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Jhoseph Llorente teaser jackoff gigil jakol
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The Long Ride Home It was their three month dating anniversary and they decided to go into the city to see a movie. They had known each other since seventh grade but came from different social groups and had only become friends near the end of high school. When they discovered how much they had in common, they thought they'd give dating a shot. So far, it was as perfect as it could be. Jesse was a soccer player for the Rockwood High Colts. He had a million friends, loved partying on the weekends and drove a fast car.

But he was also kinda shy around girls.until he noticed Summer. She was president of the Art Club, organized charity drives and bake sales, and hung out at the strip mall on Saturdays with her three best friends. They couldn't be more different.but it worked. Tonight had been an awesome night.

They had agreed on what movie to see, where to eat afterwards, and Summer had promised to let him feel up under her shirt later on. They'd never gone that far together before. Summer hadn't gone that far with anyone.

Jesse was her first boyfriend although he had had several girlfriends in the past, one of whom he had done it with. He told her it hadn't been very good, but she was still afraid she wouldn't measure up. They were about halfway home, driving in Jesse's '86 Mustang. It was a really clear night. The moon was full, which was good because they had decided to take the short route home, through Lakes Road. It was usually very dark on this stretch, but it was a more romantic drive than the highway.

Jesse had one hand on the wheel, the other on Summer's knee. She didn't dare move an inch in case he took his hand away. She liked him so much and got butterflies every time he looked at her or touched her. It seemed impossible that he would go for a girl like her, but she just had to hold on and enjoy it while it lasted.

They'd be graduating in the spring and Summer knew he had plans to go to college. She wasn't sure if she'd accept her Art scholarship or do some travelling.but it meant that they would be separated, at least for a while.

She would do one thing for him before he left though.she was going to give him her virginity. He never pressured her or made her feel like she was a holding out on him. That's why she would let him be her first. Jesse was worth it. Summer began to laugh as Jesse cranked up the radio and sang along, badly, to "Jesse's Girl".

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He laughed with her, like he always did when he thought he was being cute. He removed his hand from Summer's knee and wrapped it around her shoulders and pulled her closer to him. He bent his head in and kissed her hair.

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Summer was absolutely tingling. Every touch made her shudder with excitement. She might not give it up to him tonight, but it was going to be soon.she couldn't stand to wait much longer. When they came onto the straight stretch of road, they could see red and blue flashers: a roadblock. Cops were always out on the weekends, looking for drunk drivers. They especially liked to bust the underage ones.

This was kind of a strange spot for a roadblock though. Not a lot of people used this road, certainly no one from the city used it. They weren't worried because they hadn't been drinking and both were wearing seat belts.

Jesse drove up to the police cruisers calmly and put the car in park. Summer adjusted her skirt in the front and sat up straighter. Things like this always made her nervous, even though she had done nothing wrong. She had to try and act normal or they would suspect she was trying to hide something.

Jesse leaned over and whispered, "It's alright baby, they're just checking for booze." "I know.I just get anxious." she replied. "It's nothing, we'll be out of here in five." Jesse touched her cheek and she calmed instantly.

A tap on the window and the glow of a flashlight penetrated the car. The officer motioned for Jesse to roll down his window. "License, registration and proof of insurance, please." The officer, whose name badge read "Burke", said in a very curt manner. This guy was not messing around. As Jesse was digging through the glove box for his papers, a tap came on Summer's window.

She was startled and whipped her head around quickly. Another officer was standing outside her side of the car. She began rolling her window down, when the car door was jerked open. "Please step out of the vehicle, Miss, and come stand next to the car." he barked at her. "What?

Why? I haven't done anything." she stammered. "We're just going to have a look in the car, Miss. Please don't make me ask twice." This guy was just as scary as Burke over there.So, not wanting to make a big deal out of nothing, Summer stepped out of the car and moved to the front where the second officer had indicated.

