Handsome young man filmed secret camera in public solarium

Handsome young man filmed secret camera in public solarium
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Béla woke up. She still hadn't had anything to eat. The pitcher of pink liquid was setting on the cooler where it had been left, (minutes… hours?), however long ago. She sat up and gazed down at her sister. Beth (Is that old husk really you?) was still in a deep sleep, not having moved since she was 'ported to the bed.

Her body was still warm, so she wasn't dead… Her mind was tightly closed against everyone, even in her sleep. Béla slid off the bed table, being careful not to jar her sleeping sister.

She felt so incredibly weak! The lemonade was tepid, but she didn't care. She poured some into a container and sipped it carefully, realizing her body might react in some manner unexpected if it really hadn't been fed in several months. The liquid and sugars in the drink were absorbed directly through her mouth.

She didn't even have to swallow. 'Wow! It's really hungry, my body is!' Béla realized. She sipped some more, eventually finishing off the entire liter of liquid contained in the pitcher. Instead of feeling tired after her strenuous effort of getting across the room to the cooler and standing there for an hour sipping liquids, she felt stronger. Béla opened the cooler. Right on top was a meat pack. She reached for it, suddenly noticing that her nails were clipped.

Someone had been attending her while she slept. Her body no longer stank (neither did Beth's, now that she thought about it), and her hair was been brushed. 'Thank you, whoever…' Béla thought into the great ship. Another thing she noticed. The thought dampeners were turned off.

She and Beth were probably being closely monitored. Evidently, everyone wanted to know the instant she got back, if she ever came back… and now they wanted to make certain she would be all right.

She picked up the meat pack. It was cold. She twisted it, causing it to chemically heat up its contents and absently walked back toward the bed where her sister lay.

The chemically heated meat packs were a nice improvement over the cold packs of raw meat available during the long outward journey. She wondered whom she should thank for that.

As she absently chewed on the delicacy, squeezing the warm, still raw, but pleasantly spiced, shredded meat through the tear she'd made in the top of the bag, she thought about her (last four months?) most recent adventure, if she could actually call it that… She had completely, recklessly (as usual), jumped in to 'save the day', not even considering her own safety or even if she would survive. As a result, she had terrified the entire crew of the great ship by completely and inexplicitly vanishing!

Yesterday, when she'd looked into her father's mind she discovered that he had been devestated and worried into ill health because of her unexplained absence. Even though he was wondrously relieved upon her return, now he worried about her physical condition and whether she had harmed herself beyond her ability to regenerate. That was his greatest gift to her and all of her sisters; that special regenerative ability. Béla finished the entire meat pack, surprised that she was still hungry.

Despite that, she turned her attention to her sister, who would be even more starved. 'Wake up, Darling,' Béla thought into her sister's mind. That tiny link, that connection Beth had created between them in the 'nothing' place, was Béla's only link with her.

Other than that, Beth's mind simply wasn't functioning. She wasn't even dreaming. 'Did the 'nothing' suck out your soul?' Béla wondered, momentarily. Then she decided it hadn't. Her sister's joyous, though brief, reunion when she had first touched her mind after having been lost for so long, wasn't something a soulless being would project.

'Come on, now,' Béla sent. 'It's feeding time. I have more to give you, this time…' Embracing her bony, wrinkled sister, she pulled the limp form up against her, supporting the back of her head with one hand and guiding her sister's slack, wrinkled face to her neck. She considered getting a hypo needle from the medic, but realized that Beth also needed to digest her blood as food, as well as for its regenerative qualities. It would all work out (she fervently hoped).

Her sister was going to get better. The medic had promised!


(He actually hadn't, she forced herself to remember. He had only suggested the possibility. But if Béla had anything to do about it, her sister was going to recover completely!) Even in this deep a sleep, Beth's vampiric nature manifested itself when Béla's jugular was pressed against her mouth.

Biting into an artery, this time, she swallowed Béla's life-giving blood as fast as it pulsed into her mouth, after wasting the first few spurts due to her poor muscle control in her semiconscious state.

As she swallowed, Beth began to make a tiny whimpering sound with each swallow, as though it hurt her to drink. Béla didn't know what was actually causing it, but suspected her sister was expressing her pleasure at being able to feed.

