "Hit her clit with the vibrator Jane, work her clitoris really good!" I said as a speeded up my rhythm. Jane took the vibrator which was covered with her own cunt juices and started to work on Susan's' clit. Susan wasn't used to a vibrator and she jumped when it hit her clit.

With my fingers going in and out faster and faster, and Jane working Susan's' clit with the vibrator, I knew it wouldn't be long before Susan came off. As I looked down at her, with my cum dripping from the side of her mouth and Jane working her clit, I knew I was in love with her.

Before long as anticipated, Susan started to come. "OH! Oh!.ahhh OH! I'm cuming! I'm cuming! I'm CUMMMMMING! She cried as we brought her to her climax. I was surprised at Jane's action on Susan's' clit, she wouldn't quit. "OH! Stop STOP!. STTTTOP! STOP." Susan cried as we worked her over. I took my fingers out of her dripping with cunt juices and put them in her mouth. She greedily sucked them dry. Susan shuttered a few more times and finally came to rest, her beautiful eyes closing. Jane finally took the vibrator off of her and I looked at the both of them.

Neither woman was the least bit self conscious, nor did they display and shyness at the acts they just committed. The three of us were breathing hard and totally exhausted. We mutually collapsed upon each other, closed our eyes and drifted off. It's funny but I dreamed of walking in a park with Susan. There were people passing us by but not noticing us at all. We walked for a long while and came to rest on the bench. Even in my dream I started to realize that this was taken from real life.

I remember the day when we were in that park. I had taken a picture of Susan that I wanted to keep so she would be close to me when I couldn't see her. Just two hours ago we had made love. A steamy, hot, erotic, sweaty, cum laden, kind of love. We always loved this way when we hadn't seen each other for a while.

I remember putting my hand on her leg and working my way up to her pussy. She was an amazing woman. She was getting hot just sitting there on that park bench, just hours after having her brains fucked out. I was so lucky to have known her then. In the in and out haze of my dream I started to awaken. As I open my eyes I saw Susan with my cock in her hand. It was hard to believe, but she was unstoppable.

Jane opened her eyes and saw Susan trying to wake my flaccid dick up. She looked at me and smiled, my drying cum still on her chin. I slowly started to get hard again. Jane started to untangle herself from this human pretzel and as she sat up. I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous her tits appeared; her small but pointed nipples were very pink against the rest of her breasts.

They sang ever so slightly but there's no way on earth to defeat gravity. "Susan don't you ever stop? Let the poor man rest before you suck him off again!" Jane said in jest.

"I can't help it I'm just so turned on by all of this." Susan said, she leaned over and put my entire cock down her throat. Jane said "we just made you come and that wasn't the deal. You are supposed to masturbate for us and you didn't.

It's time to pay up." I said "Jane's right. You should come right over here, sit in this chair and spread those gorgeous legs of yours. We want you to bring yourself off while we watch." I guided her to the easy chair sat her down and spread her legs slightly.

"Okay we're waiting…" Susan was a little embarrassed as we stood in front of her me with half a hard on, and Jane nude except for her stockings.

Jane and I sat down on the couch and Jane's hand went right to my cock. She started stroking it ever so lightly an act that surely got Susan's' juices flowing. I put my arm around Jane and cupped the opposite breast. Susan settled back in the easy chair and slung one leg over the arm of the chair and started in on her clit. We watched her as she circled the little bud pausing from time to time to lick her fingers only to go back on and circle her clit again.

Occasionally her fingers would slide into her cunt and with her other hand she pinched her nipple in short little strokes. We watched her for about 5 minutes. We waited to see her come. Susan was a very visual person. She loved to watch herself blow me in the mirror.

Sometimes when we were together, she would sit in front of the mirror and masturbate for me while watching herself. I always found that very erotic. "Oh Jane suck his cock I want to see his cock in your mouth." Susan hissed. "That's it suck his big cock get it down your throat suck it suck it suck it deep!

Oh God! I'm Cuming I'm Cuming! AAHHHHHHH oh God! Oh God! Cuming! Cuming! Cuming!" She cried out as to fingers shot in and out of her cunt. Her legs started to close on her orgasm. Her legs stretched straight out in front of her. Her toes were curling and she was totally flushed all over her body.

Jane and I were more than satisfied just watching her. I was almost totally fucked out and Jane was just intrigued watching her girlfriend masturbate.

Susan's' legs were now as stiff as a board and she was fingering her clit very quickly enhancing her now massive climax. She kept crying out "I'm Cumming I'm Cuming! I'm Cummming I'm Cummmmmmming!" Finally she was done finishing herself off.

We were now more than satisfied. I don't think I could've had any more sex for months. I always think that, after being truly satisfied, only to find in just a few hours I was ready to go again. As we watched the setting sun I realized I was totally exhausted.

We were all exhausted we decided to turn in early. Tomorrow Susan and I were to fly home. We didn't have to be to the airport until 2:55 PM. I thought perhaps in the morning if we were up to it, we could have a goodbye fuck. Susan would go home to her husband and Jane would go back to her solitary life. I would miss both of them terribly but most of all I would miss Susan. I asked Jane and Susan if that they would mind if we all slept in the same bed.