She glanced at his badge on the way past him. Travis. She couldn't hear what Officer Burke was saying to Jesse, until she saw Jesse being escorted out of the vehicle as well and led to the opposite side of the hood from where she stood.

Burke just stood there behind him while Travis began a search of the car. The night was getting chilly, but Summer didn't dare ask how long this would take or if she could please have her sweater from the backseat. It was about five minutes before Travis emerged from the Mustang, holding something out in front of him, as if to show the other officer.


"This belong to either of you?" he asked. "I can't even see what you've got." Jesse answered. "This is half a marijuana joint, Son." Officer Travis said with a smirk on his face. "That's not mine! Where the hell did you even find that?!" Jesse went from zero to sixty in 2 seconds flat. He and I both knew that the pot had not been in that car with us tonight.

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For one thing, neither of us had ever even tried it. For another, Jesse was tested for the soccer team twice a month. He'd be kicked off the team if the coach ever got a positive result. Jesse began to protest further when he was jerked from behind by Burke and laid flat on his stomach against the hood of the car.

Both of the cops looked as if they hit the gym regularly and both were relatively young looking. Definitely strong enough to pin Jesse down. Before Summer could even register what had happened, a strong arm pulled her left arm behind her and a hand came down onto the middle of her back, pinning her face-down on the hood as well.

Shocked, both teens could only look at each other. They were scared now. Very scared. "We're going to search your persons and see if we can't find anything else you might be hiding. Do either of you have any weapons on you that we should know about?" Burke demanded.

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"No, sir." They both replied. Summer couldn't help it, and tears welled up on her lower lids. Her lip began to quiver. She saw Jesse give her an awkward, reassuring smile but it didn't help her to regain control. She then felt rough hands push her arms up onto the hood above her head and proceed to press themselves into her body, from her shoulders, down her sides and around the front of her chest. Travis squeezed her breasts and felt all around them. It didn't feel right to Summer, but then again,she had never been frisked before.

Travis moved his palms down her sides, over her hips and under her skirt. He reached around and groped her privates before moving down each leg. Summer shivered and a small whimper escaped her lips. Jesse didn't take his eyes off of Officer Travis the whole time he searched Summer, even though he was being frisked himself by Burke.

The look on Jesse's face as he watched Travis feel up his girlfriend was one that Summer had never seen before. He looked like he was choking and ready to spit at the same time. "Young man, please put your hands behind your back. I'm putting you under arrest for the possession of a controlled substance." Officer Burke grasped Jesse by the left arm and closed a cuff around it, then sealed him into the other. Jesse began to protest, but was pushed hard onto the car.

He landed with a grunt and was greeted by an elbow to the back of his neck. "That's not how we're going to do this, Son." Burke explained. "I think you might need to have your eyes opened tonight. You kids out at that high school don't seem to have any respect for anything.well, tonight, you're gonna learn." Without warning, Travis grabbed Summer by the waist and flipped her around.

He threw her back onto the hood, facing him. He took hold of her shirt with both hands and ripped it wide open. All hell broke loose. Jesse thrashed and screamed Summer's name, Summer threw her hands out and tried to push Travis away, Officer Burke practically hopped onto Jesse's back and Travis lashed out and punched Summer hard in the face.

She was momentarily stunned, but it was long enough for Officer Travis to lift her forward and clamp a pair of handcuffs onto her behind her back.

He laid her back down with her torn shirt hanging open. "Don't you fucking move, Princess!" he bellowed. "Don't you fucking touch her! I'll fucking kill you!" Jesse couldn't move under the weight of Burke, who had grabbed a handful of Jesse's hair and made him look in Summer's direction.

"Just watch, Kid. This is the good part." he snickered. Summer was shaking, crying, but too scared to move. "Has your boyfriend gotten a look at those pretty tits yet, baby?" Travis squeezed hard and pinched her nipples through her bra and in one motion tore it away from her chest. Her nipples were red and stiff in the night air. The young officer leaned over her and took one between his teeth. Biting down with more and more pressure, he rolled the other in his fingers.