Her mind still wasn't turned on. She didn't radiate any kind of emotion. That emptiness hurt Béla inside, somehow.

'Don't worry, Darling. You're going to get better. You're going to be all right!' Starting to feel light-headed again, Béla laid her sister back down on the bed. Although Beth weakly protested the sudden absence of her source of nutrient, she was too weak to hold herself up and feed. She immediately went back to sleep, if indeed she had even been awake. Béla, herself feeling even more starved than before, stumbled weakly back to the cooler and prepared another meat pack, twisting it and tearing it open.

Without really tasting it, she finished it off quickly. Feeling stronger, she found a sarong, slipped it over her head and quietly left her quarters. "Is it all right if I visit awhile, Father?" Béla asked, as she entered his lab. She looked around, feeling completely at home. She had spent much of her early life (this life) in this room. Her father looked up and smiled radiantly. "You're looking much better, Child," he told her, holding out his arms in an earth-type greeting. She realized he really wanted to hold her.

He must have missed her terribly to need actual physical reassurance of her presence. She allowed his embrace. In her opinion, her father never could hug her enough.

He never had, anyway. In his embrace, she radiated her contentment at him. He responded with an embarrassingly strong bombardment of love and affection, not entirely proper for a father and his daughter, but it was evident that he had been truly distressed by her disappearance.

"You said you wanted to talk to me about the munitions you found," Béla said, gently retracting herself from his fond embrace. "Yes. Please, I recognize that you are Carte Blanche, and you may do as you wish," her father said, "but it distressed me to find devices on board that were chiefly created to harm people.

I really don't care that you appear to have set up secondary quarters in the arborium, I go there every year or so, myself, for an hour or so. It's a very pleasant relief from the tedium of everyday life." How could she explain the uses that she and her sister had put those deadly devices to? Béla thought for a moment, then decided to tell him the truth, at least, partially. "Elaine talked Beth into coming with me to Earth," she began. "Of course, you know that, but Earth is a strange and sometimes dangerous place, even for us.

Beth and I have been testing our endurance against these devices to improve our abilities and strengths in case they are ever used against us." "You've been using them on each other?" her father asked.

"Testing your regenerative capabilities, I imagine?" Béla nodded, glad that he understood. "I have some idea of what that must engender," he continued, "granting that I understand how your nervous systems operate I designed you, after all. I well imagine you found some of those devices difficult to resist." Béla smiled, more than slightly embarrassed.

He understood more than she really wanted him to. Some of those 'devices' had been impossible for her or her sister to resist. Sibilius chuckled audibly. For once, his first daughter had absolutely nothing to say. Realizing she was being dismissed, she blew him a kiss, then vanished, rudely teleporting herself from right in front of him back to her quarters. She was hungry (again?), so she raided the cooler, bringing another meat pack ('This is the last one; is anyone paying attention?') and several small apples with her to the bed table.

She wished she still had the fresh fruit her sister had snagged on her last dream-walk to earth, but that had surely spoiled long ago. No, that's not correct. She picked up a faint thought somewhere in the ship. Her unwanted apartment-sitter had eaten it all. Well, at least it wasn't wasted… She ate the almost-too-dry apples first, then the meat pack.

Then she woke her sister for her next feeding. Béla realized that this was going to be her routine for the next few days, weeks, or however long it was going to take to return her sister to her prime.

That was her goal, now. Beth was going to be as healthy and happy as she was before she attempted that dumb experiment of trying to live in a vacuum. 'That was my fault, too!' Béla chastised herself. 'I chided her into it. This whole stupid mess is completely my fault. I was even the one that showed her how to teleport!' Tears of self-pity ran down her face as she embraced her sister, holding Beth's face against her neck so her sister could feed.

After laying Beth back down on the bed, she mentally traced her mind up and down her sister's body, removing collections of sweat and other accumulations and teleporting the stuff several decks down, onto the dirt floor in the arborium for the plants. 'At least the plants can benefit from my stupidity.' Béla gazed down at her comatose sister.

She was looking a little better, she hoped. At least, some of the lines and wrinkles in her skin were disappearing as her sister was being nourished with fresh blood every few hours. After eating again, Béla forced herself to try to rest, eventually contacting the Praetor in frustration and asking it to put her to sleep.

