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Mutter anal ficken
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We saw lights flicker in the distance and Josh was running with Ashley while she was grasping onto hold up the towel around her. Josh yelled in our direction "COPS." Puffing out his chest like a Viking showing off his brawny body as he ran down the beach about a football field away from us.

An indistinct voice speaking into a radio about half way down the beach pointed a flashlight in our direction coming towards us. I grabbed our stuff and we all made our way for the car. Brooke snapped her towel at my ass playfully as she ran by me kicking up sand on her way up the hill to the car. We all made it to the car and Brooke was patting her ass and thighs trying to get the sand off before she got into the car.

I asked her "do you need any help?" playfully wiping some of the sand off the bare curve of her butt. She just smiled at me and flicked my hand away "No I think I can manage." Twisting my nipple a bit and looking at my wet boxers clinging to my body not leaving much to the imagination.

"Hey that kind of hurt!" I retorted. She stuck out her bottom lip and replied "Awe sorry baby." Lightly kissing my nipple and circling her tongue around it as she did. Josh and Ashley were panting finally making it to the car. Josh hopping into the front starting the engine Ashley quickly threw her top on and wrapped the towel around her hips.

The shirt clung to her body and you could see her perky little nipples poking through. Ashley said "I left my bikini on the beach." She looked crestfallen.

Josh perked up "It's okay you look better without it. I'll buy you a new one, if you take me with to try it on." His smirk was like a gremlin hungry for more. Ashley just rolled her eyes and squeezed her breasts together and said "You wish you could look at these again!" licking her lips until She squealed "JOSHIE!" An officer came up to the window and rapped on it hard enough for my heart to sink to the bottom of my stomach we were almost all half-naked and there was a faint smell of weed in the car.

Josh rolled down the window and with the voice of a scared little mouse said "What can I do for you officer." He was a short stocky balding man who looked like he didn't take shit from anyone and he looked down at Josh menacingly. There was something familiar about him, but I couldn't figure out what it was.

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He spoke very slowly "Everyone out of the car." Brooke looked worried and I squeezed her hand firmly before getting out of the car. He had us all stand along the curb.

Ashley was the last to get out still holding the towel around herself tightly. I looked at the cop and read his name plate Officer Bilken. He shined his light in the car and looked around.

I sincerely hoped that he didn't find anything in the car that could incriminate us, although I believe there were some rolling papers in the car. Josh's car was pretty dirty and he was throwing leftover various fast food bags out of the car searching around. After about ten minutes he pulled a few things out of the car and placed them out of view on the hood.

He then spun around and looked at us not making any distinct face to tell what he was thinking slowly walking in our direction.

After about a minute of silence he spoke into his radio briefly I couldn't make out exactly what he said all I could hear was my heart beating so hard I thought I might have a heart attack right now.

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He looked up at Josh shining his light on him his boxers dripping water down his leg. Officer Bilken slowly spoke but it was like a knife cutting into someone as his eyes never moved "Do you have anything you should tell me Mr. Josh Talbot." Flipping through Josh's wallet slowly. Josh stammered "No nothing at all officer, we didn't realize how late it was we were just enjoying the beach all day." Bilken seemed slightly satisfied with this response and waved him over to the car.

"Place your hands on the trunk Josh and Thomas Watson what about you… anything to declare?" asking me the same thing before I just shook my head and instructed me to do the same as Josh.

I just looked over at Josh and he looked like he saw a ghost the color had completely been wiped out of his face. Bilken lightly padded us down nothing really to pat down anyways having just our boxers on. Bilken grunted "Stay here boys I'm going to talk to your friends." He then walked over to the girls. Ashley was slightly shaking and holding the towel as tightly as she could.

Officer Bilken looked to have a slight smirk on his face as he approached them. Ashleys nipples were so hard and the t-shirt looked slightly wet from the way it hugged her body you could see everything pretty well.

Brooke looked more worried for Ashley then for herself. He ran the light up and down Ashley's body taking in the view. Bilken began to speak "I believe I found some papers in the car and it smells like someone has been smoking marijuana." Both the girls just shook their heads no. He walked back over to the car and grabbed something off of the hood and walked back over to the girls showing them what he had.

