Giving his old dick a nice blowjob

Giving his old dick a nice blowjob
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Marcus was your average college age, young man. He was not too remarkable in any fashion. Marcus was not built or overweight. He was enjoying his college life except for the lack of an adventurous sex life.

His dreams of a wild sex life at college panned out to be just that, dreams as he was having no luck with any woman on campus. Marcus went out on dates, but they never ended with dorm room sex or sex anywhere. It began to weigh on his mind, the feeling of being just average and of being just another guy friend. Little did he know how things would change, change not only for him but many others on his next trip back home. It was a brisk late autumn day when he arrived home.

His parents and sister were not at home when he came, so he decided to take a walk in the mountain forest close to his house, a luxury of where his parents live.

As he hiked a trail that only he knew something caught his eye. It was a flash of light streaking through the sky. It was on a downward trajectory. He stood watching this fireball coming down, and he assumed it was a meteorite. As Marcus watching, he realized it was going to hit possibly close to him. He watched the small fireball descend, disappearing in the forest canopy and then a thud reverberated through the trees. It did sound close to him.

Marcus's curiosity got the best of him as his feet led him in the direction of the impact he heard. It took Marcus around 30 minutes to find the area of impact. He knew he was closing in as he could smell the burning embers of trees. He saw several trees that had been knocked down and scorched.

Marcus found an impact crater approximately two meters in diameter and one meter deep. At the bottom of the cavity was a giant orb. Marcus reached down ready to pull back if it was hot, but to his amazement, the object was cold to the touch. Marcus was able to grab the orb and lift it out of the crater. He had never seen anything like it, it was smooth, nothing like a meteorite. He looked at it in puzzled wonderment. It did not look like a rock; it looked more like a machined product. He picked it up and started to head for home.

Part way back through the forest the object began to glow and hum. He dropped it to the ground and stepped back just looking at it. The orb made a hissing noise, and suddenly it opened up. A shapeless, creature emerged from the sphere, ballooning up to the height of his crotch. He stood there frozen in his tracks as the creature 'looked' at him. He assumed it was looking although he could not see any eyes on it. Then a stalk and another and another emerged from the body of the blob-like form.

In a flash, they whipped around this arms and ankles. A fifth stalk snaked its way to his crotch. He looked down as it rubbed his crotch. Although he was scared shitless, the stalks motion and pressure on cock caused him to become fully aroused.

Another stalk emerged, and it snaked around the waist of his pants. That stalk and the one rubbing his cock figured out how to undo his belt; then with surgical precision, the stems pulled his pants down.

His cock popped straight out at the creature. Both stalks moved to his exposed cock. One began to play with his balls as the other one seemed to 'lick' at his shaft. Suddenly he felt light, quick prick on his nuts as if a small needle was inserted into his sack. Within a few seconds he felt very odd, a strange erotic calm came over him and he thought he could see his cock increase in size and girth. The other stalk moved to the head of his swollen shaft, in a quick motion, it surrounded, sheathing his hard cock.

Now he felt a strong sucking sensation on his shaft as the stalk felt to move up and down his hard cock. It was an intense, incredible erotic stimulation, far more intense than any time in the past he had jerked off. Marcus stood there, nothing else he could do, as the creature kept working on his cock, milking his shaft.

The pleasure was beyond anything he could have imagined. Marcus could feel his shaft stiffening, swelling up, ready to burst with a big cum load. He became lost in sexual thoughts of all the women he knew in his life.

It was odd, the more the creature milked his cock, the more intense his sexual feelings were becoming, and it became like a circular sexual cycle. He could feel his load building in his shaft. He was surprised he had not already exploded, but he did not care as the powerful lustful thoughts were so pleasurable. He could not make out in his mind whom he was thinking of at the moment; it was like trying to watch a movie of women going by at light speed in his mind.

Suddenly he moaned, screamed as loud as he could as his cock finally erupted. The creature seemed to be feeding on his cum load. He could feel it sucking on his shaft, sucking every spurt of his thick cum load out of his cock. All he knew at his moment was that the pleasure was beyond anything he had ever experienced, and he seemed to keep cumming!

Marcus's orgasm was by far the most volume and longest ejaculation he had ever experienced or thought possible. The creature released his shaft and then shrunk back up into its original size and form. Marcus stood there looking at the alien and then looking at his cock. He could tell it had become more substantial, the beast and increased the size of his shaft and to be honest, he had no desire to complain about it.