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~~~~~ (heed the labels on this story and skip this part.) Beth and Béla sat in the grass, relaxing in the warm glow of the crystal sun embedded in the roof of the arborium. At the Carte Blanche's request, the munitions had been returned to them.

The pile of ordnance was stacked near where the two sisters reclined. "I don't know what I was thinking," Beth tried to explain, for the hundredth time. "I just wanted to hide… and then I couldn't get back.

It was horrible. I fought so hard…" 'It was so long ago, so very long ago…' Beth lay back, her facial features too slack and unanimated to be pretty. Her primary emotion was one of numbness, an emotion one could experience after having lost too many times.

Her mind was stretched across an extra several thousand years of incredible loneliness between a 'before' and 'after' that were only days apart for Béla. 'At least, your youth has returned,' Béla suggested in her sister's mind.

'What would you like to do with that too-sexy body you've got?' Beth turned her head and looked sadly at her long-lost sister. 'I never believed I'd ever see you again,' Beth thought anxiously at her.

'I can't believe you never gave up trying to find me for all those years…' Béla had tried to explain that it was only a day or so for her, even though, in reality, it was almost five months. Her own body's starved and retched condition when they emerged attested to that.

'I couldn't just leave you,' Béla said, trying to lighten Beth's forever somber mood, 'you never showed me how to blow up those little rods inside my tits…' Beth actually laughed. "That was sooo long ago!" Suddenly moving with more animation than was recently usual for her, Beth sat up. She stopped, paying attention to how her body felt, enjoying a youthful flexibility that she hadn't experienced for a thousand years.

"Do you need to feed again?" Béla asked. Beth shook her head, 'No,' although she was still on her liquid diet, not showing any desire yet for solid foods.

"I feel… restless." 'Great! She's finally coming out of it!' "You're just horny!" Béla informed her, sounding really hopeful. "You haven't fucked for a long time! We should start making up for the lost time…" Béla radiated a light-hearted teasing flow at her sister.

Although Beth didn't respond, she didn't reject it, either. Beth got up and walked over to her sister. She plopped down in front of her and leaned forward. "Kiss me!" Beth commanded.

She closed her eyes and leaned forward, puckering her lips. Béla, caught totally off guard, simply stared. She couldn't feel any sex flow coming from Beth and didn't know what she expected. Beth opened her eyes and gazed longingly into her sister's soft, black pupils. 'Please?' she pleaded in Béla's mind. Béla leaned forward and touched her lips to Beth's. Beth's tortured emotions flooded into Béla as they touched. It was hours before the intense flood ran its course.

The psychic barricade that Beth had erected to keep from losing herself into the 'nothing' surrounding her for so long finally came crashing down. Beth, like Béla, was a social creature. Being completely alone and surrounded by absolutely nothing had driven her insane. Now the barriers were gone and she could joyously, fully, mind-link with her sister, enabling her to recover emotionally as well. Dimly Béla realized that she was lying on the ground, grinding her pelvis against her sister's hip and dreamily sucking on the side her neck.

Her sister was doing the same. They exchanged their life fluids as they humped against each other, coming constantly as they sucked each other dry.

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Finally, the two sisters just lay together, their legs entwined, exhausted from their lovemaking. 'Are you still hungry, my Love?' Béla asked, weak and completely exhausted from her loss of blood. 'I want meat!' Beth declared. 'I want fresh, raw bloody meat!' Béla was overjoyed! 'She wants solid food!' Then she received the image that her sister was broadcasting. 'She wants to eat… me!' 'Are you serious?' Béla queried, not daring to hope.

The image she received was quite graphic: Béla sitting on Beth's face. Beth taking bites and tearing her sister's sweet, soft meat between her legs, chewing and swallowing, drinking her blood as it flowed between her legs! 'She's back!' Béla realized happily, her gut tightening in anticipation.

'And she's hornier than ever!' Her energy almost magically renewed in her excitement, Béla scrambled to get her already juicy, doomed cunt positioned over her hot little sister's face. Béla touched her pussy down against Beth's lips, trembling as her sister licked her tongue along the length of her slit.

