Ravishing blonde rides on a thick pole cunnilingus cumshot

Ravishing blonde rides on a thick pole cunnilingus cumshot
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HAPPY 15TH BIRTHDAY part 2 Now in the car going to the hospital to pick up my wife, my mind was wondering. What have I done? How will I explain it to my wife? Will my daughter ever be able to forgive me?

All these questions and no answers…&hellip.seems like a short drive to the hospital, I thought as I pulled into the parking lot.


Not enough time to sort this out. Hi honey, as my wife slides into the passenger side, and leans and gives me a kiss.


"How was your night" I ask. Seems they had many patients including 3 surgeries and she was exhausted. At home, she asked about Joyce's birthday and the evening as she was getting ready for a warm bath and then retire for the evening.

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Following her into the bathroom as she ran the water for her bath I told her that she had a friend over, they went into the pool for a while, had a good dinner. All the while watching every word I said as not to insinuate anything she could question me on.

"Good I am glad every daughter needs their dads love and affection.


I am glad you had a chance to bond with her." In the bedroom, I mentioned the thong bikinis Joyce bought with her money for her and Amy with her birthday money. Stating I was concerned as they were revealing. "She asked me if she could and I told her yes as long as they wore them here only" "O" I replied thinking to myself.

Well I will deal with that later as we drifted off to sleep.

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In my dreams I relived the previous evening with my daughter and Amy, the warm feeling of their mouths around my cock and the tight pussy that encased me earlier. Its almost real.

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Opening my eyes at about 3:00 AM I was surprised to find Joyce on her knees with my cock in her mouth. Shocked I jumped a little. Joyce looked at me putting her finger to her mouth and going "SSSSSSHHHHHHHH" As Joyce worked my cock I heard my wife mutter a small low pitched "AAAHHHHHH." Glancing over Amy was there giving my wife a tongue job.

Amy being so patient and slow as not to wake her.

I can't believe that my daughter was giving me head in the same room as her mother laying next to me. Not to mention Amy giving my wife a tongue washing fit for a queen. If Suzie wakes up I am so screwed I thought to myself. Joyce now playing with my balls as she deep throats my cock, Faster&hellip.faster god yes I thought as I try to keep my whits about me. God Yessssssss as I spilled my seed in my daughter's mouth.

Getting off the bed the two of them silently left the room and closed the door behind them, leaving me in a state of shock as well as satisfaction. That morning around 8:00 we woke up stretched and looked at each other, "Thank you that was wonderful last night dear" "It was nice that you took care of me without you expecting the same, I was just to tired," "I will certainly return the favor tonight.

My mind was racing. I have to talk to Joyce this is getting out of hand. That afternoon I took the opportunity to speak with my daughter about the events last night.

Stating that I was worried if her mom finds out it would be disastrous for our marriage. Joyce just shrugged it off saying, "don't worry dad it will all work out." Later that afternoon Michel came by to visit with Joyce and Amy, Joyce asking her mom if it is ok for Amy and Michel to spend the night with her.

Linda replying that it will be fine, as she looked at me with a smile. The three girls coming from the bathroom in their bathing suits, heading for the pool caused my cock to twitch as I watched the three young asses bounce away from me heading towards the pool. "God Linda I told you those suits are to revealing" "Well I can see that you enjoyed it" as she looked at the slight bulge in my crotch.

"Yea" I said "but only you can take care of that." Linda having the day off decided to have a couple drinks, (Bacardi, and coke) as we made our way to the deck overlooking the pool. Relaxing for awhile before I started the grill for dinner. "Hey, mom, dad said we could go topless in the pool last night. Is it ok if we do it today?' "Sure hon if you all want to" Busted I thought!

but not a word about it from Linda.

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I laid there and watched the three young women remove their tops Amy. Joyce and then Michel, I couldn't help but notice how young Michel looked, tall for her age, 13, with shoulder length blond hair. Michel supported a perfect hourglass shape supporting maybe a 32 inch chest. Michel's blossoming breasts stood perfect and nipples that pointed in a slight upwards direction. My cock began to grow as I moved around trying to hide my embarrassment from my wife.

"Why hide that hon? I think you should come over here and let me help you with that" exclaimed my wife in a half drunken stupor.


"besides its nothing the girls haven't seen before I am sure" Linda not waiting for me to move got up, removed her top and came to me. "Get out of those shorts" she demanded as she dropped her bathing suit bottoms. Linda's hands were all over my cock and balls as she pulled and tugged to get my shorts off. "Hey girls look what I found" as Linda takes my cock into her mouth. As the three girls climbed from the pool I could see that they were naked.

The sight of all three of them was overwhelming causing my cock to become even more enraged. Joyce and Amy looked absolutely stunning. Michel with her hairless pussy came to stand on my left side grabbing my hand and placing it on her pussy.

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Joyce doing the same on my right side. Amy gently reclined the lawn chair back as she slowly straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my waiting tongue.

It didn't take long for Amy to have an orgasm, as she squirted into my waiting mouth. Oh God………&hellip.Linda………&hellip.I am going to cum……;please easy not yet……&hellip.oh god……geeeezzzzzz as I spilled my seed into my wife's mouth.