Whatever it was I couldn't see it. The Officer began to speak again opening his hand to show some rolling papers and a small nugg of weed or was it just a small piece of trash I couldn't tell "Well I found this in the car so I'm going to search the two of you as well.(he paused) but I don't have a female officer present should I just call for back up? Or just search you and if I don't find anything you all can go home." The two of them looked at each other thinking for a minute and Brooke spoke first.

"No no need to call back up! You can search us." Ashley looked at her like she was crazy. He walked over to Ashley first and said "Put your hands in the air." She stammered to say something. "Bu bu but… ." He spoke softly "Please put your hands in the air so I can search you miss. Bend over slightly and place your hands on the tree in front of you and spread your legs." Reluctantly she put her hands up and the towel slowly drifted down around her ankles, her butt glistening with little trickles of water.

She had the sexiest little dimples above her ass and her butt was almost as nice as Brookes but it was much more shapely and full. I was so scared for her, but my body was beginning to react in a different way the blood coursing its way down to the main vein and tightening the wet boxers around it. I looked over at Josh for a minute and he had a puzzled look on his face I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or horrified.

Officer Bilken bent down and picked up the towel grasping at it slowly as if he was looking for something within, but you could see his eyes slowly looking up her bare legs as they followed their way up to her dripping mound. She had a beautiful pussy the lips tightly closed with a little wisp of pink slightly hanging down.


He spoke "You know it's public indecency to be nude at the beach." Brooke saw that Ashley was scared and quickly replied "She was changing in the car when you came up to us." Bilken said "Okay sorry about that." Handing Ashley the towel and instructing Brooke to do the same against the tree. Brooke did so and he ran his hands slowly along her jeans and up along her thighs.

I wanted to punch him and not stop till my arm was broken all the blood rushing from my groin to my face.

He stopped at a spot in her jeans where there was a hole in the butt and ran his finger along her bare ass a little too slowly my hands clasping against the metal of the car I was about to rip his spoiler off. His hands continued to search and go into her pockets as she looked over to me with a sad little frowny pout on her face.

It looked like Bilken was enjoying himself his face getting very close to her ass and it looked like he was smelling it. Bilken spoke again "You know I just thought about it you two are in your boxers and she doesn't have a bra on the only one who's actually wearing a swim suit is this girl." (pointing to Brooke) He seemed to be contemplating something and spoke again "I smell something that smells like pot on you." He placed his hand on Brooke shoulder who's face went white as a ghost.

Brooke stammered and pleaded "I. I. don't have anything in my pockets or on me." The officer just stood there contemplating some more. "Hrm. yes I didn't seem to find anything maybe your hiding it in your bikini bottoms." Her hair flung around almost smacking him in the face and her expression was one of terror and her jaw dropped. Brooke quickly spoke again "No I don't have anything. I promise! Bilken didn't seem too enthusiastic about her reply and just softly spoke again "can you prove that to me?" Man this fucker I thought he just wanted to see her naked like he saw Ashley.

Brooke didn't even hesitate to reply "go right ahead and look!" She unzipped her pants and poked out her butt which looked really cute in those bikini bottoms most of the material being sucked into her butt cheeks and tightly clasping her mound that was poking out a little bit along one of the edges.

I couldn't escape the fact that I wanted to see what she was hiding under there, but not like this I wanted to find out on my own!

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He walked up to her picked up her jeans and examined them in the same way he had with Ashley a smile soaked his face as his eyes explored her looking at the way her butt just sat up like it was being hoisted into two balloon like bubbles. He dropped the jeans to the ground and stepped closer to her looking at the clam like shape of her mound and her body just looked like it was shimmering in the light of the moon.

He spoke again this time authority in his voice this time "Is that a small baggy I see in your bikini bottoms?" I looked over incredulously examining Brooke there was no way that she had something in those bottoms they almost clung to her like they we're painted on! Brooke didn't say anything just shook her head. Just then he spoke "Okay then you don't have anything to hide from me right?" She was scared you could tell a single tear running down her cheek.

She just whispered "No." He grazed his hand back over her little bowtie knot on her bikini bottoms and pulled them free. All I heard was her gasp as they slowly dangled free except for the part that was stuck in her ass and pussy, but you could see they weren't going to hang there long before falling to the ground. I watched in anticipation as they snail like crawled out and fell down.