Radiating pure lust through her body and down through her sister, Béla's legs shook as she forced herself to hold still even as she felt teeth grazing along her pussy lips. Béla cried out, arching her back as the hot, burning sensation of Beth's teeth sinking into her tender, quivering flesh shot through her body.

She radiated her sensations through her sister, urging her to commit more violence against her tender cunt. She could feel her sister tearing the soft, fatty flesh from between her legs.

Beth radiated her pleasure and the sensation of actually swallowing Béla's tender, raw, sweet meat back to her even as Béla screamed her agony into the air around her. 'Eat me, you fucking cannibal slut!' Béla screamed in her mind.

'Bite me harder!' Beth was almost drowning and choking on the blood and girl-cum flowing into her mouth from her sister's wounded cunt. After a moment, she regained control of her breathing and swallowing as the intense liquid flow ebbed.

She moved her mouth up a little higher on her sister's anatomy and lovingly surrounded Béla's clitoris and the tender hooded flesh around it with her teeth. Béla came again at the fresh contact. She could hardly stand the tension and excitement the anticipation she felt the hot agony of ripped flesh… 'Oh, God! She's going to bite off my clit!' Béla realized, frantically desiring her own sexual destruction.

She radiated her excitement and readiness to Beth and felt teeth sink in to her tender, sensitive flesh creating an ever widening fire of pure agony between her legs. 'Yes! Bite it off! Take my clit in your teeth and chew it up!' Béla screamed, shuddering in agony as Beth's teeth bit deeply into her girl-flesh. 'Then tear it right off me and swallow it!' Her clit gave her one last external orgasm as it was painfully torn away, then Béla was coming, deep inside her cunt, over and over continuously as the agonizing sensations washed through her body, flooding out all other thoughts.

Beth kept her sister coming, licking and chewing her torn flesh, chewing it off again as it regenerated, luxuriating in the sensations Béla spastically blasted through her. This was much more erotic that what Béla had radiated when she was simply being choked to death. Beth came several times just from the reflected lust and the marvelous sensations her sister radiated through her body.

Eventually, her mouth and jaws tired from their unaccustomed tasks and she let Béla collapse onto the ground beyond her head, one quivering leg still lying across Beth's face as Béla sobbed her pain and ecstasy into the soft ground.

Now that was a sweet-smelling, tender thigh draped across her mouth, and Beth realized she was still hungry. She opened her mouth, allowing the warm, tender flesh of Béla's inner thigh to drape partially down, touching her teeth. Very gently, she closed her teeth down against her sister's tender skin, gradually pinching Béla's inner thigh harder until she broke the skin. She felt Béla jerk, but Béla didn't move her leg away.

The sweet, familiar taste of Béla's blood trickled into Beth's throat once again. She opened her mouth wider and prepared to take a big bite. As Beth sank her teeth deep into Béla's sweet inner thigh, she felt yet another orgasm radiate from her sister and down through her body to her own cunt.

As she tore her sister's flesh away, she came in response to Béla's broadcast pain and arousal. She felt Béla tremble and they both came again, reflecting their orgasms back through each other. She could tell Béla was nearly unconscious, completely exhausted from her sexual sacrifice. Beth decided that this should be her last bite of sweet, tender sister, but she still wanted to give Béla one last special, sexual treat for rescuing her.

Beth closed her eyes and located the box of unused blasting caps. She teleported one deep inside Béla's cunt. She felt her sister's weak, exhausted, but still curious query in her mind, wondering what she was up do down there. 'Do you want your tits blown up as well?' Beth asked her.

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Her sister's weary sex flow was suddenly more heightened. 'That must mean 'yes,' Darling!' Beth teleported two more explosive toys; one inside each of her sister's tits. 'Turn around, Darling, and eat my cunt like I've eaten yours!' Beth radiated. Béla painfully twisted her mutilated body around and crawled over the top of her sister, finally dropping her head between Beth's legs.

Beth's view of her sister's ruined cunt was perfect. She licked her tongue along the entire length of torn, bleeding flesh, causing Béla to quiver in pure agony as raw nerves were stimulated beyond their ability to receive pain. She felt Béla licking and kissing between her legs and spread them wider, pushing her pelvis up, presenting herself to her sister's face and, hopefully, her hungry mouth and sharp teeth, her legs and belly quivering in aroused anticipation.