Slowly he felt this sexual desire and lust overcome himself and his thoughts. Marcus had one idea now which was to bring the creature home with him, and to decide if he needed to share it with other people. He picked it back up and made the way back to his family's house. . When I arrived, nobody was home yet. Quickly I ran up to my room and placed the dormant creature in my closet. I had no idea what to do with it.

I went into my bathroom and looked at my cock again. The alien had increased its length and girth. I smiled as I looked at my new and improved cock. I heard the front door close, so I quickly pulled up my pants. I peeked out my bedroom door, and I saw my sister Chase. I stepped out of my bedroom, "Hi Chase." My sister's face lit up with a big smile, and she gave me a big hug. "Marcus you are home." As she hugged me, I became aroused.

I noticed my sisters scent then feeling her perky breasts pressed up against me began to cause my cock to stiffen. I let her out of our embrace hoping she did not notice my growing erection. She and I talked for a bit, but I was becoming more and more distracted by dark sexual thoughts about my sister Chase. My eyes darted up and down her body, noticing every curve her form-fitting clothes made.

I focused on her lips for a bit suddenly thinking about how good they would like wrapped around my cock. I had never had sexual thoughts about her…until now. Had the creature done something to me, to my libido? Then our mother came home and found us chatting in the hallway. She gave me a kiss on my cheek which only caused my cock to become fully erect.

Now I was looking at mom with lustful, incestuous eyes. I glanced at her breasts, then her lips as my sexual thoughts went wild. She bent over a bit, and I got a glance down her top.

I could feel my cock drooling as I am enjoying seeing how beautiful her breasts looked, although they were in a bra.

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I told them I was tired and I needed lay down for a bit before dinner. My sister and mother both gave me quick kisses on the cheek and said they would keep down the noise. I nearly tripped over myself getting back into my room, shutting then quietly locking the door. I slipped off my pants and laid down on my bed. My cock was swollen, fully erect and I was incredibly horny. I began to stroke my cock when I saw the closet door open.

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The creature moved out from my closet; then I saw one of its stalks rise from where it was on the floor next to the bed. Slowly it extended to my erect shaft. I stopped stroking myself as I knew what it was going to do.

The stalk encased my hard cock again, working itself up and down. I could feel it give my shaft and balls a quick prick; I figure that is how it increased the size of my cock that last time. I did not care as the pleasure was even more intense than that last time and perhaps whatever it injected into me made me feel that as well. As I laid there, the creature pleasuring my cock all I could think of was my mom. I thought about fucking her. I closed my eyes, and I could imagine my cock was in her mouth, her tongue and lips working my shaft.

Then my dark fantasy drifted to her riding my cock, her tits bouncing up and down as she was begging me to cum inside her pussy. I could hear her begging me to cum, telling me I was a naughty son filling her pussy with my cock.

I could feel my orgasm building, and I began to moan mom over and over again. Then my thoughts switched back to her on her knees begging for me to cum in her mouth.

She was asking me to feed her my cream. Then my cock tensed up, and the most incredible, intense surge of pleasure rushed through my body has my shaft erupted with a huge cum load into the creatures stalk. I could feel it 'sucking' or more like milking the cock for all the cream I could produce.

It was incredible and I all I could think of was my mother, her mouth open and I was filling it with my hot sticky load. I thought for a moment that my mother or my sister Chase would come into my room as I perceived my moans to be that loud. I came even more than I did that first time in the forest and it was so much more pleasurable as well. After the creatures stalk finished milking my cock, it slowly slid it off. I noticed my shaft remained fully erect, and my lust filled emotions were still running wild in my mind.

Then two other stalks rose up; one started to fondle my balls as the other one snaked around my flagpole. It was then I noticed my cock seemed a bit longer than before. Slowly the stalk snaked around my shaft, almost like the way I was stroking myself earlier. I lied back again, losing myself in what turned out to be incestuous thoughts. This time I focused on my hot sister Chase. I imagined her coming into my room naked.

She said nothing as she climbed up onto my bed, slipping into the 69 position. I closed my eyes imagining how sweet her pussy tasted. I dreamed it was her hand stroking my cock. I opened my eyes just a bit watching the other stalk raise and encase just the swollen head of prick.