Her face regained color and went from white to bright red as she was standing there dripping wet from the water and watched little trickles run down around the dimples above her butt down into the crack of her ass before resting between the lips of her mound an dropping to the ground like little tears. Bilkin picked up her bottoms his eyes never leaving her naked body and I saw his hand reach up towards her pussy and using two fingers slid them along her lips and was pulling something out it looked like a tiny gram bag.

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Brooke was shaking like a leaf as he slowly pulled it from between her clenched lips. "Oh shit!" I exclaimed covering my mouth, but I was pissed not scared. Bilken quickly spun around and said, "So I guess you were all smoking weed!" I shouted back "And you just molested a girl! We should have you reported!" "Officer Bilken." I said sarcastically. I was furious by what he just did and the words just escaped from my mouth without thinking about them.

Something popped into my head just then as I said Bilken's name out loud, he was the father of Bob Bilken that creepy fuck from the football team. He was fucking his way through the whole school using several girls at once and making them too ashamed to even say anything to anyone else, even when he was fucking two girls that were best friends with each other. He had some type of bullshit story he would come up with any time one of them questioned his whereabouts. Even rumors that he had sex with some cheerleader in the girl's locker room while her best friend was waiting outside in the car for her.

He thought he was God's gift to women and didn't care what anyone else thought. He would park his corvette in the handicap parking and would get his dad to "lose" the ticket. I really had a distaste for him he even got one of my best friends Amanda to suck him off in the bathroom at a party and then just came on her face and clothes and drove home without her. I was going to get Bilken tomorrow even if I had to get to him through his son.

I really liked this girl she was special and there was something about her I just couldn't put my finger on, but my heart was in it. He looked at me and shined the light in my face which was flaring with anger.

I couldn't see his expression, but I could hear his breathing become labored. Brooke looked at me like I was some type of savior covering her shame with both hands. He spoke again this time his voice sounded like that of a cowardly lion "I.

should arrest you all! It's not like anyone would believe you anyways!" His voice was disheartened and sheepish and I don't think even he believed what he just said, but was trying to turn the tables on us at the same time that his face clearly expressed some worry. And he reached around an a pair of cuffs dangled from his hand, which was shaking a little bit. Bilken then raised the other hand in the air in a shoeing fashion an spoke again bringing some authority back to his voice, "I suppose I can let all this slide and just give you a warning, but you better all get back in your car and go home now before I change my mind." The girls got dressed quickly and we all got in the car.

I didn't want to let this go, I was furious, my face was red and I couldn't get it out of my mind. But I looked over at Brooke with little streaks of tears falling down her face. I reached over and held her in the back seat of the car as we drove home no one was saying anything.

Music played in the background, "Black heart sun won't you come and wash away the rain…" I held Brooke to me and brushed her hair with my hand and told her, "Everything's going to be alright that pig didn't have the right to touch you like that!

Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you like that ever again I promise sweetheart." And I absolutely meant what I said, I wanted to protect her and have her in my life forever, I didn't even know much about this girl but I was falling hard. She looked up at me and said "how can you do that? Are you going to be my boyfriend or something?" a small smile forming on her face and the sniffling in her voice going away as she wiped her eyes and snuggled closer to me.


I just smiled down at her and said "Yes." I was leaning down to kiss her on the forehead and she pushed away from my chest and placed her lips onto mine. It was electric like a million explosions in my body had gone off as she pressed close to me and then sucked on my lower lip playfully before departing back into a nuzzle.

She hugged me tight for a moment, then became still and breathless, then hugged me tight again, this time more passionately. We didn't speak for several minutes but her body language was telling me everything. It was saying: I feel safe in your arms. Safer than I felt in awhile. Its weird to be by someone who I feel like I can trust again, its been awhile since I could show my real emotions around anyone and be comfortable, but it seems so easy with you. I thought you were just hot at first, but maybe this is an actual serious relationship.

Hmm or maybe we should just fuck and be happy and I shouldn't get carried away. But wait why can't you be both. You can be my friend, we can share our thoughts, we can hang out together, and we can cum together in hot sweaty moments of passion.

The silence continued, my thoughts were swimming uncontrollably. I couldn't think of anything to say verbally, I felt like we were communicating telepathically at this point. *Slam* I heard a door close. Ashley and Josh were already outside.