His head bobbed from breast to breast, biting and sucking Summer's responding nipples. Jesse cried as he watched his girlfriend being violated in front of him. He banged his head onto the hood as it was all he could do. Travis began moving his hand down Summer's stomach, reaching under her skirt and into her panties. She whimpered below him. Without any care, he spread her pussy lips and drove a finger up inside her. Summer cried out in pain and humiliation.

Fucking her virgin cunt with his fingers, he slid her farther up onto the car until her ass rested on the hood. He pulled out of her and pulled the skirt off, tossing it to the ground. Her panties soon followed and soon Travis had buried his head between her legs, lapping and sucking her bucking pussy.

She tried to kick out at him, but he had a strong hold on her thighs and she didn't have the strength. "Are you loving this, Kid? Look how much she wanted this.she is a wild little thing. Hehe" Burke was getting excited watching his partner penetrate the young girl with his tongue.

But he had something else in mind. With one arm pressed firmly into the back of Jesse's neck, Burke reached down and grasped the boy's butt. Jesse's head lifted. His eyes flew open. Burke's hand reached around and fondled the teen in the front as Jesse writhed on the car's hood. He was gritting his teeth and moaning in fear.

His young cock grew hard despite his protestations. Burke pulled Jesse up by the handcuffs and forced him to his knees on the side of the road. Jesse begged for him to stop this, to let them go. The older officer held Jesse by the hair as he unzipped his own fly. The boy's eyes grew wild as the cop reached inside and pulled out his pulsating cock. He pulled Jesse's head in closer and swiped his dick across the boy's firmly closed mouth.

"Open your mouth!

Open it!" Jesse did. "If you bite me, I'll shoot your girlfriend, got it?!" Jesse nodded and tears streamed down his cheeks. Burke pushed his dick into the teen's mouth and felt the warm sensation of his tongue along the shaft as it entered. "Suck it.suck it slow." Jesse began moving his lips over the man's penis, sucking and popping as the head came in and out. He cried loudly and choked a couple times.

Burke didn't appear to notice as he face-fucked his young prisoner. On the other side of the car, Travis continued to ravage the girl's moistening pussy. He jammed two fingers up inside her and sucked her hard little clit. When he began to get a reaction, not knowing or caring if it was a good one or not, he spread his fingers and pushed one into her tight asshole.

Summer screamed at the violation. Her body came up off the car and her head banged down onto the hood. She thrashed her head from side to side, anything to make him stop. When Officer Travis had had enough of Summer's legs gripping his head, he rose and immediately unzipped his pants.

He let them fall to the ground along with his gun belt. He wouldn't need a gun to control this one. He stroked his penis in his right hand while he pulled her head up to watch with the other.


Summer gaped at the size of it. It was massive and red and he was rubbing it sensuously. When he let go of it, it was only to take Summer by the back of the knees and hoist her legs into the air.

He didn't even need his hand to guide his cock, it was rigid and aimed straight for her virgin opening. His hips thrust forward and Summer felt the pressure of Travis' bulbous head entering her.

She cried out for Jesse, but she couldn't hear him anymore. Travis punctured her hymen with one strong push and Summer nearly fainted from the pain. But the pain didn't last long and Officer Travis buried his dick inside her.

He lay across her body and leered at her while he pumped and pumped in and out of her. Her knees were nearly around her head and he held them firmly there. He didn't say a word. Each time a cry or a moan came out of Summer, he would let go of a leg and slap her across the face or twist her nipple.

She became silent as this man raped and abused her. Jesse was suffering in silence as well. He was being humiliated in front of the girl he loved, although he couldn't see her. He had never ever thought of sucking another man's cock. He would never be able to look Summer in the eyes again, if they lived through this. Burke moaned in ecstasy with Jesse's teenage lips rubbing along his cock.