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I closed my eyes again now dreaming it was Chase's mouth sucking on me as she slowly stroked me at the same time. I never realized just how hot incest thoughts could be. I began to wish I had been jerking off to Chase and my mother sooner than this! I was oddly grateful to this alien creature for giving me these taboo, dark fantasies. I do not know if it was the creature or just my sexual desires, but my thoughts slowly moved to that of my sister sliding out of the 69 position, keeping on all fours I could hear her saying, 'fuck me.

Fuck me just like a big brother should.' I could see myself getting on my knees, guiding my big throbbing cock into her tight, wet pussy. I think that is when the creature fully encased my shaft again, giving me the impression of a tight fit…the one I thought I would feel with Chase. Now, it was clear in mind, the sights and sounds of myself fucking my sister. I could picture her perky tits bounce around as I thrust my cock into her tight pussy repeatedly.

I heard her moaning in her pretty voice, crying for me to fuck her harder and faster. I knew she would be groaning, 'oh G_D' again and again. I heard her saying how big my cock was, more substantial than she could imagine.

Then my dirty dream shifted to seeing my sister looking over her shoulder, a glazed look on her face as I was now fucking her hard and fast like a wild dog. I wondered if the creature could read my mind. I opened one eye and saw its stalk working my cock as fast as I thought I was fucking Chase. I closed my eye, drifting back off into my dark fantasy with Chase.

My imagination swirled into her begging me to cum inside her pussy. It was almost as if it was happening it seemed so real to me, what I could imagine her saying. "Yes, fuck me, fuck me fast. Fill me up, fill my pussy with your cum. I want to you cum inside me; I need to feel you explode in me. Please do it, make your sister happy.' To my intense delight, I erupted again! I had never cum twice like this, so soon after each other and with such incredible pleasure; not mention the amount too.

My sexual, incestuous thoughts raced through my mind as I watched the alien roll back into my closet. I had a burning desire, almost like a need to share this creature with both my mother and my sister. Not only that, I had the dark desire to share my cock with them too. I just had to think about how to make this happen. I slept in the next morning past when everyone would have left for work and school. To my surprise, I found my mother at home in the kitchen. She was making coffee wearing socks and a long dress shirt.

Somewhere in the dark lust filled part of my mind, I knew that today was going to be the day to share my secret gift with my mom. "Good morning honey! I see you slept in.

I tried to make sure nobody woke you up." "Hi mom, are you working from home today?" "Yes, I decided since you were back I would work from here, and it would allow us to go out to lunch later if you wanted." I saw her glance down, and I knew she must have seen the grown log in my pants. I just looked at mom for the first time with only thoughts of pure lust. I wanted her. I wanted her naked; I wanted to see her getting fucked by my closest guest and by me.

I sat down to hide my growing cock from her; I did not want to scare her off. "That would be great, mom. Catching up things will be nice. The entire time I was looking at her naked legs, following them up to where I could just catch a glimpse of her ass cheeks.

As she sat down in front me, I noticed her beautiful C cup breasts bounce and I knew she had no bra. God, I thought my cock was going to burst out of my sweatpants at that moment. I glanced down and saw my cock was fucking huge! This creature, whatever it was injecting into me had made my cock enormous.

There was no way I could readjust and leave without my mother noticing this bulge. We talked for another twenty minutes; my hard cock was aching to cum. I felt as if I had been filled with fiery lust all directed at my mom.

Finally, I could no longer take it; I had to go upstairs and relieve this massive erection and what I felt would be an incredible cum load. I waited until my mother got up to put her coffee mug in the sink, I quickly stood up and turned to head out although I think she was looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

I noticed her mouth drop a bit, so I have a feeling she saw my enormous stiff cock. "Are you heading upstairs honey?" "Yeah, mom…um, I have something to take care of." I thought I heard her mumble, 'god yes you do.' I got up to my bedroom which was the first door in the upstairs hallway.

The alien was already out, waiting for me. Its tentacle-like stalks were wiggling around. It had grown in size overnight; now it was nearly waist high in height. It did not even wait for me to get all the way into the room as one stalk snaked around my waist, went down the top of my sweatpants, swallowed my log like cock and began to pleasure me.

I was going to shut my door when I decided not to. It was time for my mother to get fucked by my new friend. I knew she had to walk by to get to her office and she needed to see, it was her time. The other tentacles that were visible on the creature pulled my sweatpants down, so I was completely naked when I heard my mother coming up the stairs.