I didn't know where we had stopped, but he was holding Ashley outside and kissing her deeply. I just smiled and looked back down at Brooke who looked like she was about to fall asleep being so cozy in my arms. "Brooke." I whispered. She stirred from what looked like a little nap she was having and I said, "Look Ashley and Josh like each other." That was an understatement, they were practically intertwined with each other making out as Josh was running his hand up and down her bare butt under the slit of her towel, which was still clinging to her body having been wrapped so tightly now looking like a boa constrictor wrapped around her.

I yelled out "Josh lets go home man you can make out with her another time it's getting late bro!" Brooke just nudged me and smiled. Brooke yelled out "Just don't do anything we wouldn't do." She looked over to me and said, "That should keep them busy for a little while longer. I actually wanted to talk to you for a little bit Tommy, um I feel so ashamed having to get naked like that it's not like when we were just teasing you guys on the beach that was kind of serious!" she spoke more seriously not acting all bubbly and perky like before, but portraying more depth.

She continued "I really don't know why, but I just moved to this town and I really only know Ashley she's in my dance class.


I just felt like there was something about you that made me want to spend time with you. I've haven't ever had a guy look at me like you did (she briefly paused) when we were in church and I just felt like I was special." She blushed. I tried to be humorous and said in Yoda's voice "Much to reveal of the ways of the force young padawon." She started laughing really hard as I broke the serious moment we were having trying to relieve some tension being all pins and needles.

I stopped laughing after a minute thinking to myself when did I become funny? And brought my voice back to normal not being too serious I continued, "I've got to be honest the first moment I saw you I was a little more then interested, but when our eyes met I don't know how to describe it other then to say our souls touched briefly." Damn that was corny as fuck, but she looked like she was eating it up.

Her eyebrows perked up a little at this and I asked her trying to bring the gravity of the world back to normal, "So you want me to pick you up for school tomorrow? I figured since we we're going out now that I should show you off to everyone at school I mean your practically the most beautiful girl I've ever seen!" She just blushed at that and poked me in the side trying to tickle me, but I held my breathe so I wouldn't laugh.

Once they find out where you are ticklish it's all over for you. We got to Brooke's house and she said, "Hey you guys want to join us in the hot tub before you go home?" I really wanted to, but my parents would be pissed if I got home late.

On the other hand how often do you get to spend the day with two beautiful girls. Before I could even muster a response that I wanted to make sure we would get some sleep before school tomorrow. Josh replied for me, "Of course!" He looked over at me nudging me in the arm "come on pussy" he whispered under his breath to me.

I couldn't say I was really reluctant to join because my body was moving in that direction without any effort at all following Brooke's glorious butt cheeks while her hair just swayed side to side. Ashley ran off into the house as Josh just plopped into the hot tub his body literally sighing as it entered. About ten seconds later and I'm not joking it felt like ten seconds!

She was back outside in some blue booty shorts and a black sports bra that squished her boobs together and looked like it was a little too small for such a package.

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I got into the hot tub almost right away my lower half getting desperately cold being all wet. Brooke got into the tub like she was some type of liquid alien, but it was sexy none the less. Ashley ran over to the bubble maker dial for the hot tub teeth chattering the whole way and then jumped into the hot tub like it was a pool splashing everyone in the face. Brooke started to slowly talk about what happened tonight, "I can't believe that prick made us get naked and fucking touched me oh my God was it ever the creeperist shit I've ever had happen to me in my life." With a huff she finished, "Ashley I know it was no problem for you loving being naked all the time and all." She laughed Ashley just splashed her a few times.

Ashley couldn't help it she started talking like a little princess, "I have no idea what you are ever talking about I am a classy broad." Brooke rolled her eyes.

Josh couldn't help but laugh and say, "Ya bro she's dating a prince." Puffing out his chest raising his chin into the air like royalty before batting his arms against himself like a baboon turning back into the ape like creature he normally was. Ashley just said, "Ya your my prince Joshie." She started mussing up his hair and he just pulled her in and started making out with her as she got on top of him and they started making out like two wild animals.

I just caught Brooke eye balling me and she slowly got out of the tub and wrapped herself in a towel. She walked over towards and looked over to me using a finger to signal that I should follow.

I walked over in her direction and she got into her hammock and I joined her we just lay there for a while looking up at the half moon.

I pulled out my phone after a while and noticed it was midnight. I kissed Brooke and said, "I've got to go home gorgeous my parents are going to flip out if I stay out much longer." She just looked at me with eyes that said I should stay and we ended up falling asleep holding each other. A blinding light woke me up from my sleep I thought I was dreaming, but I was laying next to Brooke I quickly thanked God again for that before I realized it was still dark out.