He pulled and pushed the boy's head in rhythm and occasionally would drive it all the way into his constricting throat, just for the fun of watching the kid gag. After ten minutes of some extraordinary cock-sucking, Burke couldn't wait to get a look at what else the kid had to offer.

He pulled Jesse's head off of his dick and it stayed pointed like an arrow at his face. Jesse still had his eyes closed as if to block out the entire event. "Get on your feet!" Jesse was glad to do so. Hadn't he been abused enough tonight? But before Jesse had a chance to assess the situation with Summer, Burke had thrown him severely back over the hood. He re-placed his elbow across the boy's neck and reached around to unfasten Jesse's jeans.

They were somewhat baggy and required no pulling for them to fall to his ankles. To the officer's surprise, Jesse word no underwear and his ass was as tight as a drum. Jesse squealed out a protest, crying and hiccoughing, begging not to be raped. Burke paid no attention and kicked Jesse's legs apart. He drew in closer and leaned over the boy's back.

Jesse could feel the cop's cock sliding up and down his crack, trying to find an opening. All at once, Summer cried out again just as Burke's cock head found Jesse's puckered entrance. Jesse screamed in pain along with his girlfriend.

He was being fucked in the ass by a man. He was as scared as a little boy and even worse, he could now clearly see what was happening to Summer. Their heads were almost touching as they both were savagely fucked by these two animals.

He could see blood dripping down her cheek and her shoulders jerking as Travis nailed her to the hood of the Mustang. He wanted to reach out for her and tell her everything would be alright. But he could do neither. Burke plugged away at Jesse's bruised asshole, grunting and moaning.

Travis smirked at the two men. He knew full well that his partner loved young, dumb cock meat. It kind of turned him on to watch them. It also made him hungry for a little ass himself. He jerked his cock out of Summer's swollen pussy and she gasped.


Mercilessly, he took her by the waist and flipped her onto her stomach, kicked her feet apart and pulled her cheeks apart. He drove a couple fingers inside her ass and pumped them hard to make her tiny hole loose enough for his enormous dick.

He was really getting a kick out of watching Summer seeing her boyfriend being man-raped. All she could say was "No, No, No." This shit always got him off. When her hole was ready for him, he grasped his cock tightly and burrowed inside her. He groaned loudly. It was the tightest ass he had ever fucked. His balls slapped the girl's sopping pussy lips as he ploughed himself into her.

Travis took a fistful of her hair and bent her head back, arching her back. With his free hand, he squeezed her tits and nipples as they bobbed in front of her boyfriend's face. Travis could see that Burke was about to blow his cum into the kid's ass and he wasn't gonna be far behind.

He looked at Jesse, whose expression had turned to stone, and snickered. Burke erupted with a bang in the kid's asshole and collapsed on top of him. Travis could hear the suction as Burke pulled his spent cock out of the tight hole. It was enough to send him over and he crushed Summer's tit hard in his fist and he exploded up in her ass. When he recovered, he pulled his cock back and dropped the teen onto the car.

She didn't have the strength to stand there and slid slowly to the ground. Her head landed on the pile of discarded clothing and she appeared to have passed out.

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On the other side of the car, Burke was just zipping up. The kid was crying loudly again and pulling his pants up. He began whispering Summer's name and calling louder when he couldn't see her.

Jesse made his way around the front of the car and fell to his knees at the crumpled pile which was Summer. He pulled her into his chest and cradled her head in his arms. She was awake and sobbing into his jacket. Without another word to the kids, the cops gathered their belts and sauntered back to their patrol car.

The night was still young and they knew the kids loved to take the scenic route. And that's where they would be waiting. . Jesse and Summer never told anyone what had happened to them. They talked about it amongst themselves and made peace with it together.

That summer, they made love for the first time. As horrible as the rape had been for both of them, it seemed to have awakened new desires within them, urges that they never would have believed possible.