The excitement intensified because of the pleasure my pet was giving to me. I think it could sense or it just knew what I had in mind and what I wanted it to do with my mother in front of me. I could hear here getting closer to the top of the stairs. I was standing in profile, in full view for my mom to see as she walked by. Suddenly I heard a very loud gasp, 'oh my god.' I glanced over to the doorway, and there was my sexy mother standing in shock at the sight she was looking at; a three-foot, rounded blob of a creature, with a stalk/tentacle pleasuring her son's massive cock.

I don't think she noticed the multitude of appendages snaking their way across my bedroom floor heading in her direction. I turned my head to look at her. "Mmmmm, mom it feels so good, and it has been making my cock larger as well. I know you saw it this morning." I saw the tentacles were at her feet and slowly rising behind her. She was still motionless in shock at what she was looking at. "I found it in the woods yesterday. It makes me cum so hard and so much, and now it is your turn to let it please you." As if my words were a cue for my new found sex creature it's tentacles reacted with lightning speed.

Two tentacles wrapped around her arms as two other's snaked around her legs moving up under her shirt dress. Two more wrapped around her ankles and the last one lassoed her around the waist.

My mom let out a scream as it pulled her into my room. "It's ok mom, you will enjoy this, don't worry." My mother kept screaming in fright as the creature prevented her from moving once it had her in my room.


It unwrapped from around her waist, and I watched in curious fascination as the tentacle under her shirt dress. I could see it under dress moving its way up her body, between her breasts. Then I noticed the other stalks seemed to be wrapped around her tits. I was doing her best to squirm, begging it and me to stop, saying 'oh god no…please no…stop…please stop.' Then the single tentacle appeared at the top of her shirt, it raised up like a snake and my mother let out another scream and at that moment it made a lurching motion, tearing open her blouse as it swiftly inserted itself into her mouth.

The creature was still working on my cock when I got my first look at my mother's glorious tits. I could feel myself stiffen more. She had nice sized dark areola, her nipples were already very erect. The tentacles had encircled her nice C size tits, squeezing them as the other appendage was sliding up and down between them as it started to fuck her sweet mouth. To my sensual delight, I watched the two tentacles wrapped around her ankles slowly climb there way up her legs up to her panties and then with a simple motion they tore her panties in half revealing her bald pussy.

I could not help myself saying, "Fuck mom…you are so hot!" I could see the panic in her eyes and hear her muffled pleads that were falling on deaf ears. I was enjoying very much watching the creature fuck her pretty mouth as it fucked and squeezed her tits.

I glanced down at the tentacles between my mother's legs. The rounded tips of those tentacles seemed to be teasing her pussy. I watched as one rubbed between her wet pussy lips while the other one rubbed her clit. My mom responded with more moans as she wiggled around as much as she could in the creature's clutches. If my new found pet had not been 'sucking' on my rock hard cock I know I would be jerking off watching my mom slowly get ravished by this alien. I looked back at my mother's amazing tits.

The tips of those tentacles were teasing her hard, erect nipples as they continued to squeeze her perfect melons. Then both of the stalks stopped and coiled up, looking like two cobras about to strike. The tips then formed into what I could only describe as suckers.

Then they hit, attaching themselves to her nipples, covering her dark, round areola. My mother gave a loud, yet muffled moan. I could tell those tentacles were sucking on her tits.

I watched the one stalk still fucking her mouth, giving her no break. Saliva and some strangely colored viscous fluid were running down her chin from the corners of her mouth. "Yes fuck her mouth. Suck on my mom's tits, those tits need to get sucked." I saw my mom's eyes look at me, the look was one of shock and with a glazing look.

I am sure she never thought she would hear me say that about her. Her tits are so amazing I wanted to suck on them! That is when I noticed the creatures tit sucking tentacles began to change in color. The dark red pigment began to fade, to a translucent and then to being transparent. My jaw dropped as I could see milk spurting out of my mother's tits!


My pet was milking my mom, and I loved it! With each suck and moan from my mother, I watched a stream of milk squirt out of her tits and get sucked into the creature's tentacles.

I fucking loved it! "Damn mom, your tit milk must taste good considering how much it is drinking. I would love to take a taste of your breast milk." I licked my lips watching my mom getting milked. The tentacle in my mother's mouth sped up, fucking her mouth at a crazy speed. Somehow I knew it was going to cum, it was going to feed her its juice. All she did the entire time was glancing at me, my cock, the tentacles, and moan.

