Anal toy play with Czech babe Kattie Gold

Anal toy play with Czech babe Kattie Gold
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"Oh fuck," What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I control myself? I continued to jerk myself off as fast as I could. Every day for the past few months I've been masturbating in the locker room after swim practice.

The smell of sweaty guys that had been there throughout the day was driving me absolutely insane. At first the smell of chlorine helped but now all I could smell was sweaty balls and I had to satisfy my urges.

I've been a swimmer for years but ever since I started high school I couldn't help but get turned on by my teammates tiny speedos. Every last one of my teammates was toned and those swimsuits hid nothing.

After my sophomore year of high school I stopped showering with my teammates in fear that they would see the boner I would get every time I saw their junk.

I've always known that I was gay.

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My parents were pretty positive about it as well, even when I became a bit more…flamboyant. If I wanted to dye my hair pink or wear ladies underwear, they never batted an eye.

Hell even my teammates didn't have a problem with my homosexuality, but they were a little concerned that I wasn't hanging out with them as much these past few months. It was for the best though. I wasn't attracted to any of them but I didn't want them to know that they all had made me cream my shorts every single day after swim practices.

I mean that is an awkward conversation to have between best buds. But now it's the start of my senior year and I still have no control over my urges. I masturbate at least seven times a day, and making myself cum in the locker room has become a staple to the routine. "Oh fuck," I moan again. Here it is, I'm going to cum! I let out a loud moan as I shoot my load onto my locker in three long thick ropes.

"Fuck that was good," "That was some load, you must have been saving up all day for that," I open my eyes and whip head to the left. I feel my heart stop as I recognize the guy walking towards me. I quickly stand up covering myself with my towel. I've always had a feminine shape. Nice slim frame and a perfectly rounded ass.

I'm not going to lie I can put some girls to shame with my ass but my body only serves to reiterate the fact that I'm gay. I'm a little on the pale side as well which contrasts with my pink nipples.

"H-h-hey Noah," I try to remain calm. I had a couple of classes with this guy but I didn't really know him. He was kind of the quiet type, never really hanging out with anyone, a bit too focused on his academics if you asked me. "What are you doing here?" "I left my gym bag from P.E.," he said holding it up. "And I guess you are here to rub one out?" "Umm, umm…" "Is this something you do often Casey?" He walked over to the locker right next to mine.

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I turned bright red as his dark green eyes went straight to my cum stain. "I don't do it too often, I was just-" He held up his tan hand. "I get it you don't have to explain anything to me…you're just a pervert." "What? No! I'm not a pervert!" I desperately tried to wipe off the cum stain with my towel. "Please don't tell anyone you saw me doing this." "I know it must be really embarrassing." He moved closer to me and I backed up to the locker.

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"Being the school gay boy and now everyone is going to know you're a pervert who jerks off at school," He had this mischievous look in his eyes, as he smirked letting me see his perfect white teeth.

"Please Noah, you can't tell anyone. I just…I just can't control myself. I will do anything you ask, just please keep this a secret." "Anything huh?" I nod my head. "Alright then, I want you to suck my cock," "Excuse me?" "Did I stutter white boy? I said suck my cock," Noah undid his jeans and out popped the biggest cock I had ever seen.

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And it wasn't even hard. My heart began to race as I tried to imagine myself being able to handle such a monster. I looked up at Noah, shock in my eyes.

I've known him for years but it seemed like no one had ever really talked to him. I only knew that he was really smart and had this air about him, like he was purposefully trying to keep people away. He always seemed to have his nose in a book, either for academic purposes or for pleasure, all in an effort to make sure no one bothered him. How could he have been hiding such a big dick and demanding I suck him off?

"Like what you see white boy?" I cringed as he called me that again. No one had ever been so rude to me before, and they never once emphasized my race.

Noah was mixed, but I guess he wasn't identifying with his white side at the moment. Where the hell was all this coming from? "Y-y-yeah, I do." Oh god why the hell did I just say that. "I'm s-s-sorry. I'm usually not one to stare. You are just…well you are a lucky man." "Trust me I know.

I have many lovers tell me that. This is a full twelve inches of cock about to go down your throat."He said proudly. My eyes went back down to his still flaccid cock. He was twice as big as me when I was at my hardest. Lovers? Fucking Noah has lovers? I can't even find a decent guy to make out with and he's stringing along lovers? "Well white boy, you going to suck it or not?" "Please stop calling me white boy." I whispered. "My name is Casey." "I know that white boy. I've been going to school with you for four years now.

But you got a bitch ass name." "Excuse me?" I was too afraid to move.

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Noah had gotten so fucking intimidating; I had no idea how to get out of this situation. "You heard me white boy, you got a bitch ass name. But it suits you well since that's all you're good for." Noah began to sport this arrogant grin. Why am I letting him talk to me like this?

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Any other guy I would have walked away from and written him off as an asshole. But Noah? He had some kind of hold over me. "I'm not a bitch," I said quietly. "Oh really, you're not a bitch huh?" Noah just laughed and put his hands either side of my head as I pressed my back into the cool locker.

Noah easily towered over me. He had to be at least 6'3. At 5'6 almost everyone towered over me, but Noah was the first person to make me feel small. "I knew you were a bitch the moment I laid eyes on you. Little faggot bitch." I couldn't meet his piercing green eyes.


"D-d-don't call me that," I whispered shakily. He leaned in; his full lips close to my pierced ear. "But that's what you are," he whispered sending a chill down my spine.

"You have faggot written all over you.


I can even smell it on you. You are a little white bitch whose only purpose is to worship another man's dick," "Th-th-that's not true," "Not true?" Noah then grabbed my hands and placed it on his cock.