She wasn't disappointed. Béla began chewing gently on her sister's sweet smelling pussy flesh, sucking the soft tissue into her mouth and massaging the tender flesh with her tongue and teeth. Beth's legs and belly muscles twitched as she came, unable to hold back her anticipation any longer. Béla let her sister relax for a moment, then began chewing on her raw flesh again, biting down harder each time. Her breasts were tender and super sensitive, made that way as much from the intrusion of the foreign material forced inside them as from Béla's tremulous anticipation of the sensual destruction that the foreign material foretold.

Beth licked and sucked on her sister's flesh, watching it slowly regenerate. Then she screamed and orgasmed hard as Béla chewed into and tore at the tender flesh between her legs, feeling her pussy lips being sacrificed to her older sister's hungry desires. Mewling in agony with each breath, Beth trembled in ecstasy and incredible pain as Béla licked and sucked at the flood of life-blood that flowed into her mouth down there while she watched as Béla's tiny, new clitoris appeared in her raw flesh.

'Hello, little darling nub of sensuality,' Beth crooned. She licked her tongue delicately over the tiny cluster of growing cells and felt Béla's muscles twitch and jerk as she radiated another orgasm through them both. Beth radiated her own orgasm back through her sister as Béla rewarded her clitoral caress by sinking her teeth into the flesh around Beth's own little clit.

'Poor little clitoris,' Beth thought at the cluster of cells, larger now that they were being sexually stimulated. 'Your only purpose for your brief existence, and it will be very brief, little clit, is to provide your mistress with one sweet, exploding orgasm as you are blown into my wet, hungry mouth and consumed in the destruction of your mistress' vagina.' Béla felt her belly tighten in anxious anticipation as she listened to Beth's erotic litany.

Her nipples were hard and already digging into Beth's soft belly. It seemed that even they were anticipating their explosive demise.

Béla noticed that her sister was trembling more violently. Beth had teleported a blasting cap into her own cunt, as well, and probably into her breasts, too. She was getting ready for her big finale. To help her along, Béla savagely bit off Beth's clitoris. Beth screamed as Béla tore the tender flesh from between her legs, then they both shuddered with another orgasm as Beth came again and flooded both their bodies with the sensation.

Swallowing the sweet piece of raw meat, Béla opened her mouth to take another bite, her arms wrapped tightly around Beth's ass to control her writhing. Béla sucked her sister's newly grown pussy lips into her mouth and bit into them, hard. She pulled her head back, tearing the sweet, soft flesh away from her sister's body once again.

She felt, rather than heard Beth's scream, muffled by her own ruined cunt. Beth bucked her pelvis against Béla's face, coming hard. Béla bit down, her mouth surrounding the bleeding entrance to her sister's cunt.

The explosive device in Beth's cunt went off, filling Béla's mouth and choking her with an excess of hot, half-cooked and very bloody pussy meat. Swallowing as fast as she could, Béla felt like her breasts were on fire. She held on tightly to her sister's thrashing body, sucking blood and gore from her destroyed cunt hole as fast as she could swallow. Her breasts suddenly ignited in white-hot fire as Beth blew them up. Now Béla's cunt was on fire she was coming so hard. White-hot fire scorched her belly as Beth exploded her own breasts in her orgasmic frenzy, then Béla's own cunt erupted in a volcano of orgasmic agony as Beth blew the last explosive device she had implanted in them.

The sisters radiated their sensations, their raw, agonizing pain and their orgasmic satiation through each other, each reflecting their erotic sensations back through the other. The sensual wave of sexual energy crashed back and forth between them, gradually dissipating, as their organs for creating those sensations were no longer functioning, having been blown completely into raw, bloody hamburger. Béla rolled off her sister, grunting loudly.

Her face was covered in gore from Beth's exploded cunt. Her own bloody breasts were completely flattened; some of the fatty tissue that had comprised them covered her chest and neck. The rest was spattered against Beth's burnt belly. There were burns on Béla's belly that corresponded to the burn marks on Beth.

The remnants of Beth's breasts were spattered across Béla's belly in a similar fashion. Most of Béla's cunt had been completely blown out between her legs. It covered Beth's face and hair. A lot of it had been blown into Beth's wide-open mouth and consumed. Just the thought of her sister actually eating her exploded, half-cooked cunt meat made Béla feel horny, again.

