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Bisex adult orgy on web camera
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Usually I visited one indoor swimming pool at Sunday morning, because there was not so crowded yet, most of people were coming after 10-11. a.m. As I knew, sometimes there happened that little children, not even school age, who visited swimming pool daughters with fathers or sons with mothers, clothed and washed also in opposite dressing room, because parents didn't want let little child go alone to their gender dressing rooms.

But in men's room they were all little children, 4-5 year old girls or maybe 6-7 with fathers and nothing to stare yet, so nobody was too excited or maybe angry, that girls are in „wrong" room. But when I was already more than two month relaxed in the morning swims at pool and sauna, then suddenly happened. I was earlier there, but noticed accidentally, that father with quite big daughter entered to the pool through men's dressing room door.

I realized quickly, that girl had to be at least fifth-grader (11-12yo). I was not sure, that I really saw correctly maybe girl was only waiting father at door and they were not coming together.

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I wanted to be convinced and therefore stayed longer at pool to wait, when father and daughter will finish swimming. After almost hour, when I had just drunk coffee in poolside café, I noticed, that girl is leaving, but father stayed to swim more and waved to daughter. To my big surprise girl really entered to the men's dressing room and I decided also follow.

And she did all like everybody else normally do in dressing room: took swimsuit off, got shower gel and towel from the bag and went into the shower. She marched between the lockers, not covering herself at all, towel hanging on her hand. When I entered to the shower room, she washed herself carefully.

One younger man, maybe even schoolboy (17-18 yo) was also there and seemingly confused. But then girl took her time in Sauna and we didn't follow. I only asked young man: "Are you surprised as me?" "Of course," he replied and added: "Seems like a too big girl for men's locker room." "His father is coming also from pool," I said. "Maybe girl wants to be with him." When I left shower, father already was at the locker and prepared to go for shower.

Some minutes later girl again came alone from shower to locker, drying hair with towel at the same time, what means, she again was not covered. And that was not end of the show. She put towel on seat and then walked stark naked to the other end of the locker room, where hair dryer was situated. Again, she dried slowly and carefully, until father came from shower and said: "Hurry up, you're always going to for a long time." But girl replied calmly: "I have more hair." And father never asked, why she didn't put on a shirt and trousers before drying hair.

I only noticed, that now time was already 10.30 a.m and more people came to the pool, all entering men with surprising faces, when saw naked girl at hair dryer.

Girl and father were not coming every Sunday, but during two winter months I met them three more times. Girl behavior did not change: always she finished swimming before her father, always immediately get naked, never covered herself, took always her time to do most of things before clothing - drinking water, drying and combing hair, putting wet towel and swimsuit on bag, once even answered to mobile phone call while naked.

When father always put clothes on quickly, girl didn't rush ever.


Father never singled out this subject, that girl is too long revealing herself and nobody asked father about this strange behavior. When they were third time at pool I managed to go Sauna same time as girl.

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If I was only thinking about going to Sauna, dick was already hard. I sat on the opposite bench facing girl with hard dick, but her reaction was unbelievable.

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It means, there was no reaction at all. She continued sitting quietly. I can confirm that her expression didn't change in any way. She didn't laugh, didn't get scared, didn't turned off her head, but also she didn't stared. She then left from Sauna and as you already know, put towel off and started to dry hair while naked. But story does not end here yet. In mid-March girl again came to the swimming pool, but now alone.

This day I accidentally came right after her and saw girl entering to the men's locker room. But this time administrator noticed clearly, that girl went to the men's room alone. No father!! As I said, I was only one present behind the scene and administrator asked: "Did you see it!? She was girl, am I right?" "I have seen her earlier too, she has came always with her father. Maybe father will come some minutes later," I replied. "But I have to ask her anyway," said women, who had because of her duty rights to enter men's dressing room.

She saw girl, who had already taken off her boots, jacket and jersey.


"What you are doing here!? This is men's locker room. Your room is outside and then left." "But I have always been here with my father," she replied. "Is father coming?" "Not today, he is sick," girl said.

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"Not coming? But what the hell you are doing then here!?" Now girl seemed frightened. She didn't say anything, but continued to undressing, beginning to open jeans buttons.

"Sorry, what is your name?" continued administrator.

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"Jane," said girl. "Now, Jane, put your clothes back, take your bag and quickly to the women's room!" Girl sat down and began to cry. "Why you are so angry? Please, can I stay here?" Now administrator was completely astonished. Some seconds she remain quiet, but then shouted: "Give me the phone number of your Dad! I call to him. This is impossible, I can't allow you to stay here!" Jane's tears poured as she give her father's phone number.

Now I decided to intervene: "Maybe she could stay here. We are not dangerous for her. It seems, that she is used to be in men's locker." But administrator didn't give up and show continued. After connecting with girl's father and brief conversation she gave phone to the girl, who now listened father's opinion.

It seemed that father recommended her to go women's locker, because girl again began to cry. Then father demanded again speak to administrator, who now was confused, what she heard. "How can I let decide to her?! This is inappropriate!" she shouted. After some talk with father administrator said: "Now, all you, men, go to the other lockers. Here I'll watch, that nobody will see girl's undressing." Although people waited outside for several minutes to display the ticket to administrator in order to get the locker key, she didn't leave, before girl get her swimsuit on and left to the pool.

But somehow administrator forgot to check the girl's return to the locker room and Jane managed quickly get her swimsuit off and went to the shower and Sauna as always. Now as many as five men were waiting girl in the Sauna, when she entered.

She found place between two youngsters, who both were hard standing.

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Again Jane didn't react. It was obvious, that she was absolutely not afraid, even if "show" continued, when sixth man stepped to the Sauna and not place for sitting, he stand the lower level of the bath seat and turned his hard dick near Jane's face. I was quiet, but now one younger man asked: "I was wondering, why you so eagerly wanted to come men locker room." Girl didn't say anything.

"You really don't want to explain?" asked another man. No Jane talked: "Sorry, I don't understand, why you are asking, but I have always been with father. We lived in another city and there I also was with him in swimming pool.

Is something really wrong?" "How old you are," I asked. "Yesterday was my birthday.

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I got twelve," she said. Now the man, who asked at first, said: "Twelve! That is point. You are too old!


And haven't you really seen, that here everybody has dick hard?" "Yes, but I have seen it many times, when going Sauna with father. I even don't know, what this mean. Sometimes it is hard and sometimes not," she said and same time left Sauna.

After that one man said: "She lied! It is not possible, that 12-year old girl did not know meaning of hard dick." Now I added: "But didn't you see, how calm she was. It is very difficult to fake, if you have any feeling in this situation. It means, she really had not any scare, excitement or fun." When I again entered to the locker room, Jane was drying hair as always. And because father did not rush her, she took all activities more slowly than usually.

Suddenly she came to my locker and said: "I'm sorry, I can't open the water bottle, something is wrong. Can you help?" Of course I helped her, but also more slowly as I was able in order to see naked girl longer from short distance. That was last time. She began to dress after drinking and left.

She never came back to swimming pool. We could not get the answers, girl's and also father's behavior remains mystical.

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I have asked some people about this case, but everyone shakes his head and most of them don't even believe the story.