I could see she was giving into the pleasure my new pet was giving her. I suddenly realized that I had not cum yet. I was incredibly turned on by the entire scene, my cock being sucked by my pet and the taboo nature of watching my mom getting ravaged in front of me.

Now I began to understand the allure of incest. At that moment the creature released my long, hard shaft from its encompassing embrace. As it did that, the tentacle ravishing my mom's mouth suddenly withdrew dripping saliva and its fluid all over her face. My mom opened her mouth, taking a deep breath, and allowing a very loud groan of pleasure to escape from her lungs.

I could only imagine the sexual desire she was feeling from having her tits milked at the same time her wet pussy was being worked over.

The tentacle arched up like a cobra about to strike, and I just knew it was going to unleash its fluid reward into her mouth and I was correct. In a moment I watched a stream of light purple goo jet out of the tip of the appendage right into my mothers open, waiting, mouth. The creature made no 'orgasm' noise as it shot stream after stream of its thick goo.

I watched my mother, her eyes were glazed over as she began to swallow my pets treat to her. I started to stroke my throbbing cock, smiling with the new found knowledge that my mom swallows. She was moaning with a delightful sound as she swallowed the last drops, while the creatures other tentacles continue to play with her pussy and milk her tits. Once she had finished devouring the creatures load, she turned and looked at me.

"How did it taste mom?" "It was sweet like honey." I saw her eyes glance at my long, thick shaft. I smiled at her as I kept stroking my throbbing cock. I noticed she had an odd look on her face, one I could only describe as submissive.

"Now it is my turn mom. It is time to give you a nice salty treat." I stepped closer to her, the creature must have sensed or known my intent. It manipulated her to face me. I stopped, looking at her beautiful tits getting milked and suddenly I had a thirst to taste her milk. Again, somehow it knew what I wanted. Using its tentacles, it pulled my mom up to her feet as the one tentacle on her right breast released itself. Her hard, erect nipple was dripping some milk.

I gave her a wicked grin and said 'my turn now mom.' She started to shake her head no, but I ignored her. At that moment the alien slid a tentacle into her wet pussy and began to fuck her. I grabbed my mothers breasts, holding it, caressing it for a few moments as she let out screams of pleasure from my pet fucking her. I flicked her nipple around, tasting the drops of milk still oozing out of it. Her milk had a sweet taste. I grabbed her tit, wrapped my lips around her nipple and gave it a nice, hard suck.

My mouth filled with her milk. I looked at my mother's eyes. I watched them roll back, she moaned, 'oh god.' I could not control myself, my lust was off the chart. I squeezed and sucked on her melon enjoying not only the taste but the feeling of her milk squirting out into my mouth. I lost track of time as I sucked away, enjoying the moans of coming from her from how she was being ravished by my pet and me. I let her breast go, my cock was aching to release its load of cum.

My alien knew what I desired. It pulled her down onto her knees all the time still fucking her. I held my shaft looking down at my mother's beautiful face. "Open wide mom, my turn to feed you my salty milk." I thought she would protest, but she didn't. She looked into my eyes then at my stiff shaft, and willing opened her mouth.

I slid myself into her waiting mouth. She closed her mouth around it, the feeling and site of her lips wrapped around my shaft was beyond anything I could have imagined. I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth. Her sucking was amazing! Her tongue was snaking all around my throbbing shaft as I thrust faster and faster. The room was filled with her moans and slurping. I was loving it! My lust was in overdrive as fucked mom's mouth even quicker.

I knew was I not going to last long. I could feel m load quickly building up to the point of a delightful release. "Mmmm, that's it, mom. Keeping sucking, I am so close now. Are you ready? Are your ready for me to feed you my cream?" She nodded her head yes! I pulled out, stroking my shaft as fast as I could. She looked up at me. "Feed me.

Feed me your cream." Then she opened her mouth wide, her tongue waiting to receive my load. She was moaning more as the creature was fucking her pussy like a jackhammer.

I glanced down to see its tentacle, glistening with her wet pussy juice, thrusting in and out of her at a speed I did not think any human could possibly achieve. Then I felt my eruption at the brink.

I looked down and watched the very first thick stream of cream rocket out of my shaft right into my mothers waiting mouth.

She quickly swallowed as I fired off another jet of cum across her tongue. She swallowed again as I unloaded another and another stream of cum into her waiting mouth. I loved it! I loved cumming in her mouth! I enjoyed watching her swallow it, every drop, with no complaint. I shoved my cock into her mouth, my mom wrapped her lips around it sucking out the remaining surge of cum. She left her lips wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft as I could feel her swallow it. Then she released my cock from her mouth.