'And I don't even have anything to feel horny with!' Beth cried to herself. 'Yes, you do, Darling!' Beth called back, desperately. 'You're still conscious, aren't you?' Béla didn't answer. She supposed her sister was right. They were both still conscious. Beth was probably still horny, too, then.

'What can we do about this?' Béla asked, plaintively. 'I can't even get up!' 'Would you like another cap in your gut?' Beth asked plaintively. Béla couldn't believe her torn, mutilated body was actually responding to Beth's question. She was already shaking in anticipation. 'Oh, God! Yes!' Béla emphasized. 'If you could do that, you're the absolute dearest…' She felt the familiar, cold, narrow presence of a blasting cap making space for itself deep in her abdomen.

She could already feel an orgasm building from the anticipation she felt. She began to shake uncontrollably. 'Now!' Béla screamed in her mind. She curled up in a ball as white-hot agony ripped through her lower abdomen.

As the agonizing wave of sensation spread through her body, she began to orgasm again, her body shaking uncontrollably. Moments went by as her body settled down from the sensual, obsessive mutilation her sister had done to her. Béla felt a wave of orgasmic sensation sweep over her as Beth did the same thing to herself.

Béla was beginning to understand her sister a little better. She could see how it was possible to actually use up half a box of dynamite caps in one long, orgasmic session.

As she lay on the ground, her ruined body a mass of quivering nerves and bloody raw meat from all the sensual destruction, it occurred to her that it was really a great way to go out. 'I'm glad you approve,' Beth thought into her mind.

'Want another?' Incredibly, Béla realized that she did. Her body, already mostly destroyed, was ready for even more sexual mutilation. She felt another intrusive invasion indicating another wonderful detonation was about to occur.

'Put one in my ass, too!' Béla thought excitedly, hoping her sister was listening. A sudden urge to go indicated that she had. Béla's cunt felt like it was about half grown back. Soon, they could blow it up again. And her breasts, too. She wondered how long they could do this.

'Until we run out of blasting caps, Darling,' Beth informed her. 'I still have about forty left; that's twenty apiece.' 'Only twenty?

Damn!' Béla thought. Her body was quivering. She was ready for the next detonation. 'Which one first?' Beth asked in her sister's mind.

'Gut first, then ass!' Béla decided excitedly. 'Any time, now…' White-hot pain ripped through her gut, again, quickly followed by the incredibly agonizing sensation of her insides being blown out. The dual waves of sensation slammed through her body. She writhed and gyrated on the ground, radiating orgasmic overload. As she passed out, she felt a similar sensation radiating from her sister, lying nearby.

She tried to orgasm again, in response, then she was unconscious. Béla stood up, looking down on their two bodies. They were both covered in blood and ripped up meat. 'I look like I shit myself!' Béla realized, and decided to clean up a bit.

She ran her mind up and down her unconscious body, pulling everything that wasn't alive out of normal space and depositing it in a soft, somewhat dry rain over some of the plants in the arborium.

As Béla finished cleaning 'herself' up, Beth's body jerked and trembled. Beth radiated a sensual orgasmic flow. 'Good god! She's still blowing herself up!' Béla realized. She felt a strange kind of pride that her sister would have that kind of endurance. Almost in response to her compliment, Beth's body twitched again as another blasting cap went off in her gut.

Béla could feel her sister's orgasm radiate through her as she came again. Béla, curious, floated over to the stack of munitions and looked into the open box of dynamite caps. As she looked, another one vanished. 'We're going to need more…' Béla realized. 'We're only halfway home.' She decided to go visit Jake while her sister finished blowing herself up.

As she turned to go, she looked at the two bodies lying on the ground. She heard a weak cry as Beth's cunt suddenly erupted.

'She's blown up her pussy, again,' Béla realized, her body reacting to Beth's orgasmic flow.

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Beth's breasts were almost grown back. She would probably blow them up again, soon. Starting to feel horny, she created the image of Jake's cabin and stepped into it as Beth's tits, almost rejuvenated, erupted bloodily, blowing apart one after the other like tiny volcanoes behind her. Blood and fatty tissue oozed down Beth's rib cage like a slow lava flow. ~~~~~ (Béla visits Jake in her dreams) 'Oh, good!