I couldn't help but squeeze it gently, wanting him to become erect so I could see his full length. "If you weren't a bitch you would have tried to knock me out like a real man. But I'm a real man, and it's my job to make sure you fulfill your purpose white boy." I finally looked up at him. "What do you mean by that?" I asked nervously. "You are going to be my bitch," Noah began moving my hand up and down his cock, forcing me to stroke it. My eyes went wide as I watched him slowly begin to harden.

This was getting real. Noah wanted me; I could see the lust and power in his eyes. I was going to be his bitch whether I wanted to or not. "You don't want me Noah. I'm way too inexperienced. I've only kissed a guy a couple of times that's it." Why can't I take my hands away from his cock?

I can't even put my hand all the way around it anymore. "Mmm a virgin white boy, I haven't come across one of you in a minute. Always so quick to lose it to the first dick they find.

Yeah I'm going to have a lot of fun with you." Noah then lowered his head and pressed his lips on to mine. I was so caught off guard that he was able to slide his thick tongue into my mouth. I tried my best to push him off but he just held my hands firmly above my head. My head began to spin as I slowly gave in to him. As Noah slowly pulled away a small string of saliva still connected us. "Not bad white boy, let's see what else that mouth of yours can do," He pushed down on my head forcing me to my knees.

"Say ah," "Noah," I looked up at him, fear building up inside me. "I can't, I've never sucked a cock before, and you're just so big! I'll choke!" Noah's eyes narrowed before he back-handed me. "First of all white boy I own your ass. Unless you want the entire school to know that you like to jerk off in public you will do whatever I say." Tears sprang from my eyes as I held my stinging cheek.

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Noah grabbed me roughly by the hair and made me look at him once again. "Second since you like to be a pervert in public, you will be sucking my dick every time you see it.

I don't care where we are, you see my cock you drop to your knees and start sucking." He began to smack his rock hard dick against my face. Oh god it's so hard and heavy, like a fucking iron rod. "This is something that's not up for debate.

Besides you will learn to love it. Everyone eventually does. Now get that smart mouth of yours to work." Noah pressed his head to my lips forcing me to part them. "And don't you dare bite me bitch," He said gruffly before pushing the head all the way in filling my mouth completely. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down his cock. My mouth was stretched so wide I thought it would be stuck that way.

He had to be as thick as a soda can, and I could only get half of his cock in my mouth before I began to gag. Noah didn't seem to mind too much. He was letting out these soft moans and kept whispering how nice it was. "Yeah white boy keep going just like that." Noah's pre-cum leaked from his cock in small streams as I continued to suck him off.

I was becoming addicted to the taste. As I began to suck harder on his mushroom like head, when my teeth accidently bit down.


Noah pulled back with a yelp. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to! It was an accident, I swear!" I began but he cut me off with a firm slap to the face. "Oh you ungrateful bitch!" He hit me again. "I gave you firm orders not to bite me and look what you did!" My face was becoming red.

"I guess I need to show you the proper way to suck me off." Without any warning Noah forced his dick back inside my mouth, pushing all the way in. I thrashed about as the head went down my throat cutting off my air. He slapped the side of my face but my cries were muffled by his dick. "Calm the fuck down." My nose was buried deep in his crotch, my chin pressing into his balls. "This is your punishment for not following orders." I sat in horror as Noah began to move his hips at a violent pace.

He was face fucking me, sending his massive dick in and out of my throat. I only had a half second to breathe in through my nose before he cut off my airway. "Oh fuck! This is a damn good mouth-pussy you got white boy!" He held onto my head tighter picking up the pace. I could feel his pre-cum running down my throat like hot water. Tears fell from eyes staining my already red face. "Get ready white boy," Noah grunted.

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I could feel his massive dick throbbing harder as he forced it even further down my throat. Suddenly Noah tossed his head back and let out a deep primal moan as his hot cum shot out his dick filling my stomach. "Drink it all bitch! Swallow my load!" It felt like it would never end as my stomach became bloated with his semen. Dear God my stomach is going burst! I tried my best to push Noah away but he held my head steady.

His cum continued to shoot out like a geyser blocking my airway. I could physically feel my stomach stretching to its limits, poking out like I had gained five pounds.

After a long minute he slowly pulled his dick out of my throat and the cum began to fill my mouth. He's going to drown me with the amount of cum he's filling me with! I did my best to swallow his load but ultimately it began overflowing out the sides of my mouth. Noah chuckled as he pulled out of my mouth completely.

He gave his dick a few strokes forcing more of his cum out, completely covering my face and hair. I gradually opened my semen covered eyes to see Noah spraying the last few jets of his cum across my chest, a self-satisfied grin spread across his face.

"You look good covered in my cum white boy, how do you feel?" I slumped back against the locker, to dazed to answer him. Noah smirked and pressed his foot against my distended stomach.

My eyes widened as I began to spew out most of the cum he had filled me with, covering my lap. "Don't worry, there's going to be more where that came from. Oh before I forget," I watched as Noah took his cellphone out and begin taking pictures of me.

"If you don't want anyone to find out that you are a sick pervert then you will do as I say, got it?" "Pl-pl-please…" I began but could not muster the strength to continue. "See you tomorrow bitch," Noah said as he walked back out of the locker room. I didn't know if I was begging him to leave me alone or begging him to rape my mouth again but as I moved to sit up I felt my hardened cock between my legs. No matter how I felt mentally my body loved the way Noah abused me.

With a single touch to my cock I let out a loud passionate moan that filled the locker room, shooting my insignificant load of cum out and onto the floor. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.