Susan said we should and Jane said she wouldn't have it any other way. Jane had a Hollywood bed which was a bit larger than a king size bed. We all had plenty of room, me in the center and the girls at my sides. I had my arms around both of them and cupped a breast in each hand.

Susan had her head in the crook of my shoulder and had her hand around my cock and balls. I started reflecting on what a great day we just had and slowly drifted off to a calm and peaceful sleep.   Chapter 10 I woke in the morning to the smell of hot coffee. Jane was still in my side sleeping and I had to assume Susan was making coffee. My cock was already semi hard. The covers were mostly off Jane and I admired the curves of her body.

I can only see one tit with its perky pink nipple. I wondered what Susan would do if she came in and I was fucking her girlfriend. I slipped out of bed and walked quietly to the kitchen. I was still nude. Susan had one of Jane's robes on. It was low-cut in the front and quite short showing off her gorgeous legs.

As I approached our lips locked in a passionate kiss. My hand instinctively went between her legs one finger finding its way into her wetness. She said "you're getting hard." I said "You always make me hard. I want to fuck you right now. I love fucking you in the morning." "I think you want to fuck Jane and I think she would like you to fuck her. I know I would like to watch.

Why don't you fuck her? I want to watch without being seen me for a while. You do want to fuck her don't you?" "You must be very secure to let me fuck your girlfriend. You know that you are my ultimate fantasy and are irreplaceable don't you? Would I like to fuck Jane? You bet I would, as you know, it's one of my fantasies. Just by you asking me to do this, turns me on like you can't believe." I said. "Oh I believe it does turn you on." Susan said as we both looked down at my hard cock almost completely at attention.

"Jane's still asleep how about if I go wake her up?" I asked. "I think that's a great idea why don't you make her nice and wet and then fuck her from behind?" Susan said. I walked into the bedroom and Jane was still sleeping. I admired her gorgeous body lying there like low-lying fruit waiting to be picked.

I got down on the bed and slowly spread her legs apart. She started to wake up. Before her eyes opened I had my tongue deep inside of her sticky cunt. I could see Susan at the door watching as I tongue fucked her girlfriend. Jane's cunt immediately became wet. Jane said "What are you doing to me?" I didn't answer her, because she damn well knew what I was doing to her. I was licking her wet and juicy cunt. I put two fingers inside her to make them nice and wet and then took one out and put it at the base of her ass hole.

She squirmed a little but couldn't get away from my probing tongue. Jane started inching her way up to bed as I ate her out. I let my finger slip into her ass hole.

She jumped forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt. I started to finger her ass in rhythmic syncopation with my tongue. Jane was one very hot cunt. She wanted to orgasm fast. I stood on my knees and spun her around. I pulled her up on her knees and pushed her head down onto the sheets.

Her cunt was mine to fuck. Jane said "It's not right to take me like this without Susan." At which point I shoved my rock hard cock all the way up her wet cunt. She let out a scream as I bottomed out. Just at that point Susan walked into the bedroom and dropped her robe at her feet.

"It's all right Jane I told him to fuck you, so you might as well relax and enjoy it. Go ahead and take her, fuck her in the cunt! Give her some hot cum right up her pussy." She didn't have to tell me anymore as I was working Jane's cunt like a fucking machine.

I was fucking her faster and faster. At every thrust Jane made a guttural sound "ughh gghh!" I could see Jane's tits swinging back and forth with every thrust. The guttural sounds got louder and louder "Ughhhgh Ahhagh Ghhhhgh!" I looked at Susan and she had two fingers in her mouth and two up her cunt. The sight of her fucking herself while I fucked the shit out of her girlfriend was too much for me.

I let loose a massive load of hot cum into Jane's sopping wet cunt. As I did Jane let out a cry of relief as her orgasm swept over her body. I shot load after hot load up this woman's cunt, as I pumped even harder. I again looked over to Susan to find she had already came. I pumped several more times into Jane but I was all played out. As I pulled my still semi-hard dick out of Jane I was surprised to see the volume of cum dripping out of her cunt.

It came out really fast at first and then just trickled down her beautiful leg. Susan reached over and took a small sample on the tip of her finger and cleaned her finger off as it was a lollipop. Jane said "You are such a dirty girl!" Susan replied "I really love his cum!" She reached over and took my cock in her hand and said "You fucked her good!" Four hours later we were speeding to the airport to catch out flight home.

Jane was driving I was in the middle and Susan on my right. Susan had my cock out and was stroking it not to make me come but rather in a loving way. I stroked Jane's leg just to give her something to remember me by. As he approached the airport I put myself back together.

I thanked Jane for her hospitality and for one of the most erotic times of my life. Jane said the feeling was mutual. We took our bags out of the trunk and I gave Jane a big hug and wet kiss. Jane said we'd have to come back soon. Susan embraced Jane thanked her and said she hoped we could get together one day soon. She gave Jane a parting kiss and we walked into the terminal. I never imagined, or had any idea of what was in store for me.