I'm glad you're asleep!' Béla cried as she bounced on the bed, waking Jake. Jake sat up. 'Where have you been?' he asked, yawning sleep from his face. 'Hmm, everywhere, I guess,' Béla responded, lamely. 'I was on a rescue mission. I didn't realize so much time had passed. Miss me?' 'I just said I did, didn't I?' Jake smiled at her. To prove his point, he pulled her forward and down against him, kissing her roughly.

Béla's hard, sensitive brand new nipples pressed against his chest hairs, becoming harder as they rubbed along the rough, hairy surface of his chest. Béla pushed herself away and put her hands over her tits, protecting her tender nips from Jake's mean old hairy chest. 'What?' Jake asked, surprised by his dream lover's unusual reaction. 'Tender titties,' Béla replied, breathing into his mouth.

'They're very sensitive, today.' She put her hands down again to support herself and locked her lips against Jake's, again. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been so turned on by just kissing… 'Oh!' Béla said. It had been Jeff, her consort. 'What's wrong now?' Jake asked, getting impatient. His hot little dead dream girl was really distracted tonight. Béla sighed.

She was going to have to tell him, sometime. It may as well be now. 'You know, I don't mind that you fuck other girls,' Béla began. 'Yeah, well, that's 'cause you're dead, Darling,' Jake replied with complete candor. 'I'd fuck you all the time if I could, not just in my sleep.' Béla sighed. Earth people! How does one stand them? 'Do you remember other times I've visited you in your sleep?' Béla asked, starting at the very beginning. 'Sure! I remember most of them,' Jake admitted, 'even that hot little brunette you brought with you a few times.

You know she wanted me to shoot her up like I did to you? How did she phrase it? 'Make holes in me with your little machine so I can come harder.' Unbelievable. Incredibly horny, though. She fucks like a mink!' 'You fucked her?' Béla asked, surprised that her sister had gotten to Jake behind her back.

Or that she'd even want to. 'Well, no,' Jake lied. 'I think she's a lesbo. You'd have a better chance with her than I do.

But I've dreamed about her. Not like I dream about you…' Jake was getting confused about what he should or shouldn't say. He was unaware that he had already crossed the line several sentences back. Béla decided to get even.

'She is a lesbo. I have had her, and yes, she fucks like a mink, only better!' Béla confessed. 'In fact, that's why my tits are so tender right now. I just left her.' She took Jake's hand and guided it between her legs. Her pussy was dripping wet. 'But she can't satisfy me like you're going to,' Béla continued, grinning wickedly. She pulled Jake's hand out from between her legs and sucked on the fingers he'd just had in her sopping wet cunt.

She loved the smell and taste of fresh, sweet pussy juice, even her own. Jake didn't need to know that he was going to be fucking a sweet, brand new, freshly grown cunt. But the thought excited her beyond her ability to control her lust. She trembled with desire, needing him to fuck her right now! She knew Jake was hard. She could feel his need in his mind. She leaned back against the wall, stretching her hands high over her head, exposing her breasts and torso to his view.

She recreated an image of the room where he'd fucked her for the very first time. The shackles hanging from the wall were suddenly around her wrists, painfully holding her just a little too high to sit comfortably on the bed. Jake looked around in surprise, then recognized where he was. That sweet, hot, little stripper, the one that was going to be his hottest one night stand ever, was shackled to the wall of his bed, his cum speckling her breasts and belly.

She gazed at him with radiant desire as she squirmed, unable to control her aroused body. Her face was still marked where he'd slapped her down, hard, a moment before. 'I know what you want,' Jake told her. He watched her breasts rise as she breathed in, knowing what she needed. 'There's only one bullet,' he said, sadly. The hot little stripper shook her head. Her thick, silky black hair fell over one side of her face. She looked incredible. He could fuck that face for hours.

'Look again, lover boy,' she said to him.


'This is my dream…" Her voice was silky smooth with desire. Jake suddenly realized he was re-experiencing the same emotions that he had the first time they'd been together.

Only this time, he knew what was going to happen. He looked forward to it. He knew she did, too. Jake picked up the .38 revolver.

