Harm in masturbation for men twink boys galleries Wit a bag over his

Harm in masturbation for men twink boys galleries Wit a bag over his
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If you are easily offended by rudely, grotesque, and inappropriate stories than you probably shouldn't read any further because you not going to be impressed. And if you're into this shit I hope you enjoy it even tho you're a sick bastard.


NOHTING DEPICTED IN THIS STORY HAS EVER OCCERED. THIS STORY IS BASED ON FICTION/FANTASY. Start of story: ----------------I was driving one night when I noticed a fairly young girl walking down the sidewalk. She looked roughly twelve or thirteen.

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So I pulled over and asked her if I could give her a ride. She shyly nodded her head and in a soft innocent voice said yes. She was real cute; brown hair down to her shoulders, beautiful brown eyes, soft smooth lips, and to top it off her teethe were all white and straight. Once she was in the car, we proceeded towards her destination. She directed me to pull into her driveway.

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As I purposely ignored her orders and tell her I know a good spot and we should stop and talk, get to know each other a little better. We pull into the totally secluded spot in the middle of the woods.

I ask her if she wants to smoke a joint.

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At first she said no but with some intense persuasion I get her to smoke two joints with me. After a few minutes of giggling I ask her if she wanted to play truth or dare. I got hard instantly as she said yes, I knew she was starting to loosen up. I told her she could go first. So she asked me truth or dare, I obviously pick dare. she dared me to lick the steering wheel.

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So I did as she asked (kind of unsanitary). Now its my turn, I didn't even give her an option I dared her to play a game of strip the coin. She asked what's that? So I explained it's where we flip a coin heads you take a piece of clothing off tales I take a piece of clothing of.

This little girl must have bin baked and a little horny because she agreed to play. I flipped the coin, heads. I told her to take her shirt off first that's the way the game goes. Her pail white skin was so sexy I just wanted to pound the fuck out of her tinny cunt. Her little lumps hidden by a tiny braw, I just wanted to ravage her nipple. The second time was heads again boy wasn't I in luck. I told her, her braw was the next piece.

She said she didn't want to take it off. So I convinced her that she had to because it was part of the rules.


So she finally did and boy it was amazing, I couldn't hold my self back I immediately grabbed her small right tit. She hit it away trying to cover up her little mounds. I decided to step it up a notch. I grabbed her hair and pulled her into the back seat of the car, she was screaming to let me go and crying for her mom.

I told her everything will be alright it will only hurt for a minute, than I pinned her shoulders back and grabbed her black soft hair holding her head still as I moved in for a kiss. It was amazing I could feel the precum building in my penis.

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She was clenching her mouth shut when our lips met but I forced my tongue into her mouth and began licking the whole inside of her mouth, her tongue, her teethe, sucking and biting her lower and upper lip as she muffled screams through my tongue forced in her little mouth. I worked my hand down her tight jeans and through her little panties and started rub her little virgin vagina. By now she had stopped screaming and she was just crying for her mom.

I ripped her pants and panties off and started eating out her little pussy, man it tasted some good. Until she started pulling my hair, so I immediately sat up right and four or five direct punches straight to her face. Bloodying up her nose, mouth, and darkening her eye. Dazed and confused I pull out my 11 inch cock, grabbed her hair and stuck my throbbing knob into her precious mouth. I work my dick in and out slowly only forcing in 1 or 2 inches a thrust.

Once she started to come around she tried to pull away so I locked onto her hair and began face fucking this little girl as hard as I could than stopping with my dick in her throat and pushing inch after inch down her throat 3, 4, 5.8 inches. Franticly crying and gagging for air. Puke running from her nose I start shaking her head violently my cock fully erect in her throat. Fucking in and out until she eventually passes out, and I work the last of the 11 inched in her throat.

It's not really much fun when their passed out so I wait around for a while working and fingering her pussy to prepare her for what she is about to endure. A half hour goes by than she starts to stir. I grab her hair, slapped her, spit in her face than told her she better be prepared as I guided my knob in her tinny cunny. Working it in and out, making the pace for her frantic cries.

Two or three minutes go by as I begin to pick up the pace.

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I grab her hips and in a quick motion I force her body down wards as her pussy spasms taking in 3 to 6 inches instantly. Blood trickled out around the seams of my cock and he pussy. I flipped her on her back and started pounding her cunt. Forcing my whole 11 inches into her belly, she started jolting violently trying to push me away. I just kept on fucking her and fucking her for hours until she screamed herself hoarse, and lay limp and restless taking every thrust.

Eleven inches long two inches round, end to end, knob to nut as hard as I could. Feeling my precum, I began to fuck her even harder. Bringing her back to life with muffled screams and cries as I cum buckets into her little cunt, I worked it in and out slowly leaving it in there for about ten minutes.

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Than I fucked her again for a second cum, to top her off. I pulled my dick out slowly inch at a time, my knob throbbing. A gush of bloody cum spew out of her little pussy, I got out of my car, dragged her by her hair with me. Stuck my dick in her mouth forcing all eleven inches down her throat, she was gagging and trying to force me away, which was not happening.

I left my whole cock in her throat until she fall limp and started pissing all over her self. I fucked her unconscious throat until I cum in her stomach, than I pissed down her throat, jumped in my car left her on the ground and went to burger king to get a munch.