Before she could say a word, I watched my pet take over, raising her up onto my bed with its tentacles. Then I stood and watched it ravage my mother. Two of the creatures arms wrapped around her ankles, spreading her legs wide.

It inserted another appendage into her pussy. My mother let out the loudest scream of pleasure I had ever heard. I watched it sucking her both of her tits as another tentacle was fucking her tits getting very close to her mouth. I walked around the bed, watching my mother like a horny voyeur.

I loved it! I enjoyed watching her getting this incredible, delightful ravishing. She was moaning, screaming in such pleasure.

I climbed up onto my bed, my cock just inches from her face. Suddenly a tentacle slid up under my legs and began to suck on my shaft. I saw my mother looking at it. I smiled at her. "You look incredible getting fucked like this. I think you need this. My pet must really enjoy you the way it is fucking your pussy and your tits." "Oh god.son.why.why me?" She began to moan louder as the tentacles in her pussy were fucking even faster.

"I think it is going to come in your pussy mom. As for why, if Chase were home instead of you it would have been her getting fucked by both of us." I watched her eyes widen more. "Oh god.your sister!" "Yes, mom. I want you both as does my pet. I think Chase will enjoy my big cock as much as you did. You did not mind sucking it dry and swallowing my cum.

I have a feeling she will enjoy my new friend as much as you are." My mother began to groan, 'oh god I am coming!' At that moment the creature's tentacle's erupted with more sweet goo.

The first one to explode was the one fucking her lovely tits. I watched as it unleashed a flood of its goo all over my mom's sexy face. She raised her head and opened her mouth, stuck her tongue out to receive as much of its goo as she could.

The tentacle just pumped out squirt after squirt onto her face, hair and in her mouth. She appeared to enjoy getting her face plastered with the light purple honey, I could see she absolutely loved swallowing it. Then the two arms that were ravaging her pussy unleashed their loads. I could see them pulsating as they pumped their gooey loads into my mothers wet pussy.

She kept screaming with delight. One appendage pulled out of her and shot a few streams of goo across her stomach. That was the hottest fucking thing I had ever witnessed!

Just watching its cum ropes land on her sweat covered stomach was better than any porn video I had viewed. My mom actually loved it too! She took her hands and rubbed the purple goo around on her tummy like it was some sort of lotion. It pulled its tentacle out of her pussy. As it popped out some of its purple honey ran out of her sweet, shaved flower.

The appendage that was sucking on my shaft slowly removed itself from me. I knew the creature could sense what I wanted to do, I wanted to fuck my mother. I slowly walked around the bed, keeping my eyes locked with my mother's eyes.

I was stroking my shaft at the same time. I could see her eyes kept darting down to my long, thick cock. I stood between her legs, glancing down at the light purple goo dripping out of her pussy. I was curious as to its taste, so I knelt down between her legs. I glanced up at my mom, "I wonder how sweet your pussy tastes now. You said its cum was sweet tasting." "No, wait.I am your mother!" I ignored her, placing my hands on sweaty thighs, I moved my head close to her dripping pussy.

I ran my tongue up and down each of her lips and then between them. She was right! It did taste very sweet just like honey. I felt an odd sensation come over me. It as though my lust was put into overdrive. Now I began to understand a bit more I thought. I suspected the creature's fluid intensified sexual drive, overriding inhibitions. I drove my tongue between her sticky pussy lips. The flavors drove me insane. I lapped her sweet, sticky pussy like a thirsty dog at a water dish.

My mom let out a series of moans as she sat herself up on her elbows. She was watching me lick her tasty pussy, groaning with approval as she hissed, 'Im your mother, you shouldn't'. She began to grind her pussy into my face with her hips.

My cock was rock hard, now and the urge to fuck my mom was beyond anything I had experienced. I allowed my carnal lust to take over as I pulled my face away from her sweet honey pussy. I grabbed my long, thick throbbing shaft giving it a few strokes as my mother looked at it. "Oh god, are you going to fuck me?" I gave her a wicked grin, "Yes mom, I am going to fuck you with my big cock.

The cock you keep looking at". I wasted no time as I guided the head of throbbing shaft to her wet pussy lips. I watched the head of my cock push her wet lips apart, and I revealed in the feeling as well as the sight of long, thick cock sliding inside of my hot mom.

