Sweet asian teen with natural boobs and nice tattoo Erotic Dating

Sweet asian teen with natural boobs and nice tattoo Erotic Dating
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It was the start of four day weekend for our highschool so my friend Jake invited me to spend the night over at his on Friday. Nothing unusual happened that night and we finally feel asleep at two o'clock after playing video games for hours.

I never slept all that well at his house and this night was no exception. At around 7 a.m. I got tired of laying in the sleeping bag and went down stairs to eat some breakfast while Jake slept soundly like he always does. I was wearing a shirt and boxers as I went down stairs expecting to find his parents down there but instead I found a note. It said that both his parents had to leave to help with some fund-raising function.


I poured myself some cereal and sat down at the table and started eating. It wasn't long before I heard someone at the door and it turned out to be Jake's older sister Jessica.

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Jessica was 18 (I was 16 and a sophomore) and a senior in highschool who was also a cheerleader for the football team and she was wearing her uniform now. The school cheerleading uniforms were very sluty because the skirt was so short it barely covered her underwear showing of her stunning legs. And her top was the equivalent of a bikini top revealing most of her incredible 36dd breasts.

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They also had those shiny ribbons in their hair. It was well known in school that she fucked everyone on the football team and tons of college students but she rarely had sex with a guy more than once. She was listening to a cd player through her headphones as she came in and tossed her pom-poms on the counter. She stopped when she saw me and slid her headphone off her ears.

"Oh hi Ben, I didn't realize you were here." she said. "Yeah I spent the night." "Sorry for interrupting your breakfast but we had cheerleading pictures this morning and our instructor wanted to take it with the sunrise." "That's okay." I replied. "Where's Jake anyway?" "He's still sleeping." "Figures." She said before putting her headphones on and moving over to the sink. As she filled her water bottle and started to clean the counter off I couldn't help but stare at her ass bounce to the music and watch her breast bounce when she would turn my way.

She was actually a pretty good singer but she was an even better dancer. Then she bent over and I could see part of her ass and my cock started to get hard. I was blessed with an unusually large 12-inch cock and because I was just wearing boxers I was afraid she would see my erection. I tried thinking of other things but I couldn't take my eyes of her gorgeous body.

She started to cook something and eventually tried to get a bowl down from the cabinet and while I enjoyed the view, she couldn't reach it.


"Hey Ben, you're a little taller than me. Could you try and get this bowl down for me?" She asked. "Uhh." I didn't want to get up because she would no doubt see the tent my cock had made with my boxers. However, I couldn't say no to that face of hers. "Sure." I quickly got up andheld my arm to my cock so it would stay against my body and made my way to the cabinet so it was hard to see my boxers. I held my cock against the counter top as I reached for the bowl but my fingers slipped and I had to reach higher.

My dick went over the counter and pushed my boxers out. She was right next to me and I could see her eyes looking at my erection.


I started blushing as I pulled the bowl down and quickly sat down. Jessica went back to what she was doing with her back to me. I tried to regain my composure when she knocked something on the floor. When she picked it up she didn't bend her legs and I saw most of her ass that wasn't covered by her thong. My cock got harder. Later she went and got bananas to add. She chopped one up and put it in the bowl and started peeling another. With her side to me she started eating it.

Actually deep throating would be a better expression. Jessica pushed the banana deep into her mouth and then sucked it a few times before gently biting it off. I was afraid my cock would force the button on my boxers to unbutton and my cock would be free. That didn't happen though.

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This time she was facing me and started mixing the stuff in the bowl. Her huge chest which was barely supported by her top bounced around. I was so close to just taking off my boxers and jacking off right there.

Then she walked to the table. "Ben, does this taste good." She set the bowl on the table and leaned over so her boobs hung right above it. I scooped a piece up with my finger and tasted it. At the same time she licked her lips.

"Yeah, it's good." I managed to say. "Are you sure?" She dipped her finger in and tasted it in an enticing sort of way. She looked at me and smiled. "You know you've grown a lot over the years. How tall are you now?

Here stand next to me. Come on." she demanded. I slowly got up and stood straight. She came to stand in front of me but first she ran into my hard on.

"You know if your going to swing your package around like that you could at least show me what it looks like." With that she unbuttoned my boxers and my 12 inch cock flung out and actually hit her skirt. I saw her eyes go wide and heard her gasp a little. "Mind if I test it out?" She said. Her hands moved down to my cock that was covered in precum, and started to stroke it back and forth with both her hands.

Then she knelt down and licked the precum off. With both her hands grabbing my cock she started to swallow the end of my dick. I grabbed the back of her head and helped her suck. I looked down at her ass showing past the short skirt. It wasn't long before I started to cum.

She pulled my dick out and jerked it in front of her face. I shot a load all over her face and I got some on hair. She enjoyed that but she wasn't done. When she wiped her face clean she took off her top and grabbed her huge breasts. I couldn't help but feel them. Then she pressed them together and slid my cock between them and I titfucked her. She moved her breasts up and down my shaft as I tried to rub them.

Soon she stopped and stood up with nothing on but her skirt, hair ribbons, and a thong. She shoved her chest in my face and I started sucking them.

I didn't realize how big they were until I had them in my mouth. While I sucked them she rubbed my cock with her hand. When both of them were completely wet I picked her up and sat her on the table. She spread her legs and I moved in between them and rolled up her skirt. With my tongue I moved her thong to the side and began eating her wet pussy. She started moaning quickly. "Wow, you were hungry." she said.

I licked her cunt as well as I could when I realized I was going to fuck the hottest, sluttiest, cheerleader in school who was also my friend's sister.

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Jessica came long and hard and I ate up all of the juices. My cock was getting bored and wanted some action. I stopped licking her, pulled her thing off, and moved my cock to her shaved pussy. Slowly I pushed my long cock as far in her as it would go, and Jessica moaned in ecstasy as realized how wonderful a large cock was. I wasted no time and started banging her hard on the table making her cum again while I rubbed her huge breasts.

When her second orgasm was over she pushed me out and got on her hands and knees on the table. I climbed up behind her and was about to shove my dick in her vagina when she told my to fuck her ass.

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I didn't hesitate to fuck her ass and she started screaming a little when my cock went down her ass. I was afraid that her screams would wake Jake but I didn't care. The table was very sturdy but we managed to shake it from me fucking her hard and fast.

Her boobs were flailing around and I grabbed on to them to help me screw her deeper and harder.

I wanted to cum on her breasts so I had to change positions. I moved her onto one of the chairs and lifted up her skirt and I fucked her pussy again.

She orgasmed quickly and so did I. I pulled my cock out and she started masturbating me. She opened her mouth wide as I shot several loads on her. Her hair, face, and breasts were covered in hot sticky cum and I looked at her. This was a 18 year old senior with her ribbons in her hair covered in cum, her beautiful face covered in cum, her playboy breasts covered in cum, and her skirt drenched in vaginal juices.

"Don't tell Jake, he's been wanting to get in me for years." With that she left to her room giving one last looked at her awesome nude body.