How long was I asleep for I looked over at the hot tub and no one was there the lights in the house were on I looked over towards the drive way. I saw two figures inside the car moving around immediately I thought Josh was having sex with Ashley wow that was fast, but I guess she did kind of seem like a slut I would never tell Josh that though. I called Josh it took three tries before he texted me. Josh: Yea give me like ten more minutes bro I know it's late as fuck, but Ashley is giving me the most amazing head right now.

I looked at the time thank God we weren't asleep very long, but I got more worried by something else why did the outside light turn on? I looked around to see if anyone was outside or looking from inside the house finding nothing. I gently shook Brooke she looked so cute just sleeping there, but I had to get her up off of my leg and then get to the car and go home I remember her father being a pretty big guy and I didn't want to piss him off that was for certain.

She barely murmured a response, "What is it I'm so comfy hon." Nuzzling up to me wrapping herself further around me. "No babe get up!" I shook her with more urgency as I thought I heard something. Brooke just opened her lips a little and barely said "Okay grumpy bear I'm getting up." Man she was cute even when I was starting to get scared that maybe her father was on his way to man handle me.

She looked up at me and said "What time is it?" I just turned the my phone on and pointed it at her it read 12:50 with a wallpaper of a sunset a really great picture I took in the background.

"Oh!" Was the only response I got out of her. I looked around some more still worried that some one was coming I kept hearing little noises outside maybe I was just paranoid from everything that happened today.

I looked into Brookes eyes she just looked content no worry in her eyes whatsoever, but she looked at me and instantly realized I was worried about something clasping my arm. *Slam* the sound of a door shutting.

My heart jumped so hard I felt like my eye balls were going to come out of my head Brooke's ears just looked like they perked a little bit the noise obviously jarring her as well. I swung my head around like I was some kind of lizard and looked in the direction of the noise. Ashley got out of the car and Josh followed quickly behind trying to spank her little butt the whole time. I put my hand on my chest with relief it was just them thank God. I must be running out of luck though I thought at this point and sprung out of the hammock and looked hard at Josh with eyes of daggers.

I almost yelled but realized the time so my voice got a little more normal, "You scared the shit out of me I thought it was her dad!" He just smiled at me and said, "Let's blow this popsicle stand homie." Emphasis on the blow part was duly noted nice choice of words rolling my eyes at him he just winked back.

I kissed Brooke goodbye and Ashley just went inside blowing a kiss and sticking out her butt at Josh before walking in. Brooke looked at me and said, "You really saved me I thought that cop was going to do a lot more then he did with me or Ashley.

I'm glad you said something before it was too late and I can't believe he found the weed I put up there that was totally fucked! Your my little hero." I looked at her and just felt like too much had went by as far as I was concerned and I shouldn't have let it gone that far in the first place feeling pretty horrible about the whole thing even though she was trying to make me feel like I did some type of great thing by saying something, too little too late if you ask me.

She noticed I looked kind of sad and just squeezed my arm getting on to her tippy toes to kiss me. Josh gushed the whole way back about everything that happened in the car with Ashley more braggingly then anything, but I was happy for him for all I knew that was the first time a girl went down on him. I can't remember ever seeing him with a girl now that I recalled, but he was a good enough looking guy.

I just hoped for his sake that he didn't get too attached to a girl like that she was probably the type to sleep around. I looked at my phone again I was surprised no missed calls or text's from my parents maybe they went to the casino, so I wouldn't even be missed I thought.

I got a text from Brooke right as I got to my house no cars in the drive way, except for my old beat up Oldsmobile Cutlass. Brooke: Your offer to pick me up tomorrow still stands right? Me: You bet! Brooke: You going to have any trouble finding my house? I almost laughed at that her being about five blocks away from me.

Me: No, I could walk to your house it's so close! Brooke: [Image sent] good night She drew a little heart on her hand and held it up to the camera her face was making that little stupid duck face that girls like to do so much. I didn't mind it though, she did look adorable and it looked like she was already in her PJ's. I was smiling as I laid down in my bed I had a girlfriend this wasn't just a fuck buddy like I had last year this was real and I was happy!

I texted her back falling to sleep as I pressed send. Me: Good night beautiful. :::END CHAPTER TWO:::