She let out a gasp, 'oh my god' as she threw her head backward moaning. "Look at it, mom! I leaned forward and grabbed her by the hair.

My pet helped set her up straight. I held her head, so she had to watch me fuck her. I began to thrust my cock into my mom's pussy hard and fast, deep thrusting strokes.

She was moaning, while under her breath she kept saying, 'Im your mom'. Every time she said that I responded by fucking her even harder.

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I watched her looking at my cock going in and out of her slick, wet pussy. I gazed her tits bouncing around with each pounded thrust of my shaft into her.

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The creature kept on sucking on her tits, not interfering with them jumping around. She looked up at me, our eyes met. "Every time you say your my mom it turns me on even more'. She gave a slight smile, "I'm your mom'." Over and over she would say that with every couple of thrusts.

She was enticing me to fuck her! I was pounding her so fast now, and she began to groan, 'Fuck me! Fuck your mom! Give it to me!" I never ever thought I would want my mother sexual and never at the level, I was experiencing now. Whatever this creature had done to us I loved it! I was going to the family pet without a doubt. I pulled my cock out of her pussy. I pulled her off the bed, and pushed her to the ground yelling 'get on all fours mom.' I got down on my knees behind her.

She slipped a hand between her legs, grabbed my cock and guided it into her hot, wet, tight pussy. I grabbed her hips and continued to fuck her hard and fast. "Oh, honey.oh this how you are going to fuck your sister too? Are you going to fuck us both with your pet?" I reached forward, grabbed a tuft of her dark brown hair and pulled her head back.

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My mom raised up a bit, arching her back towards me. I could see her tits bouncing around as I was fucking her. "You pussy feels so good, mom. I can feel it milking my cock. You want this as much as I do". She turned her back, looking at me she shook her head yes. "Fuck me, honey, don't stop.please. Fuck your mom good". I leaned towards her, we kissed. When we did I could feel my cock stiffen even more, my mom felt it too. "Are you ready to cum? Are you going to fill my pussy?" "Do you want it?

Beg for it." "Oh yes honey, please, come in my pussy. I want to feel your big cock unload inside me." I could not believe how hard and fast I was fucking my mother now. She kept looking at me, her tits bouncing around, the creature still sucking on them, she just kept moaning.

Finally, I could not hold back any longer. My cock stiffened like a steel bean, and then I felt it unleash spurt after spurt of my cream into her. My mom screamed, "I can feel it! Fill me, Marcus! More cum, more cum!" The feeling and desire cumming inside of her were beyond deion. When my cock finished unloading inside of her, I pulled my still hard cock out her pussy.

My mom spun around, still on all fours and sucked my cock clean. She kept looking up at me as she worked my hard shaft with her lips and tongue, sucking out the remaining drops of my cum and licking my shaft clean of my cum mixed with her pussy juice and the creatures load as well.

She moaned as she kept licking and sucking. Once she was done, she stood up in front of me. She glanced at my alien pet and then at me. My creature just 'sat' on the floor, I guess it was resting or just 'watching' us. "Now what do you plan to do?" "Well mom, I have several thoughts. I believe a couple of my friends are home as well.

Maybe I will introduce my pet to them. They have always thought you are a MILF, but I think they need to be properly prepared for you. " Her eyes widen, and she let out a little gasp then gave a faint smile. "What about your sister, Chase?" "Mmmmm, Chase. She will get special attention before anyone else.

Do you agree with me, mom?" I could almost see the conflict in her eyes. I was asking her to agree with more incest which is taboo.


However, I knew the carnal sexual desires the creature brought out in us was overpowering her moral thoughts. "Yes, Chase deserves it. She is a cock teaser. She comes home from cheerleading practice, wearing her skimpy outfit. Your sister should be taught a good lesson about teasing so many cocks. I know you can teach her that lesson along with your 'friend".

I placed my hand under my mom's chin. "You are such an excellent dirty mother. But right now I need to get something to drink." I glanced at my alien pet. "Fuck her, fuck my dirty slut mother." I had no idea how many tentacles alien pet had.

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I watched in astonishment as a multitude of appendages sprung out of it and 'attack' my mother. I turned and walked out of my bedroom, closing the door once I was in the hallway. I do not know why I did that, maybe I just wanted to be surprised when I came back. I took my time going downstairs to the kitchen. I stayed in the kitchen for a good while, letting my pet and mom have some fun time together. I glanced down at my still erect cock. I smiled and thought to myself how grateful I was to the creature.