You can peek up my skirt when I lift it up for you JOI

All six chambers were loaded. He looked at the sexy girl hanging on his wall. She looked as excited about the gun as he felt. But first, if he remembered correctly, she needed her face fucked. It wouldn't be difficult. Unlike the first time, he was already hard as a rock. He laid down the gun and walked up toward the head of the bed. The dark-haired girl hanging on his wall made a pouting face when he put down the gun, but now she was watching him approach with interest, again, probably wondering what he was going to do next.

Jake climbed up and stood on the bed, his hard cock bobbing between his legs. He stepped up to her face, brushing her lips with his cock. 'Suck it!' he commanded. She opened her mouth and neatly gulped it inside, sucking hungrily.

'Well, that's something she does better, now,' Jake thought to himself. 'She's a much better cocksucker in my dreams than she was in real life.' He felt his balls tightening already. He was getting ready to come. He was probably already leaking cum into her mouth.

That meant she would know, too. 'I won't get to fuck her beautiful face for hours after all,' Jake thought, somehow disappointed. Then he was coming in her mouth, shooting it down her throat. She swallowed his salty gift greedily. 'That's something else she does better, now,' Jake realized. 'She used to choke on it every time, no matter how hard she tried not to. There are some advantages to being dead, I guess. Not needing to breathe would be one of them.' Jake carefully climbed down off the springy bed, leaving the dark haired stripper hanging on the wall with cum dribbling out of her mouth onto her sweet, tender, tiny breasts.

Hanging with her arms stretched up and behind her like that, she looked almost as small as a beautiful, young boy. Jake quickly put that thought out of his mind.

He was more than a little homophobic, to the point that he usually wouldn't even date small-breasted girls. 'How I ended up with you, I'll never know,' Jake thought to himself, missing her terribly, even as he stood there staring at her hanging naked on his wall like a trophy.

He blinked back his tears, knowing she would be gone when he woke up. She was always gone when he woke up. Jake looked at her again and frowned. The girl's face was full of anguish and tears were running down her cheeks. He wondered what had made her cry, then remembered that, in the future he would learn she could read minds.

That must be what had upset her; she'd read his mind. She refused to believe that she was dead. That's why she haunted him. She kept trying to come back to him. Jake picked up the gun, wondering what would happen if he put it to his own head. He had heard, somewhere, long ago, that if you died in a dream, you died for real.

Then, furious with himself for even considering ending his life, even in a dream, he looked up, aiming the gun at the wall where the little stripper who'd given him everything, then taken it all away, hung, shackled and at his mercy. He was going to empty the gun into her sweet, tight belly, hating the one thing she hadn't taken back when she'd died.

He blinked, trying to focus his eyes on her over the end of the barrel, but she was gone. The room vanished. Jake slept fitfully, tossing and turning the rest of the night. Béla lay on the ground in the arborium, sobbing quietly. Unable to hold back the tears, they flowed into her hair and ears. She turned on her side so her ears wouldn't fill with the annoyingly ticklish moisture. She didn't feel like being tickled. Cushioning her face with her hands, she gazed across at her sister, blinking the tears out of her eyes.

Beth was lying on her back, covered in her own gore, watching her. "Why do you let him make you cry?" Beth asked, her voice weak with exhaustion. Her face was quiet and serious, still speckled with the bloody remnants of her violent, bloody sex play. "I love him," Béla said quietly, her own voice quivering with exhaustion and betrayal.

She heard Beth sigh. Beth knew there was nothing she could say that would help. Then realized there was. "You'll be there for real, one day," Beth told her. "You can be with him, then, forever, if you want…" She knew Béla loved her. She also knew that Béla loved Jake. She wasn't going to stand between them, but she knew that wouldn't stop her from stealing Béla away from him as often as she could.

'I already had this conversation with Elaine,' Béla informed her, upset again about the concept of sexual ownership. 'I'm not going to argue with you, too!' Béla sat up and brushed the grass off her backside and legs.

"I imagine you ran out of blasting caps, didn't you?" Béla said tiredly, changing the subject. "Let's go get some more, shall we?" Lying back down and dream-walking back to earth, she found a strip-mining site and dissolved the door to the dynamite shack.

She and Beth took two boxes each of the darling little explosive devices. It was still five months to Deimos Station.

They would all be used long before then…