It had made my cock large, allowed me to cum as many times as I wanted and I got to fuck my hot, sexy mother. I began to think about how she was getting fucked in my room. I found myself stroking my cock, so I decided to go back up to my room to watch and jerk off. When I opened my bedroom door, it was a shock, a lustful shock.

My alien pet was seriously fucking my mother. The creature had her lifted up in the air. Appendages were fucking her mouth, pussy, ass, and tits. Two that were holding her legs were also fucking her legs, sliding up and down her thighs. Two of its appendages were latched onto her tits, milking them. Another tentacle was between her asscheeks, fucking them.

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And to top it off my mother was jacking off two more arms. It was the hottest thing I had seen next to cumming in her pretty mouth and watching her swallow my cum load. "Damn mom! My pet must really want you. I wonder how it will react with Chase." I stood in the doorway, a few feet from the ravishing my mom was receiving, jerking off like crazy. I could see her look at me, more like looking at my stiff cock, watching me stroke it. I could tell by the speed and sheer reckless abandonment it was showing fucking her that it was not going to last long before it bathed my mom in its gooey cum and in all honesty I was going to blow my load quickly as well.

It did not take long for my pet and myself to reach our orgasms, after all having such a hot mom would make anyone cum quickly, even an alien creature. I was wondering if the alien would cum all at once or not; I got my answer soon enough. The first ones to erupt were the tentacles my mom was jerking off. I could see them stiffen and swell just a bit, then with no warning, both exploded simultaneously.

Several light purple streams of the creature's cum squirted out and landed on my mom's face and in her shoulder-length hair. No sooner did those two tentacles finish cumming on her face the one in her mouth exploded, pumping its load down her throat. I could see her swallowing like crazy, as some of the thick, honey goo oozed out the sides of her mouth, running down her chin.

My mom released her grip on the two she had been stroking as the creature removed its cum shooting appendage from her mouth. I watched her lick up the goo from the sides of her mouth, while her face and hair remained painted with light purple cum strings.

She was writhing around as best as she could, screaming wildly with delight as my alien kept fucking her. Then the one fucking her pussy erupted. I could see it undulating as it pumped its cum load into her hot, tight pussy.

My mother must have had her orgasm at that moment as well judging by how she was screaming and wiggling around. Then the tentacle fucking her sweet C-cup tits blew like a geyser, splattering her face, and tits with its cum.

I watched as a nice, significant stream shot into her moaning mouth. This was turning into the hottest thing I had ever witnessed, far better than any porn video. The two tentacles fucking her sexy legs jizzed next. It was such a turn on watching the streams of light purple cum jet across her upper thighs with some making it onto my mother's sexy stomach.

She seemed to love it as well. I tell she never had anyone fuck her legs and cum on them. The creature rotated her around so I could see it pounding her sexy ass as it fucked her asscheeks as well. The one in her ass stiffened, and a moment later my mother started moaning, 'oh yes, come in my ass.oh god so much.' I was stroking my cock like crazy feeling my own cum load building in my loins.

The last tentacle that was fucking her cheeks erupted. I watched several streams of alien cum shoot across her back which looked like silly string.

I thought how fucking hot mom looked with jizz all over her body. It did not matter to me that is was jizz from another world, she just looked so fucking sexy coated with it. That is when I stepped toward my mother, frantically stroking my cock, moaning, 'I'm gonna cum mom.' The creature released her, and she dropped right to her knees in front of me. She said nothing, she just opened her mouth, stuck her tongue as far out as it would go giving me the perfect target for my load.

Just seeing her in that position, ready and willing for my load and with alien goo all over her pretty face, made me ejaculate like wild.

I aimed my cock head for her open mouth and happily pumped my load across her tongue and into her waiting mouth. Fuck! I was hotter than the first time I did it. I could tell she was smiling as I unloaded my salty treat into her mouth.

My mom did not swallow, she let me unleash my full load before she took it all in one big gulp. She smiled at me after she swallowed my big wad. She looked up at me while rubbing the alien's jizz all over her body, again like it was body lotion.

We watched my pet roll its way into my closet. "I think you wore it out mom." She giggled and stood up. "It was worth it honey. I hope I did not drain you both too much. I would not want Chase to get less than what she deserves." "Do not worry mom, Chase will get what is coming to her."